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GREG GAMBLE’S 2008-09 HARDWOOD Luv: 130-100 ats…57%
NBA 89-77 - NCAA 33-19 - Teasers 8-4 - Church League 69-0

As one of my favorite ballers in the Association, his perfromance last night made me smile bigger than Billy Bob after they casted Halle Berry in Monster's Ball!

Speaking of smiling, yellow bottoms make me grin!

Not much more to say then Dirk the MFin German Diggler is the man! And all the Cuban K-Mart drama aside, nothing makes me happier than seeing George Karl and JR Smith lose. And in reality, while they probably won't win the series, I believe Dirk can make this thing interesting if they simply give him the rock on every possession.

While you'll read how Hedo is the key to victory, that's assuming Rashard absolutely dominates his match-up 2night!

While I’ll admit I’m amazed at the resilience and passion from the undermanned Defending Champs, unlike Aurora Snow in scene one of “My Sister’s Hot Friend 4” I’m not flip-flopping on the outcome of this series. While the Celts have willed their way so far with their craftiness and big-time runs, if Coach Ron Jeremy can just convince his ballers they have the size and athleticism to control the paint from start to finish, I'm guessing my girl's getting a free meal at Sizzler tomorrow. Even though Dwight Howard still struggles to be the focal point of the offense, I believe he’s slowing wearing down the plotting Kendrick Perkins...who’s also continuing to deal with a nagging shoulder injury.

Just like her elbows are struggling to cover-up, I can't see how the Celts cover all the weapons for the Magic!

Besides the freak that is Rajon Rondo, Orlando matches-up well with Doc’s squad and has a much deeper bench. At SG, while Shuttlesworth & House can beat anybody in the country at Horse, the trio of Courtney Lee, Mickael Pietrus, & JJ Redick have the young legs and offensive fire-power to potentially dominate this match-up. Moving to SF, while the oddly-shaped Paulie Pierce is a superstar and always steps up at the right time, Hedo Turkoglu is the X-factor of this series with has the unique ability to play point-forward and run the offense from the FT-line extended. And just like in Game Three, if he’s knocking down jumpers Boston doesn’t have a chance.

With all the hard-fouls we've seen throughout the playoffs of late, I have a feeling Hedo's craftiness will get him some extra trips to the charity stripe tonight!

Speaking of charities, make sure to sign up for her pink-polka-dot charity this weekend at Greggy G's crib!

As we slide over to the other forward spot, the perimeter-oriented Rashard Lewis would normally be in for a terrible match-up if KG was on the hardwood, but now, with the likes of Michael Rapaport’s fat brother and Big Baby, he should be embarrassed if he doesn’t dominate the scorecard tonight. And lucky for him, he has the Freak that is D-Howard helping him when Big Baby posts-up. Btw, I guarantee Mr. Davis has a rough night in-front of the home-crowd after last game’s magic and today's feature on ESPN. And finally, back to Dwight, if he’s not in foul trouble he’s grabbing at least 22 boards and throwing down seven dunks on the tired and overmatched Celtic frontcourt…MAGIC BY 4-8 PTS

TOUCH ME HERE to find out why she's so desperate for my baseball play of the day!

Just kidding, just wanted to let you know you should KEEP OFF THE DUNES if you want to see our friend smile more!

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