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GREG GAMBLE’S 2008-09 HARDWOOD Luv: 130-101 ats…57%
NBA 89-78 - NCAA 33-19 - Teasers 8-4 - Church League 69-0

I luv how The Illegally Enhanced Rocket thinks he can use the same stare down he used with hitters when talking about being a cheating fool...GO AWAY YOU LIL BEEATCH!

And unlike our friend swimming in some beautiful water, Roger's swimming in his own chemically polluted shiznit!

While Dirk may not carry the Mavs to victory, I'm guessing he'll make sure to slow the pace down tonight!

And just like I told Misa I didn't care what top she wore last night, my wallet doesn't care who wins tonight!

I know Monday’s contest saw these squads combine to score 236, but trust me, Coach Jim Carrey & the Mavs know they can’t let things get wild in Denver. Especially since the German Diggler has been ruthless when posting up and methodically running the offense through the high/short post, I can’t see why they’d want to get into a running match w/ Karl’s kids. And after all the BS last game, the refs will be looking to keep this thing under control…which means the Maverick will let Dirk slow the game down and find his way to the charity stripe.

Just like tonight's contest, I love when hatred enters the sporting realm and bodies start flying!

And if they were fighting ova this diamon-thong, I could see why you'd be yelling at someone's mom...but ova hoops?

On the Nugget side, I honestly believe their emotions from all the “thug”-talk and the treatment their friends & family received in Dallas will cause some shooting struggles early. As far as the Mavericks D, they’ve been burned more than Jennifer Aniston’s love life on Nugget outlet bombs so look for Carlisle to do everything he can to make this a half-court game. I do believe the Nuggs are just too athletic for Cuban’s boys to pull off a road upset, but saying that, they’ll be playing with some elevation fire tonight and know they can’t let Denver make some flashy dunks & deep threes in transition to get the crowd rolling. As a result, …202-208 TOTAL PTS

I know it was garbage that I didn't give you a diamond pick yesterday, but TOUCH ME HERE for my Hump Day Special!

Sorry, I lied again Homeboys...but at least you get to see a friend of mine in a wonderful bikini!

Posted by Greg Gamble on May 13, 2009 12:07 PM |


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