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GREG GAMBLE’S 2008-09 HARDWOOD Luv: 132-103 ats…56%
NBA 91-80 - NCAA 33-19 - Teasers 8-4 - Church League 69-0

Trust me, The King will be slapping plenty of hands on his way to a triple-double tonight!

Seriously, it'll happen and the Cavs will also win by 20!
...which means we all fall asleep with a smile on our face!

BTW, did you see perfect prediction & hotties yesterday?

Just like I don’t think it’s a coincidence Dirk’s former hooker is suddenly pregnant after learning the Mavericks were onto her scheme, it’s no coincidence the Cavs have won every playoff game by double-digits. King James & Co. are determined to not just win the title, but to do in the most dominating fashion in Association history. And with plenty of rest and nobody on the Magic roster with a legitimate chance of even slowing Bron-Bron down, I have a feeling in front of their home crowd they’re gonna put a 20-point azz whipping on Orlando.

When Lebron looks back to check who's guarding him tonight, with the exception of Mr. Pietrus for a couple touches...

...the rest of Orlando's cats will be looking this nervous!

Back to the Lebron match-up, while Hedo Turkoglu & Rashard Lewis have some size and love to play on the perimeter, defensively they struggle containing strong athletic wings. And just like Jessica Alba’s sweet backside & tan legs in a bikini, nobody on the planet has a better combination of those skills than the kid from Akron. Throw-in that he might also be flanking Hedo on D, and the Magic offense know has a point forward doing a whole lot of nothing.

Just like our friends here...

...the Cavs have plenty of active bodies to stop D-Howard!

While Orlando also has a pretty nice superstar in Dwight Howard, he’s still unable to dominate offensively unless he’s under the basket....not to mention the Cavs have a ton of bigs to rotate on him (Big Z, Brazilian Side Show Bob, Joe Smith, Big Ben). Even against the undermanned Celts frontcourt, D-Freak still only had a few games where he looked like the best post-player on the floor. And with all the time Coach Mike Brown had to prep for this series, I’m guessing the Cavs keep the big guy in check…especially in Game One.

Just like see-thru pink lingerie and a naughty smile, my Homeboy Delonte West is MFin underrated!

While I wish we'd get to see both kids from one of the best college runs of all time go head-to-head, the gambling gods insist we just take the team with the healthy one!

And finally, let’s give some luv to the healthy kid from St. Joe’s...

I love looking back and seeing something this special...or an easy ATS victory for me and my Homeboys!

And finally, let’s give some luv to the healthy kid from St. Joe’s…Delonte “Master of the swing pass” West. Amazingly, after spending time as nothing but a shooter in college, Delonte has become almost a second PG (or third if you count the King) with his ability to make the extra pass on the perimeter, handle the rock, and knock down jumpers on the kick out. On the flipside, if his collegiate running mate Jameer was on the hardwood, I’d actually give Ron Jeremy’s squad a punchers chance of pulling out a game or two. But because lil old Rafer Alston and the festively plump (and old) Anthony Johnson are facing my man Mo Williams (Btw, I don't understand why Tyronn Lue doesn’t get any burn), I’m taking the Cavs in four and expecting a…

Sometimes you have too look really closely to see the magic that Greggy G sees...but when you do, it makes u smile!

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