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Thursday Night ATS Winners & Women

GREG GAMBLE'S 2009-10 PIGSKIN Picks: 11-8 ats...58%
NFL 10-3 - NCAA 1-4 - Teasers 0-1 - Lovely Ladies: 69-0
GREG GAMBLE’S 2008-09 PIGSKIN Picks: 68-44 ats...61%
NFL 28-19 - NCAA 20-15 - Teasers 20-10 - Lovely Ladies 69-0

Samurai is back boys, but too bad it's on the wrong sideline!

And unlike our friend here & Mr. Lovie Smith, Singletary still brings the passion with his eyes!

While everyone from Da Bear beat-writers to the watering-hole wannabe GMs have bashed every aspect of the organization for more than a month, I’m amazed how many of these cats still thought Lovie Smith’s aging and talent-deprived squad had a legitimate shot on the Lakefront against Arizona. I guess they’re not that crazy since Vegas opened the best gambling line since David Spade’s was 456,542 to 1 to bag 10 of the top 100 chicks in America. When I saw the Bears open as a three point favorite last week, I took the entire week off to sell my girl’s shiznit at “Cash-4-Gold” and rummage through the sofa cushions for spare change. And today, I almost feel as confident as I did last week with the ineptness of my beloved pigskin squad.

For all the Alex Smith bashing, I always think it's fair to give youngsters a few more chances!

For all the nationwide jokes about Alex Smith as a starter on Sundays, I actually believe he’s a competent QB that can move in the pocket, can be extremely accurate when in rhythm, and knows he’ll be a permanent back-up if he continues to force the ball into the danger zones. Now I’m not saying he’s Dan Marino or Babe Laufenberg, but against a Bears D devoid of playmakers, look for the former Ute to distribute the ball to the numerous soft spots in Ron Rivera’s D (oh wait, we got rid of Rivera cause Lovie was jealous) while letting Frank Gore completely dominate between the hashes.

While Frankie G can do damage even without a hole...

...he might be lucky enough to see running lanes like dis!

Speaking of the running game, Da Bears D let Beanie Wells & Tim Hightower look like Sweetness & Neal Anderson last week, and coming off a short week and the depression that has set in on the season, how can you not expect Frankie G to have a fantasy day of the ages. In addition, I guarantee Chicago puts too much emphasis on finally stopping the run, not to mention TE Vernon Davis after his comments earlier this week, so look for Michael Crabtree & Josh Smith to introduce themselves to the nation with some big plays on the outside.

What a great idea to let Rivera go...that really worked out!

And just once Lovie, show me some passion in those eyes!

As for the Bears on offense, does it really matter if your QB has star potential when the line can’t open a single hole for the running game and is loaded with #3 WRs and a TE that can’t block. Throw-in a coaching advantage for the 49ers where Samurai Mike continues to bring the passion and the players know he’ll back…while an emotionless Lovie Smith seems to have lost a squad that knows his days may be numbered. Wish I had better news for ya Bear fans, but this could get ugly again.

Final Score: BEARS 13 49ERS 27


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