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NBA ATS, Ronny Mexico, & Lovely Ladies

GREG GAMBLE’S 2008-09 HARDWOOD Luv: 132-104 ats…56%
NBA 91-81 - NCAA 33-19 - Teasers 8-4 - Church League 69-0

While many cats (or canines) still think he's garbage...

...I'm telling you garbage never looked so good!

Before we hit-up the hardwood playoff docket, I do have a few thoughts on Mr. Vick. First off, he will forever be given a few bonus points in the Greggy G court of public opinion for the coolest alias of all time…Ronny Mexico, that's MFin ingenious! And if his brother was any good at sports, you’d all know Marcus brings his groupies to the hotel under the name of Ray-Ray Tijuana. But kick-azz nicknames aside, there is no reason for the NFL to punish Vick more the he’s already been punished. He’s been in the clink for almost two years, is marred in bankruptcy, and will forever be hassled for his horrific mistake…what else you want you dog-loving Beeatches! As for what his NFL future holds, let’s just say Ronnie Brown and the “Wildcat” formation makes Ronny Mex as desirable as ever. In addition, I think he’ll be more than just a scatback playing in the shotgun.

Like our friend, the question is where does Mexy fit!?

Call my Nick Nolte (aka crazy), but I believe Vick’s incarceration and realization his career was almost lost will make him a much more disciplined & coachable player. For all the highlights we saw from Tijuana’s brother through the years, the Hokie speedster was never serious about getting better and enjoyed the superstar lifestyle ten times more than his occupation. But for all the cocky smirks & sloppy on-the-field mishaps, for some reason I truly believe Ronny will become a student of the game and become committed to beinging the best teammate around. And yes, I know I drink too much.

Besides this bikini girl, what's more perfect than...

...sending Ronny Mex to Billy Belichick? Because as we've seen, he usually makes pretty good god-damn decisions!

Considering speculation on the teams interested in Mex will be handled by the Eastern Seaboard Programming Network ad nauseum, I’m just going to tell you two teams I think he fits with the best. To start, after the Dolphins had some fun running the “Wildcat” on Billy the Genius, I have a feeling the Pats will be looking to add a similar dimension to their attack. And let alone Belichick will be a little weary about Tom Bundchen’s reconstructed knee, what better organization can Vick go to that doesn’t allow the media much access and has a bevy of veterans to aid in his still untapped potential & work ethic.

Just like our friend's look here...

...AP is looking for some help to ease all the cats in the box...and I'm not talking bout Debbie's kittie in Dallas!

And secondly, with all the Grandpa Farve drama the Vikings are willing to deal with, why not pair Ronny with the most dominant RB in the game and an OL that destroys teams upfront. Defenses always load-up in the box to stop Adrian Peterson and he still gashes them at will. So what happens when D-Coord's have to worry about a trackstar rollin' out on play-action against an undermanned secondary. Worse case, AP has one less LB or Safety trying to bring down his massive skills as they keep a body on the outside for Mr. conVICKted!

Trust me fellas, these two will be sick tonight!

She agrees...this will be an easy cover!

I don’t care what you heard about how well Denver played Tuesday.

If LA can contain the NUGGET BIGS...we win Homeboys!

I don’t care that you heard the Nuggets played awesome for 42 minutes Tuesday. George Karl’s squad is absolutely demoralized after what happened in Game One. That was their opportunity to steal a game against a team that seems to wait and see what their opponent offers before putting the peddle to the metal. Throw-in that Pau, Odom, & Bynum were absolutely embarrassed by the Nugget frontcourt, and look for the Lakers to make a statement tonight in front of the lame-azz Lakeshow crowd. LAKERS BY DOUBLE DIGITS

While some things are tight, tonight's contest won't!

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