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May 23, 2007

MLB Regular Season Special: 1-0 ATS

*Greggy G’s NBA Regular Season: 146-106 ATS
*Greggy G’s NBA Playoffs: 20-18 ATS

Thankfully, the NBA is on vacation today and I won't have to watch my playoff record plummet like Mark Prior's rookie card! Also, I'm going to be pulling a Cincinnati Bengal today, as I'll be in court for most of the afternoon, and will have to keep the banter shorter than the Bulls backcourt. But don't fret young Greggy G fanatics...I've got a pick and some pics to make you smile like Tom Brady when he rolls over in the morning!

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May 25, 2007

MLB Regular Season: 3-0 ATS

*Greggy G’s NBA Regular Season: 146-106 ATS
*Greggy G’s NBA Playoff Special: 21-18 ATS

Here’s a little Haiku for you BEEATCHES:

Cavs Coach has no clue,
Reminds Greg G. of Wayne Fontes,
While L. Hughes is poo!

While it’s tough to whine like Timmy D after predicting the game-winning opportunity for King James and easily coverin’ last night, I would’ve luved to see the Cavs pull that one out like a college-kid without money for a rubber. Listen, I’m tryin’ not to hate on the crafty veterans of Mo-Town, but if Chauncey is going to get a call every time someone brushes into him…you have to call a foul on RIP’s skinny-azz riddin’ LeBron all the way to the cup. With that said, the unequivocal bozo play of the playoffs was made by Cavs headmaster Mike Brown. IF YOU'RE DOWN WITH LESS THAN 30 SECONDS, YOU DON’T HOLD THE BALL FOR THE LAST SHOT! I’m not exaggerating when I say this, but that was the dumbest thing I’ve witnessed in professional sports since Dusty Baker claimed that the Cubs white-players struggle with so many day games because Blacks and Hispanics are better suited for warm weather! In addition, even though Mr. Brown may have turned the Cavs into a defensive juggernaut, please stop runnin’ the same iso-play for your superstar (with about as much movement from his teammates as a virgin on prom-night) every time the game is on the line. When nobody on your squad is movin’ Mickey B…that enables all 10 Detroit eyes to stay focused on LeBron. Feel free to give me a shout if you need any help for Game 3, and if you have trouble trackin’ me down just call the Chicago OTB.

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May 26, 2007

MLB Regular Season: 4-0 ATS

*Greggy G's NBA Regular Season: 146-106 ATS
*Greggy G's NBA Playoff Record: 21-18 ATS

Is Greggy G gonna play the Sloan/Popovich UNDA for a 3rd straight? You'll have wait till later today to find out cause I have a fever for the diamond this afternoon!

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May 27, 2007

MLB Regular Season Record: 6-0 ATS

*Greggy G's NBA Regular Season: 146-106 ATS
*Greggy G's NBA Playoff Record: 21-19 ATS

I keep tellin' you the Mariners are hot Homeboys, and they now have 60 hits over their last 4 games...oh yeah, and their still playing the AA Royals...Mariners sweep series

I'm 6-0 BEEATCHES, so take my word for it! Mets by 2-4 runs

May 28, 2007

MLB ATS Special: 8-0 joke BEEATCHES!

I'm headin' to the race track fellaz...wish me luck. As for this play, the guy who pitches for TB is named CASEY and the guy on Detroit sucks. BTW, I watched the Rays hit the ball all over the place against my White Sox, while the Tigers have a stacked line-up. I luv it...winnin' money at the track and on the diamond on the same day!...Tigers/Rays 12-15 runs

May 29, 2007

MLB Special: 9-0 ATS (HELL YEAH!)

I had a weekend that would have made the Cincinnati Bengals and Lindsey Lohan proud. Hit up Wrigleyville Friday, Crawfish Boil Saturday, Birthday Bash and Lakehouse trip Sunday, and the race track yesterday…oh yeah, and I went undefeated on the M*tha F*ckin’ diamond the entire time! When I was 5-0 last week, my Homeboy told me he was waiting until I lost before he took my MLB picks…looks like my boy isn’t gamblin’ until after the All-Star break! As for the professional hardwood playoffs, I finally won a Jazz/Spurs UNDA and the Cavs are getting’ a huge break with Larry “I’m more overpaid the Stuart Scott” Hughes going down with a foot injury. And what about the Ronny Mexico fiasco…how shady was that anonymous interview with the dude that said Vick was the Keyser Söze of Canine Battles. You think the Falcons wish they still had Matt Schaub holdin’ his clipboard? And Finally, I’d rather go to a Kirk Hinrich motivational speaking engagement than watch either Chicago baseball team. Our summer in Chi-town is too short to be wasting it on .500 ball-clubs, and you know A.J. Pierzynski can’t start a school-girl fight every single afternoon to keep us entertained. Take it light my degenerates and enjoy the short week…BTW, did I tell you I’M FRICKIN’ UNDEFEATED IN MLB?!

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May 30, 2007

MLB Regular Season: 10-0 ATS (YEAH BABY!)

Sorry to be runnin’ late today, but I was signing autographs at K-Mart’s Outdoor Sales Center and I’m movin’ a lil’ slow after a devastating softball injury last night. Besides the disappointment of watchin’ our Smoke Daddy squad get pasted by dudes in softball pants, I also tripped over the first base line on my first Happy Gilmore at-bat of the season and my leg has swollen like Tank Johnson after a jail sentence. As reported in the Chicago Sun-Times today, during Tank’s 60 day stay in Cook County jail, the Chicago Bear purchased the following items: 162 beef sticks, 40 honey bun sweet rolls, 35 summer sausage blocks, & 35 bags of barbecue chips…Now that’s what I call the munchies!

As for my continuing dominance on the diamond, it’s really not that hard with the Royals forced to play 162 games a year. Let’s check my handy-dandy Gambler’s Anonymous baseball schedule…yep, they’re on the docket again to tonight! As for the tilt in San Antonio, I definitely think the Spurs will close-it-out with ease, but 8-9 points seems a lil’ rough for a conference finals match-up. Yeah, I think I’m sticking with the Sammy Sosa motto: “Baseball has been very very good to me!” Have a good one fellas and congrats to my Homeboy LeBron…by far the best player left on the court in the East!

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June 1, 2007

MLB ATS: 11-0 (Don't be fooled!)

*Greggy G's Regular Season: 146-106 ATS
*Greggy G's Playoff Record: 22-20 ATS

Just like my azz on the streets of Chi-town coming of the pick-n-roll, you can’t stop what you can’t catch! I hate to tell ya I told ya so and I know they need one more, but my pick of the Cavs and Spurs before the playoffs started is looking in-genius Physically, Mr. James is a man-child that can dominate every aspect of the game and he’s only frickin’ 22-years old…I haven’t seen that type of dominance since Aurora Snow burst on the scene Azz-Ploitation. Anyway, I’m off to Midway Airport and heading to Cleveland for the weekend. Congrats to my boy DG who is cashin’ in his chips and takin’ the marriage plunge this weekend. I’m honored to be standing-up, but I’d say it’s 50/50 that I show-up…I might be scalpin’ tickets to see the King baby!

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June 4, 2007

MLB Daily Special: 11-1 ATS

*Greggy G's NBA Regular Season: 146-106 ATS
*Greggy G's NBA Playoff Record: 22-20 ATS

O.K...I promise this is the last time you'll hear me say I told ya! While I was a legend in Cleveland this weekend as many of my diehard fans couldn't believe I had traveled all the way from Chi-town for their victory celebration, I have to admit I skipped the game and actually stood-up in my Homeboy DG's wedding. Of course his lovely wife was somewhat discouraged by the groupin' of dudes around the TV set for Game 6 and the re-enactment we performed of the Zambrano/Barrett fight with her dad, we still had a blast and my only complaint is that I wish I could still party like the VH1 Behind the Music stars. To make matters worse, I got violated at the baggage check going commando, the plane ride home was a little bumby and I almost lost my lunch twice (maybe that had something to do with chuggin' a bottle of Arbor Mist in the hot-tub a few hours earlier), and I couldn't remember where I parked my car when we got back! What can I say...I never bring enough undergarments when I travel. As for today, besides counting my winnings from the Cavs series, I feel terrible and can't wait to sit on my sofa once the work-buzzer finally rings. I promise to make more sense tomorrow, but hopefully you'll still enjoy the pick and pics...Much Luv Fellas!

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June 5, 2007

MLB Special: 12-1 ATS…Now you know!

*Greggy G’s NBA Regular Season: 146-106 ATS
*Greggy G’s NBA Playoff Special: 22-20 ATS

Holy Shiznit! The Cubs & Sox both won last night…that’s about as likely as a day when a Cincinnati Bengal isn’t meeting with NFL commish Roger Goodell. The best thing about a 2nd straight victory for the Cubs with Sweet Lou suspended and the team chirpin’ how he’s meaner the Ronny Mexico’s top-dog is that we’re gonna start hearing how Alan Trammell needs to take over the club. In all honesty, no matter how much I luv a Pinella press conference or his sand-box fight with an umpire, I think he took this job thinking it was a perfect retirement party. As for the Southside, if the Sox don’t have a 4-run lead heading into the 9th, the bullpen is guaranteed to crap down their leg like Najah Davenport stuck in a closet. While I luv the Land of the Venezuelan Oz, I have a feeling he’ll threaten to kick GM Kenny Williams azz if he trades away half of his regulars by the deadline as we’re hearing. Sure, as a Sox fan that would suck, but could ya blame Kenny?

More importantly tonight, my softball squad The Smoke Daddy will try to find the win column for the first time this year, while I try to figure-out what concoction to mix in the cooler to rally the troops. What you thinking boyz, maybe a lil Maurice Clarett special…minus the guns?! Oh yeah, and much luv to Alfonso Soriano for givin’ me a half run cover last night…I plan to spit every two seconds, chew six pieces of gum, and swing a bat as big as Otis Wilson’s third leg in your honor tonight!

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June 6, 2007

MLB Special: 13-2 ATS...Sweeter than Poon!

*Greggy G’s NBA Regular Season: 146-106 ATS
*Greggy G’s NBA Playoff Special: 22-20 ATS

A pretty uneventful evening of victories…1-1 with a push on the ATS diamond and another embarrassing loss on the softball field for Smoke Daddy. While we hit like Bobby Abreu in his contract year, we ran the bases like Jacque Jones with one-leg and still have trouble preventing the big 10 run inning. Considering the fact that I had 4 grenades of Mickey’s Ice and some lip-candy during the game, I have to say I was impressed with my outfield play…with the exception of a miss-timed dive that made me look Jim Edmonds on crack.

But enough about a bunch of washed-up drunks pretending to play softball, we’re a day away from the start of the Spurs ring-ceremony and the baseball gods have given me a tip on a few plays. I wish I could tell ya the Cavs can make this a series, but I’d give better odds to Roger Clemens sitting on the bench with his teammates than the LeBron’s makin’ it to game 6. Speaking of roundball, how about Mr. Durant’s inability to bench press a porn-star holding a midget once at NBA draft combine…aka 185 lbs! I know he dominated the Big 12 as a freshman, but after watchin’ Shaun Livingston struggle to find minutes his first few years and proceed to blow-out his lower half this year, I have a feeling Kevin may take a few more years to develop than people think. But enough hoop talk, there’s nuttin’ to bet on and it’s time for the baseball maven to go to work. Take it light Homeboys, and always remember to tip your dancers!

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June 8, 2007

MLB Special: 18-2 ATS…Ain’t no lie!

Don’t worry fellaz…I don’t expect a thank you. Back to back 3-0 nights and pictures of hotties…who needs ESPN and Dan(ika) Patrick! Thanks again for the Skybox last night Mr. Uncle Ben’s, even though you never told me it was formal party and I had M*tha F*ckin flip-flops on. Got to run, I’m late for a meeting and I smell like an ashtray…but don’t worry, I have some picks and pics for ya. Check in later today if you want some more action…I’m always better on a rebate buzz. HOLLA

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June 9, 2007

MLB Special: 19-3 ATS…tell yo friends!

I think it’s time to stop makin’ fun of the Royals with my Sox rapidly approaching the basement in the Central. At least we had a nice breeze last night, Ozzie had another hilarious press conference, Alfonso Soriano is now my favorite player to watch stride to the dish, and I found I nice concoction to go with my glaucoma medicine last night: Gordon’s Gin, generic Diet Grapefruit Soda, Lime, & a splash of my girl’s wine should didn’t finish…Now that’s the M*tha F*ckin’ Highlife! As for today, I see no reason not to enjoy the scenery around DePaul University today…gotta luv the man that invented short-shorts that have words on the back. I’m not staring ladies, I’m just reading! One more day before Timmy D and the boys put another ass-waxing on the LeBron’s and one more day for all of us to win some money on the diamond. Oh yeah, and most importantly, hopefully the Rocket gets shelled by the deadly Pirate today. Have a blast this weekend Homeboys and try not to bury too many dogs…I hear the feds don’t like it!

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June 10, 2007

MLB Special: 20-3 ATS...can't touch this!

Halladay is better than Schmidt...Blue Jays by 1-3 runs

June 11, 2007

MLB Special: 21-3 ATS…Don’t hurt’em Greg!

While I felt worse than Courtney Love looks this weekend, the only thing positive about my Mojito flavored TheraFlu Saturday and Sunday was…NOT LOSING A FRICKIN THING BEEATCHES! What can I say; the NBA finals seem scripted right out of my Insideplay’s breakdowns and the Vegas sportsbooks have been calling my houseline before I even have my bloody mixed. Speaking of the NBA Finals, I’d rather play catch with Chuck Knobloch, clean Tank Johnson’s jail-cell toilet, or listen to Keith Olbermann talk about how cool he is than watch the Spurs methodically kick the Cavs azz. King James can only force the issue so much against the defensive-minded Spurs and just doesn’t have the help to even pull one of these games out. I know it’s probably not possible unless they pull a sign-n-trade, but what better fit would free agent Rashard Lewis be in Cleveland. While Lewis will probably be considered OVA-paid after he signs with somebody that tries to make him the #1 option, could you imagine LeBron kickin’ out to an athletic 6-10 sharpshooter like that? I’m tellin’ ya, they’d have a staple in the NBA Finals for years.

As for Chicago baseball, and this coming from a White Trash Sox fan, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the Cubs are going to win the Central. I know that’s like saying “She’s the Sluttiest Hooker!” , but with Alfonso, Aramis, & Derrek Lee knocking the ball around and five legitimate 12 game winners in the rotation…I have a feeling I’m gonna be seeing Cub fans pissing in the alleys into October. I wish I could say the same for my Southsiders, but if I were GM Kenny Williams I would start blowing this thing up like T.T. Boy after a salad bar. I don’t know if these young phenoms are any good, but I know I don’t want to see a bunch of old-dudes with bad-backs cloggin the bases just so we can beat out the AA Royals in the Central. Alright, time for the real reason you’re here…Cause it’s Monday, I ain’t got no job…and I ain’t got shiznit to do!

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June 13, 2007

MLB Special: 21-5 ATS…Diamond Guru NBA Playoffs: 25-20 ATS…Gettin’ better

Coming from a diehard of the hardwood, I cannot stomach the NBA Finals. Even easily predicting the UNDA and pulling-out 1 point cover, I’d rather hear Curt Shilling bloody sock debates or watch “You’ve got Mail” than this slowdown brickfest. On a night when Timmy D & Manu combine to shoot 6-24 from the field and Bruce Bowen has to be the offensive force, you’d think King James and his awful crew could steal one at home. I’m just glad we only have one more game to watch as I’m more confident than Peter North in “Titty-Titty Bang-Bang” that the Spurs will make sure their legacy gets a lil’ sweeter with a Final sweep.

As for the diamond where I’m a in the mist of 2-game losing streak, Michael Barrett (aka P.J. Carlesimo) got into another heated argument with a pitcher and made yet another questionable play behind the plate to cost them the game…say hello to the trade deadline Mr. Barrett. As for the White Sux, at least Justin Verlander didn’t get his no-hitter against them. The Pigskin Season can’t come soon enough for us Southsiders and if I wasn’t the Gordon Gecko of the baseball market, I wouldn’t even check the sports ticker before downin’ my last cocktail. Thankfully, my Homeboys from Phoenix & Detroit are coming into town for a Divorce Party (…like that was ever going to work Dave) and a belated 30th Bash for Joey “Tech Support”. Hey Bartender, looks like I’ll need another batch of Milk Thistle! Take it light fellaz and always remember to ask for the Green Salsa...I’m sure your Torta wants to feel rich too!

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June 15, 2007

MLB Special: 25-6 ATS…Tha Diamond Broker NBA Season: 171-127 ATS…GAME OVA

After wagering on 298 NBA games the season (171-127), I found myself on the floor of my Homeboys bar last night not because I lost…but because my last memory of the season will be of Damon “Douchebags” Jones. Yeah, keep holdin’-up three fingers like you matter Damon…I just gave Rae Carruth a call and he also had the Spurs minus 3.5.

Anyway, it’s already the weekend in my hood as my college buddies came in last night and have already broke-out their cheesy-azz lines with the ladies:

While extremely cheesy, I have to say it’s pretty priceless in person…they always rock/paper/scissor for who’s the utility infielder. Anyway, I gotta roll cause I’m scalpin’ some tix for the Cubs game this afternoon…what you think, should I bet on it too? Take it light, and check-in all weekend cause you know I’ll have some stories to go along with the winners!

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June 16, 2007

MLB Special: 28-7 ATS...Top that Punk!

3-1 on the Diamond last night, while my Homeboys and I had too many Crown and Ginger Ale's at the bar...and too much Alize before bed! Nuttin' like dorky white-dudes sippin' on some Alize! I'm off to a barbaque...Enjoy the day and the pick BEEATCHES!

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June 18, 2007

MLB Special: 28-9 ATS…Baseball Maven

To sum-up the weekend of debauchery, as we partied like a Cincinnati Bengal Friday Night, it struck us that we somehow lost one of our out-of-town Homboys (Divorced Dave as he’s known in our circles) Luckily, one of the randoms who just came into the bar ova-heard our dilemma and mentioned a nice lil’ tidbit of information. As he was paying his cab-fare, someone from the bar hopped-in and told the cabbie: “Take me where the Hookers are!” While we cannot confirm or deny the results of this story, I do know our NHL ’95 Hockey tournament was postponed Sunday because our hands were just too damn shaky!

As for my weekend on the ATS diamond, I have to admit I put-up an effort that would have made Randy Moss look like a dedicated employee in Oakland. Not to mention, the White Sux made the Pirates feel like the Yankees and have proceeded to let the KC Royals tie them in the win-column. As for CubbieLand, with Aramis Ramirez already out, what the hell was Derek Lee thinking. First off, Chris Young had no intention of purposely hittin’ Derek Lee with two strikes and the score tied. Secondly, what the hell was the umpire doing calmly talking to the catcher as Lee walked towards the mound with his hand on his balls in a display of wild-kingdom macho’ness. Finally, Young is 6-10 and slower than Rex Grossman on a roll-out…how the hell do you miss that first haymaker? After watchin’ that, I’d give better odds to Ronny Mexico to completing two consecutive 6-yard outs than Derek Lee ever walking towards the mound again. Anywho, back to the weekly grind of finding some picks and pics for ya Homeboys, and hopefully, my brain will be fully functional by Tuesday morning.

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June 19, 2007

MLB Special: 29-11 ATS…Baseball Maven NBA Season: 171-127 ATS…GAME OVA

My luck lately seems worse than an NFLer on a motorcycle. It appeared I’d have a profitable 2-1 ATS evening last night as I took the Tigers (minus 1.5 runs), only to watch as Detroit proceeded to blow a 9-1 lead in the 6th to barely hold-on for 1-run victory against the deadly Nats. Speaking of deadly, looks like Pac Man Jones’s crew is on the prowl again. Hey fellaz, have you hear of Barnes & Noble or Putt-Putt Golf? I’m not suggesting someone didn’t bump into ya or threaten to steal your stripper’s thong…but maybe, just maybe, you guys should lay-low for awhile. I mean when I got busted for pissing on a college campus, you didn’t see my azz grabbin’ a Big-Gulp or Beer-Bongin’ for at least 6 months.

As for today’s schedule, I have a funny feeling the ole’ Smokey Daddy Softball team is breaking into the win-column, and more importantly, Greggy G will be sippin’ on the Champagne of Beers after pullin’ MVP honors and watchin’ the sports-ticker with better results than a captain of the football team on Prom Night. Speaking of sleeping with young white-girls, the media is making it sound like Kobe Bryant has a realistic chance of becoming a Chicago Bull. Once again, I cannot fathom GM Mitch Kupchak livin’ through the departures of both Shaq and Kobe from the Hollywood Lake Show. I’m not saying I wouldn’t do it if I were Pax, Skiles, & Co. if I was able to keep some of my young pieces, but in LA, the Zenmaster needs a superstar to be a great coach and Jerry Buss needs a superstar to keep the high-rollers sitting courtside. The only team I see as a realistic option is Washington because Agent Zero/Mr. Habachi is a Cali kid who can make the turn-styles move. Once again, the Wiz would have to throw in another piece and there is no guarantee the whinny-baby in LA would even approve the move. Oh yeah, and please stop telling me there’s a chance he’ll be elbowing-defenders in the Big Apple…the Knickerbockers don’t even have anybody the Bulls would take for Ben Gordon. Gotta Roll…have a good one Homeboys and make sure to be thinking of the Smoke Daddy tonight!

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June 20, 2007

MLB Special: 31-12 ATS…Diamond Dynamo

Smoke Daddy Softball wins, Greggy G’s Diamond stock is on the rise, another Bengal has to talk to the cops, and Michael Barrett (a former silver slugger winner) is shipped out of town for a bag o’ balls…is America great for a self-proclaimed sports writer or what!

How about them Bengals…10 arrests in 14 months! At least we know where Pac-Man will be signing once he’s dropped by the Titans (I know Marvin, it must be racial-profiling). Speaking of the Gridiron, why is everybody hatin’ on Tommie Harris for wanting Donovan McNabb. Your tellin’ me you’d prefer a short, slow, white-guy with small-hands and a blind-spot when throwing in the flat…yeah, that makes sense. As for the Diamond and another bullpen debacle by the White Sux, what really sums up our season is the fact that Ozzie’s been DH’ing Alex Cintron and his .214 0 HR 5 RBI lumber lately. ARE YOU FRICKIN’ KIDDING ME!!! That’s like gettin’ a technical Free Throw and choosin’ Shaq to toe the line, or having your girlfriend out of town and renting “50-year-old Hairy Sluts” for entertainment. In addition, what chapped my azz more than parking backwards at the forest preserve (if you don’t know what that means…email John Amechi) was watching GM Kenny Williams on TV saying he thinks the Sux can get back in the race. Listen Kenny, Vegas odds have the Southsiders with as much a chance as ex-Packer Mark Chmura does of being a Prom Chaperone someday. And finally, as Greggy G told you last week, Michael Barrett is back to annoy Greg Maddux in San Diego. All I can say to that is…Bye-Bye BEEATCH!

Briefly, not only did Smoke Daddy win for the 1st time of the season, but we beat the two-time defending champs who have a kid that used to kick my azz in High School! While yours truly was 3-4 with 3 RBI’s, I did pull a Barry Bonds and was ridiculed by my teammates for not sliding on a play at the plate…What can I say, I’m a lot prettier than most of them. As for the Daddy’s MVP, congrats to Andy “Manny Trillo” Flossinator for some unbelievable web-gems and sliding on every play like it’s the College World Series…you the shiznit! Gotta roll Homeboyz, it’s not the 1st of the month but do I have some collecting to do! Enjoy my picks and pics!

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June 22, 2007

MLB Special: 35-12 ATS…Unbelievable!

I’m hotter than a tea-kettle my lil’ degenerates and the news keeps gettin’ better…another undefeated day investing on America’s pastime, my webmaster made a kick-azz new banner, and I found a grenade of Mickey’s Ice in salad crisper this morning…what can I say, I feel like Greg Almighty! And don’t worry Homeboys, I’ll never be like every other gambling site that charges 50 bucks and then gives half the people the Cubs and the other half the Sox…I just hand-out free Turkeys like its Thanksgiving and stuff it with pictures of hot Asians and witty comedy. Just ask my loyal reader Gator Mike in Florida what it’s like to get a check for $400 from Greggy G because he out picked me in the Inaugural Football Tourney. The bigger you guys help me make this, the bigger the island I buy for us to party at! Just like my diehard fans in Garland, TX who check us out virtually everyday…either you luv booty-licious gratuitous photos or you need to send me a thank you card for the new pick-up truck I bought ya!

Alrighty then, let’s get to some sports chatter. Here are few thoughts I have going into the weekend before I hand-out some more money and hot women:

I know my fellow Southsiders will think I’m a sellout, but I hope the Cubs beat our azz this weekend. A debacle like that would ensure GM Kenny Williams will blow this garbage up. If I have to hear one more Camero driving douchebag tell me these guys won a World Series for us I’m going to pull a Rae Carruth…oh wait, Rae Rae couldn’t even do that right! Honestly, I want Garland, Buehrle, Jenks, & Iguchi (and Pablo Ozuna of course), and you can ship-out the rest for some youngsters that are from a real farm system.

GM Greggy G’s proposal: Ben Gordon, Tyrus Thomas, Nocioni (sign-n-trade), & P.J. Brown (sign-n-trade) for Kevin Garnett & Rashard McCants. If Paxson, Skiles, & Co. would rather have Gasol, they could drop one of them from the deal. Check-out this starting line-up: Ben Wallace, Kevin Garnett, Luol Deng, Kirk Hinrich, & Thabo/McCants. Listen, I understand the rational that if KG is such a star, how come he can’t even make the playoffs. You know what I think, the group of players McHale has assembled is simply a pile of garbage, as well as, the fact they’ve never given Kevin an enforcer to help him out in the paint. People don’t understand how much easier life would be for him playing alongside Big Ben…and nobody would have the balls to take the ball to the hole against us. With this deal, we also hold onto our pick so Paxson can do what he does best…add more young talent!

Nothing makes me laugh more than an ESPN expert that tells us what a GM told him…HEY DORK, THEY ARE LYING TO YOU!!! Example: Everybody is saying that 7-foot Chinese phenom Yi Jianlian is dropping like a groupie on All-Star weekend. You know why, because GMs desperately want people to think they’re not interested so they can steal him. Speaking of Jianlian, you’ll see my mock draft next week and I think he’s the real M*tha F*ckin deal…no way he drops out of the top 5. As for Ohio St’s lighting quick playmaker Mike Conley, he better send Tony Parker a thank you card the second he gets picked. After watchin’ Eva’s boy dominate the postseason, it looks like the copycat league no longer is enthralled with the 6’5” post-up point guard. And finally, I’ve seen Glen Davis everywhere from the 26th pick to the second round. WRONG…Big-Baby can straight-up ball, has impressed every GM he’s worked-out for with his agility, and has been honest about his weight problem saying he was just uneducated as a youngster on eating right. Give that man a million-dollar nutritionist and he’ll average 15 ppg 8 rpg by year two. I’ll be more shocked than the chick who found Najah Davenport taking a dump her laundry basket if he drops past the 76ers at 21.

My lil’ guy is sick so I’ll be cooped up in the house all weekend. Send my some picks, send me some chicks, and send me your opinions on how we can make world famous! Have a great weekend Homeboys

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June 24, 2007

MLB Daily Special: 38-15 ATS

Tough one yesterday as 3 out 4 of my teams won, but I was giving-up 1.5 runs in two of them and they both won by one. What can I say, at least you know Greggy G is human. On a positive note, my Southsiders are two-thirds of the way to givin’ Cubdom a sweep and forcing a wonderful fire-sale from Kenny Will to actually get us some young talent. For the first time all year, I think the Sux will come thru for me. Got a roll Homeboys, I’m out of Tom Collins Mix…SUNDAY FUNDAY!!!

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June 25, 2007

MLB Special: 40-16 ATS…ReDonkulous!

What a Sunday Funday! My Homeboys and I closed out the weekend with 10 pitchers of Watermelon Vodka Lemonade, 5 frozen bar pizzas (that I just realize have permanently damaged the roof of my mouth), Golden ‘Gamblin’ Tee, and watching my wallet get fatter during Sunday Night baseball after doubling-up like it was Hawaii during college football season (FYI, in the gamblin’ world, Hawaii plays their home football games at midnight, which means degenerates can either double-up or play catch-up…when their drunker than Rick Sutcliffe on an off-day). And most importantly, my weekend wish came true; no…Zubaz aren’t making a comeback, the Cubs swept my White Sux! I told you BEEATCHES they’d get swept and Kenny Will would be so angry he’d trade away all the garbage and finally get some youngsters from actual productive farm systems. Of course, they one arm I want the Sux to keep, Burls, will probably be the first to be traded. BTW, moment of silence for the mulleted-wonder Rod Beck…on your lunch break, please pour out a lil’ liquor for one of the coolest closers of all-time.

As for the most exciting day in sports for yours truly, only 3 more days until the NBA draft! I know most of you hate the NBA, but I love watching Loch Ness Monster footage of prized European prospects dunking on 5’5” dudes smokin’ clove-cigarettes…followed by Dickie ‘Dumbazz’ V screaming how Bobby Hurley should be taken ova everybody from overseas (FYI, my mock NBA/swimsuit model Draft will be out Wednesday morning). As for my week, what can I say…my caviar and Alize lunch will once again be paid for by my guy and Smoke Daddy softball is lookin’ to continue an unbelievable win-streak! Let’s start the week off right boys, and remember what Tank Johnson has taught us…wait, he hasn’t taught us shiznit! Holla

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June 26, 2007

MLB Special: 42-18 ATS…Dollar, Dollar, Bill!

Another crazy day in the wild world of sports that would’ve made an evening with Shawn Kemp in a hotel with a bottle of Viagra and Spanish fly seem tame. I was just tryin’ to finish my NBA Draft write-up and not spill my 32 oz Cocktail Pot-Pie of booze on my laptop, and proceeded to get flooded with text messages from all my inside sources: Things like…Tank’s thanking the Bears and apologizing for the distractions after his release, rumors of Garnett being shipped to LA in four-team blockbuster are met with Krabby Kobe saying he still wants out, the craziness at Wrigleyville with drunks attackin’ pitchers and 9th inning comebacks, and finally, the tragic news of what a COWARD does when taking his own life just isn’t enough. I guess the dreams of Chris Benoit’s son and wife were just not as important as his own…Enjoy the flames BEEATCH!

Tough to get on with business after that, but I’ll do my best to improve the mood. Speaking of ruining the mood, as I mixed my bloody this morning and silently-gloated what I believed to be a 3-1 record last night, I was more shocked than Muhsin Muhammad when he doesn’t drop a pass that the Dodgers scored 2 runs in the 9th to ruin my UNDA by ½ a run. Oh well, feeling like shiznit cause I went .500 is like John Daly gettin’ up-set cause his marriage only lasted 6 months. Anyway, I gotta roll Homeboys, wish the Smoke Daddy squad some luck tonight on the softball diamond and always remember to find a lunchtime lingere show with wireless internet so you can read!

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June 27, 2007

MLB Special: 44-19 ATS…Just silly!

What did I tell you about bettin’ the OVA on Tuesday fellaz…it’s a bigger lock than an NBA superstar asking to be traded after realizing the team sucks cause he took all their cap-space. Speaking of the professional hardwood, I haven’t had an NBA Draft chubby like this since the Bulls drafted Brad Sellers. My mock draft is on hold until tomorrow as it looks like more picks are going to be swapped than steroids at a WW(F/E) Wrestling convention. Also, we have so much afternoon baseball I think I’m going to need another notepad for all my investment documentation. And what’s this, Kenny Williams reads and finally realized he should sign Mark Buehrle to long-term deal…I knew he was a genius. With that, I’m going to leave you with a few quick thoughts on what to expect the next few days…before handing out money like the New York Yankees when their short on pitching:

1. The NBA will ban former Celtics from being GMs
Larry Bird (Pacers), Kevin McHale (T-Wolves), & Danny Ainge (Celtics) have basically ruined 3 franchises. Hey Larry the Legend, I know you were a slow white-guy, but that doesn’t mean you should trade for every slow white-guy. Your paying Troy Murphy & Mike Dunleavy 16 frickin’ million a year you fool!

2. Even as a Southsider, I can’t stop watching the Cubs
Even if you don’t have an Asian fetish, are you turning off the tube when a Kobe Tai marathon is on channel 986? My reasons…Nobody is more entertaining to watch than Alfonso Soriano with his Peter North sized bat and unorthodox outfield play, you never know what Big Z or Sweet Lou might do, and watching Cubs fans at Wrigley is like a frat party, a New Kids concert, & a Harley Davidson convention all rolled into one. Keep it up Cubbies and keep a bandwagon spot for Uncle Greggy!

3. The Rocket has is 1-2 with a 5.09 ERA
Heheheheheheheheh…old stingy bastard!

4. Kevin Garnett next to Amare is Redonkulous
If Steve Kerr can get KG without giving-up Amare, we have the GM of the year and NBA Title for 2008 already wrapped-up. No matter how many times the Suns run past teams in the regular season, when the playoffs come they look like Rex Grossman trying to stiff-arm a D-lineman when trying to stop Timmy D on the block. As for all the Matrix luv, he makes way more money than Amare and you’ll be surprised how average he looks out of the Phoenix/Nash system.

5. I went to the Dentist yesterday!
This is the exact conversation I had with my dentist:

Greggy G: It’s not you Dr. Lee, I’ve always been deathly afraid of the dentist. It’s embarrassing I haven’t been here in 3 years, and I apologize for avoiding your secretary’s calls like it’s the cops.
Dr. Lee: Actually Mr. Gamble, it’s been 5 years…we need to take some X-Rays. (X-rays are taken and he begins to scrap-off the sin on my teeth as a sweat thru my Devil Ray tighty-whitey’s.)
Dr Lee: Oh my god Mr Gamble?! (A shaving of Labatt Blue soils my D-Ray undergarment)
Dr Lee: I can’t believe you don’t have one cavity! You must not chew, smoke, drink, or hang-out at strip-clubs.
Greggy G: I’m a pretty dorky-guy Dr. Lee, I just like to read & floss…Btw, have you heard of

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June 29, 2007

MLB Special: 46-22 ATS…I luv paper!

Crazy day at the Gamble Household…and no, my girl didn’t figure-out my lockbox combination. Gonna make this quick, but here are a few draft thoughts before I head to the diamond to start-up a new winning streak:

1. Who should be more embarrassed regarding Stephen A. Smith and Dickie V…blacks or whites? Since I’ve been watching the draft, I’ve never heard Dumbass Dickie not drool ova every kid that played college basketball, while he continues to yell, spitt, and wave his arms like a crazied ol’ man talking to himself on park bench. As for Stephen Azz, I can’t believe ESPN lets him sit their as a draft analyst…he knows less about the NBA than Mitch Kupchak and all the former Celtics that are GMs!

2. Poor Doc Rivers, with Paul Pierce, Jesus ‘No D’ Shuttlesworth, & Al Jefferson, how they hell are they going to prevent teams from scoring 130 every night? On that note, what a trade/day for the SuperDurants! They now get to keep Rashard Lewis, who’s cheaper, younger, and a much better rebounder, and will now sport the most lethal, and towering 2, 3, 4 combo for the next decade with Captain Durant, Jeff Green, & Rashard Lewis. The Pacific Northwest isn't gonna be a fun road-trip anymore!

3. What the hell is Isiah doing? So he’s gonna have two over-weight players that basically sit with their back to the basket, while Stephon Marbury & Nate Robinson dribble around looking to penetrate. You know it’s a bad move when Stephen Azz is calling you genius!

4. I received about 50 text-messages last night from Bulls fans screaming about another defensive-minded, no-offense big. While I’d agree with them if all those guys stay, I have to believe Paxson, Skiles, & Co. are trading for an established low-post threat and believe Noah holds the most appeal around the league. As a rule, it’s easier to trade for a veteran big, if you’re giving-up a young big. If Joakim does stays, he replaces Big Ben Wallace when the Bulls need to throw-in his contract to help match-up some salaries. GO GET GASOL OR GARNETT JOHNNY PAX!!!

I’ll have a complete draft recap next week, but what an awesome job by Portland, Seattle, & Golden State last night. Take it light Homeboys, and also remember never to drink Everclear when you’ve got Poprocks in your mouth!

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July 1, 2007

Happy 1st Birthday Greggy G Jr!

Sorry bout insideplays, I promised my lady no gamblin' on Jr's birthday this weekend. BTW, I hate lyin'!

July 3, 2007

MLB Special: 50-25 ATS…Sooo pretty!

My record looks sweeter than the Rebecca Gayheart rubbin’ a lil’ Noxema on her cheeks now that I’ve reached the 50 win plateau. Speaking of 50, you think the White Sux bullpen will blow that many games this year? And how about Miss A-Rod, wearing a shirt that says the opposite of “Have a nice day!”…frickin’ brilliant! Like the kids at Yankee stadium didn’t hear worse shiznit when Chuck Knoblauch was attempting a throw to 1st base.

As for the Free Agent courting in the NBA, looks like Johnny Pax is going Blue Light Special on our azz down-low with Joe “was I really the 1st pick in the ’95 draft” Smith and Chris “Underachieving & Injured” Mihm coming in for workouts. In all honesty, if Pax, Skiles, & Co. has decided not to swing a blockbuster, I guess a healthy Mihm would be a major improvement…like I said, IF he’s healthy. While FA Darko Milicic is only 22-years-old and looks to be changin’ addresses after the Magic vastly overpaid for a spot-up shooter (Rashard Lewis), I still don’t think he has much more between the ears than Isiah and probably will command closer to 10 mill a year. Anyway, family still in-town until after the holiday, but at least I went 2-0 ATS and fleeced my niece for $8 playing Hungry-Hungry Hippo last night. Have a blast anoche fellaz…gotta luv a mid-week holiday!

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July 4, 2007

MLB Special: 51-27 ATS...HAPPY 4TH!

Am I really just warmin'-up to Darko, or did I have too many root beer barrels last night? (Root Beer Schnapps + Shiznity Beer + Chug = Happy!). Never thought I'd say it, but I think the 22-year is worth an investment. Sorry about the lose last night...I'm not use to those either. Be safe this 4th Homeboys!

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July 5, 2007

MLB Special: 53-27 ATS…Greggy G 4-Life!

Closing out the 4th with a nice 2-0 evening made the Watermelon & Everclear taste even sweeter last night. As for the rumor that I’ve started to endorse Darko Milicic in Chicago, even after the Root Beer Barrels wore-off from Wednesday’s party, I still found myself somewhat intrigued about acquiring the 22 year-old 7-footer. If the Gasol/Nocioni rumor is untrue, I’d much rather pay lil’ extra for Darko if the other options are Chris “ foot!” Mihm or Joe “I’m super bored” Smith. Speaking of Andres, while Pax says he’ll match any offer, and I'm sure he hopes to, I think that’s more a ploy to keep other teams from even making an offer. Unfortunately, I have a feeling someone (Grizz) will be offering him more the 8 million a year, and I can’t see how the Bulls can justify paying Hinrich, Wallace, & Noce ova 30 million a year and expect to outscore the opponents. As for the latest on Garnett, if the Bulls can’t stomach his 20-25 million price-tag, the Warriors seem to have more young assets than Hugh Hefner to bring KG to Caly. The Wolves luv the potential of Tar Heel Brandon Wright, so I bet Mullin could throw-in last year's lottery pick Patrick O’Bryant, the 21-year old phenom Monta Ellis (2007 NBA most improved), Al Harrington, & another salary to make it work. While I’m sure McHale wants Andris Biedrins, the longer this thing drags-out the cheaper KG will become. You think Nellie's pushin’ hard to pair KG & Baron...ahhh, yeah.

And finally, in regards to Chicago baseball, will they please just trade Jacque Jones and sign/trade Mark Buehrle…I can’t stand hearing about this shiznit everday! Just like a new Britiney Spears koochie shot, I get sick simply at the thought. Anywho, time for some investments my friends…let’s finish this short-week off Vegas style baby!

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July 7, 2007

MLB Daily Special: 55-29 ATS...Word!

The White Sox pitchers gave-up 32 frickin' runs yesterday...yeah, we don't need Burls right!? If owner Jerry Reinsdorf let Johnny Pax ova-pay for a hardworking fan favorite (Nocioni), I'm sure he'd let Kenny unda-pay for another hardworking fan favorite. Sushi and Sake last night, pizza and beer tonight, and maybe a lil' gamblin' on the docket today. Kill em' in Vegas Damian...I have a feelin' it's your lucky day!

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July 8, 2007

MLB Special: 55-30 ATS...Sunday Funday!

It’s hotter than Alyssa Milano in Poison Ivy 2 today! I need some covers on the diamond just to pay for my central-air…I mean when your condo is the size of Puffy’s, it takes a lil’ more than a rookie contract to get her cooled! Anyway, pretty boring day in the sports world yesterday, so much so, I even skipped Sportscenter and watched my Tivo’d “Girls Next Door” marathon last night. Think I can get my girl to paint-on her next party outfit…yeah, probably not. Have a splendid Sunday Funday fellaz, you know I will…cause $10 pitchers of Watermelon Vodka Lemonades and a Golden Tee machine are callin’ my name!

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July 9, 2007

Jerry's Weekend in Chicago!

While props should definitely be handed out to GMs Johnny Pax & Kenny Will for Noce & Burls comin’ back, I’m sending my luv (Ali Larter whip-cream to Johnny Mox style) to the man sitting in his own sky-box at both…Jerry Reinsdorf. Of course, we could argue about whether the Bulls ova-paid for Noce or if Buehrle’s value could have helped more in rebuilding the Sox “skill-challenged” farm system, but instead, I’d rather give the them kudos for re-signing two of their fan-favorites that have also helped re-shape the style and atmosphere of the two franchises. Lookin’ up-n-down both rosters, it’s obvious Reinsdorf has given his blessing to Kenny and Pax to spent his money on players dedicated to their craft. In a sports world full of underachieving superstars, it’s easy to justify ova-paying for ova-achieving 3rd-tier stars and role-players, especially if the contracts aren’t long-term for players rollin’ into their 30s. With the Bulls, we’ve see it with Captain Kirk and Big Ben, and on the Southside, we’ve seen it with Paulie, Javier, and Jermaine Dye’s 2005 deal.

Even more impressive to a selfish bastard like myself, was watchin’ both of them take a hometown discount. While family wishes played a role in keepin’ both in town, I strongly believe the confidence they had in the franchises to continue to built the right-way, and the relationships they had with the existing coaches and teammates played the biggest role. Just like on E! TV’s “The Girls Next Door”, in today’s day-n-age it’s considered a luxury to have teammates and roommates getting along to the point that they slap each other’s bottoms just for fun.

As for the Greggy G analysis of the moves, obviously the Buehrle signing was a no-brainer with all the money and years he was willing to give-up. Even though Kenny made diehard Sox fans double-up their Marlboro Red purchases the last few weeks, tough to rip a GM who signed one of the best starting pitching deals in last decade. As for the Bulls, I believe Nocioni could have gotten more money elsewhere, but the combination of his love for the team/city and Paxson’s brilliant move to convince other GMs he’d match any offer for the Argentinean kept him in red & black. With that said, we could argue like Michael Irvin trying to convince us he’s the greatest player/role model that Noce isn’t worth 5 years and 38 million, but we can’t argue about the versatility, passion, and winning attitude Andres brings to the Bulls young table. While I want a low-post star now and believe we have enough to offer without mortgaging all our talent, Paxson may not be ready for that risk just yet and seems extremely comfortable stockpiling young, hard-working talent. Maybe he’s taking the correct long-term approach, but in opinion, after watched the Eastern Conference playoffs this year...I think he may be missing a unique opportunity.

Wow, that was pretty frickin’ boring. Anyway, the All-Star break is upon us, so hopefully I can re-group with my scouts after a horrible ATS weekend and improve on my 55-33 record the second half. Until then, I have the Home Run Derby winner for ya, but if your shaking for some more action, just give me a call and I’ll send you my WNBA picks for toinght! Holla

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July 12, 2007

Home of Greggy G’s MLB Special: 56-33 ATS

After a day studying WNBA road-trends and the injury-report for Gambia’s soccer team, I’m shakin’ like a frat’tastic white-boy in a New Orleans jail-cell (not fun…I’ve heard) for some diamond action today. While the 1st half of MLB ATS action was nicer than a Polack strollin’ thru the DePaul campus, just like in the NBA, everybody knows Mr. Gamble gets filthier than a pop-star without Underoos in the 2nd. Of course, with my long-time basketball scouting blood (U-14 Mid-Suburban Church League Scout) still shootin’ threw me like a pass thru the hands of Muhsin Muhammad, I have to give ya a lil’ NBA Summer League action to feed my fix. Don’t worry, you don’t have to thank me, I do it out of luv Homeboys. So without further ado (unless you bastards just skip this and check the pick and hottie), I give you my NBA ‘Crappy’ Summer League notables:

MARCUS BANKS, PG, 6-2, Phoenix Suns
1 gm, 32 min, 42 points, 6 reb, 13-19 FG, 4-5 3-pt, 12-14 FT,
2003, 1 round – 13 pick, Memphis Grizzlies

GM Steve Kerr should sit Banks the rest of the summer, even including practice, and madly work the phones to trade the lightning-kick, turnover-prone, former Runnin’ Rebel before he returns his trade-stock to Speedy Claxton territory. While Banks strength, speed, and balance enables him to breakdown anybody up-top, once in the paint he struggles to make the right decisions and doesn’t understand how to control the flow of the offense…not a good selling-point for a point guard making $17M ova the next 4 years! If I was helping Stevie, I'd tell him to call Sacramento cause they have a boat-load of bad-contracts to choose from.

JELANI MCCOY, PF, Denver Nuggets
2 gm, 26 mpg, 13 ppg, 13 rpg, 2.5 bpg, 92 fg%
1998, 2 round – 33 pick, Seattle Supersonics

Out of the NBA since he played 10 games for Atlanta Hawks during 2004-05 season, the former UCLA Bruin looked like a dominating YMCA vet looking to show-up the youngsters back from college. The NBA vagabond made 12 of 13 shots, leads the summer league in rebounding, and made some awesome angry-old-man faces every time he swatted the rock. While it may not be with the Nuggets, I’m guessing McCoy’s performance just purchased himself another ticket to the big-show. And more importantly, now that he’s finally back I expect him to bounce around to at least 4 or 5 teams ova the next 5 years…Chucky Brown style baby!

LOUIS WILLIAMS, G, 6-1, Philadelphia 76ers
5 gm, 34 mpg, 25 ppg, 5 rpg, 5 apg, 49 fg%, 41 3pt%
2005, 2 round - 45 pick, Philly 76ers

While the Warriors rookie Marco Belinelli has been the obvious surprise star of the summer, the former High School draftee has quietly added some strength, improved his playmaking, and surprised everyone in his ability to sneak some rebounds with his 6’1” frame. A remarkable athlete with more similarities to Monta Ellis than Allen Iverson, Williams is one of the few undersized HS guards that came-in with a freelance style to really dedicate himself to changing his overall approach. While this improvement can be most notably found his shot-selection, if he hopes to maximize his potential he needs to continue to develop as point-guard, and not a scoring guard. No reason to think he can’t do that, and no reason to think you can’t start braggin’ about this up-n-comer to your friends.

KELENNA AZUBUIKE, G, 6-5, Golden St. Warriors
2 gm, 29 mpg, 21 ppg, 6 rpg, 47 fg%, 50 3pt%
2006, Free Agent, Golden State

While the trade with ‘His Airness’ was a no-brainer for GM Chris Mullin (Jason Richardson for Brandon Wright), it was even easier than a professional athlete at a strip-club to pull the trigger with the hardworking former Kentucky Wildcat's unexpected success last season. Azubuike already has the strength and speed to compete nightly on the wing, and overall, reminds me of a better shooting, less insane, version of Rueben “Drop your Pants” Patterson. As an owner of Warrior Zubaz, I’ve patiently waited for the unbelievable potential of Mickael Pietrus to develop past 4 fouls in 10 minutes, but I think it’s finally time to give his minutes to the England-born Azubuike. With Baron Davis playing defense half-the-time and Monta Ellis undersized, Nellie desperately needs his toughness, unselfishness, and court-awareness. But the real reason I think Azubuike’s summer results are important, I think it gives Mullin more confidence to throw Ellis or Pietrus in a deal to finally go get KG!

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July 13, 2007

Home of Greggy G's MLB Special: 57-33 ATS

While throwing back a few Coronas and braggin’ about Insideplays last night, a couple of my third-tier friends were complaining that I never reviewed the Bulls Draft. Since my only suggestion box is located wherever I’m bellied-up to the bar, I promised the dude (whose name I always forget) I’d give him a full breakdown today if he let me bum a couple smokes. So, as a man of my word (50% of the time) and before I give away some more winners and hotties, I give you the 2007 Bulls Draft breakdown:

JOAKIM NOAH - 1st Round 9th pick
PF 6-11 232 lbs. Age: 22 Florida
A two-time defending National Champ, Joakim Noah fits the bill of the Paxson, Skiles, & Co. era: Tireless worker/gym-rat, athletic, developed at a big-time program, and not likely to be spotted at places like the Admiral Theater or late night in China-Town. While the majority of Bulls fans seem disappointed in the pick with some even despising the animated style of Joakim’ness, his value is high around the league and rarely do find an athletic frontcourt player with coordination and court-sense this high in the draft. Even with a low-post game similar to Bill Cartwright with two left-hands, Noah’s a solid rebounder with remarkable defensive awareness and already better than most NBA Bigs on the dribble and with the pass. With that said, I honestly believe he’s a perfect fit alongside a low-post scorer and has the most value to a team without a defensive presence, and last time I checked…aaahhh…we have plenty of one and not the other. Paxson now has three players (Tyrus Thomas, Ben Wallace, & Joakim Noah) that are all better defensively than most teams top frontcourt defender, and I have a feeling GMs are drooling to get their hands on one of them. In the NBA, the only way to trade for a veteran low-post stud is to give-up a young frontcourt phenom and throw-in some short-dudes with respectable contracts….and you know what, we can do that. Give Skiles a behemoth on the block and we’ll have an Eastern Conference Title in Chicago by next year. I know it’s easier said than done, but with all the young assets the Bulls have stockpiled it’s easier then it’ll ever be. Overall, I’m a bigger fan of Noah than most, but with this Bulls crew, if they pass the trading deadline this season and all three of their no-offense bigs are on the roster, for the first time, I’m not happy with Paxson’s draft.

AARON GRAY - 2nd Round 49th pick
C 7-1 270 lbs. Age: 22 Pittsburg
The senior from a solid Pittsburg program has averaged 14 ppg and 10 rpg over the last two seasons, and could currently be considered the best low-post threat on the Bulls roster. Unfortunately, he makes Michael Sweetney look like Carl Lewis and hasn’t improved much physically over the last few years. While thick enough to bang-down low, he’s very undefined and doesn’t have any spring in his legs. While polished with an array of moves with his back to the basket, he doesn’t have a mid-range game and actually had his worst season at FT line (55%) in his four-year career…not a good sign. I know the Bulls need size and some low-post scoring, but I can’t see how Gray’s athletic shortcomings enable him to see the floor in Skiles’ up-tempo system. At the same time, not much of a risk her at #49, and he would have been a late first round selection last year had he stayed in the draft.

JAMESON CURRY - 2nd Round 51st pick
G 6-3 190 lbs Age: 21 Oklahoma State
I’m definitely not a fan of undersized two-guards, especially ones that are turnover-prone and have a poor shot-selection. While Curry lit-it-up this season for an undermanned Cowboy squad (17 ppg, 41 3pt%), he’s the definition of a streaky shooter and rarely gives much of an effort at the defensive end. Most easily compared to the Nets Eddie House for his ability to score in bunches and not really play the point, Curry has also had some documented problems with the evil weed and should struggle to stay-out of Skiles’ doghouse…if he even makes the team. Especially, if the Bulls gets rid of Chris “I over-slept” Duhon as has been rumored, they’ll need a true-point to spell Captain Kirk. With the 51st pick, I’m guessing Pax figured the risk/reward was better than most left on the board, but I was shocked he went with an undisciplined poor man’s Ben Gordon.

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July 15, 2007

Home of Greggy G’s MLB Special: 59-34.5 ATS

Sunday Funday is in full-effect…got a buzz from my V-8 this mornin’. Maybe I shouldn't have added Tequila.

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July 16, 2007

Home of Greggy G’s MLB Special: 59-35.5 ATS

Getting’ burned by the -1.5 runs in the Yanks victory yesterday is like ordering a movie in your hotel room and realizing they only show action from the waist up. Still going to ride the Bronx Bombers like a business man in China-town, but man do I hate rooting for those bastards. As for my White Sox, not only do they suck, but they’re boring as hell! I’ve purposely only watched them twice in the last month and have actually substituted them with The Next frickin’ Food Network Star on my favorites. I’m mean seriously, do you really want to spend your evenings watching Juan Uribe falling-over as he swings at a ball in the dirt or watch Jermaine Dye age right before our very eyes…I think not.

And how about the Bulls finally grabbin’ a low-post star in Joe Smith…what!? In all honesty, if Johnny Pax doesn’t have the cohones to trade for a superstar, I’d rather see Tyrus Thomas on the floor than Joe “I kinda like basketball” Smith. And in a year when Rashard Lewis is paid almost 20 million a season, how the hell did the Grizz get away with only givin’ Darko 7 million (rumored). A know he’s a lil spacey at times, but an athletic 22 year-old 7-footer with a soft touch should dominate the market…maybe he’s using Scottie Pippen’s old agent. I luv ya Paxson, but for another 1.5 million I would have rather had Milicic. Take it light Homeboys…it’s only Monday!

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July 17, 2007

Home of Greggy G’s MLB Special: 59-38.5 ATS

My 2nd half ATS performance so far has me thinking its October and I’m A-Rod striding to the dish with runners in scoring position. But don’t fret Homeboys, just like Darryl Strawberry I’m never gonna quit! Speaking of unique MLB personalities, it looks like the ornery/crusty hustling Jason Kendall will be fighting and scratching for the Cubbies post-season push. I career .300 hitter heading into the season, the 33 year-old Kendall has struggled mightily this year in Oakland (.226, 2 HR, 22 RBI), and I’m guessing GM Jim Hendry is hopeful a return to his old stompin’ grounds in the NL Central (Pirates 1996-2004) will be exactly what the feisty backstop needs. A lead-off hitter for most his career, the once speedy catcher has slowed considerably, but still can knock in a clutch run or lean into a pitch when needed. While I’m not as enamored with the move as most, if anything, at least we’re assured of watching another bench-clearing brawl in Chicago…the dude’s crazier than Nick Nolte in a Hawaiian shirt!

Moving on to more important things (no, not the NBA Summer League or an Asia Carrera sighting), it appears the Professional Pigskin Season is starting to stir-up some chatter not related to “Makin’ it Rain” or “Drivin’ Dirty”. In Chi-Town, we’ve already heard Tommie Harris request Donovan McNabb, Lance Briggs request Brian Urlacher money, and Urlacher’s baby’s momma request Brian take some child-rearing classes. As for Briggs, while I usually have more sympathy for football holdouts (injury risk vs non-guaranteed contracts), in this case, I hope Lance doesn’t have a TO complex and is simply bluffing about sitting-out. Take the 7.2 Million, get the Bears to guarantee they won’t franchise you next year, and take your solid (but not great) azz to the open market in 2008. For the Bears, if they have no plans to keep him after this season, I don’t understand why they didn’t pull the trigger on the Washington deal. While nobody really wins in this situation, it does remind me of the Chicken/Tractor battle in Footloose and I have a feeling Jerry Angelo’s shoelace is stuck!

And finally, what team is going to be 'Brittany Spears' enough to take Steve Francis. I don’t care if it’s for the veteran’s minimum (1.1 M), he’ll always give-up twice as many points as he scores and I guarantee his maligned-azz finds its way into a coaches doghouse by the All-Star break. Gotta roll fellaz, and once again, I apologize for my miserable performance on the diamond the last few days. But no need to pout like Stevie Franchise, you know I’m like Rocky Balboa…I always rise back up!

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July 18, 2007

Home of Greggy G’s MLB Special: 60-39.5 ATS

As much as I’d luv to open with the dog-lovin’ Ronny Mex, there was news yesterday on a scale bigger than…well, let’s say Dmitri Young on a scale. And the best part, there’s no need for a smoky water contraption or funky mushrooms to get the laughter rollin’ on this one cause the great Stephon Marbury has once again opened his mouth to reporters. As reported in the New York Post, the self-proclaimed Starbury has plans to play in Italy once his contract expiries in two years. The remarkable Obi-Wan Kenobi revelation surfaced following his trip to Italy, combined with the response David Beckham received on his arrival from overseas. Marbury sees himself as Beckham type of commodity and doesn’t believe it’s a coincidence that he'll be the same age as David (32) when his contract is up in 2009. What can I say…I’m not tryin’ to make fun of the dude, but he actually called this journey the “Starbury Movement”! And briefly back to Ronny Tijuana’s brother Michael Vick, just like the lost girl in Aruba and the Mike Danton Hired-Killer/Gay-lover hockey story, I can’t stop reading every detail about this shiznit. The depths of the Dog-Fighting World is spookier than the drug-invested lifestyles of professional wrestlers, and has forced me to move Michael Vick ahead of Mark Chmura on my NFL Scum-ball Top 10.

As for the diamond, while I’m sure you guys remember me pleading with you to bet the Yankees for the first 20 games after the All-Star Break (5-1 so far), I’d also like to caution you on betting against a team the rest of the 2nd half…The TB frickin' Devil Rays! With no pressure on the youngsters and a line-up littered with speed and power, the Rays are capable of scoring 8-10 runs on any given night. Not to mention, every team playin' in that terribly-boring ballpark wishes they were somewhere else. Trust a long-time baseball maven and just stay away from investing your kid’s college money on Tampa. I actually think you'd have better odds bettin' the White Sox bullpen to have an ERA unda 6.00 by season’s end…on second thought, probably not. Peace-out my young degenerates and make sure to enjoy the beautiful day, and more importantly, a Mark Grace type of night!

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July 19, 2007

Home of Greggy G’s MLB Special: 61-40.5 ATS

This write-up is gonna be quicker than my 1st time followin’ the High School Turnabout Dance…my excuse was I didn’t have an older brother to explain how to add alcohol into the mix! I apologize, but I’m selling my palatial Chicago estate (3rd-floor shitty-condo w/o deck or elevator), and the potential buyers are doing their inspection today. Even though I closed my underground salamander-fighting ring, I’m nervous they may find all the dead-newts I have buried all-over the property. Anyway, I’ll have all kinds of goodies for ya tomorrow, but for today, just enjoy the picks and the pics.

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell ya…I saw 3 different sports’ websites casting a poll asking if fans thought Ronny Mex’s image was permanently tarnished. ARE YOU FRICKIN’ KIDDING ME…that’s like asking the Handicapped-Community if they collect Cade McNown football cards! Take it light Fellaz

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July 20, 2007

Home of Greggy G’s MLB Special: 63-41.5 ATS

With a White Russian (and a splash of Ouzo) to celebrate a 2-1 ATS evening, I began practicing my Worm-style dealing (‘Rounders’ reference…deal yourself pocket-pairs) for a card-game I have tonight. It’s like my grandma used to say when she’d rake-in my allowance money playing Go-Fish: “Whoever said cheaters never win, must have been a shitty-cheater!” I luv ya Grandma Gamble! Anyway, looking forward to a John Daley type of night…smokin’, drinkin’, chewin’, gamblin’, and gettin’ stabbed in the face by a chick, and ready to bore the poker table with NBA Summer League picks…It’s all about distractions baby! But before I roll onto my MLB picks and my beautiful pics, I have a few thoughts for ya:

Yes, I know I said that Brandon “90210” Walsh would help a racing-team more than Stevie “Pouty-Lipped” Franchise would help an NBA roster, but I have to say I like the move by the Rockets. Besides the fact that Houston is probably the only place outside of Maryland that still houses some of his fans, they also need a scoring-guard to slide into T-Mac’s spot when his back gives out like a 30-something halfway thru a gang-bang. In addition, new coach Rick Adelman seems to do pretty well with point-guards that don’t play defense (Mike Bibby/Sacramento), and also gives him another option behind the current, unimpressive group of Rocket floor-generals (Rafer Alston, Mike James, Aaron Brooks). I’m not saying I’d take him…I’m just saying I understand!

I’m so sick of hearing how the Falcons pulled a Matt Millen because they traded Matt Schaub (for multiple draft-picks) knowing Vick may have some legal trouble coming-up. Especially if Ronny Mex is cut by the Falcons and they have to take a huge cap-hit, draft-picks are the most economically feasible way to help your organization. In addition, while Joey Harrington has never been spectacular, he heads into his sixth season with tons of NFL starts and should look better with this cast compared to the garbage he had in Detroit and the miserable situation in Miami last year. Schaub may be the real-deal, but honestly, nobody knows. We’ll check back on this situation a couple weeks into the season because I have a feeling our doggy-lover won’t take a snap this year…

I guarantee PETA will be picketing the NFL offices and Falcon facilities until somebody finally breaks-down. If Vick was smart (sorry, that doesn’t make sense), he’d make life much easier for Arthur Blank and himself if he just asked for permission to concentrate on his legal situation. I’m amazed how many expects think because of the legal issues with the Falcons and the league that Ron-Ron will be lacing-up the cleats. Those things may be true, but I think their underestimating what some angry vegans and Westminster Dog Show participants can accomplish when given a national forum like this.

It’s not YI JIANLIAN’S fault
The hatred I’m hearing about this poor Chinese kid is ridiculous. Whether you think he’ll be a bust or not, doesn’t matter (Greggy G says give him 3 years). Do not compare this to Steve Francis acting like 6-year-old about moving to Canada or Danny Ferry feeling he’s too good for the Clippers, because those lil-BEEATCHES made their own bed. In Yi’s case, he has absolutely no-power in this situation, and if anything, is forced to act as though he supports whatever his government says. Nuttin’ sums-up the situation more than watching how Chinese officials have thrown the great Yao Ming under the bus and chastised him for taking a break from his National Team responsibilities. My second favorite Asian (Kobe Tai is #1) has been ova here for years, given millions back, and has always been supportive of the National Team…and this is how they treat him. If anything, Yao’s success ova-seas has made the Chinese government feel they need to take more control ova the players entering the NBA. The whole situation can be summed-up by how the Ming’onator initiated a respond to a media question this week: “I know Chinese law protects people's right of speech, but…” Enough said!

Finally, did you hear the NBA has found-out that one of its officials has been gambling on games he’s be working? I hope my uncle…I mean the ref deleted his in-coming call history. If not, anybody have a place in Mexico I can stay!

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July 21, 2007

Home of Greggy G's MLB Special: 66-42.5 ATS

Yippee Ki Yay, MotherBeeatches! Rolled-in at 4 last night (Spud Webb’s #) after a MJ type of night throwin’ around some Aces & Kings…and what can I say, I walked away with a lil’ more than I came with. Great times with lots o beers, lots o trash-talk, and lots o cash for my Homeboy Tech Support. Let’s keep the magic rollin’ tonight like PT Willis on the 2-mintue drill. Enjoy the beautiful day and make sure to tell your woman she’s still a hottie!

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July 22, 2007

Home of Greggy G's MLB Picks: 67-43.5 ATS

I’m crib shoppin’ today Homeboys…hopefully I can rip someone off! The funny thing about lookin’ at mansions, I can’t believe how many only have 3–car garages. I guess most these folks don’t have a White Tiger to house. Have a splendid Sunday Funday fellaz, and make to sure to check-out my NBA Referee Gamblin’ Theory tomorrow!

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July 23, 2007

Home of Greggy G’s MLB Special: 67-44.5 ATS

Nuttin’ like an NBA conspiracy-theory to start-off a wild weekend. While I was searchin' the internet like a drunken Dungeon & Dragons playa home-alone with a bottle of Jergen’s to find-out all the details, by Sunday I was ready to vomit from all the sky is falling NBA articles. Listen, with fans thinking the refs and the league already have a hidden agenda I know this comes at a bad time, but please, stop acting like this is similar to the Black Sox scandal. In all honesty, I can’t believe it hasn’t happened before. I’m not saying Tim Donaghy isn’t a slime-ball, but from what I hear, he’s just a degenerate gambler who got into some trouble and was bullied into a horrible decision. I guarantee after realizing the mob doesn’t let you make them some money and then walk-away, Mr. Donaghy was hoping to get caught because there was no-way this thing was going to end nicely. As for the fall-out, Mariotti (Sun-Times) and Simmons (ESPN…hilarious) will continue to write that NBA world has changed and we’ll definitely hear fans joke about this with every bad call: “Looks like Henry Hill had a cocktail with ____ last night”, but as you know, I’m a glass half-full kinda guy. The jokes will continue, but I guarantee the refereeing will get better and their Napoleon-Complex may actually subside for awhile. The big-boy Sports Writers can make this as big a deal as they want, but for Greggy G, I’ll enjoy hearing what he did, but will still analyze the 12th-man on every bench and enjoy the professional hardwood as much as I did yesterday.

On to the diamond Homeboys...with three more winners and hotties for ya. BTW, didn't I tell you to bet the Yanks ever game after the all-star break?

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July 24, 2007

Home of Greggy G’s MLB Special: 70-44.5 ATS

What can I say, 3-0 ATS…it’s like I have a NBA ref and Mrs. Gretzky on speed-dial! And how about our friend Ronny Mex…I told ya last week the experts were idiots to think Vick would ever play this season. Don’t f*ck with dog lovers, PETA has more clout than our president and the Olsen twins combined! But enough about how cool I am, let’s keep it rollin’ like Lindsey Lohan without her ankle bracelet. Before I get to my gamblin’ magic and plenty of hotties, let’s hit-up some fantasy football notes for you fools:


1. Rex Grossman (CHC) is a steal in round 22 and great for those speciality 6-foot & unda leagues

2. Don’t waste a pick on Ahman Green (HOU) and be careful of the Joseph Addai (IND) hype. The Cornhusker has 9 years of grind on his fumbling-frame, while the Texans should be passing most of the 2nd half due to gettin’ their azz-kicked. As for Addai, I’m a big fan, but can’t see how the undersized-RB will make it through the season carrying the full-load…especially playing on concrete.

3. If your league gives credit for dropped balls, grab Muhsin Muhammad (CHI)

4. While not very pretty, Jon Kitna’s (DET) numbers will be sexy this year with Roy Williams, Calvin Johnson, & Mike Furrey

5. Former Bear Thomas Jones (NYJ) will be a top-7 point-scorer for RBs, while Maurice “Grey Goose” Clarett’s book “How to Destroy you Career in 7-steps” is a must read.

6. Charlie Garner (PHI) won me a Fantasy League last year, but his knees looked shakier than then my azz when the lady’s out-of-town.

7. I hate him like Roger Clemens, Kobe, & Keanu Reeves, but TO's (DAL) gonna blow-up this year on the field.

On to the diamond my friends…where I Make it Rain from center of my Guitar!

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July 25, 2007

Home of Greggy G's MLB Special: 71-46.5 ATS

Gamblin', Drinkin', & softball went a lil late last night...just pulled into my driveway a couple hours ago. Enjoy my quick picks and pics!

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July 26, 2007

Home of Greggy G’s MLB Special: 74-46.5 ATS

Besides goin' 3-0 ATS again, I don’t remember much else from yesterday. I know I was at Walgreen’s buying socks at some point to go bowling and vaguely remember losing $50 playing Golden Tee. I did wake-up on someone’s sofa with only $2.75 and a Smirnoff Ice bottle-cap in my pocket, which usually means I had a Totino’s pizza last night as well. As for the sports-world, I’m shocked that a cyclist stuck a needle in his azz and can't believe Curt Shilling has an opinion about the Bonds' topic. While the Lance Briggs 1-year signing is a hot-topic in Chi-town, there was no-way he was sitting-out and passing on ova 7-million this year. Dude made less than 1-mill last year and the Bears simply called his bluff. I’m a fan of the tackling machine, but he’s also a product of Lovie’s system and has the luxury of lining-up next to Urlacher. Hopefully he'll have a great year and get some major paper from somone else in '08. Anyway, I’m grabbin’ a bloody & a bagel and heading to the Museum…Not because I like dinosaur bones, but because that’s where I meet my guy! Holla

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July 27, 2007

Home of Greggy G’s MLB Special: 74-48.5 ATS

Anybody know where I can find some Milk Thistle or a Diet Rockstar? Having one of those mornings where I’m convinced I need to stop acting like child-pop star and contemplating a move to the Peace Core. On second thought, maybe I just need a Bacon, Egg, & Cheese Biscuit…enjoy the Friday and make sure to tell my lady I was a good-boy while she was gone.

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July 28, 2007

Home of Greggy G's MLB Picks: 74-49.5 ATS

Since you traded my favorite Kenny, you might as well trade the rest! I'm leaving town, but will be back tomorrow with some extra banter...and hopefully an ATS victory. Holla

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July 29, 2007

Home of Greggy G's MLB picks: 74-50.5

I hate losing streaks!

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July 30, 2007

Home of Greggy G’s MLB Picks: 75-50.5 ATS

I have an itch worse than Tommy Lee’s undercarriage for the Pigskin season to start. As I perused that MLB probable starters for today (Gil “totally-average” Meche, Ted “Pitching out of my azz” Lilly, etc.), my mind wandered to a season where the ambidextrous QB Timmy Tebow will cover 36 against Western Kentucky, some new short-tailback at Northern Illinois will rush for 250 ypg, and a Miami (FL) brawl will showcase Hurricane players beating opposing fans with padlocks and a Gatorade table. As for the NFL, besides the fantasy fun, we’ll have daily newsbreaks on whose holding out, whose blown-out (knee, achilles, etc.), and which Bengal has few gats under his passenger seat. What else do you need!?

As for the professional hardwood, we have more NBA chatter with KG revisiting a move to Beantown. While I think a combo of KG, Paul Pierce, & Ray Allen will look good next year, Danny Ainge is a more trouble than a dude with a mullet on “Cops” if they don’t make the Conference Finals. By the 2008-09 season, those three will make a combined 60 million and average 32 years of age...I’m guessin’ Greenspan will agree that’s not a good combo! And even next year, what’s the ova/unda on how many games all three will be on the floor and not sporting a suit that costs more than Lohan’s coke-habit. I’d say 38!

Anyway, a great weekend of recovery for Greggy G as I actually slept more than 4 hours per evening, took my Flintstone Vitamins, and didn’t fall-down the stairs and sprain my ankle for the 21st time. While my gamblin’-effort was poor, just like Tim Donaghy has taught us, it’s much more important just not to get caught. Have a good week Homeboys!

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July 31, 2007

Home of Greggy G’s MLB Picks: 75-51.5 ATS For News and News Matter Only!

Why waste time telling you my MLB record is falling faster than Ronny Mex’s lunchbox sales when we have more sports’ balls in the hopper than a club with a pole in the center. Plus, the best thing about a losing streak from yours truly is that you know the W’s are around the corner like a pair of high-heels in Amsterdam. So with that, grab some popcorn, a glass of scotch, and your favorite pair of Zubaz…it’s time for Greggy’s Glance:


First off, KG moving to the Eastern Conference will look like a Florida St. cheerleader transferring to the MAC to become a Flag-Twirler. Secondly, whether it works or not, I’m now more intrigued to watch the Celtics than I was to see the new Fabio-body Kyle Orton is reportedly shown-off in Bears’ camp. Picture this Celtic offense: You have Jesus spottin’-up from the wing, the un-chiseled by crafty Pierce on the block, and Kevin at the high-post makin’ Zach Randolph and Eddy Curry nervously choke on their cheeseburger. Sure Boston doesn’t have anybody else right-now on the roster, but they still have the mid-level exception and the veteran’s min. available to sign some bodies.

If GM Greg Gamble were running the show, it’s a no-brainer…F/C Brian Skinner & Eddie House split the mid-level and P.J. Brown takes the veteran’s min. While experts say Boston needs a true-point, Rajon Rando will be forced to play huge minutes in the backcourt because of his tremendous D to make-up for Ray & Paul’s. And in short spurts, nobody spreads the floor like Castin’ Eddie House (picture him on the opposite wing from Ray-Ray as KG and Paul work inside), while P.J. Brown and Brian Skinner understand how to stay out of the way and will provide rebounding and team-defense. Now before we start sucking each-others nipples just yet, I will say that this deal requires all three of these stars to stay healthy for at least 85% of the season. Unfortunately, I think Scott Baio has better chance of not being called Charles at the bar than that happening. If even one of these guys goes down…this is .500 team. And with their age and 60 million a year between them, if Ainge doesn’t win the East in the next two years Isiah won’t have to worry about looking like the biggest fool in the East.

Oh yeah, as for the T-Wolves, while some of their pieces are nice, they have no idea what they have and what direction they’re going. To McHale’s credit, if two or three of these guys turn-out (Brewer, Foye, Jefferson, Green, etc.) they’ll have plenty of cap-space the next few years to fill-in around them. By then, hopefully The Mayor (Fred Hoiberg) has taken over all personnel decisions. And finally, McHale should sign PG Brevin Knight immediatley! With 20 young guards & forwards that all luv to shoot, the veteran distributor is a perfect fit and will teach these boys how to space the floor and stay out of trouble on the road...oh yeah, and he's ridiculously cheap.


I had Frankie “No-Knees” Gore on my Fantasy Squad (Spud Webb’s Pony) last year and fell in love faster than Jennifer Lopez does with…well, anybody. With that said, and I hope I’m wrong, I was skeptical of his durability before the hand injury. While the time without contact may be a blessing for his reconstructed knees this preseason, I’m guessing he’ll be cautious running through the hole the 1st few weeks (Do I protect the ball or my hand), and by then, your playing with fire that he can make it through the rest of the season without some knee problems. Nobody works harder than the former Hurricane and I’m sure he’ll be in great shape when the season opens, but I’ll let someone else be disappointed when they select him in the 1st round.


By the time you read this, hopefully the Cubs have acquired another starting pitcher and a CF/OF. I know the lefty starters (Lilly, Hill, Marshall) have been a bigger surprise than seeing Dill Pickle flavored Sunflower Seeds at 7-11 (no joke!), but if the Cubs want to make some noise in the playoffs they need some insurance. Jason Marquis is destined to have his ERA creep into the 5s, while you have to assume at least one of the southpaws will be figured-out the second time around. As for CF/OF, of course Griffey Jr. is my 1st choice (you could easily deal with the awesome glove/awful bat of Felix Pie if Jr’s offsetting him in RF), and Jay Payton is the rumored choice, but how about this sleeper…Southsider Darin Erstad. While he’s more injury prone than Danny Manning, he’s been resting all year and ready to prove he’s still got game at 33. The dude still plays a solid CF, looked sharp at the plate early in the year, has playoff experience, and Hendry can probably get him for a Denny’s Grand Slam Breakfast and Ronnie Woo Woo. Quickly, back to Griffey, I don’t care if the Cubs have to ova pay because he'd almost guarantee the Cubbies will play someone in the AL again this year. Could you frickin’ image a line-up that had Alfonso, D-Lee, Ram, & Griff? That’s like telling my 90210 is coming back and it’s going to be on Cinamax!


You think captain krabby-pants was happy hearing KG got a new address…hehehehehehehehehe

Enough banter…back to the bread-butter, or what we call it around my house lately: “A bad habit!” Take it light Homeboys, and make sure to…PARTY LIKE A LO, PARTY LIKE A LOHAN!

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August 1, 2007

Home of Greggy G’s MLB Picks: 78-51.5 ATS For Entertainment Purposes Only!

Only the Gamblin’ Guru can turn a 2-game losing streak into a 3-game winning streak faster than you can say: “I watch women’s tennis for the volleys!” While my investments yesterday made me happier than Rae Carruth on visitation day, I can’t say I was too thrilled with the action, or lack there of, made by the two Chi-Town squads. Of course nobody cares about the White Sox, but since we have the worst minor league system in the game you’d think GM Kenny Will would trade more than a platooning outfield (Rob Mackowiak). The worst part of it…he actually had the best batting average on our sorry-azz squad (.278). I know that’s like saying the tallest midget or the tallest player in the Bulls backcourt, but with Rob, Guchi, and Pablo gone I’m selling my remaining tickets on Mike Tice’s website.

As for the Northsiders, I was in more shock than the day Fred Lane came home from work that Jim Hendry didn’t make a move. While the Wrigleyville Faithful will tell you everything is fine and it’s cool to throw garbage, how many times have you seen a World Series Champion, let alone a playoff team, have two outfield positions they platoon? In addition, while I love Theriot, Fontenot, and the two young lefties like Mark Chmura loves Teen-Bop Magazine, you can’t assume these guys are gonna continue the year like Dwight Smith and Jerome Walton did. I know I should stop complaining like an NBA veteran driving to the hole since the trading deadline means nuttin’ with the waiver/trade shiznit, but that’s like shopping for bball shoes at Payless.

Finally, another victory for the Smoke Daddy Softball team last night…even with my azz only DHing with foot injury after a horrific bathtub fall. And no, it wasn’t cause I was jiggling the jewelry or pounding an Arbor Mist while dancing to Snow-Informer. Anywho, I have to roll cause I have my mansion inspection today and need to make sure my girl’s white-tiger cage is up to regulation. Enjoy the day fellaz!

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August 2, 2007

Home of Greggy G’s MLB Picks: 79-51.5 ATS For Entertainment Purposes Only!

While there’s usually nuttin’ unusual about the Wrigleyville faithful peeing in the alleys after a victory, last night was a lil’ different as they completed the task as Central Division leaders. Led by manager Lou “Socrates” Pinella, baseball magic is sweeping the Northside and should lead to an awesome Autumn of crowded bars and tons of chicks wearing hot-pants & Mark Grace jerseys. While I’m somewhat facetious and talk on my cell-phone and throw garbage in my living room when I watch a Cubs game, I have to admit I’m on the bandwagon and even make my girl call me Carlos Marmol when we sneak-off at a rest-stop. Besides an occasional glance at the boxscore to see if my White Sox had more than 3 hits or if any of their relievers have an ERA unda 6, the Southsiders are merely a tool for my investment the rest of they way….What can I say, GO CUBS GO!

Quickly to the NBA, as I know you care about this as much as Snoop cares about lung-cancer, it looks like Celts GM Danny Ainge reads . While not one so-called expert told ya Eddie House was a perfect fit in green, besides yours truly, I’m just waiting for Brevin Knight to sign with the T-Wolves before sending my application to GM Johnny Pax. NBA Action…it’s FRAT-TASTIC!

And finally, ESPN’s very own Mr. MMMMKAY (John Clayton) reported on Bears’ camp yesterday. While I hope he’s right, he made Lovie’s offense sound like a cross-between Loyola Marymount’s bball squad circa 1990 and Willie Mayes Hayes. Of course I’m excited to see the joystick moves of Devin Hester, hope NIU’s Garrett Wolfe will remind me of Dave Meggett, and believe Bernard Berrian is faster than a Stephen Jackson speeding-bullet, but does the South Park look-a-like realize they can’t hit Sexy Rexy yet. Every Summer Grossman looks great in shorts and a red-jersey, but unfortunately, during real-games the big-fast black dudes are allowed to sit on his face. I’m not trying to squash Da Bear Buzz, and I know their defense is awesome and the O-Line is stocked with veterans, but slow your roll Mr. Clayton before you have 25,000 of Chicago faithful buying Super Bowl tickets on Stub Hub. C-YA lil’ Beeatches…I’m off to consult and educate.

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August 4, 2007

Home of Greggy G's MLB Picks: 80-52.5 ATS

Gettin’ my 80th win makes my record look prettier than chick eatin’ a hot-dog at a ballpark…as long as it’s not at U.S. Comiskular. Even as a Sox fan, something about the smokes rolled-up in the sleeve makes me nauseous. Have a great Saturday Homeboys!

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August 5, 2007

Home of Greggy G's MLB Picks: 80-53.5 ATS For Entertainment Purposes Only!

Sunday Funday Fellaz…except for my boy Elton Brand. Tough luck for the Dukie who was working unbelievably hard this off-season, before he blew out his achilles this week. While he has a long road in-front of him, Elton’s one of the few guys you know will come back stronger…Take it light Homeboys!

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August 6, 2007

Home of Greggy G’s MLB Picks: 81-53.5 ATS For Entertainment Purposes Only!

Chi-Town in August baby…Eddie Vedder wearin’ a Kerry Wood jersey, AVP volleyball chicks wearing almost nuttin’, and Tom Glavine’s wife lookin’ flawless…as my boy Ice Cube would say: I got to say it was a good day! While the weekend enables me to pay lil’ attention to the wacky wild world of sports, Sunday Night is always fun to catch-up on all the superstars that were injured, jailed, or partying like a Lohan. And what do you know, there were all kinds of goodies for us…

1. The inventor of the “I Make it Rain, but I take it back” mantra, Pac-Man Jones has reportedly signed a contract with a professional wrestling circuit to pass the time while he’s suspended from the NFL and awaiting a couple trips to the courthouse. While I’ll believe it when I see it and have a feeling his agent and the NFL will suggest otherwise, if he does show-up with a cape, some goggles and a funny nickname…I’m paying $59 pay-per-view for the first time for men in tights!

2. Former Cub Neifi Perez (Det) was suspended for 80 games following his 3rd positive test for a banned substance. While this is a sad story and Gregg G wants the kids to know to never use drugs, could you image what Neifi would be hitting if wasn’t taking some sort of Flaxseed Oil? He’s batting .171 with 1 HR & 6 RBI’s on the shiznit! And of course, his response to the suspension was that the medicine was cleared by his doctor. Just once, I’d luv to hear an athlete get caught and say: “Hell ya I took it…taking that shiznit got me a huge contract in 2002 and now I have a few vacation days to get my acne in control!”

3. While watching Auto-Racing excites me like heading to the doctor for a yearly-physical…10 years late, I can’t get enough of these crazy southern white dudes fighting in pit-row with Penis Enlargement logos on their back. Even the old-timers can help with the famed-racing stereotype…did you see what 4-time Indianapolis-500 winner A.J. Foyt has been up to? Foyt stole headlines in Texas after reports surfaced that he narrowly survived a tragic bulldozer-in-a-lake plunge. While I’m glade he’s O.K., you can’t make this shiznit-up…hopefully his girl at least put the mayonnaise-sandwich in a zip-lock bag?

4. Rafer Alston, in the midst of a suddenly crowded backcourt battle in Houston (Stevie Franchise, speedy-Aaron Brooks, and “I’m MIKE JAMES Beeatch!”), may have improved his stock with new coach Rick Adelman by showing a feistiness even off the floor this weekend. The former streetball star was charged for assault and public intoxication, but did impress the cops with his Skip-to-my-Lou performance all the way to the cop car.

And finally, for all the shiznit I give Cubdom, it was awesome to see the luv they showed Tom Glavine for his 300th win yesterday. The fact that the dude with a hot-wife won the majority of those games during the steroid era makes it even more impressive. Enjoy the Monday Homeboys, and make sure to cancel any doggie-play-dates you had with Ving Rhames.

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August 9, 2007

Home of Greggy G’s MLB Picks: 85-56.5 ATS For Entertainment Purposes Only!

Can you imagine posting-up if were Paulie Pierce and KG next year? You catch-it on the low-block waiting for the double-team like Wilt Chamberlin in a hotel-room, and then realize you’ve got Shuttlesworth on one wing, Reggie Miller on the other, Eddie HiZouse chillin’ in the corner and no double-team coming. While it’s a pretty thought, you better score every trip down cause it’s not like you’re stopping anyone at the other! I know Reggie’s a big “maybe”, and if he does sign, would probably just spell Ray-Ray for 12-16 minutes a game, but damn that would be some must see NBA TV…it might make me even Tivo “Scott Baio’s Old and Still Layin’ Pipe” Show.

Anyway, I have lots ‘o shiznit to do today, so you’ll have to wait until tomorrow for my 2007 Fantasy QBs Movin-up and Movin’-down list. Till then, here’s some picks and some pics…Take it light!

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August 11, 2007

Home of Greggy G’s MLB Picks: 87- 59.5 ATS For Entertainment Purposes Only

While it’s impossible to give coach L.A. Looks too much grief after he won a title two years ago when nobody saw it coming, have you see the acquisitions they’ve made this summer? No joke, are you ready for this…Smush Parker & Penny Hardaway! Combine the bargain-shoppin' off-season with the loss of Jason Kapono (never thought I'd day that), and I give Riley a Chris Dudley's FT% chance of getting D-Wade and Shaq into the playoffs...well, that's unless Anfernee also brought along lil' Penny as part of the deal...luv that cat!

Anyway, thanks to the Homeboys who stopped by for cards last night, it was a blast…especially because I won. Enjoy the day off, and hopefully everybody except “My Guy” enjoys my picks.

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August 12, 2007

Home of Greggy G’s MLB picks: 89-60.5 ATS For Entertainment Purposes Only!

I’ve officially decided I hate exhibition football. While it’s nice to see some real hitting and check out that 7th round draft-pick who’s replacing an expensive veteran, nothing is more of a “back-tat on chick with a boyfriend”-tease than the preseason. I tried to watch my Bears at least three different times last night, but always ended-up on either the Iron Chef or the Girls Next Door. I'd rather watch the NBA’s Las Vegas Rookie Revue than 120 NFL players I’ve never heard of…and will probably never see again!

Anyway, enjoy the Sunday Funday and hopefully you enjoyed my 2-1 performance on the ATS diamond yesterday. Dollar-Dollar Bill Y’all!

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August 13, 2007

Home of Greggy G’s MLB Picks: 91-61.5 ATS For Entertainment Purposes Only!

While winning 4 out of 6 was nice, I have to say the highlight of the weekend was watching the Roast of Flavor Flav last night. What can I say, Carrot-Top, Ron Jeremy, Snoop Dogg, & the funniest man on the planet Greg Giraldo all at the same party…where the hell is Stub Hub when you need ‘em! And how about the latest rumor that the great Derek Jeter may have given half of Hollywood the gift that keeps on giving. Come-on Derek, you can still have fun wearing a hat…just put it on crooked and call it the C.C. Sabathia! With that, I’m going to leave you with my picks and pics so I can finish-up my Fantasy Football article for tomorrow…and I promise it’ll be the shiznit! Have a good Monday fellaz

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August 16, 2007

Home of Greggy G’s MLB Picks: 95-64.5 ATS For Entertainment Purposes Only!

RB BRANDON JACKSON (Green Bay Packers)
So-called Expert RB rank: 41st
Sexy Greggy G RB rank: 28th

Listen to me now and hear me later, the former Cornhusker will be the biggest surprise among the skilled-position rookies. And I’m not saying this because Jackson made my Cyclones look silly last year, shiznit, Emanuel Lewis (I luved Webster) could have averaged at least 4.5 per carry against ISU. I’m saying this because the Packers weren’t sure about RB Vernand Morency before he started missing most of training camp, and they know Noah Herron will never be more than a 2nd or 3rd back. Jackson had the luxury of playing in pro-style offense under former NFL coach Bill Callahan, and because of Nebraska’s depth, doesn’t have all the miles that Adrian Peterson and Marshawn Lynch do (damn do I luv the name Marshawn!). While Grandpa Favre will want to throw-it 50 times a game, you have to think the Packers will do everything they can to make sure he doesn’t miss a start this year. Especially if the season becomes a wash eaarly-on, expect almost all the carries to go the rookie’s way.

RB LADELL BETTS (Washington Redskins)
So-called Expert RB rank: 30th
Sexy Greggy G RB rank: 24th

While I hate drafting former Hawkeyes more than I hate that sharp little invisible dagger you can’t find on your undies, Betts proved last season that he’s more than just a mediocre back-up (1599 total yards, 4.7 rushing average). Especially with Clinton Portis more interested in wigs & Halloween costumes and starting to show signs of wear-n-tear, the well-rested 6-year veteran should garner plenty of touches even if Portis is healthy (I’d bet my Kobe Tai collection that he starts less than 10 games) Obviously, if you’re stupid enough to grab Portis you have to draft Betts, but don’t be fooled into thinking you can grab him past the 5th round…especially if Greggy G’s in your league!

WR BRANDON JONES (Tennessee Titans)
So-called Expert WR rank: 58th
Sexy Greggy G WR rank: 37th

I know you don’t know who he is but…oh shiznit…my mom’s coming down to the basement, gotta roll! But of course I have some picks and pics for ya today, and I promise to finish-up my FF Sexy Subtle Steals for 2007-08 tomorrow…HOLLA

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August 18, 2007

Home of Greggy G’s MLB Picks: 98-67.5 ATS For Entertainment Purposes Only!

As I downed the last of my brilliant mixture of 7-UP, OJ, Lime, and healthy splash of Maurice Clarett (aka Grey Goose), I did it with a smile as I inched closer to a 3-0 ATS evening…and then, some rook on the White Sox batting .182 proceeds to hit a grand slam in the 7th! While the Mariners still won, as I told ya, they didn’t cover the -1.5 runs I needed. Oh well, 2-1 is nuttin’ to Dick Vermeil over, but I’m a perfectionist and you guys deserve better. With that, I’m off to the Race Track where I live by the motto that Craig’s dad in Friday taught me…You win some, and lose some, but live…you live to fight another day!

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August 21, 2007

Home of Greggy G’s MLB Picks: 99-68.5 ATS Home of Greggy G’s Pigskin Picks: 1-0 ATS For Entertainment Purposes Only!

What a start for the Gridiron Prognosticator! While the ½ point cover doesn’t look as impressive to some, the Bears were up 10 almost the entire second half and made the -2.5 line feel more untouchable than Jessica Simpson before her 1st marriage. Speaking of Peter Tom Willis’s ole’ squad, besides that short-kid with small hands, I absolutely luv what Lovie and Angelo have put together. They’ve always had a fast, ball-hawking defense, and they continue to add depth at every position, while on offense they’ve invested money on a veteran line and have now added some big-time playmakers in TE Greg Olsen and Devin “Just get me the ball” Hester. But as mentioned at nauseam by yours truly, I don’t care how much zip Sexy Rexy has on his ball or how the players look-up to him like the social-chair of a fraternity…he’s too small, too slow, and too fragile for my flag-football league, let alone the NFL. I know Brian Griese’s no Tom Brady, but at least his hands are bigger than Papa Smurfs’!

As for our favorite dog-lover Ronny Mex, it’s to the point where I can’t even turn on the radio anymore as it’s time for the racial cards to be played. Listen, I will never claim to walk-in-ones-shoes (but I’d luv to walk in their boxers once), but torturing 100s of dogs and funding the entire illegal operation is not a cultural thing…it’s a sick-person thing. Anywho, tomorrow I’ll get back to giving you guys some fantasy luv and start to breakdown some College Football action…damn, I get a halfie just writing about it!

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August 27, 2007

Home of Greggy G’s MLB Picks: 105-69.5 ATS Home of Greggy G’s Pigskin Winners: 2-0 ATS For Entertainment Purposes Only!

Instead of braggin’ about how I haven’t lost an ATS play since Hump Day or lambaste the White Sux for embarrassing themselves worse than a Bears’ LB in a contract year without a chauffeur, I promised my Cubbie Homeboys I’d eventually write some dialogue on their playoff push. Of course, I’ll still have my MLB picks and favorite swimsuits following the article and plenty of fantasy football action tomorrow, but today, it’s time to drink the Wrigleyville Kool-Aid that my friend Ronnie Woo-Woo mixed-up…

By: Chicago Awful Sox fan

On the drive into work or relaxing in-front of the tube late night, it seems each and every diamond guru is confident the Northsiders will capture the division. Considering the Brew Crew has survived without anybody stepping-up in the rotation lately or that the defending champs are a series sweep away from taking the top-spot, let’s just say I’m not ready to order the victory champagne just yet. While the experts are correct when they say the Cubbies have the best club on paper and have avoided the major injuries to the pitching staff, this late in the season--especially in a three-horse race, your Insideplay’s guru will tell you it simply comes down to who gets hot.

While the Wrigleyville faithful will say D. Lee is due for some trips over the ivy or that Big Z will once again find his wiffle-ball heat, each team has their big-boys that can carry a squad. So look to those unexpected heroes to step-up as the season comes to a close. Especially when these three play each other, they won’t let Aramis, Albert, or Prince beat them. Trust me, the boys that will determine if there’s a postseason in Chicago will be at the bottom half of line-up or the back-end of the bullpen. With that, let’s take a look at the three potential Cubbies that could lead us into October for some extra special baseball:

2-4 3.24 ERA 21 Saves 2 Blown Saves
With Carlos Marmol absolutely dominating hitters as the best set-up man in the game, the pressure will continue to mount for our veteran, but somewhat new closer. While he talks a smooth game and has been extremely consistent this season, the former starter needs to be almost perfect in September to ensure a Cub postseason experience. Blown saves in a playoff race not only harm a closer’s psyche, they also seem to make hitters grip-it that much tighter and try to do too much. Dempster’s emergence as a closer after recovering from major elbow surgery a couple year’s ago is an awesome story, and I’d love to keep reading once October comes around.

.270 5 HRs 47 RBIs 40 Rs
The former Marlin…wait, never mind…has become the Jekyll & Hyde of the Wrigleyville faithful. For some reason, the baseball gods always seem to put Jones in situations that change the flow of the game. After a horrific start, the former White Sox killer had a remarkable stretch in late July and most of August to carry the club in Alfonso Soriano’s absence. Especially playing out of position in CF, the ball never seems to be hit right at him and often leads to a fun adventure for the Caly kid and the Bleachers Bums. You know and I know the next time the Cubs are down 1 in the 7th with runners on the corners, Jacque will be striding to the dish and the baseball gods will be watching!

32 games w/ CHC: .298 1 HR 15 RBIs 14 Rs
The longtime Pirate and mid-season acquisition from Oakland has finally found the slap/clutch swing that made him a fan favorite among the lunch pail crew in Pittsburg. While the 33 year-old backstop will continue to do a solid job of keeping the youngsters on the staff confident and the veterans happy, he’s definitely a liability with almost anyone on-base and must do a better job of making sure the pitchers keep the runners close. With catcher Henry Blanco back from the DL some might think Kendall would get a few more days to rest his banged-up body, but if you know anything about the San Diego kid…he’ll make sure Lou has him penciled in almost every game. Just like his time in Oakland this year and his early stint here, when he struggles…the team struggles. When he’s leaning into pitches and slapping it between 3rd and Short, it’s a sign to start chilling the champagne.

Everybody knows Chi-Town in October is a lot more fun when the turnstiles are moving in one of our two ballparks. And if all three of these veterans step-up their game, I expect to actually see a few Kendall, Dempster, & Jones jerseys at the ballparks in 2008

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August 28, 2007

Home of Greggy G’s MLB Picks: 105–70.5 ATS

*Greggy G’s 2007 Pigskin Picks: 2-0 ATS

Happy Birthday Sweet Lou...U the greatest!

Once again, my boss messed-up my fantasy football analysis with a stupid development project. Luckily, I researched my picks and lingerie last night and have 3 beautiful winners for ya. As for the Cubbies tonight, a huge series with the Brew Crew and the return of the only man who chews more gum than Andy Dick. Yes, Alfonso is back and ready to swing his 60 oz bat and make every flyball to left an awesome adventure. While I’m surprised Sweet Lou doesn’t force him to slide down the order, who am I to argue with a 64 year-old dude wearing baseball pants on his birthday. Once again, sorry for no football banter, but I degenerate has to do…what a degenerate has to do.

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September 2, 2007

Home of Greggy G’s MLB Picks: 108-76 ATS For Entertainment Purposes Only

Greggy G's Pigskin Picks: 7-3 ATS...If you don't know now ya know!

Mr. Gamble: 3-1 ATS
Mr. T-Bone: 2-0 ATS 0-1 Teaser

Not a bad way to kick-off the 1st Saturday of 2007, 5-2 ATS and the fraud known as Lloyd Carr was left to mumble through an embarrassing press-conference…And we didn’t need to dial-in Hawaii late-night to make-up any ground. As for today, I’m heading to a BBQ wearing my “ 4-Life” halter-top and bringing some devilish Sangria to make the women head home looking for luv. And how about Wade Wilson, talk about a commitment to excellence…gotta respect a QB coach using more than Flintstone Vitamins to make sure his pep-talks are flawless. I’m rollin’ out Homeboys, but not before I give you a baseball winner to make your Sunday Night a lil’ less expensive!

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September 4, 2007

Home of Greggy G’s MLB Picks: 108–79 ATS For Entertainment Purposes Only!

* Greggy G’s 2007 Pigskin Picks: 8-3 ATS

While news of Travis Henry fathering 9 children with 9 different women put a damper on college football’s opening weekend, I have to say Big Z’s meltdown yesterday put a smile on my face that made me forget about Shawn Kemp’s idol. After ignoring a stop-sign at 3rd base to be nailed at the plate (with nobody out!) and letting pitcher Esteban Loaiza drive in two runs with his 1st hit since 2005, Zambrano had the audacity to tell possibly the most faithful and diehard fans in baseball that they shouldn’t boo him. Throw-in the fact that he looks like Lord of the Dance after a strikeout in the 2nd inning, will bitch-slap his teammates, and risks permanent injury by breaking lumber over his thigh, and the Cubs may just have the best entertainment value in all of baseball. My boy Ozzie on the other side of town tries his hardest to steal the spotlight, but until I can actually understand what he’s saying I have to give the trophy to Big Z. With that, I’m rolling to a white tiger farm to look for my girl’s anniversary present. Take it light and always remember it’s not how much you spend…its how much she thinks you spent!

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September 5, 2007

Home of Greggy G’s MLB Picks: 109–79 ATS For Entertainment Purposes Only!

* Greggy G’s 2007 Pigskin Picks: 8-3 ATS

With the Pigskin action almost fully underway, my passion for the diamond is leaving me faster than Rafer Alston’s Houston Rocket career. Throw-in a cut Patriots’ punter who drunkenly bitch-slapped his daddy in a car and you know the bloods flowing for more than just the fans. As for my sorry-azz, I also have my last fantasy football draft tonight, but I can’t say I’m too thrilled since I have the 3rd pick once again…probably the worst spot to be besides sitting behind Brad Penny in the buffet line. You know I’ll have my fingers crossed hoping I can grab Rae Carruth on the 2nd round turn. Anyway, something serious has come-up and I need head out of town for a couple days, but will make sure to have my college football picks displayed for ya Friday & Saturday (and of course another diamond gem for ya today). All the best to my Homeoby BK…Just like the rest of the boys, I have nuttin’ but luv for ya brother.

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September 18, 2007

Home of Greggy G’s MLB Picks: 112-85 ATS For Entertainment Purposes Only!

* Greggy G’s College Football Picks: 8-4 ATS
* Greggy G’s NFL Picks: 6-5 ATS

With the season on the line, I'd like my chances w/ Mr. Sheets!

As I initiated my detoxification pre-plan for my Vegas trip last nigtht (besides the two glasses of vino), I found myself reaching for a book after two quarters of possibly the worst Monday Night football games I’ve ever witnessed. Sure QB Jason Campbell had some nice moments and looked more confident than I expected, but besides a few exciting spin-moves from his midget WRs (Moss & Randle El) it really was more of an indictment on how far the Eagles have fallen. Philly’s O seemed extremely predictable, especially on 3rd down, while D. McNabb seems more unsure of his abilities than Britany Spears at the VMAs. Of course the Cubs game was exciting, but with my White Sox and D-Rays playing for next season and football fully underway, I can’t get myself to sit thru much more than an inning or two…unless I have some coin riding on it. With that, I’m out early today to study my flag-football playbook for tonight, but of course I dropped you a little baseball knowledge to ensure your gambling fix doesn’t think you’ve gone cold-turkey.

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September 19, 2007

Home of Greggy G’s MLB Magic: 113-85 ATS For Entertainment Purposes Only!

* Greggy G’s College Football Picks: 8-4 ATS
* Greggy G’s NFL Picks: 6-5 ATS

One more day till Vegas…I have a feeling I’m going to have as much trouble sleeping tonight as Billy Bob Thornton had in Monster’s Ball the night before Knockin’ Da Boots with Halle Berry. Throw-in an easy victory on the ATS diamond, a 20-point pasting we accomplished in flag-football, and I feel more confident than Travis Henry’s nut-butter instructor heading into Sin City. I’m making it quick today as I have plenty of college & pro pigskin to write-up for the weekend, but before I roll…I give you my Week 2 Super Bowl Rankings:

Until the NO realize Deuce was the reason their O was so balanced last season, it's gonna be a long year for Mr. Brees & Mr. Bush!

32. (32.) KANSAS CITY CHIEFS (0-2)
I don’t know who deserves more blame GM Carl Peterson, Head Coach Herm Edwards, or QB Damon Huard’s mom.

31. (31.) ATLANTA FALCONS (0-2)
QB Joey Harrington has been sacked 13 times already this season, so what a great idea to bring in the slower Byron “I luv to hold the ball too long” Leftwich

30. (26.) NEW YORK GIANTS (0-2)
I’ve never seen a team completely give-up on a season and coach so early. Coughlin has a mutiny on his hands and I’d be shocked if he last another 3 weeks.

29. (29.) MIAMI DOLPHINS (0-2)
Until QB Cleo Lemon takes over the controls, why would anybody purposely watch the Dolphins? Their longest rush has been 12 yards and longest pass has been 28…I feel like I’m watching Notre Dame.

28. (27.) OAKLAND RAIDERS (0-2)
With a young 1st year head coach and a #1 pick QB just getting into town, this season is simply an extended Pre-season tryout for everybody else.

27. (22.) BUFFALO BILLS (0-2)
QB J.P. Losman has yet to throw a TD pass and coach Dick Jauron is yet to realize he’s coaching his finalize season as a headmaster.

26. (17.) NEW YORK JETS (0-2)
A QB controversy after week 1 is never a good sign…and neither is having your #1 RB with a rushing average of 2.9.

25. (30.) CLEVELAND BROWNS (1-1)
Now that was fun…why didn’t QB Charlie Frye realize he should just throw it up and let Edwards, Winslow, & Jurevicius go get it.

24. (28.) TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS (1-1)
Even though Joey Galloway has found the fountain of youth, one of these days Chucky’s gonna have to prove they can run the ball.

23. (21.) MINNESOTA VIKINGS (1-1)
The Vikings have absolutely no idea what to do about the QB position…which is usually not a good thing when all three have completely different styles.

22. (24.) ARIZONA CARDINALS (1-1)
The Edge is running like his early days in Indy and should keep the Cardinals near .500 all season.

21. (23.) SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS (2-0)
I know they just beat the Rams, but what can I say…I’m just not a believer yet.

20. (16.) ST. LOUIS RAMS (0-2)
I’m giving the Rams one more week to get used not having Orlando Pace. On the positive side, their defense is much better than we thought.

19. (19.) GREEN BAY PACKERS (2-0)
The Pack season started with Donovan’s 1st game back and a Giants team that is in full rebellion mode…don’t believe the hype!

I know they struggled against the lowly Falcons, but I have a feeling the running game and David Garrard are getting stronger by the week

17. (20.) HOUSTON TEXANS (2-0)
All the years of sucking has brought in a ton of young talent, but if WR Andre Johnson (doubtful) is on the shelf for any extended period they’re in big trouble.

The Eagles were notoriously slow starters under Andy Reid even before he had to deal with a QB coming back from knee surgery. Look for RB Brian Westbrook to carry a heavier load the next few weeks until Donovan gets more comfortable.

QB Jason Campbell looked pretty solid Monday Night, while Joe Gibbs conservative approach will keep them in almost every game all year.

14. (18.) DETROIT LIONS (2-0)
With WRs like this, I understand why Jon Kitna is afraid to let another QB take some snaps with his brain throbbing.

13. (12.) BALTIMORE RAVENS (1-1)
Their offense looks even worse after what Cleveland pulled-off versus Cincinnati, and you can’t tell me their old defense will look better as the season progresses.

12. (5.) CAROLINA PANTHERS (1-1)
I went on a limb last week in ranking the Panthers and it bit me in the ass pretty good. The scary thing about Carolina is that their two-headed rushing attack has looked solid and should make life even easier for Steve Smith…but what the f*ck happened to their defense.

11. (14.) TENNESSEE TITANS (1-1)
Trust me, no D-coordinator is confident when QB Vince Young comes to town. Throw-in two RBs (Brown & White) that know Coach Fisher’s doghouse now can keep you caged for 4 years and we should see them running instead of eating this year.

10. (6.) NEW ORLEANS SAINTS (0-2)
I’m giving them one more week before I completely drop them from my rankings. One of these days they’ll remember Deuce was the real reason they dominated last season.

I’m not picking on Marvin Lewis because he’s black…I’m picking on him because he’s supposed to be a defensive coach. I’m positive they’ll end-up winning more than they lose, and I’m positive Lewis won’t be back as headmaster unless they win a playoff game.

8. (7.) SEATTLE SEAHAWKS (1-1)
Until the Seahawks prove they can win on the road, their merely a playoff team because the NFC WEST is extremely ova-rated.

7. (11.) DENVER BRONCOS (2-0)
Cutler’s getting better and better, and Travis Henry is proving that he’s more than just a sperminator.

6. (3.) SAN DIEGO CHARGERS (1-1)
They may be better than the Bears, but no chance they beat out New England, Indy, & maybe even Pittsburg in the AFC…especially not with Norv Turner

The Steelers have a rhythm that you usually don’t see until after mid-season…or if you open the season with Cleveland & Buffalo

4. (4.) CHICAGO BEARS (1-1)
I’m not a homer, I just understand that NFC is not that good.

3. (10.) DALLAS COWBOYS (2-0)

Don’t be fooled, Tank Johnson with something to prove will be a huge addition whenever he laces them up.

As mentioned last week, until the Cheeters have home-field over the Colts they will remain in the 2-spot.

If Joseph Addai stays healthy, I don’t see how the Colts don’t repeat. Is it me, or does Indy just look like their getting the newcomers accustomed to the plays.

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September 25, 2007

Home of Greggy G’s MLB Picks: 113-86 ATS For Entertainment Purposes Only!

Greggy G’s College Football Picks: 8-5 ATS - NFL Picks: 6-5 ATS

The Bears seem finally ready to place the blame on shorty!

I’m back Beeatches…I lil’ dumber, a lil’ poorer, and still dealing with the hot-flashes. Surprisingly, Vegas didn’t hurt my pocket too bad, especially with some dominating College Football action on Saturday, but I just moved into a new palatial estate and will now be living paycheck to paycheck (aka football game to football game). I apologize for not posting any action ova the weekend, but it was wishful thinking on my part to believe I could escape death in Sin City…let alone be conscious enough to remember my laptop password or match start-times with what day it was. Anyway, I’ll be back in full glory tomorrow with nuttin’ but sports banter, NFL rankings, and college football cheerleaders...but for today, it’s simply a swimsuit and a MLB picks for the few fans I have left after leaving Insideplays like the bug-eyed Runaway Bride!

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September 26, 2007

Home of Greg Gamble's MLB Picks: 113-87 ATS For Entertainment Purposes Only!

*Greggy G’s College Football Picks: 8-5 ATS - NFL Picks: 6-5 ATS

De La Hoya's still the shiznit to me!

Please tell me you guys have scene the Oscar De La Fishnet pictures (just search De La Hoya and Fishnet)…so much for the Golden Boy nickname! The craziest part is reading how all the tabloids are treating him like he’s Lance Bass or Doogie Howser…tell me you wouldn’t wear a wig, skirt, & boxing gloves in a hotel room if a hot chick asked you to before she did stuff you’d only heard about from your Hispanic friends. As for the Okla St. coach’s rant, the only reason it’s getting so much pub is because most columnists are so sensitive when one of their colleagues gets harassed. The truth of matter, I bet the writer dug-up some good stuff that has some validity, while the coach is simply backing his kid and probably didn’t like that some inside-stuff was leaked. And finally, the rooftops in Wrigleyville better put some Michael Sweetneys around the foundation in case they get some jumpers. I give the Brew Crew a 20% chance of catching Lou’s boys, maybe even 35% if the Cubs actually send Trachsel to the mound to closeout the Marlins series. With that, I’m gonna finish up my Thursday College picks and my NFL rankings, so until then…enjoy my three MLB winners and my three girlfriends wearing beautiful outfits!

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October 3, 2007

Home of Greggy G’s MLB Playoff Preview

I’m more amazed than the time I saw Alyssa Milano dating someone without a baseball hat that the experts have picked the Yanks to win this series. The Bronx Bombers were 6-0 with a 2.67 ERA against the Tribe this season and have been one of the hottest teams in baseball ova the 2nd half. Cleveland fans will tell you that C.C. never pitched against them, and while they’re not Raffy Palmeiro’ing (aka lying), he’ll probably only pitch twice and the rest of the staff sported a horrific 8.19 ERA in those contests. While a luv Fausto Carmona, this is his 1st experience in October and he wasn’t anything special against Torre’s crew in his 2 starts (0-1, 4.15). I hate to pick against my Homeboy Orvi (the only blonde-haired, blue-eyed, Jew from Cleveland), but the Yanks have too much rolling for them right now.

Without too much star-power, the Angels captured the West by playing fundamentally sound, getting some unexpected brilliance from the youngsters (OF Reggie Willits & 2B Howie Kendrick), and having outstanding starting pitching day-in and day-out. Unfortunately, their ace Jon Lackey struggled mightily against the B-Sox (0-2, 8.38) and I can’t see them advancing without him winning 2 games in this series. As for Boston, they have more playoff experience than face-in-the-pillow experience for Asia Carrera, not to mention, I fully expect Dice-K to finally live-up to they hype and money he was given this off-season.

The Rockies are my Golden St. Warriors of the NBA so I expect them to dominate at home and win at least one on the road. Besides Cole Hamels, I think the Phillies starting staff is extremely average, while I’d also never bet on a team coached by Charlie Manuel to win a playoff series. Colorado is playing with house money right now and is the hottest team in baseball…that’s like betting against Travis Henry not to have a kick-ass football squad at his family reunion in 10 years.

If Big Z wins tonight (check out my pick for tonight after this breakdown), this could be a sweep for the Cubbies. Looking at Arizona’s line-up, I can’t figure out how they won more than 70 games this year. They were dead last in batting average (.250) in the NL and ranked 3rd from the bottom in runs scored, and only had one starting pitcher with an ERA under 4.25 (Brandon Webb) that made more than 10 starts. As for the Cubs, Bartman’s nowhere to be seen, the trio of Alfonso, Aramis, & D-Lee are just too much for the D-Backs to handle, and everyone in Chicago deserves more hotties in Cubbie blue for another month.

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October 5, 2007

Home of Greg's Stop The Bleeding Campaign

College Picks: 8-10 ATS - NFL Picks: 7-7 ATS - MLB Picks: 113-92 ATS

Let’s put the women and children to bed and go rob a M*tha F*ckin’ bank! After 10 months of dominance, I’ve had a worse week than Marion “Raffy Palmeiro” Jones, but unlike her, my reputation can be saved with a Saturday & Sunday of ATS winners. As for Friday, I’m supposed to cook-up a romantic meal for my girl…anybody have any good receipts that include Ramen noodles and Kool-Aid? Speaking of drinking Kool-Aid, why in Onterrio Smith’s Wizzinator is a southsider like me investing in Cubbie Blue? While I have to ride the train to Wrigleyville to win back my church money, that’s merely Gambling 101 (double-up till ya win) and I promise I’m not making the call with a smile on my face. Anyway, I’m off to meet with my football scouts and will finish-up my college picks later day and tomorrow…trust me BEEATCHES, I’m bouncin’ back like Cole Trickle at Daytona!

Here's a lil' luv to make you feel better...

October 11, 2007

Home of Greggy G’s MLB Playoff Magic

MLB Picks: 113-91 ATS - College Picks: 9-13 ATS - NFL Picks: 9-9 ATS

2-0 so far in football this week fellaz! Something must be in the air and it smells like baby-power and weed…I guess Travis Henry must be in town! For those of you who stayed-up for the Navy/Pittsburg OT game last night, have you ever seen a coach make a worse decision than Dave Wannstedt did at the goal-line? Here’s the overtime situation…The Panthers are down 3, sitting at the Navy 2 yard-line on 3rd down, and have two tailbacks that have rushed for ova 200 yards (5.3 ypc) behind an OL that is twice the size of the Midshipmen. So what does Wanny do…he has his freshman QB throw two passes that aren’t even close and his players are now forced to walk to the locker-room in-front of a devastating home-crowd. It reminds me of the days when he coached the Bears and after a double-digit loss would say: “Besides those two 50 yard runs, we played a great game defensively.” Nice guy, cool porn-stache, but I’d rather have Ron Santo coaching my high-jump squad than his sorry-azz. As for the Seminoles/Demon Deacons match-up tonight, let’s just say it’s like deciding between grabbing a short-skirt on the corner in a bad neighborhood or hitting-up the 30 options at the Bunny Ranch…I’m skipping the corner and waiting for all the choices this weekend (but of course I have picture of our favorite FL St. fan). As for the diamond action tonight, you know I have some thoughts and will be throwing down on a little action. What you think…

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October 16, 2007

Home of Greggy G's favorite Old Sports Dudes & MLB Postseason Picks!

MLB Picks: 115-91 ats - NFL Picks: 12-9 ats - College Picks: 10-15 ats

Closed-out the gambling week with a 2-0 performance last night and actually woke-up this morning without as much kidney/liver pain from the wedding debacle. And how about those Rockies…and how about Kenny Lofton doing his best Vinny Testaverde impression? With that, I think it’s time for Greggy G’s Top-5 old geezers of professional sports:

At the age of 44, the Dallas Mavericks signed the 7-foot former Michigan St. Spartan last year and even gave him 42 minutes of court time to showcase a body that would make Michael Sweetney cry…and possibly the shortest arms I’ve ever seen for a frontcourt banger. I’m not hatin’, but the dude looks like a Tyrannosaurs Rex grabbing a rebound.

Who doesn’t love a 46 year-old knuckleballer who reminds you more of the Crisco, Bardall, Vagisil wonder Eddie Harris from the movie Major League than a 25-year MLB veteran. I don’t know why I think this is cool, but all knuckleball pitchers should have career record of exactly .500…just like Charlie, 216 wins & 216 loses.

The hairy-armed little magician played in the toughest professional league until he was 43 years-old. After the age of 40, Doug Flutie became the only player ever to rush for 2 Tds in a game and be named AFC Offensive Player of the week. How many short-white dudes can say they won a Heisman Trophy, became a legend in Canada for something other than hockey, and are able to say they met and played for Bill “I am God” Belichick.

You know you’re old when your number is retired by the White Sox in 1989, only to find yourself playing for them from 1996-97…and then again from 2000-01. While the DH/RF probably had the prettiest left-handed swing and blackman’s beard I’ve ever seen, what was more amazing was the fact that he only said 9 words over the course of his 22-year career.

After throwing the 1st perfect game in the 2000 Little League World Series, Mr. Almonte proceeded to strike-out 62 of 72 batters in tournament in 2001. But following numerous investigations, it turned out Danny was older than Heather Locklear, and was then forced to pitch against kids his age and never seemed to find that dominate ability he had when striking out T-ballers. One cool side note, in 2005, information leaked that Danny was married to women in her 30s…the funny thing, I’M NOT JOKING!!!

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October 24, 2007


Do you feel like the Red Sox may have a little emotional letdown after the Yankees series, the comeback against the Tribe, and no longer having the desperation of a World Series drought? U should Homeboys, cause Greggy G is calling for the Rockies to win in Six! Colorado's magic-mushroom ride hasn’t stopped just cause they’ve had more days off than Steve Trachsel during the Cubs final run, and I can’t tell you enough how different the Red Sox line-up will look once they head to Rock-land. Not having Big Papi in the line-up is like having a computer and not having one of the Jessicas' (Alba/Biel/Simpson) as your screensaver. If he does play 1B, watch as his knees swell by the inning As for the individual match-ups, let’s take a look at it through the blurry and closin' eyes of yours truly!


Yorvit Torrealba .320 1 Hr 7 Rbi
Jason Varitek .243 1 Hr 5 Rbi

The dude’s name is YORVIT and he has the anti-Red Sox goatee…u know, less hairy than those 1970s porn stars! While his only weakness behind the plate has been throwing out baserunners, it’s not like Coco Crisp or Julio Lugo ever get on base! As for Captain Varitek, blah, blah, heart-and-soul of the Red Sox, blah, blah, blah. Until the finale against the Tribe (2 doubles), he was hitting .182 in this postseason and you can’t tell me his 35-year old knees will enjoy this cold weather. BTW, have you ever seen a player do more interviews with all his catcher gear on than Varitek…I bet my grandma’s birthday check he uses those shin-guards during 4-play.


Enjoy the rest Homeboys...

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April 4, 2008

Greggy G's 100% ATS since Baby #2...Holla

Check-in early 2marrow for all the FINAL FOUR knowledge
Cause we'll even breakdown the back-ups like Mr. Mata-Real

My guess...or bet is Alfonso hits a couple dingers today

The Cubs have already played three day games in Chi-Town weather, while the Astros just finished-up a series in San Diego and limp-in with a 1-3 record. Not to mention, I think the Astros will suck this year and can’t match the power in the Cubbie line-up. As for the pitchers, it’s never a good sign when your starting pitcher is 29 years-old and entering only his 2nd full Major League season…Hello, my name is Chris Sampson and I play for Houston. As for Rich Hill...

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April 17, 2008

Home of Greg Gamble's ATS Pastime

Let the Baseball battles begin my friends!

While I have to admit the NBA regular season was more of a disappointment than Poisen Ivy 3 after my 171-127 2007 ATS season, the best part of being a degenerate gambler is there’s always another day, another sport, and plenty of pics of hotties in bikinis. So today, I think it’s time to dabble in a little baseball ATS action. And with that, I’m off to the diamond like a divorced cougar heading to the ball-park early to catch a drunken frat-boy to knock some dust of the kitty-kat!

Time to get focused on the Diamond Homeboys!

*And for those of you not familiar with today’s ATS Pastime, here’s a quick little review:

The Atlanta Braves are -155 @ the Florida Marlins +135 today, which means if you want to win 100 arcade tokens on the Braves you must risk 155 tokens if they lose. On the flip side, you risk 100 arcade tokens if you play the Marlins, and if they win you collect 135 tokens. As for what you’ll find on Greggy G’s site and from every Arcade token-collecting bookie or investment site is the option to give up a few runs to make the numbers more manageable (Because at the Insideplays family, we truly care about your tokens).

Today, instead of taking Atlanta Braves and John Smoltz and risking 155 tokens if they lose, I’m giving up 1.5 runs to the Marlins. In this case, if the Braves win by more than two runs I collect 115 tokens, but if they don’t win by 2…I only lose 100 tokens. If this too confusing for ya, just skip to the bikini pics at the bottom of the link. And with that, onto Greg Gamble’s baseball pick of the day….

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April 18, 2008

Home of Greggy G's Undefeated MLB ATS

Since I opened the MLB season undefeated, do you think MLBs #1 groupie will like me?

After you studiously read my undefeated baseball picks (1-0), check out my 1st round NBA Playoff predictions and THE RANT by Money Mike on the link below. And coming Monday, Greggy G’s Regular Season NBA Awards.
*All of Greg Gamble baseball plays must be -130 or below to count on his ATS tally

Trust me, the Prince is gonna be on fire this weekend!

When healthy, Ben Sheets (2-0, 1.17) has been as dominate as any pitcher over his career. And this year, considering it’s a contract year and he looks like he spent less time this off-season eating Funjuns and actually looks like…a pitcher looking to prove he’s worth a zillion dollars. As for the Brewer hitters, what’s amazing about their solid open to the season has been they’ve done it while Braun & Fielder have slumped in the middle of their line-up. But yesterday, those two combined for 4 hits, 4 Rbi’s, and 2 runs as Milwaukee (9-6) snapped a 2-game losing streak at St. Louis. Tonight, they travel to Cincinnati to face a club managed by Dusty Baker…so we have that going for us. While the Reds started out the year strong, before beating the Cubs yesterday they had lost 5-straight and really looked like the same old reds of the last few years. On the mound tonight for the below-average Reds...

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May 11, 2008



Today is about the home whites and the pics!

It is Mothers Day, but thank goodness the sports world doesn’t take a breather on yet another Sunday Funday. On this Mothers Day I plan on doing three things…place my wagers early so it doesn’t look like my degenerate ways are consuming this special day, give my wife 3 inches at a time to show her how special she is, and most importantly, win more friggin’ games than I did yesterday….and with that I wish you a great Sunday mates!


May 17, 2008


She's callin' sharky about all the plays today, why wouldn't you?

No hoops, plenty of hardball, and a horse race that will get the winner it needs to have a triple crown threat. All I know is this wonderful world we live in has figured out a way to keep enough on the books every day to tie up my daycare and diaper money, and I wouldn't want it any other way.

You may like them close together.......

Or far apart, but any way you look at it, smiles should beam from your face.

Good luck today, and I hope you enjoy the picks and the pics.


May 31, 2008



What's that you say? No hoops and no big horse races!! Have no fear, there is plenty of stick ball and even some short skirt hotties playing on the clay across seas. So quit your friggin' complaining and get to the sportsbooks. But first, click below to see how I view trends today and what ladies caught my eye. Good luck and make sure to add to that monopoly money today.
Remember what mama always cars equal fast women. She forgot to mention that degenerates and booze equal gambling, but I guess we figured that out on our own!


June 1, 2008



2008 MLB RECORD: 11-8

After watching the Astros get blanked in Milwaukee I realized one thing yesterday, never again will I doubt the ability of Ben Sheets. Yeah, I know he will take his fair share of lumps, but you ain't gonna see this guy try to pick which days those lumps will come on. It was a damn good thing the Cubbies and BoSox treated me well cause that gave me a little more room for my 'Houston isn't that bad' redemption pick. So click below to see my thoughts on an all National League Sunday....

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June 2, 2008

Home of Greggy G's Daily ATS Picks

Not since Sheff & Doc have I jumped on a bandwagon just cause a team has some cool cats on the roster...anyone have an xtra Cubbie hat?

With the vibe in Wrigleyville approaching a Playboy Mansion party meets Amateur Night at the Admiral Theater and the sudden excitement of the NBA Draft for the Bulls, I’ve officially placed all my base-clogging Southsider tickets on Stub Hub. Besides watching Ozzie explode like the first chick who’s told Sex in the City is sold-out, the Sox are unbelievably boring and it’s inevitable they’ll be below .500 by the All-Star break. What can I say…I’m on the Cubbie Bandwagon and praying that Michael Beasley will be throwing out a ceremonial 1st pitch in late June. Speaking of The Bease, trust this hardwood guru when I tell you he's gonna be the most dominate combo forward EVER. And while everybody in Chi-Town is clamoring for Derrick Rose, who’s a great kid and will eventually be an awesome floor general, I don’t even think he’s the 2nd best player in the draft. Here’s how my top-4 shapes-out simply on talent:

I think the Bulls selection is even easier than this one!

With a silky smooth jumper w/ NBA 3-point range, a vast array of low-post moves, better hands than Tori Hunter, and a relentless passion to clean the glass, The Bease will average 24 ppg 12 rpg by his 2nd season in the Association and will end-up being one of the all-time greats.

2. O.J. MAYO 6-4 G
Similar to Beasley, as soon as Mayo enters the gym he’s a threat to score. With a lightning quick cross-over in either direction, a pull-up J that’s unstoppable, and an underrated defensive intensity, OJ will step right-in be a dominate force in year one.

With a ridiculous combination of speed & strength, Rose will be a nightmare for virtually every guard in the NBA for the next 12 years. While more of a true point than Mayo, the comparisons to CP3 & D-Will are a lil over-hyped as his natural playmaking abilities are nowhere close to where those two were prior to the draft. Throw-in a jumper that needs some work and he may need more time than people think.

Just cause #12 doesn't play D, doesn't mean all white-kids can't play D!

4. KEVIN LOVE 6-10 F/C
The talk that he’s in the 10-12 range has more to do with his light shade than his baller abilities. Since Bill Walton, no Big Man has entered the draft with more all-around skills than Mr. Love, not to mention, he's a much better shooter than the annoying broadcaster ever was. Sure he needs to lose a little baby-fat, but he's more athletic than advertised and has a bball IQ that's off the charts. While PGs are the flavor of the year, Love’s ability to dominate the high-post will completely alter the defensive strategy of his opponents.

As for how I’m warming-up to the Douggy Collins 2nd sideline tour in Chi-Town, I think he’ll combine with Beasley to make the Bulls a top-3 team in the East next year. While he’ll be burned out by year two, it enables Johnny Pax to convince a young brilliant assistant to come to the Windy City knowing he’ll be a Head Coach by 2010. Alrighty, enough roundball talk, let’s hit it up with some ATS diamond picks.

While that's not Bernie the Brewer...he's just as cool!

The Brewers have started to regain their mojo, and with a line-up full of righties, should have a field day against lefty Doug Davis (2-2 4.57). In addition...

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June 3, 2008

Home of the Cubbie Party Boat & ATS Picks

Ever since Dirt-Bike Aaron left, things haven't been the same

Before we hit up my NBA Draft sleeper of the day, I cannot believe how overplayed the “Ozzie throws GM Kenny Williams under the bus” has been. With Thome, Konerko, & Swisher all hitting under .213, striking-out more than a hairy fat-guy with a tribal tattoo at the beach, and combining for fewer HRs than Chase Utley, the White Sox are wasting some amazing pitching from the youngsters who will surely tire as the season progresses…and all the passionate Latin potty-mouth said was the players, coaches, & GM need to make some changes in a hurry. It’s not like Oz hasn’t pulled something like this before to rile-up what’s been a very stagnate clubhouse…minus a few blow-up dolls with bats in their azz. But hey, why do I care…I’m starting to board Sweet Lou’s Booze Cruise in Wrigleyland!

But I don't have time for the Sox problems cause I have to find an outfit for the Cubbie Party Boat!

As for my Draft Sleeper, only a fool would allow this Syracuse Fr. to drop into the late teens...

DONTE GREENE 6-10 F Syracuse
Greene 2007-08 stats: 17.7 ppg, 7.2 rpg, 2.0 apg, 1.6 bpg

For all they naysayers that frown upon his shooting %s (42-fg & 35-3pt), Jim Boeheim’s Orangemen were loaded with underclassmen last year and didn’t have anybody to space the floor from the perimeter. As a result, the lanky leaper was forced to move his solid mid-range game farther out and he struggled with his consistency. As for as how his game translates to the next level, I actually believe this sped his development as he showed the potential to be a sweet-shooting combo forward. Considering he won’t be double-teamed like he was in college, Greene will have an opportunity to showcase his combo of quickness & length to attack the rim. While Syracuse’s lazy-azz zone defense probably set him back at the other end, with his size and explosiveness there’s no reason to think he can’t become a dangerous defender. Every draft board I’ve see has Brandon Rush ahead of the German-born phenom, and while the 6-7 Jayhawk may contribute more right away, Greene’s ceiling is much higher and I can’t see how he slips past the Blazers at 13, Golden St. at 14, or Phoenix at 15.

So trust me Homeboys...Don't sleep on Donte Greene!

With that, time for some MLB action...
First off, does young Kirby have a lil Alfonso in him or what?

As for tonight's ATS play, while Albert didn't do this versus a lefty, we may see the same result as Pujols is hittin' .450 w/ a HR every 9.6 at-bats against southpaws...Good luck Odalis!

The Nats are by far the worst hitting team in MLB (.231), have their most dangerous hanging out at the MRI shop (Ryan Zimmerman), and haven’t scored a run since last Friday! And today, they face a Cardinals team full of grinders looking to keep pace with the Chicago Cubs and will be sending their hottest pitcher to the mound in Kyle Lohse (last two starts: 12 innings & 1 ER) (for the season: 5-2, 4.02) While LaRussa’s crew blew a game in Pittsburgh late yesterday, I actually think they’ll be even more fired-up today and have the luxury of facing a lefty starter for the 2nd straight day (Odalis Perez 2-4, 4.41). And as I've mentioned, Albert Pujols...(trust me, u should Continue Reading)

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June 4, 2008

Home of Greggy G's Undefeated MLB ATS (Undefeated so far this week)

Everytime OZ does something seems to work out

What do you know…Ozzie mumbles something controversial throwing his squad under the bus and they respond…well, slap me and call me the former Mrs. Kidd! Throw-in another Cubbie victory against a bottom-feeder, a Bulls coaching (and possible GM) carousel that has the Rifleman (Chubby Chucky Person) flying in to interview, and Greggy G’s 2nd consecutive undefeated ATS diamond pick, and things couldn’t be more interesting in the city that Les Lancaster built.

Nuttin' better than laying around watchin' an ATS victory

As for today's banter and picks, I have one gem for you now, and promise to give you more of my wisdom after 4:00 today...wish me luck, I have a lil interview w/ GM Johnny Pax this afternoon!

With Softball Sluggers like A-Rod & Stairs,...

a red-hot and red-faced Giambi brother, and...

...plenty of other stars, I expect 2 see plenty of runs 2night

Tonight’s contest in the Bronx screams of a Softball Slugfest. While Grandpa Mussina (4.26, 8-4) has pitched well this season, checking out Toronto’s splits against him (while sippin’ on a nice Cab last night) it was tough to find a Blue Jay that wasn’t hitting ova .300 against him for their career. In addition, the Yankee bullpen is beyond taxed, which means Girardi will be forced to make his old-timer pitch longer than he should. While Blue Jays youngster Jesse Litsch (3.18, 7-1) has been awesome so far this year, he hasn’t pitched in Yankee stadium this year and I have feeling will be extra nervous trying to keep Toronto in control of the series. And finally...

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June 6, 2008

Home of Greggy's G's MLB ATS pick

Luv 'em or hate 'em, NY does what it takes 2 get 'er done

Plus they have Jorge Posada back...btw, he's on the right

Plus KC's starter has a ROBUST 6.12 career ERA

KANSAS CITY ROYALS @ NY YANKEES (-1.5 runs) (-120)
40-year old Virgin reference: “You know how ur gay…You have an Asian Poster.” Continuing w/ the clever-azz theme: “You know how I know the Royals suck…they were swept by the White Sox.” I unfortunately watched way too many innings from that contest and every player that stepped to the dish for KC looked, and had the numbers, of a pitch hitter. No joke, their top HR and RBI man has 7 & 38, respectively (luv using “respectively”, but have no idea why). Secondly, their starting pitcher tonight, Kyle Davies (1-0, 1.80) might look good when glancing at bodog, but he’s started all of once this year…and start #2 is at Yankee Stadium against some vets hitting lights-out of late and looking to climb over .500. As for what the 24 year-old did before his wonderful ’08 campaign, 17-28 with a robust 6.20 ER-frickin-A. Toeing the rubber for the Bronx...

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June 14, 2008


Stop right there, I gotta know right now, before we go any further do you love me? Will you love me forever, do you need me?

2008 MLB RECORD: 16-11

Today is a story of home team dominance mixed with mid season minor league call ups. And my opinion on pitchers being called up goes like this....if they were that good to begin with they would have been in the starting rotation at the beginning of the year. So just cause they are in the bigs now doesn't make them any better than what they showed the coaching staff back in February. It is kinda like leavin' the bar with the can tell your friends that you got laid, but it doesn't compare to getting laid by any of the other women in the bar that turned you down. With that, have fun with that monopoly money today and go cougar hunting after dark.

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June 16, 2008

Home of Greg Gamble's Daily ATS Picks


With Alfonso in street clothes for awhile, I'm expecting a huge month from Mr. Ramirez

1. After years of absentminded play in the field and the occasional lackadaisical jog to 1st , the slimmed down Aramis Ramirez has played this season with an Albert Puljos-type of locked-in passion and I bet his numbers soar in the 2nd half.

It's not a good sign that she has as much coaching experience sitting on the bench as Vinny Del Negro!

2. How the hell can GM Johnny Pax tell us with a straight-face that Vinny Del Negro was his 1st choice? Even worse, he’s been evaluating the position since X-Mas and goes from the offensive-minded D’antoni, to the veteran defensive guru Dougie Collins, before settling on a guy with absolutely no experience…now that’s what I call heading in a sound direction!

Just like our friend's match-up here, I think the Celtics will have plenty of confidence heading home!

3. Watching Sasha Vujacic’s meltdowns as he agonizes over his awful play has been more enjoyable than watching A-Rod crap down his leg every year in the Playoffs.

4. As a life-long Camaro-driving Sox fan it pains me to say this…but the Southsiders are beyond boring and I’d be shocked if their above .500 by season’s end.

5. After initially enjoying the Jeff Van Gundy/Mark Jackson combo in the booth, as the playoffs have progressed their analysis has turned into a competition of who has better coaching credentials…on each frickin’ possession!

6. And finally, is worth every penny!

With that, let’s find an ATS play on tonight’s tiny docket

Anytime the Rockies see a fan drinking Coors Light they know their in a happy place!

While Rockies phenom Ubaldo Jimenez (1-6, 4.93) has struggled this season after looking dominate in last year’s playoffs (’07 Playoffs: 3 starts - 2.25 ERA), he looked sharp in his last outing at Coors (7 innings, 4 hits, 0 runs) and is overdue for some run-support. Colorado seemed to open the season with a hangover after their unexpected World Series appearance, but has finally started to regain their mojo winning 4 of their last 6. The biggest reason for their recent success has been the reemergence of Willy Taverez at the top of the line-up (last 6 games - .300 w/ 9 stolen bases). Throw-in last year’s MVP candidate Matt Holiday and Garrett Atkins ridiculous numbers at home (.346 & .353) and I expect the Rockies to sneak back into the NL West race ova the next month. As for the Braves...

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June 19, 2008

Home of Greggy G's ATS Pick of the Day

I wonder if Big Z's shoulder is sore from all the pointing!

Maybe the Rays will be around come playoff time...after watching them face both Chicago team's, no squad has the combination of speed, defense, a solid bullpen, no expections, and no pressure from the few fans in the stadium. As for watching Zambrano's ackward throw and what it could mean for the Cubs, with a loaded line-up, decent starting pitching depth, and enough $$$ to find somone easier than Vivid Entertainment can find a damaged newbie for "18 and Ready for Fun", there's nuttin' to worry about Cub Fans.

I bet (legally) Soto would've at least given A.J. a black eye

To prep you like a fluffer in the Adult World for the Wrigleyville Weekend of Madness, make sure to check in tomorrow for my position by position breakdowns...and for each player that I deem worthy for the Greggy 's Chicago All-Star Squad, I'll have a hottie in minimal attire that most reminds me of that about MFin journalistic creativity Homeboys!

As for who has hotter fans...

sox%20girl.JPG all depends on what kind of mood your in!

DAY BASEBALL PICK & HOTTIE (click Continue Reading below)

* If you only read this when you get my 2:00 pm email, that’s your fault for not checking earlier…I mean, who doesn’t like a little thong action at 10 AM?!

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June 20, 2008


(...with a hottie to match each diamond winner!)

While Soto's numbers at the dish are redonkulous, his passion behind the plate and confidence with the staff are what makes him so special to Lou!

No matter how much I love the surly left-handed a-hole’ish A.J., no backstop is more dangerous than the soul-pole swinging Soto…and I’m talking eating space-cakes, shrooms on a pizza, lost my Homeboys and wandering the streets of Amsterdam late night-dangerous! Even with Pierzynski hitting ova .300 and unexpectedly holding his own in the 2-spot, Geovany’s numbers rival most 3rd baseman while he’s shown a veteran maturity handling the pitching staff…I’ll take Soto by two Micky’s Ice 40s and a bag of Chili Fritos ova AJ

At first I thought Justene was perfect to represent Geovany, but I later found out she's only half Puerto Rican.

So instead, I'm going with my fav Puerto Rican V-ball playa Lyann Puig

While I wouldn't want him on my side in a streetfight, I will take him on my Greggy G ball squad!

Even if he was hitting .320 with 15 dongs...


June 21, 2008


I'm f**ckin' hot, deal wit it...

2008 MLB RECORD: 18-14
I'm gonna keep this simple, I love a couple games today and am looking for a new bff, click below to see if I found one....

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June 22, 2008

Home of Greggy G's still really drunk ...and posting for Teasin' T-Bone's sorry azz

I'm expecting both teams to bust out again 2night!

Because they have Aramis, we have some dude named Wise, it's on TV and the ova is so much more fun to root for...and cause I said so BEEATCH!

June 23, 2008

Home of too much drinky this weekend

This isn't your step-daughter's Cub team...instead of guys like Gaetti & Mabry at the corners, you have frickin All-stars and stadium full of stop giving me shiznit!

Even though I’ve told you for months my Sox suck & will piss away their lead in a terrible division...and that the Cubbies have a lethal line-up anchored by a slimed down Aramis & a hilarious manager, thank you for the 150 text messages that read: “White Sux”…wow, very creative Homeboys, you should get a website. While I’m a southsider till Leonard Little hits me w/ a car, I’m too frickin' busy (and popular) to waste my time following a shitty ball-club all summer and decided early-on not to invest in the '08 White Sux (how creative…I used your stupid-azz quote). Yours truly is busy getting together an NBA draft report that will blow your mind like Paris in hotel room, so stop giving me shiznit for a team I’m not watching. With that, I’m rolling to 7-11 for a Smirnoff Ice and some JuJu Bees…the classic hangover antidote.

I'll be catching tonight's ATS play on Direct TV!

Want to know why….

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June 25, 2008

Greg Gamble's ATS Magic & NBA Draft Luv

With the NBA Draft only a day away, I had trouble sleeping like it was the day before X-Mas or the day after my High School girl told me we should skip 2nd base altogether. As for my hotter than Denise Richards & Neve Campbell getting to know each other-Draft Report, check in 1st thing tomorrow for GM Greggy G's team-by-team selections...and of course, a swimsuit to match each pick! Until then, here's a few quick thoughts and a Cubs ATS play that seems way too easy!

To start, I apologize for not acknowledging the B-Day of the greatest actor & musician of my lifetime, but to tell you the truth, everyday that passes since I convinced myself 2pac & Biggie were on an island making a double-disk…the reality of his death creeps closer. Much luv always Tupac and thanks for making this dorky-white kid think he was a thug for throwing in “All Eyez on Me” and mixing-up “One part Alize, One part Cristal” for all my frat parties.

With that, let's roll into some of my favorite draft moments...

First off, my favorite part of the draft process is when the NBA experts analyze who had more passion in the one-on-one contests...that's like deciding on the 90210 pilot w/ just Brandon & Brenda and not witnessing their chemisty w/ the entire cast.

btw, it's only been a couple years since he was a lottery pick...

Robbie.jpg think the NBA has changed Robert Swift at all?

Did I mention how stupid the one-on-one analysis's are?

As for my favorite draft attire...gotta luv LJ!

As for the craziest lottery selection, I told my Homeboys for months that Redick & Morrison were unbelievable college players, but would never be drafted in the lottery because they couldn't play D... I guess MJ saw something different with the 3rd pick. Alrighty, let's jump into some ATS baseball so I can finish-up my kick-azz draft review.

I'm guessing your better Continue Reading below to find out why...

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June 27, 2008

Greggy G's Cubs/Sox ATS Prediction

It looks like he's wants to be a future White Sox player...and if he is, he better practice runnin' slow and strikin' out a lot! (Sorry, I'm still pissed my baseball team is eventually gonna be in 3rd place and that Pax didn't have the balls to take Beasley.)

While I'm Southsider for life, I'll admit your fans...

...are a little bit sweeter than our fans! ...this is my Homeboys site, so check it out if ur an azz-clown Cub fan too or just want to read some funny shiznit.
They even made a sweet T-shirt to wear on the South Side.

The Dikembe Mutombo of the diamond, Jose “no-way I’m 36” Contreras has slipped back to his 2007 “I can’t handle my divorce so I’m pitching like shiznit”-approach. Over his last three starts, Contreras is 0-3 with a 10.13 ERA and been hit around like a piñata. While the Sox just won 2 out of 3 in LA against a lousy squad (coached by a dude needin' to pull his hat down a little & decide if he’s really going to finish his Hall of Fame career looking like he’s managing an old-timers game…aka Joe Torre), they only mustered 8 runs and still only score when Dye & Quentin are rolling. On the mound for the Cubbies, suddenly-Cy Young Ryan Dempster (9-2, 2.63) will look to hit double-digit victories for the first time since 2002. As for how the Cubbies will handle the DH, let’s just say our DH sucks and the Cubs have 3 guys on their bench I’d luv to have. And finally, while the Sox may be a lil jet-lagged & probably aren’t excited to come home to cigarettes in the sleeve groupies, the Cubs are only traveling across town & would luv to embarrass Ozzie and the Southsiders again. Yes, I'm a Sox fan...and I think we'll get our azz-kicked.
Cubs by 3 to 4 runs

As for which team has better female attire...

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June 28, 2008


Since my Wimbledon time with Ana got cut short......

and she is the best thing in golf this weekend.....

my focus will stay with the ladies that know all about a bat and balls!!!

2008 MLB RECORD: 20-14

After the Cubs disappointed my homey Greggy G yesterday, I'm guessing a good night sleep has them in a different mindset. I've also got some pretty strong opinions on whether the Braves brought their passports to Canada and just which New York team took the subway and which took limos to the game today. Click below to see my picks, and as always, I'm guessing my past girlfriends will somehow get their pictures posted as well.


June 29, 2008


She still can't believe that T-Bone went 1-2 yesterday, but she knows I have something special for her today.

2008 MLB RECORD: 21-16

Thankfully my Canadian friends to the north were able to pull something out for me yesterday, cause my Cubbies have put themselves in a tough place and the Yanks reminded me of yesteryear. So on to Sunday Funday we go, I don't know about you, but I'm having a tough time staying away from the Windy City for a third day in a row.....


June 30, 2008

Home of Greg Gamble's Daily ATS Picks

While the pickings of free agent RBs are slim (and some not so slim), I believe once Kevin Jones fully recovers from his knee injury he'll be the most productive option

I agree Adriana...I can't wait for football season either!

Every time I rip my White Sox, they respond with an Alyssa Milano Poison Ivy 2-type of effort. With that being said, with the Twins & Tigers laying in the weeds & plenty of BBQs to crash this summer, I’m still not convinced the Southsiders are worth my valuable time & will eventually be sitting around .500 (and yes, I’m a pessimist that doesn’t like the thought of Konerko returning & moving Swish back to CF). As for the Chicago “We’re solid except for our skill positions”-Bears, I was disappointed to hear they did not attend RB Kevin Jones’s “I need a Job”-work-out. For the right price, grabbin' the former Hokie & the recently released Najeh “poop in ur hamper” Davenport to solidify the fullback position would make too much sense for Jerry Angelo to actually bring them in. And finally, everyday that passes and GM Johnny Pax doesn’t trade one of his overpriced guards is another day to complain that we don’t have the Future Hall of Famer Michael Beasley.

Speaking of undersized Bulls guards, I wonder who will be paying Duhon to miss practices this year...NY?


Using Cardinal red for support is the sign I needed!

While I’ve never been a “bet-on-Kyle Lohse”-type of guy, he’s been solid this season (9-2, 3.94) and always seems to get nice run-support. Especially with his numbers at home...

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July 1, 2008

Home of Greg Gamble's 100% MLB ATS!!! ( far this week)

Why would anybody be shocked w/ something Baron might do

While the professional hardwood gurus were amazed Baron Davis opted out of almost 18-million for next year, even with a limited amount of teams with money to spend, I thought it was an easy decision for the whacky floor-general. After playing in every single game last season and averaging 22 ppg, 8 apg, & 5 rpg in 39 mpg, the 29 year-old Davis (or as I call him Bearded-Bouncin-Big Booty-Baron) was trying to prove to NBA GMs his body could handle his aggressive style for a full-season…at least in a contract year.

Bearded-Bouncin-Big Booty Baron always get's it done!

Honestly, I’m sure once he signs a lucrative extension we might see some of the Kristie Alley no-longer paid by Jenny Craig-type of body change, but even though GMs are aware of that…he’s too unique a talent for somebody not to lock him up for big time paper or through a sign-n-trade. To tell you the truth, if Agent Zero really is garnering 120 Million ova 6 years after a year and a half of knee trouble, don’t tell me somebody won’t take a player that’s much more loved in the locker room & more team-oriented. Speaking of sign-n-trade and Agent Zero, with his roots out west and Baron’s dream of playing in NY, maybe DC isn't bad spot for the Caly-kid. With that being said, the rumors that he's heading to the Clippers sounds like a Fukudome to Wrigley-type of fit if Dunleavy convinces ownership to pony-up for Elton.

You can have Arenas for 120 M...& I'll take Baron for 75

After sitting back and analyzing the game last night...I came to the conclusion that the Mets really suck!

After watching the scrappy Cardinals hammer the Mets #2 starter and witness NY make Kyle Lohse look like the 1985-version of John Tudor...

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July 3, 2008

Home of Greg Gamble's ATS Party

After watching two months of sappy montages & witnessing Farve cryin' for the 4th consecutive off-season, do everybody a favor...including the Pack, and put the Vicodin down & play some sudoku with your wife...

…unless the Packers are willing to trade you to the Bears. With the worst QB situation since the Broncos decided to split possessions w/ Tommy Maddox & Shawn Moore for part of '92, the Bears enter the season with a midget (Grossman) and a drunk (Orton) so why not…nevermind, just kidding. While I understand Brett’s itch like an NBAer after a summer of groupies in the hot-tub, let Aaron Rogers finally try to turn the page in Green Bay. The only reason to leave your 3million acres is if Rogers goes down with an injury…so, I guess we’ll see in Week 4 then.

While everybody looks better loungin’ in Warriors-yellow, don’t leave Baron all by his lonesome Elton.

I feel for you Mr. Brand…with Don Nelson & Chris Mullin acting like high schoolers that lost their girls & now are throwing their hard-earned Little Caesars money at slutty grunge chicks, stick with your gut and stay in Clipperland. I know it’s a ton of paper, but you’re not the right-fit alongside Stephen Jax, Monta Ellis, and an offensive that plays like Loyola Marymount w/ Earl Boykins at the point..

Nicky the Swish’s crazy antics shift from annoying to hilarious when he’s playing like this

Since the streaky, kinda bad, Konerko went down, the Sox have looked rejuvenated and finally have a defense to compliment the pitching. Especially Swish, who was forced to adapt to a new city while playing out-of-position in center, the move to first has relaxed the crazy-cat and resulted in some solid production at both sides of the plate (last 7 games: .318 avg, .444 ob%, 3 Hr, & 10 Rbi). Throw-in the opening in CF for a defensive wiz like Brian Anderson and the Sox are actually worth watching. I know I’ve been off the bandwagon and ripping my Southsiders all season, and I’m still not confident this will continue once Paulie returns, but just like a youngster who buys his girl a Kama Sutra book…I’m a flip-flopper baby and proud of it! BTW, is it me, or does the Tribe look like they forgot to take their Flintstone Vitamins this off-season?

While nobody is as fun to watch as the highflying Nate Dogg, is he really a PG?

Rumor has it the Knicks will be signing Chris Duhon, cutting Starbury, and letting Duh & Nate compete for the starting backcourt spot alongside shot-happy Jamal. While this sounds scary, from the looks of D'antoni's long-term deal, maybe getting a top-3 pick in next year's Draft is the best solution in Gotham.

If they Knicks want a top pick in next year, why not just let these two start in the backcourt...oh wait, same superfan.


While the Sox are playing passionately of late, after sweepin' the Tribe I expect a letdown from their bats tonight

Want to know why and a couple more hotties...

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July 5, 2008


Before you go to the beach and pretend like you actually like to watch sand volleyball, see what T-Bone has to say about the MLB slate...

2008 MLB RECORD: 21-18

After rolling a pathetic 1-4 last weekend with my MLB picks (2 of them from the friggin' Chubbies during their broom pounding to the Bleach Sox), I received a motivational text message from my homey Greggy G that simply stated 'Ouch'. Yeah, it hurt, more than you know, but my belief is basic.....the one good thing about trends (remember my 1-4 pathetic trend), is that trends change, so in my book this weekend is going to be something special. Have a great 4th weekend, and if watching the Williams sisters doesn't give you thoughts about being the frosting in the middle of a Williams oreo cookie, then mix up a friggin' drink early, cuz your brain is obviously not working how it should be.

I've got 2 picks for ya, I don't know what in the hell she is tryin' to tell ya?!


July 6, 2008


Presenting......the new multiple use tennis racket!!! Maybe I need something like this to spark a winning streak.

2008 MLB RECORD: 21-20

I have officially become the Detroit Lions of the handicapper world. I started out the MLB season blazing while the rest of the world was just waking up, only to go 1 for my last 7 picks. So like any good sports team that is down and out, I am simply trying to get a bucket, score a field goal, etc before going into all star break. Oh yeah, I've got some pretty sweet pics for you as well.

I've got a home whiter for ya that is equally as good as she is...


July 7, 2008

Home of Greggy G's Daily MLB ATS

While Ronny won't be in tomorrow's Free Agent Report, he's been screaming that he should be!

Check in tomorrow for Greg Gamble’s NBA Free Agent/Swimsuit for today, how about a few baseball picks and friendly faces to tide you ova.

Greg Maddux reminds me of this antique door...while it's a classic, it's really starting to show it's age

The Marlins snapped a 3-game skid in Colorado Sunday and...

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July 9, 2008


The crooked-hat wearin' sizable southpaw may be the answer in Beer City...but only for this year.

While the Brew Crew and Cubbies should both be commended for snagging the two hottest pitching commodities and making a full commitment to the post-season, only one team pulled a David Spade and out-kicked their coverage (i.e. Heather Locklear) to steal the acquisition. Sure CC Sabathia (107-71, 3.82) has a more consistent track-record and the experience to settle-in nicely behind Sheets, but the Brewers gave-up their top slugging prospect (Matt LaPorta - .288 20 Hrs at AA), two solid minor league pitchers, and a player to be named later (rumored to be just as impressive) for a half-year rental with a pro-rated 11 million dollar salary. While it’s ballsy and I love the all-or-nuttin’ attitude in Milwaukee…it’s a lot of prospects and money for CC to make-up for in only a short period of time.

While the Canadian-born Harden might not be as famous as this Canadian, at least he's much cheaper!

On the Cubs side, I was shocked Mr. Money Ball and his gigantic-ego allowed Rich Harden (36-19, 3.42) to leave so cheaply, while also willing to throw-in a spot-starter/long-reliever like Chad Gaudin (24-23, 4.33). Especially with the 26 year-old Harden signed through next season and making under $5M, in today’s MLB world, the Cubs grabbed a potential #1 or #2 playoff starter for frickin' peanuts. I know he’s found his way to the DL for long stints the last few years, but amazingly, it hasn't set him back skill wise ('08: 13 starts, 5-1, 2.34) and maybe the Wrigleyville atmosphere and DePaul hotties will keep him from developing a sore arm. And as insurance for the A’s version of Mark Prior, they grabbed Gaudin, a solid young righty with experience pitching in every situation who’s become an extremely dependent reliever this year (5-3, 3.59).

With all the CSI tapings stunting his development, Murton never seemed to be in the long-term plans of the Cubs

As for what GM Jim Hendry gave up, let’s just say 3 out 4 would only look good with Cubbie-beer goggles on. The Patterson Family of midget lefties needed to be exiled from the organization, Matt Murton is not much more than a career back-up/platoon OF, the minor league catcher (that can’t hit) doesn’t matter because of Geovany the Great, and while Gallagher was the bait and a skilled youngster…will he ever be much more than a 3rd or 4th starter? All I know is Cubdom better be happy Johnny Paxson wasn’t finalizing the deal, I’m guessing he would've overvalued all his talent and wound-up spinning his wheels like Derrick Rose flying down the highway.

Speaking of the NBA, I’ll have tons of chatter tomorrow, but here’s a quick thought on the most underrated FA no longer available:

While there's no chance of it now, BOOBIE Gibson would've been all smiles if Ferry snagged Pietrus

The 26 year-old Mickael Pietrus is a steal at the mid-level and gives Stan “Ronny Jeremy” Van Gundy an offensive & defensive upgrade over Keith Bogans & Maurice Evans. With that being said and at that price, why the hell didn’t GM Danny Ferry attempt to pair him with King James? Shiznit, Ferry once saw Larry “Yes, my agent is sweet” Hughes play one end of the floor and gave him almost 15 M per year. With Pietrus’s deep range, freakish athleticism, long-arms, and the ability & willingness to lockdown defensively (when not in foul trouble), the duo would've traumatize every undersized opponent, not to mention, Bron-Bron would finally have a running mate to better utilize his abilities in the open court. In addition, with their size and court coverage, they’d enable Boobie Gibson to play the point full-time without being destroyed on the perimeter…allowing the sharpshooter to spot-up and lead the league in the 3-pt accuracy next season.

With that, let's head to the MLB ATS & HOTTIE portion of our show...

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July 13, 2008


I'd like to know who had the nerve to dig the old Pedro from the grave...

I am absolutely beside myself after watching the Mets one hit the Rockies yesterday. I don't know how Pedro Martinez and one hit can be included in the same sentence anymore, but it was. I know he only went 4 innings and left with a groin injury, but the fact that he only allowed a hit in those innings is still a mystery. Anyway, I'm not bitter.

I can see a few more wrinkles on his face, he must have switched to the generic wrinkle cream after deciding to shell out 1.5M to the Mountaineers...

A couple college football lines caught my eye today, and both of them relate to the mighty University of Michigan Wolverines. First off, I would like to be a fly on the wall with the whole buyout dispute that is still going on between Rodriquez and West Virginia. Although the 4 million clause is a bit excessive in my mind, and West Virginia has looked like cry-babies through most of it, I have some respect for the fact that they stuck to their guns and demanded the money. There isn't many that actually make an effort to get it, and it shows a good step toward keeping coaches committed to their contract and not jumping all over the place at the best opportunity. So Rodriquez is going to pay half, and Michigan is going to pay half to get the issue resolved before it starts to affect their season. Lots of money, even more bad blood, but a great step at slowing down the coaching turnstiles that have been created at many universities.

Just cause I was driving an 07 Denali and super wasted doesn't mean I should get in trouble right? C'mon, don't you know I'm a 20 year old with speed....

Secondly, running back Kevin Grady for the Wolverines just got nabbed on July 2 for a DUI. Reports say he was 3 times over the legal limit. The funny thing is that he just plead 'not guilty' and now it goes to a jury selection. Let me be very clear when I say this....the young adults of today have already grown up in a world where they have received ribbons & medals just for participating in something, they can do no wrong, their parents treat them like gold, and their is no accountability for their actions. I am stereo-typing here, but the majority of young adults feel as if they can do whatever they please because there will be no reprocussions for their actions. And this is even worse when they become scholarship college athletes and get pampered with freebies, ladies, and the answers to tests. It is this mentality that leads to someone getting pulled over at 3 times the legal limit and having the thought actually cross their mind to give a not-guilty plea. Are you friggin' kidding me!! I would also bet money that his coaches and parents helped him develop this plea as well. Sometimes I want to vomit on Sunday mornings, but this has been the first time in a while it has been for non-alcohol related reasons.

All arrows point towards heaven.....

On to MLB where I continued to find a way to not pull out of my slump yesterday, maybe if I plead not guilty I can just think to myself that it didn't happen.....


July 14, 2008

Handicapping the HR Greggy G

Odds are they're either talking about the Home Run Derby...or how to get rid of back-acne!

Hopefully she'll be one of ball-chasers in the OF 2night!

With nuttin’ but the Derby on the docket tonight, maybe I’ll take a day off from investing my hard-earned dollars on a carnival wager…just kidding, that would be like Charlie Sheen deciding to stay faithful instead of hanging-out with strippers, hookers, & nose-candy! With that, let’s handicap this little slug-fest:

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July 16, 2008

Home of Greg Gamble's Daily Banter

As I rolled off my Kola Bear skin-sofa and made my way to the Bloody Mary Station this morning, a strange sensation resonated through my body and I immediately knew something was wrong. After quickly mixing some Milk Thistle into my Bloody, I bolted for the driveway like John Daly for the Clubhouse Bar after 18 and scooped-up my daily periodical. I ripped it open to the back of the sports section and I swear my heart skipped a beat…and I hadn’t even touched anything from Matt Jones’s stash. To my dismay, the only ATS information available was for a couple thoroughbreds, the WNBA, and some football…and unfortunately, not the right football.


I was devastated and cried like Brett Favre at a press-conference to announce he doesn’t want to stay home and help-out around house. I quickly gathered myself as I heard my gardeners laughing as they trimmed my Grass Tennis court and headed to Gym…to awkwardly stare at chicks on the treadmill while pretending to stretch for a run as I figured out what to do with this void in my life.

When I need to clear my head, I roll to the sauna

While sweating out my sins like Travis Henry in the sauna, I realized some of my diehard-degenerate fans may be strugglin' like me and decided to give them something to mull over in an otherwise worthless day. (Oh yeah, did you guys see that RB Kevin Jones signed with the Bears…you probably weren’t surprised since I told you they would three weeks ago.) With that, here are five thoughts to help make it through the day:


Hey dork...lie much today?

1. Receipts exist for HGH Shipments to Clemens’s house
I cannot wait for the The Roided Rocked to through his wife under the bus again and claim the HGH was for her SI Photo shoot. The best news regarding the Clemens-saga has been the reports he’s lost millions to legal fees and lost endorsements, not to mention the ego-driven turd’s reputation makes Barry Bonds look like Denzel. While the actually use of HGH is not a huge issue for me, the lies and strong-armed approach by a guy who thinks he’s above everyone & everything is what makes my alcohol-laced blood bowl. Have fun in the slammer BEEATCH!

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July 19, 2008


I remembered this week how much I like baseball, well, I like anything with spherical apparatus......

Well, I've officially grown weary of talking about Favre after just one week and the damn season hasn't even got underway. I did realize one thing this week that got me excited though. I can honestly say that I found myself twiddling my thumbs and increasing my Pai Gow play during the 3 day mid season break that the baseball bigs took early in the week. I am glad to see all teams back on the field and now is the time when the managers start to get a little more systematic, and we all find out who really has the talent to carry themselves through 162 games.

Whoa, hold on a second, you're trying to tell me the Mets are here to stay, not so fast....

Lets start with the Mets, they finally found out how to lose after taking 10 straight. While I have to give them props for getting this done, the true test lies ahead. The emotional high is gone, and after winning all those friggin' games they are still one game back of the Phillies. I can honestly see a slide in the opposite direction, especially since Philly has only been playing .500 ball recently. Look for Philly to pull back up by 5 games within a couple weeks.


And how about CC Sabathia. I never knew that moving from Lake Erie to Lake Michigan gave anyone the ability to throw 9 consecutive innings(twice none-the-less) and start winning ball games. I've gotta believe that this trend is going to continue. CC has what it takes to get the job done, and he is finally on a team that is contending for a title. This change of scenery was perfect timing and will be a perfect match as the Brewers either grab a wild card spot or even steal the title from my Cubbies late in the year.

On to the important stuff, where words like Sharky and Benjamins are used in the same sentence......

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July 20, 2008


These ladies know all about Sunday Funday with Teasin' T-Bone!

Let me just start by saying that if you don't already celebrate Sunday Funday as part of your weekend campaign, today is the day to start. What a better sports situation to be in then to wake up at 7am and be able to turn on live sports. You know I'm talkin' about the British Open fellas, and of all things, a guy that goes by 'The Shark' (aka Sharky in my gambling mind) is leading the whole damn thing. As if I didn't need another friggin' reason to start the day off with Mimosas and a scoobie snack. And if you're not a golf guy, who cares, become one quick cause it'll be the only remotely legitimate reason that you can tell your old lady why you are drinking before noon.

I simply know things that others don't.......the outcome of games, how many licks it takes to get the the center of a tootsie pop, and that her name is Rachel.....

Switching over to where the lettuce will rest today, just click below to see what MLB teams will join in the Sunday Funday festivities with you.....


July 22, 2008

Home of Greggy G's Daily Banter & ATS Luv


Just like my favorite Lasorda moment, I need to get back on my ATS feet after the Cubs failed 2 score 4 me yesterday.

But I'm not depressed about it. Just like Mark McGoop, I only look forward...and sometimes to my left and down!

But before we hit-up my picks, while I'm not a fan of Urlacher's mumbling-cocky attitude off the field, it was nice to see the Bears & him agree on reasonable renegotiation.

Because after all his crazy antics...

When healthy, he's a lot of fun to follow on Sundays...and that's important in a year when we're gonna suck!

With that, time for Greg Gamble's ATS Diamond Luv!

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July 23, 2008

Home of Greggy G's Daily ATS & Sports Luv

You know what time it is Homeboys...time for a lil Sweet & Salty Lou acting display to rile-up the troops!

Or, just like my Southsiders, the Cubbies should throw some Northsider colors on a blow-up doll to simply relax the clubhouse...wait, is that a blow-up doll?

As for the streaky & sweaty Jason Marquis, the Cubs should've released him and signed cast-off Sidney Ponson a month ago (signed by NYY). At least when he's inconsistent the fans can still enjoy his crazy-azz on the town!

As for the Gridiron, while everybody thinks the Jason Taylor trade was huge for DC, unless Clinton's silly-azz can improve on a 3.9 average and the most fumbles of his career, Matt Jones has a better chance of working for the DEA than the Skins have of making the playoffs

The best aspect of the Taylor trade is if his Dancing w/ the 'Hot-Azz Partner'-Star actually shows-up in the Hogs section

And finally, congrats to Josh Childress for signing the biggest deal in EuroLeague History. Looks like that Stanford education is the real-deal as the dollar is much stronger across the pond, not to mention, Josh has the option to opt-out after every year of the deal!

And I'm bettin' those hypnotic Greek girls will luv his silly fro

With that, time for my ATS Pick and some Hotties!

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July 26, 2008


There is no sport other than college football that brings out fans like these....

College Football got a couple days closer to kick off this week and we are now nearing 30 days until the season begins. With the Big Ten media day taking place in Chicago, we all got a feel for where the coaches heads are at on the upcoming season. I was reminded of a few things from last year.......

Sorry Illini fans, but is that Zook scratching his head again?

Ron Zook needs lessons on how to communicate and deliver a message without stumbling through a sentence. When a coach is referencing a one-and-done season coming off the Orange Crush's 07 campaign, you can't tell me that he's not severely concerned of that exact thing happening. Good job Ron, most coaches focus on the future, you keep living in the success of last year and tell me how that works out for you. Are you the same Ron Zook that drove the Gators into the ground a few years back?

I smell a dynasty in the making!

It is no surprise, but watch out for the Buckeyes again. Tressel simply knows how to get the job done, and his business-like approach is unmatched. Currently, the Buckeye program is several layers ahead of most ball clubs in the land, and with Beanie Wells back they will walk away with another Big Ten title by knocking heads in the trenches. Coach Tressel, you're all spades in my book buddy.

Maybe Ferentz shouldn't have gotten his recruiting techniques from a movie....

Lastly, I was severely disappointed in Kirk Ferentz and his banter. It appears that the Hawkeyes are now keeping stats on how much off the field arrests take place each year and how that is a direct correlation with the amount of wins in the following year. This isn't an exact quote, but Ferentz actually said something like this....'back in 01 we had a horrible year off the field, but in 02 we had our best season in my coaching tenure. We have had a lot of off the field issues again in 07, and we can't tell the future, but we hope similar things happen on the field.' So is the magic formula in football today something like this....hey guys, go drink as many beers as you can, do all sorts of drugs, accept money, use credit cards that aren't your own, and most importantly rape and pillage all these college hotties, cause the more of that we do, the more wins we will have next year. I would love to see the stat on number of players kicked off the team to number of wins, I'm thinking about 5:1. Kirk, I luv ya like a fat kid luvs candy, but sometimes ya gotta get back to the basics.

And while we wait for that first pigskin to fly, here's some MLB action to keep the competitive juices flowin'....


July 27, 2008


And on this Sunday.....

The Pacman is still in street clothes trying to figure out why the NFL doesn't think he is God.

The KC Sunshine Band found a way to beef up their traditional dominate defense....can he play QB?

And the Cubs have figured out a way to blow their wad before they even get the chicks bra off...

I tell ya what fellas, I normally don't admit many of my faults, cause that's not very good for a handicappers mind, but my Saturday performances as of late have been about as strong as a 17 year old in the back of a car. The good thing for you(and my kitchen cupboards), are that Sunday has been stellar. So today, I post my blame on baseball in general....for putting the middle game of a series on a Saturday, because swing games aren't my best friend right now. Then in the next breath I will give baseball all the praise in the world....for putting the last game of a series on Sunday, because what better way to celebrate Sunday Funday than with a bunch of cabbage bulging your pockets. All I need now, as my good friend Dr. Killmer used to say, is a month full of Sundays. Click below for my love and good luck today fellas!


July 29, 2008

Greg Gamble's Daily ATS Picks & Banter

While most in Wrigleyville believe Harden's success will determine a postseason spot, unless he's able to stretch out his outings I actually believe Sean Marshall's performance in relief will be what determines Cub success


If she was on a trampoline, it would remind me of Rich Harden's show on the mound

While Rich Harden’s pitching style is more fun to watch than plastic jugs on a trampoline, considering he’s on a limited pitch-count, strikeouts should be the last thing on his mind. Too often we see Harden work deep into counts before a nasty pitch spins the opponent into the ground, resulting in Sweet & Salty Lou looking to the bullpen by the 6th inning. No matter how dominate his numbers look, if every time he toes the rubber we need at least 4 innings of relief he’s not much more than an average pitcher in my adult book. Considering Lou treats Jason Marquis like a red-headed step-child, hopefully he can ruffle some feathers of Mr. Harden as well.


I don't care what you say...she'll always be #1 in my Tennis rankings!


Could you image how solid Vernon would look w/ a real QB?

I know it’s more likely T.T. Boy heads for a life a celibacy, but how perfect would Brett Favre’s crying-azz look in San Fran? As I’ve mentioned, while I believe Forrest Favre would struggle more than most people think trying to learn a new system, playing for pass-happy O-Coordinator Mike Martz, alongside potentially the most lethal TE in the league (Trust me, Alex Smith is the sole reason Vernon Davis not a top-4 TE), a Pro Bowl caliber RB in Frank Gore, and a vastly improved & veteran WR-core (Issac Bruce, Ashley Lelie, Bryant Johnson, & Arnaz Battle), is that exactly what his Wrangler-wearing-azz needs. I know Thompson & McCarthy aren’t interested in trading him to team they’ll be playing this year, but the game is in San Fran in Week 2…how dominate could he possibly look by then?


I concur...Ice Girls are very important to the integrity of the game


While some like 'em short...

...I prefer them a little longer!

Did GM Johnny “make the safe pick” Pax not see how off-season contract distractions stuck in Deng & Gordon’s noggins all last season? For all the talk the Bulls can low-ball Deng because nobody has any money to offer is really not true since Luol can simply take the 1-year tender and become an unrestricted FA next year (rumors are Portland desperately wants him, and I believe he’d be a better fit there than Gisele with Victoria’s Secret). So frickin’ lock him up Pax! Especially after a somewhat sub-par season and some nagging injuries, even paying him market-value is good deal in my eyes for a 23 year-old with great fundamentals and an always improving repertoire.

Just like her foot, I believe there's only 1-star to sign!

As for the no-D, no-handle undersized Ben Gordon, I’d rather see a sign-n-trade than a 1-year tender with our backcourt already overstocked. Nobody made a worse decision, except maybe GM Johnny for offering, than the former Husky guard did turning down last summer’s offer of 5 years and more than 50 M. Maybe Gordon’s overvalued self-opinion is why a sign-n-trade hasn’t worked out yet, but regardless, I better not see anything close to what they threw at him last year. Considering the Cavs Boobie Gibson, whose value is similar to Gordon’s in my blood-shoot eyes, signed a 5 year deal for between 4-5 M per…the Bulls better not do anything stupid!

When this guy (Christian Guzman) & Ronny Belliard are your offensive stars...that's usually not a good thing!

Do you know who leads the Nationals in HRs? Lil Ronnie “MFin” Belliard with 9 as he hits .227 in the process. Do you know who leads them in RBIs? Of course you don’t, it’s Jesus “Who in the flying-cowcatcher is that” Flores with a measly 42. Seriously, the D.C. line-up is Courtney Love on the beach hideous and it’s no surprise they’ve lost 6-straight and have the worst record in the Majors. Tonight...

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July 30, 2008

Greg Gamble's off to a Milwaukee Sky-Box

I'm guessing the Charter Bus ride to MILW will be just as fun as the game!

As for what to play, let's just say it's like the women...

I like'em spicy...take the Chorizo!

August 1, 2008

Greggy G's Daily MLB ATS & Loving Banter

The only reason I've enjoyed some of Griff's struggles in Cincy is because I traded my Homeboy this card for 12 Junior Felix rookie cards...hopefully Felix makes a comeback!

Considering Swisher hits 100-points higher when he’s at 1B and not worrying about CF, the move adds some spice to line-up simply by sitting Konerko’s no-confident slow-azz. That being said, Junior combined with Jermaine Dye & Carlos Quentin makes the OF look twice as large and gives every flyball a 50% chance of landing in the grass.

While some are jumping for joy over the trade, I believe we desperately need another starting arm.

With two youngsters (Danks & Floyd) probably unable to match their 1st-halves and Contreras seemingly ready for an old-timers game, I was hoping Kenny Williams worked some magic to bring in another starting arm. And once the Twinkies finally call-up Francisco Liriano, my guess is Oz will be begging Kenny to work some waiver-wire magic.

I can't wait to see how Torre handles this!

Jason Bay .282 22 HR 64 RBI .375 OB
Man-Ram .299 20 HR 68 RBI .398 OB

For all the talk Bay’s never played in a pressure situation, with a line-up loaded with talent, I expect the former Bucko to have an easier adjustment than expected & to provide Francona better OF-play and less Advil purchases. As for Manny in the weak NL West, while he’ll produce like always, I think Torre’s asking for trouble in an already crowded OF (Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier, Andruw Jones & Juan Pierre)

Adding Artest & #17 (B. Barry) make the Rockets lethal

After watching the Big 3 in Boston, Houston has finally added a championship-caliber 3rd-option and could easily become the favorites in the West. For all the talk of the Tru Warrior’s combustive persona, I expect him to be on his best behavior and pair with Battier to make sure T-Mac doesn’t ruin his back guarding anybody of importance. While initial discussions have Ron-Ron playing lots of PF where he’ll try to intimidate larger opponents on D & exploit them on the perimeter at the other end, my guess is you’ll see T-Mac, Battier, & Artest provide a nice rotation at the wing spots to keep things fresh for the post-season. In my opinion, the best move of the off-season.

Can u believe Mr. & Mrs. Packer r being bribed 2 stay home?

Obviously I’d love to see Brett in Chicago, but more for the entertainment and drama fodder it provides for then guaranteed success. I’m definitely of the Charles Barkley opinion that last year may have been an aberration for the veteran QB who threw 9 more INTs than TDs the two years prior and had QB ranking barely above 70. But I will admit I love his moxy on wanting to play in same division: “If you don’t want me, I’d rather you let me play against you.”

Spraying outside is legal if you use a know what I'm saying JamesOn?

Despite the fact that I told you the undersized no-defense playing shooter would never see the floor, I’ll admit I never expected him to leave a legacy in Chi-Town. Forever know as JamesTinkleOn Curry, can you blame a brother for causing a little disturbance after dreaming of stardom only to end-up in Idaho in-front of eight D-League fans. I’m guessing the urinating in public and resisting arrest was simply the most exciting nightlife activity available in Idaho.

Want more Greggy G MLB knowledge?...

Enough BS...time for some baseball ATS picks and Hotties!

Because of the inaugural MLB start for 22-year old Tommy Hunter...

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August 2, 2008


I'd like to line up against her to show her how I perform in the trenches....

I couldn't have asked for a better week after going 2-0 on Sunday Funday and then having the preseason college rankings come out. My only disappointment was seeing that the Big Ten is poised for another lack luster year among the other powerhouse conferences. Ohio State is the lone team in the top ten, followed by Wisconsin and Illinois. The Orange Crush? C'mon people, it can never be a good year for the Big Ten when a Ron Zook led team is in the upper half of the conference.

Is this really going to be all that the Hawks can bring to the table this year?
And where exactly are Penn State, Michigan, and Iowa? Can all 3 really be trying to rebuild so much that they can't be in the upper portion of the conference. I will make an early prediction about the depleted Big the end of the year there will be 2 teams in the top 10, simply because whoever rises to the top with Ohio State will get some easier than expected wins throughout conference play, and while the other conferences will be beating up on each other, these 2 teams will continue to creep up the rankings.

For a state that is filled with blue hairs, the coeds for Florida schools are down right smokin'

On to the SEC, much to the surprise of many arm chair fans, Georgia will come out of the gate as the preseason #1. And let me tell you, if they can work through their road schedule without any losses, they should get the friggin' trophy before the bowl game. They play #16 Arizona State, #6 LSU, #11 Auburn, and South Carolina all on the road this year, add on the fact that they play #5 Florida at a neutral site and it all stacks up to a hell of a lot of moxy on the road to escape with victories. While I'm still on the SEC, lets not forget that Houston Nutt is at Ole Miss now, and he is sure to surprise a couple teams throughout the year. One thing I do know is that I am going to absolutely love watching the SEC again this year, and this is coming from a guy that has only lived in the Midwest, but they continue to gain strength year after year and simply have this Midwestern guys attention.

You can never leave out USC when engaged in a football conversation...

Let me leave you by saying that we only have 26 days until the CFB season kicks off, and if that doesn't get you excited, then hopefully the 6 point teasers that football brings to the table will.

Read on for my MLB picks.....


August 3, 2008


Leave the partying to the fans my fellow Bulldogs....

You know, I love sports, there is no other way to put it. But I am already at my wits end with reading headline after headline about how athletes somehow cannot keep themselves out of trouble. A day after the Georgia Bulldogs get the honor of preseason #1, more of their players get arrested. This mounts up to 8 Bulldogs that have visited the cop-shop since the season ended last year. Just how in the world does the coaching staff plan to get through the grueling SEC when their players are more concerned about partying and being thugs than winning football games? The good thing for them is that the rest of the SEC isn't much better off the field, so keep it up Georgia, you are keeping pace....

Hi, my name is Steve, and I believe that words are better than actions, and my coach does too!!

And if you are saying....c'mon T-bone, they are college kids, give 'em a break. Okay, then how do you explain Steve 'I deserve a better image' Smith. Less than a week after he is giving himself props for being a changed good guy and trying to convince the rest of the world that they misunderstand him, he throws down with his own teammate. And he only receives a 2 game suspension for it. Maybe you think that is too much, I think it is too little, and here is why.....Coach John Fox made it very clear that this is a very severe punishment, in fact he used the word severe about a half a dozen times. I ask, severe for who? You take an All-Pro receiver out of the mix for 2 games(I do credit them for making it regular season games), but most teams are still trying to figure out their packages and schemes during these 2 games. Then on game 3 Stevie will get thrown right back in the mix as the premier guy. So the result is that you take the equivalent of a $100 bill away from a millionaire, you let him rest his bones after a 4 week preseason, then say welcome back. I think the severe punishment is on the rest of the team cause they now have to try to win ball games w/o a star player. My arm chair school of thought is this.....make him run a 100 yd sprint for each $1000 he should be fined, let the rest of the team watch him, and by the end he will show his true colors...he will either throw an attitude and walk off pissed, or feel remorse and apologize to his team(not the media). Then make him do the laundry for the day. All of this to knock him down a couple levels and pop his big head.

Sports and gambling is like ice cream and ladies, how can you not love it.

I'm done grumbling for the day, so read on for my MLB picks....


August 4, 2008

Home of Greggy G's Daily ATS Love

With Liriano returning, how did Kenny not bolster his staff?


It is absolute blasphemy Kenny Williams grabbed another softball slugging old-guy when the Sox are more desperate than Tara Reid for a starting pitcher (FYI Tara, lipo on the stomach before the age of 40 makes you look 40!). After analyzing the staff, how could he possibly think they would continue their 1st half dominance?

1. Supposed Ace Mark Buehrle - last 3 years: 30-32 4.25

2. Supposed #2 Javier Vazquez - last 5 years: 59-54 4.49

3. Crusty Veteran Jose Contreras – last 2 years: 17-23 5.20

4. John Danks 2nd full season – last 4 starts: 6.84 ERA

5. Gavin Floyd – Never pitched more than 70 innings in a season

Throw-in the fact he knew the Twinkies were adding Francisco Liriano to an already dominate staff, and its embarrassing Kenny Williams infatuation w/ Griffey Jr. wearing black-n-white prevented the Camaro-driving Southsiders from another potential playoff run.

Want more of Greggy G's MLB Knowledge...

While Diaz was solid in the flick, Stiller helped me w/ Favre

First-off, thank the lord for Ben Stiller’s pronunciation of Favre’s name in Something About Mary. As you’ve witnessed w/ my drunk-azz trying to spell at 11:30 p.m., simply mouthing the Stiller phrase has desperately aided in my journalist abilities…hopefully Mark Buehrle’s in his next movie. As for the pain-killer loving’s return to Green Bay, mark my words…if they don’t trade him early, this distraction will lead to a divided locker room and mediocre season. As for the brightside, at least Favre's wife gets hotter w/ age!

Josh Howard’s Cole Trickle Impersonation
While being in the news for the Cubbies has been fun, being in the news about Josh Howard's latest incident won't be.

After a horrific playoff performance, where he also idiotically told a reporter he smokes the whacky-weed in the off-season and disobeyed a coach by not canceling a birthday party after a Game 4 defeat, I’m guessing Mr. Cuban wasn’t too happen to hear Howard was arrested for Street Racing. That being said, my guess is Josh does everything in his power to become the dedicated baller that made him a household name after an out-of-nowhere ascension in the NBA ranks. Unfortunetly, since the Mavs made a worse decision than a college star who decides to get married before turning pro by trading for J-Kidd, Dirk and the boys are Aurora Snow in Ass Bandits 2 screwed!

While some rely on long-legs, Josh relies on long-arms!

I'm sure the heavy scrutiny may persuade the Mavs to trade the 28 year-old swingman, but if they don’t, they’ll be happier than a rich white-dude in Thailand as I guarantee he raises his game this year (07-08: 20 ppg, 7 rpg, 45-fg%)…and then they should trade him!

The Two Coreys (Feldman & Haim)
Somebody out-kicked their coverage...nice work Feldy!

I was up late last night and caught a few episodes of the “My fingers won't let me change the channel cause this is such a train-wreck”-show about the Coreys. Maybe it’s because it makes my degenerate-azz feel like Father Teresa, but whatever the reason, watching those two interact in a somewhat real world environment is one of funniest things I’ve ever seen. First off, Haim looks like he’s 55 and has the facial twitches and expressions of an angrier Bobby Brown. As for Feldman, the episode I saw had his wife being courted by Hugh Hefner for a photo-spread. And while waiting for her interview the Lost Boys-flameout sat poolside with Playboy Bunnies and talked about the meaning of life. Even better…later in the show as the couple meets with their shrink, who also looks like she went to Tara Reid’s plastic surgeon, Feldman talks about his worry of friends & family seeing her naked.

Careful Corey, some ladies head to the mansion and stay a little longer than expected...Just lookin' out 4 ya Homeboy!

You know what you should be worrying about Corey, how fast your wife’s gonna leave you after she becomes a member of the Playboy Club and realizes she’s dating Corey “MFin” Feldman! With that, let’s take a peak at my MLB ATS play of the day & more hotties.

After getting beat down like Jason Kidd in the NBA Playoffs...

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August 5, 2008

Daily ATS Plays & Friendly Faces by Greg G

That’s really fair Mr. time try picking a fight with someone your own size!

Did you see Manny Parra’s reaction after Cecil’s boy gave him a facial shove? Manny fell back in the dugout and tried his hardest to portray a stoic unfazed expression, but instead, looked similar to an 18 year-old walking onto a film set for the 1st time and seeing T.T. Boy & Peter North w/ evil-grins. That being said, with a young potential playoff team trying to regain their moxy, I believe this is exactly what they needed 2 stir things-up...and more Ray Durham & less Ricky Weeks!

Who has better odds...Tila to win an Emmy for Shot At Love or the Yanks to make the Playoffs?

As Joba Chamberlain’s arm finally showed signs of strain from the mid-season change in repertoire and overuse, almost immediately after he was pulled the internet slowed as Bronx Bomber fans scanned the waiver wire for another washed-up arm…paging Livan Hernandez, paging Livan Hernandez. I wasn’t confident the Yanks would make the playoffs anyway, and if Joba misses any significant time, Tila Tequila has better chance of winning an Emmy than the Steinbrenner’s have of making the Playoffs. With fountain of youth hurlers Pettitte & Mussina pitching well considering righties are hitting almost .320 against them, Sidney Ponson (4.81) & Darrell Rasner (5.23) lucky to have jobs in the majors, and Mr. Wang still injured, I just can’t see how the AARP Yanks catch, Tampa, Boston or A-Rod-In-Madonna

Hey Fantasy Homeboys, let's not forgot who was throwing his crazy-azz the Pigskin last year!

Two thoughts on the Steve Smith Fantasy front:

1. With the most exciting WR in the game "supposedly" suspended the 1st two contests, fantasy experts have Stevie's stock droping from the top 4-6 WRs to the 10-12 range…but that ain’t happening in a league where Greggy G is drafting. The win-at-costs playmaker will have a huge chip on his shoulder on his return, not to mention, he finally has a real QB throwing him the pill. Last year, the former Utah Ute still amassed 87 catches and ova 1000 yards w/ a bunch of bums & a grandpa throwing him the pill (David Carr, Vinny T, & Matt Moore).

2. It’s not like John Fox has a guaranteed job past this way he goes through w/ suspending his superstar the 1st two games.

As for the College Pigskin, are the Rainbow Warriors a late night "play-against" w/ Colt Brennan gone & whole new coaching regime?

For that answer, today's MLB pick, & more hotties...

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August 8, 2008

Home of the ATS Diamond Guru & Earl Luv


Briefly, since the retirement of Spud Webb my hardwood hero has been Earl Boykins...and now, I have to travel to Italy to see him handle the rock. Good luck my speedy friend, comeback soon, and have fun breaking those Gucci-wearing ankles across the pond!

Looks like I found a guide for my Caleb Hanie Bandwagon!

As for Da Bear, let’s just say I’ve applied for my CDL license to drive the Caleb Hanie bus to Canton. After Bradlee Van Pelt (great porn name) Caleb is my all-time favorite Colorado St. Rams QB…besides Moses Moreno. And how about news 1st-round pick LT Chris Williams is possibly out the season after back surgery. You think he mentioned that during contract negotiations?

Just call my the DIAMOND GURU Homeboys!

Before we roll to by MLB ATS pick, how about this DIAMOND GURU
…don’t you guys loving telling people you know somebody famous!

Lester has the look of an Ace of late!

The boys from Beantown will roll tonight because…

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August 10, 2008


Focus gentlemen, I know it gets demanding to have a Sunday Funday every week, but the sports world needs you now.

Baseball continues to get more intense as each day passes, and we are certainly seeing the teams that know they still have a chance as opposed to those just waiting for the off season. And on this fine Sunday Funday, I give you my best crystal ball view point of what the beginning of October will look like for baseball fans....

The Angels continue to look good, and many times even better in rattlesnake skin boots!
LA Angels
Tampa Bay Rays
Minnesota Twins
Wild Card--Chicago White Sox

Yes, I am leaving both the BoSox and the Yankees out of October action this year, do you think America will survive such a thing? But I already feel that the Yanks are out of it, so that brings it down to the BoSox, the White Sox, and the Twins. Of the three, Boston plays the tougher schedule by far across the elite of the league so I have them being the odd man out. I believe in the Twins as an overall consistent team ahead of the White Sox, so the Twins get the division, the Sox get the card.

I'm not the only one that loves the Cubs in the post season.
Chicago Cubs
Philadelphia Phillies
LA Dodgers
Milwaukee Brewers

I give the Dodgers the nod over the D-Backs with the recent addition of Manny, I don't think he will start creating major locker room issues until the off season. Also, having Torre running the show doesn't hurt anything. I gave the Phillies the nod over the Mets. I simply think the Mets spent most of their energy making their big run right after the All Star Break, they have hung in longer than I thought, but will faulter in the next couple weeks.

Read on for my Sunday MLB picks.....


August 13, 2008

Afternoon MLB ATS & Olympic Hotness

Greggy G's Hottest Olympic Javelin Tosser!
Need more research to find my favorite Olympians, but until then, Leryn Franco until 2morrow!


Javelin Sweetie – LERYN FRANCO - Paraguay
They definitely should be throwin' the Javelin in Heels!

As for the 12:10 MLB action between the Yanks n Twins...
Don't worry about the sun distracting the hitters this afternoon...this one's in the Twinkies Baggie!

With both teams desperate for wins, I expect...

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August 15, 2008


The ladies of football are back in town!!!

We are officially less than 2 weeks away from the beginning of the college football season. And while the first Thursday night won't dazzle us too much, it is football. It's kinda like going without the cheeba for 8 months and then when you take that first puff you this ditchweed sucks. What a normal guy says is...damn this is some good shiznit! So now that you understand my football addiction, it's time to roll into some pre-season news that changes the complexion of a few teams.

At least UCLA has some other things going for it this fall....

The UCLA Bruins were planning to be good enough to fight for a bowl bid and mid-PAC-10 finish, but the injury of QB Ben Olson and his foot have completely taken them out of even being a competitive matchup for most of the conference. In fact, with an out of conference schedule featuring Tennessee, BYU, and Fresno St., and 2nd stringer Pat Cowan down-and-out also, I would venture to say UCLA may only come out with 2-3 wins on the season. Hey, but at least they still allow you to strip their CHEERLEADERS with your perverted eyes.

But perhaps the biggest injury in my mind recently has been the GEORGIA BULLDOGS learning that their starting left OT Sturdivant is out for the year. In case you've been in a coma for the last month, the Dawgs happen to be #1 and the OL was going to be one of their bright spots with Sturdivant leading the way. Now Matt Stafford has to sit in the pocket(which he likes to do), with his back to a replacement. Stafford was beaten up enough in the early season last year to remember that inexperienced lineman aren't a good situation. Luckily, Georgia is good enough to dominate most games, but I think this will catch up with them when they run across speedy D-lines like Florida and Auburn.

And if you missed my LOVELY LADIES from last weekend, you better check it out.

Read on for some great series swing Saturday MLB picks.

Philadelphia Phillies +116(-1.5runs) @ San Diego Padres and ova 8.5 runs
With the Phillies sitting one game back.......

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August 19, 2008

Home of Greg Gamble's Daily ATS Luv

How many GMs can say they snagged unknown stars like Alexei & Quentin, and starred in a movie with Han Solo?

While this Southside pessimist is still leery of putting all his eggs into the Sox playoff basket & have been hatin’ on Kenny Williams inability to snag another starting arm, nobody in the league made two more unexpected franchise altering acquisitions than the former Star Wars star.


Throw-in the confidence he had in his pitching coaches to rejuvenate the careers of John Danks & Gavin Floyd, & Kenny deserves the rose pedals that covered MENA SUVARI thrown at his feet!


As for the Olympics, while Russian Pole Vaulter Yelena Isinbayeva was remarkable in winning the gold last night, in my opinion her form will always be considered 2nd best when it comes to the Stokke’inator...


Back to baseball and Maddux’s (6-9, 3.99) move to LA...


I think people might be a little too excited on what he has left. Considering PETCO might be the most pitcher friendly-park in the majors, Dodger fan might be surprised at how Mad Dog looks when their not playing in San Diego (Home: 2.62 – Away: 5.75).

Only Greggy G can compare a Bear quote to cinematic star Brittney Skye...btw, her best work was JIGGLE in 2006!

As for the Quote of the Day, when Kyle Orton was asked about the O-Line problems, he responded: “I’ll take our guys over any in the league” I know he’s trying to win-over a group of vets, but that’s like Ron Jeremy telling his fans he selected BRITTNEY SKYE for the thriller More Than a Handful 13 because of her charming personality.

For some reason...she has me thinking Twins!

I know the Twinkies were asleep for the first 7 inning yesterday...

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August 21, 2008

Greg Gamble's Daily ATS & Bears Preview

Hi my name is Josh Fogg. I currently have an ERA over 7 and now pitch for the Reds. I suggest playing the Cubs at 1:20 today and feel free giving-up 1.5 runs...or even 3.

I agreed Josh, I was able to pick this game sitting in my underoos! You were actually shelled at Wrigley earlier this year and are sporting a 40.50 ERA...not too good my friend!


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September 2, 2008

Greg Gamble is ATS Undefeated in CFB

Greggy G's College Football 2008 ATS: 3-0 or 100%

Thanks to Brandon James & Co., our quest to be perfect this season is off to a flying start!

8/28/08 Wake Forest (-12.5) Final: Wake 41 Baylor 13
8/29/08 Temple (-7) Final: Temple 35 Army 7
8/30/08 Florida (-35) Final: Florida 56 Hawaii 10

Only Lima and Greggy G can honestly say they're flawless!

Just got back in town & promise to have a boatload of luv 2morrow. Until then, here’s my MLB ATS & some additional friendly faces.

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September 16, 2008

Home of Greggy G's Free Daily ATS Picks

NCAA: 6-0 (1-0) - NFL: 4-6 (3-4) - Teasers: 4-0 (3-0)

While Barber's relentless attack on the defense remindes me of Rocky movie, Westbrook's desire and understanding on how to gain every inch is frickin' ridiculous!
BTW, I have WR DumbSean Jackson on my fantasty squad & lost by 3

After a Monday Night double winner last night...
we have an off day on the ATS Gridiron which means two things:

1. Vegas isn’t panicking about Greggy G Nation for a day
2. Time to head to the diamond to fill our investment void

Just because there's no football, don't be sad...

Greggy G's has a few Gridiron Thoughts:

What a perfect place for a egotistical god name Saban!

1. While I hate Nick Saban more than the Q-tip test from the doctor, they are absolutely destroying teams on both side of the ball thus far (Clemson, Tulane, & W. Kentucky by a score of 95-23), and face a Hogs squad with a new coaching staff that barely squeaked by W. Illinois at home (28-24) and Louisiana-Monroe on the road (28-27). Especially with the number much more resonable with the game in Arkansas (Bama -9.5) and a Sr. QB that used to be on Home Improvement (John Parker Wilson), and I’m jumping on this thing before the big-boys move it up to 12 by Saturday!

With the develoment of J.Stewart & the addition of Steve Smith, the defense will have two stars to contain!

2. With the return of Stevie Playmaker to finally opening things up for Jake Del-Spaz-homme & RB Jonathon Stewart’s smash-mouth approach paired w/ the shifty DeAngelo Williams, I’m guessing we see the Panthers act like the cocky Cougars at my local watering hole the rest of the year…confident and willing to do whatever it takes to get things done!

Favre might be cryin' again after MNF!

3. Sitting at 0-2, the Lighting Bolts will be playing with desperation/anger at home...and just like my first non-gay threesome, I cannot wait to see them spank Favre on Monday Night. And is it me, or does every Aaron Rodgers-win feel twice as nice because you can picture Favre swearing in the mirror as he shoves another Flintstone Vitamin in his Wrangler’s!

While new Brewers headmaster's not a clown, he does have a fresh approach that will sit well w. his players!

With that, time to take a look at BREWERS/CUBS tilt tonight!

I’m buying the spiked Gatorade remedy in the Brew Crew’s attempt to hold onto the Wild Card. For all the shock-n-awe over the Yost firing with only a handful of games left, Milwaukee management was almost ready for a change after they were swept by the Cubbies in late July and the sweep in Philly just confirmed a shake-up was needed. Former Brewer player and 3rd base coach Dale Sveum takes the reigns and should provide a breath of fresh air with his upbeat intensity and ability to better-relate with the players. Let’s not forget Sveum was the 3rd base coach for the 2004 World Series squad known as the “Idiots” from Boston…can hurt, can it? As for how his approach my help him for tonight’s battle in Wriglyville…(READ WHY and c more hotties)

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September 30, 2008

Home of Greggy G's Daily ATS Knowledge

NCAA: 9-2 - NFL: 5-8 - Teasers: 6-4 - Hotties: 102-0

She seems ready 4 an invite to the Insideplays party island?

After a brief hiatus due to meetings with government officials on the possibility of (IP) assisting some of the Nation’s financial institutions, while yours truly has more love for our country than the Mavs Josh Howard, my commitment to investing our assets on an island for the IP loyalists has taken precedent ova the US market.

Even before Ramirez's game-winning and 4th slam of the year, many Camaro-driving fans had already named their recent "No Hat Wearing"-accidents Alexei!

As for my Southsiders, who I’ve bashed & previously predicted would fail to make the playoffs, the Land of Oz has more unexpected twists & turns than a threesome dream with my favorite synchronized swimming twins Bia & Bianca! (Like u haven't seen this video before!)


While I’d love to jump on the Sox’s bandwagon (and the Brazilian twins for that matter), considering I've used more back-handed compliments than Ike used on Tina, I’d feel dirtier than sloppy 2nds on Pamela picking a winner for tonight…but I’ll still probably play the OVA!

Know why u can't see a panty line..she's wearin a Sox thong!

The Twins send the hitter-friendly Nick Blackburn (11-10, 4.14 w/ opponents batting .295), who has struggled this season against the Sox (5 starts: 5.67 ERA & .333 avg.), while Ozzie turns to John Danks (11-9, 3.47) who will be attempting to quiet the bats that have crushed him all season (4 starts: 7.91 ERA & .349). Considering both teams have faced these two plenty and will be playing in some cool weather and a HR-happy ballpark, I think investing against both young pitchers is the only legitimate option (Ova 9 runs). For all my hating on the softball slugging plodders this season, my favorite thong still sports Pablo Ozuna’s initials on the crack…even though he’s now with the Dodgers. And what do you know; the Cubbies have Manny, Torre, & Pablo opening on the playoff docket Wednesday…whatever you do Kid K, don’t give Ozuna anything to hit in the 9th!


With that, let’s hit-up a few thoughts from the Gridiron this weekend with a hottie to match…it’s the least I can do after my abysmal ATS performance! (NFL BANTER & HOT LADIES)

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October 1, 2008

Chicago Playoff Baseball & ATS Football

NCAA: 9-2 - NFL: 5-8 - Teasers: 6-4 - Hotties: 113-0
If u want 2 skip my Baseball Preview, Click here for ATS Pigskin

Instead of embarrassing himself yesterday, Al Davis could've looked sweet at the White Sox Black-Out Night!

As a lifelong Southside fan, I don’t feel the slightest bit of guilt for not jumping on Ozzie’s bandwagon this year. As a realist more than dreamiest, with Carlos Quentin entering the season w/ 14 career HRs & a .230 average, rookie Alexei Ramirez looking more in need of calories than a starting job, and two young hurlers (2007: Gavin Floyd 1-5, 5.27 & John Danks 6-13, 5.50 that unexpectedly become staff aces, who in their right mind would have picked the Sox to win the Central.

Just like our friend, with the sweet black background at The Cell, Ozzie's boys looked almost perfect!

And last night, what an atmosphere at US Cellular as the Black-Out theme was a touch of genius. While some think the Sox will be heading to Tropicana on fumes, the combination of playing with house-money and having plenty of veterans that were around during their World Series run makes this a dangerous team. In my opinion, if Javier can beat the Rays tonight, the Sox will beat the young kids from Tampa.

As for the Cubbies…flashy%20leadoff.JPG
While the Cubs may look flashier at the top of their line-up, the Dodgers talent is much more disciplined!

Just like being a fan of both the ba-donka-donk and “Wear-it-as-a-Hat”-azz, I’m one of the rare breeds that will be rooting for the Cubs unless they play Dewayne Wise & Co. That being said, I honestly believe the Northsiders have a much tougher opening round. To start, no matter what Sweet & Salty Lou says, the Cubs have a 100 years of pressure hanging over their head and vivid memories of last year’s playoff disaster. Throw-in a Dodgers line-up that might be the toughest 1 thru 4 order in the National league even if Rafael Furcal (.439 OB%) doesn’t start (Matt Kemp .290, 18 HR, 35 SB - Russell Martin .385 OB%, 13 HRs, - Manny MFin Rameriz – Andre Ethier .305, 20 HRs), veteran sluggers like Nomar & Kent waiting in the wings, and former Chicago speedsters Juan Pierre & Pablo Ozuna looking to reek havoc, tonight’s opener is a must win for Cubdom.

While Dempster has looked as solid in-front of the home-crowd as our friend, the playoffs are a whole new stage!

While Dempster has been lights-out in Wrigley this year, this is a whole new ballgame for the redhead and he’ll be toeing the rubber against a playoff tested vet in Derek Lowe…who btw, had his best season since 2002 (14-11, 3.24) and looked like Cy Young against the Cubs in two starts (14 innings & 3 ER while holding the Cubs to a .204 average). In my humble but correct opinion, the Cubs roll tonight if Ryan rolls through the 1st inning unscathed…if he doesn’t, expect to see the first round of tears from hotties and drunk fratboys in Wrigleyville.

With that, time to give you a few more lovely ladies and...

Beanie destroyed the Badgers for 3 TDs & an 8.0 avg last year...FIND OUT IF GREGGY G THINKS IT WILL HAPPEN AGAIN

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March 2, 2009

Daily ATS Picks, Sports Banter, & Hotties

GREG GAMBLE’S 2008-09 HARDWOOD Picks: 69-57 ats…54%
NBA 49-42 - NCAA 14-13 - Teasers 6-2 - Church League 69-0

Considering they gave Mini Me a handful of seasons...

...don't wave goodbye to Greggy G for one bad week!

Since my hoops picks last week sucked worse than Lane Kiffin's inagural performance in Nashville (BTW, talk about a trophy Cougar...u seen Mrs. Kiffin?), I thought it was a Halle Berry-perfect time to introduce the new member of the Homeboy Otis Van Style! A former Sports Writer that's written the gamut on all professional & college surfaces, Otis opens his tenure breaking down the diamond with a fantasy/A-Roid twist. So without further ado, say hello to a cat with plenty more journalist skills than my sorry-azz.

By: Otis Van Style...aka ur Fantasy Cuz

Just like Jorge sliding unda the radar the last few years, ur Fantasy Cuz has the 2009 gems to help you collect this year!

Prepping for my '09 fantasy draft, & possibly a home run pool, requires the annual reading of Baseball Prospectus & a skimming of the Bill James Handbook. And while I already knew this, I have to say it still sucks knowing the standards for stats have changed so drastically since I was a youngster. Guys that were studs when I collected cards wouldn’t crack most lineups these days w/ their 1980 & early 90's figures. I remember thinking a guy who hit 20 pumps a year was a feared power hitter. Now, Jorge Cantu pops 29 like it‘s nothing.

Just like plenty of potential Baywatch babes lost out on stardom because someone decided to enhance...

...Rice waited too long to get the recognition he deserved!

Clearing the record books of accomplishments from 1994 and beyond or placing asterisks all over the place is ridiculous. We don’t know who’s clean. It is important, though, for us as fans to recognize what era guys were playing in when they tallied their numbers. Take a look at Jim Rice. The guy finally made the HOF this year. Why did it take so long? Well, probably because, overall, based on our current standards, his career numbers of 382 home runs and .298/.352/.502 over a 16-year career didn't look overly impressive.

As a casual diamond fan (fan on the right), did you know...

old%20man.jpg high this CF ranks on the all-time digger list?

After all, the dude is tied with Cubs legend Jim Edmonds for 55th on the all-time home run list. But more than 20 guys on the list above him played in the 90’s or 00’s, including many PED users, such as Jose Canseco, Alex Rodriguez, Juan Gonzalez, and Rafael Palmeiro--all members of the Texas Rangers Steroid Club, along with Ivan Rodriguez (27 home runs in 91 games in 2000 and a total of 45 bombs in his last 520 games or so--you figure it out).

When guys like Giles have a higher career SLG% than Mr. Rice, you know somthing is wrong with this era!

The era of enhancement! Watch out Katie, the feds r comin!

From 1975-1986, Rice finished in the top five in MVP voting six times. Among the 54 guys above Rice on the career bombs list, only a handful did most of their damage during the 70’s and 80’s--Reggie, Stargell, Schmidt, Winfield, Dawson, and Dale Murphy. The former four are in the Hall, Dawson will get there, and Murphy won two MVPs before washing up early. Rice had a higher career slugging percentage than all of them besides Schmidt and Stargell, although the .502 career mark of Rice is lower than that of 90’s-00’s legends like Brian Giles and Richie Sexson. Yes, Brian Giles has a higher career slugging percentage than the Straw that Stirs the Drink.

Who didn't luv slugger Dave Kingman even if he struck out like the modern day Adam Dunn...he's still a pimp!

There are currently 43 players who have hit 400 career home runs. Dave Kingman used to stand alone as the only player with 400+ who wasn’t in the Hall. Times have changed. In 1977, Rice led the AL with 39 home runs. In 1978, when Rice led the AL with 46 bombs, Nobody else even hit 35. Between 1971-1986, the American League leader in home runs didn’t hit more than 40 on 12 occasions. In the 13 seasons from 1995-'07 the AL leader hit at least 50 pumps eight times.

Just like Greggy G at the beach...let's take a closer look!

Hitting 40 is nothing now. Look at some of these ridiculous single-season totals the past decade or so from relatively average players:

Luis Gonzalez- 57 in 2001
Brady Anderson- 50 in 1996
Shawn Green- 49 in 2001
Adrian Beltre- 48 in 2004
Vinny Castilla- 46 in 1998
Carlos Pena- 46 in 2007
Richard Hidalgo-44 in 2000
Javier Lopez-43 in 2003
Matt Williams-43 in 1994
* and the season ended in early August because of the strike)
Tony Batista-41 in 2000 (yes, I said Tony "MFin" Batista)

Talk about sleeper picks, who took Batista in their 2000 HR pool?

With Otis Van Stizzle out of the way, time for some ATS Luv!

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April 14, 2009

Free Daily ATS Wizardry from Greggy G

GREG GAMBLE’S 2008-09 HARDWOOD Luv: 115-90 ats…56%
NBA 74-67 - NCAA 33-19 - Teasers 8-4 - Church League 69-0
Btw, did you know I opened the week 2-0 ATS yesterday?

Taking a quick break from the Association today...
...let's hit up the Professional Diamond and a pitcher with a sweet style that'll be winning at least 16 this year!

Cause just like our friend here, John Danks knows how important the positioning of his body is for his success!

After a slow start at the dish, the Ozzinator's bats have finally found their softball slugging rhythm scoring 24 runs in their last three games (all wins) and belting out four homers in their series opener at Comerica. And this afternoon, the Southsides send southpaw John Danks (6 IP, 0 ER, & 3 hits allowed in his first start) to the bump against 20-year old rookie Rick Porcello (5 IP, 4 ER, & 9 hits in his first career start). And watching the way the Sox bats have crushed the ball in Detroit City the last year, I expect to see the young phenom to be looking over his shoulder plenty this afternoon.

While not as nice as Ali's jewelry, the White Sox have looked pretty flawless on the Tigers' diamond of late!

Of course I'm still skeptical that Chicago's slow-azz sluggers can capture the Central with their "All-or-Nothing"-approach at the plate, but when these bashers are hot, I'll ride them like a back-up college QB rides a freshman sorority sister. And this afternoon, I'm guessing we see more of the same...SOUTHSIDERS ROLL 7-4

As for the latest on this waste of "weird eye-browed" space...

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April 16, 2009


GREG GAMBLE’S 2008-09 HARDWOOD Luv: 116-92 ats…56%
NBA 75-69 - NCAA 33-19 - Teasers 8-4 - Church League 69-0

Why couldn't Spud just hit him in the temple!?

On a positive note and unlike our friend Adele here, at least the FIU students & alumni are pissed about the hiring!

Before we hit my ATS diamond magic, I absolutely luv how the students at Florida International are already protesting the hiring of Zeke. And forgetting his incompancy as a hardwood suit (the CBA dissolved just one-year after he become president and he was a laughing stock as GM/Coach at Toronto, Indiana, & New York), the sexual harassment case in Gotham and blaming his daughter for the cops visiting his home after ODing on sleeping pills is not what you call a role-model for tomorrow's kids. While he'll have a few moments and a few star recruits, don't worry Homeboys, I promise we'll have some fun eventually watching his shaddy-azz fail!

Just like I expect to see this daily at the Insideplays Island (btw, tell a friend cause we're only a few picks away)...

...I'm expecting this oversized cat and the Tribe's stud southpaw to keep the runs to a minimum today!

Cliff Lee & CC Sabathia are due for some of their 2008 magic and both line-ups are feeling the pressure as they've sucked worse than a sorority sister that thinks dragging her teeth is a special talent. Throw-in the opening of the new Yankee Stadium and...2-5 TOTAL RUNS

BTW, when my back is not against the wall...
I%20luv%20it.jpg picks are usually as flawless as this!

April 17, 2009


GREG GAMBLE’S 2008-09 HARDWOOD Luv: 116-92 ats…56%
NBA 75-69 - NCAA 33-19 - Teasers 8-4 - Church League 69-0

As a self-proclaimed Chicago sportswriter, nothing is cooler then having Milton Bradley all summer long!

Just like my reasoning for having Plaxico in Bear colors, nothing is more fun than covering a great baller with more baggage than the Britney's family. And while the Wrigleyville faithful has less patience then my little guy the first time I saw the Garden of Eden, trust me Cub fans, he'll have a solid year if you understand he's only playing 110 games. As for the diamond selection of the day, before we hit-up the gambling docket let's quickly breakdown the first round of Eastern Conference playoffs and look at sime chicks with only a few items on their body!

The likelikhood of this piece of cloth covering her goods is as likely as the Pistons winning a game!

Trust me fellas, he's gonna make you smile if you invest on the Cavs winning in a sweep!

Just like Annabel Chong’s decision to invite anybody with a sword to her party to break a record, King James & Co. are looking to make history this post-season. And in all honesty, I don’t see them losing a game until the Finals. As for veteran drama in Detroit City, I actually believe the players are more curious about what Joey D’s bringing in after Sheed & “I’m not”-The Answer come off the books.

Just like this tease isn't gonna pull those off, don't be teased into thinking the Bulls can pull-off series victory w/ KG out!

Just like Rando, I have a double G on my back!

The oddly-shaped Jayhawk is on my miniscule list of players that can simply will their team to a victory. And while the Bullies have been a breath of fresh 18 year-old happiness of late, Vinny Del Scott Baio’s deadliest weapon will be facing the only PG in the East that can defend his freakish skills in Rajon “crazy long-arms” Rondo.

Like Dwight, some things are just too tough to contain!

While I luv you Sammy, you can't stop Superman!

The Sixers are by far the worst team in the playoffs and will get blown out in all but one of these games…as Dwight usually gets lazy after three dominating performances (Game Four).

It's always better to have more than one talent!

And that's why the Hawks are gonna beat D-Wade!

Just an FYI, this a former Hawks cheerleader!

While D-Wade, pound for pound, does more amazing and filthy things than Kobe Tai in her prime, his veteran supporting cast is too pedestrian and his youngsters are too inconsistent for a series victory. As for the Hawks, they remind me of the Pistons ala 2003 when they started to learn the sum of their parts was better than any superstar.

The Sox are facing a warrior tonight in James Shields!


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May 15, 2009

Greg Gamble's Day to Reflect & Cry

After a miserable ATS week, just like the White Sox...

...and Paris in a hotel room, I'll admit that I suck like a champion! Sorry Homeboys, but at least you'll know...

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May 29, 2009


GREG GAMBLE’S 2008-09 HARDWOOD Luv: 134-108 ats…56%
NBA 93-85 - NCAA 33-19 - Teasers 8-4 - Church League 69-0

With the Lil Dog toeing the rubber today against a team hitting a league best .313 versus southpaws...

xx12.jpg's time to peel back some love on the ATS Diamond!

Just as I told you when Man-Ram was first suspended, the Dodgers line-up was still frickin' loaded and would step-up their game up with the cult-hero absent. And as mentioned, LA is crushing the ball against lefties. Even the left-hand hitting former Cub, Juan "Ted Williams" Pierre is dominating guys throwing from the same side as Ted Lilly. You won't believe it, but he's hitting .552 against them!

Just like I'm amazed after seeing Vanessa in the spotlight for all these years I can't believe she's still a youngster...

...Juan Pierre's ability to re-emerge on the diamond can't be too shocking because he still only 31...crazy isn't it?

As for the Dodgers starter, 24 year-old Chad Billingsley (6-2, 2.82) might be the most underrated right-handed young pitcher in the majors (career: 41-21, 3.26). And while some believe LA might be a lil tired after flying in from Colorado the other night, playing yesterday night, and having an afternoon start today, trust me, teams are so excited to play in Wrigley there's no need to worry bout a letdown.

Just like this crazy scene...

Chad B. & Co. will be ready to roll in Wrigleyville in-front of the crazy Cub Nation...DODGERS BY 2-4 RUNS

After rolling 2-0 in the NBA the last two nights, I'm guessing you want to know what I'm picking anoche...TOUCH ME HERE TO FIND OUT

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June 3, 2009


GREG GAMBLE’S 2008-09 HARDWOOD Luv: 134-108 ats…56%
NBA 93-85 - NCAA 33-19 - Teasers 8-4 - Church League 69-0

While I'm sure you've missed me more than I miss candid shots of Jessica before Cash & Kids...I'm back Beeatches!

Just like Jessica’s flawless photos, Greggy G has been on hiatus training for a new business venture. But don’t worry…I’m committed to more than I’m committed to my relationship with Kobe Tai & Nautica Thorn once a week and will make up for it like Michael Vick after the Turner, Hooch, & Hang episode. And with the NBA Playoffs, NBA Draft, Fantasy Football, and plenty of diamond action, I’ll be back and crazier than Lindsey Lohan with the fun-dip sniffles starting tomorrow.

I guarantee won of these cats is going yard tonight because...

...when you look at their numbers, it is almost like Jason Marquis simply grabs his ankles when they step to the plate!
*I know she only grabbed one ankle, but you get the point...right?

The streakiest team in baseball has won three of four and will be facing a pitcher they own like Travis Henry owns picture frames for his kids. While Marquis has been solid so far this season, check out the Astros middle of the line-up career numbers against the former Cub:

Lance Berkman – (45 AB) .511 .627 OB% 14 RBI
Carlos Lee - (35 AB) .371 4 HR 12 RBI
Hunter Pence - (18 AB) .444 .545 OB%
Miguel Tejada - (8 AB) .500 .556 OB%

Just like our friend, Houston will be all smiles when tonight's hurler hits the mound!


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June 5, 2009


GREG GAMBLE’S 2008-09 HARDWOOD Luv: 135-108 ats…56%
NBA 94-85 - NCAA 33-19 - Teasers 8-4 - Church League 69-0

Watching these two dissect the somewhat satisfied to be there Magicians was beyond flawless and had me…

...jumping up like a enhanced model at a pool party!

Watching last night's contest proved even further how overmatched Cavs Coach Mike Brown was by not recognizing he needed King James to shadow Hedo Turkoglu on the pick-n-roll, and offensively, letting D-Freak just sit in the middle as LeBron went one-on-one from the top of the key. And even more egregious in the Eastern Conference Finals was how overmatched GM Danny Ferry proved to be.

Instead of kicking-up his feet like our friend, Ferry should've been much busier at the deadline w/ Wally's exp. contract!

While Orlando grabbed Mickael Pietrus specifically for players like Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, & King James, Cleveland GM's entered the playoffs without a single player outside of Lebron that could guard an athletic wing. And I'll admit I didn't realize how bad only having Sasha P. & Wally S. would turn out to be, but hey, besides scouting the ATS World I also spend plenty of time looking for bikinis & candid camel-toes.

Just like his days with MJ, while their opponents were sometimes satisfied to be there, they were all MFin business!

As a result, after one game I'm turning my back on Ron Van Jeremy, D-Howard, and rolling with the Lakeshow in Four!

With that, while my ATS Diamond Season is still in the Exhibition portion part of the schedule, as you saw on Hump Day...that doesn't mean I don't collect paper like a rap groupie on All-Star Weekend!

While I'm not saying he'd look as good as Danielle shirtless...

...I do believe Mr. Penny is gonna have a bounce back year!
So TOUCH ME HERE for the ATS breakdown & more babes!

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June 12, 2009

Friday Night MLB Picks and Double D's

GREG GAMBLE’S 2008-09 HARDWOOD Luv: 136-110 ats…56%
NBA 95-87 - NCAA 33-19 - Teasers 8-4 - Church League 69-0

While Kobe's crew pulled out another one, you can't blame Mickael for his lockdown D and non-stop motor!

Just like our friend and her pet camel, it's almost like Pietrus & the Magic have a gas pump in the locker-room!

While yours truly picked-up a somewhat lucky ATS-victory last night, I have to admit Stan Van Hedgehog has a game-plan that's dominated the Lakers. Unfortunetly, the lack of experience and foul-shooting has burned them like a high school kid the first time he uses spermicidal lube! As for Game 5, give me a day to figure out if the Lakeshow & Zenmaster are content heading home needing just one victory in two...or if the Magic are simply demoralized!

Coming off an azz-kicking from Boston, what better fat-cat to break out some emotion in the Bronx than Joba!

And if they get some early runs, look for Yankee Stadium to be busting at the seams like this poor lil piece of material!

NEW YORK METS @ NEW YORK YANKEES (-1.5 runs) (-115)
After just getting swept by the Red Sox, I have a feeling you'll see an angry bunch of superstars looking to take out some frustration against the most-overrated squad in the majors. Especially at home with Joba toeing the rubber, the emotion should be crazy from the onset.

Just like a Tequila a day makes ya a happy man...

...a struggling team loaded with vets gets down-right giddy when they hear Livan is taking the ball!

And while I love how Livan Hernandez has made a living the last six years throwing the ball over the plate and eating innings, this is the worst line-up and stadium for a guy that's unable to avoid contact. So put the groupies & midgets to bed early Homeboys...we celebrating an easy win tonight!...YANKS BY 6-10 RUNS

As for more Greggy G Sports Opinions...TOUCH ME HERE

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