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GREG GAMBLE’S 2008-09 HARDWOOD Luv: 107-84 ats…56%
NBA 67-62 - NCAA 33-18 - Teasers 7-4 - Church League 69-0

The years, ink, and work by Fantastic Sam's has taken a toll on one of my all-time favorite hardwood performers!

But even though I'm bashing A.I. for his antics today, that doesn't mean I wasn't a huge fan of his work over the years because I luv me a showman...or woman!

Over the years, no matter what Allen had said or done, my love for the lil baller always prevented me from properly criticizing the roundball warrior. But after some turbulent times in Denver and then coming to Detroit saying he’ll do whatever the team needs him to do, his latest sulking & complaints after returning from injury finally has me throwing out my The Answer Underoos. Considering he’s never been much of jump-shooter, relies on attacking the basket with fearlessness, and has to have the ball in his hands for the majority of the shot-clock to succeed, he needs to understand his body & style of play needs to embrace a 6th man role if he wants to maximize his contribution in MoTown.

Trust me, ur body will feel better playing 20 min a night!

Cause unlike our friend here, you ain't no spring chick!

Just like my azz after dominating Church League and then struggling with my roll as a non 40-point scorer at the Jr. High level, I understand A.I.’s pain of no longer being the go-to superstar. But just like I realized how successful I could be getting my teammates water, as an undersized 33 year-old going on 40 he needs to embrace a change and recreate himself. Especially after witnessing the improved play from the Pistons in his absence, I just don’t see how he can justify much of the “whoa-is-me” attitude with the Pistons barely holding onto a playoff spot. And if he doesn’t, he’s also gonna have one hell of a time finding someone to take him on next year!

You know where I think he's going Homeboys?

I know everybody thinks she'll be cheering for him, but screw-dat, I'm going with Detroit MFin City Fellas!
BTW, to see my favorite Redskin Cheerleader - Touch Me Here

Quickly, on the Jay Cutler-front, while you’ve heard my rant on the stupidity of the Broncos new headmaster and my dream of seeing JC throwing the pill in Soldier Field, I’m amazed how many gridiron gurus actually thought he might be going to the Jets or Jaguars. Listen-up fellas...Denver would never ever considering trading him to another AFC team, and for that matter, probably doesn't want to send him to NFC team that is very far from contention.

Sending Cutler to an AFC or contending team is like your girlfriend sending this chick to interview at your office!

As a result, while Washington seems to be the frontrunner, I have a feeling he’s going to the Lions. And while most would think that would be a disaster, letting him roll out in that dome will turn WR Calvin Johnson into the next Larry Fitzgerald and change the culture for a young team and new regime. Call me crazied-drunk, but if it happens, I’m calling for Detroit to be hanging in the playoffs in two years!

I have a feeling the Wiz might actually be excited with Charles & Co. finally taking in a game in Washington, D.C.!

I also think they'd be excited if Jessica Gomes showed-up!

As I started writing about investing my hard-earned dollars on the Wizards this morning, I actually threw-up in my mouth a little after the realization of what I was doing sunk in. Especially with the Washington on a back-to-back after losing to the lowly Grizz last night, I know you probably think I’ve been hanging with Michael Phelps too much lately, but hear my out Homeboys. This is a biggest game of the year from the artist formerly known as the Bullets! (BTW, the fact that Washington named their team after all the gun violence in their city is one of the funniest things of all-time!) TOUCH ME HERE FOR MORE

The Wiz always have some fight when playing the Cavs!

Trust me fellas, this a big-time game for the Wiz!

With Caron Butler, Agent Zero (probable), Brendan Haywood (probable),& Darius Songalia finally somewhat healthy, the TNT-stage, and King James in the building, I have feeling your going to see the Wizards try to prove to their 1st packed house since opening night that they can still play. Butler has been brilliant in his last two games (31 ppg, 8 rpg, 20-22 FTs) and brings passion to the squad that has been sorely missed. As for Gilbert the so-called Great, to show you the importance of tonight’s game to D.C., Coach Ed Tapscottilopis said he didn’t play Arenas last night because the fans deserve to see the hardwood cult-icon. While I’m sure he’ll be rusty in only his 2nd game back from injury, he loves this type of stage and should provide a nice spark just being on the court.

With everybody off the training table, the Bullets will look sweet tonight! (BTW, that might not be a training table)

In addition, Tapscottilopis can pick-n-choose when to use Arenas with the recent emergence of the 6-5 PG Javaris Crittenton (last 2 gms: 16 ppg, 8 rpg). As for big-bad Mr. Haywood, the 7-footer played his first game of the season yesterday, and while he only scored two points in 24 minutes and was pretty winded, he blocked three shots and provided a veteran presence that had been missing all season. And tonight, paired with 6-11 Andray Blatche (last 6 gms: 14 ppg, 8 rpg) & the return of F/C Darius Songalia, the Wiz should have the bodies to match-up decently with Big Z, the Brazilian Side Show Bob, and Joe Smith. While nobody on the planet has the ability to stop King James, I expect Caron Butler to treat tonight’s match-up like a Game 7 and do his best to keep Bron-Bron from embarrassing them. All-in-all, while the Cavs always have the potential to destroy a bottom-feeder, for some reason the atmosphere in D.C. tonight might keep this thing closer than people think…CAVS BY 4-8 POINTS

Like a told ya, tonight's game is HUGE!!!

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