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You heard it here first, the Bulls will be grabbing BJ Mullens with their 1st pick....and I frickin' love it Homeboys!

First and foremost, I’d like to break out a "Kobe to the wifie after hanging at a Colorado hotel" -type of apology for the lack of daily lingerie, adult-video analogys, and sports banter over the last few weeks...I'm embarrassed and promise to make it up to you someday!

But it's not like I've been sitting around in my undies playing the guitar...I've been hustling for a new gig my friends!

For those not lucky enough to have split a 24-oz Icehouse with my azz recently, my professional career has changed and I have been training harder than those poor kids with foreign parents for the National Spelling Bee. But don’t worry, by the time you’re getting ready for your NFL Fantasy Draft, I'll be working it harder than a Cougar around a Golden Tee machine. As for the NBA Draft, while I haven’t put in the crazy analysis of year’s past, I do have a few quick thoughts on my favorite day in sports.


While our friend here would look good in any color...

...Blake's gonna quickly learn how hard it is to play for the short-bus version of professional ball in LA!

BLAKE GRIFFIN 6-10 PF – Griff is a slightly bigger, more athletic version of Carlos Boozer. Besides the foul-trouble he’ll be in the first few years, he’ll be 20-10 animal by his sophomore season and has the character traits that make organizations drool. As for the curse of Clipperland, they’ve proved their stupidity again trying to move C Chris Kaman since securing the #1 pick....the unselfish 7-footer would be a perfect match alongside Griffin and would give the squad some much needed discipline down-low. While the Sooner superstar is the shiznit, a disfunctional roster and organization means the kid will be heading for the hills as soon as his rookie contract is up...so don't get too excited!

Hey look...she has arms like dat Rubio kid!

RICKY RUBIO 6-5 PG – While I’ve enjoyed the fables of ESPN’s Chad Ford over the years, I’ve never seen a player ranked so high because a NBA Draft scribe had a Greggy G on Sam from Who’s The Boss-type infatuation with a kid. He’s white, plays bad defense, can’t shoot, and is skinnier than an Olsen Twin. Call me crazy, but Rubio reminds me of a taller White Chocolate w/ a lil more discipline and no range on his J. And while Jason Williams sold some seats early in his days in Sac-Town, with the way the game has changed, the former Florida drop-out would be lucky to be drafted in the 1st round today. As for Rubio, I can't wait to see who makes the mistake on him.

Say hello to Greggy G's sleeper of the draft...and to be honest, the kid trying to block his shot is a hellva steal too!

...and instead of Rubio, I'd be taking...
ERIC MAYNOR 6-3 PG – With a great handle, nice length, lockdown D, a solid mid-range game, and all the leadership qualities you want in a NBA floor-general, the kid from VCU is a lock to be a professional hardwood starter for 10 years and has the potential to be a boarderline All-Star. If I was a GM and desperate for a PG, I’d trade down and snag the most sure thing since Kobe Tai in fishnet to run my show. And spreaking of the Collison kid from UCLA, he's a lock to be an awesome back-up point at the very least and gem if picking in the 20s.

Just like it's a sure think I would pay $5,000 if this chair came up for auction...

...the sure thing from Pitt isn't the undersized PF with bad knees...it's the gym-rat named Sammy!

SAM YOUNG 6-5 SG – This is how I know most GMs & scouts are subscribing to Videobox.com instead of Insideplays.com. Mr. Young is a 6-5 freakish athlete that actually dedicated himself to becoming more than just a highlight-reel player and has the rep of a phenomenal teammate. The stupidest analysis I’ve heard about the kid is he’s already 24…I guess it sucks that he’s mature and can contribute right away. So take my advice and be the star at your next summer party and tell the groupies & midgets that Sammy is the biggest steal since David Spade was smelling the lingerie of Heathler Locklear's crazy-azz. While he's rumored between 18-24, I actually think he'll have a better career than James Harden who'll land in the Top Ten.

While I have no problem with lil booty on my adult stars, I do have a problem drafted a wing-player with a lil baggage!

...speaking of the former Sun Devil
JAMES HARDEN 6-5 SG – While I could see the somewhat overweight swing guard going top-8 if it was circa 1980, in today’s game he’s more of a liability on the defensive end and might have more trouble creating his shot than the experts think. While he has a sweet stroke, I can't see how he's more than just a solid role-player.

Just like this pic is much hotter because of the pair...

...Curry needs a perfect pairing at the next level!

STEPHEN CURRY 6-3 G – The Thunder would be foolish not to let this undersized sharpshooter play alongside a backcourt mate (Westbrook) that could guard the two while letting Curry spot-up on O. The funny thing, unless he's paired with someone like Westbrook, I can't see how he makes a team much better unless he's a 6th-man type shooter off the bench. Of all the ballers in the draft, he’s either a game-changer or a liability strickly depending on where he goes.


If Pax & Co. are smart tonight, I'll feel like I'm walking (or wading) on MFin water after their first pick!

BJ MULLENS 7-1 C – I truly believe Thad Matta kept him under raps last year with the hope he’d stay in whacky-azz Buckeyeland. A solid 7-foot athlete with a decent touch and defensive abilities…this kid is the steal of the draft! Give him three years to develop and play alongside Derrick "What test" Rose, and he'll be averaging a double-double and just starting to scratch the surface of his unique abilities

While this girl would have me "In Like Flynn", the dude from Cuse doesn't do the same for me!

JOHNNY FLYNN 6-0 PG – Flynn is under 6-foot even in socks and played in Boobheim’s NBA-challanged system. While I hear he's an awesome kid, in my crazy-head he's a late 1st rounder, not a lottery pick, with the potential to be a decent back-up point or low-end starter.

Looking back on Lawson's career, I'm kinda of suprised some draft guru's think he'll go in the 20s!

TY LAWSON 6-1 PG – If I had a choice between Lawson & Flynn I’d take the Tar Heel every day of the week and twice on Sunday Funday.

When u go this big...u kinda of know what you're getting!

HASHEEM TABEET 7-3 C – Tabeet is the simplest choice of the draft because he’s gonna be a starting center with better than advertised athleticism and a knack for blocking shots for years to come. Just hink of Mutombo but thicker! Especially with all the offensive-minded youngsters already on the Grizz, bringing in this defensive force is like taking candy from hot Cougar!

Just like an Asian on a countertop, when you see a young talent like Evans you know you need to stop and say hello!

TYREKE EVANS 6-5 G – Evans is an absolute beast that would give a team so much flexibility in the backcourt. I believe he’s the second best player in the draft and arguable #1 when it comes to long-term potential. And if the Thunder pass on Curry at #3, I think pairing Evans with Westbrook would be the scariest backcourt in the league...just ignore their turnovers the next few years.


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