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GREG GAMBLE’S 2008-09 HARDWOOD Luv: 124-96 ats…56%
NBA 83-73 - NCAA 33-19 - Teasers 8-4 - Church League 69-0

You know why Paulie Pierce has the same mischievous look...

...cause he knows Vinny Del Scott Baio probably won't double team him even if KG & Shuttlesworth are not on the floor!

While Rondo's face grab was a flagrant foul, I was more pissed off that as Doc doubled both D-Rose & Ben, our rookie coach wouldn't double the oddly-shaped Paul Pierce with his two buddies on the bench. Honestly, that's like watching the "Paris in a hotel video" and deciding you don't like her because she's stupid. As for tonight, I know you want me to talk about the Bullies, but as I've told my clients before, this is not a www.redtube.com quick fix...this is all about business fellas!

Just like Adele, I'm all about giving you my flawless luv!

I wish I could tell you what I think, but I honestly have no idea and will be watching this contest in my Zubaz with some Wasabi Funjuns & a cocktail....and hoping Gordon doesn't get pissed-off and demand the rock if D-Rose starts to take over. As for the result, I'll be rooting for Chi-Town like TT Boy roots for a newbie on set while drinking my Tequila-rich Sangria, but as for my fav ATS play...

Forget that Dwight's out, with C-Lee nursing an injury that means we'll see more of this guy guarding a NBA player!

And for that NBA player, that's like taking candy from a chick wearing tube socks and a thong!

*Play this early...the ova/unda will be going up all day!
I can't stress this enough Homeboys, this is a bigger gift then Kobe Tai's greatest hits video "All Tai'd Up"! The Sixers luv to run and the Magic luv to shoot from behind the arc. And the only thing that would make you think it could go unda is Dwight slowing the Magic on O and allowing his teammates to play swarming D because he's protecting the basket...oh wait, he's MFin out!

While our friend has a flawless physic...

...Iggy has the same but also sports some mad skills!

Throw-in that one of Stan Ron Jeremy's best perimeter defenders (Courtney Lee), is questionable with a f*cked-up head, and I'm expecting more minutes from J.J. "No-D make some 3s" Redick to easily put this thing close to 200. Call me crazy, call me an Asian Massage Parlor Degenerate Freak, but don't call me a fool because I'm throwing money in your lap...MAGIC/SIXERS 196-206 TOTAL PTS!


Sorry fellas...while she has the ability to cover all three, I'm only covering one tonight!

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