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GREG GAMBLE'S 2009-10 PIGSKIN Picks: 10-8 ats...56%
NFL 9-3 - NCAA 1-4 - Teasers 0-1 - Lovely Ladies: 69-0
GREG GAMBLE’S 2008-09 PIGSKIN Picks: 68-44 ats...61%
NFL 28-19 - NCAA 20-15 - Teasers 20-10 - Lovely Ladies 69-0

Ur tellin me someone in da Bears secondary is gonna stop Larry?

Cause just like our friend, Fitz's body of work is simply flawless!

The Bears O-Line might be the worst in football, while their defense is extremely pedestrian. Throw-in an Arizona squad coming off on ugly home-loss, and I expect the Kurt Warner & Co. to light-up the scoreboard while the Chi-Town struggles to keep pace!

Final Score: CARDS 31 BEARS 20

And Now...
Da Yeker is on the road to SF in the NM this week to pick up some turquoise and marry off one of his long time and few friends (kinda what you get when you spend all day drinking Stoli, eating wings, and watching Al Toon’s greatest catches on DVD). If my picks seem better than usual, that’s just the added value that peyote brings.

While Benson had some rough moments while in Chicago, I can't believe the grief he received for enjoying a boat ride!

Cause anytime ur near the beach or water, good things can happen!

Just an FYI, a good rule of thumb is to make sure your feet are not too sandy before jumping on a friend's boat!

On paper, this game looks like it’s going to be as good to watch as Where the Boys Aren’t 4 was (Lived up and let down my hype). The teams are fairly evenly matched, with oddly the Bengals having the better ranked D and the Ray Rays having the better O. Baltimore is coming off a big win in handing the Denver Ortons their 1st lost of the season, and the Bengals are just getting off their double BYE week (I’m counting the Sunday they played the Bears as a non-workday). This will be a close game with harder hits than PacMan Jones at a Las Vegas strip club and an equal number of make it rain plays. When you see things line up for a tight game and there is a home dog, take the points.

Final Score: RAVENS 24 BENGALS 23

She could be considered a Hot-lanta girl if those green tassels on her side were dolla bills and she had a tat on her neck!

...you know what I'm saying Roddy?!

The ‘Skins are competing to be one of the worst teams in football along with the Raiders and Browns. Both of those latter teams are on BYE this week, so I cannot choose against them (even though their starting teams will probably lose to the training squads in their practices). That leaves me with the opportunity to pick against the only team in the league with an offensive coordinator/head coach, Jim Zorn, who is not allowed to call his own plays. That responsibility goes to Sherm Lewis, who is only attempting that feat for the 2nd game in his career. The 1st was last week when the O only was able to put up 17 points against the Eagles. Atlanta is coming of a hard loss to their division rival, the Saints. They’re playing at home in the dome and need a win to keep in the playoff zone. Look for Atlanta to bust more end zone dance moves than Da Yeker did at his 1st Freakneck. Big shout out to my girl LaTonya. Hey Girl.

Final Score: REDSKINS 10 FALCONS 35

It is usually pretty good odds to take the unda when this suddenly awful QB is on the gridiron!

On a side note, I luv the Panthers team colors!

Alright, this game can only go 1 of 2 ways: either it’s a close game with a well executed rushing attack by the Panthers that burns a lot of clock or it’s a blow out where New Orleans scores all the points themselves and intercepts the hell out of Jake Delhomme. Both options do not add up to 52 points. I’m betting on the former option after seeing what the Panthers did on the ground last week on the road against what was the #1 ranked D in the league. Also look for Drew the Mole to have at least one vicious pick against an underrated secondary.

Final Score: PANTHERS 14 SAINTS 24

I wouldn't say she looks like a waterbird, but she's closer to Seahawk than a Lion!

So I was at bar last week watching my beloved Bears stumble and fumble their way to a blowout win over the Cleveland Sucks. While watching and drinking my disgust at the Bears’ O line away, a nice, seemingly normal, couple came in and actually asked to watch the Lions-Rams game. After about 5 minutes of silent stares of cringing faces from the bartender, the waitress, the bar patrons, and myself, they were promptly shown to an isolated room where they could watch and not pollute the rest of us with their H1N1 football fever. After that game ended, I allowed myself a chance to glance at the box score of that game through a reflecting mirror so as not to turn into stone from fright, all stop-motion animation Clash of the Titans style. To my amazement, the De-twat (that’s the French pronouciation) Lions lost to the O challenged Rams. Seriously , they are averaging 9.6 points/game. This week that same Lions team has their same rookie QB headed 3 time zones away to play in one of the most hostile environments in the League. I’m smelling blow out as strong as the stank coming from the guy sitting next to me in coach sipping tomato juice.

Final Score: LIONS 7 SEAHAWKS 34

While I'm impressed with Orton, I miss the Krazy Kyle that was too much drinkie back in the day!

What? What? If you have been following Da Yeker this season, you know 1 thing: Pittsburgh can’t shut down anybody with a decent O. They have had total scores over 40 points for 5 of their 7 games. The Broncos are averaging 20 points/game and the Steelers are putting up 23.9/game themselves. Plus, playing in that mountain air always wears down Ds, especially DBs, before the O notices any effects. Imagine running balls out breathing through a straw having to catch up to human bullets for at least 30 minutes. That’s what it’s like to play DB in a game at a mile high. I don’t get it. Maybe this is a Vegas trick play, but I’m not going to over think it. Root for the points, degenerates.

Final Score: STEELERS 24 BRONCOS 27

Have a great Sunday Funday Homeboys!

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