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GREG GAMBLE’S 2008-09 HARDWOOD Luv: 125-97 ats…57%
NBA 84-74 - NCAA 33-19 - Teasers 8-4 - Church League 69-0

Unlike our skinny friend here...

...with KG out, Rose has a bunch of fat-azzes trying to stop him from getting to the cup!

Call me crazier then Heather Locklear after she realized she wasted years of her hotness on douche-bags, but I honestly believe the Bullies will win tonight because Doc's vets are MFin gassed. Especially the oddly-shaped Paulie Pierce who looks like Aurora Snow in the final scene of "Service with a Smile" (aka...I'll go through the motions till the purple-headed warrior wins, but don't expect much emotion). Throw-in the amazing 50+ minute performance from the Shuttlesworth just two days ago, and I don't care that he was hotter than Halle Berry on a deck-chair in Swordfish...the 33-year old doesn't have the legs to keep up with Ben, Kirk, & D-Rose on the perimeter.

There's not much not to like about Mr. Rondo...unless your Capt. Kirk, Big Bad Brad, or the rest of the Bulls!

As for Lisa, I have no problem with her either!

As for the Celts frontcourt, if you really think Big Fat Baby & the plodding Kendrik Perkins can keep pace with Tyrus & Joakim for Game 7, you're dumber then the parents of the Spears' girls. In all honesty, Rajon Rondo is the only kid in green that scares me, but after tripping Kirk, slashing Brad, and then throwing the poor Iowa-boy into the scorer's table, I think you'll see an already bad-shooter look even more tentative then before. In my opinion, F*ck the spread fellas and just talk ChiTown for an outright victory.

Please Vinny...just like our friend here, sit in your chair and let Harris & Biekerstaff handle all the basketball knowledge!

I know the Charles In Charge buffoon (aka Vinny) will do everything he can to prevent the Bulls from winning, but for some reason, I think they overcome his 4th quarter TOs that consist of no strategy and only "How cool is it that we're playing this game...enjoy the moment?!" And for those who know me, I'm the last cat you would call a kool-aid krazy homer. This is strictly a value play in my mind as I simply think the Celts don't have the energy to intimidate our youngsters w/out KG for a 7th-straight contest...BULLS WIN 95 to 91

If you've been here before Homeboys...
...you know I'm not a homer...and tonight, I'm not even on the fence (or rail) for this contest...Bulls advance baby!

Nothing special going on here...just wanted to let you know I like a youngsters in pink!

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