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Sunday Funday ATS Winners & Women

GREG GAMBLE'S 2009-10 PIGSKIN Picks: 14-9 ats...61%
NFL 13-3 - NCAA 1-5 - Teasers 0-1 - Lovely Ladies: 69-0
GREG GAMBLE’S 2008-09 PIGSKIN Picks: 68-44 ats...61%
NFL 28-19 - NCAA 20-15 - Teasers 20-10 - Lovely Ladies 69-0

Attention Degenerate Gamblers! Time to call your guy cause...

...Dennis Dixon doesn't look as scary outside of Eugene, OR!

Do I really need to explain how desperate the Ravens are and how overwhelmed Mr. Dixon will be on Sunday Night...seriously, I'm hitting my NFL picks on an 81% clip so just chalk this up as a victory!

Final Score: STEELERS 13 RAVENS 27

Oh...btw, I totally believe Tiger never slept with this chick...
...and I'm confident his wife bashed the SUV windows with a golf club to save his life from an accident in his driveway!

I know Da Yeker has been creating hate mail messages for Greg Gamble throughout the season, but don’t worry playas as I’m still at 500 and looking to dominate this week. Nothing can stop me after gaining inspiration from my roots in watching another great Bayou Classic followed up with a 16 hour marathon session of BCFX on the 360. Man, Da Yeker was born to be a drumline major. FAMU Rattlers strike. Here are my Doug Williams mentored picks of the week:

She's looking for an actually ATS winner from Da Yeker!

Da Yeker may be calling a prediction for this game, but he also highly recommends not watching it since it will most likely result in permanent loss of NFL enjoyment. This game is another tale of injuries as the Rams will be racked with serious ones this week: QB Marc Bulger Out to be replaced by Kyle Boller, RB Steven Jackson a Questionable game time decision, FB Mike Karney Questionable, and 2 starting OLs extremely Questionable. The Rams have shown improvement since their Bye by getting their running attack up to speed. With that list of injuries above, however, look for it to be shifting into reverse for at least this game. The Seahawks might be only playing for pride now, but they are playing for the 1st time this season with all 53 men on their active roster available.

Final Score: SEAHAWKS 24 RAMS 13

While the home whites are nice, Da Yeker likes Carolina on the road!

Da Yeker gets 3 free points in a game that’s going to be a match-up of who runs the ball better, the opposing team will be starting Mark Dirty Sanchez who likes to throw interceptions, and an extremely underrated, athletic Panthers secondary. No more analysis needed.

Final Score: PANTHERS 24 RAMS 17

For some reason this reminds me of Mangino...
...kinda looks like a man, but is a complete bitich!

It’s a battle for Ohio with two polar opposites playing in it. The Browns are awful with a head coach that is nearly not allowed at practices anymore for fear that the players will dump him on his head. They did finally find an offense last week by starting the Muscle Milkman Brady Quinn, but, most of those points were courtesy of an awful Lions D. The Bengals were playing well last week until they hit a road bump in the form of the Oakland Raiders. If the Bengals win this game, they will go undefeated in their Division, which pretty much will clench them a playoff berth. Look for their D lead by Dhani “Reality Star” Jones to step up big against an inferior Browns O. As for the possibility of the Yachtsman Ced Benson not playing this week, the Brown’ Shaun Rodgers is Questionable for the game having missed practice each day this week. Even if he plays, look for the Bengals RBs still to be able to take advantage of his injuries.

Final Score: BROWNS 10 BENGALS 30


Chris Cooley Out, DeAngelo Hall Out, Clinton Portis Out, Albert Haynesworth Questionable (Did not play last week). If you see what I’m seeing, the Redskins most likely will not have one of their star players in the game this week. The woeful Washington O has not scored over 17 points on the road this year. The Eagles lost Brian Westbrook and Kevin Curtis two weeks ago, but it didn’t make difference last week with the duo of Scottish rookies LeSean McCoy and Jeremy Maclin more than filling in for their down team mates. Look for another week of no scoring from the Redskins with their offensive consultant Herm Edwards and plenty of explosive plays penned up by the jump suited one, Andy Reid.

Final Score: RACIAL SLURS 13 EAGLES 34

While I luv a girl who wears a Chief thong, I still got to roll the other way when playing the number!

Another example of two polar opposite teams comes to us from the Left Coast this week. KC did their best ” little injun that could” imitation last week by shocking the League with a win over the Steelers. While that may give them an ego boost, KC is still bad bad with QB Matt Cassell having been sacked 37 times and hit 65 times on the season. With that kind of beating, you should go ahead and hire Bill Cosby to do a commercial about the contents of your skull. When these teams played in KC earlier in the season, the Chargers beat the Chiefs by 30 points. Look for the rough faced Norv Turner to coach his team to a similar victory this week. After all, Norv is the talented of the Turner brothers. Well, at least outside the playoffs.

Final Score: CHIEFS 14 CHARGERS 34

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