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December 4, 2006

Greg Gamble’s Hoops Special: 19-9 ATS !!!

The Mavericks have won 12-in-a-row, including their last two at home by almost 20 points apiece. Dallas hasn’t played since Friday and should be geared-up for the back-to-back two-game east coast trip against the Wizards and Nets. Dirk Nowitzki and Avery Johnson both have discussed their devastating disappointment over last season’s finals collapse during the past week and seem to have their squad playing at a level not normally displayed this early in the season. As for Wizards, they were blown-out by almost 20 by the Bulls in Chicago Saturday and only have one win this season against a team with a winning record (Cleveland). Washington has been a sieve on defense, led by Antwan Jamison who will be matched against Dirk most of the night, and will struggle to contain one of the deepest benches in the NBA…Mavs by 8-14 pts.

The Eastern Conference leading Magic had their 6-game winning streak snapped by the Clippers on Sunday, but are still 3-1 so far on their current West coast trip. The Magic have been led by the Man-child that is Dwight Howard (17 pts 13 reb 2 blks) and a backcourt filled will speedsters (Nelson, Arroyo, & Dooling) who are playing with remarkable consistency each night.

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December 5, 2006

Greg Gamble’s Hoops Special: 21-12 ATS !!!

I know the Mavericks looked awful last night, but I’m betting they don’t two nights in row. Dallas actually started hitting some shots in the 4th quarter and I expect them to come out firing tonight. Hopefully, they’ve loosened up from the cold weather shock and can capitalize on a Nets squad that only has three players…no really…three players! Mavs by 6-12 points

SIDE NOTE: I wouldn’t call this a Hoops Special, but Louisville and Arizona are playing in the Jimmy V Classic at Madison Square Garden on ESPN tonight. Since I know I’ll be watching it…I know I’ll have to bet it. I’m not sold on either squad but Arizona is 5-1 coming off a 12 point win against Illinois, while Louisville has only played 3 games this year (losing one at Dayton) and are led by 2 freshmen and 2 sophomores. Arizona giving 6 points sounds like the play…but only because I have a problem!!!


December 7, 2006

Greg Gamble’s Hoops Special: 25-14 ATS!!!

Greg Gamble’s Hoops Special: 25-14 ATS !!!

Ok…so Jason Collins and Nenad Krstic are supposed to run up and down with Amare Stoudemire and Shawn Marion…I don’t think so. And we’re also supposed to believe Jason Kidd and his bionic knees are going to be chasing Steve Nash and Leandro Barbosa…I think not…Suns by 8-12 points

The Pistons have home loses to the Trailblazers and Bobcats over the last week and quickly have become an old squad with no bench and no defense down-low. In addition, the Pistons just found out Lindsey Hunter will be out for awhile, which means Chauncey and his mouthful of chompers is going to be running with Jason Terry and Devin Harris all by his lonesome. Unless Flip Murry comes off the bench to score 25…Mavericks by 10-16 points

While I don’t like this as much as the other two…I hate betting two games. I’d actually rather go 1-2 then split and still have to pay the man behind the window some juice. Both the Heat and Kings have sucked this year, but the Kings are actually pretty solid at home and have an above average bench. As for the Miami Wades, against the Clippers Tuesday Gary Payton, Antoine Walker, and Jason Williams went 7-29…and I don’t think they’re playing because of their defense. As a team, they shot 3-25 from the 3-point line and have absolutely nobody down-low besides Alonzo and Udonis. D-Wade may keep them close for a half, but look for the Kings to pull away late…Kings by 8-14 points

Here's another photo of one half of the dynamic duo for your viewing pleasure. Dirk is giving his impersonation of Michael Vick! Gotta love it. Go Mavs!!!


December 8, 2006

Greg Gamble's solo pick of the night

I love Washington -3 1/2 over Philly tonight. No A.I. Enough said. Holla back.

December 12, 2006

Greg Gamble’s Hoops Special: 27-16 ATS !!!

Anytime you seem me making a play on a team I despise, you know you’re good for some free money. Showtime has been the surprise of the Western Conference as Kobe and Lamar actually seem to enjoy being on the court together, while the role players and bench have been better than expected. The Zen Master actually has Kobe believing when he looks for his teammates they’re almost unbeatable, as was seen in their victory over the Spurs on Sunday. As for the Rockets, they’ve been great this season, but all indications are that T-Mac is going to be sitting this one out with back spasms. While Yao Ming may have his way with Kwame and Bynum, I think Luther Head is going to have a long night chasing Mr. Bryant. In addition, the Lakers are sick of hearing how they’ve gotten off to a great start because of all the home games, so expect them to come out with a chip on their shoulder tonight …Lakers by 6-12


December 13, 2006

Greg Gamble’s Hoops Special: 28-16 ATS !!!

With D-Wade & Shaq out, I don’t know how the Heat will score more than 80 points tonight…while I do know the Suns will score at least 120 against Riley’s fat old bench crew. Antonie Walker & Jason Kapono may just have a heart-attack chasing around the Suns and I can’t wait to see Alonzo matched-up against Amare. It’s a lot of points on the road, but I really don’t think it’s going to matter…Suns by 16-22 points

The Jailblazers have actually won two-in-a-row on the road and are actually playing with some passion & a deep beach of late. As for the Grizz, they’ve lost three-in-a-row and seem to be treading water until Pau Gasol gets back. In addition, Zach Randolph has been a beast on the block and will have any easy night against the wispy Hakim Warrick and Stromile Swift…Portland by 1-7 points

The Musketeers are a deep disciplined team that is facing a Bearcats squad that has 4 out of their 5 leading scorers playing their first year under a new head coach. Xavier lost a tough match at Creighton on Saturday and will be looking to bounce back with their senior laden squad, while Cincy has had an easy schedule to start the season that includes a home loss to sub-.500 Wofford…Xavier by 8-14 points


December 14, 2006

Greg Gamble’s Hoops Special: 29-18 ATS !!!

The Warriors are 10-5 at home this season and have averaged over 110 points over their last 5 for the home crowd. Baron Davis has been spending less time casting from behind the arc, as Don Nelson has gotten the dominating point guard to abuse undersized guards in the paint. Not a good sign for the wafer-thin Rafer Alston and a backcourt missing T-Mac for a second straight contest. Yao is not much of trackstar and playing on a surgically repaired foot, so do not be surprised if Van Gundy sits him down once the Warriors are up by 10…Warriors by 8-16 points...2 more winners below!

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December 15, 2006

Greg Gamble’s Hoops Special: 31-19 ATS !!!

Before we get to my picks tonight…I wanted to weigh-in on the Allen Iverson fiasco. While all my sources have indicated the Nuggets are the closest to getting a deal done, I cannot fathom how GM Kevin McHale and the T-Wolves have not figured something out for the former Hoya. Give’em the highly touted rookies Randy Foye & Craig Smith, throw-in the Mall of America, shop everyone to other teams for a draft-pick to sweeten the deal, or even make Philly well-aware they’ll take back any bad contract (except Chris Webber who can’t even bend-over anymore to pick up the basketball…let alone rebound it.)

I’ll be the first to admit Bubby Chuck may be the hardest superstar in the league to play with, but Garnett would thrive as a second option and A.I. may actually match his offensive intensity on the defensive end with KG’s infectious passion. Mark my words, any other team involved in the Iverson sweepstakes will be regretting the decision by March, while the T-Wolves would become the most exciting team in the NBA and a miserable match-up for a top seeded team in this year’s playoffs...I guarantee it! BTW, I got three more winners for you tonight…Read on young lads…Read on!!!

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December 18, 2006

Greg Gamble’s Hoops Special: 32-21 ATS !!!

College Bowl Spectacular…Don’t forget to get your picks in!!!

Now before I get to my hoops pick tonight, let me tell you have much I love the Colts/Benglas over 55 tonight. After watching his defense play two-hand-touch against the Jags, I’m guessing Peyton realizes he needs to score a TD on every possession to win. The Bengals offense has been on fire of late, and I can’t image how the Colts plan to contain all the weapons Carson has in his huddle. Final Score: Colts 37 Benglas 34

The Mavs won by double digits on both Friday and Saturday Night, and are looking to keep pace with Spurs and Suns for leadership in the west. Josh Howard is emerging as a superstar (21 ppg 6 reb over his last 5 games) alongside Dirk, while Devin Harris and Jason Terry are becoming a nice backcourt duo. As for the Kings, they’ve been up and down all year and have really struggled against teams with some low-post muscle. In their last contest on Dec. 1st, the Mavs beat the Kings by 19 in Dallas. As for the injuries, Jerry “I’ve never seen I shot I don’t like” Stackhouse is back from his annual knee troubles, while Sacramento’s up-incoming star Kevin Martin is questionable with a sprained ankle. Mavs by 7-13 points


December 20, 2006

Greg Gamble’s Hoops Special: 34-23 ATS !!!

Even if the trade for Iverson was not made, I still love would have dropped some Jordan’s on this game. The Pacers have come out of the gate slow, but if you look at their roster it’s even harder to understand how these guys are only .500. Larry the Legend’s squad has been playing with sense of urgency of late and O’Neal, Harrington, & the rebounding machine that is Jeff Foster should have no trouble with the 76ers frontcourt…Even if the underachieving Joe Smith shows up from Mile High in time…Pacers by 10-16 points

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December 21, 2006

Greg Gamble’s Hoops Special: 37-23 ATS !!!

3-0 Last Night Homeboys to move to 28-15 in the NBA

Anytime the Kings and their slow ass D are giving points to any team with a scoring point guard and a frontcourt player with a pulse…I’m investing on the team without a Bibby. Watching the Kings of late, they are by-far the slowest team in the NBA, thanks to a frontcourt that looks older by the minute and a backcourt that struggles to put pressure on the ball (and may be without leading scorer Kevin Martin tonight). Even if Martin plays, the ankle sprain should limit him from playing the little bit of D he does and I’m betting there’s a 50/50 chance Ronny Artest is escorted out of the arena by the 3rd quarter due to a . As for the Wizards, after a slow start they’ve have won 6 out of 8 (including 3 out of 4 on the road) and have a three-headed scoring monster (Arenas, Butler, & Jamison) that leads the league with an average of almost 70 points a night. Coach Eddie Jordan realized his boys are better when they run, and they have, averaging over 115 ppg over their last 8. With the Kings D, I’m guessing it’s going to be more like 125 points tonight…Wizards by 5-11 points.

Standings and all picks for the Bowl Spectacular should be up by the end of the week…Holla!


December 26, 2006

Greg Gamble’s Hoops Special: 40-24 ATS !!!

Happy Holiday Homeboys! The Bowl Spectacular will be updated by tomorrow with standings and the spreads for all games…so enjoy the rest of the bowl season. As for my unbelievable NBA picks, I’ve got a post X-Mas theory today that is hotter than a sleepover with the women of 90210. Playing on the road the day after Christmas for teams that are bottom feeders or plagued by injury is never a good combination. Check out my 4 winners for tonight and maybe we can add a little more luv to your holiday collection…

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December 27, 2006

Greg Gamble’s Hoops Special: 43-24 ATS

Who says you can't be over 60 and start in the NBA

Nobody torches the NBA like Double G. After a 3-0 performance last night (Indiana spread dropped to 4 with Jermaine O’Neal out), I’ve covered 9 of my last 10 and started to eye some property in the Hamptons. On a side note, The Answer, aka Bubby Chuck, looks smoother in baby blue and gold than Ali Larter with some whip-cream in Varsity Blues. I can’t wait for his corn-rolled partner to join him as the Nuggets might be the hottest ticket since New Edition got back together. And my Bulls, still struggling on the road should get some good home cooking and will look to run the very slow and very 1999 (Mourning, Payton, Walker, Williams, & Doleac) into the United Center floor. While the spread is a little high for tonight (I’ll probably still take…it’s on TV!), I will mention how I usually love warmer weather teams coming to cold climates…especially the first night on the road. You can’t tell me after chilling in Miami, Gary Payton wants to get out the bus to chase Kirk Hinrich and Chris Duhon. With that said, lets get to my picks because I’m hotter than a tea kettle and ready roll…

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December 29, 2006

Greg Gamble’s Hoops Special: 46-26 ATS

marbury.jpg Starbury scored 41 the other night...but how about tonight?

After my pathetic attempt on the college hardwood, I’m going back to my bread and butter…or in my case, going back to my Crab Cakes dipped in Mickey’s Ice. BTW, thanks to all of you who text and dropped me a message last night about the Purdue loss…I hope you all get stuck in a room between Mike Tyson and Cosmo Kramer. But before I jump into my NBA picks, best of luck this weekend to those of you in the Bowl Spectacular, and hopefully, you’ll see updated standings by Sunday. (I will be consuming large amounts of alcohol so be sure to double-check the results!). Have a splendid New Year’s (even you Huv-Dogg) and make sure to tell everybody at the party that the reason you’ve got so much bling-bling is Greg Gamble! And now for my 4 NBA Winners…

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January 2, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Hoops Special: 47-28 ATS

Will Nocioni be able to slow down Shawn Marion tonight?
I’m devastated that my Hoops record has dropped below the 20 games over .500 mark, but tonight I will change that…and hopefully finally update the Bowl Spectacular. While I apologize about the delay, it’s my frickin money you’re winning so just be thankful I made it though the Holidays alive. 3 NBA winners fellas, including the Bulls/Suns contest…Let’s roll

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January 3, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Hoops Special: 48-30 ATS !!!

Kaman.jpg You think Alonzo wants to rub up with this all-night?

The college bowl spectacular is finally posted so make sure to check it out! As for my 1-2 Hoops evening last night, I’m sickened by the Spurs 4th quarter collapse, but can’t be too upset about the way the young Bulls ran with the Suns. While nobody will probably agree, Pax should look to trade Mr. 40-point Gordon while his stock is skyrocketing…He’s going to command max. $$$s very soon and I can’t see paying him for only playing one end of the floor. As for tonight, I was thinking of just playing the Clippers/Heat contest (which is a Greg Gamble 4-star lock) but realized there are too many hours in the evening and I’m not very skilled at reading or arts and crafts. Lucky for you, I found two additional winners to make the night complete...

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January 5, 2007

Greg Gamble's Hoops Special: 51-31 ATS

With all his winnings, will Greggy G be celebrating with some St. Ides?

Welcome to the home of Greg Gamble’s Nightly NBA Winners. If you’ve been riding with me from the beginning and placed a Benjamin on each of my picks, after the book takes the OJ, you’d still be sitting with 17 pictures of the former president. That’s enough paper to buy my girl something shinny for her ears and a case of St. Ides-Special Brew for me…Holiday-Blend of course. While it’s always invigorating to pat yourself on the back, I’m not satisfied and will be looking to be at least 30 games over .500 by Valentine’s Day…my girl needs a necklace to match the earrings and I have always wanted a white tiger! Uno, Dos, Tres winners for you tonight Homeboys, let’s start the weekend off right…

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January 8, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Hoops Special: 55-34 ATS

I think T-Mac is going to miss Yao big-time tonight!
After a 3-1 Saturday on the college/pro hardwood, it’s going to be hard to watch the National Championship game with the regular-season clash between bitter-rivals the LA Clippers and NO Hornets tonight. While I do think Urban Meyer will utilize the 7 points the Buckeyes are giving him, my only interest will be in the winner of our inaugural Bowl Spectacular. (BTW, the football guru The Cougar disagrees...check out his breakdwon below) If Ohio St covers, we’ll have three gentlemen knotted up with 22 wins so the over/under total will decide the outcome (Kfunk 69, Damian Cougar 58, Gator Mike 45). If Florida covers (which will happen), the Cash Money Brothers will be added to the mix with a total of 59 for tonight’s game. With that, I’ve got 2 NBA winners to help pass the time during the long, boring-azz halftime…Make Money-Money, Make Money-Money$$$.

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January 10, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Hoops Special: 59-36 ATS

With Bosh back healthy...look for the Raptors to soar!

While the Buckeyes late game heroics enabled me to cover 3 out 4 last night, it’s tough to feel lucky when you know the book doesn’t apologize for their backend covers. My so-called good/overweight friend Damian Cougar has already complained this morning about the one game I lost last night, but he’s just bitter because Crispy Cream has announced they’re closing more stores this year. But enough about the Coug, the NBA looks like San Fran during the gold-rush tonight and I’ve got plenty of Rocker Boxes and Gold Pans for ya to use. I may be crazier than Maurice Clarett on the Goose, but I think I’ve found 5 winners in the NBA and one more in college. Let’s roll fellas, but please remember…this is for news and news matter only!

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January 15, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Hoops Special: 64-40 ATS

KG is a man who looks focused baby!

Happy MLK day everybody! While some of you may be on holiday, Greg Gamble is open for business 365 days a year. After picking both pigskin games on Sunday, I’m rolling into the week with some extra coin and more confidence than David Hasselhoff strollin’ the beach for hotties. I’m jumping all over the NBA tonight and look to start the week off hotter than Kobe Tai in sweatpants…Holla at your boy…

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January 16, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Hoops Special: 67-41 ATS

Side Show Bob, Big Z, & Gooden should dominate the paint 2night!

Just the typical Monday dominance on the Association Hardwood for the Polish Prince last night (3-1 ATS). Unfortunately, we have an abbreviated schedule in the NBA tonight following the MLK Holiday...A day the bookies are actually calling a Holiday because they’re not getting housed too much by the members of Which means you boyz are only getting 2 pro picks (that I’m less than thrilled about), but I will be jumping into the college scene for two additional plays. Tomorrow is the day for some real love from the roundball guru, but it’s not like I’m not making a call to my guy today. Good luck tonight fellas…but you really don’t need luck if you’re sitting behind the kid with all the answers. I luv ya like a fat kid luvs cake!

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January 17, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Hoops Special: 69-43 ATS

Only Greggy G can use the Hedgehog to promote one of his Winners!

Going 2-2 last night is completely unacceptable and I plan to make it up to my loyal degenerate investors! Before we roll into the roundball winners, let me give you guys a little heads-up on the pigskin playoff action this weekend. If you like the Bears, bet them now! The spread opened at 2.5 for Tom Waddle’s former team, but as more and more people start to focus on the weather in the Windy City and the dome tendencies of the Saints…the spread will move-up all week. As for the Colts, BET THE HOUSE!!! The ‘Perfect Storm’ is approaching for Peyton Manning to finally capsize Belichick and Brady’s overmatched ship (That’s a little cheesy, but as my boy Damian Cougar says…there’s nothing wrong with a little cheese!) Enough about the gridiron, I know your here for the hardwood gems and I got 6 of them for ya…and half them are going to be on TV! Spread the word boyz…

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January 19, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Hoops Special: 77-45 ATS

Give Ronny Mexico a break...dude's got glaucoma!

After all the success, its funny waking up feeling like the stock-market crashed when you go 2-2…And of course the SHOCKERS don’t cover! I even got in trouble from my girl for posting those pictures and that little mid-major Beeatch can’t even cover against the Redbirds! At least nobody lost more than some OJ with my picks…by the way, anybody got a book that charges less than 10%?

Enough chit-chat, it’s time for Roundball analysis of the Association…I love this ATS game! Will LeBron really lose 3 in-a-row, can Ronny Artest stand to lose 8 in-a-row, and is it true that Asia Carrera doesn’t give happy endings? Don’t worry…Greggy G’s got the answers. Check us out all weekend for BBall plays and plenty of pigskin info. I live in Chi-Town so let me be your weather man for Sunday's Bears/Saints tilt.

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January 22, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Hoops Special: 78-47 ATS

Shaq might be back...but in what kind of shape!

After a week of NBA picks that made my Tarot Card consultant ask me to read her palm , (not counting KG getting booted and the T-Wolves losing in OT on Friday) I got greedy on Sunday and put 95% of last weeks winnings on Peyton Manning (the other 5% went to Caviar and Alize baby!). You know it’s your year when Da Bears book a ticket to Miami earlier in the day and the spread for the Colts lines up the way it did yesterday and you win by a point as the Horseshoes take their only lead with a minute left!

But enough about how cool and rich I am, let’s try to make you some money on the hardwood tonight and at least show you a gratuitous photo of the Olsen Twins. My goal was to be 30 games over .500 by Valentines Day so I can buy my girl that pony she’s always wanted…but it looks like we’re already past that and I got some extra time to add a diamond encrusted grill to her Feb 14th gift package. I love the Bears, I love the NBA, and I love staying up late watching Gonzaga and Portland…and not because I want to see if the Zags can utilize the high-post!

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January 23, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Hoops Special: 79-49 ATS

Dirk looks more focused this year than in the past!

After watching the Spurs mount a 20 point lead, it was rather disappointing to watch their bench casually piss it away with more disregard than the time I pissed on the coffee table (full of bills) that my girl had just prepared to mail. While I can bitch about that game, watching the Wade’less Heat go on a 27-0 run in the first quarter against the Knicks was a more embarrassing play than the time I bet someone that Bam Morris would be a Top-10 running back for years to come…well, at least he was a Top-10 RB when it came to providing half the nation with the Wacky terbacky. So enough whining about my 1-2 performance last night, you guys all know another undefeated evening is right around the corner. I’ve got 5 more for ya…and probably at least one or two gratuitous photos that will make you smile…

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January 25, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Hoops Special: 84-56 ATS


Thanks ladies…I needed it after my 2-5 performance last night. But yes, I’m a year older and hopefully for my ATS players, a year wiser. My pics are going to be brief today, but the pictures from my last few parties will be plentiful. I’ve got big plans today…instead of just gambling on sports, my boyz are throwing me a little poker party and I think there is already an over/under on Tequila shots. Sorry again bout last night, but I’m guessing the gambling gods may have some luv for the Birthday boy tonight!

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January 26, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Hoops Special: 84-60 ATS

Greggy G's lookin to Bounce Back!

It was hard to stay focused on Texas Hold’em last night with TNT blaring in the background as I swear I heard Sir Charles Barkley say…Greg Gamble needs to regroup worse than 98 degrees. Without a doubt, I’ve officially hit my first rough spot of the hardwood season. I even collected some nice Benjamins earlier this week and if I’m not careful I going to be giving them right back! But a veteran of this game doesn’t sulk like my Indian friend Kris playing cards… he puts the women and children to bed and goes looking for dinner. I live my life like Ice Cube’s father in the award-winning movie FRIDAY: “You win some, and lose some, but live…you live to fight another day!” Game on Boyz…and while I usually take the weekend light, expect plenty of pics and picks because daddy don’t want to see the book next week.

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January 28, 2007

Greg Gamble's Hoop Special: 87-65 ATS

Greggy G's still #1 to me!

I will be betting against the Celts the rest of the year. I honestly believe the injuries to Pierce and Wally are more severe since Oden & Durant are in the upcoming draft. As for the Wiz, they love to blow teams out and this will be no exception…Wizards by 9-15 points
...I've got 5 more winners below...Let's roll!!!

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January 30, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Hoops Special: 94-68 ATS

Baron should have an easy time directing traffic tonight

Before I jump into my plays today, I’ve been asked by many of my loyal readers to move all gratuitous photos off the opening/newsletter intro of the site. While I think in today’s day an age showing a little leg or nice thong pic should be acceptable almost anywhere, I will oblige and keep all the most entertaining pieces of art above my picks. Now that we’ve covered the human resources department of our show, let’s make some cash so we can have some prawns, caviar, and Hennessey for lunch tomorrow. After a 2-1 evening last night, I was tempted to make a few more plays today…but didn’t see too much jumping off opening lines this morning. While I’ve got 3 picks for you, the first one seems like a gift from the Asian massage parlor that you didn’t see coming. I’m dropping three times as much on my first pick, and while that’s not really a lock…I’ll tell you it was tomorrow if it wins!

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January 31, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Hoops Special: 95-71 ATS

Just like my Homegirl...I need to be Perfect tonight!

Ouch…I was hoping for Shrimp and Hennessey for lunch, but instead I’ll be sippin’ on some Boone’s Farm and warmin-up some Chx Picante Ramen. But as most prominent gamblers know, you must not dwell…only double up! I love the NBA tonight, especially with Kobe good and angry after the suspension and playing the CBA Celts, and I’ve also even found a few college gems after analyzing over 50 upcoming games last night. I’ll keep it short since most of you are not too thrilled with me today…but tomorrow I hoping to get more luv than Adam Orvi at his Bar Mitzvah.

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February 1, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Hoops Special: 98-74 ATS

The Suns have someone from France, Brasil, & Canada, but you know what they're missing...

Because the Spurs were my only NBA loss last night, I’m sure most of you think I’m holding a grudge worse than a porn star that got some shiznit in her hair. But after thoroughly analyzing the Spurs last night, I came to a pretty obviously conclusion…they’re slower than the first girl I got lucky with! Popovich’s line-up uses a lot of Robert Horry, Brent Barry, Michael “He looks like the black-version of my great uncle” Finley & Fabio Oberto, while the great Timmy-D seems more methodical then ever and Manu “I’ve got a bigger nose than Greg Gamble” Ginobili looks a little dazed after taking the dirty forearm from Kobe. Parker is the exception in the group, but his speed is really only used on the pick-n-roll as it’s tough to have a 1 on 2, 3, or 4 break in the NBA. You know D’Antoni and Nash were licking their chops watching the contest last night, and I have no idea how the Spurs are going to slowdown Marion & Stoudemire on the break and Barbosa from anywhere on the floor. Phoenix wants to get this into a track meet early with the Spurs coming off a tough battle in Utah, so while 6 points may seem like a lot…I wouldn’t be surprised if the Suns win by 16! This is a statement game for PHX and they’ve caught the Spurs at the right time…Nash & Co. by 10-16 points

Want some more picks and pics…I know, you just want the pics…enjoy!

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February 2, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Hoops Special: 100-75 ATS

Greggy G hits the Century mark...Hell ya!Welcome%20to%20Century%20Mark%21.jpg
Who needs an Angel on your shoulder when you've got Greg Gamble in your pocket...Alright take the damn Angel

One of these days the Celtics are going to screw me…but not tonight! The Clippers have won 6 out 7 and are finally utilizing all their talent. Sam “I Am an odd lookin’-fellow” has been crafty veteran of late that would make Ron Jeremy proud, and it looks like Elton has finally recovered from his USA Bball experience this summer. And as I’ve mentioned before, it’ll never be written…but the Celts are looking for more balls (ping-pong) than an insecure freshman hottie on fraternity row…The Clipp by 8-14 points

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February 11, 2007

Greg Gamble's ATS Hoop Special

I did a lot of research for ya fellaz
...this one should be easy!

You will never believe where the lady and her parents are making me go today...Let's just say I've got a lot of explaining to do about those young panties on the website. I'll be back after the lovely morning (without a bloody) and have some late Sunday action...SUNDAY FUNDAY.

I know the Spurs beat my ass worse the Nolan Ryan stomped Robin Ventura, but I don't see a Western Conference team like the Spurs losing two in-a-row in Florida. Tony Parker should have a field day against the AARP point guards of the HEAT and Mr. Duncan has a nice height advantage on Udonis to keep this one under control for Pops. I'm guessing the line is going to be moving up all day, but I got to go...and you know I don't want to!

Just like these ladies, the Spurs aren't that flashy...but much better than anything I saw last night!
"Have fun at Sunday School Mr. Gamble...You need it!"

Greg Gamble's Late Night Monday Comeback

Sorry for the delay...we had some technical difficulties...
I can tell these girls support Santa Clara from their Tan Lines!

Won’t it be nice if we’re all part of the end to the Zags 50 game home winning streak? For the first time in years, Gonzaga has not totally dominated (18-8) the regular season and doesn’t have a frontcourt that matches every big-time conf. in the land. To make matters worse, 6-11 Josh Heytvelt, the teams leading shot-blocker/rebounder and 2nd leading scorer was suspended indefinitely after he was stopped by police Friday doing his best Willie Nelson imitation (The evil weed and magic mushrooms were illegality found in the car he and a red-shirt freshmen teammate were in). As for Santa Clara, since losing to Zags in early January they’ve won 7 of 8, are tied for the conf. lead with Gonzaga, and are loaded with some frontcourt behemoths. In addition, legendary coach Dick Davey just announced he’ll be retiring at the end of the season and I just have a feeling they could actually pull this one off tonight. Oh yeah, and it’s a late night ESPN2 special so break out a fresh pack of Newports and a mix-up a fresh batch of Schnapps n’ Cream Soda…this is going to be fun…Santa Clara in a buzzer-beater

While it may be too late to tell you...I also liked West Virginia +9.5 at Georgetown and the Atlanta Hawks +8...sorry again for the delay

The Sun shines in Phoenix...
...but not when Nash and Diaw are out

Andres Nocioni is out for the Bullies, but Nash is out and Diaw looks doubtful. Without those two the Suns highflying offense doesn't have a floor general...Bulls by 1-6 points

The Suns get lots of easy shots because of Nash n' Diaw...but not tonight. In addition, the Bulls don't want P.J. Brown, Sweetney, Malik Allen to run with Shawn and points 196-202

February 13, 2007

Greg Gamble's Hoop Totals: 118-91 ATS

Just like we told ya...Zags.jpg
...the Zags Magic Bus doesn't help at home!

In our endeavor to server you better we had some technical problems yesterday, but are back in action today and ready to make some money. I was able to post my beautiful Santa Clara play late yesterday as the Zig-Zags lost their first home game in over 50 contests. However, I did send out some personal picks to my fellow degenerates thru email yesterday, but as I’m sure you understand…I cannot add those totals to the sight. I know I’m shadier than the little white swimmers that helped out Anna Nicole, but I hope you all enjoy the picks and the pics…HOLLA!

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February 15, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Hoop Special: 121-95 ATS

You know why I luv Dirk, he works hard...Dirk.jpg
...and he plays Frickin Hard!

We’ve got the last of our NBA action before the All-Star break, but lucky for me…my guy takes over/unders on the 3-point contest. Anyway, I should have listened to The Cougar last night…the fat-azz told me to take Duke over BC, but I brushed him off quicker than a call-girl after you finish your “mini” Peter North impersonation. We’ve got two NBA battles on TNT tonight, some Pac-10 luv, and a Sun Belt Special that you’d only find on the leader of useless roundball knowledge…inside “M*tha F*ckin” plays! My girl’s watching Grey’s tonight, while I’m hitting the Clybar to enjoy the rivalry that is North Texas versus the Denver Pioneers. By the way, looks like tomorrow we’ve only got some Ivy League action, so I’m hoping my insider Gator Mike knows who had a big nuclear-physics test this week.

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February 20, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Hoop Special: 127-102 ATS

KG is just too good...KG.jpg
...for the T-Wolves to be so average!

The NBA is back boyz…and my banker is happier than Brett Farve winning a $100 shopping spree at CVS Pharmacy. Besides investing on the professionals action tonight, I also really want to play the Spartans as the Badgers will travel to the house that Izzo, Steve Smith, Shawn Respert, & Mo Pete built (screw Mateen and his large azz-chompers!), but I don’t know if I have the balls to bet against a guy named Alando. I have a feeling that Wisconsin may be looking ahead to their tilt with the Buckeyes on Sunday, but it’s soo hard to put my church money on a team led by the short skinny white Drew “Derek Ravio” Neitzel. Oh well, maybe by the end of my pointless banter today I’ll have changed my mind…but who cares, there’s NBA action tonight and it’s M*tha F*ckin frat-tastic!

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February 21, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Hoop Special: 127-106 ATS

Can Vince rise above the trade rumors...
...and come up with a win tonight?

Ouch…Last night was more painful then getting that little Q-Tip in college when they check for the opposite of happy endings! They only guy that won me some dinero was Derek Ravio and Michigan State…or maybe that was Drew Neitzel dropping bombs. But just like my Homeboy Mr. Bobbit in “John Wayne Bobbitt Un-Cut”…I’m a fighter and I will strap it on again tonight. Enough chit-chat, I stayed up late with a couple glasses of scotch and a little lip candy…care of the Bear, and researched like I was charge of finding the girls for the SI Swimsuit Addition. Its Wednesday fellaz, the day Greggy G puts the women and children to bed and goes looking for frickin’ dinner…and dinner tomorrow is going to be King Crab Legs in a Butter-Truffle sauce after playing the 8 games I’ve got tonight!

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February 22, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Hoop Special: 129-111 ATS

Looks like Wade won't be soarin' for awhile!
He may always get up...but sometimes he needs a wheelchair!

So much for having King Crab legs in a Lemon Truffle sauce for lunch. It looks like I’ll be snacking on some Buddig Corn Beef on a tortilla washed down with some H20 spiked with a lemon wedge and Hawkeye Vodka…and not my lemon wedge…I’m stealing that shiznit from our office fridge. But whether you luv me or hate, I’m coming back for more punishment like Rocky Balboa…minus the roids. With that said, instead of justifying my gambling existence, I’ve got a quick Bulls thought for ya. I am praying that the injury to D-Wade entices Paxson, Skiles, & Co. to make a big splash before the deadline. The Bullies have so many young assets and draft picks this year, no matter who they give up for Gasol they’ll still have an unbelievable young core. The East is more wide-open than Brittany’s felted-mound and I just can’t take another minute of P.J. Brown, Malik Allen, & Michael Sweetney getting their shot tossed like Andy Dick at the penitentiary. On that note, Greggy G’s starring a new streak and I hope your riding with me when it hits! Tonight looks easy…thanks to you Mr. Wade!

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February 23, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Hoop Special:130-113 ATS

I would have been as happy as you Avery if you...
just kept Austin "Vince Vaughn" Croshere out of the game!

ARE YOU FRICKIN’ KIDDING ME! With the Mavs up 32 points a few minutes into the 4th quarter, I actually put a W (win) in my notepad, slammed the last of my Templeton Rye Whiskey, and got my warm Houston Oilers Zubaz out of the dryer. Next thing I know, Dallas has got some 4-foot dude named Jose Juan “why are you in the frickin’ game” Barea and James Posey is making it rain from downtown like Pac-Man Jones in Vegas. Speaking of making it rain (which sounds like fun), I’ve got a Bachelor party this weekend and I was hoping to do just that at the local entertainment club…unfortunately, after the Mavs made me consider pulling a Corey Dillon from this profession, I’m going to have to Make it Rain with 8 M*tha F*ckin Dollars! But no need to panic loyal compadres (all 9 of ya), I’m not retiring because I need money like Scottie Pippen and will be playing this game until my frickin’ wheels fall off…or until I have to sell my hub-caps! Check back all weekend, I’ll have some picks & pics and for ya and plenty of drunk banter.

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February 27, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Hoop Special: 134-118 ATS

Kobe looked like it was 2002 last night...
...thank god, cause he was my only win anoche!

I am completely done with the least for today. It's strickly NBA Action for me tonight and hopefully that win streak I keep talking about!

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February 28, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Hoop Special: 135-120 ATS

Only Greggy G can compare his ATS Season...Brian%20Williams.jpg the boat of former Bull Brian Williams

My record is sinking faster than Bison Dele hanging on his boat with a bunch of relatives. I’m sick of watching my boys get down in the 1st quarter or let their crappy bench blow it late…I need my coaches to ensure a fast start, a furious finish, a mentality to cheat-like hell, and most importantly, know what the damn line is! I’ve decided not to bore you with my banter until I finally find that win streak or I head on another road trip. Game-on Gambling Gods, I’ve got 4 playing tonight...and I need all 4 to cover!

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March 2, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Hoop Special: 140-123 ATS …but 88-69 ATS in the NBA!!!

As the season progresses and playoffs near, the NBA on Friday night becomes more predictable than Rex Grossman throwing into the flat. The young up-incoming teams fighting for an improved playoff position play with reckless abandon, the veteran playoff squads start to rest their starters and give the night off to the crusty old-timers, and the bottom feeders only seem to play well on Friday if they’re in a city without a great nightlife. It’s the finally 25 games of the regular season and the book knows we’ll be collecting more than that kid in December whose mom is Jewish and Dad loves Jesus. Let’s make this a profitable weekend fellaz…you know I need it. Happy Birthday Big Trev…Much Luv from Greggy G and boyz!

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March 4, 2007

Greg Gamble's NBA Special: 91-70 ATS ...143-124 ATS Overall

Greggy G...winner of 6 of his last 7 in the NBA homeboys!

Nobody is playing worse than the Warriors right now. They started their road-trip early last week desperately holding on to slim playoff hopes…and then proceeded to get blown-out by an average of 20 pts per contest by the Bucks, Bulls, and the frickin’ KNICKS! In addition, half the roster is questionable on the injury report and new Savior Don Nelson just proclaimed to the cameras that they basically suck and he’s failed…not a good combo on the road. As for MJs old-team, after a solid 1st half of the season, injuries to two of the three amigos left Gilbert the Great all by his lonesome and Wiz slowly started to fall in the standings...But WAIT! Caron Bulter & Antawn Jamison are now back, and even though they’ve only started one game, what better way to get your feet wet than against the Warriors. They also know they need to solidify their playoff position, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they ran off a nice little win streak. This has blow-out written all over-it like a fratboy after a house party…Wizards by 16-22 points

While it took me more than half the year to figure out, I’ve never seen a team with more talent play so lifeless and uninspired in all my degenerate life. Just like the Warriors, desperately holding out hope that they could make the playoffs, the T-Wolves proceeded to get absolutely throttled by the Mavs & Jazz at home. I know those two are good, but it’s looking so bad that KG isn’t even bouncing around and screaming. As for the Celtics, I know everybody thinks they should lose games on purpose to get Durant or Oden, but try telling that to some hungry youngsters who were a laughing stock during the losing streak and a veteran who wants to prove everybody wrong. Paul Pierce and his new crew have won 3 in-a-row, including an awesome overtime win last night at New Jersey (Al Jefferson had 32 pts, 18 pts, & 2 blks…maybe the best low-post threat in the East after Shaq) and are coming home to some crazy fans who are desperate to witness a blow-out on Sunday afternoon…Celts by 12-18 points

March 5, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Daily NBA Special: 92-71 ATS ...and 144-125 ATS in the NBA!!!

A solid 4-2 weekend on the hardwood has boosted the moral throughout the’s offices and hallways…and actually given me an opportunity to take my girl to a restaurant that isn’t BYOB. Not much action tonight, but enough to give you a reason to buy a 40 oz., a Totino’s Party Pizza, and the NBA package to catch the classic rivalry that is the Bobcats vs the Jazz. Holla at your boy!

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March 6, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Daily NBA Special: 93-71 ATS …and 146-125 ATS Overall!!!

Is there a better way to start the week, besides maybe a couple brownies with some flavorful herbs, than an undefeated evening on the hardwood? While some splendid defense by VCU in the final minutes gave me a backend cover, the Jazz made things easy by blowing-out the Bobcats by the 3rd quarter and enabling me to actual turn off the tube, sip on some brandy, and finish my girl’s scarf I’ve been crocheting for the last year and a half. As for tonight, there are slimmer pickings than at the gentelmen’s club at BYU so I’m playing it light again. Greggy G’s covered 6 of his last 8…have you? HOLLA

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March 7, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Daily NBA Special: 94-72 ATS

My real boss has actually asked me to do some important work today (like checking injury reports and who’s not playing because their stuck in the poky isn’t important), so instead of my mindless banter….all I can offer is three lay-ups on the NBA hardwood tonight. Even though NCAA conference tourney time here, you know I’ll be tied-up like Kobe Tai watching the 76ers battle the Supersonics tonight…Game-on little BEEATCHES!

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March 9, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Daily NBA Special: 95-74 ATS

March Madness is upon us fellaz…which means I’ll either be dining all of April at Smith & Wollensky’s or bringing coupons to the Weiner Circle. Speaking of a Weiner Circle, how about those rumors involving the former LSU women’s basketball coach and some of her current and former players. All I know is her name is Pokey…and I think she was poking around with some things she shouldn’t have been. But enough about the fundamentally sound female roundballers, it’s Friday Night in the NBA and I’m beaming with more confidence than Tom Brady’s sperm. Check us out all weekend, and make sure to tell your Grandma to sign-up for our daily newsletter…it’s hotter than a M*tha F*ckin Tea Kettle!

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March 12, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Daily NBA Special: 100-77 ATS

Everybody have a nice weekend? You know I did hittin’ 6 of my 8 picks on Saturday & Sunday and enjoying the Big 10 Tourney thanks to my Homeboy Floss’s kick-azz tickets. While everybody will be hardly working this week as they incorrectly fill out their brackets, Greggy G will be working overtime like the former LSU women’s ball coach to breakdown the NIT and the Association. Only a couple of games in action tonight, and hopefully, I’ll actually get some action of my own if I can put together a nice meal for my lady. Game-on BEEATCHES! While most people hate Monday’s, to me it’s just the start of another potential week that could land me on Robin Leech’s Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous by next Monday!

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March 13, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Daily NBA Special: 102-78 ATS

Unlike the Mavericks, I kept my win streak alive last night and was able to finalize my final four selections. It’s your lucky day fellaz, because I’m going to give you the 411 on how things will shake out in the tourney. After analyzing the brackets, I’ve got West Virginia as the eventual winner of the N.I…M*tha F*ckin T. Unfortunately, I’ve only got three players to join my bracket-buster NIT tourney: a Madison stripper named ONYX, some dude named Ronnie Woo Woo, and my ole’ lady (don’t tell Onyx or Ronnie that my girl’s picks are really just mine!) Of course, my Homeboy Gator Mike was not invited to play since he took my money in the Football Bowl Spectacular and my accountant recommended I treat him like the 7-11 employee who tries to play the lottery…Ineligible BEEATCH! While I’ll give you my 5-star NCAA tournament picks tomorrow (Niagra is a lock for the play-in game tonight…I mean sh*t, the actually beat the Red Foxes of Marist this year!), let’s head back to the Association hardwood were I’m hotter than a jello wrestling contest between Tom Brady’s two swimmer holders…I got to say it was a good day! Ice Cube ‘92

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March 14, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Daily NBA Special: 102-80 ATS

You guys all know Greggy G never shuts-up when he’s hot, and is short-winded like Paul Pierce on the break and crabbier then Todd Hundley after a poor evening…and once in awhile, he complains about how the Jazz lost a 17 point lead in the 4th M*tha F*ckin quarter! Nothing different about today, just plenty of picks…and more importantly pics! I know I told you I’d have my NCAA bracket beaters today, but after last night I need to win some pool money and will have to give out my Cinderella’s early tomorrow. (Of course I’m not going to win, but at least my dumb-azz thinks so until Thursday afternoon) But don’t fret young Homeboyz, West Virginia looked smoother than Christina Aguleria’s booty last night, and as I told ya, they’re a lock to win the 66th best team of the year award…and what a coincidence, I’m a Bear fan and our starting QB Rex Grossman won the 66th best QB award!

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March 17, 2007

Greg Gamble’s NBA Special: 106-83 ATS

I know my azz is gettin old because I’ve taken every Friday off for the NCAAs since college, and I’ve noticed I’ve started to phase out earlier and earlier in the day…yesterday I passed out before halftime of the night games. It actually took me until this morning to realize I went 2-1 in the NBA and that my bracket took a hit with LBST getting rolled...but at least I picked an exciting underdog…over 200 frickin’ points in that game! Anyway have a sweet weekend and remember to tip your bartenders…and performers…Dollar. Dollar, Bill Y’all!

Boston gave a nice effort in Dallas last night before folding late, but has started to revert to some old habits...such as youngsters makin' turnovers and veteran’s castin' bad shots. Also, I guarantee Pierce isn’t excited to be playing a back to back against Bruce Bowen, while the Spurs are coming off an azz-kicking from the Bucks and Pops has them believing everyday is a statement game from here on out.. Go Xavier, Go Spurs, and Go Greggy G!...Spurs by 16-22 points

March 20, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Daily NBA Special: 106-84 ATS

Air Force lit-up the scoreboard like it was the last joint on a Rasheed and D-Stoudamire road-trip in Blazerland, and helped Greggy G’s week start out in the green. With that, I’m taking my collegiate victory and running over to the professional level tonight as we’ve got playoff positioning and ping-pong ball discrepancies all over the ATS board. Less than a month left in the regular season and you know Vegas is more nervous than Michael Vick at an airport security check-point…so let’s take advantage my friends. As for the NIT & NCAA tourneys, not much excitement there as we already know West Virginia and Kansas will be the two teams ending the season on a winning note. Game-On…Holla at your Boy!

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March 21, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Daily NBA Special: 108-85 ATS

We all know the Vegas books adjust their lines once Greggy G posts his winners, but did you know we’ve sparked some interest from the NBA players themselves? While the majority of our daily banter discusses the positive contributions athletes make in sports, once in awhile we sarcastically take a light jab at the ballers and it turns out their responding better than a Pat Riley coached squad. Case in point (luv that phrase), while yours truly was 2-1 last night, the one loss came at the hands of the Bobcats as I jokingly lambasted their new scoring option Walter “Fabio” Herrmann. As I sipped on my well-vodka and cream soda concoction watching the NBA package, good ole’ Fabio was raining 3s in OT and screaming “Greggy Who!” on his way to a 19 pt 10 reb performance

If you don’t believe me, then you’re telling me the Argentinean Goldilocks was motivated by the great Bernie Bickerstaffenheimer…Please. But enough about how Insideplays is changing the landscape of professional sports, let’s get to tonight’s NBA action and add onto our 3-1 start to the week. Maybe I was a lil’ over-confident last night after the Suns covered, because I proceeded to roll-up on my girl and asked if she wanted some Thug-Kama-Sutra. While she did said “Hell Yeah”, she followed that up with…“What’s your dorky, white, unibrow-azz going to do while I’m getting some?” Oh well, at least I’ve still got my Homeboyz!

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March 22, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Daily NBA Special: 109-86 ATS

While I was unable to perform any Thug Karma-Sutra last night, as mentioned before by my lady, because I’m a dorky white-dude with bum-ankles and a fading sharpie-tat that reads: “Strickly 4 my Polacks”, I did perform some fine research for tonight’s NBA action. As for the big tourney games tonight, I’m not investing…but can tell you who will be advancing:

…the Tigers are soo balanced
…Xavier prepped Ohio St. like Ob1-Canobe prepped Luke
…too much size for the Salukis and cause I’ve got KU winning it all
…I’ve been less and less impressed with Pitt of late.

But enough about the collegiate game, it’s Thursday Night in the NBA and Commissioner Stern decided to give us a little more action than normal…Let’s Roll Homeboyz and wish my luck at beating Joey V's azz in Golden Tee tonight!

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March 23, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Daily NBA Special: 111-87 ATS

Just call me the Doctor baby…the Doctor of Roundball. After callin' all 4 NCAA winners last night and hittin’ 2 out of 3 NBA plays, my girl is getting the treatment tonight…we goin’ Sizzler, we goin’ Sizzler! I even told you Amare would drop 30 & 20 last night against the Kings, and ended up with 33 points 21 bounds. And even better, my Bullies won and I still covered on the Nuggets. As for the NCAA, my brackets are lookin’ sharper than the St. Pauli's Girl at Hockey Game and I’ve got the upset of the weekend for ya…The M*tha F*ckin Ducks! I know they first have to beat the Running Rebels tonight and don’t have the size to match-up with the Gators on Sunday, but I saw all 16 of their guards draining 3s in my sleep last night…well, in-between the midnight shakes. But enough about how cool I am…without further ado, I give you my winners for tonight…Chalk baby, Chalk!

Jeff Green is more underrated than Cyclone Troy Davis in Canada

My boy Tim Floyd just doesn’t have the depth to match UNC

I’m hoping for a Bulldog upset so my Ducks have an easier time on Sunday, but I’m also hoping David Silver and Ian Ziering stop by for my open house this weekend

M*tha F*ckin DUCKS over UNLV
If you don’t know, now you know!

Enough college 4-play, it’s time for Friday Night in the NBA…an evening when groupies will be face-down and azz-up & Greggy G will be face-down and a few dollars up! Emmm…I like it like that, she’s workin’ that back…slow-motion for me, slow-motion for me…Have a good weekend Homeboys

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March 25, 2007

Greg Gamble's NBA Special: 112-88 ATS

While my brackets finally blew-up yesterday, I still came out with some xtra paper for Sunday Funday with an undefeated night in the NBA...thank you Vince Carter for savin' mine and Jason "I can't Shoot!" Kidd's azz. Anyway, I still think the Ducks can pull it off this afternoon, while the Tar Heels should be able to utilize their depth against the Hoyas...but enough about the collegiate hardwood, my bloody and overpriced bagel was paid for by the NBA last night!

The Pistons have the complete package to get'er done!

Dude...the Bucks started Brian Skinner and former Hawkeye Jared "M*tha F*ckin'" Reiner in their frontcourt the other night. With Andrew Bogut and Charlie Villanueva out for the year and Chauncey back for a final push for homecourt throughout the Eastern Conf., I think Michael Redd needs to drop at least 45 do cover on Sunday Funday!...Pistons by 7-13 points

March 27, 2007

Money Mike's NBA picks

Not to bad last night (2-1). Toronto was a disappointment but it's all good, we'll go 2-0 today. Let me just take a moment to comment on last night's results. If your Golden State how do you consider yourself a real playoff contender when you get absolutely rolled by the Spurs at home by 37? Are you kidding me? This is a perfect example of how important it is for your team to have character, leadership, drive and chemistry to be a real contender. Getting to the playoffs is not motivation enough to play hard every night? If your tired you lose by 15-20....not 37! Ok, I'm off the soap box.....let's move on with the picks.

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March 28, 2007

Money Mike's NBA picks

Oh yeah kids. 2-0 last night. 4-1 for the week. We got a nice little stroll going on. Let's keep it going. Guess who gave me a call this morning? Craig G. He has spent the last few days wadding in the kiddie pool and shooting dice with Mickey at Universal Studios. Tonight he's meeting up with Goofy for some late night Texas Hold'em after the wife and the in-laws go to sleep!

One more thing before I get to the picks. How the hell do the Lakers lose to the Grizzlies at home last night? When your second leading scorer has a total of three points; that's how. Yeah, Odom had 11 assists and 16 boards but this game comes down to points. Step your game up Odom. Now that I got that off my chest. Let's get to the picks.

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March 29, 2007

Money Mike's NBA picks

This special western hemisphere edition goes out to my boy GG who spent the night taking stacks from Goofy playing Texas hold'em. As for me, no it wasn't a good night. 1-2. 5-3 for the week is still not bad though. One note for all you fools....Baseball season starts sunday night, so we will have new games to gamble on! Yeah, we make baseball picks too! Anyway, lets get to tonight's games.

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March 30, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Daily NBA Special: 113-88 ATS

I’m back BEEATCHES…thanks again to Money Mike for actually doing something for the first time in 6 months for the website…Solid picks Homeboy! As for my vacation, let’s just say that I wasn’t in Vegas and Goofy, Mickey, and the Epcot Center popcorn vender couldn’t help me with any luv at 4:20 poolside. Anyway, while most of my Big Dance picks bowed out in the Elite 8, I completely dominated the NIT bracket as West Virginia made me look like a genius. As for the NBA, my record is slowly crawlin’ back to dominance and I’ve got 3 more gems for ya tonight. They’ll be short and sweet, since I’m trying not to get fired from my real (boring) job after using up more vacation days that I don’t have! Have a good weekend Homeboys!

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March 31, 2007

Greg Gamble's ATS Special: 115-88 ATS

It feels better than a backrub in ChinaTown to be back picking NBA winners (Not like I wasn't reading the USA Today at Space Mountain on vacation). 2-0 on the professional hardwood, including a Rocket push (thanks to my OJ), and we've got a kick-azz Saturday if you like Roundball. Before I get to the Bulls/Cavs matchup today, where the winner takes a 3 game move in the standings, I have a feeling G-Town has the defense and toughness to rattle the young Buckeyes. As for the Gators and Bruins, this is a rematch of last year...except not everybody's back for John Wooden's old team. G-Town vs Florida should be fun boyz, I'm off to drink and watch sports all day, but don't forget to see my NBA pick and pic of the day!

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April 1, 2007

Greg Gamble's NBA Special: 116-88 ATS

The Wizards are getting ready for the playoffs, while the Bucks are getting ready for anywhere but Milwaukee this summer...Wizards by 8-14 points

April 3, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Daily NBA Special: 117-88 ATS

I played in a little hold’em tourney during the National Championship game last night and came out of the gates just like the Gators. Even better, anytime somebody started to make a little move…I’d just Lee Humphrey their azz and let them know they had no shot to win. With the professionals taking the night off to regroup from my late season dominance, as a full-blown degenerate it was nice to know I could still invest in the one remaining college game and play some poker to pass the time on an NBA holiday. But tonight, no such luck for Mr. Stern and the books in Vegas as everybody knows you cannot stop Greggy G…you can only hope to contain him. I just make money-money, make money-monEEYY!

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April 4, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Daily NBA Special: 119-88 ATS

Can you say EIGHT STRAIGHT M*THA F*CKIN WINS FOR GREGGY G! I’m hotter than Connie Chung in '89 and even my Dry Cleaner greased my palm with some extra cash as I pick-ed up my silk shirts yesterday…Oh yeah, he’s a subscriber to the madness. While I’m sure some of you are waiting for the momentum to shift south, I asked my entrepreneur Homeboy Danny “I only go baseline” Sachs about life at the top of the food chain and he said: “Your NBA picks are like my air-tight water-bottles…they don’t drip money into my pocket, they just MAKE IT RAIN!” Now that’s what I needed to hear. I mean look at West Virginia’s former coach John Beilein, he used the NIT Championship and the support of to make some major paper at Michigan. So with that, I’m gettin’ greedy today and making 5 plays on the NBA hardwood…for those of you not interested in bball, that also means I’ve got 5 beautiful ladies for ya as well. C-YA in the Hamptons Homeboys!

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April 5, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Daily NBA Special: 122-90 ATS

With my record 3-0 after the early games last night, I slammed my Brandy & Cream Soda cocktail, turned off my bedtime video “Dancing with Beavers” (Instead of Two Socks, the character’s name is Two Happy Socks…pretty frickin’ funny!), and checked the halftime score of the Nuggets to see they were up by 20. What a way to end the night I thought…I picked myself off the sofa in my Golden St. Warrior Zubaz, and went to bed expecting a 4-1, or 5-0 evening, and even dreamed of buying my girl that lil’ pony she's always wanted. So to say the least, as I sipped my bloody and downed a happy mushroom this morning, I was not too thrilled to check out the box scores and see I went 3-2 last night. While that may be a nice night for the average degenerate gambler, we all know that’s not what’s expected from Greggy G. But no worries my friends…we’re only a day away from the madness that is Friday Night in the NBA and I’ve even got a lil Thursday Night TNT special for ya. So enough banter, let’s pick up another victory tonight and roll into Friday with more money than a groupie on All-Star weekend.

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April 6, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Daily NBA Special: 122-91 ATS

This evening's NBA picks resemble the Hog-Hunting contests I used to have with my Homboys in college…and tonight, it looks like I’ve got reservations next to the Ice Cream machine at Olde Country Buffet. No time for chit-chat today because I’ve got a few meetings on the docket this afternoon…no, not the ones where I tell people why I drink Arbor Mist before YMCA ball-games or how I’m addicted to the same thing Tom Brady has been doin’ lately. Injuries and lottery ping-pong conspiracies all over the ATS board today, and from what I hear from my inside sources, Vegas is more nervous than my ass was after they clipped my hair for my last job interview. Check-in all weekend because I’ve got nothing but the professional hardwood and debauchery on the mind!

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April 7, 2007

Greg Gamble's NBA Special: 125-94 ATS

I got to run Homeboys...trying to sell the crib and I actually got some people comin' to check out the mansion. But don't worry, I didn't forget about you guys...check it out!

I never bet on Knicks, but just about everybody is on the training table in Milwaukee with ping-pong ball'itis. Isiah and the Knicks aren't making the playoffs, but you know Zeke wants to win so the Bulls don't get a better pick...Knicks by 4-10 points

Sloan's going to make sure their playing at a playoff level now, especially with the Rockets looking a lil banged up for the playoffs. As for the Sonics, the actually played alright last night...can't see that on back-to-back when it doesn't matter...Jazz by 13-19 points

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April 9, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Daily NBA Special: 126-95 ATS

Did anybody see former Bull Eddy Curry drop 43 and 13 on Saturday? While I’ll agree it was pretty filthy, nothing annoys me more then reading in all the Chicago papers and hearing at the local pubs (well…in-between the bar brawls that the cops are starting) that Pax, Skiles, & Co. are regretting the Curry move. LISTEN YOU BASTARDS…IT WASN’T GOING TO WORK IN CHICAGO! Besides the fact that the Chi-town native needed to leave his hometown to make life easier, please don’t tell me you think he’s the type of player that will be playing ballz-out for even 2/3 of the that huge contract. Just like my boy Chris Wilcox in Seattle, no matter how awesome he looks for 20 or 30 games a year, he still has to be valued by the other 50 games he blows-off. The Bulls have a roster full of dedicated gym rats (well…except for the Michael “I’d eat the frickin’ rats!” Sweetney) and are building something that’s going to be special for a long-time…even though I still think they should grab Gasol or Garnett this summer!

But enough Bulls banter, the last weeks of the NBA season are a Vegas nightmare and Greggy G has the troops rallied for an attack that would’ve made my Warcraft coach proud. Not to mention, my NBA Homeboy Larry, who besides dating really hot chicks that don’t even care to remember my name, has a great end of the year over/under theory. He’s covered something like 80% since he installed it just over a week ago…and it’s easier than trying to score a hottie when you’ve got Larry’s money! Here it is…On any games between two teams not in the playoff race, bet the over as nobody is playing defense and ends up looking like an NBDL all-star games with all the youngsters. Secondly, on any games between teams jockeying for playoff position, bet the under as teams actually play some defense and try to get into the playoff mode. When you win a ton of money on theory, Larry said it was cool if you just give Greggy G all the credit. Let’s roll this week fellaz…there’s a suburb in Chicago I’ve got my eye on to purchase!

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April 10, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Daily NBA Special: 128-96 ATS

While hitting 50% last night (2-1 myselft, 0-1 on the new Larry theory) still cost me some OJ, I wish I had invested all of my Spud Webb rookie cards and mint-condition Garbage Pal Kids on the Magic last night. The game in Milwaukee represented the reason I usually head into baseball season with plenty of xtra cash to blow on the Southsiders. We had the Magic desperately hanging-on to the final playoff spot in East, while the Bucks had more action going on at the training table and with their travel agents than on the hardwood. Tonight, I’m sticking to my ATS theory, as well as, bouncing back with Larry’s Ova/Unda Special. I’ve witnessed the Chicago Legend purchase a few white tigers over the weekend from his theory, so a 0-1 record at Insideplays just means I’m just doubling up on one of his picks anoche. Speaking of tonight, looks like I’m stumblin’ to bed with some hard working kidneys…we have the Bulls/Knicks battle kicking-off the evening, followed by my White Sox trying to start their west coast trip 2-0. What a day to be a Chicagoan. Take it light Homeboys and please don’t forget to take your Milk Thistle every morning…it’s your liver’s best friend!

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April 11, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Daily NBA Special: 131-97 ATS

While I woke-up to my girl hollerin’ at me to start her car and scrape the snow off, I could’ve been irate since it’s frickin’ April or even because the Sox blew a late lead in the 9th…but after last night’s hardwood investments, she could’ve shaved my eye-brows and I’d still be a happy man. Yours truly was a hook away from pulling a 5-0 evening, (3-1 on my own, 1-0 with Larry the Legend’s Ova/Unda Special) and I found out I was the 3rd guard taken in the YMCA supplemental Draft for this Spring (My game has been compared to a combination of Ben Gordon’s without the jumpshot and Brevin Knight's without the court vision). No time to waste though, we’ve only got a few nights left of the late-season NBA gifts and the lines seem to be shifting by the minute. Oh yeah, and my Homeboy Larry did some late-night research (ova/unda on the # of substances in his body when I got his email at 11:45 last night?), and he’s hotter than a M*tha F*ckin Tea-Kettle. Don’t be fooled by his 1-1 record with, just like my azz trying to get lucky after too much Whiskey…I’m a little slow to jump-on when I’m supposed to. His theory has been hittin’ something like 75% over the last two weeks. Game-on BEEATCHES and make sure to tell your loved-ones not to worry about fixing dinner tonight…cause WE GOIN’ SIZZLER, WE GOIN’ SIZZLER!

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April 12, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Daily NBA Special: 135-97 ATS

Stop the Presses Homboys…Greggy G went 4-0! As the humble man I am, I must first give thanks to Jameer Nelson on his flawless layup with .1 left on the clock (…in my opinion, possibly the biggest shot of his career) and to the Indiana Pacers who miraculously covered 6 points in the finally 30 nano-seconds…because of their innate inability to dominate early, I never played the potential 1-point ATS lose in the Rocket game. And of course, I cannot continue without givin’ Larry the ATS Legend his mad-props for handing us the Philly/Boston OVA, and convincing me later in the day that the Heat/Wiz contest was not unwatchable if it could become profitable. What a genius...I ended up making some homemade shroom flavored popcorn, cracked a 3 month old PBR, and thoroughly enjoyed watching both teams play like azz and come nowhere close to the ATS total.

Watch-out Vegas, has put the women & children to bed and is lookin’ for frickin’ crab-legs & caviar! Only two tilts on the NBA docket tonight, and while I’ll still do a little handicapping cause I’m a degenerate, the real Good Friday is only a day away…the last Friday of the NBA regular season! A day when in the same game a team may have 3 NBDL stars of tomorrow loggin’ 30 minutes apiece, while their opponent has 2 all-stars with playoff desperation never leaving the floor. Enjoy the day Homeboys…cause you know my azz will! We goin’ Sizzler and Daddy’s gettin’ a new pair o’ kicks…and this time they won’t say Starbury on the side!

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April 13, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Daily NBA Special: 135-98 ATS

I was so close to taking a night-off from the window, but just like Warren Moon…something about the sun going down excites me! I definitely should have trusted my gut as I ended the night losing some dinero on the Lakers and gettin’ hauled out of lil’ pub by a Mexican bouncer yelling: VAMANOS SH*T-HEAD! In my opinion, racial profiling led to my dismissal from Manuel’s Casa de Partido as I was the only cracker in the establishment, but the owner begs to differ…(supposedly) he says I threw my Tecate at his 12’ TV and was yelling: “Harold Rider sucks Pelotas Grandes!” For those of you not in the know, Kobe Bryant will now be represented by the Isaiah J.R. Rider and Harold “Baby-Jordan” Miner until he proves he’s more than just a talent show. And please spare the text messages Laker fans because I don’t want to hear how he already has some jewelry…just like my girl showing off her Elizabeth Hurley sized ring and acting like she bought it, real ballers know Shaq was the one that bought Kobe’s bling! Obviously, I’m angry because I made a stupid decision to bet on a team I hate, which always ends up being the frickin’ double-whammy…and that’s only fun if Kobe Tai is involved. But enough complaining because nothing gets better than today…I mean we have the last Friday Night in the NBA, one my best Homeboys is in from out-of-town, the Cougar just told me it’s his 30th Birthday, and the warden (my beautiful lady) gave me a hall-pass for the evening! Let’s make some cash tonight so you guys can buy that Ab-Roller and I can buy Manuel a new TV. Take it light boyz…CAUSE IT’S HARD OUT HERE FOR A GIMP!

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April 14, 2007

Greg Gamble's ATS Special: 138-98

Yes, I’m 40 games over .500...what did ya expect you lil BEEATCHES!?

Like I told you last night…Gadzuric, Boykins, Bell, Patterson, and Mo Williams are playing for their livelihood, and standings wise they don't have to worry about tankin’ anymore. As for the Cats O’ Bob, their in the Oden/Durant mode…Wallace and Carroll sat out last night with ping-pong ball’it is…Bucks by 8-14 points (BTW, can’t understand why Vegas is givin’ the Bucks pts tonight)

April 15, 2007

Greg Gamble's NBA Special: 138-99 ATS

The Bulls have looked dominate at times over the last month, finally have everybody healthy, and need to win out to ensure the 2nd seed. As for the Wiz, without Agent 0 and Caron Butler they remind of the Washington Bullets when Horace’s brother Harvey Grant was manning the block…Bulls by 10-16 points

In my humble, but correct opinion…the Spurs are best team in the NBA. Duncan, Parker, & Ginobili, have been playing at another level after the last couple weeks and definitely will want to make a statement today in the house that Cuban built…Spurs by 4-10 points

Orlando and Dwight Howard were awesome last night and can potentially clinch a playoff spot with a win. As for the Celtics…TANK!...Magic by 14-20 points

While I dominated the card game last night, one of my Homeboys asked why I waste me time doing this shitzit. You know what I told him...because I'm a frickin' REBEL BABY!

April 16, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Daily NBA Special: 139-101 ATS

Sunday started out perfectly with a bloody, followed by some shrimp nachos and a Bulls performance that has Chi-Town buzzin', before my Funday sunshine was killed by a ref. Just hangin' with my lady and ready to enjoy a 2-1 Sunday...when referee Joey “I think I’m a star” Crawford suddenly decided to kick Timmy D out because he was laughing on the bench. Are you frickin' kidding me! With all the tanking theories and mysterious injuries we’ve seen the last month, NBA fans were finally being treated to a nationally televised Mavs/Spurs battle that had both teams playing like it was the Western Conf Finals. Next think you know, the baldy veteran ref decided he wanted to show everybody across the land that he controls the game and turned Sunday into a complete embarrassment. This is not the first time Crawford has acted more macho than a porn-star with a 19 year-old virgin, and do not be surprised if Mr. Stern suspends his sorry-azz for part of the playoffs. But before we get to the playoffs, we still have 3 days left in the regular season to help our early retirement plans fellaz. Have a great week and congrats to my Homeboy Jon in Minneapolis…he passed his last test and is now an official Architect. All that that I finally have someone to help me finish my house in the Hamptons!

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April 17, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Daily NBA Special: 142-101 ATS

After last night’s perfect performance, I actually received a visit from a lil’ foreign woman with three nipples who offered me a 50/50 partnership in a Tarot Card & Palm reading establishment in my hood. While I was interested, it was more in regards to what dirty and naughty activity goes on after the drapes are pulled, the incense and ditch-weed is burning, and you notice the palm reader is wearing (not-wearing) a Britney Spears special down-below. Of course, I passed on the opportunity because it would’ve affected the millions of diehard Greg Gamble readers, but you can understand why the multi-nippled prognosticator was so persistent. I predicted a Nets win at The Garden by 8-14 points, and they won by 9. I envisioned a last second Celtic upset at the AARP Heat venue, and they won by a bucket. I forecasted the Grizzlies beating the Spurs and that my man Pau Gasol would pull-off a 30 and 10 night in possibly his last home-game in Memphis, and the Grizz proceeded to roll and the Spaniard ended with 25 and 15. And finally, I told ya Joey "Napoleon-Complex" Crawford would be suspended. Yes, I know I’m cooler than Burt Reynolds in Striptease, but as a professional I must wipe the slate clean and do it again tonight. Let’s roll boys…only two days left in Greggy G’s Tank’ology Madness!

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April 18, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Daily NBA Special: 143-103 ATS

We’ve finally made it to the last day of the NBA regular season, a day when nobody gives a ratz-azz except gambling junkies, the fan clubs for Pape Sow & Bracey Wright, and the few cities (ala Chi-Town) where playoff seeding is still at stake. While I’ll admit I enjoy watching end of the bench basketball and receive a text message update from the “In Randy Livingston We Trust” club every time he dishes out an assist, besides investing on probably every game on the docket tonight I’ll be with my Homeboys at the bar hopin’ the Bulls can hold-on to the 2nd seed. Unfortunately, the Nets are at home and have plenty on the line as well, so expect a 70% defensive-effort from Vinsanity tonight and at least a 110% breakdown-effort from Greggy G on the game.

And to the Greg Gamble enthusiasts who are worried that the end of the season means they’ll be missing out on my Pulitzer Prize winning material…we’ve got plenty of playoff basketball to wager-on and to match-up with hot swimwear, as well as, at least 2500 opportunities on the diamond to prove I’m the gamblin’ version of Peter Gammons! You should see how my theory on matching lingerie and pinstripes can lead to ATS magic. But enough about how I get around the bases faster than Tommy Brady during the off-season, I’m sitting at 40 games over .500 for the regular season and need a few more wins to keep my lovely lady blinged-up like Kobe’s after he returns from a trip to Utah. What fun it should be tonight, no defense, no Joey Crawford, and plenty of cocktails for the Homeboys and Greggy G!

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April 19, 2007

Greg Gamble’s NBA Regular Season Awards Part 1

First and Foremost, Congratulations to Southside Southpaw Mark "I luv the Cards" Buehrle on his no-hitter...I luv the way he deals. As a lifelong Sox fan, I can’t remember being more unenthused entering a season after finished 3rd in the division and proceeded to do nothing substantial in the off-season. In my humble 'somewhat tipsy' opinion, nothing is worse than being a middle-of-the-pack baseball team in Chicago. Since our sunny weather window is so small, it doesn’t make any sense to follow the long-azz season with only a small opportunity to observe DePaul girls walking around in short-shorts that read: “Ass Hat” unless you are in playoff contention or extremely horrible…cause BAD baseball is twice as good as average baseball (just ask the Cubs). But last night, while drinking $2 Tecate (Happy!) with my Homeboys and watching the Bulls crap down their leg like Najah Davenport in a closet, little seemed to matter as Buehrle reminded us how magical it feels to the white-trash faithful when the Cell is buzzing. Even if it’s only temporary, thanks Mark…I needed it!

Back to the Hardwood fellas…after finishing the regular season exactly 40 games over .500 last night (146-106 ATS), I lounged on my expensive Unicorn-skin sofa and rehashed what my degenerate basketball life had come to. Basically, I know way too much about tall angry black-men, hairy..but cool fist-pumping foreigners, and the defensively challenged Caucasians of the NBA. Before passing out, I realized I needed to utilize this useless information and share my knowledge with others. So without further ado, before giving you my playoff predictions, I offer my first installment of the Greggy G’s NBA “If you don’t know, now you know” Awards. I just started these last night, so don’t give me too much shiznit yet…they’ll get better once a get a new batch of mushrooms delivered.

-The player actually worth an NBA ticket-

I luv anybody that can look down into the rim!

Being forced to watch Hawk basketball is no-longer similar to pulling a rolled-up rubber out of your curlies now that Josh Smith’s crazed glare is in Hot-lanta. While watching the lefty fly-in on the break is more exciting than Teenage Mutant Ninja Dildoes with Spanish subtitles, nothing compares to the face of fear shown by opposing forwards at the top of the key when he makes his first jab-step. You know about today’s NBA, most guys would rather give up an easy bucket then be a side note for a new poster. While highflyers and smooth dunkers are scattered all over the NBA like professional athletes at the strip-club, just like Nique, Smith separates himself because of his ferocious power and unexpecting throw-downs off a miss. In addition, just like a chick that has one-boob bigger than the other, the uniqueness of being a lefty just adds a few percentage points of excitement. Not to mention the swingman averaged almost 3 blocks and 13 ugly jumpers per game, the excitement Smith brings to the arena is so unique because you never know if he’s going to scream at his coach, laugh with the cheerleaders, or just dunk on your head!

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April 20, 2007

Greg Gamble’s NBA Regular Season Awards Part 2

Sorry about the drunken ramblings yesterday, but my White Sox buzz was rollin’ Wednesday Night and the grammar/spell check must have been ignored! I guess that happens when you try to write a masterpiece after drinking Tecate at the bar and then capping the night mixing cherry-flavored Whiskey, Propel, and some leftover Chardonnay to get the creative juices flowing…and I probably shouldn’t have slippin’ that Kodiak in!

As for last night, I have to admit a had the sweats last night as I watched the ESPN ticker scroll across and didn’t find anything I wagered on. I promised myself I would not go to the baseball window until the NBA playoffs were over, and while it was only 1 night, I feel like I just got out of rehab and passed my first bar without stopping. But enough about my therapy, we have the playoffs starting Saturday and Part 2 of my “If you don’t know, now you know” NBA Regular Season Awards. As for my breakdown of the playoffs, give me a little time…my boss almost fired me this morning and I'm heading to Minneapolis for a weekend of debauchery with my Homeboys. What I do have for you is three more awards (my favorite black, white, & foreign ballers) and three more beautiful pics (my favorite white, black, & foreign hotties). Have a Stephen Jackson type of weekend fellas and make sure to check back tomorrow for my ATS Playoff Picks!

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April 21, 2007

NBA Playoff ATS Special...BEEATCH!

The Playoffs are here, my azz is already drunk in Minneapolis with my Homeboys, and we have 4 games on the docket today. I have feeling I should have taken a little more Milk Thistle this morning (Life-savin' Liver Pills for those not in the know!), but I'm sure if I drink a diet Coke to every 6 cocktails I'll be OK. While I only have one pick and pic for you today, I promise you won't be disappointed...C-YA

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April 23, 2007

NBA Playoff Special: 1-0 ATS

Hopefully Sunday Funday was enjoyable…even without my playoff picks. I apologize, but I spent the day drivin’ home from Minneapolis after a Saturday with some ole’ college buddies. And of course, we acted as though we were still running the show at 22 and even told some of the dancers (my favorite was Tigger) that we were minor leaguers for the Devil Rays…just like ole’ times baby. As for my investments this weekend, besides squeaking out the Bulls victory where I told you Luol would dominate, I played quite a few unders as game 1’s always produce shooting percentages closer to 35 than 45%. I’ll continue to track these trends, but game 2’s are never a solid ova/unda play as many teams desperately change their strategy.

And how about my M*tha F*ckin Warriors, after wasting 6 hours in the car on a beautiful day, I opened a nice bottle of wine, made some lemon-butter for my artichokes, and tried not to dribble on my GST Zubaz as I watched in amazement! The match-up between Don Nelson and his former buddies is going to be a classic and if Baron “I’ll knock you over with my azz!” Davis can continue to exploit the undersized guards or slow-footed forward match-ups there could be real problems for Avery. Not to mention, Stephen “I want to party with you” Jackson’s stellar defense on the German Diggler and Matt “Mohawk” Barnes’s underrated role in staying out of the way and coming-up with more loose balls then Andy Dick. Should be a great week of action fellaz and should be a great week to call in sick at least twice…no barkin’ from the dog, no smog, and ole girl’s cookin’ breakfast with plenty of hog!

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April 26, 2007

NBA Playoff Special: 6-2 ATS


The hardwood guru was only 8 seconds and a Kelenna Azubuike free throw away from a second straight 3-0 evening. What can I say…6 out of 8 in the playoffs with my two losses coming by one OVA/UNDA point last night and by the deadly hook (a half point for you non-gamblers) on the Pistons Monday. Actually, it’s kind of ironic because my Polish Cyclone Thunderstick also has a little hook itself. But enough about my lil’ Homeboy Jumanji, I actually need to sent out some props to the Cubbies. Once again the power of Insideplays is motivating athletes like a pack of hotties waiting on the concourse for Pablo Ozuna. Yesterday, I compared the Nuggets defense to Cliff Floyd’s swing and he proceeded to go 4 for 5 at the dish. Coincidence you say, I think not…my webmaster has informed me Cliffy’s a daily subscriber! But enough about the Northsiders trying to crawl out of the basement of the Central Division, we have 3 more NBA picks and some other pics that’ll surely make you say: “ I LUV GREG GAMBLE MORE THAN A HOT MODEL LUVS THE PATRIOTS QB!!!”

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April 27, 2007

Money Mike's Lake Show analysis

Seeing that the Lakers tend to be bashed alot on Insideplays by my boy GG b/c they seem to never cover the damn line, I found it only appropriate to give some love to the Lake Show after last night's performance. Down 2-0 and back in Hollywood for game 3, I eagerly anticipated how the young Lakers would respond. As I sat in the Rockit bar and grill last night watching lame ass brokers, traders, lawyers and the such try to pick up some of Chicago's finest dime pieces, I watched in disgust as the Lakers pretty much were steam rolled in the first quarter by the Suns. At the same time, I'm listening to my buddy B Bolan from C-Town talk about how much he hates Kobe and Lebron is the best player on the planet. Write on queue as if Kobe over heard the ludicrious statement that was just made, Kobe sets the tone with a couple of makes and some lock down defense to get the troops in line. 25 shots later, Kobe has 45 points, and Kwame "I just made Jordan proud" Brown puts up 19 and 6 boards to help lead the Lakers to their first win of the series.

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NBA Playoff Special: 8-3 ATS

*Greggy G’s NBA Regular Season: 146-106 ATS

Another profitable evening for Mr. Gamble, another Ronny Mexico faux-pas, and pictures of His Airness partying with white-girls in Cabo…it’s like somebody is doing my work for me! I’m not even going to mention my 2-1 performance last night cause we need to lambaste the water-bottled, middle-fingered, non-rubber wearing overrated QB that just didn’t have enough on his diamond-incrusted plate. If you haven’t heard, police conducting a drug raid on a property owned by Mr. Mexico ended up finding more than 60 abused dogs and other materials associated with dog and cock-fighting. Now I’ll admit I did a little cock-fighting back in the day, but that was solely a college experimental thing. As for the animal abuse, I don’t even like the shedding, crapping, stinky pets, but anybody involved in this type of behavior should be dealt with by the Mafia group that was after Maurice Clarett. But enough depressing sports news, let’s check out MJ getting’ his groove on…Luv how he’s still holding the cigar: . I can’t make this stuff up fellaz…it’s like everybody wants to make it into Greggy G’s column. But enough gossip, I know the majority of my loyal readers are here for my NBA picks…well, actually most of you are hear for the pictures, but I’ll take what I can get. Have a great weekend my friends, check back when you’re bored, and Happy M*tha F*ckin Birthday to my Homeboy Toddy T. I’d tell him to get lucky tonight, but unlike most of us, that’s just part of his daily routine!

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April 28, 2007

NBA Playoff Special: 9-5 ATS

*Greggy G's NBA Regular Season: 146-106 ATS

Listen...I got home at lil' before the sun came up, I still have to get my car, my bro's in-town, and I have to bring Sexy Back at a wedding trust me when I say I luv the Spurs to win by more than a bucket tonight...San Antonio 6-12 points

NBA Playoff Special: 9-5 ATS

*Greggy G's NBA Regular Season: 146-106 ATS

Listen...I got home at lil' before the sun came up, I still have to get my car, my bro's in-town, and I have to bring Sexy Back at a wedding trust me when I say I luv the Spurs to win by more than a bucket tonight...San Antonio 6-12 points

April 29, 2007

NBA Playoff Special: 10-5 ATS

*Greggy G's Regular Season: 146-106 ATS

Coach LA Looks and the Heat have to be demoralized after blowing game 3, and the Bulls can see blood in the water like it's a Bison Dele boating trip. The Heat can't run with Paxson, Skiles, & Co. and don't be surprised if you see them looking for opportunities to take some cheap shots on the youngsters...Bulls by 6-12 points

I'll be wearing my GST Zubaz rootin' for Nellie and his 22 swingmen...but my wallet will be full of Mav dollars! You have to think Dirk and Avery get the boyz to bounce back tonight...Mavs by 6-12 points

April 30, 2007

NBA Playoff Special: 11-6 ATS

*Greggy G’s NBA Regular Season: 146-106 ATS

The Bulls, Warriors, and my girl’s new Insideplays lingerie made yesterday an extra special Sunday Funday. With the 'Cool' Luol Deng getting his long-azz arms on every single loose ball and Baron Davis using a fullback’s mentality and a powerful-azz to dominate the Mavs, I had plenty of dreams of a Chi-town/Oakland Finals match-up. With that said, I’m currently on assignment and will be working on a feature article for the Bulls/Pistons match-up and will have to make this write-up shorter than Rex Grossman standing next to an offensive lineman. Hopefully everyone had a kick-azz weekend and special thanks to my brother who spilled a glass of red wine on my brand new suit 15 minutes into the wedding Saturday….that’s my dogg! Take it light boyz and don’t forget to check the new DVD Fortune Nookie #22…it blows FN #21 out of the water!

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May 1, 2007

NBA Playoff Special: 12-6 ATS

*Greggy G’s NBA Regular Season: 146-106 ATS

It’s amazing the different emotions you’ll find between fans and players. As I marked yet another “W” in my lil’ yellow notepad after the Jazz held on to the 6 points they were gettin’, I responded to the victory with my normal celebration routine of 4 beer bongs, 4 Skoal Bandits (Kiwi-Mango Flavor) and 44 push-ups. To the contrary, I was shocked to observe Boozer react as if he didn’t realize they had just covered on the road. I don’t know what type of pressure Jerry Sloan is putting on these guys, but do you think Pete Rose tipped over the post-game buffet if the Reds were getting +1.5 runs and lost 3-2 to the Padres…I think not! I guess Carlos is a lil’ bit more of a perfectionist than yours truly, but maybe that’s why I was kicked off my Church League team back in the late 90s. Supposedly, the Lord our Savior wasn’t too happy I held the ball at the top of the key for the final 3 minutes of the 1997 Religious Roundball Championship as we got close to the OVA/UNA total…Are you kidding me, no way I was going to give my Garbage Kid money to those nuns!

But enough about how I’m a WICKED-STALLER FROM BEHIND THE ARC, my Warriors are on the brink of one of the coolest upset stories in Playoff history, the Chicago-Media is panicking because the Bears 1st round pick likes to rap about demoralizing women, and I’ve almost completed my flawless breakdown of the Bulls/Pistons series. Just like my friend Ice Cube would say…I GOT TO SAY IT WAS A GOOD DAY! Let’s roll Homeboys!

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May 3, 2007

NBA Playoff Special: 12-7 ATS

*Greggy G’s NBA Regular Season: 146-106 ATS

Trying to fall asleep last night was impossible, and not because of anything a put in my weathered and broken body. Just like the day before my first date with the senior Pom-Pom’s Captain (hell ya...I did!), I tossed and turned thinking about what the new day could bring. Back in High School it was daydreaming of her spirit fingers touching anything that wasn’t hers, while last night it was Baron’s beard, Stephen’s crazed-stare, Nellie’s mafia attire, and the Warrior faithful partyin’ like their at that Johnny Utah surfer-party in Point Break. I mean Jessica ‘frickin’ Alba was sitting court-side Homeboys! What can I say…the GST Zubaz are already on, my Everclear Jungle-Juice is already mixed, and my mini-nerf hoop has a new globetrotter net…its gameday baby! Oh yeah, and we also have the early contest with Williams & Boozer’s pick n’ roll verses T-Mac & Ming’s isolation show, which has my ATS mind more excited then when I learned I had a second date with Ms. Spirit Fingers! It’s time fellaz…Let’s put the women and midgets to bed and go lookin’ for some Kobe beef and caviar!

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May 4, 2007

NBA Playoff Special: 13-7 ATS

*Greggy G’s NBA Regular Season: 146-106 ATS

While I’m not changin' my finals prediction of the Duncan’s vs the LeBron’s, I will daydream of 7-game series between Baron’s beard and Big Ben's fro playing for the NBA trophy. Speaking of the Warriors, how nice was that azz-kickin’ they gave Cuban’s boys. What made it even sweeter was watching it after winning on the Jazz/Rockets UNDA just a few minutes earlier. While I’ve never taken candy from a baby, I have stolen a cigarette from a drunken Ronnie Woo Woo and that wasn’t nearly as easy as my pick last night! Today we’ve got a similar scenario, just less banter from Mr. Gamble since I only rested my head on the pillow for 2 hours last night. Have a great weekend fellaz and check back for all the playoff picks and pics…DA BULLS!!!

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May 6, 2007

Greg Gamble's Playoff Special: 13-8 ATS

Ouch! baby Bulls got spanked worse than Debbie in Dallas back in ’85. You’d think I’d be cryin’ in my PBR at the Clybar last night, but instead...I just won mad-dollars at Golden Tee against Homeboys that usually kick-my-azz and laced my pockets with Jazz money as they made T-Mac look silly. Got a run, takin’ the lil’ man to the zoo…Now that’s a SUNDAY FUNDAY!

Of course I know I picked the Cavs to play SA in the finals, but you have to think NJ has some momentum, while the LeBron’s haven’t had a true test in a month…NJ by 2-8 points

Greg Gamble Rule #172: If Timmy D is gettin’ points, make reservations at Sizzler!..Greggy G rule #172

May 7, 2007

NBA Playoff Special: 15-8 ATS

*Greggy G’s NBA Regular Season: 146-106 ATS

I finished off the weekend with some ATS flare going undefeated on the hardwood and winning an OVA/UNDA bet at the Zoo with a cotton-candy vendor on the number of tree frogs in the Reptile House exhibit. Damn, those lil’ bastards are harder to find than a clear video of the R. Kelly escapades. While the Lincoln Park Zoo is free, with all the extra coin I had lying around the house I decided to pull an Oprah and donated to the habitat and improved lifestyle of the Rafer Alston’s, aka the Dwarf mongoose, and slept like a baby knowing Greggy G had made the world a better place. But enough about my philanthropies, the Bulls are desperate for a win in Mo-Town, Mike Piazza’s best friend is back in the Big Apple, and my Warriors will be battling the most underrated low-post technician in the game…no, not Jarron Collins, I’m talkin’ bout Carlos “I Luv Cleveland!” Boozer. While my heart says ride the Warriors train with the same passion Emmanuelle used to on Showtime late-night when I was a youngster, I have a feeling the Jazz are going to be ready for Nellie’s crazed-crew. Let’s keep the magic rollin’ fellaz and don’t forget to wish T-Mac well on his annual early spring break!

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May 8, 2007

NBA Playoff Special: 16-8 ATS

*Greggy G’s NBA Regular Season: 146-106 ATS

Insideplays just sent a fruit & knee-brace basket to Al Harrington for blowin’ that lay-up as time expired givin’ us the extra special “Win by a Hook!” Not to mention, Mr. Harpring (aka Greggy G’s favorite white-baller) was cooler than MJ in Cabo knocking down two FTs with 7 seconds left. While some of you probably think I’m a bandwagon jumper who should be supremely disappointed by the baby Bulls getting waxed worse than T.T. Boy waxes a newcomer to the business, the only thing I lose sleep over is the dentist, flying squirrels, and picture'less books! Yeah, I thought Hinrich, Gordon, & Deng had turned the corner as a group, but what can I say… they look like a freshman Tri-Delt performing the Cow-Catcher for the first time. Do I think the Bulls have a chance to make this a series…No! Do I think the Bulls now have a better chance to sign someone like Pau Gasol in the off-season…Yes! But enough about the Bulls, they haven’t cost me any Mother’s Day presents since they went to Kid Rock’s hometown, so let’s just worry about the squads that continue to make us contact Real Estate agents in the Hamptons. BTW, I’ve doubled up since the playoffs have started…have you?

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May 10, 2007

NBA Playoff Special: 17-10 ATS

*Greggy G’s NBA Regular Season: 146-106 ATS

Don’t look for me to apologize like Curt “I can’t stop opening my mouth” Shilling for my OT victory last night. I was like a ‘Clarett in a Goose store’ last night finishing my last piece of Totino’s pizza topped with baby dolphin and giardiniera as the former Illini guard hit a clutch pull-up to send it to an extra session. Just as I’ve been on the other end of games where OT burned me worse the Ronny Mexico burned a few ladies, I don’t remember the Vegas window ever apologizing for takin’ my airfare money in ‘97 and forcing me to panhandle all the way to New Mexico. Speaking of New Mexico, I marvel at the fact that they’re responsible for 3 of my favorites…Brian Urlacher, Demi Moore (just magical in Striptease), and Billy the Kid. And speaking of Mr. “I talk way to frickin’ fast” Urlacher, how cool is that he gets to put a notch next to his bed for both Paris Hilton and a convict! Sorry to ramble, but as you probably know I’m just a lil’ nervous about the Bulls/Pistons match-up tonight. I know Pax, Skiles, & Co. have showed us nothing to believe this is still a series, but don’t underestimate how confident the Bulls will look playing at home. All they need is win tonight and this is a series again…no matter what the so called hardwood gurus tell ya. Just listen to the true NBA maven and make sure to tell the ladies to: Call me Joey, call me Donny, call me Tony Parker so I can call ya Eva…BEEATCH!

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May 11, 2007

NBA Playoff Special: 17-11 ATS

*Greggy G’s NBA Regular Season: 146-106 ATS

Ouch…what a way to ruin a sweet mood in the Windy City Thursday night. Was that really the same squad I saw last week? While I’ve always, and will continue to plead for Pau Gasol, Garnett, or any other big with a low-post game and two good knees, I too drank too much Paxson, Skiles, & Co. Kool-Aid and mistakenly thought an over-achieving group of role players could compete with a team stocked-full of legitimate NBA superstars. Just as a professional handicapper can’t drop dime from the heart, as I fan, my judgment was clouded by the quality characters and disciplined work-ethic of the Bulls youngsters. Unfortunately, just like my azz at the gym, no matter how many Fred Hoiberg pull-ups I hit on a 17-year old who smokes a pack a day, I’m still only going to make 3rd team all-YMCA. What made it worse last night was once again seeing the chickenshiznit expressions on their face! No matter how much they led by (16 at the half; 19 in the 3rd), you knew they were just waiting for Detroit to make their run. And was it just me, or did the Bulls actually get smaller and shrink as the game progressed?

Yeah…I haven’t been this depressed since they canceled “Saved by the Bell-College Years” after just a handful of shows, and it’s more because I let me myself believe…believe in a bunch of 3rd scoring options that are undersized. That’s like my Homeboy justifying losin’ his rich-girlfriend after cheating on her with fat, lop-sided, muskrat looking BIZNICH! I mean Ben Gordon is great shooter and all, but when your 6-foot nuttin’ and you can’t play defense or dribble it’s time to become a permanent spark-plug off the bench. Same think for Captain Kirk, a solid “over-paid” point guard who wastes too much energy guarding 6’6” swingmen and still hasn’t found a niche at the offensive end. I could go on, but I’ll end with a final dart for the coaching staff. While Skiles has garnered my support since he’s been here, why the hell was I watching an offense that actually put Ben Wallace in a position to have to make plays. STOP PASSING HIM THE BALL YOU FOOLS!!! Unfortunately, Big Ben is a 16+ million a year investment for a declining window cleaner and a shrinking defender. While I still luv the young pieces Johnny Pax has put together, until we get a dominate wing and a back-to-the-basket beast…we’re just spinning our frickin’ wheels! Thanks for lettin’ me vent Homeboys, and more importantly, let’s get our azzes back to the winner’s circle….because you know nuttin’ makes me feel better than rolled-up Aces over Kings and holding free money in my hand!

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May 13, 2007

NBA Playoff Special: 17-12 ATS

I was out of town all weekend with the relatives... least I'll have some good stories for tomorrow!

I won't play the UNDA again this series if I lose...tough also not to consider Utah gettin' almost 8 tonight. What Sloan and I do know, is if the Jazz run they'll lose huge tonight...Jazz/Warriors total points 108-114 points

May 14, 2007

NBA Playoff Special: 18-12 ATS

*Greggy G’s NBA Regular Season: 146-106 ATS

Gambling aside (…I can’t believe I just said that), what a miserable start to this past weekend. On my drive to visit family far-far-away Friday, an ole’ lady claimed she saw Bigfoot comin’ out of the forest and proceeded to swerve her ‘96 Saturn into my new hooptie and caused more damage than Shawn Kemp’s third-leg has caused our great nation. While she continues to claim the forest came alive, speculation at the department is that she’s from a rival sports prediction agency…their azz better have some Geico baby! After the officer asked if I thought the Bulls would cover, he told me to calm my azz down or I’d be joinin’ him for his ride home. I’ll admit, I acted a lil’ bit like the Warriors when they don’t get a fouled called and scolded the ole’ BEEATCH worse than Roger Goodell scolds a brotha who enjoys a few too many xtra circular activities, but the only thing coming out of the forest in suburban Chicago are pedophiles and few fellaz from Boys-town!

On the positive side, at least the gamblin’ gods have a heart as I dominated my professional hardwood predictions Sunday and was able to enjoy another entertaining battle between Sloan & Nellie over a box-o-wine and some Newports. As for tonight, while I’m only givin’ you the Suns/Spurs tilt for my ATS play, I’d bet my eye-brow trimmer that LeBron has a bigger night than ‘His-Airness’ at a single’s bar…well, maybe not that nice. 34 year-old Jason Kidd dominated the glass with his 6-4 frame against the Cavs, and you have think the young 6-8 King James will be amped-up to make sure it doesn’t happen again. I’m guessing his box score will look something like this: 34 pts 14 reb 10 ass. Oh yeah, and the Nets still start Mikki Moore and one of the Collins brothers in their frontcourt. Let’s start the week off right fellaz, and congrats to the Bullies for prolonging the inevitable. It may not seem like much of moral victory, but trust me…the youngsters needed it.

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May 15, 2007

NBA Playoff Special: 18-12 ATS

*Greggy G’s NBA Regular Season: 146-106 ATS

While pushin’ the Spurs/Suns total was more annoying than listening to Stuart Scott talk anything sports-related, what an awesome finish by PHX last night. Timmy D’s boys seemed in more control than Doug Christie’s wife for 46 minutes, only to let Nash and his high-flyers pull their usual late game heroics on the road. As for Horry’s hockey-check on the Canadian with UNDA 20 seconds left, that was the first time I actually realized his overrated-azz was on the court. I know I predicted we’d see the Spurs in the finals, but that’s not because I enjoy watchin’ the exciting play of Bowen, Horry, Barry, & Oberto…they’re like watchin’ an adult film with crabby veterans that are just in it for the paycheck. As for the Cavs performance, what can I say…I told ya!

On to tonight’s tit-alizing match-ups! While I’d luv to tell ya the Bulls will win a close-one in Mo-Town and the Warriors will dominate in Salt Lake, I’d also like to tell the ladies I’m carryin’ luggage that doesn’t fit underneath the carry-on bin…but I guess the man up-stairs figured I’d find a women with my charm and gamblin’ prowess. No matter what, I’m going to make sure to have some fun tonight. The Warden gave me a hall-pass for the evening, my Warrior Zubaz are Snuggle fresh, and my Homeboy’s bar has $2 drafts and Golden Tee! As for my picks and pics, hopefully they add a happy-ending to the evening that would make Asia Carrera proud!

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May 16, 2007

NBA Playoff Special: 19-13 ATS

*Greggy G’s NBA Regular Season: 146-106 ATS

DA BULLS BABY!!! Unfortunelty, I haven't hit the pillow yet and I smell like an ashtray. I'll be back in a couple of hours with my picks...but continue reading and you'll get some of my other pics!

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NBA Playoff Special: 19-13 ATS

*Greggy G’s NBA Regular Season: 146-106 ATS

I’ll admit, I jumped off the Bulls playoff bandwagon so-fast you would’ve thought the cops were chasing us and Nate Newton was on-board. Does that mean I’m not leaping back on like Ron Jeremy in a double-feature...HELL NO! Not to mention, my Homeboy THE COUGAR is taking me to the United Center for game 6, and rumor has it three of the Luv-a-Bulls want Greggy G’s autograph since they’re Insideplays subscribers. As for my Warriors, it’s tough to hate on Boozer, AK-47, Harpring, and D-Williams, but I would’ve loved to see a few more weeks of Baron’s kick-azz beard, Matt Barnes’s tatts, and Stephen Jackson being…well, Stephen Jackson. Sorry to be a lil’ late today, but the liver, kidneys, and lungs aren’t workin’ so-well. Luckily, we’ve got an easy game on the ATS docket tonight thanks to the lame-azz NBA head-honchos who encourage players to take cheap-shots and reward them for being dirtier than Britany Spears in Cabo. Take it light fellas…it’s only Wednesday!

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May 17, 2007

NBA Playoff Special: 19-14 ATS

*Greggy G’s NBA Regular Season: 146-106 ATS

Yes, the gamblin’ gods got me by a hook last night, but I refuse to get pissy like Rex Grossman when he hears people say he’s short, slow, and has small-hands. I’ve already won my fair share of .5 ATS victories this post-season and actually enjoyed watchin’ the Suns compete short-handed against the big-bullies from San Antone. (BTW, I’m a degenerate…and all degenerates live a life of denial & justification.) Despite the financial dagger it caused my retirement fund, I slept like a baby last night knowing tomorrow would bring a great day…I mean Da Cougar got me a playoff ticket! I take back all the White Castle and Velveeta jokes and I’ll make sure to give you my Kobe Tai - “All Thai’d Up” DVD once you get married. My only real concern as I hit the pillow was should I wear the white mink coat with the Greg Gamble, Ltd. logo or my Dave Corzine throwback. Its game day Homeboys…and I think this NBA maven knows what’s gonna happen!


4. They get their hands on more loose balls than a NBA Groupie
The Pistons bench is extremely short when you consider their grind-it-out style of play and the total minutes/age of many of their starters. As a result, you do see the Pistons take a few possessions each quarter to regroup and pick their spots when to be overly aggressive, which can leave them vulnerable to hustle and energy plays for loose balls and long-rebounds. While I’ve always undervalued Chris Duhon, he proved it once again in game 6 that he’s more disruptive and annoying than anybody we have in the backcourt…and if he’s hittin’ his shots (…which I’m always cursing until they go in), we will win tonight!

3. They Rebound like a Pop-Star after the 1st marriage
The reason I initially thought the Bulls could win in 6 was their ability to out-rebound the lifeless-legs of Detroit’s frontcourt. Sheed’s legs seem weathered & crabby, Webber’s are just about gone, and Maxiel’s are short, leaving them with only Mr. McDyess to use his surgically-repaired hops. Unfortunately, it took the Bulls two games before they realized that a combination of the Afroed-Wonder’s muscle, T-Time’s freakishness, and Deng’s subtle aggression & long-azz arms could dominate the glass and chase down virtually every long-rebound.

2. They Take Quick Shots like Greggy G on a Hallpass
Detroit is a wonderful defensive team…when they are set! In the first three games, especially late, the Bulls would pass the ball around the perimeter without a purpose and either end-up taking a contested shot with the clock running down or make a silly turnover forcing a perfect pass. Over the last two, their undersized shooters have taken the first open look available and not waited for Detroit’s length to get into position. In addition, besides the fact that the Bulls can beat the Pistons to open spots in transition and even steal a few lay-ups, since the Pistons aren’t set for their individual box-outs, the quick, long forwards for Skiles seem to have a better than 50/50 chase of getting every offensive rebound.

1. The Backcourt stays out of Foul Trouble
The Bulls win and die with the jump-shot of these 3 (in order of importance):
1) Ben Gordon 2) Kirk Hinrich 3) Luol Deng

Unfortunately, two out of these three are extremely prone to a whinny expresssion 6 minutes into the game, followed by a stiny spot next to Michael “Bag-o’ Doughnuts” Sweetney on the bench. (BTW, I put Deng 3rd because he’s pretty consistent with his mid-range game and really can do some other things to help contribute to a win…Compared to Flash Gordon, who can take over a game lookin’ like he’s playing Double Dribble and knows how to guarantee a swish, but really can’t do much else. As for Kirk, I think his jump-shot holds additional value since his performance is usually based-on his success early, and the fact that teams will leave him open more often than the other two.)

Along these lines, Flip and the Pistons veterans know this and will be taking both Capt. Kirk and the undersized 2-guard (…that can’t place defense or dribble very well) into the post at every opportunity. To tell you the truth, I’d rather see them sacrifice a few lay-ups to stay on the court tonight…It’s not like Big Ben and T-Time aren’t going to be there to help.

So…does that mean I think they will win tonight? I suggest you read what my webmaster tells you below and “Continue Reading” Homeboys!

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May 18, 2007

NBA Playoff Special: 19-15 ATS

*Greggy G’s NBA Regular Season: 146-106 ATS

As Da Cougar and I drowned our sorrows in Greek Town after leavin’ the United Center late in the 4th, (I just wish Michael Sweetney had told me in the nacho line that his teammates were leaving in the 3rd), we struggled to enjoy the ambiance of bad cologne and greasy lamb…and even failed to put together a heated debate on our ball clubs with Cub/Sox weekend upon us. In addition, yours truly is in the mist of his first ATS loosing streak for the playoffs, and I just received the official damage report on my new/scratched/dented hooptie. With that said, this weekend should be more beautiful than Ali Larter with some whip-cream...I mean the beer gardens will be a madhouse of drunk dudes threatenin’ to fight over the better utility infielder, the DePaul girls will be in Cubbie short-shorts pretending to be joggin for their health, and with Tank Johnson back on the street…you never know what might happen

Listen, I know you guys are either depressed about the Bulls or pissed that my pick dropped your dinner selection from Charlie Trotter’s to Charlie’s Fried Chx & Fish, but what more could I really do. I frickin’ gave Skiles and his undersized youngsters the four keys to victory yesterday and they decided to Rex Grossman-it instead. It’s just like the former Washington Bullet Headmaster Wes Unseld used to tell me back in the day: “Greggy G, I can tell’em what to do…but I can’t stop them from being a fool!” As for tonight’s tilts, YOU KNOW HOW WE DO IT…all a losin’ streak means to an ATS baller is it’s time to double-up! Let’s roll fellaz and make sure to have a weekend that would make Ahmad Rashad and Michael Jordan proud!

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May 21, 2007

NBA Playoff Special: 20-16 ATS

*Greggy G’s NBA Regular Season: 146-106 ATS
*Greggy G’s MLB Regular Season: 1-0 ATS

Thankfully, my Sox pulled out a laugher Sunday to keep the Insane Cubbie Posse from peeing all over the streets of Chicago in their typical celebratory manner, but props none the less to the Northsiders for the Crosstown series victory. As for the roundball playoffs, while my finals prediction of SA vs CLE is still a possibility, more importantly, I’m definitely due for a 2nd ATS postseason run to keep your pockets fatter than Matty-tat Barnes’s agent once the Warrior hits the market. Gotta run Homeboys…I have dates with the Insurance Company, a Rental Car Outfit, an Auto Body Shop, and with the Ronny Mexico Foundation for Injured Animals today. Of course first, I’ll be leavin’ you with a Monday pick & pic that should start the week off with more promise than an invite to an after-party thrown by a Cincinnati Bengal. Let’s roll fellaz…

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May 22, 2007

NBA Playoff Special: 20-17 ATS

*Greggy G’s NBA Regular Season: 146-106 ATS
*Greggy G’s MLB Regular Season: 1-0 ATS

I desperately tried to convince my beautiful lady I needed some Thug-Kama-Sutra to change my ATS Playoff luck last night, but she simply responded:“Your a white-degenerate-dork…not a thug you putz!” While it’s tough to argue with her, I was hoping for some sympathy similar to the luv Clinton Portis gave Ronny “Dogg-Pound” Mexico about his extra curricular canine activities. Hell ya Clinton, why don’t people just mind their own damn business…it’s not like he’s skinning cats or drowning hamsters!

As for the NBA action, I would comment on what I’ve seen the last couple nights, but until I get back on the winning streak that’s like taken the opinion of Rex Grossman on how much he likes roller coasters…like his short-azz can get on the ShockWave! But don’t fear young gamblers, just like the great Dennis Green told me back in 1999 after the Army/Navy ATS debatable:“Are you goin’ to complain Greggy G, or are you going to ‘Crown the Azz’ of the bookmakers next time?!”That’s the pep-talk I needed Denny, now I just needed to find a beautiful pick to make the day complete…oh boy, I found it fellaz!

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May 24, 2007

NBA Playoff Special: 20-18 ATS

*Greggy G’s NBA Regular Season: 146-106 ATS
*Greggy G’s MLB Regular Season: 2-0 ATS

While yours truly has burned more friendships than the late-great Lisa 'Left-Eye' Lopes with a few matches at Andre Rison's, today's a special day because two of my best Homeboys (who remain loyal no matter how many times I screw them OVA) are another year closer to joinin’ Pac, Fred Lane, & John Denver. Besides a shout-out to Bob Dylan & Tommy Chong on their BDAYs, I’m sending out some extra special luv (Rae Carruth style) to Joe John ‘Tech-Support’ III and Iowa's very-own Iceman...Mr. KILMA. When I sparked-up a Newport Light and drowned my Cheerios with a lil' Colt 45 this morning...I did it thinkin’ of you two!

Next order of business, before I get to braggin’ about my 2-0 start on the diamond, my dominance on the YMCA hardwood,, and the NBA action on the docket tonight, I’d like to bitch about Enterprise…you know, the “We’ll pick you up in a 'Fire-Engine' Red Neon with less than a half-tank of gas” rental car company. DO THEY KNOW WHO I FRICKIN’ AM!? My entire reputation is based on convincing people I'm richer than Rachel Ray, and they're treating me like I’m Chef-Boy-R-Deadbeat. I can’t wait to take a piss in the glove box before I return that alignment-challenged piece o' shiznit! But enough about my Neon, an ATS winning streak was started yesterday and I have an NBA DRAFT article due in a couple hourscomparing super-models to the Top-10 bball prospects. And yes, of course I’ll post it for you guys…who doesn’t want to know how one of the Olsen twins compares to 7-footer Spencer Hawes’s inside-out ability. Watch-out Bill Simmons and JK Rowling…Greggy G has a pen and paper handy! Take it light this Thursday fellaz and make sure to always remember this is for news and news matters only!

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May 26, 2007

NBA Playoffs: 21-18 ATS

I've bet the OVA and lost the first I'm guessing the gambling gods have my back in this one. Oh yeah, and if the Jazz don't realize they need to slow things down...I'll take the loss, but Johnny Amechi and I are going to beat Sloan's azz!...Spurs/Jazz 180-186 total points

May 28, 2007

NBA Playoff Special: 21-19 ATS

Greggy G's NBA Regular Season: 146-106 ATS
Greggy G's MLB Regular Season: 8-0 (Hell yeah!)

Yes, you are correct...I'm 0-3 so far on the UNDA in this series. And yes, I'm takin' it again! Spurs/Jazz 180-186 total points

May 31, 2007

Will Nocioni & Gordon be back?

I’ll be the first to admit, I overindulged in the Bulls Kool-Aid after they swept the defending champs in the opening round. Even knowing D-Wade was hobbled, Shaq was taking the year off, and the rest of the AARP Heat were on a farewell tour, I was truly impressed with the Bulls confident approach late in each game and loved the smart aggressive style they finally captured for more than a few spurts. Just like the majority of the Bulls faithful, I also desperately wanted to see this group succeed simply because it was refreshing to see a classy and passionate group of young NBA professionals. While I was well-aware of the individual on-court flaws each of them possessed and didn’t forget how skeptical I was all season regarding their playoff potential, I was starting to believe the postseason hype and wanted back on the bandwagon. Maybe Paxson, Skiles, & Co. were right that an undersized backcourt could survive on the road and that mortgaging the future on Pau Gasol was not the answer. Or maybe, as I realized watching Gordon getting abused by oversized guards and the Pistons 4th frontcourt reserve (Jason Maxiel) having more low post moves than our entire roster, I should have stuck with my pre and mid-season gut.

While I’ve always clamored for Pau Gasol and believe he’d look three times as good alongside Ben Wallace as Hakim Warrick, if Johnny Pax is able to get him this summer for a cheaper price than before…I understand why he is the GM and not me. Gasol is a legit 7-footer, a better athlete than people think, and skill wise, can be compared to a poor man’s Tim Duncan. For most teams, to acquire a player of Gasol’s ability would decimate their roster of all potential young stars. But for the Bulls, it’s actually just a matter of finding the right combination of youngsters to give-up. As for the size in the backcourt, while Thabo Selfolosha is an intriguing talent, he’s definitely a couple years away and comes without a lifetime guarantee for success. Luckily, free agency is usually a little kinder on the wallet when you’re comparing off-guards to the big-boys on the block, not to mention, the Bulls also have the ability to trade their draft picks (and the Knicks pick…Thanks Isiah!) to fill the void.

With that said, I believe Pax witnessed the same things I saw and knows the roster needs more than just some minor tweaking. Unfortunately, in the NBA, roster moves are never as easy as they seem and salaries can often determine a player’s worth more than their actual ability. Case in point, the Ben Gordon and Kirk Hinrich debate we’ve heard throughout the year on sports radio and at the local watering hole. No matter how convincing a Ben Gordon should stay over Kirk Hinrich argument is, nobody is going to trade for Capt. Kirk after he just signed for more than 10 million a year last summer. As for Flash, he’s still in his rookie contract and will pull a lot more weight if the Bulls try to bring Gasol…or even Garnett into the mix. As for the off-guard spot, whether they trade, sign-n-trade, or take the FA route, they will probably have to sacrifice one of their own FAs. And while I hate to say it, and absolutely love his game, I have a feeling that sacrificial lamb may be Andres Nocioni.

NBA GMs are finally looking harder at character and glue guys as they head into the future and are willing to pay star money for players that are maybe a notch below that moniker (see Kirk Hinrich contract). While I’m sure Pax, Skiles, & Co. admire what Noce brings to the court and the locker-room, if Luol and Tyrus are kept out of a potential frontcourt trade, the minutes won’t justify the money that they’d have to match to keep him. Of course, I’ll be disappointed if I don’t see Ben on fire in the 4th next year or have to enjoy my popcorn without the passionate-Argentinean annoying an opponent a head-taller and foot-faster, but as I will explain below…it may not be as bad as you think.

Ben Gordon G 6’3” 200 lbs. age: 24
2006-07: 21.4 ppg 46 fg% 41 3pt%


In his 3rd full season, Ben continued to prove he’s one of the best young shooters in the game. When open on the perimeter or given enough room to square-up, he continues to be almost automatic, while also surprising opponents with his ability to get to the rim and finish amidst the big-boys. As far as his ball-handling and playmaking ability, the former Connecticut Huskie will probably never be able to slide over to the point and can actually be liability late in games if teams pressure or trap the dribble. As for the defensive end, while I’ll admit his effort and overall awareness was more impressive than I expected this season, his size and inability to guard the 2-spot was a huge weakness for the Bulls. This was most apparent against the Pistons when they simply isolated Billups or Hamilton, depending on which one Ben was guarding.

It’s tough to justify an undersized guard that has a poor handle and can’t defend anybody on the wing. Ideally, I feel Ben’s future in the NBA is dependant on the size and ability of the guard playing alongside him. While Hinrich has the ability to play the point and can guard some athletic 2-guards, I believe his game suffers as the season progresses with the heavy nightly assignment, especially when we’re talking about foul trouble. I honestly believe Ben’s most efficient spot in the NBA may be as a 6th man providing instant offense off the bench. While I’d love to keep him for this role, his value may never be higher than it is today and Pax needs to take full advantage. In addition, the combination of Ben hitting the open market soon and the Bulls having so many other youngsters to pay in the near future, a trade this off-season may prevent them from losing him for nothing next year.

Andres Nocioni 6’7” 225 lbs. age: 27
2006-07: 14.1 ppg 5.7 rpg 47 fg% 38 3pt%


Nobody represents the style and attitude Paxson and Skiles are trying to create on and off the court than Noce. Also completing his 3rd NBA season, he’s continued to expand his game and can be the difference in 3-5 wins per season just on his hustle plays. An above average shooter from long and mid-range, Nocioni still attacks the rim like it’s a gold medal match and has the basketball IQ to make-up for some of his YMCA-style game. Defensively, while quicker wing-players caused him more problems than in year’s past, he still can be trusted on a daily basis to play exceptional team defense and will find the floor twice as much as his opponent. Unfortunately, a foot injury caused him to miss more than 20 games at the backend of the season and prevented him from being the playoff superstar he was for the Bulls the last two years.

Johnny Pax has already paid two non-offensive superstars (Hinrich & Wallace), superstar money! I can’t see how he can afford to do that again, because I honestly believe some team is going to offer him in the range of 6-9 million/year this off-season. Besides the monetary issues, do you trust a 27 year-old power forward in a small forward’s body who plays year-round, and is starting to show some signs of wear and tear? Similar to Gordon, I also think his game is the most effective when he’s coming off the bench…but not coming off the bench for 8.5 million. A prototypical ‘tweener’ in the NBA, I’ll be extremely happy for him when he signs a huge deal this off-season…especially if it’s not going to cost me another dollar with the United Center beer vendors.

MLB Record: 11-0 ATS (I ain’t lying Homeboys!)

*Greggy G’s NBA Regular Season: 146-106 ATS
*Greggy G’s NBA Playoff Special: 22-19 ATS

Publishing Note: A Bulls article I wrote is posted on the previous entry and discusses two of Paxson’s favorite youngsters leavin’ town this off-season...enjoy!

Back to business…I honestly need to lose a baseball bet before any new-readers come to the site because I have a feeling it’s as believable as that hamster/Richard Gere story. IT’S NOT MY FAULT THE ROYALS PLAY EVERDAY!!! But enough AA Royals chatter, a huge game on the hardwood tonight and I have feeling we’re going to see a score lower than Paris and Lindsey’s Driver’s ED scores. But before I give my daily winners and daily picks, I have a few important thoughts for ya:

1. Kobe Bryant is as likely to be traded as my girl is of convincing me to rid myself of my Kobe Tai collection.

2. Why do rich-rappers brag about getting’ panties from strippers in their songs? Do they realize dorky white-dudes that MAKE IT RAIN with $6 dollars can do that too?

3. How funny is it that they make 80 year-old baseball managers dress-up in full uniform…You think the Wicked Films producer wears a strap-on and rubs Ramen seasoning on his balls directing a scene. (What do you mean you guys don’t use a Picante Chx packet during 4-play?)

4. Combining Pop-Rocks and Everclear in your mouth will cause permanent gum damage and will make you piss your pants.

5. Watching the post-game press conferences for Ozzie and Lou is 169 times more fun than watching Chicago baseball (BTW…169 equals the recorded # of beef-stick purchases by Tank Johnson for his 60-day stint in the clink!)

6. Who knew Marcus Vick, aka Ronny Tijuana, was the good one in the family?

Have a good one fellaz and always remember what the great poetry writer 50-cent once told me… “Losers lose and Winners win!” You know which one of those I roll with!

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June 7, 2007

MLB Special: 16-2 ATS…I'm the Shiznit! NBA Playoff Special: 22-20…Ouch!

Hell yeah Homeboys…Nuttin’ makes me sleep better than a lil’ Whiskey n’ Theraflu and a 3-0 ATS evening. And listen to this, my lawyer (aka Andrew Uncle Ben’s) is takin’ me to a skybox at Comiskey to watch the Yankees take 3 out 4 from the Bad News White Sox. I know that means I’m missing Game 1 of the NBA Finals, but besides the fact that it’ll be a complete blow-out (Greggy G Alert: ATS foreshadowing), tryin’ to tell a Polack to pass up free tix, booze, & food is like tryin’ to tell Mark Chmura to pass-up the opportunity to hang in a hot-tub with High School Cheerleaders. BTW, my lawyer, he’s not the lawyer; he’s actually my personal lawyer…What can I say, Nate Newton told me it was oregano!

Anywho, before I breakdown the diamond, is it just me or for the first time in these playoffs does King James seem a lil’ overconfident. I know he needs to show a swagger, especially in front of his cast of average ballers, but I’m gettin’ a completely different vibe from His Majesty. Listen, I’m not hatin’…If I was in his shoes at 22 I’d probably be acting like a combination of Terrell Owens, Verne Troyer, & the Girls Gone Wild guru. Oh yeah, and if I had his shoe size…I’d probably never ever get dressed! Have a good one fellaz and always remember what R. Kelly has taught us…no, not make it rain with someone you picked-up from Rock n Roll McDonalds, but be a Go-Getter…I know I’m gonna Go-Get me some money today!

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June 12, 2007

MLB Special: 21-4 ATS…Not too bad baby!!! NBA Playoffs: 23-20 ATS…Not good baby

While the baseball gods brought me back to reality like they have for Ozzie since ‘05, it’s actually refreshing to look at my MLB record and know I’m on a losing streak. BTW, I split my other two baseball plays last night, with the one winner being the White Sux UNDA. No lie, if I just took the Southsider UNDA everyday, I could probably stop selling Diet Rockstar at the corner of Lincoln and Damen. To close out the baseball chatter, the vivacious and festively-plump Johnathan Hood at ESPN radio 1000 had an amazing stat this morning: Mr. Guillen has sported a different line-up 50 out of the 60 games they’ve played this year. Injuries included, that’s more ridiculous than the fact that Byung-Hyun Kim is still in the league...awesome find J-Hood!

But enough diamond notes, we have the NBA Finals tonight and I can’t understand why the line is so low. The smooth-dome of Jalen Rose had an unbelievable stat about Tony Parker yesterday. Before I get to that, my girl has two freebies that I can’t get pissed about…Brad Pitt & J-Rose. In my warped mind, nobody is cooler than the former Wolverine. He’s had an offensive game of 40 year-old at the playground since he came into the league, and plays defense like my azz at the YMCA…you know, everyone has to guard out of position because I can’t stay in front of anybody faster than Rex Grossman. Anywho…Check out this stat he gave yesterday: During the regular season, nobody had more points in the paint than Tony Parker…not Dwight Howard, not Shaq, and not Dave Corzine...Tony “The datin’ maven” Parker! So let’s ride him, make some cash tonight, and make sure to live by the motto of the Shop Boyz: PARTY LIKE A ROCKSTAR, PARTY LIKE A ROCKSTAR! That’s easy for me…I’ve already OD’d on my Mojito Theraflu and will easily catch that rebate buzz during softball!

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June 21, 2007

MLB Special: 33-12 ATS…Diamond Dynamo

We’ve now crossed the 20 games OVA .500 mark and the All-Star break is still a few weeks away! What can I say, I feel like Dylan from 90210…no matter how much of an azz he was, it didn’t change the fact that he was hung like Rueben Patterson and layin’-pipe to Kelly Kapowski, Vanessa Marcil, & the Noxema chick whenever he wanted! The funny thing is that my greedy ‘Roger Clemans’ azz feels like I should have gone 3-0 instead of 2-0 with a push last night. Oh well, at least I didn’t have to deal with what the diehard Cub fans had to yesterday. The only thing more ironic than SamME Sosa jacking # 600 against the Northsiders was when Mark Chmura boycotted the Packers' trip to the White House because of his public criticism of Bill Clinton’s morality. Speaking of ironic, did you hear what music they played as they celebrated Sosa’s accomplishment in Texas…the theme from the M*tha F*ckin NATURAL! You can’t make that shiznit up. While I’m not a Cub Hater and actually hope they make the playoffs, Cubdom drama & drunk garbage throwin’ is frickin’ hilarious to me. I know we’ve got white-trash farther/son combos smokin’ crack & attackin’ coaches and our only ‘somewhat’ hot chicks have Marlboro Reds rolled-up in their sleeves, but angry azz-clowns from Wrigleyville that still talk about Bartman, the Goat, & Ronnie Woo Woo is priceless.

Anyway, just like Thursday in the NBA, not too much action on the Diamond tonight. I’m trying my hardest to keep the investments light, but that’s like telling Vin Baker to ignore a 2 for 1 drink special or to convince MJ not to get a suite at the hotel hosting the “Blondes are Not Stupid” convention. Speaking of the NBA, I’m finalizing my NBA Draft breakdown and I promise it will not disappoint. Besides my in-depth analysis of each prospect’s hardwood skills and where they fit best, I’ve also matched each of them with a supermodel that best represents their unique ability. I know…I’m a frickin’ loser! Time to roll Fellaz…be good and always remember to tip your dancers!

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June 28, 2007

Greggy G’s 2007 Mock NBA/Hot Model Draft

It feels like X-Mas Homeboys! The Inaugural Greg Gamble 2007 NBA/Hot Model Draft. I’m not gonna tell you what will happen…I’m gonna tell you what should happen! In my humble, but correct opinion, the stupidest thing I always hear (besides what was said by Tim Hardaway) is: WE TOOK THE BEST PLAYER AVAILABLE! Attention NBA GMs, this is not the NFL draft…you have one round to improve your team and prevent your superstar from requesting a trade! (FYI, the 2nd round doesn’t mean “Naja Devenport squatting in a closet” because of the short-term contracts.) There are only 5 guys on the court at a time (the Knicks should get six), so maybe, just maybe the so-called NBA architects might want to actually grab someone they need! As for my mock draft, it’s pretty straight forward. I wish I had the luxury of proposing some trades in this draft, but there was high-roller game of Golden Tee going on last night and I tried to win my lady that white tiger she's always wanted. If you don’t like I how I roll, go ahead and read the mock drafts from the gurus who get lied to by every GM so they can lay a smoke-screen that would make Nate Newton proud!

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October 31, 2007

Greggy G’s World Famous Daily NBA ATS Picks

ATS PICKS - MLB: 116-91 - NFL: 14-12 - College Picks: 16-19

While most the world saves their birthday checks and bonuses for September and the Pigskin Kick-off to address their gamblin fix, as you know, Greggy G’s living is made on the profession hardwood. After rolling thru the NBA season with 171-127 ATS record, I traded in my condo for a mansion and crashed my Camry for a sports car! While I’ve been messing around with a lil’ baseball and football to pass the time, my female scouts have been hitting the bars after NBA preseason games and getttin’ a feel for who’s determined to rebound from last year, who’s looking for a breakout season in a contract year, and who’s more interested in smokey treats and life on the NBA road than wins n loses. I few games tipped-off last night, but as with tradition, I pass on opening day as a sacrifice to the Roundball Gamblin’ Gods. As for tonight, GAME ON lil’ BEEATCHES!

Quickly to the gridiron, a few lines that jumped-off the sports page as I sipped my Bloody this morning:

1. Virginia Tech +3 at Georgia Teach
The Yellow Jackets superstar RB Tashard Choice is out, as well as, back-up Sr. Rashaun Grant, while their QB has barely completed 50% of his passes and has more INTs than Tuddies. More importantly, we saw last Thursday how the Hokies dominated a Heisman Trophy candidate QB until the final 3 minutes, how you think GTech’s so-called signal-caller is gonna look without a running game? Also, I’m guessing the line drops all week so jump on it early Homeboys…and might as well tease it too!

2. CHARGERS (teased to -1.5) at the ViQueens
Just like last week’s tease of Indy, being able to knock down the line so basically a dominate squad just needs to win against a shitty team is as close to a guarantee as it gets…and gives you 6 points on your other bets. The Chargers are rollin’ after a slow start and it helps that their still not in control of the division (no letdown yet), while the Vikes have rumblings about a coaching change and have only looked good against the team formerly known as the Ronny Mexico’s and the team formerly know as the Bears. I’m not going crazy with the teasers like I did with Indy, but at least a handful of plays will be getting 6 points thanx to the Lightning Bolts

Against the other two spread offenses in the Big 10 (Indiana & Purdue), Ferentz’s squad has been outscored 69-26. How bad are the Hawkeyes this year you ask, let’s just say the Cyclones have one win this year and it came at Kinnick Stadium! While the Wildcats are no juggernaut, star RB Tyrell Sutton is back and the unique home-field in Evanston should give them a little extra help. Iowa has been abysmal at passing the football this year, and just I can’t see how they keep pace with the Northwestern offense.

With that, let’s hit-up the NBA boys…

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November 6, 2007

Greggy G's College Football & NBA ATS Magic For Entertainment & Entertainment Purposes Only

ATS - MLB: 116-91 - NFL: 14-15 - College: 20-20 - NBA: 2-2

The sweetest part about the end of baseball season is how College Football takes ova the weekday nights and combines with the NBA to give an investor more options than the Hanson brothers at a Jr High dance circa '97. Tonight, we have one of the fiercest rivalries in college football since Miami (FL) and Florida International were stomping on each other like it was a street-fight…no, not Ohio St/Mich...I’m talking bout the Western Michigan/Central Michigan tilt on ESPN2. Throw-in a full docket of NBA action and some leftover happy brownies, and I’m bettin' there’s a 50% chance I’m late to work tomorrow. As for the Monday Night contest, the Ravens look like they should be playing in an old-timers game and the Steelers look to have a swagger that’s eerily similar to 2005-06…minus the Jerome Bettis over-the-top Farewell Tour. With that, here are Four Picks & Four Pics…enjoy the day BEEATCHES!

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November 7, 2007

Greggy G's NBA & CF Hump Day ATS Magic For Entertainment Purposes Only

ATS - MLB: 116-91 - NFL: 14-15 - College: 20-20 - NBA: 4-3

With an “ahhh-push-it” in college football and a 2-1 evening in roundball, I didn’t make enough to head to eBay for all 30 NBA teams in classic Zubaz apparel…but did make enough if I needed tip-money for the year and my name was “No-Tippin’” Scottie Pippen. Back to the drawing-board tonight (or as I call it…the yellow-pad of sin), with another double-dose of sporting events, as well as, another double-dose of Theraflu and Citron for my sick-azz. As for the Bullies, more than any other team, they all need to be focused and confident to be successful. With the contract shiznit and Kobe rumors this preseason, the Bulls are not on the same page and look less confident then David Silver hangin’ with the upperclassmen at Beverly Hills High early-on…not to mention, their backscourt is still only taller the Bears opening-day starting QB. Everyone expects the Bulls to snap out of this, but I'm guessing it’s gonna take longer than people think. Anywho, let’s go make some paper Homeboys…time to scout out tonight’s action like a Grad Student at Keg party!

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November 8, 2007

GREGGY G's NBA & College FB ATS Winners For Entertainment Purposes Only

ATS - NBA: 6-4 - NFL: 14-15 - College: 20-21 - MLB: 116-91

Even as I start to regain my '06-07 NBA dominance (4 of 6 ats) and look forward to over 1,000 games where I get to match my pick with a specific swimsuit, I’m surprisingly depressed because of the Bulls early season struggles…I mean if I don’t chuckle at Eddy Curry’s “O-lay” defense or laugh at Zydrunas Ilgauskas’s mistimed cross-over, something is Rae Carruth wrong. While you’ve heard me rant how the Kobe rumors and contract negotiations hurt an already fragile team prepare for the season, what amazes me is how quickly the entire city seems to have changed their tone. Similar to the majority of the Bulls faithful, I was more willing to give-up my “Kobe Tai’s – All Tai’d Up” DVD than part with some of Paxson, Skiles, & Co’s hard-working youngsters. But after only 4 games, the mood has changed faster than Dog the Bounty Hunter’s career and the city is desperate for a change…me included. I’ve come to the realization the Bulls may be close to their ceiling as constructed, while the rest of the East has improved dramatically and have a better handle on Chicago’s “hardworking, undersized, star-less roster without a post-game” style. While it’s not irrational to like Captain Kirk and Luol more than a guy who doesn’t understand “No means No” in Colorado, it is wrong to think Hinrich & Deng are bringin' us title without some help. I know…I’ve changed my mind after a few games, but Britany’s changed her mind about marriage, hair, & taking car of her kitty and she still gets MTV gigs. I wish I was wrong fellaz, but I think the Bullies maxed out their ability last year and will struggle to find a smooth rhythm anytime some...especially with the trade rumors and unsigned contracts bouncing in their head more than silicon twins on choppy water. Now that's funny shiznit.

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November 13, 2007


ATS – NBA: 8-8 - NFL: 17-16 - College: 22-23 - MLB: 116-91

While I would've made a ‘lil more money taking both teams straight-up instead of teasin’ last night, no point in crying over spilled money and no point in gettin’ greedy with the NBA season just warming-up. With that, I’m jumping right into the NBA action faster than former Bull Jason Caffey jumped into bed with anybody that knew he sat at the end of an NBA bench (8 children with 7 women…Yahtzee Homeboy!). Let’s Roll

While games like this can find the home-team sleep-walking to victory without a cover, tonight’s match-up has a lil’ more drama with Rashard “Max” Lewis knowing everybody in Seattle will be watching his new-look in black & blue. Especially with the savior Kevin “I can’t play defense yet” Durant trying to replace Lewis & Jesus Shuttlesworth, you know the new Magicman will do everything he can to make sure the Sonics look terrible and that his teammates understand the underlining importance of this game...

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November 14, 2007


ATS: NBA: 10-9 - NFL: 17-16 - College: 22-23 - MLB: 116-91

While I’d luv to give you details of my 2-1 performance and how I was a Wilson "MFin" Chandler tip-in away from perfection, the soap-opera that is the Knickerbockers is juicier than the backside of J. Lo in “U-Turn” and simply too bizarre to ignore. With the sexual harassment suits against Zeke & MSG in the headlines this summer, as well as, Starbury’s admission that he slept with a company intern outside a strip-club, it’s amazing things continue to spin out of control for the most embarrassing franchise in professional sports (BTW, I have to give Starbury some props…I couldn't get laid with a new pair of Sketchers and he’s knockin’ the dust wearing a $15 pair of shoes!). And I’m convinced Isiah must have pictures of GM Jim Dolan sleeping with a one-legged ostrich for the owner to keep him around after some of the worst basketball decisions since the Atlanta Hawks traded Spud Webb, let alone, after Zeke told a judge and NY it’s ok for a black man to call a black woman a “Bitch”. Fast forward to Monday, and rumors circled that Coach Thomas informed Stephon on their flight to PHX that he was going to be removed from the starting line-up. Following this, reports included punches being thrown on the plane and Starbury saying things along the lines of “He better start me! I have so much dirt on him, he’d be screwed.” Ladies & Gentelmen, I give you the new blockbuster from Spike Lee: “Bad-Contracts and Scumballs on a Plane”

Whether or not any or all of this happened, Stephon skipped the game Tuesday and flew back to the Big Apple. As my Homeboy Larry the Ova/Unda Legend text’d me yesterday: “I bet he had to wait for Southwest Airlines since he’s only making $7.49 per shoe!” As I’ve said before, the NBA is frat-tastic! Seriously, over 80% of Zeke’s moves have failed to the point that he’s either completely benched his acquisitions or bought them out of a contract that he convinced Dolan to sign! On second thought, I’m guessing it’s a picture of a male ostrich and Dolan’s wearing a Nets jersey. Anyway, back to more important matters like continuing to improve the collection of shoes my girl won’t wear and my assortment of top-shelf Malt Liquor. It’s NBA ATS Homeboys, and the Hardwood Maven is licking his chops like a groupie not on the pill staring at Jason Caffey not wearing a hat!


November 15, 2007


ATS - NBA: 11-11 NFL: 17-16 College: 22-23 MLB: 116-91

And the headlines read: “Starbury and Zeke Forgive and Forget…because Stephon has enough dirt on Isiah to make him look shadier than Al Pacino in the Devil’s Advocate!” (BTW, the Asian chick in the elevator scene is my ex…she just doesn’t know it.) Seriously, is it me or can you just see the sin coming out of Isiah’s crooked-azz eyebrows? As for Stephon, only with the Knickerbockers would he hold all the cards in this fiasco. And the biggest joke, I’m actually hearing the so-called experts talk about where Stephon could be potentially be traded…are you frickin’ kidding me! I don’t care what scenario they throw-out or how his contract can help a team land a superstar in 2009 when Kobe or RIP are available, nobody is touching this 21-million dollar a year public relations nightmare. I even heard a guy a thought was pretty bright in Greg Anthony tell me last night that Stephon is a good guy with a big heart…What! Even if he sent flowers to the intern he banged in his truck outside the strip-club or was singing & smiling outside the courthouse after his deposition of the sexual harassment trail because he was nervous…I’m gonna go with NOBODY IN THEIR RIGHT-MIND HAS A ROSTER SPOT FOR STARBURY! And what about his crazy interview he did with NBC over the summer that was so hard to follow and I almost got seasick? The only time I heard more idiotic comments was when R. Kelly proclaimed:

“I’m the Ali of today. I’m the Marvin Gaye of today. I’m the Bob Marley of today. I’m the Martin Luther King, or all the other greats that have come before us. And a lot of people are starting to realize that now.” R. Kelly

Yeah, if "Sir Piss alot" can comparing himself to a modern-day MLK…I’m the A.C. Slater, Shawn Kemp, & Joey Buttafuoco of 2007! As for Mr. Marbury, I know his charity work has been well-documented and agree with him that money makes you do stupid things, but telling the world during an interview that, "I believe in trilogy. My third eye. That's my spirit." that’s not stupid because of money my friends! But in all honesty, if I was a GM and was forced to sleep with Courtney Love if I didn’t take-on Stephon or Isiah, I’d be an investor in $15 dollar shoes and get a Starbury Tatt on my neck before I’d even allow Zeke into my Port-o-Potty. With that, we have some college football and NBA to analyze to make-up for a 1-2 night on the hardwood…How in the flying reverse cowgirl do my Warriors blow a 22-point lead and the Knicks comeback from 73-57 with 8 minutes to go and lose by 3! Oh well, it’s not like the losses mean I’m taking a Shaun Alexander…I don’t quit, I don’t take breaks, and I don’t wear underwear with dress-pants…I just tuck and roll the collared-shirt my friends!


November 19, 2007

Home of Greggy G's Daily ATS Picks

ATS - NBA:13-12 - NFL:18-16 - College:24-25 - MLB:116-91

Watchin' the Bears for 3-hours has turned into a frickin' chore. Rex played just good enough for our coaches and GM to probably think maybe they should pay him next year (let him go), while the remaining skill-positions are far from explosive and the O-Line looks to have aged overnight. As for my weekend, I only had one big-play at the window yesterday because of too much poker on Fri & Sat (one-point cover (Rams -3 over the 49ers), I'll admit I;m starting to get that NBA tingle. For tonight, will I'd luv to play the Monday Nighter, I don’t have the balls to invest in one of the young QBs and have decided to play the NBA to feed my fix...I mean hobby

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November 20, 2007

Home of Greg Gamble's Daily NBA ATS Picks

ATS - NBA: 15-12 NFL: 18-16 College: 24-25 MLB: 116-91

While some would call the weather dreadful today, after a 2-0 performance on the professional hardwood and teams like the Deng’less Bulls & Dingleberry-coached Knicks on the docket facing teams that have won 8 in-a-row combined, let’s just say the weather reminds me of the misty, heavenly-atmosphere of Amsterdam. I know it sounds like we're pickin’ on the wounded by investing against Skiles & Isiah, but just ask my buddy Dave how much fun it is knockin’ the dust off a single-mom on crutches. Let’s make it happen Homeboys and roll into Thanksgiving with some diamond incrusted-bling to use as a cranberry-sauce holder…man, do I love this ATS game!

With Captain Kirk and Noce guarding these two tonight, what you think the ova/unda is on when they'll both in foul trouble...5 minutes!?

Nobody is hotter than the Nuggets right now…well, maybe that chick always wearing the tight-FLST gear, but with 6 Ws in-a-row by an average of 17 ppg, I’ll just say that George Karl’s corn-rolled heroes are not that for behind that Seminole-azz...(continue reading beeatches!)

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November 26, 2007

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ATS - NBA: 19-16 NFL: 19-18 College: 24-26 MLB: 116-91

What is it with cocky NFL coaches…do they really think if they don’t kick-it to a superstar the whole league with look at them like their pussywillows. Seriously, there’s no other explanation for Shanahan kicking to Devin Hester than having a god-complex. And how about Todd Sauerbrun’s lame-azz attempt to tackle Hester both times? I’m not saying he was tanking, but let’s just say if it turns out he pulled a Tim Donaghy…I wouldn’t be surprised. Yeah, the same guy who game to Bears’s camp as a rookie and cut his sleeves to show-off his tat, and earlier this week, talked trash about how they were going to kick to the most dangerous-man since Rae Carruth cause they weren’t gonna act like chicken-shits…and then proceeded to lay-down like a white-girl in the presence of His Airness on both returns. And finally, how embarrassing can things get for the Bulls? While local-scribes and national-experts have been telling you things will get better, yours truly has been telling you they’ll suck all-year. Watching them lose to a team with a basketball IQ that would make Tyrus Thomas look like John Stockton has to make Paxson, Skiles, & Co. look in the mirror for blame. It was almost comical watching Eddy Curry & Zach Randolph get position underneath the basket every possession and pivot as if their were playing against my old-Church league team (BTW, I was 2nd-team all defense my rookie season). What a Monday! Not touching the football game tonight, but I do have a few NBA gems to keep you satisfied like T.T. Boy on a film-set!

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November 27, 2007

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ATS - NBA: 20-17 NFL: 19-18 College FB: 24-26 MLB: 116-91

Bogut's always had the passion, and now he's addin' the skill!

Who would have thought we’d be a week from December and saying that a tilt with the Atlanta Hawks was a must win scenario? Let’s just say I’m a lil nervous with the 6-7 Joe Johnson & 6-8 Josh Childress playing shooting guard against our hometown midgets in the backcourt. As for that Monday Night Football debacle, I guess you get what you deserve when your field already looks worse than Britney’s carpet and you proceed to abuse it more than K-Fed by scheduling College & High School games all year. With that, off to my picks and pics for the hardwood. Besides the normal professional plays, I’m poppin’ my Cherry on the college action…and don’t worry, it’s not the Marist Red Foxes!

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November 28, 2007

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College BBall: 1-0 ATS - NBA: 20-19 ATS

But I don't want to run with Amare and the Matrix!

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November 30, 2007

Home of FREE ATS WINNERS from Greggy G!

ATS - NBA: 21-21 College BB: 3-1 NFL: 20-18 MLB: 116-91

Say hello to my favoirte RB Homeboys!

What can I say, 3-1 on the ATS luv train with my only loss coming at the hands of the Buffalo Bulls and their superstar G/F Greg Gamble (6 ppg, 3 reb, 2 ass) who may not have lit-up the scoreboard, but lit-up the hearts the Bulls female faithful. Not to mention, we affirmed the golden rule that you never ever bet against Greggy M*tha F*ckin’ G! And nuttin’ like teasin’ the Cowboys with a bunch plays on Sundays…that’s like rollin’ into the champagne room after one of your Homeboys graciously paid for the bubbly. I know the Cowboys covered anyway, but while some of you were nervous, I was just chillin’ with a Gin Martini (with a splash of Vodka of course). Speaking of the game last night, I had to mute the entire 2nd half because Bryant Gumbel is the worst NFL announcer I’ve ever heard! I’d rather listen to Ronnie Woo Woo & Rosie O’Donnell commentate from my living room than that stiff.

The Knicks only have one guy I'd pay to see!

As for tonight’s full docket of NBA action, I know I’m only .500, but I’m just getting warmed-up like Kobe Tai in the 1st scene of Face Invaders and my 171-127 record last year is what you’ll get if you have the stamina to make it to the final scene (what brilliant camera work!). Before I get to my picks, I do have one bit of information that’ll make you smile. As reported in the Rocky Mountain News, Nuggets problem-child J.R. Smith’s nickname he’s been dubbed by his Homeboys is “Youngrich”…when asked why he responded: “Because I’m young and rich!” I got a better one for ya J.R, how about “Overpaidpunk”…Have a great weekend fellaz, enjoy my picks today, and make sure to check in tomorrow for Teasin' T-Bone's Football Extravaganza!

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December 3, 2007

Home of Greg Gamble’s Daily ATS Winners

ATS - College BB: 3-1 NFL: 21-18 NBA: 22-23 MLB: 116-91

Who would've thought this guy would beat West Virginia...gotta give you some props Wanny!

Sorry for no Sunday Pigskin Post, I was traveling yesterday spreading the word of the Gamble and my partner (soon to be ex) somehow forgot to let my diehard fans know the Lightning Bolts were a lock yesterday. At least I put in the Cowboys/Chargers teaser earlier in the week, but I know that’s no excuse for a big-time site like insideplays. I’ll recap the entire weekend tomorrow as I’m heading to the doctor for my life-insurance physical in about 20 min…and yes, I know I’m screwed! As for tonight’s ATS analysis, of course I had time last night to find a gem for ya. Take it light Homeboys!

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December 4, 2007

Home of Greg Gamble’s Daily ATS Winners

ATS - College BB: 3-1 NBA: 23-23 NFL: 21-18 MLB: 116-91

multiple sources report KING JAMES OUT TONIGHT!

If Bron-Bron is out tonight I won't even bother watchin and just chill outside with some friends!

*Injury update...KING JAMES OUT!
If Bron-Bron's out tonight, the Nets roll into Cleveland like Dylan McKay at the Peach Pit...Spud Webb smooth baby! The Nets need wins, and with NY on the schedule tomorrow. you know Kidd, Vince, & RJ will do whatever it takes to grab the next two. Check back for updates on LeBron, and it might be wise to play it early as the line will be moving all-day!...Nets by 7-10 points

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December 7, 2007

Home of Free ATS picks...that sometimes win!

ATS - College BB: 5-3 NFL: 21-19 NBA: 25-26 MLB: 116-91

Rex & Greggy G have had better days

The Bucks have too many solid ballers and are too desperate for wins to lose to the Super Bad Sonics…Bucks by 8-12 points

If Tony Longoria & Ginobili can carry the Spurs to another victory with Duncan…I’ll never play against them again. Sloan will probably have AK-47 bother Manu will the rest of the Jazz just need to look out for Parker. And without Timmy’s underrated D, you have to think Boozer will have a field day…Jazz by 4-8 points

Rockets weakspot is at PF, but NJ can’t capitalize if their starting Malik Allen. The Rockets have two stars to pair with Bonzi, Battier, & Scola…will RJ & Vinsanity have a poo-poo platter and a point guard that can’t shoot. Seriously, whose gonna stop Ming…Jason Collins & Jamaal Magloire?…Rockets by 8-12 points

Take these following pictures as my apology...Sorry I suck sometimes

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December 11, 2007

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ATS - College BB: 5-3 NFL: 21-19 NBA: 26-28 MLB: 116-91

Jefferson & Telfair have started to make some of us believers!

While needing a remarkable Sat/Sun to prevent a meeting with a business partner resembling “Grandma” from Rounders, I know you’ll have to trust me when I say I finally hit some big-time wins this weekend. As for, I figured it was time for a lil Teasin’ T-Bone to ease our degenerate groupies from crashing the site with hate-mail. I know it comes with the territory and I know even the greatest prognosticators have found a losing streak, but this week…that’s not gonna happen Homeboys...Time to rally!

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December 12, 2007

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ATS - College BB: 6-4 NFL: 21-19 NBA: 27-30 MLB: 116-91

Nobody can say he doesn't play with passion...all the best TJ!

I have sooo many sports hits to give you, but until I give you a positive evening…I’m just pickin’ games & sexy lingerie! I know we have ISU’s very-own Jamaal Tinsley’s unexpected mishap with his entourage, Kansas Jayhawk Brandon Rush’s arrest for impersonating Cade McNown’s driving habits, and the Cubbies signing the coolest name since Ace Law IV & God Shamgod in Japanese OF star Kosuke Fukudome, but I just can’t waste time spouting sarcasm Homeboys…I need to study the ATS docket like Bobby Petrino studies “How to update your resume in 10 minutes or less”…Game on!

The Raptors will be thinking about their teammate tonight

Talk about a lousy back-2-back…Toronto just played in the A-T-L where the arena rocks like a Color Me Badd reunion and they just witnessed their prized-PG carried of on a stretcher…

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December 14, 2007

Home of Greg Gamble's Daily ATS Plays

ATS - College BB: 7-5 NFL: 21-20 NBA: 28-32 MLB: 116-91

Friday Night Homeboys….which means Greggy G is cuddling-up with the lady and a cocktail that makes the lips burn, and flipping through the NBA package like I’m Sage Rosenfels flipping through NFL secondaries. Take it light and don’t forget to check out Teasin’ T-Bone tomorrow and "The Daily Rant" after my picks.

Brad Miller has to do more than this to slow Sammy D!

With a new GM looking over the Sixers like a fat 50 year-old looks over the roster at the Bunny Ranch, the youngsters have been playing inspired and unselfish ball in route to a 4-game win streak. As for the Kings, they haven’t won on the road all year and don’t have the bodies (Bibby, Martin, & Abdul Rahim out) to compete with a young squad like Philly. Especially looking at the match-ups tonight, I can’t see how Cheeks doesn’t push this to a double-digit victory. Iggy’s the complete package on the wing (18 ppg, 6 rpg, 5 apg) and can handle the aggressive/poor-shooting display from Ron-Ron…Andre Miller’s strength of heading to the whole will have an easier time than MJ at a Blonde Bombshell Convention against Beno Udrih…Sammy D will look twice as athletic against the veteran frontcourt of Mikki Moore & Brad Miller…all they while, Korver & Green will be spotting-up while Reggie Evans grabs Sactown sacs. Throw-in the best young guard the average fan doesn’t know about (21-year old Louis Williams: 11 ppg 4 apg 45 3pt% in only 21 mpg) and I’m guessing all be rolling this investment into a West Coast contest later tonight…Sixers by 8-12 points

...want some more picks and pics...

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December 17, 2007

Home of Greggy G's Daily ATS Picks

ATS - College BB: 7-5 NFL: 21-20 NBA: 28-35 MLB: 116-91

It's hard not to root for Mr. Orton!

While it was nice to win $55 in the office-pool pick’em, I don’t think it offsets the multiple car payments and retirement money lost during my NBA catastrophe last week. The only thing that made me smile regarding the professional hardwood this weekend was former baller Keon Clark announcement to a judge that: "I never played a game sober, unfortunately." While I hope he cures his demons, that fact that he admitted drinking at halftime of games is crazier than my azz switching cocktails at halftime in hopes of changing the outcome of a bad investment!

You pull out tonight Kyle...I'll buy you a drink!

Before I get to my NBA pick (that has to win because of the law of averages), I have to admit I’m actually excited to watch the Bear game tonight. The last few weeks I’ve actually found myself angry that there’s still 7 minutes left in the 3rd quarter because their sooo frickin bad and boring…but this week, we have the Kyle Orton Experience! I have no idea if he’s gonna be any good, or how his facial hair will look under his helmet, but at least it’ll make things more exciting.

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December 18, 2007

Home of Greggy G’s FREE ATS PICKS

ATS - College BB: 7-5 NFL: 21-20 NBA: 29-35 MLB: 116-91

What do you know…Greggy G won on the hardwood last night! Next thing you know, T-Mac will actually win a playoff series, Ben Gordon will learn to play defense, Lance Briggs will actually give more than the money under his couch for child-support, and a MLB player will say: “Yes, I used HGH and it helped me sign a 50-million dollar contract. If I could go back in time, I would have started using it earlier.”

As for the Bears, while the hope that Kyle Orton is the next Tony Romo may hold as much weight as Harold Minor being the next Jordan, damn does Da Bear O-Line suck! So before I determine Kyle is the next coming of Jonathan Quinn or Henry Burris, I’m giving the grizzly looking dude another couple weeks…it was his 1st start in three years and I think he had six snaps that were at his shoelaces. As for tonight, there’s a Kobe coming to town and I don’t think it’s the one from the movie “Kobe Loves Beef”!

How is the aging & undersized Wallace gonna stop this?

You think Kobe knows Bulls fans have been chanting his name every time the club gets down by double-digits...I’d say yes. Do you think Phil Jackson doesn’t have a Kobe’esque ego every time he comes back to Chicago…yes again. Throw-in an underrated 7-footer in Andrew Bynum (11 ppg, 10 rpg, 2 bpg, 60 fg%) that will make Big Ben look twice his age and the improving play of Lamar Odom at the 4-spot, and I can’t see how the Lakers don’t easily handle things at the United Center. Not to mention, Luol Deng missed practice Monday with a bad back, Captain Kirk & Gordon have no chance at slowing Mr. Bryant, and Benny the Bull looks more interested in sitting on blonde chicks laps than riling up the crowd. As for all the Chi-Town faithful that claim the Bulls have been playing better, they’ve beaten ONE team with a winning record (Detroit) this season. As for the Lakers, they’ve won 5 of 6 and have a bench that will more than match the point-production from Noce, Duhon, & Noah...Lakers by 5-9 points

...want some more picks...

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December 19, 2007

Home of Greg Gamble’s Daily NBA ATS LUV

ATS - College BB: 7-6 NFL: 21-20 NBA: 30-36 MLB: 116-91

I'm not joking when I say Paxson has said multiple times that trading Tyson for a bag of peanuts and signing Big Ben for a bag of gold was a good decision...if that's the case, why they hell is Aaron FRICKIN Gray playing with the game on the line!

Thank the gambling gods that Ben Gordon turned down 10-Million a year this summer. With Captain Kirk already making that, the Bulls would have the worst 20-million dollar backcourt in the NBA. As much as I like Hinrich and know Gordon is a good guy, I can’t take any more horrific turnovers or the inability to get to the FT line with the game on the line. If Paxson, Skiles, & Co. is so fond of the hardworking midgets, why not maximize their ability with a low-post threat. Instead, we have Aaron “Frickin’” Gray playing in front of the 15-million dollar Isiah Thomas-type of signee and are forced to watch Tyrus Thomas play hard 50% of the time. Even when Luol Deng scores 26 like he did last night, it’s a quiet 26 and nobody on the opposition is in foul-trouble. With that said…

Without Agent Zero, the Bulls actually match-up pretty well with the Wiz. Throw-in an injury to his back-up (Antonio Daniels-questionable) and not having to face the hometown boo-birds, and I actually expect the Bulls to come out on fire tonight. They’re desperate enough not to let the back-to-back voodoo bug prevent an ATS cover, while Washington is due for let-up and doesn’t have a low-post threat to take advantage of the Bullies small line-up…Bulls by 2-6 points

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December 21, 2007

Happy Holidays from Greggy G and the Girls!

ATS - College BB: 7-8 NFL: 22-20 NBA: 32-38 MLB: 116-91

Tony's distracted!

Tony's not distracted!

You know what the Holiday means for Greggy G…driving all weekend to see the relatives and making calls every 5 minutes from the coat closet. With holiday roundball tourneys, NFL for three straight days, the bowl season in full-regalia, and a flask shaped like a X-Mas ornament, it’s tough to complain too much about a 5-day vacation. With that, let’s briefly hit-up some NFL banter in the case I’m unable to find a wireless internet port in Iowa. The Cowboys have left the door open for Green Bay to think they can snag home-field at Lambeau this postseason…which means Chicago is going to get absolutely destroyed on Sunday. The Vikings loss was more devastating for the Bears-moral than if they had lost by 20, and you have to think GB is pissed about handing the Bears a victory in Week 5. And how about Romo trying to redeem himself after a horrible performance because his thumb was hurting and smelled like Simpson. What better way to bounce back than against the 4th-string QB in Carolina. I know some of you think teasers are a sucker bet, but Packers -3 and Dallas -5 seems too good to be true! Have a great Holiday Homeboys, and make sure to check-in all weekend as Teasin’ T-Bone, Money Mike, and yours truly will keep the picks & pics rollin’!

While Nazr didn't play much in DET, he has experience playing with the best!

For all the talk that Dumars fleeced MJ by ridding himself of Nazr Mohammed’s contract for two cheap frontcourt rotation guys (Herrmann & Brezec), the Cats ‘O Bob desperately needed some strength in the middle to help-out Okafor since Walter & Primoz were more finesse than force. In only his 2nd game, Nazr showed why the Pistons gave him a long-term deal two years ago and contributed 17 pts, 8 reb, & 3 blks in beating the Jazz 98-92 at home. Especially with Felton, J-Rich, & Wallace providing most of the offense, Mohammed & Okafor can concentrate on offensive rebounding and protecting the basket at the other end. As for Knicks, with Starbury out tonight, they don’t really have a true point guard to keep-up with Felton, while Jamal Crawford should struggle with Richardson’s strength and defensive ability. The only chance for the Knicks to pull this one out is if both Curry & Randolph have huge games, and I can’t see that happening with the defensive abilities of the new Twin Towers in Charlotte. And finally, for all the flak ‘His Airness’ received for practicing with team, while the media laughs at MJ in a practice jersey, I guarantee the young Cats ‘O Bob have dialed-it-up a notch since they saw his tongue waggin…Bobcats by 10-14 points

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December 25, 2007


Cause of job is ova there!

Before I get to my picks, last month a wrote an article (for a website that pays me millions & millions of dollars) about what was behind the Bulls early season struggles. As of today, it is now an article on why Scottie Skiles no longer is running with the Bulls…

-Bulls Blog - November 2007 - by Greggy G-

Did the Kobe rumors cause insecurities in the Bulls locker-room that cannot be salvaged? Has Skiles’s coaching tactics really worn-out it’s welcome? Is it true that Bill Belichick devised a plan for NBA coaches on how to control the Bulls motion offense? Could Deng & Gordon’s decision to turn down 100 million dollars have added unimaginable pressure? And is Benny the Bull back on the evil weed? These are the questions raised by hardwood scribes across the land and in our backyard regarding the early season debacle. You know what I think…I think we should take a look at all of them:

Krabby Kobe Rumors
While trade rumors in the NBA are more prolific than Pamela with a mid-major Rockstar, the difference with the Kobe rumors was the entire roster was in the tabloids. In addition, instead of the rumors happening 25-games in when players are already dialed-in and in their routine, the Bulls were dealing with the drama during off-season work-outs and preseason practice. And more than most teams, Paxson, Skiles, & Co.’s overachieving gym-rats thrive on summer practice and probably struggled with the unforeseen coverage in ESPN chat-rooms. While the “Kobe…Kobe!” cat-call fanatics will tell you Paxson had to listen and was trying to bring a championship, I’ll tell you that he fell for the bait because Lakerland was never gonna trade Mr. Bryant. The Lakers asked for more than teams could afford, and if a team actually was willing to pull the trigger, Kobe would have baulked cause he’d have no one to play with. I don’t blame Paxson for trying, but I blame him for running everybody’s name through the mud when it probably was never going to happen.

Skiles’s Style Won’t Last
I’ll be honest. I’ve been a diehard Skiles supporter even more than I was for Saved By the Bell – The College Years. The problem…Zach Morris changed his haircut and Scott Skiles’s changed his humor to sarcasm. In Skiles’s defense, JV High School coaches can ride their players twice as hard as NBA coaches, and for all the talk that he runs his players ragged and is a perfectionist, I think he’s learned from past experiences and become much more of a player’s coach. And for all the talk that coach with his style is in one ear and out the other by year 3 or 4, I think the players believe in his system and understand that his sets can maximize their ability. The one problem I do see, is in his casual daggers thrown through the media. Myself personally, I love his truthful jabs, but question his back-tracking and explanations the next day. If he’s going to “call-out” Noah for taking a leadership role with the media or tell the beat writers T-Time is not what you call an end-to-end thoroughbred…stick to it. If he’s going to casually throw a player under the bus, I just wish he didn’t back-up the bus and apologize. For Coach Skiles to be successful, he needs to trust his gut and not worry that Jason Kidd problems from the past will haunt him in the future. Players take notice of his comments, and they also take notice when he tries too hard to make them fell better the next day.

Teams have Figured out the Bulls Style
True! It doesn’t take a rocket-scientist to figure out the Bulls don’t have a post threat and nobody can take the ball to the hole whenever they want. Teams know the Bulls are attacking and looking to kick-it out. Flip Saunders knows Ben Gordon needs space to launch, and most importantly, teams know Kirk Hinrich will dribble around for no reason. I love the Bulls motion-offense, but I’d also love to see them do something I don’t expect. The Bulls are predictable and that needs to change. Maybe a trade is the answer, or maybe it’s time for one of our overachievers to become a star.

Contract Distractions
Anybody who doesn’t think Deng & Gordon’s decision to pass on guaranteed money hasn’t added pressure to their game is more foolish than those who think Devin Hester can be more than a special teams star. The truth of the matter in this issue, if Deng & Gordon are worth more than they turned down…we can become an Eastern Conference Champ. If they can’t, then maybe Paxson should have made the blockbuster trade. It would be a great day in Chicago if the Bulls were forced to pay those guys the money they want…because that means they were better than I thought.

Of course I skipped the Benny the Bull issue, but if that’s the problem, then the marketing group needs to contact Jack Haley. The Bulls problems are legit and anybody who sugar-coats it is satisfied with being a good, and not great in the East. Ben Gordon’s not getting taller, Kirk Hinrich is never going to average more than 8 assists per contest, Luol Deng is not a go-to guy when you need someone to get to the line with the game on the line, and no matter what Paxson says, Ben Wallace is a bust for the money they’re paying him. What I don’t know is if they have something deep-down that will make me eat my words. And trust me…I’d love to eat that sandwich and I’ll buy Paxson, Skiles, & Co. one too.

...on finally, onto my picks!

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December 26, 2007

Home of Greg Gamble’s Daily ATS Picks

ATS - College BB: 9-8 NFL: 22-20 NBA: 35-39 MLB: 116-91

Trust me Johnny Pax...Gasol's the move you have to make!

The rumors that Reinsdorf was the lead in the Scottie Scowls firing does make sense since I can’t see Pax firing his buddy on X-Mas Eve, but what a smart (gutless) decision to do it ova the Holiday. In a city where Sports Radio banter and newspapers cluttering the L fuel the anger and controversy of the fans, the Bulls are able to skate into the New Year without much hassle from the media. By the time the radio personalities return and the regular commuters are back on their mundane schedules, the majority of talk will have moved on from what an embarrassing situation for an underperforming organization to what the next move should be. As for me, I will continue to play the trumpet for Pau Gasol’s address in the Windy City, say a prayer that Ben Gordon will finally be moved before his value drops any further, and hope the Bulls don’t hire a coach until after the season. With that, on to my picks and pics, and make sure to look for my 2008 Predictions on everything from the top adult performer to how many games my White Sox will lose coming Friday!

You really think Randolph & Curry are gonna be able to keep-up with Howard after eating half the table at X-Mas?

The NBA after the X-Mas Holiday has players returning from family gatherings either dreading a return, or looking to fulfill promises from the dinner-table on how their better than people think. In the Magic’s case, after a ridiculous start they’ve only won 2 of their last 9 and desperately need to find their early season chemistry. With Stan “the Hedgehog” Van Gundy’s leadership, three stars in the frontcourt (The Manchild, Hedu “I’m better than people think” Turkoglu, & Rashard “I have to prove I’m worth it” Lewis), and a deep backcourt needing to prove every night who deserves minutes, I expect Orlando to come out tonight with passion and discipline to prove their back-on-track (Turkoglu - questionable/ankle). As for the Knicks, do you really think they were looking forward to the nightmarish atmosphere on the hardwood while sipping cocktails and the finest foods yesterday? Not to mention...

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December 27, 2007

Roundball Picks & Round Assets by Greggy G

ATS - College BB: 9-8 NFL: 22-20 NBA: 37-40 MLB: 116-91

With a nice 2-1 evening, the once-slumping guru has now covered 5 of 7 and realized it’s time to put the mail-order Russian & midgets to bed and go lookin’ for frickin’ caviar! Just like the Energizer Bunny and a business-man alone in a hotel-room watching a double-feature…I keep going, and going, and going. Even when I was in the midst of my ATS-nightmare, I simply put on the blinders and took the Roger Clemens approach…you know, no matter what you did in the past, if you keep telling yourself your not that bad you may actually start to believe it!

If only Aaron Gray was in the picture...then I'd have all three of Paxson's dominate post players!

As for another embarrassment on the hardwood for the Bulls, I’m amazed Johnny Pax didn’t see this coming from miles away. In a league that sees team’s on-the-rise adjust their styles and add weapons each season, the Bulls continue to ignore their low-post deficiencies, and believe their undersized backcourt is better than advertised. Paxson has plenty of young assets that teams would jump at and needs to use them to revamp the roster…which I will dissect tomorrow and show you how easy things would be if GM Greggy G was running things at the United Center. Take it light Homeboys...wait, I almost forgot, while it's not on my picks...I luv teasing the Longhorns (+3.5) in the Bowl game with Suns (-4) at the Clippers!

U think Shuttlesworth wants to put-on a show for his old fans?

With the Celtics coming-off a road-game last night and facing the lowly Sonics, this is what you’d typically call “Your girl rents Charlie’s Angels and asks you which girl looks the best in a bathing-suit”…aka a Trap-Game (Btw, from my experiences, never tell I white-girl you think it’s Lucy Lui…cause every time an Asian chick walks into a restaurant or bar you’re gonna get an evil eye). But tonight, this is not the case. First-off, this game is on TNT and you know the Big Three wants to impress Charles Barkley and Kenny “The Jet” Smith. Secondly, Jesus Shuttlesworth will be hyped lookin’ to have a huge night, especially after taking some bitter-swipes at his old organization the last few days. Thirdly, who the hell is Mr. Durant gonna guard…Paulie or Ray-Ray? And finally...

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December 28, 2007

Greggy G's Free ATS Picks and Bikinis


New Year's Resolution for Ced - To stop Suckin'

Muhsin Muhammad – to give back all the money he stole from the Bears…unfortunately, on the way to Halas Hall he’ll probably drop it!

Kenny Williams – to stop acting cockier than David Spade after he started droppin' his swimmers in Heather Locklear


Lance Briggs & Brian Urlacher – to carry Saran Wrap in their wallets

Kirk Hinrich – to stop hacking a player across the arm and then acting like my azz with a bottle of lotion and my pants around my ankles when my girl walks in… “What I do?”

Lovie Smith – to stop saying were a running team when we rank 31st in total rushing yards and dead last in yards per carry (3.1)

Johnny Pax – to stop overpaying overachievers that are short and one-dimensional or trying to convince me that Ben Wallace is not more worthless than a paper-thin happy-sock!

Josh Fields – to never play OF again

Andres Nocioni – to stop running into large black men and acting more suprised than T.T. Boy being asked to wear a condom when the ref calls a foul

Ronnie Woo Woo – to move to Alaska

With that, onto my picks and pics...

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December 30, 2007

Home of Greggy G's Daily ATS Magic

While I do like a few football plays, especially Philly -7.5, there is one team coached buy one guy that always gets my luv...


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January 2, 2008

Happy New Year Homeboys

ATS - College BB: 9-9 NFL: 22-20 NBA: 41-42 MLB: 116-91

Off the bench Ben's J has looked twice as nice!

Since I told you the newly coached Bulls would cover 8 of their next 10, they’ve covered two straight and actually look like the enjoy playing on the hardwood again. Since Jim Boylan took the reigns from Scottie Scowls and moved Ben Gordon back to his 6th man role, he’s averaged 32 ppg and been much more aggressive taking the ball to the hole. In addition, Boylan’s tightened-up the rotation (7-deep) and actually has Big Ben playing with his Piston-day Passion. As for the Cats ‘O Bob, after starting the season 6-4, they’ve only won 4 of their last 18 and have actually resorted to inserting the 33 year-old Jeff McInnis into the starting line-up…Bulls by 4-8 points

want a few more picks & pics?...

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January 3, 2008


ATS - College BB: 9-9 NFL: 22-20 NBA: 44-42 MLB: 116-91

Joakim Noah brought the energy to help the Bulls cover their 3rd straight, and help Greggy G to a 3-1 ATS night!

To start, yours truly is heading to tonight’s TNT contest at the United Center and expects to see the Chicago Faithful in a frenzy. I know the Bullies played in Charlotte last night, but their bodies are running on emotions as they try to regain the position in the standings and with the fan-base. As for the Blazers, they also played last night and will have a tougher task after facing a horrific T-Wolves squad that seems to make teams play worse the following day. In addition, the weather in Chicago is ridiculous, and while the Bulls are desperate for wins and will ignore the elements, Portland’s won 14 of 15 and may be looking forward to heading home rather than running with the Bulls.…Bulls by 6-10 points


January 9, 2008

Home of Greg Gamble's ATS Wonderland

ATS – Yesterday: 1-2…I’m starting to think the Rockets should trade McGrady…cause Ming w/ some big-time shooters could be deadly
Overall – CBB: 11-10 NBA: 46-48 NFL: 22-20

U really think Reggie Evans & Jason Smith will stop him 2night?

After initially finding some new found energy with a new president/GM in town, the realization that the games are more of an evaluation than playoff push has changed the atmosphere in Philly. One day they’ll read how Ed Stefanski would like to see more playing time for Rodney Carney, the next he’s talking about Sammy D’s long-term future, all the while Andre Miller is supposed to lead the team despite having his suitcases packed for a new address. With this type of drama, teams like the 76ers need a coach to keep them focused, and unfortunately, Mo Cheeks is dealing with his own day-by-day employment status. BTW, did I even mention their playing a back-to-back off a home loss to Redd’less Bucks. As for the up-n-down Raps, after regaining some of their early season success as they headed into the New Year (Dec. 31 victory at (23-11) New Orleans), the Raps have lost two straight at home to the Pistons & King James. Toronto should be riled-up to get back on track, and have a wonderful match-up with Chris Bosh and the porous 76er PFs (Reggie Evans & Jason Smith)…Raps in blow-out

Want some more picks, make sure to 'Continue Reading' below...

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January 10, 2008

Home of Greggy G's ATS NBA Magic

ATS Yesterday – 3-0…Just like Mrs. Clinton, maybe cryin' to the gamblin' gods was the trick
ATS Overall – CBB: 11-10 NBA: 49-48 NFL: 22-20

Billups may be Mr. Big Shot, but Longoria is Mr. Unstoppable!

Talk about a rough stretch for the Pistons, they blow a lead late at home against the Celts Saturday, and then travel to Texas for a back-to-back against the Mavs & Spurs. If you watched last night’s battle in Dallas, the Motown Boys never seemed to find a rhythm and still appear to have a hanger from KG and Co. Not a good sign with a Spurs team that finally has their Big Three all playing together and coming off a OT loss at GST Tuesday. As for the key match-ups tonight...

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January 11, 2008

The NBA ATS Guru's Feeling Frisky Tonight!

ATS – Yesterday: 1-1…Damn you Rasheed!
Overall – CBB: 11-10 NBA: 50-49 NFL: 22-20

Everyone in Lakerland is performing with a lil swagger!

Nobody in the league is sharing the ball better or is as confident as the Lakers over the last few weeks. They’ve won their last 4 games by an average of 23 points, including a 29-point road thrashing of the Hornets, and are running the Zen Master’s offense to perfection. For the first time in his career, Kobe seems to be getting a halfie by passing the rock and has enjoyed watching his teammates knockdown every open-shot. Jackson has a legitimate 9-man rotation in place and everybody seems on the same page. With their confidence sky-high, I expect the Lakers to continue to destroy teams and make a push to the top of the Western Conference standings. As for the Bucks, I'm actually happy they've won 2-straight and Michael Redd is returning tonight...cause it may drop the spread a few points. The Bucks play some of the worst defense in the league, not to mention those two-victories came at the hands of the league’s bottom-feeders (Memphis & Miami). Especially in-front of the home-crowd and...
our friend Lisa, look for the Lakers to try to embarrass the Bucks and keep this around 20 points all-night…Lakers by 17-23 points

I have plenty more picks and pics Homeoboy...better 'Continue Reading' below

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January 14, 2008

Welcome to Greggy G's ATS Hardwood Picks

ATS – Friday: 3-1…I’m Hotter than a Tea-Kettle
Overall – CBB: 12-10 NBA: 52-50 NFL: 22-20

Because Hibbert now commands a double-team the Hoyas guards are gettin' wide-open looks!

Nobody in the country combines offensive discipline with ridiculous athletes like John Thompson III. While shooting 52% from the floor and 42% from behind the arc, the Hoyas spread the floor like Gene Hackman’s Hoosiers squad and force teams to play at their tempo. Throw-in the dominate play of late for 7-2 Roy Hibbert (last two games: 19 ppg, 10 rpg, 56 fg%), possibly the most underrated do-everything swingman DaJuan Summers, and a backcourt loaded with upperclassman that rarely take a contested shot and the Hoyas are a legit Final Four candidate. As for Pitt, an already short-bench was throw into the mix with the loss of SR. G-F Mike Cook and team leader G Jr. Levance Fields. While the homecourt may keep it close for a half, look for the disciplined offense of the Hoyas to find some easy buckets and wear-out the undermanned Panthers…Hoyas by 7-13 points

Want some more pics, make sure to 'Continue Reading' below

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January 15, 2008

Home of Greggy G's Free Nightly ATS Picks

ATS – Yesterday: 1-2…How does Camby go for 20 pts, 23 reb, & 6 blks and they lose!
Overall – CBB: 13-11 NBA: 52-51 NFL: 22-20

If he can do this, Chris Kaman is in some trouble tonight!

The last time the Suns played in LA, they beat the Clippers by 20 and turned Chris Kaveman into a non-factor with their up-tempo style. While Grant Hill is out for PHX, Boris Diaw was ridiculously efficient as his replacement against the Bucks (10-15 Fgs, 11 reb, & 4 ass) and may be playing with a little chip on his shoulder after two years of hearing overweight & overpaid skepticism from the critics. In addition, Nash returned from the flu with one of his best performances of the season (35 pts, 7 ass, 5-7 3-pt) and Stoudemire was a machine around the bucket as he continues to look stronger with each passing game (31 pts, 8 reb, 2 blks, 12-16 Fgs). As for the Clips, they lost a last-second heart-breaker to the Mavericks Saturday and only have Timmy “No-D” Thomas and the track-star challenged Kaman to run with the Matrix and Amare. Not to mention once Barbosa is in for Stevie, Sam I Am & Brevin Knight are gonna wish they were still in the training room once he starts flying down the sideline. For all the up-n-down talk about the Suns this season, they’re tied for the best record in the West with the Lakers, who they face on Thursday, so expect the Suns to be running on all cylinders tonight as the prep for a 1st place showdown on TNT…Suns by 12-16 points

Want some more, better 'Continue Reading' Below...

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January 16, 2008

Greggy G’s Free NBA ATS Extravaganza

I wish muscle equaled talent Homeboy!


KIRK HINRICH – Nice work've forced white-guys to hate on you as much as the black-guys always have

LUOL DENG – I now realize that Paxson meant Deng was “untouchable” because if you touch him, he crumbles like Garrett Wolfe after an arm tackle

ANDRES NOCIONI – If Noce knocked over three kindergarteners on the playground, do you think he’d wave his arms in disbelief afterward?

BEN GORDON – If you don’t count his inability to dribble, play defense, or pass…I think it was a great decision for Pax to offer the undersized guard 10M a year

JOE SMITH – I don’t care that he’s played well, the dude makes me feel so old every time they tell me he’s in his 13th season

BEN WALLACE - I hear Isiah tells his owner: “See, other GMs make catastrophic decisions!”

TYRUS THOMAS – Is it wrong to hope a player gets hurt?

JOAHKIM NOAH – Hey, I have another idea…let’s suspend the only guy that seems to give a f*ck!

AARON GRAY – You know it’s bad when the water-cooler talk revolves around: “We just need to get Aaron Gray more minutes.”

THABO SEFOLOSHA – My favorite look is when he sports the middle-school mustache with the corn-rolls that look like they were done by Fantastic Sam

CHRIS DUHON - Chris...Please call Eric Snow or Jacque Vaughn ASAP! Just cause your open...doesn't mean you have to shoot!

VIKTOR KHRYAPA – What a steal! We get both Tyrus Thomas & Khryapa for LaMarcus Aldridge (18 ppg, 8 rpg, 50 fg%)…U snake GM Johnny Pax, u snake!

ADRIAN GRIFFIN – I swear he plays at my YMCA…u know, old-guy, pump-fake, hit u in the balls with his azz, and then misses the ugly fade-away

ATS – Yesterday: 1-1-1…Talk about kissing your mother-in-law!
Overall – CBB: 14-11 NBA: 52-52 NFL: 22-20

Wade will do whatever it takes to stop the losing-skid!

After all the drama regarding the players’ decision to suspend Joakim Noah, I never thought we’d see Capt. Kirk & some vets laughing on the bench during a blow-out loss to a Magic squad that had lost 5 of 6. With Noce (questionable-hip) leaving in the 2nd half, a starting backcourt of Chris “I’ve shot 23% since taking over the starting PG spot” Duhon & Thabo “I’m shooting 29% for the season” Sefolosha, and the hated-Noah providin' the only enthusiasm on a lifeless team, the reality is it's not much different from the atmosphere from Isiah’s crew in Gotham. Not to mention, the Bulls have a interim-coach that has already lost the squad, nobody is playing with a sense of urgency or passion, and they all know Pax is on the phone dangling each and every one of them. As for the Heat, while they’ve been horrific and have lost 10-straight, you know D-Wade hasn’t lost the fire and should be desperate for a victory tonight. Especially...'Continue Reading' below

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January 18, 2008

Home Greggy G's late-week ATS Recovery

ATS – Yesterday: 1-2…I’ll admit that I never saw 41 points coming from Linas Kleiza, but at least ISU beat Mizzu this week!
Overall – CBB: 15-12 NBA: 54-56 NFL: 22-20

I can't believe I won't see my boy close-up tonight!

I had to trade in my GST tix because of a work-party tonight, but I don’t think Baron & S-Jax will be too devastated in my absence to let this one slip away (BTW, I have 5th row floor seats behind the Pistons bench Saturdary!). Unlike the East, Nellie and his gang of swingmen cannot afford to lose two in-a-row too often and stay in a playoff race with the surprising Blazers, Hornets, & Lakers making 45 wins a probable destination for postseason. While the Bulls made the Heat look silly, watching Jason “bad-knee” Williams & Dorell “I should be in the NBDL” Wright pair with an expansion-roster bench was the reason Skiles’s former team rolled this week. Tonight, I expect the Bulls to be extra tight in-front of a home-crowd that’s been quick to treat them like the Dog-Lovers have treated Ronny Mexico once things go south. Especially...

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January 21, 2008


ATS – FRIDAY: 3-1…Maybe this is a sign of things to come!
Overall – CBB: 15-13 NBA: 57-56 NFL: 22-20

W/out anybody to guard him, Capt Carlos will have a huge night

While the Jazz have been unbelievable at home (17-3), they’ve been just the opposite on the road (6-15). The biggest reason for their struggles has been coming-out of halftime flat, especially at the defensive end. While the Vegas experts may tell you the trend will continue, Jerry Sloan is too good a coach to let this continue and knows this team needs every victory to position themselves for the playoffs. Sloan has vowed to treat the remaining road games with a playoff type of intensity, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they look like a completely different team over the next few weeks away from Salt Lake City. The Jazz just beat the Clippers at home by 18 Friday, and I can’t see how they reverse the outcome by 15 points by playing in-front the 2nd-tier Hollywood stars. Especially...


January 22, 2008

Greggy G's NBA ATS: 7-0 Last Two Nights!

ATS – MONDAY: 4-0…That was for you Dr. King!
ATS Overall – NBA: 61-56 CBB: 15-13 NFL: 22-20

Since returnin', Martin is droppin' 26 ppg on 63-fg% & 50-3pt%

As seen during their abysmal performances during a 5-game losing streak (home losses to the Knicks, Blazers, & Celtics and road losses to the Clippers & Suns by an average of 16 ppg) the Nets are playing without passion or confidence. Jason “I can’t shoot” Kidd is seemly minutes away from another personal hostage ploy to leave town, while Vinsanity & RJ know one of them will be gone by the trading deadline. As for the surprising Kings, with all the injuries early on, Reggie Theus’s confident style brought out some amazing performances from his supposed role players (Beno Udrih 14 ppg 5 apg 41-3pt%, John Salmons 16 ppg, 5 rpg, 51-Fg%, & Francisco Garcia 14 ppg 4 rpg 38-3pt%), while veteran 7-footers Brad Miller & Mikki Moore have paired and created unbelievable spacing for a team full of long-range shooters. While the return of...

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January 23, 2008

Greggy G...A documented 6-0 ATS this week!

ATS TUESDAY: 2-0…There’s a reason I went 171-127 last year
ATS since FRIDAY - 9-1 ATS...Tell me ya Luv me!
ATS Overall – NBA: 62-56 CBB: 16-13 NFL: 22-20

She told me there's room on the Bandwagon Homeboys!

*The line opened at -1.5 and already moved to -2 by 8:30 am
If you like this like me, you better play it early cause I have a feeling it’ll start moving once this is posted! Never in my life have a seen Mike Bibby & Kevin Martin enthused on defense or Ron-Ron actually in-control of his emotions. Since the trio returned from injury, they look determined to prove that their usually selfish-styles can mesh with the team-first approach Reggie Theus created in their absence. Last night, they combined for 61 points & 14 assists, while the bench accepted their new role and continued to shoot lights-out (the bench from 3pt: 7-9). And tonight...

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January 24, 2008


ATS WED: 2-1-1…I hate “pushes” more than A.C. Green hated groupies!
ATS since FRI - 11-2...They call me Greg Gamble for a reason
ATS Overall – NBA: 63-57 CBB: 17-13 NFL: 22-20

R U telling me the two white PGs on Miami are gonna stop him?

The defending champs have struggled with consistency, even with everybody back from the infirmary, and actually have a losing record on the road. While the postseason is their obviously specialty, Pops knows the West is much deeper this year and home-court is more important than ever. After dropping 4 of their last 7, Timmy D and the boys finally seemed to regain their killer-instinct in the 2nd half of last night’s game with the Lakers, and turned a 9-pt deficit into and an 11-point victory. Even though a back-to-back on the road is never an ATS favorite, I expect the Spurs to ride their momentum into Miami and come-out on fire tonight. Especially with Manu’s inability to join-in on the fun last night (3-16 Fgs), I look for the Argentinean to blow-up against the injury-riddled Heat. As for the Heat, at yesterday’s practice for coach LA Looks the team barely could barely muster a 2-on-2 game as D-Wade (soreness everywhere) Ricky Davis (back spasms), Udonis Haslem (chest contusion), and Daequan Cook (flu), were added to a list that already included Zo, Shaq, & Smush “I hate Female Valet Attendants” Parker. Now you may call me crazy...

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January 25, 2008

Home of Greggy G's Free Daily ATS Picks

ATS THUR: 0-3…The Gamblin’ Gods thought I was getting’ cocky
ATS since FRI - 11-5…A better record than Spurs last 16 games
ATS Overall – NBA: 63-58 CBB: 17-15 NFL: 22-20

Trust me...Amare will dominate the Cavs frountcourt tonight!

The greatest show on hardwood should be stoked for a Friday Night tilt with King James. Coming off an embarrassing loss at Minnesota (the Suns have lost back-to-back games only twice this year) I expect PHX to come-out with some extra fire and push the tempo even harder against a plodding Cavs squad. Especially with the lousy defense at PG by Daniel Gibson & Damon “I’m a fool” Jones, look for Nash to look magical and Barbosa to fly down court for some easy buckets. While the Cavs have started to look like the NBA Finals squad from last year...

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January 28, 2008

Greggy G - The Man, the Myth, the ATS Legend

ATS FRI: 2-1…Another week of winners on the way!
ATS Overall – NBA: 64-59 CBB: 18-15 NFL: 22-20
Teasin’ T-Bone's Weekend – 4-1 ATS…Much Luv Homeboy!

Ashton Korver looks even better in a Jazz Uni!

After watching these two the last few weeks, the opening line doesn’t make any sense unless Vegas just thinks the Defending Champs are overdue. While the Jazz have won 4-straight and seem even more lethal with Kyle Korver in the rotation knocking down 3s (last 5 games: 12-26 behind the arc & 13 ppg), the Spurs have been a .500 team over their last 10 and were destroyed at home on Saturday by the Hornets. Even though the Jazz played last night (8-point win at Houston), they’ll be pumped for this showdown and you know the Salt Lake Crazies will be riled-up as well. David West absolutely destroyed the Timmy D and boys down-low Saturday (32 point an 15-19 Fgs), and I expect more of the same from Captain Carlos, especially with Mehmet Okur probing the perimeter and creating more space in the middle. In addition...

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January 29, 2008

Greggy G's Free ATS Picks & Friendly Faces

ATS MON: 2-1…a frickin’ ½ point away from perfection!
ATS Overall – NBA: 66-59 CBB: 18-16 NFL: 22-20
TEASIN’ T-BONE’S WEEKEND – 4-1 ATS…Much Luv Homeboy!

Since leavin' Boston, Al's raised his game to ridiculous levels!

I’ve officially become a Bulls fan that wishes nuttin’ but embarrassment for the 2008 undersized, underachievers. Hopefully another few losses will change things at the United Center and Paxson will finally admit they’re heading in the wrong direction. Tonight, I’ll be racing home faster than when the lady’s working late and the “Greggy G Camping Equipment”-Box is out of storage (aka Adult Video stash) to watch Al Jefferson absolutely destroy Big Ben on the block. Jefferson has averaged 27 pts &14 rpg over his last six as the young T-Wolves have won 3 of 4 (@ GST, PHX, & NJ) and have been playing with more confidence than ever before. Throw-in Ryan Gomes energetic play at PF (18 ppg & 6 rpg over his last 5), the surprising consistency from the speedy Sabby Telfair (14 ppg, 6 apg, 1 tpg, & 52-fg% over his last 5), and Rashad McCants season-long consistency from behind the arc (15 pgg on 43-3pt%), and I’m guessing the Bulls may resort to veteran Adrian Griffin’s mid-range YMCA-style to turn the tide once the T-Wolves make their 2nd quarter run. While Ben Gordon may return from his wrist injury...

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January 30, 2008

Home of Greg Gamble's Free ATS Picks

ATS TUE: 1-3…The Sports Ticker was not fun last night!
ATS Overall – NBA: 67-62 CBB: 18-16 NFL: 22-20
TEASIN’ T-BONE’S WEEKEND – 4-1 ATS…Much Luv Homeboy!

You have to luv the Jazz at home!

Isiah’s band of overpriced garbage hasn’t been blown-out from start to finish on this West Coast trip yet…which means their due to mail one in. Especially after playing last night in front of the hotties of Hollywood (lost by 11 to the Lakeshow), you think Eddy “Cheeseburger, Cheeseburger” Curry and Zach “Baby-Fat” Randolph are excited about heading to Utah? With Sloan’s screen-happy disciplined offense, not to mention the cold-azz weather, I have a feeling we’ll be seeing the Jazz run lay-up drills while the Knicks watch Jamal Crawford and Nate Robinson cast from downtown. More importantly, with addition of Ashton Korver and a healthy AK-47, Sloan is still analyzing how to divvy up the minutes so expect the bench to play with even more fire than normal and extend the double digit lead throughout the 4th quarter. And finally…

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February 1, 2008

Home of Greg Gamble's Friday ATS Luv

ATS THU: 1-4…At halftime, all my plays were covering...
…and by the final horn I was drinking heavily!
ATS Overall – NBA: 67-64 CBB: 21-19 NFL: 22-20
TEASIN’ T-BONE’S WEEKEND – 4-1 ATS…Much Luv Homeboy!

With Okur outside lettin' Boozer work & AK47's defense on Butler (if he plays), nuttin' but smiles from Utah in DC

Without Caron Butler, the Wiz are 5-16 over the last two seasons…and most of those included Agent Zero’s casting-azz on the floor. While he’s questionable tonight with a bad hip-flexor, even if he plays we probably won’t see the reckless abandonment that has made him an All-Star this season. As for Utah, they continue to move-up the West Coast standings and are in the midst of 6-game winning streak that has seen them win by an average of 12 pts per contest. Especially with....

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February 4, 2008


ATL is on the rise!

As for why the Hawks will win tonight...

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February 5, 2008

Home of Greg Gamble's Daily ATS Luv

ATS HOOPS FRI: 2-2…Oh yeah, and I lost the Super Bowl
ATS HOOPS Overall – NBA: 68-66 CBB: 22-19

The Sixers always struggle to stop Antawn's crafty moves!

After a solid January for the Wiz (9-6), a hip-injury to Caron Butler and some tough match-ups (Raptors, Jazz, & Lakers) have the DC boys in the midst of 3-game losing streak. While Butler returned to action Sunday against the Lakers, Bryant was virtually unstoppable and the Wizards spent the majority of the 2nd-half with their 2nd-team on the floor. Following the game, the players and coaches commented on their passiveness and vowed to show the aggression and fire they showed after the New Year that placed them just below the top-tier teams in the East. Especially with the 76ers experimenting with the youngsters at PF, I expect Jamison to use his clever inside-out play to keep Philly’s inexperienced frontcourt off-balance and in foul-trouble most of the night. While Iggy & Andre Miller...

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February 6, 2008

Home of Greg Gamble's Daily ATS Hoop Picks & NO FRICKIN' WAY SHAQ'S IN PHX

Today proved coach LA Looks still has it & Kerr's desperate

* line will be movin' all day...jump in early if u like
Trade distractions for the PHX means CP3 will be even more unstoppable tonight...tough match-ups across the board for the Suns...Hornets by 4-8 points

Speaking of distractions...
The Luv-a-Bulls head-honchita needs to call's a copy-cat league and they need to copy baby!

Check back later...I f*ckin' have to shovel for the 3rd time

February 7, 2008

Home of Greggy G's Free NBA Hoops Picks

ATS HOOPS WED: 1-0…I told u PXH can’t stop CP3
ATS HOOPS Overall – NBA: 70-68 CBB: 22-19

Nobody thought another guard would come close to passing the NBA hype of OJ Mayo, but Eric Gordon proved them all wrong!

While some think the Illini have been riding some bad-luck on the way to a 2-8 record in Big Ten play, is it really bad-luck if your just really-bad? Especially at the guard-spots, Bruce Webber has tried every combination to no avail, and that has caused teams to sit on their only offensive option in Shaun Pruitt on the block. On the Hoosier side, after opening the conference season 6-0 and riding a 13-game win-streak, Eric Gordon (22 ppg, 48-%fg, 41-3pt%) & DJ White (18 ppg, 11 rpg, 2 bpg) lost at home to an oversized UCONN squad and at Wisconsin 3-days later before getting back on track against Northwestern. And speaking of the freshman phenom Eric Gordon, he’s gonna get hazed all-night by the Orange Crush since he spurned them over the summer. While some may think...

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February 8, 2008

Home of Greg Gamble's 0-3 Friday Night

Luckily, TEASIN' T-BONE is here to replace me...

As for my Friday write-up, no need to hear why I'm an idiot
...cause Greggy G is on vacation & lookin' 4 a new hobby!

Back to my Friday write-up, at least u know why I liked ATL,
cause things just look good in Spud Webb's ole' colors!

February 13, 2008

Home of Greggy G's Mid-Week ATS Recovery

ATS HOOPS Overall – CBB: 24-21 NBA: 71-75
Just like D-Wade, the Gamblin Gods may knock me down…but I’ll always get my Polish-azz back up!

Without Gerald Wallace, it looks like J-Rich is in trouble tonight!

No Gerald Wallace tonight means Jason Richardson is guarding all the athletic swingmen for ATL by his lonesome. While the Hawks...

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February 14, 2008

Home of Greg Gamble's Daily ATS Hoop Plays

ATS HOOPS Overall – CBB: 25-20 NBA: 71-74

You know what's better than one 7-foot Lopez?

A 2nd 7-foot Lopez!

The (20-3) Cardinals have become more dominate with each passing week as they’ve absolutely destroyed teams with the plethora of behemoths in their frontcourt. Combined with the 7-foot Twin Towers (Brook & Robin Lopez: 27 ppg, 14 rpg, & 4 bpg), the athletic 6-8 duo of Lawerence Hill & Taj Finger (16 ppg & 11 rpg) have quietly been the difference in Stanford creating unbelievable mismatches at SF, especially on the weakside offensive glass. Throw-in a veteran backcourt that passes-up open looks to find the big-men, and their 7-game win streak in the Pac-10 is not a surprise. Tonight, they face an Arizona St. squad that has lost 5 of 6, with their only win coming against the surprisingly-tiny Arizona Wildcats. The Sun Devils only start...

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February 19, 2008

Home of Greggy G's 67% ATS...since Monday

ATS MON – 2-1…At least I’m headin’ in the right direction
ATS HOOPS Overall – CBB: 27-24 NBA: 71-75

This Duo has been all smiles of late!

The difference between the East & West can be seen in the standings of these two teams. While the Rockets have three more wins the Cavs, T-Mac and the Great Wall of Houston are tied for the 8th spot as the LeBrons would have home-court in the 1st round if the playoffs started today. As for their current skills, nobody in West is playing better ball than Houston as they’ve won 12 of their last 13 and seem to be playing with desperation knowing every loss could bounce them from the playoffs. On Cleveland’s side, most of the recent chatter has revolved around King James’s unhappiness with the roster as GM Danny Ferry seems paralyzed from some bad contracts he’s written the last few years. As for the All-Star break, T-Mac had the luxury of staying home and Yao only participated in a handful of minutes, while Mr. James was front and center carrying the East to an unexpected victory. Tonight...

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February 20, 2008

Home of Greggy G's 67% ATS...since Monday

ATS This Week – 4-2…Tryin’ to win back my fans!
ATS HOOPS Overall – CBB: 29-25 NBA: 72-75

Pau Gasol looks really pretty running w/ the Lake Show!

Greg Gamble's NBA Trade Analysis

Pau Gasol to the Lakers was the most amazing acquisition since the White Sox received Jon Garland for Matt Karchner or when David Spade traded in his groupie-trash for Heather Locklear. If Bynum was healthy and Kobe’s finger could perform at Brandi Belle’s level, I’m convinced they would have dominated the playoffs…now, 50/50 they win it all. (Whatever you do, don't google for Brandi Belle)

While I’m as big a fan of J-Kidd as Joumana, the move to Dallas is one of the few places the whinny, crabby, shooting-challenged guy fits. Even though the Mavs gave-up waaaaay too much, it was impossible to put Jason Terry & Devin Harris on the floor together as nobody had the size to guard the 2-spot. Now, Kidd can slide-over on D and Terry can play his usually lousy D on the opponents PG…not great, but a better solution than before. In addition, I think Kidd forces Avery to play faster which will make Josh Howard look sweeter than the scenery in the Wisconsin Dells during prom-week and let Dirk knockdown those transition-jumpers that made him famous under Donnie Nelson. The only problem, losing Diop’s presence in the middle will cause a Duncan/Shaq/Gasol/Bynum match-up against Mr. Dampier all by his lonesome...aka GAME OVA 2nd ROUND

While you have to luv the balls of GM Stevie Kerr, I can’t figure-out how this is gonna work. For all the truth behind The Matrix becoming a superstar because of Mr. Nash, nobody in the league was better for Suns run-n-gun style than Marion. With all the long-rebounds and loose-balls created by D’Antoni’s system, Shawn’s ridiculous quickness and leaping ability created tons of 2nd chance opportunities for the Suns. While I understand how Shaq will take some pressure off Amare and can picture him standing just outside the paint ready to destroy the basket from a Nash dish, the fact that he’ll probably only give them 20 solid minutes a night means Boris Diaw & Brian Skinner will be logging heavy frontcourt time come the playoffs.

Mike Bibby to Hot-lanta may look pretty on paper to the so-called roundball wizards, but as a basketball scouting savant myself, I’m not sure this makes the Hawks that much better. The highflying youngsters on ATL need a playmaking PG to utilize their talents, and Mr. Headband is not what you call a Spud Webb type of distributor. While he's is a clutch-shooter and decent ball-handler, his scoring ability is similar to Joe Johnson’s and his defense is actually a step-down from Tyronn Lue & Anthony Johnson’s…both just traded to Sac-Town. Bibby’s game flourished off the skills of high-post passers like Chris Webber & Brad Miller, and now, he’s forced to teach Al Horford how to play the pick-n-roll on the fly.

With that, let’s find some ATS games and bikinis to close-out Hump Day!

While it's impossible not to luv him, I don't think he helps!

The Lakers are a machine since the Gasol trade and are playing with a chip on their shoulder that would make MJ proud. As for tonight, with Shaq lacing them up, you know Kobe will do everything in his power to prevent the headlines from praising the Suns new Diesel-look. While the frontcourt of the Lakers has dominated teams of late and added a perfect dimension to the triangle with Pau, the depth in the Lakers backcourt has given the Zen Master tons of options…and tonight, expect them to handle Nash & the Brazilian Bandit better than most squads. But the biggest reason I know I’ll be having Cristal & Caviar tomorrow, you know it’s gonna take some time for them to get used to having a plodding big-man in the game. Not to mention...(better click on "Continue Reading" below for the wonderful-world of BIKINIS & BBALL PICKS)

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February 26, 2008

Home of Greg Gamble's Daily NBA ATS Luv

ATS HOOPS Overall – CBB: 30-25 NBA: 75-81

Just returned from a weekend out of town after seeing way too many old friends for the wrong reason. Glad to be back and ready to bring some happiness back to my ATS world…Game on!

When the King asks for something...He gets it!

King James looks rejuvenated after Danny Ferry swung a spectacular deal and surrounded his leader with some muscle (Big Ben), spot-up shooting (Wally), and a PG that can actually play some defense (Delonte “MFing” West). While the Bucks have looked solid at home of late, nobody on the squad plays much defense and nobody besides Bogut crashes the boards. Not a good recipe with Bron-Bron slashing from the perimeter and four rebounding machines available to wear-down the Australian (Big Z, Wallace, Joe Smith, and the return of Side-Show Bob). Just as we’ve seen with the Lakers and Mavs since their trades...

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February 27, 2008

Daily Hardwood ATS picks from Greg Gamble

ATS HOOPS Overall – CBB: 31-25 NBA: 75-83

Sittin' a game out of the playoffs, these two roll 2night!

The new-look Sonics played solid at GST last night, but rookies Kevin Durant & Jeff Green logged over 40 minutes apiece, while Collison & Ridnour totaled 82 minutes of court time. With a short-bench following their deadline trade, the young Sonics will be forced to duplicate those minutes on a back-to-back against the run-n-gun Nuggets. Speaking of George Karl’s squad...

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February 29, 2008

Greg Gamble's Friday Night NBA ATS Picks

Last Two Days - 5-1...We goin' Sizzler, we goin' Sizzler!
ATS HOOPS Overall – CBB: 32-26 NBA: 75-81

I’m still sick as shiznit, but had enough TheraFlu and Painkillers to make a few picks & pics. Make sure to check back around 3:00 for some additional ATS Luv as I just purchased a bottle of Dr. McGillicutty's and always perform better under his care.

Nobody on the Pacers can stop His Bosh'ness!

The Raptors have been absolutely crushing people at home winning their last 4 contests by an average of 20 ppg, including a 17-pointer against the Magic. With deadly shooters and TJ Ford anchoring the bench, once Bosh and the boys take control the 2nd squad usually expands on the lead as the visiting team starts thinking about the flight back to the states. Tonight, Sam Mitchell’s crew face a Pacers squad they just beat in Indiana Monday and has lost their last two road contests by double-digits. While the Pacers are still playing with some playoff aspirations, the Raptors are sitting in a dubious-spot currently seeded 4th with King James right behind them. Of all the Eastern Conference teams...

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March 3, 2008

Home of Greggy G's Daily ATS Picks & Bikinis

ATS HOOPS Overall – CBB: 32-26 NBA: 75-84

Having lost only 3 times at home, there's a reason they luv him

And anytime I think of D-Will, I have 2 think of his running mate
...and who says he's short, I hear all these girls are ova 6'4"

Following an emotional OT loss in Hollywood yesterday, the Mavs head to Utah to play their 4th game in 5 nights. Even a veteran like Jenna Jameson would look sloppy on that kind of schedule. Not to mention, in two of the losses Avery’s boys had to battle the likes of Timmy D and the Kobinator. And I won’t say I told you so, but J-Kidd and his 20 Million $$ sneakers look even shakier taking those open jumpers now that these games really matter. The worst part of trade has been how Josh Howard has adjusted. Since the idiotic transaction was made, the phenom has struggled to find a rhythm and is shooting 34% from the field. As for the Jazz, nobody in the league has a bigger discrepancy in performance on the road and at home than the Jazz (Home: 25-3 Road: 13-19), ok maybe one team is close…the MAVS (Home: 25-3 Road: 14-18). Even better ATS confidence can be found in the match-ups tonight. D-Williams has the size and strength to handle Kidd, while Joumana’s past whipping-boy cannot handle the young legs of the former Illini kid. In addition...

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March 4, 2008

Home of Greggy G's ATS Picks & Lovely Ladies

ATS MONDAY - 3-0 ...with a push that should've won!
ATS HOOPS Overall – CBB: 34-26 NBA: 76-84


If you haven't seen lil Monta need to Homeboys!

While an East Coast road-trip never sounds like a nice ATS investment for the sometimes absent-minded Warriors, with Baron’s boys barely holding onto the final playoff spot in the West they have no-choice but to be focused tonight. Especially with three extremely winnable games to open the trip (ATL, CHAR, MIA), you have to expect Nellie to have his wildly athletic group ready to roll. But the biggest reason I predict a GST victory in HotLanta tonight is the match-ups on the perimeter. While the Warriors and Hawks share the highflying options at the forward spots, Mike Bibby has no business trying to stop the bouncing-backside of Baron Davis and the lighting-quick Monta Ellis is simply unguardable right now (last 5 games: 25 ppg, 6 apg, & 5 rpg). Throw-in the drama that surfaced this weekend that some in the Hawks front-office tried to fire Coach Mike Woodson, not to mention...

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March 7, 2008

Home of Greggy G's Daily ATS Picks & Booty

Before I get to my Friday Night Picks & Bikinis, I had to get this Chicago Bulls trade off my chest. While I hated it at 1st, I think I know why GM Johnny Pax made the move:



When the buzz from a new text hit my pocket near the NBA Trade Deadline, I knew GM John Paxson had found somebody to take Big Ben Wallace. What I never expected was to read the name Larry Hughes as the main chip in return. In an era when salaries rule the NBA landscape, the Bulls traded their overpriced fan-hated center for the Cavs overpriced fan-hated guard with virtually identical expensive and long-term contracts. As for the rest of the pieces, while veteran Joe Smith was one of the lone bright-spots in a horrendous season, most would admit PF Drew Gooden is an up-grade because of his youth, rebounding prowess, and an addition year on a reasonable contract. Throw-in 22-year old PF Cedric Simmons by sending Adrian Griffin to Seattle and the Bulls frontcourt continues to get younger and more athletic. Still, at first glance the addition of Hughes was a huge head-scratcher. With Hinrich already providing a similar role as an overpriced underperforming combo guard, Ben Gordon looking for more than 11 million this summer, and Thabo Sefolosha looking impressive as a starting 2-guard over the last month, I couldn’t figure out where he fit and assumed Johnny Pax had somehow lost his marbles overnight.


Initially, with Hinrich making around 10-million a year for the foreseeable future (until 2011-12) and Hughes owed around 13-million for this year and two more, the local scribes and 12-oz curl GMs at the watering-hole assumed Gordon would be the odd man out next year. Whether Pax would work out a sign-n-trade or just let him walk, it seemed inconceivable the Bulls could have three guards making 8-figures apiece (to be fair, Hinrich’s deal decreases each year and he’ll be making 8-million by 2011-12). But after further review and a little faith that my favorite GM still knows what he’s doing, I started to see a different angle from this trade. With the addition of Drew Gooden, maybe the still valuable chip known as The Tyrus Thomas Project could entice a GM to take on Kirk Hinrich’s deal and then Reinsdorf would sign-off a long-term deal for Ben Gordon. Think about it, the Bulls have tried for years to make the Hinrich/Gordon combo work, but Gordon’s inability to defend the 2-spot or handle the playmaking duties has left them in a quandary. Under this theory, a Hughes/Gordon combo makes much more sense as Hughes can handle the point as he did in Cleveland and has the size to guard the scorers on the wing.

The problem with a Hinrich/Hughes combo is that it’s impossible to win in the Association without spot-up shooters. While both can knockdown the occasional jumper, neither strikes fear enough to cause opponents to alter their defense. Not to mention, with the Hughes/Gordon combo, the Bulls can still develop Thabo with plenty of minutes as he can fit alongside either.


As for the frontcourt in my brilliant theory, while the two-headed monster of Deng and Noce is one of the best small forward duos in the league, Noah and Gooden need Paxson to hit a homerun for what he can pull-off for T-Time and Capt. Kirk…and I think I’ve found it. Welcome Home Elton Brand! A sign and trade between the Bulls and Clippers makes sense both financially and strategically for both teams. For the Clippers, Chris Kaman has been unbelievable in the middle this season and is starting to prove he can handle the bulk of low-post opportunities. Unfortunately, the combo of Kaman and the “soon-to-be-free-agent” Brand is their lack of athleticism. With Tyrus Thomas, the lottery bound Clippers get another rising-star with the athleticism to play alongside Mr. Kaman. As for Hinrich, with Cassell trying to win a championship in Boston (or elsewhere) and the unexpected recovery of Shaun Livingston after a devastating knee-injury, the Clippers would get some stability at the guard-spot, with a contract that gets smaller by the year.

The Bulls new line-up would look Flawless!

And now, onto the new look Bulls. A starting line-up of Hughes, Gordon, Deng, Brand, & Noah, with a solid bench of Noce, Gooden, & Sefolosha…I think we’re getting some-where. While Noah is still young, he does all the dirty work in the paint and has the size to look perfect alongside Elton. Throw-in a backcourt that will no longer be criticized for having more value at Great America as the determining factor in how tall you have to be to ride a roller-coaster, and this Bulls fan is starting to smile. Call me crazy, but in the abysmal Eastern Conference, besides the Celts, Cavs, & Pistons, I’d put the 2008-09 Bulls as candidate for homecourt in the 1st round and designed to make some noise for years to come. Of course, I could be completely wrong about all of this, but after becoming a stockholder in Ibuprofen from my trips to the United Center this season…one can only hope.

Want my NBA ATS picks and more bikinis...

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March 10, 2008

Home of Greggy G's Daily ATS Luv & Hotties

ATS HOOPS Overall – CBB: 34-30 NBA: 79-88

Orlando has nobody to stop the Hip-Hop Highlight Homeboy!

I’m predicting a closer than expected battle tonight as the Hawks currently sit in the 8th spot in the East. ATL rolled into Orlando in mid-December and pulled the upset with a 98-87 victory, and that was without the newly acquired Mike Bibby and injuries to do-everything 6th man Josh Childress (12 ppg, 5 rpg, 58 fg%) and the 6-11, 280 lbs Zaza Pachulia. On that night, Josh Smith utilized his athleticism on the Magic’s perimeter oriented forwards (Rashard “I hate rebounding & defense” Lewis & Hedu Turkoglu) to the tune of 25 pts, 16 reb, 5 ass, 4 blks, & 4 stls. I expect the same type of dominance tonight from Mr. Smith, while Al Horford & Zaza Pachulia should keep D-Howard from completely dominating the glass.
She better not distract my Hawks tonight!
The Magic still haven’t found a solid guard rotation, so expect the Mike Bibby & Joe Johnson combo to easily outscore the undersized shooting-challenged guards for Stan “Ron Jeremy” Van Gundy. And just from reading the Hot-Lanta papers this morning...

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March 12, 2008

Home of Greg Gamble's Attempt for ATS Wins

Just like the Jazz, Greggy G needs to bounce back 2night!

I've even broke-out the Greggy G Cheer squad for luck!

Both squads will be playing a back-to-back, with the Jazz actually having any easier trip from Chi-Town to Milwaukee than the Bucks return from D.C. While the Jazz have been less then stellar on the road this season (14-20), expect some desperation tonight as Jerry Sloan knows if they drop this and head to Boston Friday they could find themselves fighting for their playoff lives. As for the Bucks, with their playoff fortunes at stake the last few weeks they’ve proceeded to drop 6 of 7 and might be the softest team in the Association. While most think Michael Redd is their star, PG Mo Williams (18 ppg, 6 apg, 48-fg%) is the engine that makes them go and he’s missed the last 4 games with an abdominal strain (questionable). Especially with Carlos Boozer coming off an extremely average night in Chicago (10 pts, 9 reb), look for the Jazz to pound the Bucks inside as Charlie V’s pedestrian D will be in-charge of slowing the former Dukie. In addition, with Andrew Bogut as the Milwaukee’s only low-post presence...

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March 14, 2008

Home of Greg Gamble's Gratuitous Photos to make-up for his Lousy ATS Picks of late

After blowing another game this afternoon (Miami-FL), I need the Bulls to get the United Center rocking and get me a win!

Check out all my NBA picks and below...

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March 18, 2008

Home of Greggy G's Undefeated NBA ATS Picks ...Since Monday

These 2 seem determined 2 make a run at the final playoff spot

I don't care if the Nuggets scored 168 points against my old church league squad or the Bulls in the 4th quarter...that's frickin' unbelievable. Throw-in their 138-pointer two nights ago and...

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March 24, 2008

Home of Greggy G's Daily ATS Picks & Pics

With NY in tank mode and NJ sitting 1.5 gms out of the playoffs, we may see these two smile on the road for once

Considering the horrible atmosphere that’s surrounded Knickerbocker Land all year (and the last couple for that matter), its amazing things are even worse as the sun comes up today. With Isiah acting even stranger with his termination inevitable, rumors of Pacers CEO Donnie Walsh in the Gotham City GM mix, and their best player all season (Zach Randolph) being a healthy DNP last few games, I think the Knicks will struggle to cover five games from here on out. In Minny Saturday Night, NY was embarrassed by 21 and featured a starting line-up that included F/C Randolph Morris (1-7 Fgs, 3 rebs), rookie F Wilson Chandler, journeyman G Fred Jones, not to mention, 34 minutes for new 6th man Mardy Collins. Tonight, they face a Nets squad that amazingly is still only a game and a half out of the final playoff spot, and...

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March 25, 2008

Home of Greg Gamble's Undefeated NBA ATS (...since Monday March 24, 2008)

For all the talk about Gilbert's return & Caron's dominance, Jamison's the one that will scare opponents come Playoff time

While a cross-country trip to the Pacific Northwest is never easy for an Eastern Conference squad, with the return of Caron Butler just 6-games ago the Wiz are still looking to find their early-season rhythm as they head into the playoffs. Since Butler’s return the Wiz have won 5 of 6, including Sunday’s impressive win against Detroit, but still can’t shake Philly & Toronto in the standings as they both sit less than 1.5 games behind them…which is huge, since the lowest seed of the three will probably be playing the Pistons in Round One. As for their West Coast trip, with the homecourt magic at Arco for the Kings, the Lakeshow, and Utah closing out the journey, Coach Jordan knows they need to start out with victories against POR & SEA to keep pace in the postseason race. While the Blazers have been solid at home, their coming off an embarrassing loss at Seattle last night (who was playing with Earl Watson & Chris Wilcox) and lost LaMarcus Aldridge to an ankle sprain in the 3rd quarter (questionable-tonight). As the season has progressed for Portland...

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March 26, 2008

Home of Greggy G's 67% NBA ATS Record (...Since Monday March 24, 2008)

Devin Harris will have a field day vs Flip Murray & Travis Diener

With the Nets somehow only a half game out of the final playoff spot and the Pacers coming-off a home loss last night, I see Vinsanity & RJ with little more fire in their eyes and expect them to roll out to an early lead tonight. Throw-in the worst PG situation in the league for Larry Bird’s squad (Ronald Murray & Travis Diener), especially defensively, and I see the lightning quick Devin Harris running roughshod over a squad that would've been better off signing Travis Best this off-season. As for the frontcourt, the slow-footed bigs on Indiana (Murphy, Foster, & Harrison) won’t look any faster off a back-to-back, and will be facing one of the youngest and most athletic frontcourts in the league (Josh Boone, Sean Williams, & Diop) that now has Nenad Krstic back in the mix (last gm: 22 pts & 6 reb). Just as we saw the Nets roll in Gotham by 15 Monday...

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March 31, 2008

T-Bone's Free NBA ATS picks

Teasin' T-Bone here, just droppin' a line in the water today in Greggy G's absence. It turns out the only way he thinks he can get any at home is to promise a kid out of the he is in the hospital right now wondering how he can still support all of his habits with two kids. It's all about time management my friend, and congrats on your 2nd NBA All-star, I truly believe in 20 years there will be more of a calling for the pass only 5-10 white point guard. Anyway, read on so that I can show you how to make winners out of a couple of losers.

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April 1, 2008

Daily Picks by Money Mike

How do you blow a 22 point lead and lose by 15? Play D like the Denver Nuggets that's how. I though about picking this game but both squads are so unpredictable I dare not touch it. So wit that that said......I choose the following:

Golden State @ San Antonio+ 8 1/2
No, GS doesn't really have anybody to match up with the big fundamental, but I think Baron and Monte will give Ginobili and Parker hell all night as they fight for the last playoff spot. Spurs win the game but Warriors keep it close.

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April 3, 2008

Greg Gamble's Back Baby...& he missed U!

Yes, the rumors are true…Greggy G now has his starting backcourt with the addition of a 2nd boy. While he flops around more than Manu Ginobili, he looks like a cross between Kirk Hinrich & Warren G. As for the last three days, we basically hung-out and watched Chi-Town baseball get off to an amazing start…but he’s still pining for a Fukudome jersey. And with that, I’m sure you care more about my picks, or more realistically, my gratuitous photos…but before I roll, I quick shout-out to his Mommie…I don’t know how you ladies do…frickin’ amazing!

"Congrats Greggy G...I'll make sure 2 pull this one out for ya!"

With the playoffs approaching, I’m all over teams maneuvering for seeds and attempting to gain momentum for a post-season run. And with the Rockets still holding-out hope for a Southwest Division Title and in the midst of a 2-game losing streak, I expect them to roll a Blazers squad that played last night in Lakerland without Brandon Roy. While the Blazers have been a nice story this season,

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April 8, 2008

Home of Greg Gamble's Daily ATS Luv

While OT made me nervous last night, you know the UNDA's a solid call when the extra frame doesn't affect your ATS play!

While he looked soild with the rock on the move...

He should give her a call on how to stay relaxed while standing still!

As for tonight's NBA picks...

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April 9, 2008

Home of Greggy G's Hump Day ATS Winners

After a 4-point outing last night...I expect wizardry from CP3

With the Hornets losing last night, CP3 coming off a 4-point outing, and only leading the Western Conference Standings by a game, I expect Byron’s boys to win by 30 tonight. Especially with Minnesota having to travel even farther than NO after losing in Charlotte last night, I expect Paul to look twice as fast early-on against a squad playing two SG’s at the point (Randy Foye & Marko Jaric). While Al Jefferson is an absolute beast and was remarkable last night (40 pts 10 reb), he’s been extremely average on back-to-back games lately (last two back-2-back games: 10 ppg, 6 reb) and should have his hands full with the Chandler/West Combo. Basically...

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April 10, 2008

Home of Greggy G's ATS Picks & Happy Faces

Brewer's length should disrupt Jason Terry tonight!

For the 1st time in a long-time, the Jazz have everybody healthy and are looking dominant on the road. Having won 4-straight, including an impressive victory at New Orleans Tuesday, the Jazz are looking to move-up in the standings as they trail three teams by only a game. While the return of 6-7 SG Ronnie Brewer may not excite the masses, his length on defense and ridiculous shooting % might be the most overlooked aspect of Utah’s success (12 ppg, 56 fg%). Throw-in the hottest shooting big-man in the game in Mehmet Okur (last 4 games: 19 ppg, 12 rpg, 46 3pt%), a healthy AK-47, and plenty of scoring options off the bench (Harping, Korver, Millsap, & the emergence of Ronnie Price), and the Jazz are much more than the pick-n-roll duo of D-Will & the Booze. While the return of Diggler and his bionic ankles has been nothing short of a miracle for the Mavs, they only have one impressive victory (@ Phx) since Joumana’s punching-bag came to town and seem to play tight in big-games. Especially with the Jazz...

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April 11, 2008

Home of Greggy G's NBA ATS Wonderland

While I'm takin' Shaq & PHX 2night, I just wanted to remind u...

Insideplays also handicaps Football...


and someday, maybe even Tennis!

While the Suns currently hold the 6th seed in the West, they’re only a game behind 2nd seed LA and a ½ game behind tonight’s opponent the Rockets. During their ridiculously impressive performance in San Antonio Wednesday (W 96-79), the Suns played with a bounce in their step that hasn’t been seen since the Shaq trade and a defense intensity that’s never looked better. Obviously, their confidence is sky-high as their rotation is finally getting set, while Black Jesus (aka Amare) looks like the most dominate big-man in the game with The Diesel at his side. As for the Rockets, while they continue to impress with a roster full of overachievers and T-Mac, I can’t see how their AARP Center and undersized PFs in Houston can hang with the most dominate frontcourt in the Association. While T-Mac plans on playing tonight...

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April 13, 2008


It's Sunday Funday folks, time to get your drink on, visit the bathroom, and think of plaid skirts!!!

I was clammering yesterday about warm weather sports, then today I wake up to friggin' snow on the ground outside my Michigan home. It seems fitting that it looks like hell has frozen over, I mean the Sox did manage to beat Zoolander, I mean Verlander yesterday. Tough to win games when the line up can't post a run in nine innings. Moving on to Sunday Funday we've got some more NBA action and another MLB tilt, and if you like Windy City teams you will love the action today.


April 14, 2008

Home of Greggy G's NBA ATS Picks & Pics

Noce will bring the passion we need 2night!

For how pathetic, lazy, and uninspired the Bullies have looked of late, the Bucks are worse and actually have players that have decided they aren’t gonna finish out the season. Leading scorer Michael Redd took 7 shots in their last game (a 13 point home-loss to the Nets), Charlie V scored 38 point in Toronto last Wednesday and has missed the last two games with a strained calf, or what I call, I finally played a great game and want people to remember me for that, and PG Mo Williams (17 ppg, 6 apg) hasn’t even been with the team lately as he deals with an abdominal injury. And to top things off, with the Bucks in the midst of a 6-game losing streak, Coach Krystkowiak is demanding the new GM make a decision with the coaching staff…which means, I know I’m frickin’ fired so let’s just get it over with! I know the Bulls are almost as depressing...

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April 15, 2008

Home of Greg Gamble's NBA ATS LUV

While these two haven't been smiling that much, I can't see how they don't crack one w/ the Cats O' Bob in town and...

...some very passionate and creative Dancers to watch!

With Lawrence Frank still coaching like it’s the Little League World Series (no pun intended), a new floor general in Devin Harris, and RJ & Vinsanity still playing 40 minutes a night, I can’t see how the Nets allow the Bobcats to embarrass them at their place tonight. Last Saturday, playing off a back-to-back after being officially eliminated from the playoffs, the Nets rolled in Milwaukee by 13 and looked like the globetrotters dishing out 34 assists. Of course it came against the worst defensive team in the Association (how the hell do you let the Bulls put-up 151), but it proves the Nets still have the little tickers in their hearts working. Throw-in a plethora of bigs that are competing for jobs and contracts next year (Krstic, Diop, Swift, & Williams) and I expect the Nets to easily handle the undermanned Cats O’ Bob. While Charlotte looked impressive in a victory in Indiana on Saturday, do you really think a starting line-up that includes Matt Carroll, rookie Jared Dudley, and without do-everything Gerald Wallace can get it done again…I’d bet my DVD collection of Straight-off-the-Boat Asians that it ain’t happening. And with injuries throughout the Bobcat roster...

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April 16, 2008

Greggy G's NBA ATS Regular Season Finale

The NBA Regular Season Finale is here Homeboys!

And what do u know, Da Bulls are finally coming together...

And even the Luvabulls seem to be focused!
Ok...maybe those aren't the LuvaBulls, but they should be!

By the way, as u’ll read later, I’m taking the Bulls tonight too
With the Bulls abysmal season coming to an end at the United Center, I expect their game plan to match Monday’s in Milwaukee as they decided to concentrate on defending the hole as much as Tera Patrick did in the film-classic Nuttin’ Hunnies. The Bulls prevailed 151-135 in that contest, and more suprisingly, actually seemed to have some fun. With Jim Boylan coaching his final NBA game (for this team or any team), I expect him to go out with a bang and let the boys run-wild. And to tell you the truth, even if he tells them something different, as we've seen they won’t listen anyway. As for the Raptors with the playoff seedings set in the East...

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April 19, 2008



With the NBA playoff season here I want to make my feelings very clear about the East and the West. The Celtics, Pistons, and the West should all be 1 seeds while the remaining 6 teams in the East should respectfully lose game one and go home. I automatically give the edge to the East simply because anyone from the West will have gone through 12 grueling victories, and probably at least a half a dozen losses in the meantime. Check out my locks by clicking below, and in true T-Bone fashion there will be a set of roundballs for each pick………


April 20, 2008



While many have been out golfing, I have been scouting the playoffs and building my record base for the hardball fanatics, no matter what I do I still wish I was a kangaroo at times....

Sunday Funday again, man it seems like I just get my body back to normal and along comes another weekend to remind me of my priorities...booze and the sportsbooks. One thing became very apparent in the Mavs game last night, what I was calling Dallas experience quickly turned into Dallas old-man-ness. The Mavs might just be at the end of their leash and be watching the playoffs from their homes, much like last year. But for today, we have more action which is sure to be more lopsided since 3 of the games are coming from the hero vs. goat Eastern Conference. Click below and get the inside scoop.....


April 21, 2008

Home for Playoff Hoops & MLB ATS Picks

Greg Gamble MLB 2008: 2-0 ATS - NBA Playoffs: TBD

Without these two, I can't see how HOU pulls it off 2night

While we knew Ming would be out, the lingering affects of a hamstring injury can catch cheerleaders and PGs off guard!

The back of this sign reads: "We need help at PG & Center"

Forget all the other BS in this game and look at one match-up: Deron Williams vs Bobby Jackson. The veteran Bobby J is a career 6th-man sparkplug known more for his streaky-shooting than ability to lockdown defensively or run the point, but because of a hamstring injury to Rafer Alston (doubtful), he’s been forced to tangle with one of the best young playmakers in the game. With the inexperience of rookie back-up Aaron Brooks as the only other option for Coach Adelman, expect Bobby J to play big minutes again tonight (Game 1- 33 min. 3-15 Fgs) and to struggle keeping the deceptively strong D-Will (Game 1- 20 pts 10 ass 7-12 fgs) out of the paint. And if you’re not sold on that match-up, how about the fact that in Game One Utah’s two hottest shooters the last few weeks (Brewer & Okur) combined to shoot 2-11 while the Rockets Shane Battier went 4-4 from downtown…and the Jazz still won by double-digits. Tonight...

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April 22, 2008

Home for MLB & Playoff Hoops Picks

Greggy G’s 2008 MLB: 3-0 ATS – NBA Playoffs: 1-0 ATS

Trust me, Mr. Stack will be attacking the cup 2night...

Cause the vet has too many options in his bag 'o tricks!

While nobody in the league has been able to contain CP3, well…besides maybe Devin Harris, I still feel the Mavs have too many passionate scoring veterans to let this thing head to Dallas 0-2. Besides the bionic-kneed German, nobody shot the ball well for Avery in Game One, and I expect guys like Jerry Stackhouse & Josh Howard (combined 6-25 Fgs) to try to get things going at the charity-stripe early in the contest. With Peja forced to guard one of them, look for them to play off Dirk in the high-post and create isolations either on the shallow wing or extended block. In addition, with Chandler & West’s mobility off the pick-n-roll, look for the Mavs to counter with more pairings of Bass & Dirk than Dampier & Dirk, which in-turn should give them another scoring option and more loose-ball opportunities. Since Jason Kidd has not shown the ability to slow Chris Paul in any way, I also expect Avery to counter with more minutes for Jason Terry at the point. If Joumana’s punching-bag is gonna let the Wake Forest Wonder drop 35 pts & 10 assists...

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April 23, 2008

Home of Greg Gamble's ATS NBA Playoffs


When your Center is chasing the opponents PG like this...

...It means ur team is just fit to play solid D!

I expect even more defensive passion tonight from a Boston squad whose leader is playing his 1st game since winning the Defensive MVP Award, and a Hot-Lanta squad that just received their first tasting of playoff intensity. While these two totaled 185 points in Game One, through three quarters they were on pace for 170 points before both squads loosened things-up with the game-in-hand and some of their starters on the bench. Overall, the Hawks actually played solid defensive, especially on the interior, but were victimized by some ridiculous shooting from behind the arc by Boston (9-16 3pters). Look for the Hawks to step-it-up even more tonight, and while they’ll still lose by double-digits, don’t expect the Celtic wings to find as many open looks from deep. As for Coach Woodson’s youngsters on the offensive end, since they averaged just over 86 ppg against the Three Amigos during the regular season and scored 81 in Game One, I’d be surprised if they break 80 tonight as the Celts bring their game up another notch and look to demoralize the Hawks confidence before leaving town. Also, as with almost every series, watch how the officials let a little more go tonight and turn this contest into a half-court battle…Total points scored 178-183

When your small forward can make plays like this...

...I'm guessin it puts a smile on every Piston face!

After holding the Sixers to 38 first half points and leading by as much as 15 in the 3rd quarter, the veteran Pistons seemed to take their foot off the gas and actually looked as though their reputation would close the game out for them. As result, Andre Miller led his scrappy squad to unexpected victory and left the Pistons embarrassed after crabbing all season about being disrespected. In addition, while the Pistons somewhat up-tempo style gave them a solid lead early, I believe playing a faster tempo enabled the Sixers to make a 2nd half comeback. Tonight, I expect the Flip & Chauncey to make this a half-court slugfest and prevent Andre Miller from running the court and getting his high-flyers some easy buckets. Even when they were rolling during the regular season, Philly has struggled to make shots from the perimeter and has relied on defensive turnovers to open things up. As a result, look for the Pistons to be more patient on O and to do a much better job of getting back and protecting the basket off a miss. While some would consider this an ugly game, I’ll consider it an exciting business adventure…Sixers/Pistons total points 167-172

Want some more picks and picks...

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April 24, 2008

Home of Greggy G's ATS NBA Playoff Luv

With Etan Thomas out, the Wiz only have....

Mr. Haywood to protect the basket. Maybe he should...

give Manute Bol a call or find the tallest member...

...of the Dance Team to help!

Just like the Spurs, the Cavs coasted through the regular season and had the experts convinced the team wouldn’t come close to matching last year’s success. As most playoff contenders attempted to position themselves for a perfect seed, the Cavs spent the end of the regular season mixing & matching their new pieces and making sure everyone was healthy. While I’ve been critical of Coach Mike Brown in the past, I loved how he keep his cool during their late-season struggles and have to say the insertion of Wally Szczerbiak into the starting line-up for the playoffs was ingenious. Wally struggled early in his arrival as he tried too hard to make the King happy and seemed tentative after missing a few shots early. But as true ballhog myself, I know it’s impossible to change yourself into a role-player when you know the net needs a swishin’. After averaging just over 16 minutes a game the last month of the season, the powers that be finally realized Wally’s ability to catch fire and space the floor was magnified with increased minutes. While the pretty-boy struggled with his shot in Game One, he finally found a rhythm in Game Two knocking down 6 of 9 shots and tallying 15 points…and as the playoffs continue, I expect his production to increase. In addition, while Big Ben was a malcontent douche-bag in the Windy City...

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April 26, 2008



To Flip or not to Flip, that is the question.

This NBA playoff season has already been a little more interesting than most had predicted, I don’t know that many would have guessed the Pistons down 1-2 and acting very unmotivated and the Spurs on the verge of a sweep. I was actually at game one of the Pistons/Sixers matchup and listened to the random guy next to me say that Flip Saunders was the exact duplicate of one of the air blow up guys that waves his arms profusely that you see outside of a tire store, except the Pistons had to pay 10 million for theirs. I shrugged him off, put as I watched Detroit squander a 13 point halftime lead in addition to watching his halftime talk last night, I’m starting to think this random guy may be the next Einstein. Anyway, there is a ton of playoff action today, so click below and read my free picks. Good luck with your monopoly money today, let’s see how many hotels we can put on boardwalk……


April 27, 2008


While many are focused on who is going to join Tom Bradys club this weekend, I'm convinced that Gisele is teammate number 1, so I moved onto NBA hoops long ago.


More hoops action on this Sunday Funday, and with a 4-0 playoff record in the last week I am ridin' a wave that doesn't look to be coming down anytime soon. I can't say that I like much on the ATS side during the daylight today, but like a true male animal hunting for the femail prey, I love what the night time action is offering me. And with that, onto my picks to see how experienced teams matchup against the newcomers.


April 28, 2008

Home of Greggy G's ATS Playoff Magic

I expect the Pepsi Center to be rocking and...

...A.I. & Melo to live at the FT line 2night!

While Kobe has the killer instinct to keep his boys focused on closing this out, I expect a slight letdown from Lakers tonight with a 3-0 lead. With Carmelo coming off an awful Game 3 (5-22 Fgs), A.I. pissed he was benched for the final 11 minutes in that contest, and Eduardo Najera calling-out Sasha Vujacic for flopping all over the floor, I expect the Nuggets to come flying out of the gate tonight. Look for Carmelo & A.I.’s desperation to take them to the charity stripe much more than their 9 trips Saturday and for Linas Kleiza & J.R. Smith to finally catch fire from downtown (4-18 3pters last two games). Reports even have infighting between Coach Karl and his superstars, but as we’ve seen in the past with these two...

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April 29, 2008

Home of Greggy G's NBA ATS Playoff Picks

My Homeboy Dirk will bring the passion tonight...

...just like he brings the passion everyday!

I know the Mavs give me no reason to believe they can head to the Big Easy and roll the most fun team to watch since Team Euphoria of the Lingerie Bowl, but Keanu Reeves gave me no reason to watch any of his moves after Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure and the next thing I know I’m changing my schedule around the Matrix and that hot-azz Asian Devil from Devil’s Advocate. While I knew CP3 would absolutely destroy the most overrated PG in the game, what I didn’t know was how fragile and idiotic Josh Howard was…not to mention, how he suddenly can’t score even when matched against Peja. Now I too have seen and smelled the whacky-weed, but why the hell would you announce that to the world in-the-middle of a Playoff Series? While I’m sure this isn’t helping your confidence in my pick, let’s just say I have feeling the desperation oozing out of Dirk will finally rub-off on Kidd, Howard, & Stackhouse tonight. Surprisingly...

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April 30, 2008

Home of Greggy G's NBA ATS Picks


While I still think this reuniting has as good a chance as any, how the Celts bounce back tonight could be the real crystal ball in the East!

While the Celts will control the tempo 2night with their home-court atmosphere, it's not like the...

...Highflyin' Hot-lanta Homeboy can't do this in the half-court

Boston cannot get into a playground track meet with the Hot-lanta Hip-Hopsters. While both teams play with more passion than Halle Berry in Monster’s Ball, the Hawks highfliers usually get hyped watching Josh Smith, Marvin Williams, & Josh Childress hammer-home a fastbreak lob and the Celts get their swerve-on playing halfcourt D. As a result, I expect the veteran boys from Boston to do everything they can to keep this a low-scoring affair, especially since I truly believe the Big 3 are extremely worn-out. Paulie & Shuttlesworth took some major spills in Monday’s contest, while KG has all he can handle with the freak that is Josh Smith. Breaking it down further, Doc Rivers made a major mistake letting the “He Got Game (on offense only)”-star spend the majority of time iso’ed on Joe J. Cause of this shiznit...and unless Doc is Jim Boylan-underqualified, I expect a lot more minutes for the defensive-minded James Posey & Tony Allen tonight.

On the Hawks side, while they’ve talked about controlling the tempo to their liking, the crowd and music in Boston will turn this into a Old-timers game, not to mention, they actually had their most success letting Johnson slowly breakdown the D from the wing. And finally, if this game is refereed like it was in Game 4, expect some teeth to be flying before the whistle is blow as KG, Perkins, J-Smith, & Horford look as if their playing some YMCA Championship-type of interior D…Hawks/Celts total 170-176 total points

Want some more picks & pics Homeboys...

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May 1, 2008

The NBA Playoffs are ATS Frat-tastic

GREGGY G NBA ATS (last 4 days): 5-4...ur stilly Shitty Greg!

I just have a feeling Iggy is gonna break out tonight

Especially with a home-court advantage like this

(BTW, I luv a dance team that has creative moves)

And call me crazy, but I think Andre is gonna light-up Chauncey

Did I mention I like their home-court advantage...

*This line will be moving up all day
I know all of Vegas's money will be on the Pistons tonight, but I have a feeling that Sixers are gonna make a game out of this. Especially after Andre Miller struggled in Game 5, I have a feeling the crafty veteran will take control of tonight's game and try to prove he's just as solid a baller as Mr. Big Shot. In addition...

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May 2, 2008

Greggy G's Friday Night ATS Bounce Back

BTW, I was playing some Golden Tee with the Homeboys last night, and they almost laughed me out of the bar on my Sixers call last night…Yes, I’m an idiot and need a new hobby

Before I tell you how the Jazz will get a taste of their own roughhouse medicine...

...and just like Nuggets at home, the Utah Dancers may bow down to T-Mac and the Rockets...

I need to tell you about a squad that's lookin to embarrass...

...a home-crowd that may only watch one good thing 2night!

After watching the Pistons absolutely dominate in Philly last night, I have a feeling we’re going to see the Celts try to send a similar message. If you look back at Game 4 in Hot-Lanta, the Celtics stormed out of the gate to a huge lead, but seemed to let their emotions boil past a controlled intensity and it turned into street-ball pissing match. In Game 5, the Celtics return to form playing like passionate veterans who used their fire to play lockdown D…while still attempting to look into the Hawk souls and play some mind-games. In addition, Doc’s rotation looked more like the regular season and he proved not to be as stubborn changing individual matches-up on the fly. Also in Game 5, Boston realized with better ball rotation and little more patience they could get any shot they wanted…to tune of 54% shooting. On the Hawks side...

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May 4, 2008



It's Sunday Mutha F***in' Funday and this guy can definitely tell that he had a blast on Derby Day yesterday, and even though my horsey picks didn't come through I managed to mix in enough other stuff to make it a profitable day. Today is simple, less talky talk, more walky walk....and walky walk means sweater kittens and landing strips. Good luck today!


May 5, 2008

Home of...Greggy G has 2 win 1 of these Days

(...with no legitimate facts at my disposal)

While Benson's never rubbed anybody the right-way, that doesn't mean he's a liar

While I think Cedric's as useful at RB as the Bulls backcourt is at playin' the point, for once, I actually believe an athlete's story (somewhat). Here's my unknowledgable, bad grammered-Synopsis:

Greggy G Theme- Redneck water-cops (step above bike-cops) didn’t like a brotha & his family/entourage in their water

Supposedly, the Naughty Water-Watchers had questioned Ced more times this year than the Southsiders struck-out ova the weekend. While Benson's craft probably wasn't the Love Boat, as everybody knows, any floating object with more than a half-dozen people could be booked for something.

Cedric's story was they boarded his boat (that wasn’t even moving), took him back to their boat, and after administering an alphabet test (which the terrible-tailback says he passed) was told he had to head to shore for a breathalyzer. Obviously I don't know if he was drunk or not, but he says he wasn't, and I tend to believe these cops planned on takin' a trip and were not leaving without sending a message...and I'm not saying they planned on roughing-him-up, but taking him to shore seems like a pretty easy way to send a message.

After that, it’s impossible to know what was said on the Police Boat, and I'm sure Mr. busted-Draft Pick wasn't as calm as he says, but would you be calm if what I describe was close to the situation (not to mention the media-circus it creates for him)? Seriously, if he had been stopped that many times over the past year, would he really be dumb enough to be Tony LaRussa'ed behind the wheel? Of course this is just my speculation and I'm not saying I'm right... I'm merely asking the MFin questions!

For all the barking & mind-games from the Pistons, does firing-up Superman seem like an idea that could backfire?

I also like ORL to cover gettin' a tuddie (+7) because they have a better coach w/ a great look and...

...because I'm frustred the Pistons don't have a cheerleader to post that comes close to a MFin' Sonics Dance maven!

Want to know why I think the Magic will roll, better click 'Continue Reading' below...

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May 6, 2008

Home of Greg Gamble's NBA Upset Pick

Talk about if I didn’t have bad-luck I wouldn’t have any MFin luck…Pistons get a 3-pointer after the buzzer in the 3rd that counts and an off the ball foul with 10 sec. left and I frickin’ PUSH...that's worse than kissing Courtney Love! Well slap-me and call me the former Mrs. Kidd…can’t the gambling gods show some luv to Greggy G for once.

Ok Homeboys, let's count out how many times we saw exchanges between Hinrich & Skiles like this...anybody, anybody, Bueller, Bueller.

As for the Mike D’Antoni rumors to the Bulls, what a perfect fit for a young group yearning for a new style and message. For all the talk he’s the obvious choice in Toronto, besides a couple PGs and Chris Bosh, the Raps can’t compare athletically to the Bulls frontcourt (Noah, T-Time, & Gooden) or have the plethora of guards with differing styles for D’Antoni to play with. As I’ve been saying to my Homegirls & 3 friends…it’s only a matter of time before he’s working the sideline at the United Center. With that, let's talk Cavs/Celtics...

Who the hell is gonna stop this guy on Boston...


I'll go with a resounding "Yes" on this...

Onto tonight’s Game 1 match-up between the Bron-Brons & the suddenly mortal Three Ballin’ Amigos. For a squad that’s almost giving double-digit points (-9.5), you’d think they’d actually have somebody to guard the most dominate & strongest wing player ever. Seriously, Shuttlesworth & Paulie don’t even have a chance of containing him, and while KG might actually be the best option, the Celts undermanned frontcourt would struggle to stop Big Z & Joe Smith if Garnett’s on the wing. The only legitimate option for the overwhelmed & underperforming Doc Rivers is having James “I’ll kick u in the Nuts” Posey, which means the Celts are going small or Allen/Pierce is on the bench…and that’s what an ATS Cavalier Fan would like to see.

Speaking of what a CLE fan likes to see, are my eyes bad or is that a Cavalier tattoo...that has to be a sign!

BTW, did I mention my reason 4 keepin' the Sonics in SEA?

One of the biggest advantages for the Celts this year has been Rando’s remarkable ability to pressure the point and disrupt the opponent’s ability to initiate the offense. Against the Cavs...

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May 7, 2008

Home of Greggy G's NBA ATS Spectacular

I expect some suprised DET faces in ORL tonight
(BTW, isn't it time for one of those "I'm in a porno, but don't have my heart or ass into it"-type of efforts from the Pistons?)

And without a friendly face on the sideline to comfort them...

...Mr. Howard might be the one they get caught watchin'

BTW #2, I can't remember if I told you about the worst part of the Sonics leaving town?

After the debacle in Detroit, I have a feeling the Magic are using the controversial 3-pointer to add fuel to their already ‘Jarah Mariano’-hot fire and pumped to get their home-crowd ignited for this must win Game 3.
Now that's one hot MFin fire!
For the season, the Magic were ridiculous from behind the arc at home (40%) and usually did a better job of controlling the tempo to their liking. While the Pistons appear in lockdown mode having won 5-straight since sleepwalking through their 1st few playoff games, I still believe their overdue for a “I’m in this porno, but I’m not happy about it”-type of effort. Especially with the postseason starting to take its toll fatigue-wise, I have a feeling the young legs of the Magic will look even bouncier in-front of their home-crowd and they’ll fly out the gate for a nice 1st quarter lead. Not to mention...

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May 9, 2008

Home of Greg Gamble's NBA ATS PICKS, after deleting yesterday's 0-2 picks

And now it's time for...Deep ATS Thoughts, by Greg Gamble

Two things need to happen for Utah to make this a series...they must control the tempo, and AK-47 has to play like his Once a Year I Get Out Of Sleepin' with my Neighbor/Groupie-Hall Pass might get revoked. Lakers/Utah barley break 200 in Salt Lake...UNDA 216

BTW...why isn't Pittsnogle playin Post-D on Pau Gasol? If I was GM, that's my gift to Jerry Sloan that would help him raise the trophy ova his head

Rule #21 - If you were wingman the previous evening, you are entilted to Green Short-Shorts and your Homeboy is responsible 4 talkin' to Brown Shirt...without bitchin' about it

No awkward Walker dance shuffles in the 2008 playoffs...
The NBA is truly Fantastic

Uniform Review - While I approve of the NBA dancer attire...

cheer2.jpg reason swimwear & sand couldn't be added 10 rows-back...and no reason for Reinsdorf to let $$$ seperate him from hiring a great coach with fresh ideas that our talented youngsters are screaming for.

A miss the slow, dopey, white cats of my younger years. Poor Brian Butch, if it was pre-1996, he's a hot name in draft circles right now

And sometimes a confident look in the eyes...

...can make-up for a size difference on the playin' field.
Am I right, Mr. Dickau?

And now, onto the nutz n boltz of my ATS Pick of The Day...

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May 12, 2008

Home of Greggy G's NBA & MLB ATS Picks

While the NBA Playoffs haven't had the same flare as last year with Baron Davis out of the mix...

...maybe a Cavs Cheerleader can change that stigma 2night! *FYI, 50/50 chance that's not a Cavs Dancer

BTW, before I get to my analysis of how it's virtually inpossible to keep Bron-Bron down for a 4th straight night...

...just wanted to let you know I have a flawless baseball pick following my hoops breakdown!

Heading into Game 4, is it possible King James could have a 4th straight miserable shooting performance…my dirty money says ‘Hell No’! Even more amazing is how the Cavs blew-out the Three Amigos with James barely shooting over 30% from the field. With his supporting cast looking more comfortable back at home...
(Don't worry, this Celtic won't help the Three Amigos 2night!)
I expect their confidence to grow, and more importantly, open things-up just enough to give Bron-Bron a lil more room to maneuver. While Celtic supporters will tell you Paulie and Shuttlesworth also haven’t had a breakout game yet, I believe Pierce is destined to be grabbing his shorts more than grabbin’ the rock in this series as James has tired him out at both ends, while Allen has morphed into nuttin’ more than a spot-up shooter…aka, a slightly better version of Wally Szczerbiak. In addition, with Doc Rivers continuing to look frustrated, overwhelmed, and stomping around like a disappointed older brother, I never thought I’d say this, but Mike Brown is the best coach in this series. Throw-in the “Z-Factor”...

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Home of Greggy G's NBA & MLB ATS Picks

Before we get 2 the crazy coaching change coming for Shaq...

...or we discuss my favorite athlete...

...or determine if Dwight has some fight in him after gettin' beat-down in Game 4...

...or mention why the Sonics should stay in SEA...

...or discuss why every MLB team should have Cheerleaders...

...we need to decide if this tube-top is a good luck charm for New Orleans...come on, tell me that doesn't buzz with Hornet luv!

After blowing-out SA in the 1st two, I believe NO was lil shocked they were so easily dominated in the 2nd half of Game 3 and let that monta trickle into Game 4. With things moving back to the Hive, I expect the Hornets intensity to be off the charts and for Byron Scott to ensure Chandler's flying high for alley-oops and David West is running the veteran Spurs PFs into the ground. In Game 4, Tyson didn't attempt a shot and only managed 4 bounds in 25 min., while David West played into the hands of the Spurs by slowing things down on the block.
Byron Scott needs a flashy lockerroom speech to get his youngsters rollin'
Tonight, I expect Chris Paul to...

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May 14, 2008

Home of Greg Gamble's NBA & MLB Picks

As I sipped my coffee this morning, I was amazed at some of the BS rollin' thru the paper about the Bulls coaching carousel

Quickly on the Chicago Bulls, over the last 10 years can you name me a big-time star or coach that they’ve signed? Besides overpaying the artist formerly known as Big Ben, Reinsdorf has been used more than a mail-order bride as players & coaches have used the Bulls to up their price-tag. Even funnier is Reinsdorf’s claim that he’d rather not talk with agents when hiring a coach…you’re a frickin’ lawyer Jerry, who in their right mind wouldn’t want their astute professionals handling their multi-million dollar business decisions.

Was 2 million more a year all that kept Mike from Chi-town?
As for D’antoni as a coach, let’s just say I expect the Knicks to be a playoff team next year and for the Suns to miss out in the West. D'antoni's fresh approach would've thrived within a Bulls squad suddenly-full of malcontents, but I honestly believe he was more uneasy about Paxson medaling than Reinsdorf’s “My word is stronger than Oak”-negotiations. In Gotham, new president Donnie Walsh has no loyalty to Thomas’s bag-o-shiznit and is known league-wide as a hands-off basketball-suit. While listening to the Chicago media debate who to blame is more annoying than Stuart Scott’s wondering eye or a short-armed reach-around, I did laugh hearing D’antoni basically respond at the Knicks press-conference with a “Yeah, I kind of f*cked them ova”-nonchalant attitude on the Bulls. And trust me, for all the solid things Paxson has done to help re-shape the Bulls, as constructed their only taking the next step w/ a dynamic coach at the helm…and I don’t think Johnny Pax has any idea who that is.

Greggy G's #1 coaching recommendation for the Bulls

Greggy G's back-up coaching recommendation

As for the LA/Utah contest, just as our friend knows, it's easier 2 cover small things than it is cover larger ones.
While LA might cover 4 or 5, I just think 9 is way too high

And as we've seen before, during the playoffs Kobe's body takes a beating, and with a bad back 2night, he's gonna need more help than normal

Also, while everybody talks about the Lakers w/out Bynum, the loss of Ariza has left their bench w/out much athleticism

Unless Kobe is pulling a little wounded-star drama ala His Airness, the MVP’s back injury looks bad and I can’t see how he’s close to 100% for tonight’s game. The only think that scares me about the 3rd greatest Kobe of all time (2nd – Kobe Beef, 1st – Kobe Tai) is the potential for his whinny act to be magnified and the refs to put him on the charity-stripe with every wince. With that said, the Jazz are brimming with confidence, especially Deron Williams, which means Jerry Sloan will make sure his wily ballers attack the rim early-on and try to control the tempo so the Lakers can’t find easy jumpers in transition. In addition, Utah should be more adjusted to the LakeShow Playoff atmosphere, and considering they’ve just tied-up the series, you have to think all the pressure is on LA.
Utah won't be distracted by the LakeShow Girls tonight!
Early in the series, the Jazz didn’t exploit the defensive deficiencies of the Laker sharpshooters Vujacic & Farmer, but now, D-Williams (Games 3-4: 24 ppg, 13 apg) is abusing them like a non-English speaking newbie to the adult-film world. Sloan has also slowed the Lakers fastbreak, which was freeing Vujacic & Farmer for open looks and gave Kobe fewer bodies to sort through, by having his guards drop-back into the LA’s outlet areas and taking better shots at the offensive end. On the Laker side...

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May 15, 2008

Home of Greggy G's NBA & MLB ATS Luv

While Kobe was crowned MVP and is averaging 8 more ppg in the Playoffs, our lil' playmaker has an assist-to-tournover ratio (7.5) that blows Mr. Bryant out of the water (2.0).

BTW, just like my favorite golfer, Kobe did an unbelievable job of stretching out his back prior 2 last night's game.

As long as we r talkin' bout my fav individual sports, just like the NBA has a pre-game dress code, don't u think all tennis players should follow Anna's pre-match dress ensemble?

As for the best in-action uni, I luv the simplicity of Volleyball

With all that said, the NBA is still my fav...where else do you have an atmosphere that just screams "I LOVE THIS GAME"

Speaking of the NBA, let's breakdown how David West has made SA's frontcourt look uncomfortable and out of sync!

Just as we saw in last night’s contests, while home-court continues to dominate the win/loss column, Vegas has overcompensated more than Pamela’s plastic surgeon for this and given a 2nd round playoff team tied 2-2 almost double-digit points. Watching Byron Scott’s youngsters destroy the Spurs in the 2nd half of Game 4 after trailing at intermission (57-32), I believe the Hornets 2nd trip to SA will have a different vibe. Since neither team has been able to stop CP3 or Tony Longoria, the biggest match-up in this series is veteran Timmy D versus David West. While Mr. Fundamental has become an even bigger part of Pop’s offense with his high/low post passing, if David West plays like he believes he’s the best frontcourt player in this series the Hornets will win tonight. On Tuesday, West dropped 38 pts, 14 reb, 5 blks, & 5 assists and used his combination of strength, quickness, and a better than advertised 12-18 foot jumper to make Oberto, Thomas, & Duncan play like their age. For all the amazing points in the paint by Longoria, he’s been extremely one-dimensional and doesn’t have the natural playmaking ability or athletic frontcourt to capitalize on overplays by the defense like Chris Paul. And for all the experts who call the Longoria/Paul match a wash, that’s like saying there’s no difference between the Olsen Twins...please everybody knows Mary-Kate is a MFin lefty! While CP3 is averaging 5 more ppg...

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May 16, 2008

Home of NBA, MLB, & Pigskin ATS Picks

Hey Homeboys...before I roll out of town, here's the skinny


I never thought I'd say this, but Ron-Ron is a steal right now...especially w/ him maturing faster than Aurora Snow back in's a no-brainer if he op's out

"Greg Gamble...Never heard of him?"

If that's how she rolls shoppin at Kohl's...It's now my fav store

FYI...Mr. Ming is kinda tall

"Hey Allen?" "Yes Carmelo" "At least we have nice hair"

Speakin' of hair, it's pretty nice when ur offense is 'ol school and the cheerleaders roll w/ the same vibe/strong>


And for all the F*ckers who knock a guy w/ a kick-azz wife and an ability to guard Koe better than most...pls stop givin him shiznit u BEEATCHES

As for how I'm going to win my money today...

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May 19, 2008

Home of Greggy G's NBA & MLB ATS Luv

You know we'll be seeing this tonight!

My Homeboy Larry the Legend shot me an email at 1 o’clock this morning with the following information (please understand that there’s a 96.5% chance he was heavily medicated) -

1. The Hornets have beaten the Spurs at home the last 4 games by over 80 points!

2. They haven't lost at home (beside the Jazz must win game in the last week) since 2/25.

3. The NBA is done with the Spurs...CP3 is very marketable.

4. And how about rewarding the community for that damn hurricane

5. Paul Pierce is really frickin annoying and weirdly-shaped

6a. I'm going to put a note next to my glaucoma medicine reminding me to get out the hot giardinara when I make a frozen pizza.

6b. I'm completely thrilled I decided to add the hot giardinara to my pizza.

7. BTW, Did I ever tell you I used to be a baseball mascot?

First off, I luv Larry the Legend and agree 100% with what he says...but, my fingers will not allow me to call my guy and tell him “I want to bet against Spurs, getting points, in Game 7.” I just cannot do it. On a quick side note, how fickin’ solid are the Red Sox

The Sox of Red are pretty flawless!

As for Game 7, will home-court help the Hornets?

While Timmy D is the veteran superstar and Tony Longoria is young phenom, at the end of games nobody in the Association has the ability to create a better shot than Manu Ginobili. Especially with Hornets still struggling to find a match-up against him, I’d be shocked if Pops doesn’t isolate him on almost every possession in the 4th quarter. While Duncan & Longoria will work their two-man game to open the possession, if neither has an easy look they’ll toss it out to Mr. Annoying and he’ll find his way to the charity stripe or jab-step for an open jumper. And with all the energy the Hornets will use guarding the Big 3, tell me it’s not inevitable that Game 7 daggers will come from the crafty veterans from behind the arc (Finley, Horry, & Bowen). I know the Spurs cannot stop CP3 and David West can be unguardable if he’s hitting his jumper, but you have to think the Game 7 inexperience will have some type of effect on the Hornets. While Byron Scott and the youngsters...

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May 20, 2008

Home of Greggy G's NBA ATS Playoff Luv


Before we discuss how Jesus Shuttlesworth should wear unlucky #13 instead of #20 cause he has no chance to stop Hamilton or Prince...

...I need to give myself props for telling ya'll yesterday that Eva's vacation plans would be delayed!

Yeah, I'm pretty frickin cool! But once again, before I breakdown how Rip, the Masked Mid-Ranged Wonder, and his Bad Boys will make Doc Rivers stomp around the sideline like a schoolgirl who found-out her boyfriend has been tagging a grunge girl while she was at cheerleading camp, I need to discuss how cool it is that the Celts pick their cheerleaders to match their players.

1st example - Finding a cheerleader to match the flawless physique of Kevin Garnett...mission accomplished

2nd example - Finding a dancer to match the oddly-shaped body of Paulie Pierce...unfortunetly, mission accomplished

With that, onto the two wings that will absolutely destroy Mr. Pierce & Mr. Shuttlesworth

Say hello to the ‘Hangover Affect’ for the men in green tonight. With Boston just finishing the most intense playoff series of 2008, I can’t see how they’ll have they same type of juice for tonight’s Game One match with the Bad Boys. While some will say the long lay-off could equally affect the Pistons, I believe they may have looked sluggish in Round One because the vets had their sites already set on this series. Loaded with playoff experience together, the former Champs will show a swagger early-on to let the Two Amigos and the Shuttlesworth lackey know they may be in ova their heads. Speaking of ova their head, how comfortable will the Celtics be once the Pistons go on a run and look over to the sidelines to see Doc with a look of bewilderment. I swear that dude just stomps his feet on the sideline and complains to assistants that his team sucks. While Flip Saunders doesn’t have the ability of Big Chief Triangle or the pockmarked Popovich, he understands his veterans have a ridiculously high baller IQ and simply offers a friendly a pat on the tush while getting them a solid possession out of every timeout. As for the match-ups, I simply don’t see how Ray-Ray or Paulie will be able to chase Rip through all those screens. Hamilton was dominate closing out the Orlando series averaging 32 ppg in his last two, while Prince has picked his spots beautifully throughout the playoffs (16 ppg on 56 fg%). And once again...

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May 21, 2008

Home of Holy Chicago Bulls Shiznit

I haven't been this surprised since Benny the Bull was caught selling Glaucoma medicine on the streets of Chi-Town (BTW, his stuff was terrible). As for who I'd take...

My initial thought was to keep the "Undersized guard who can't play the point"-theme

My next thought was a selfish one as I pictured myself at the United Center watching Daniela Hantuchov initiate the offense

But after the booze and Theraflu wore-off, I remembered how dominate The Bease was considering most teams played zone and collapsed three guys on him!

Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of Mr. Rose and...

...the youngster from USC (Mayo's picture just wasn't as solid)...

...but this Wildcat has so much inside-out talent I can't see how Johnny Pax lets a 24 ppg 12 rpg guy for the next 10 years slip past his azz!

Seriously, while everybody in Chi-Town is screaming for the hometown hero, I just can't see how a couple immature acts in HS erases the most dominate collegiate season I've ever seen. Kansas St had a lousy coach, a young and overrated supporting cast, and everybody knew the entire offense would funnel through him and he still was able to score from everywhere on the floor...I'm mean he dropped 40 on the National Champs that had an absolutely loaded frontcourt and was a terror on the glass almost every single night in the Big 12!

Throw-in the trade value of Drew Gooden with his solid play & reasonable contract and the potential for moving down a spot and grabbing an extra player from the Heat (they desperately want Rose), and this just screams dream scenario for GM Johnny Pax. And for all the talk that the Bulls backcourt sucks, I bet (legally of course) you'll be shocked to see how much better they look when they finally have somebody to dump the ball into.

...on second thought, I'm going with Daniela Hantuchov!

As for tonight's Spurs/Lakers ATS tilt and more gratuitous photos...

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May 22, 2008

Home of Greggy G's Piston Bounceback

To bad would their Luv Child be?

As for today's Det/Bos breakdown, it has to be Superman fast as I have a date w/ da Doc...and no, not the terrible Celtic coach

Just like my lousy prediction in Game 1, I just can't see how Rip doesn't sneak through all those screens to light-up Paulie & Shuttlesworth

And here's why...

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May 27, 2008

Home of ATS Picks & Random Thoughts

Greg Gamble's random thoughts from the weekend…

Anyone else laugh when they saw Corey's 0-8 box score from Sunday. Keep swinging for the fences u 5-tool turd!

In my opinion, Noah's the coolest thing to hit Chicago since Wasabi Funjuns. Busted for drinkin' a beer and having a pinch of ganga in his Zubaz…that cop should be hung by his nutz and forced to watch Iowa St. basketball reruns

Baseball in Mexico and a thongy-outline in short-shorts are extremely underrated in my opinion

Did I mention I like short-shorts?

I swear he’s the guy from the Superman Movie

Even in 1st place, these 2 are making me hate my fav baseball slow-azz, hitting challenged BEEATCHES!

How much you wanna bet Charles lost $$$ on this shot?

As for tonight’s tilt, trust me, Kobe's gonna put on a show!

Anyone else have an inkling that Kobe’s gonna take it to the hole every single trip down the floor tonight? Big Chief Triangle's game plan should be simple…space the floor with his no-defense playin’ white shooters and let Bryant attack the Spurs slow-footed vets.
Kobe shot One Frickin’ FT on Sunday...which means he’ll be lining up for at least 15 freebies tonight and forcing the Spurs to cheat inside opening things up for Vujacic, Radmanovic, Fisher, & Farmar on the perimeter. While Manu dominated Game Three with his classic jab-step/pump-fake, Phil Jackson is too smart (just ask him) not to make him catch the rock in different spots and force him to his right every possession. As for Timmy D, I know he’s the greatest PF since Dickey Simpkins, but watch as the Lakers turn him into a jump-shooter tonight and give him wide-open looks from the top-of-the-key...which he’ll struggle to knock down. Duncan has destroyed them on the boards and...

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May 28, 2008

Home of Mr. Gamble's NBA & MLB ATS Luv

While I'll always be a Cigarette-Box-rolled-in-my-sleeve-Camaro-driving Sox fan, Big Z is the reason I'm watchin' more Cubbie ball. Dude's batting .343 with an OB% of .343...that's what I call a free-swinger! As a result...

...I have a new nickname for Zambrano...BAM-BAM!
(I know that's Pebbles, but she did hang-out with BAM-BAM)

As for tonight's Playoff tilt, with Rondo's athleticism...

and my prediction that the Two Amigos (& their lil Homeboy Ray-Ray) will build a nice early lead...

...I bet (legally of course) Flip lets Chauncey rest his gimpy hamstring by the 3rd quarter tonight

Similar to the way the Celts seemed to shut things down in the 2nd half Monday, if Boston can build an early lead I expect the Pistons to rest-up for Game 6 in Mo-Town. Chauncey continues to struggle with his hamstring-injury and will probably be the 1st one to take a seat, while you know Rasheed will be crabbier than normal and kicking ova a chair shortly after his 1st technical. Also, considering that Antonio McDyess (21 pts, 16 reb) dominated KG (16 pts, 10 reb) in Game 4, we might actually see Mr. Garnett pound his fist through his chest as he riles-up the Garden on his way to a 20/20 evening. And call me crazy, but I have a feeling Jesus Shuttlesworth is gonna finally find his stroke tonight. He’s had too many wide-open looks to shoot like Chris Duhon, and tonight, I’m predicting he knocks down a few early and gives that cock-eyed sneer from the 2nd quarter on. Throw-in Paulie’s old-man body-flailing post-up that gets him to the charity-stripe with more regularity at home and...

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May 29, 2008

Home of Greggy G's NBA & MLB ATS Luv

Holy Crap in a Closet Najah Davenport...didn't see Douggy Collins coming back to Chi-Town. While he's one of the brightest basketball minds around, the NBA grind has taken a toll on him worse than Annabel Chong after filming "251 dudes in 10 minutes"
Instead of the NBA grind...head to da beach Douggy!

Speaking of coaches, I know I’ve been harsh on Mr. Rivers (especially after he pisses away my Sizzler money), but did you see the Celtics blow a 17-point 2nd half lead last night. If his ballers were simply missing shots that’s one thing, but the entire 4th quarter the Celtics looked disorganized, panicky, and ran no semblance of a professional offense. Listening to Jeff Van Gundy & Mark Jackson come-up with solutions each possession on how Boston could resolve the issues was even more of an embarrassment & must lead Mr. Ainge to a change.

It’s like Doc's 4th quarter plan was faxed from these two!

As for tonight’s match-up, while the Laker owner may have a nice seat, I’m guessing this one will keep his focus on the court and will be closer than Vegas thinks.

The Spur vets will have more fight than Kimbo Slice 2night

Giving the Defending Champs a Tuddie and two-point conversion just seems like too much for an elimination game. I actually believe Pop’s will have his vets relaxed for tonight, even with all the distractions of playing near Hollywood.
Timmy D & Tony Longoria have destroyed Gasol and the Laker floor-generals the last two games (26 ppg, 19 rpg) & Tony Longoria (22 ppg, 7 apg), and I believe Manu will be more aggressive tonight and force his way to the charity-stripe to get things going. While the Spurs biggest problem has been matching-up with Lamar & Vlade, Pops realized in the 2nd half he can go small with Brent Barry (23 pts, 5 reb, 5-12 from deep) and try to make them pay on the offensive end. While Kobe has still put-up some nice numbers...

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May 30, 2008

Home of Greg Gamble's NBA Playoff ATS

Tell me this post-up isn't straight out of Rasheed's playbook

Before we hit the hardwood, great to hear Urlacher plans to attend Bears' minicamp. While everybody talks about his speed, I think his great hands make him a difference maker!

As for tonight's tilt, if she's sportin' some Piston Red, I'm guessing she talked to the Gamblin' Gods!

And don't worry, RIP will play...and play f*ckin' well!

As I watched the 4th quarter of these two on Hump Day, it was painfully obvious how inept the Celtic offense is when the Pistons decide to play lockdown D. As mentioned daily, when the contest becomes a possession by possession battle, Doc’s squad struggles to get clean looks as their offense spends most of the shot-clock just trying to get into their sets…honestly, it’s almost like their coached by a YMCA volunteer . On the Pistons side during these situations, they run tight screens and make decisive cuts to get mid-range jumpers and wide-open kick outs….and with the Flip’s vets needing a must win, I expect to see solid execution all night.
Especially with an atmosphere in Detroit that reminds me of a beach volleyball match with cheereleaders (I have no idea what that means), look for the crafty vets to thrive off the home-crowd tonight. While RIP is listed as questionable tonight, so was Aurora Snow prior to the shooting of “Train my White Azz” and she pulled off one of her all-time great performances. In addition, Chauncey looked more like his old self in Game 5 (26 pts, 6 ass, 5 reb), as his counterpart is getting a little shot-happy as the series has progressed (3-14 fgs in Game 5), so expect Mr. Big Shot to exploit the match-up even more at home. As for the OVA/UNDA...

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June 5, 2008

Greg Gamble's NBA Finals Preview

What can I say, I've done a flip-flop...Celtics baby!

Even though I predicted a LakeShow Championship 60 games into the season and have bashed Doc’s coaching ability more than Kimbo Slice bashes a cauliflower ear, after a weekend of analysis & inhibitors I found myself at the Dollar Store Monday looking for Celtic Zubaz & more Tom Collins Mix. While no one likes a flip-flopper unless you’re dealing with some late night drunken naughtiness, the combination of KG’s look of destiny and the defensive vibe they have at the Garden has me in a Harold Baines type of trance.

Mr. Garnett…it is your time...

boston%20fan.jpg make the kids from Boston proud!

Sure Showtime has the best player on the planet, the Zen Master perusing the sideline, a bunch of crazy Europeans feeling the flow, but I officially pulled a 180 on my finals prediction catching Kobe’s sit-down interview with ESPN over this weekend. His candid interview was full of laughs, Jordanesque smirks, and speaking of his teammates as if they were lucky he finally learned not to be an azzhole. On the lucky leprechaun side, I didn’t hear a peep and for some reason that sealed the deal for me.

How quickly will Kobe’s friendly tone change?

How could u not luv those crazy Europeans?

And yes, I have been a Kobinator hater at times and will admit watching the combination of Stephen Annoying Smith’s juvenile questions and #24 talk about how much he loves his teammates almost made me vomit, my prediction of a Celtic victory in Seven has more to do with the look of the Homeboys from Beantown!

The 3 Amigos have the passion & will shine like never before

While I watched Paulie dominate from the sidelines at Iowa St. and still can’t figure out how he does what he does with that strange looking physique, he’s become a different player this season/playoffs…not an ounce of fear and displaying much more of a controlled anger. As for Shuttlesworth, with Kobe forced to help on Pierce & KG, I expect him to finally look like the sweetest shooter on the planet, next to Dedric Willoughby of course, as he finds plenty of open-looks. And finally, while Garnett has looked passive at times during the postseason, if he matches his aggressiveness on offense with his passion on D and on the boards…even Dr. Phil won’t have an answer.

Don't worry Homeboys...we won't see this 2night!

While I’m confident the Three Amigos will have a solid night, the combination of The Garden’s excitement and Rondo’s smothering defense on Fisher, Vujacic, & Farmer will be something new for the LakeShow. Even though Boston doesn’t have a one-on-one match-up that can hinder Bryant, I believe their team defense will keep him from blowing-up in this series, especially on their court. Another instrumental aspect of this series is how well Perkins can play (or merely stay out of foul trouble) on Pau Gasol so KG can cover Odom. While I’m sure Gasol will have some big games, tonight...

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June 9, 2008

Home of Greggy G's Sports & ATS Banter

After a weekend full of sporting excitement, I think it's time for...

The White Sox fans that drudged through the rain this weekend were rewarded with a Nintendo RBI Baseball-style hitting performance! And while everybody is talking about Joe Crede's .611 average w/ 5 dongs ova the stretch, I think it's more amazing that Paulie Konerko actually hit .304!

While Horse Racing is only exciting in certain instances to yours truly, controversy at this weekend's Triple Crown attempt made it well-worth the hype!

Once information leaked that shady-trainer Rick Dutrow was pumping Big Brown with more goop than McNamee gave The Rocket, the cocky-sweaty Dutrow promised not to shoot-up the colt prior to the Belmont. As for the results, let’s just say they reminded me of the year after Brady Anderson stopped taking those Flintstone Vitamins.

Just an FYI, no matter if he’s walking the sideline, jumping in an NBA brawl, or just doing commentary for the NBA Finals…

One more quick thought on the Sox, Ozzie's decision to blow-up to the media might be the best decision since Nick Cannon decided to marry Mariah "Rich-Cougar" Carey!

As I told you when it happened, it’s ridiculous how many so-called media gurus chastised Oz for throwin' his coaches, players & GM under the bus. But even if Guillen is a Nick Cannon-type of genius (Btw, in less than 2 years we'll be hearing Nick say "Show me the Money"), no way he thought they'd precede to average 9 runs per game, hit over .350, and win 6-straight. Btw2, Alexi "105 lbs soaking-wet" Ramirez is quickly catching Pablo Ozuna as my favorite Southsider.

While I agree with the Zenmaster on the FT discrepancy, I won't let it take away how huge Mr. Rando was and will be.

Even though the Charity Stripe differential was beyond ridiculous (38 to 10), Rajon Rondo’s dominance ova the Lake Show PGs was reminiscent of Jesse Spano’s surprising emergence ova Gina Gershon in Showgirls (btw, Gershon may not be flawless, but something bout her screams “I’m horny & kinky as hell”). His athleticism, speed, & ridiculous wingspan on D can be sickening for even the top floor-generals in the Association, let alone LA's slow trio. Combine that w/ an understanding he should never shoot outside the paint (have to give a lil credit 2 Doc as well), & he’s quickly becoming the difference maker in this series (Game 2 - 16 ass, 6 reb, 2 turnovers, & only 4 chucks).

Watching Nadal dominate Federer on clay was almost as nice as watching Anna on clay back in the day!

When Ricky Will started saying he could help Mr. Benson, I should've taken that as a sign...bye-bye Ced!

As for tonight's ATS call, the Angels have the 2nd most underrated pitcher toein' the rubber 2night!

Angels southpaw Joe Sanders (9-2, 2.63) might be the most underrated young pitcher in the game and will be facing a Rays squad that hits 25 points lower against lefties (.244). While LA lost an extra inning affair in Oakland yesterday afternoon, they had a short trip home while the Rays are leaving hitter-friendly Texas and had a little in-house dugout scuffle Sunday that might take away from their concentration today. In addition, after opening the season with some solid outings, Tampa’s Edwin Jackson (3-5, 3.95) has looked shaky in his last two starts allowing 8 earned runs and 16 hits in 11 innings. While the Angles are a little banged-up...

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June 10, 2008

Greggy G's Cubs, Sox, Bulls, & NBA Finals

New Bulls Headmaster did have a nice look as a youngster!

What do I think ofVinny Del Negro you ask…ok, let’s see…he had a funny looking haircut back in the day, kinda reminds of Scott Baio, and has the amount of coaching experience as the entire Charles in Charge cast. What else can I say; GM Johnny Paxson is either a genius or trying to get fired!

While I was never a fan of the sitcom, there was one good thing that came out of the Charles in Charge show!

Before I breakdown Game 3 of the NBA Finals like Derek Jeter breaks down the morale of every hot-model in the Big Apple, with the Cubbie Party Boat back in Wrigleyville let’s first take a quick look at tonight’s WGN contest.

While it's awesome Chipper wont be playing tonight...

Cubs%20Fan.jpg sucks that she's out as well!

The Cubs currently lead the NL in basically every offensive category, and while they’ve been solid against righties ranking 2nd in batting average, they’ve been Wrigleville tube-top hot against southpaws hitting 23 points higher (.297). And tonight, you guessed it my little degenerates, their facing veteran lefty Tommy Glavine (2-2, 4.47) in their shoe-box ballpark. Especially having the day-off yesterday after a 4-3 road-trip out West, I expect the Cubs to jump out early against the contact pitcher who hasn’t pitched into the 7th in his last 5 starts. On the flipside, while Ted Lilly (5-5, 5.23) has been up-n-down all season, the lefty looked solid in his last start (7.1 innings, 2 ER, 8 SO) and will be facing the worst road team in the majors (7-21) who will be without lethal slugger Chipper Jones. Even with his historic numbers as we close-in on the midway point of the season, ATL is only sitting at .500 and in the midst of a 3-game losing streak. With Chipper out, the Braves will be relying on Mark Teixeira to represent the middle of the line-up, but unfortunately, while he’s hitting .283 with 10 dongs this season, the former Ranger has been awful against lefties (.216, 3 dongs). And finally, this game’s on WGN tonight and I always invest my emergency-fund money on a Chi-Town game that’s televised…Cubs by 3-5 runs

Even though she's a Charger fan, she's famous, luvs a team from Cali, and fits my theme for LA's home-court advantage!

As the Hollywood stars pre-party with Vicodin and Caviar, I bet the Zenmaster is sitting with Mr. Bryant and giving the following speech:

“I don’t care if you have more bodies on you the Jack Nicholson at the Playboy Mansion, put your head down like an NBA groupie and get your grabby-azz to the FT line. I promise you the zebra’s cannot handle my mind games, and if you listen to my throbbing brain, you’ll be at the charity-stripe 20 times tonight.”

Watch Kobe attack the basketall relentlessly in Game 3!

No questions asked, the refs will attempt to even the discrepancy, but in my opinion, that only adds to the refereeing predisposition that drives hardwood fans Courtney Love-insane. While I could go on, I rather spend my time breaking down the game and some of the prop bets tonight.

While the Lakers have looked a little light in the frontcourt...

...I bet the unique home-crowd in LA pulls them thru!

I know this will shock you more than Shawn Kemp wearing a hat, but while I like the Lakers to win pretty easily, -9 seems like a dangerous backend cover by the Celts and I’m not playing this straight-up (of course, I’ll probably tease it down to 5 with the unda). After a couple emotional victories in Boston, I struggle to see the same type of efficient intensity from Doc’s crew with the unique atmosphere in LA. In addition, Kobe will not settle for jumpers and knows the refs will give him the benefit of the doubt when he attacks the rim tonight. Throw in the young Laker bench that’ll look much more comfortable at home and a bearded Spaniard looking to prove he has a lil Charles Oakley in him, and I’m more confident than Scott Baio at the bar in 1990 that the Lake Show controls this contest from the onset.

Just like how much more dominant LSU is in-front of their home fans, I don't see Paulie able to ride the emotion like he did in Boston!

Even though Paulie’s injury was akin to a World Cup soccer flop, he’s been unbelievable in this series and is shooting an imaginable 88% from behind the arc (7-8). With that said, you have to think the travel and one less day of treatment for the somewhat out-of-shape Jaywalk will keep him from being as effective. Especially with his Boston faithful not in attendance and a chance he sits if the Lakers take a commanding lead, and I’d be surprised if he scores much more than 15 tonight…or continues to shoot like Mitch Richmond in NBA Jam from behind the arc…Pierce 14-18 points

While that's not KG...Mr. Garnett is #5!

While KG has been aggressive offensively to open the series, I think he’s due for one of those: “Why they hell does he keep kicking-it out to Rando”-type of games. Even in the Celtics Game 2 victory where they scored a whopping 108 points, Garnett only totaled 17 points (& 14 rebounds) and shot 37% from the field. And usually...(better Continue Reading Homeboys)

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June 11, 2008

Home of ATS Picks & Greggy G's Knowledge

“Your 6’4”, weight more than Will Purdue, and think ur gonna grab 20 rebounds…How much u wanna bet”

For years conspiracy theories have been rumored by fans and rogue journalists only to be treated as blasphemy from outlets such as the Eastern Seaboard Programming Network. While Tim Donaghy may be as creditable a witness as Roger Clemans, his claims that referees in the 2002 playoffs wanted a Laker victory to extend the series is extremely believable. As in an investor in that game, I remember it clearer than the first time a saw junior high boobalies. With the Kings trying to close out the series, the Lakers shot 27 FTs in the 4th quarter…yes, you heard me right, 27 frickin trips to the charity stripe in 12 minutes while the Kings didn’t scratch double-digit attempts. In addition, the infamous end of game exchange where Mike Bibby was literally shoved and cross-checked by Kobe and Bibby was then called for the foul know doesn't seem so incomprehensible.

Tim Donaghy laid down a Bombshell on the NBA

You can believe what you want, but I believe the degenerate gambler…I know, surprise, surprise. And finally, the most amazing aspect of this story was when Commissioner Stern was asked about the filed documentation by Donaghy’s attorney to the U.S. District Court and responded that he hadn’t read it, but had parts of it read to him…ARE YOU FRICKIN KIDDING ME! Considering this a bigger bombshell than a crooked ref because it implicates a crooked league, I was insulted he had the audacity to say it didn’t read it?! You know what Mr. Donaghy…you better get some eyes in the back of his head quickly.

After all the years of practice, you'd think Kobe would shoot his freebies better than 11 of 18

So what did you think of my Game 3 predictions Homeboys?

1. Bryant would live at the charity stripe after Game 3’s discrepancy
Result – Krabby Kobe shot 18
2. Oddly shaped Paul Pierce would score unda 20.5 points
Result – Paulie mustered 6 points on 2-14 shooting
3. Teasing the Lakers down to -5 with unda 100
Result – Winner Chicken Dinner
4. KG would total unda 33.5 points & rebounds
Result – Garnet was 6-21 and totaled 25 pts/reb

Looks like the down payment on the White Tiger for my lady is underway, and...

...the Celts missed seeing some Green in the crowd!

Now before I get to my baseball pick of the day, and since my predictions are hotter than a pole-dance from a chick that used to go to your High School, it's time for:


Sasha will be punched in the face before he retires

Lindsay Lo will be doing this in Vegas instead of the Movie Screen before Anchorman 2 comes out

Even though the Yanks don't have room in their OF, since Jose batted .563 with 4 Hrs & 10 RBIs against them last weekend I expect Cashman to grab him by the deadline.

Stickball in Heels will replace the WNBA before Rafael Nadal loses on clay again

Paying ova 18 million a year for two guys that A) has lower Slugging% than Cristian Guzman and B) has the highest ERA of any starter w/ more than 3 starts will get GM Dumb-browski fired by 2010

Speakin' of 2010, all states will finally allow same-sex marriages by then

And finally, The Demp will win Greggy G some coin today!

After last night’s 5-run loss, Grandpa Cox’s boys are a league worst 7-22 on the road and have a gimpy Chipper Jones (pinch-hit last night/questionable today). On the mound for the Braves tonight will be 22 year-old Jar Jar Binks (6-3, 3.77), and while he’s been solid to open the season, he’s had some control issues of late and only averaged 5 innings over his last 3 starts with an 8.40 ERA. Doing the tossing for Cub Nation will be the 6th best pitcher in the NL (wins 7 and ERA 2.90) with a line-up behind him that cannot be contained at home (.310 in Wrigley). While Dempster has looked human of late, he’s done a remarkable job of pitching out of jams and keeping the damage to a minimum (last 3 starts 3.63 ERA…all wins!). And finally, the occasional laziness that can be found during a long season, and has been apparent in Wrigleyville in year’s past, seems to have vanished with another year of Sweet & Salty Lou and a vibe that a championship could be on the horizon (does that tickle your ball or what?). As for tonight’s final score…

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June 12, 2008

Cubs, Bears, NBA Finals, & ATS LUV

Aside from missing his entertaining artistry in the OF, thanks to Reed Johnson, the Cubs will be just fine!

Before we hit-up my Gamy 4 Finals anal-y-sis, I’d like to calm the Wrigleyville Faithful regarding Alfonso’s absence the next 6 weeks. With a line-up that doesn’t have an easy out and a former starter, Reed Johnson, replacing the worst OF since Barry “My heads suddenly bigger” Bonds ended his stint as the 1st stationary OF in history, I think Sweet & Salty Lou will be more thank ok (softball-looking-southsider Greg Luzinski was exceptionally bad as well). Johnson is the definition of a baseball-grinder with a kamikaze approach in the field, and is a solid .280 hitter for his career (.342 OB%). Besides shortening Lou’s bench, I honestly don’t see how this affects more than a couple games for the Cubbies the next month & a half…besides missing the fun adventures of Soriano when it’s sunny and there’s a pop-up.

Reed Johnson no longer has to wear this shirt!

Also, I had one of my peeps at Bears Training Camp & we discussed two things that stuck out like Ronny Jeremy in a crowd:

Just like this party, Urlacher showed-up at Training Camp!

1. After vowing not to attend, Brian “Where's Planned Parenthood” Urlacher showed up at Training Camp, which probably means he’s getting a lil more paper from da Bears. And if there’s anybody to thank, it’s Maurice “Greg Goose” Clarett, wait...I mean Ced Benson. With so much egg on their face from the Benson fiasco, da Bears can not afford another PR nightmare w/ a hold-out from Mr. Chicago Bear.

2. Have you seen their WR group…I swear half the Arena teams have a better class of pass-catchers. With headliners like Marty “slower by the day” Booker, Brandon “Alligator Arms” Llyod, and Mark “getting paid to sit in the training room was a great career choice” Bradley, do you really think Brett Favre could make these guys look good, let alone Rex “I have compromising pictures of Jerry Angelo” Grossman and Kyle “too much Drinky” Orton...yeah, this is gonna be a painful year Homeboys.


No matter how aggressive these two are tonight, I don't think many fouls will be called...same thing for the Celts & Lakers

1. If there was an ova/unda on the number of foul calls tonight, I’d invest all 264 of my Spud Webb rookie cards and my Kobe Tai’s some-what real feeling…ah, abdominal-area plastic thing that it goes UNDA. With the Donaghy controversy and the crazy home-court FT advantages so far, it’s much easier for the refs to avoid a discrepancy if the foul differential is 6 to 4.

As Celtic fans know, it's too bad he's wearin that shirt!

2. Because of the Rondo’s injury, I’m taking the UNDA (191.5). I’ve never seen a team struggle more bringing ball up the court then when Cassell & House tried to replace Rojan? Even more embarrassing was the fact that the harassment was coming from Farmar & Fisher. By the time they finally initiated the offense, there was less than 10 seconds on the shot-clock for KG and Paulie to miss an open jumper. I expect more of the same problems tonight, and possibly even Paulie & Shuttlesworth being forced to bring the ball up the court. Also, the injury to Rondo means more minutes for Sam I Am Not Pretty, and he looks like a dude on a last place team in a contract year jacking-up shots. And finally, my lack of fouls called theory tonight means less freebies and more frustration.

While LA fans probably luv the 2-3-2 format because they get to party for 8 days, it's not fair for the Celtics!

3. While I initially called for a Celtic win in 7, I’m starting to doubt the pick. To start, the 2-3-2 format is ridiculous and completely unfair to the higher seed. Three straight seems like an eternity for a team on the road and could possibly put enormous pressure on a fragile Celtic squad that would normally feel ok heading home 2-2. In theory, winning all your home goes would actually give the lower seed the lead in a series, momentum, and add elimination game pressure for a team that should never have it.

While it won't be because of his son, the Lakers will win!

4. As for my prediction, the Lakers will win tonight, but I might be an Ann Coulter and tease it down (-3) with the Unda (195.5). Paulie misses the home-crowd adrenaline more than anybody, and I believe the flight and only two days rest between games (they had 3 after his World Cup flopping injury), has taken a toll on the physique-challenged Jayhawk. In addition, my Homeboy KG seems rattled and lacking confidence as the Lakers dare him to shoot. Throw-in the Lakers crazy white-boys off the bench playing like Hollywood stars in LA, and by the time I finish writing this I may take the Lakers straight-up! (BTW, is there a worse finisher around the bucket than Luke Walton…he reminds me of Doug Gottlieb at the FT-line)

*I know my email comes out later, but that just means you need to come to sooner Homeboys!

Thinks always look better during the day!

As for my anal-y-sis, more picks, and friendly faces, you better click Continue Reading below…

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June 13, 2008

Home of Greg Gamble's Kobe Hatin'

Krabby Kobe is showing his true colors when it matters

As mentioned at nauseam, for all the talk that Kobe has turned into the quintessential teammate, the Lakers being a family is a bigger joke than GM Jerry Angelo saying he likes his QB situation. While nobody outside of King James can beat you one-on-one like Bryant, making your teammates better does not just entail a beautiful kick-out to a wide-open shooter. As the stakes have been raised, Kobe’s true colors have shown thru and we see that the one they call Black Mamba bites his own. I honestly believe the Lakers are afraid to make a mistake, miss a shot, or not give up the rock to their superstar. With his deadly stare, arms flung in disbelief, & embarrassing scoldings, the young Lakers look like their in a bad marriage and walkin on egg-shells the tighter things get (btw, Kobe shot 31%, his teammates shot 45%).

U think Kobe's ever thrown a pool-party for his teammates?

When asked by a reporter what he said to his teammates as their leader, Kobe responded: “Nothing”. Sure the Zenmaster shares the blame and has never been able to break thru for more than brief stretches with his star, but watching the end of the game summed-up why he’ll never be considered a leader in my eyes. Some will say His Airness had many of the some traits, but those cats don’t know a basketball from a blueball. To tell you the truth, I was one of those cynical fans in the 90s rooting against MJ because he seemed so frickin cocky, but as the years past, I became smarter than Lou Piniella and realized he walked a fine line. Take a step to the right and your teammates know you’re trying make them better, but take a step left, and nobody wants to play with you. You have a couple more changes to prove me wrong Mr. Mamba, but from what I’ve seen, you make Naomi Campbell look like Mother Teresa.

Ainge grabbin Posey & House makes him GM of the year

Props to the Celts & Doc…watching them feed off each other is what sports are all about. I’ve been extremely critical of some of Doc’s maneuvers early in the playoffs, but he’s learned from those mistakes and become a better coach on the fly. I’ve never been a Celtic fan, but watching them come together reminds me of my Church League Championship squad in 1989 where our motto before every game was: “Where we going for pizza!” Throw-in some an Eddie House & James Posey and I’m quickly falling in luv with this team!

The Yanks line-up is too stacked not to break out!

As for why I'm rollin' with the Bombers...better click Continue Reading below

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June 17, 2008

Home of Greggy G's Daily ATS picks

I'm hopeful Javon has better days ahead!

Quickly, the Insidplays team would like to send out our thoughts to Javon Walker and his family after he was found unconscious on the streets of Vegas following a robbery. Talk about a poor guy with Dillon McKay 90210 after the Noxzema Chick dies-kind of luck…after a breakout Pro Bowl season in only his 3rd year with Green Bay, the clouds have darkened for Mr. Walker:

1. After initially tryin' to negotiate a new contract, Favre pleaded for Javon to return w/ the thought another huge year would bring him the coin he desired. Walker finally reported to camp, but proceeded to blow-out his ACL in the opener & missed the remainder of the season.

2. After a long rehab, the Packers traded Javon to Denver in the off-season…which meant going from Brett Favre to Jake Plummer.

3. Following the final game of his 1st season with the Broncos, Javon & teammate Darrent Williams decided to celebrate in downtown Denver. The evening ended with their limo being sprayed w/ bullets resulting in a deceased & bloody Williams landing in Walker’s lap. It turned out a confrontation between the shooter and teammate Brandon Marshall, not Williams & Walker, was the cause of the horrific event.

4. Walker vowed to dedicate his season to Williams only to struggle with knee injuries throughout the year. After the Broncos were unable to find a trading partner for Javon, he was released and ended-up signing w/ the lowly Raiders.

6. And now, following the Vegas incident, he's strugglin' w/ "significant injuries" after he was robbed of cash & jewelry.

Hopefully they’ll be brighter days ahead for Mr. Walker, and more importantly, the madness surrounding many professional athletes can be resolved in the coming years. But particularly in Sin City, I’m shocked these things don’t happen more azz is afraid walking down the strip when I’ve won a couple hundred bucks and a Bellagio buffet voucher.

Just an FYI for Cubs fans tonight, Rays hurler Scott Kazmir is nastier than...yeah, you get the picture

While I feel bad for Chien-Ming, I have to admit reading the headline "MRI Needed On Wang" made me laugh like a school-girl. As for a Greggy G prediction, the loss of Mr. Wang will surely keep the already starting pitching-depleted Yanks from making their annual trip to the postseason.

For all the bitchin' about what a travesty it was they didn't fire Willie Randolph before having to fly to Anaheim...give me a frickin' break. A chartered flight with gourmet meals and stewardesses like this...what a rough life for a millionaire.

And I agree with my Homeboy Larry the Legend...watching the Mets absolutely choke the end of the 2007 season & sleepwalk through the 1st half of 2008 has been more embarrassing than firing a guy after everyone’s a sleep. Seriously, a chartered flight that’s probably cooler than my house, getting to enjoy a postgame meal that rivals a Sports Bar in Heaven, and not being able to answer questions from the media about how you feel about losing your job…that must suck. With that, enough BS and time to get some ATS Luv...

I studied this play hard & can't come up w/ anyway KG doesn't come close to 40 pts & rebs

KEVIN GARNETT (OVA 32.5 points & bounds)
In what KG described as a “garbage” performance in Game 5, the passionate forward still totaled 27 pts & rebs in 33 foul plagued minutes...while only sinking one FT (1-4 from the line). Tonight, especially with Perkins (shoulder) not able to control the glass even if he plays, I expect Garnett to snag at least 16 rebounds and look to attack the basket early n’ often. The Lakers don't have an answer for his combination of size & quickness, and with him riled-up more than normal, I can’t see how they contain him for two straight games…
KG’s final numbers 20 points 17 rebounds

While I have no idea if she's still even a Celtic Dancer, just like yesterday, from here on out everytime the Celtics, Sox, or Patriots, are my ATS pick you'll see our cute lil friend!

The opening game of the series went unda (186), and following some jetlag & a change of venue in Game 3 we saw another easy unda (168)…which means with only a day of rest, a flight, and a return to the ruckus atmosphere in the Garden we’ll see another point total that goes unda. Especially with the lockdown D the Celtics displayed the final three quarters in games 4 & 5 (LA averaged 20 pts per quarter in the 2nd, 3rd, & 4th) after looking lackadaisical in both opening quarters (LA averaged 37 pts in 1st quarter), Doc will make sure they don’t allow Kobe to explode to start things off tonight. The Lakers did their damage with open looks in transition so expect the Celtics to keep the tempo at a snails past from the onset. In addition, KG claimed he was lousy in Game 5 so look for the Defensive MVP to have even more energy than normal & to avoid the silly fouls that only kept him on the floor for 33 minutes. While the LakeShow bench has the ability to catch fire from deep...

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June 18, 2008

Home of Greg Gamble's Daily ATS Picks

What's amazing is the picture doesn't even have this goof



1. The Lakers have more useless white-dudes than my buddies and me when they circled for house-dancing at Prom.

Just like Posey, just cause someone's dirty doesn't mean they shouldn't be invited over

2. While every Chicagoan spews hatred for James Posey like he’s the brother of John Starks, if they knew anything about ball they’d want him assisting Vinny Del Scott Baio to toughen-up the bitch-azz Bullies.

You the man Paulie...You the Frickin' Man!

3. Paulie Pierce and his oddly-shaped body shouldn’t be able to do the things he does…like matching-up with Kobe & dominating him like Jesse Spano dominated that cracker in the pool during Showgirls!

I think Phil's coaching the LakeShow for two reasons...
$$$ and his front office friend!

4. I really don’t think the Zenmaster cares anymore…Starting Vlad Radmanovic ova any other option on the bench is like casting a thespian ova a no-talent hottie in a summer blockbuster.

Just like Rondo's arms, her legs seem to never end

5. Forgot about Rajon Rondo’s 21 points…how bout 8 ass, 7 reb, 6 stls, & 1 turnover! With his combination of athleticism & Manute Bol-wingspan, he’s a nightmare for every PG for years to come.

Shaving this work of art would be stupid...

6. Referee Joey Crawford’s decision to shave his head might be the worse decision since Dmitri Young decided to shave this masterpiece

Do you think Mrs. Gasol married Pau for his looks?

7. In Pulp Fiction, is The Gimp supposed to be the lovechild of Sam Cassell and Pau Gasol?...and yes, that is Mrs. Gasol Homeboys!

These 2 definitely didn’t go 2 Eddie’s House of Celebration!

8. And finally, I demand Eddie House at my next party and I want a chest-bump every time we slam a class of Sangria together!

While Pax has made some strange decisions in the past, I trust he'll make the easiest decision of his life next week!

To start, I absolutely luv Beasley’s comments to the media at the Bulls practice facility regarding the overreaction that his listed height in college didn’t match his combine measurements:

"It's a little disappointing to me to find out I'm actually a midget”

While 90% of NBA draft gurus are duped by GMs completely using them to report misinformation, as we get closer to draft day, I’m surprised to see more and more experts jumping on my Michael Beasley-bandwagon. With NBA 3-point range, a silky smooth mid-range game, an array of post-moves, a pair of mitts with magnets, and a rebounding prowess that cannot be coached, at just ova 6-8 with underrated athleticism the lefty will immediately dominate at either forward position. As for his height, remember what they said about Kobe Tai when she broke on the scene in 1994 - “She’s too tiny to handle the grind of this business”…and next thing you know it’s 2003 and I’m checking out the new release “Jenna Loves Kobe”

I have luv for only two Kobe's...Beef & Tai!

Speaking of Kobe, after predicting Mr. Bryant was too selfish and demeaning to his running-mates for a LakeShow victory, how nice was it see his azz blown-out last night and moping on the sideline…it was similar to the joy I found watching Roger Clemens squirm as he lied to Congress. Alrighty Homeboys, enough chit-chat and time to put the women & midgets to bed and go lookin for Caviar & Cristal

While I could see the Bulls gettin' distracted in Miami, I don't see the Cubs havin' the same problem in the Tampa Dome!

If you want my breakdown and some flawless hotties, better click Continue Reading below…

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June 24, 2008

Home of Greggy G's Daily ATS Picks & Luv

Before we get to my NBA Draft Sleeper of the Day, my ATS Diamond selections, and my favorite nighttime attire for a friendly female, let's take a look at a few headlines from yesterday...

While Makin' it Rain Pac-Man Jones probably was submitted to some racism during one of his six arrests, listening to Don Imus pull the race card in defense of Jones is like having Barry Bonds scream from the mountain tops: "I Love White People...especially Jeff Kent!". Stick to your redneck garbage least that way you don't sound like a fraud.

While everybody's talkin' about Shaq's dissing of Kobe during his freestyle at a club Sunday, did u actually hear MC Diesel's attempted rap? It sounded like it was written by a kindergardener, not to mention, Ditka had a smoother flow singing the National Athem at Wrigley!

And finally, while I was saddened to hear the original and my favorite MILF/Cougar was headed to rehab for psychological problems, please don't tell me it was because...

...she's still upset her former friend D. Rich had shagged former husband Richie Sambora...

cause%20o%20this.jpg's cause she remembers she let his lil swimmers go for a ride!

Enought trash...time to find a hidden gem for Thursday's Draft!
KOSTA KOUFOS C 7-1 265 lbs Ohio State
Freshman Stats: 14.4 ppg, 6.7 rpg, 1.8 bpg 51-fg% 35-3pt%
While he may look like he needs his beauty sleep, GMs in need of a skilled big would be crazy to sleep on Mr. Koufos!

The Ohio-native came to the Buckeyes with some ridiculous hype and was expected to carry a squad that lost virtually their entire starting line-to the NBA following a NCAA Championship game appearance. While Kosta has a nice jumper w/ 3-point range and can play with his back to the basket, he never seemed comfortable in Thad Matta’s system and struggled early in Big Ten play. What was impressive was how he fought through some inconsistent play to finish the season strong (averaged 18 ppg ova his last 6 games) and definitely has a game better suited for the pro-level. While he’s not an unbelievable athlete or rebounder, he measured over 7-feet at the combine with a 7-4 wingspan, is naturally strong, and should improve his numbers on the glass once he hits the weight-room with some consistency.

Overall, you’ll struggle to find a player in this year’s draft with his size and skill set that has mean streak and passion for playing on the hardwood. When compared to players like Brook Lopez, I think Koufos has much more of an upside and could become the best center taken in this year’s draft. While he’s projected between 14-18, if Love is off the board for the Cats O Bob at #9, I think he’s a perfect fit alongside Okafor long-term and will be big-time contributor by year three. If MJ and Larry Brown decided they’d rather have the more NBA-ready player like Lopez, the Nets at #10 should be drooling to pair Koufos with their plethora of young athletic rebounders & shot-blockers that struggle at the offensive end.

Previously reviewed Greggy G Sleepers:
J.J. Hickson PF NC St.
Donte’ Green SF Syracuse

After losing their last 9 on the road and gettin' embarrassed ova the weekend, you think Ozzie has started smokin' ?

The combination of a cross-town hangover and the pressure of trying to prevent a double-digit losing streak on the road means...

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June 26, 2008


After much debate, I was forced to move Drew from #1

Anybody can produce ten versions of a mock draft after being lied to for months by GMs and scouts…aka smokescreen…kinda like having a top-10 list of adult performers and basing your selections on who looked like they liked you the best. Even more ridiculous is the claim that you grab the best player available instead of what your need.. Sure, if your planning on trading the pick, I understand the logic, but if your desperate for a position or can’t stomach a dude with a huge posse…PICK WHAT’S BEST FOR YOUR TEAM! With that, I give you MY most logical selections if I were GM, what the so-called mock experts pick, and most importantly, a beautiful hottie that best represents each selection…enjoy Homeboys:

I guess scoring 39, grabbing 11 bounds, swatting 3 shots, and knocking down 4 of 7 from behind the arc in only 31 minutes against the National Champs isn't that impressive!

PF/SF 6-8 239 lbs Age: 19 Kansas St.
Who they’re projected to take: DERRICK ROSE

In todays pick n roll/pop NBA world, Beasley’s combination of a silky-smooth/quick-release J & a ridiculous ability to finish w/ either hand in traffic will be beyond nightmarish for every opponent to defend. While I’ll admit his antics ova the last few weeks had me thinking of a young Punky Brewster (not in that way), every time I witnessed him touch the floor at Kansas St. I saw a confident S.O.B. with a dominating presence & win at cost-passion for the game. With an AAU-type coach, the best squads in the country triple-teaming him, and watching him maneuver with ease against collapsing zones, his ability to light-up teams more often than Smokey in Friday was absolutely jaw-dropping.

While Rose will be a phenomenal addition to the Bulls, for all the criticism of the current Chi-town guards, they’ve never had an inside presence or go-to scorer to loosen things on the perimeter. In addition, Paxson’s current overprized & undersized backcourt will not bring-in what most fans think on the trade market, while Drew Gooden’s expiring contract & efficient low-post play…or T-Time’s still oozing potential would bring back twice as much. I know I’m in the minority, and it’s pretty much a forgone conclusion, but don’t bitch to me when The Bease is averaging 25 & 10 and taking his team to the finals by year four.

While I think Beasley would be flawless in the Bullie home-whites, I guess Pax sees something I don't.

PG 6-3 196 lbs Age: 19 Memphis
Who they’re projected to take: MICHAEL BEASLEY

The lightning quick, athletic guard is only missing a consistent J and natural passing instincts to instantly become GM Johnny Pax’s savior. While he’s an unbelievable kid and a lock to be a dominate PG for the next 15 years, I believe pairing him w/ a superstar early in his career is much more of a necessity than people realize…and unfortunately, any backcourt running mate Vinny Del Baio picks (Capt. Turnover Kirk, the undersized/defenseless Gordon, & Lazy Larry Hughes) might actually stunt his growth. I luv ya Rose, and that’s why I want to see you running with D-Wade & GM L.A. Looks in South Beach.

While Rose seems nicer than a girl with a stuffed kitty on her back, does that make his jumper any better?

SG 6-4 200 lbs Age: 20 USC
Who they’re projected to take: O.J. MAYO

While I don’t know how he fits on the Wolves w/ a game similar to Randy Foye, everybody and Shawn Kemp’s 24 baby's mamas want him after the big two. Whether they believe they can fit him alongside Foye or trade him for twice the value, McHale & his hairy armpits has no choice but to take him. After earning a star for being overrated & selfish on my Draft Board early in the year, watching him mature ova the course of the season & handle the hype surrounding his status was astounding. Throw-in a ridiculous cross-ova, range well-beyond the arc, and some underrated ball-handling that would make Brandi Belle proud, he’s simply too talented to pass-up. As for the scandals & payoffs circulating about him…what else do expect from a kid from USC.

While some blame O.J. for the scandal, trouble always seems to find kids wearing the USC crimson

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July 2, 2008

Home of Greggy G's Daily MLB ATS Luv

While I'm sure Rose's SUV didn't have the same items in the passenger seat as Clarett's, gettin' caught rollin' 106 mph is probably not what Pax was hoping from his savior. strong>

(BTW, I do give the former Buckey credit for having a never know when you'll see a fine lady at the neighborhood panty!)

For all the jokes of the dangers sending Beasley to South Beach and Derrick “as sweet as a” Rose being the safer pick for Johnny Pax, I chuckled drivin' to the Insideplays office this morning hearing the speedy Rose was clocked going 106 at 3 a.m...and mysteriously reported by the Chicago media after his introduction to the city. While I’m not saying he’s Grey Goose Clarett, as a diehard Beasley-fan who listened to all the supposed character flaws for a 19 year old jokester, as Jim Rome would say…Hhhhilarious.

Since Vinny Del Baio has as much experience coaching the pigskin as he does the hardwood, maybe it makes sense to hire plenty of former coaches for help.

Briefly on the Bulls coaching front, with the rumors of Del Harris joining Bernie Bickerstaff & Bob Ociepka (a NBA assistant coach lifer) on Vinny Del Baio’s staff, I can’t decide if it's a brilliant move by Pax to assist a coach with no experience or an indictment on the selection of the Charles in Charge star.

Combining Baron w/ Elton Brand's newfound Alba-beach body, I'm expecting huge things from LA's lil sister ballclub.

As for Baron’s bouncing-azz signing in Clipperland, paired with the high-flying Al Thornton, the slashing rook Eric Gordon, the workhouse pivot Caveman Kaman, and the expected re-signing of Elton Brand…this team immediately becomes a top five squad in the West. Especially with Elton looking more fit than Jessica Alba on the beach and hungrier than Oliver Miller after sitting out most of last season, I think you’ll see Baron look twice as solid with a dominate low-post threat. Along those lines, with the former Warrior receiving 65 M ova 5 years, why the hell would the Wiz offer Agent Zero ova 120 M ova 6 years…it’s like their bidding against themselves cause I can’t see any truth to the rumors the Warriors are offering ova 100 M after low-balling Baron and plethora of youngsters they still need to extend.

While Borowski was a horse with the Cubs in '02 & '03...I think it's about time he heads to the glue factory!

As for my diamond notes, I have two quick thoughts for you…

1) Why the hell does the Tribe keep trottin' out Joe Bo (1-3, 7.56) as their closer. After blowing his 4th save in 10 chances...looks like it's time to make some Elmers!

2) Hearing that D-backs catcher Chris Snyder was placed on the DL after a foul-ball fractured his testicle is an even more disturbing image than Rosie O’Donnell in a skimpy-S&M leather outfit in Exit to Eden.

While Pedro's always been an asset in the clubhouse, he's no longer an asset on the mound and might be...

...better suited for a permanent vacation!

Want to know why and some more hotties...

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July 8, 2008

Home of Greg Gamble's Hardwood Luv and undefeated MLB ATS...since yesterday

Greg Gamble’s NBA Free Agent Spectacular Feature…

The Bulls bringing Maggette back home makes too much sense for it to actually happen...kinda like selecting B-Eazy

COREY MAGGETTE - G/F 6-6 225 lbs 28 yrs-old
22 ppg 6 rpg 3 apg 46-fg% 38-3pt% 10 FTA/gm

Even more amazing than Wes Unseld’s former squad giving Agent Zero ova-18 M per year after a year-n-half of knee trouble is the unbelievably low market value of one Corey Maggette. While rumors have most upper echelon playoff squads offering their mid-level exception ($5.5 M to $6.0 M), I believe we’ll see the 76ers throw 7-8 million if they don’t land Josh Smith or Elton Brand…and possibly GST because their simply pissed-off at the Clippers. And in my opinion, replacing Willie Green w/ Corey in the East would provide the biggest playoff impact since Tim Donaghy was on the hardwood. Even though Bouncin’ Baron would look nice paired with Brand, in the loaded West the Clips are not even guaranteed a playoff spot.

The Bulls backcourt & wings don't have the backside to bang!

As for who I believe should be involved in the Blue Devil sweepstakes…you guessed it, none other than the CHICAGO BULLS! Now before you vomit at the thought of another G/F on the Bulls roster…just hear me out. GM Johnny Pax needs to stop over-valuing his own players and simply make the smartest basketball decision. With Ben Gordon looking to either sign with the Bulls or be included in a sign-n-trade for approximately $12 M, why not just let him walk, sign Maggette for $4-5 M less, and provide Derrick Rose with an athletic wing to pair with the mid-range prowess of Deng. Even though the Melrose Park protégé will be entering his 10th season, he’s still only 28 and had his best season as a pro last year. Especially on a Bulls team lacking a go-to scorer with an ability to get to the charity stripe, besides Dwight Howard & King James, nobody in the NBA averaged more FTA’s per game than Coach K’s one year wonder. Throw-in a low-post game that matches any SG/SF in the league and the Bulls would fill another void in their offensive repertoire.

I'd be laughing too if someone was gonna pay me an 8-figure a year salary when I can't play defense or dribble!

As for how this affects their current glut of guards/wings…who frickin’ cares! No matter how sweet Gordon’s stroke is, he can’t defend either guard position and doesn’t have the ball-handling to justify an 8-digit salary for a player unda 6-3. Especially with Rose still a couple years from making an impact defensively, how the hell could you ever pair these two on the court? As for the rest, even though Larry Hughes is more unmovable than Kristie Alley, paired with Deng, Maggette, & Sefolosha, the Bulls would actually have some long-athletic wings to run with Rose. As for the Hinrich & Nocioni, Noce’s contract & hard-nosed approach make him extremely valuable to teams looking to toughen-up, while Hinrich’s bloated deal makes him more of a specialist for a team looking for his specific skill set. Maybe letting Kirk ease Rose into the full-time PG position is the best option early-on, and with Hinrich’s front-loaded contract getting smaller each season, maybe moving him in January makes the most sense & brings back the most value.

Just like her, Corey's body would look perfect in Bullie-red

As a result, Vinny Del Baio and his chaperones (Dell Harris, Bickerstaff, etc.) have a young athletic line-up to make Rose’s transition easier, and now have a true scorer (not a glorified Vinny “The Microwave” Johnson) to make Deng’s mid-range game even more unstoppable. While I’ll never forgive John Paxson for passing on B-Eazy (I honestly believe he took Rose because he was the safer selection), if he finally stops acting like a Dad who thinks his kids are twice as good as they really are, I’ll stop playing the “Bulls Undersized Backcourt Drinking Game”…you know, every time a Bulls guard is posted-up you have to pound a Mickey’s Grenade!

With THAT, how about a some MLB ATS and some HOTTIES...

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July 17, 2008

Greg Gamble's Daily MLB ATS & NBA Luv

Before we hit-up my MLB ATS pick of the day, let's quickly look at some recent moves made on the professional hardwood.

While White Chocolate hasn't found a new address yet, Mr. Camby & Mr. Posey have backed their bags!


While a long & skinny frame is important for a beauty contest, it's not always a great fit in the Association

Marcus Camby to the Clippers for a 2nd Round Pick
As NBA trades go, rarely do see one that helps neither team. While Camby’s defensive numbers are somewhat bloated (13.1 rpg, 3.61 bpg) as his running mates give a ratz-azz about rebounding and allowed non-stop penetration for potential swats from the UMASS star, for that reason alone he was a perfect in Denver. Unfortunately, since former GM Kooko Vandeweghe pulled an Isiah Thomas and signed Nene for 6 years and 60 Million in 2006 & traded for Kenyon Martin’s 16 M/year salary till 2010/11, the only frontcourt player they could move was the most reasonable and productive of the three (8 M/year till 2009-10). Rumors have circulated the move was made to allow the Nuggets to re-sign J.R. Smith, which makes perfect sense since the offensive-minded, no-defense playing malcontent can develop under perfect role-models in A.I & Carmelo. Nuggets Grade: F

Paired with the supermodel from Grand Rapids, LA's doesn't have the athleticism to match Baron's game.

As for how Clipperland faired in the deal, while I think Camby is an excellent fit alongside an athletic four, pairing him with Kaveman Kaman makes absolutely no sense. Neither player is a high-flying athlete to utilize Baron Davis’s open-court magic and immediately gives LA the slowest frontcourt in the league. Unless GM Elgin Baylor plans to trade Camby and his extremely reasonable contract in the near future, the move seems like a desperate attempt to save face with fans by using some of the money they had set aside for Brand. While everyone says ATL would have matched any contract for Josh Smith, with the Hawks front-office in disarray and the probability LA could have pulled-off the Camby trade later this month, there’s no reason the Clippers didn’t at least tried to pry Smith away from Hot-Lanta before making the deal.


BTW, Can you image Bouncin' Baron Davis running the break with the high-flying Smith and freakish athleticism of Al Thornton…it would have been Greggy G sandwiched between the Olly Girls-perfect.
Overall Grade: D

While many experts think the Hornets lost their shirt (or bikini top) in the deal, trust me...they're wrong!

James Posey signs 4-year, 25 M with the Hornets
While I agree the Posey market was overvalued because of a few remarkable playoff games, I was amazed at the overwhelming ridicule by so-called NBA gurus on the move. Sure he was overpaid, but considering he's a prefect fit in New seems like a no-brainer to me. The Hardwood Gurus also overanalyzed what position Posey will play and how he stunts Julian Wright’s development. In my both cases, they’re wrong.

It's not a coincidence Posey's done this twice!

With a ridiculous playmaker at the point and a dominant 1 to 2 punch in the frontcourt with West & Chandler, the Hornets desperately needed to pair a wing defender with the sharp-shooting Stojakovic. At 6-8, the 31-year old Posey combines his crafty veteran knowledge with nice length and underrated athleticism to play solid D both on and off the ball, which also will be invaluable in the growth of the young Wright. In addition, with Peja’s body starting to breakdown, the Hornets were desperate for another veteran wing. Throw-in his solid range from deep (38 3pt% last year) and unmatched playoff experience, and Byron Scott has a more consistent player than last year’s starter Morris Peterson.

And intimidating look can rattle the opponent

And finally, and probably most importantly, Posey provides an accountability and toughness to protect CP3 that surely will rub-off on the young Hornets. While most dwell on the final years of the contract, with the Hornets considered one of the top teams in the West, I’m sure ownership won’t mind paying the final years of the deal if he helps bring a title to the Big Easy. Overall Grade: B+

With that, time 2 check-out the ATS diamond & more bikinis!

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August 6, 2008

ATS Picks, Lovely Ladies, & Sports Banter

Sure I'd miss Bron-Bron if he jumped for Europe...but tell me the NBA-panic and would not be priceless!

Click Here if you Want more Hardwood Luv from Greg Gamble.

While the rumor King James would consider leaving for Europe if he received $50 M may have more BS than the gerbil in Richard Gere’s keester, the principle theory behind the overseas jump is intriguing. Only in America do sports organizations need salary limitations because GMs are too stupid to handle their high-priced, and many times, uneducated superstars. Sure it’s more annoying than Paris Hilton walking, talking, or doing anything besides slurping sausage on video when a Steinbrenner overpays for your boyhood hero, but how often has it actually worked. In my opinion, if an organization can’t compete with the big-boys, you might as well contract their azz resulting in an improvement of the overall product.

I know I'm over the top on this theory, but...

How about teams like the cost-saving Marlins & Twins who use a completely different blueprint and are able to stay competitive year after year…while also showcasing players that can be easier to root for? Listen, it’s not like I’m not a stargazer and wouldn’t hit-up the Spearmint Rhino if Kobe Tai was performing, but you know what would probably happen? She’d show-up late and give a half-azz show…unlike the amateur in Gary, Indiana who actually acts like she like you. Obviously I want the best-of-the-best playing in the U.S., but as we’ve seen in the last few International Basketball events, teams with structured organizations and players willing to actually be coached can be more entertaining than a GM that let’s a superstar and his entourage run the show!

Just like her belt...u saw the belt, right?, some seem to think Pigskin fans should feel lucky Brett's back...but not me!

Blah, Blah, Blah…Brett Favre gives me more of a headache than listening to Ozzie & Kenny tell me they won the World Series and get no respect...just get us a MFin starting pitcher please!

Only Greggy G pull Kimmy K into his White Sox Analogy

Damn-it! Even after my Southsiders pull-off a dramatic, extra-inning, come from behind victory, for some reason I’ve soured on the season and have nothing good to say…damn you Greg Gamble, damn you! (BTW, every time I type “come from behind” it always makes me think of the Kim Kardashian Sex Tape…so wierd, but very nice!)

With that, let’s roll to some more Hotties & MLB Picks...

With the Giants only having a hitter-friendly park for the left-hand...

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October 29, 2008

Daily NBA ATS Action is Frat-tastic!

NFL: 10-11 - NCAA: 13-6 - Teasers: 10-6 - NBA: 0-0

And we thought he took things hard in Chicago!

The Professional Hardwood is back Homeboys and ensures everyday we have an opportunity to increase our assets…or in some cases, force us to cash-in our 401K. While I received a plethora of fan-mail about not providing a Bulls preview, in addition to not making any NBA ATS plays, last night I scouted without a rooting interest to warm-up for tonight. While my NBA/Bulls Preview will be out until tomorrow, I do have a lil something for ya on yesterday’s contest…Scottie Skiles is in for a long-azz season! He actually played Luke “Skiles preaches D, but I can’t play D” Ridnour, Malik Allen, Luc Mbah a NoShot, Tyronn Lue, Charlie “One-knee” Bell, and Dan Gadzuric for 128 minutes last night! As for the Bullies, while I loved Vinny Del Baio’s rotation, believe Derrick Rose is the most explosive PG ever to hit the Association, and can’t get ova the depth of their roster, I have a feeling this season might only provide highlights and excitement for the future…but maybe that’s exactly what we need. With that, let’s hit-up three plays to open Greggy G’s NBA 2008 Spectacular:

Rumor has it plenty of Warriors want a ride out of town!

The fun-n-gun of Nellie’s show just doesn’t have the same swagger with DeMarcus Nelson & Marcus Williams replacing Baron Davis at the point and Monta MoPed unavailable to race down the sideline. Throw-in the unlikely probability of a third consecutive year of S-Jax actually behaving, especially since he’s playing the disrespect-card on the lack of a contract extension, and reports Al Harrington has gone to management claiming in no-longer can play for Coach Nelson, and I bet Nelson quits before the seasons ova. Especially with the depth of talent in the West, trust me, this season will be complete and utter disaster unless you have a couple Warriors on your fantasy squad.

If she's wearing Hornets colors...that works for me!

On the Hornets side...(KEEP READING)

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November 7, 2008

Friday Night NBA ATS Spectacular

NFL: 12-12 - NCAA: 15-9 - Teasers: 11-6 – Hotties 841-0

Hell ya you're a "Soldier"...a "Soldier" that can't hold onto the pigskin when it matters...nice penalty too!

You kind of remind me of Tila cause you both have lousy acts, the only difference, she makes up for it in other ways...

...just like my girl Paris!

After watching both my college & professional squads piss-away leads late, I decided I needed a day away from the Gidiron and studied-up for a lil NBA Happy Hour for today's ATS selections. As for my College Football picks for the weekend, check me out tomorrow with Teasin' T-Bone as we roll through the madness and lingerie.

Even as a rook, the kid was levels above the competition!

The winning-addicted combo of CP3 & Byron Scott coming off an L is almost too easy with Grandpa Larry and MJ's disfuctional squad on the docket...Hornets by 16-21 points

BTW, do you ever WONDA what could have been if...

...these two had still be playing some high pick-n-roll?!

For all the depth on the Vinny Del Baio Bulls, they still don't have a big to stop anybody with some power...and tonight, two of the best come to the Windy City, The Diesel and Amare. While Rose has looked sweet, the offense runs like a YMCA squad...Suns by 10-15 points

Just like Dirk, veteran talent is always sexy in home whites!

J-Kidd might be the happiest cat in the West after George Karl snagged Chauncey...finally someone closer in age he can actually keep up with...Mavs by 6-11 points

As for my boy D-Wade vs Timmy D tonight (CLICK HERE)

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November 14, 2008

Home of Greg MFin Gamble's Daily Luv

NFL 15-12 - NCAA 17-9 - Teasers 13-7 - Happiness 73-0

After dominating the gridiron to the tune of 4-1 ATS this week, I'm treating myself to a lil Friday Night Hardwood Action...Alize, Funjuns, & Spud Webb signed ATL Zubaz inlcuded. For my ridiculous NCAA & NFL picks, check back first thing tomorrow & Sunday Funday(or at least after the Bloody & Vicodin) for Teasin' T-Bone's & yours truely's Handicappers Delight!

U really think Diop & Dampier are gonna stop him?

Btw, is it wierd that everytime I think bout Dwight I picture Miranda, & everytime I think bout Miranda I picture Dwight?

I know he's a lot taller, stonger, & blacker, but they both have bout the same amout of body fat..u know what I mean?

I've never seen a team fall faster from the top than than Mark "I can't believe I traded Devin Harris for Jason" Cuban. Winless at home thus far and coming off last night's embarrassing performance in the Windy City against a clueless Bulls squad, and I expect Dirk & look tight & tired out the gate!

After pulling off the leggins from a trip to CHI, u think Dirk's looking forward to seeing a fresh freak named Dwight?

Hedu, Lewis, & Pietrus are perfect fits to space the floor for the big fella, while they also have the size and quickness to make teams pay when the close-out too fast. Especially against a slow squad without much athleticism in the frontcourt, and I'm guessing this thing gets ugly tonight!

Throw-in the most underrated coach in the league, Stan "The Hedgehog" Van Gudy, & this seems easier than Super Mario!

Final Score: MAGIC 108 MAVS 96

I'm chillin the rest of 2day fellas, but make sure to check back this weekend for more luv & affection from Inside Plays!

November 18, 2008

Daily ATS Sports Banter & Friendly Figures

NFL 15-14 - NCAA 17-10 - Teasers 13-7 - Happiness 76-0
To skip to my ATS BULLS/LAKERS Preview...TOUCH ME HERE

Before we get to Aaron Gray & Joakim Noah trying to stop Paul Gasol and this cat tonight...

...I found two other lil hidden gems to show ya!

While I’ve been on fire in the MAC of late, tonight’s N.Illinois/Kent St. tilt just doesn’t jump off the page at me like usual…especially since it won’t be televised. Kent St. (+3) has a ridiculous duel rushing attack with QB Julian Edelman (1095 yards, 6.2 avg, 13 TD) and 5-5 Jr. Eugene Jarvis (’07 stats: 1669 yards, 6.0 avg, 10 TD).

Lil 5-5 Eugene Jarvis makes Sonic the Hedgehog look slow!

While Jarvis missed plenty of action during the opening of MAC play and is the main reason the Golden Flashes season has been a disappointment, his return has sparked the (3-7) squad, highlighted by last week’s phenomenal 221 yard performance (185 rushing, 36 receiving). Even against the stout Husky D, I expect more of the same.

Just like our friend, while Northern Illinois is young, their starting to look better and better in Husky black!

On the flipside, after a slow start & adjusting to a new headmaster, N. Illinois (5-5) has finally shown signs of life on offense as the underclassmen have stepped-up their game. Last week against conference leading C. Michigan, the Huskies outscored the Chippewas 27-7 in the second half before losing in OT. Tonight, they face a horrible Kent St. defense that has allowed an average of 35 ppg ova their last seven contests. Lucky for them & possibly the ova tonight, the Golden Flashes usually keep pace as they've averaged 31 ppg ova that same span. While the ova/unda at 50 seems enticing, the Huskies D has been extremely solid & the cold weather tonight might slow things even more. As a result & without further ado, I give you a brand new Greggy G segment…


The combination of teasing young college kids with NBA tattoos makes perfect sense to me!


I don't care if I remind you of Denise Richards...I'm doin it!

Call me a BEEATCH if you like (just like Denise Richards, I don't care what other people think), but I’ve decided to tease the Unda (44) with the Cleveland Cavaliers (-2) at New Jersey. The 8-2 Cavs look determined early-on to prove their the Beast of East and have the luxury of Bobby Simmons & Jarvis Hayes trying to stop King James tonight. Speaking of Bron-Bron, you think he’ll be pumped to showcase his skills for the fans he’ll be playing for in a few years (80% chance partial owner Jay-Z is the front-row 2night)?.

You really think Bobby Simmons & Jarvis Hayes will stop this?

The Nets on the other hand, besides the rapidly aging Vinsanity, they’ve completely retooled their roster (clearing space for the King's arrival) and are still trying to figure out how all their pieces mesh (Devin Harris, Yi Jianlian, Keyon Dooling, rookies Brook Lopez & Ryan Anderson, etc.). I could go on, but I have a Bulls/Lakers ATS Preview that seems to good to be true!

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December 2, 2008

Home of NBA ATS Action & Pretty Faces

NFL 20-15 - NCAA 17-11 - Teasers 18-9 - Ladies 90-0
If you missed my Monday Night Magic & Bikinis...TOUCH ME HERE

Just like our friend, Sage stood w/ confidence last night!

How bout my Homeboy Sage Rosenfels not pissing the game down his leg again…Cyclone Power BEEATCHES (not counting ISU ending the season on a 10-game losing streak). And how about MFin Andre Johnson and those mitts? Dare I say he’s currently the best WR in the to David Terrell of course). With that, time to hit-up professional hardwood for some ATS hoops action tonight!

Tonight in Gotham will be the night the NBA World and Spike are introduced to Grandpa Greg Oden!

While D’Antoni has shocked the world by leading a band of expiring contracts and Isiah’s leftovers to an 8-8 record thus far, reality is starting to settle in for a squad simply overmatched at every position…especially after shipping Zach Randolph & Jamal Crawford out of town.

I expect plenty of ducking when the Blazer bigs rise-up!

Check this out, their frontcourt beef currently consists of two PFs that hate to rebound and are allergic to the paint (Al Harrington & Tim Thomas), and another, PF David Lee, overachieving by bouncing around with more energy than Jags WR Matt Jones after hanging out in the car w/ his buddies (just kidding, his dad said the nose candy wasn't his). While the 6-9 Lee has been awesome in D’Antoni’s up-tempo system, he’s been forced to man the middle and just doesn’t have the size or defensive prowess to handle anybody with some skill.

With these two, Przybilla, and the manchild...

...known as Grandpa Greg, the Knicks are in trouble!

As for what New York’s tiny frontcourt will see tonight, 7-1 Joel Przybilla (84 fg%, 7.8 rpg), the manchild Greg Oden (last gm: 11 pts, 13 reb, 3 blk), 6-11 LaMarcus Aldridge (15.8 ppg), and former Knickerbocker 6-11 Channing Frye. With McMillian’s disciplined coaching style, look for the Blazers to win their fifth straight tonight by absolutely dominating the paint, the glass, and low-block.

Like Myleene Klass, the Blazers wins have come against the classiest teams on the roundball curcuit!

Speaking of wins, do you know who Spike Lee’s undermanned crew has actually beaten? Besides an opening day victory against the Heat and a Deron Williams’less Jazz squad (btw, both W’s came when they had Randolph & Crawford), the combined record of the teams they’ve beaten is 19-65! On the flipside, Portland is one of the hottest teams in the Association and just beat New Orleans by 15 on Friday and at Detroit by 11 on Sunday. And my guess is there won’t be a letdown with a visit to Madison Square Garden tonight.

Did I even mention who the best player on the floor will be tonight...and no, I'm not talking about you Mr. Lee!

I could go on about the great Brandon Roy (21 ppg, 5 apg, 4 rpg) or how Chris Duhon & Quentin Richardson are actually starting for an NBA team, but instead, I think I’ll just put up another picture of a hottie! BLAZERS BY 11-17 POINTS - BLAZERS BY 11-17 POINTS

Hey look, it's the Knicks frontcourt in that boat?

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December 3, 2008

ATS Hardwood Action & Sexy Outfits

NFL 20-15 - NCAA 17-11 - Teasers 18-9 - Ladies 90-0
* BTW, my early NBA picks were considered Preseason...and if you don't like that, get your own website or call the Better ATS Bureau!

Considering Shorty's only hitting 29% from long range, I'm guessing he using this move more in the bedroom!

While J.J.'s lost it, our hottie in heels and yours truly have the swagger to make pool-boys and Vegas pretty nervous!

Before you call me crazy for taking the T-Wolves on the road, have you seen who the Magic are starting in their backcourt because of injuries...Anthony "Old man" Johnson & J.J. "Shorty" Redick. The already undermanned backcourt for Ron Jeremy recently lost defensive & 3-point savant Mickael Pietrus & the speedy Jameer Nelson, and will struggle mightily against anybody speed & size until they return.

And tonight...
Ole man Anthony J will be asked to contain Mr. Foye...

and lil J.J. will have the luxury of stoppin' the 6-8 Miller!

That's like tryin' to stop these two from acting frisky!

While the Orlando trio up-front are dynamic (Howard, Lewis, & Turk), besides the beast known as Freaky D, neither can be considered a true PF and provide a decent match-up for Minny's perimeter-oriented PF Ryan Gomez (last 5 gms: 14.8 ppg, 11-20 from 3-pt).

Like Krystal, Al Jefferson has been consistently solid!

Want to read more about my Homeboy Big Al...TOUCH ME HERE

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December 15, 2008

Monday Night ATS & Booty Magic

NFL 21-17 - NCAA 17-11 - Teasers 18-9 - Lovely Ladies 93-0
NBA 4-2 - NCAA 3-2 - Teasers 1-0 - Church League 69-0

Iowa State legend & Greg Gamble hero Troy Davis can't be too happy with the direction of Cyclone Football!

What did I tell you last Monday Homeboys (touch me here)…the benching of Tavaris Jackson earlier in the year was a brilliant decision and will transform T-Jack into a quality NFL starter. And how bout the Auburn Tigers decision to steal away one of the worst coaches in Big Twelve history Gene “Holy Chizik they hired me!”

I bet she's confused about Auburn's pigskin hiring too!

Seriously, have you ever heard of a headmaster from a downtrodden program (Iowa State) in the mist of a ten game losing streak (5-19 in his two seasons) hired by one of the powerhouse pigskin programs? That’s like Heather Locklear dropping a pimp-daddy rockstar for someone like David Spade…oh wait. (CHECK THIS VIDEO OUT!)

Jim Boeheim seemed much happier when he had hair!

The only other sports news of recent absurdity is Syracuse douche bag Jim BOOBheim’s decision to ignore the university’s judicial hearing board’s request to suspend Eric Devendorf for whacking a female student in the face. Instead of the usual whining about not making the Big Dance after scheduling cupcakes and losing every big game late in the year, Captain Orange is putting his efforts into claiming the year-long suspension is too severe and announced he’ll treat Devendorf no different while he appeals the decision.

I wonder how BOOBheim will clean-up this mess!

Last fall, the smug & cocky BOOBheim defended Jonny Flynn, Rick Jackson and Scoop Jardine after they were accused of sexual assault by a female student. While all three were cleared of charges after a 10-month investigation, the trend of Syracuse ballers acting as if they rule the world combined with a “five-strikes and your out” policy from Coach BOOBheim once again proves winning is all that matters to the bum.

All righty then, time to hit-up the ATS tablet of love…

Eagles defensive guru Jim Johnson's gonna make this poor kid wish he was back on the sideline with a clipboard!

Unlike the Lions playing with a desire to stay out of the Hall of Fame or the 49ers attempt to impress their new stripping headmaster, the Browns look as though they can’t wait for the season to end. Especially with a lame-duck coach looking more relieved by the week he won’t have to answer embarrassing questions about his coaching abilities, I just don’t see how a trip to rainy Philly (showers likely, mid 30s) to play a desperate Eagles squad delivers anything but a blowout.

Dorsey's gonna see plenty of big green things flying at him tonight, and unfortunetly, they won't look like this!

Throw-in the Jr. High arm of Cleveland’s 3rd-string QB & a non-existent running game of late, and Eagles D-Coord Jim Johnson is gonna have a field day bringing the house on Ken Dorsey. Back to the lousy running game, speedster RB Jerome Harrison (31 carries – 7.9 avg) is out tonight & Jamal “I can’t believe he’s only 29” Lewis has aged overnight and managed just 7 yards on 7 carries last week. In addition, with WR Braylon Edwards suddenly having the worst hands since Sexy Rexy & TE Kellen Winslow out again w/ an ankle injury, the playmaking duties will once again fall on the shoulders of RB Jason “I don’t know who you are” Wright. Overall, besides my fav WR/RB/QB/Pimp Joshua “MFin” Cribbs (questionable) running some Wildcat action, I can’t see how the Browns muster much of anything offensively.

I can only think of one person looking more flawless wearing green than Brian Westbrook.

On the flipside, with the rebirth of a confident McNabb, arguably the best playmaker since Asia Carrera in Brian Westbrook, and a coach finally not calling a game like he’s playing Madden, I expect the Eagles to score with ease against the league’s 26th ranked defense. Last week, Westbrook had one of the most dominate games I’ve ever seen (33 carries 131 yards TD – 6 catches 72 yards TD) making Donovan’s sweet-azz play-action look like it’s circa 2004. Since his benching, the Eagles have scored 68 points in their last two contests with D-Nabb completing 67% of his passes and throwing five tuddies to zero Ints. Especially with a bevy a of talent on the outside and a Browns pass rush ranked 30th in sacks, look for the suddenly confident Eagles to put the foot on the gas and not let-up in front of the home crowd.

Check out the Browns' sideline tonight...I bet half the guys are already thinking about their next trip to the beach!

Not much else to say, except the Eagles still have playoff aspirations, while the Browns can be summed-up the same way the Asian ground crew from Major League summed-up the Indians…THEIR SHITTY! After Philly takes an early lead tonight, watch as Romeo & Co. appear to be counting down the minutes to the conclusion of this rainy contest.

Final Score: BROWNS 10 EAGLES 34

So your telling my Yi Jianlian is gonna stop this?!

Usually investing on a team on a back-to-back is considered a “no-no” in the Association, but tonight...TOUCH ME HERE for more picks & pics

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December 16, 2008

Chicago Bulls & NCAA Top-25 Breakdowns

NFL 22-17 - NCAA 17-11 - Teasers 18-9 - Lovely Ladies 94-0
NBA 4-3 - NCAA 3-2 - Teasers 1-0 - Church League 69-0

If Rae Rae was on the Orange bball squad he'd already have a perfect outfit and a coach willing to defend him!

How bout that lil bit of karma for the Cuse & Coach BOOBheim…don’t tell me you didn’t lose a lil sleep wondering if the Hardwood Gods were out to get your shady-azz Jimmy! Speaking of the World of Roundball, let’s jump right into some ATS action:

I like hers, but my heart is actually on the Bulls tonight!

Because just like in High School, Derrick Rose will be looking down at two lil dudes (Augustin & Felton) trying to stop him!

Ok, I’ll admit clamoring for The Bease over The Rose on Draft night has me looking like I read Rae Carruth’s book: “How To Make Smart Decisions”, but unlike most stubborn sports gurus, I don’t hesitate to flip-flop like an Relaxation Therapist in Vegas hotel room. Rose’s combination of strength & athleticism paired with a humble attitude & strong work ethic cannot be compared to anybody I’ve ever seen enter the Association. Just like yours truly dominating Church League games, I honestly believe the Chicago-kid is actually faster with the rock in his hands. And tonight, he squares off against the undersized D.J. “tiny” Augustine & Raymond “somewhat chubby” Felton. While both have some speed and will have their moments offensively, neither will come close to handling darting-Derrick’s relentless attack.

While both Tyrus & her have flawless physical skills, her look of passion is what we need to see from T-Time!

In addition, it appears Pax’s athletic bigs are starting to understand by simply running the floor and being active defensively, not only will Rose find them for some easy buckets, but Vinny Del Scott Baio will actually keep them on the floor. In Saturday’s impressive nine point win against New Jersey, Noah & Thomas combined for 51 minutes, 9-14 FGs, 5-5 FTs, 13 rebs, 5 blks, & 3 stls. Throw-in the decent play from PF Drew Gooden (13 ppg, 9 reb) and the space clogging Aaron Gray (last game: 12 min, 7 reb, 2 blks), and my guess is Emeka “I can’t bend from the waist” Okafor & Boris “Dude, my festively-plump French-azz is a Bobcat” Diaw are in for a long night.

Boris Diaw might want to borrow her car because rumors have him heading to New York very, very soon!

And speaking of Mr. Diaw, rumors have been swirling that Diaw & Bell were actually acquired so Charlotte can ship them onto Gotham and their old headmaster. Considering they just arrived and probably don’t have much interest in learning Grandpa Larry’s slow-azz schemes, I don’t see how these trade reports can help their ATS matters tonight. Did I mention do-everything F Gerald Wallace has also been on the trading block since ARRP Brown took over? Maybe that’s the reason he’s a shell of player he was the last two seasons.

Like our friend, Luol's finally putting his lanky frame to use!

Throw-in Luol Deng’s excellent play of late (last 5 games: 19 ppg on 52% shooting) and a deep bench to wear-out the undermanned and overall shitty Cats O Bob, and I expect the Bulls to send the so-called GM known as “His Airness’s likes White Girls, Golf, & Gambling” to his eighth-straight loss. BULLS BY 10-15 POINTS

In his 8th season, James has now become more of a role player...and that's what you call a good thing Homeboys!

To read the whole breakdown & few more lovely ladies... href="">Touch Me
While Eagle fans were devastated to hear Marquette-mastermind Tom Creen was headed to violation-riddled Indiana...TOUCH ME HERE

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December 17, 2008


While I'd bet it again tomorrow, props to lil D.J. for dominating Derrick...that Augustin is a clever lil f*cker!

What's amazing is Kelly Brook has no problem covering her two and the man they call Dr. Gamble can't cover one!

After the gambling gods treated me like Rexy last night, I received a text from my boy Larry the Legend. From the jist of it, I don't think he was too happy with my performance:

"After cryin over ur plays, Chinese place wouldn't deliver, burnt my only frozn pizza, burnt my mouth because I ate it anyway...just hoping somebody robs me n shoots me in da balls!

Sorry Larry, but don't worry, like Kelly Hu, I'm sitting in my undies with my game face on studying like Craig Krenzel!


NBA & NCAA ATS with a lil extra LUV

NFL 22-17 - NCAA 17-11 - Teasers 18-9 - Lovely Ladies 94-0
NBA 4-4 - NCAA 3-3 - Teasers 1-0 - Church League 69-0

While it's impossible not to luv B-Diddy, I don't think those knees will like a back-2-back in cold-azz Chicago vs Rose!

For those of you new to may I say: “Welcome to the ATS Pool Party with Tequila in the Sangria” and “Just because I’ve bet on my hometown Bullies two nights in a row don’t think I’m a homer”. After singing the praises of darting-Derrick, the freak of nature had his first awful game of the season (and potentially lost my girl her X-Mas present by fouling DJ Augustine from behind the arc and up by three in the waning seconds!) That being said, observing his moxy to become a leader paired with the disappointment of letting down his teammates, I expect Baron Davis & his creaky-knees to have some fear in those eyes playing a back-to-back against the lightning quick kid.

While this back-to-back is a nice sight, veteran Marcus Camby probably doesn't think his is so pretty!

Every Association aficionado knows playing back-to-back on the road rarely brings out the best for a below-average veteran squad. While the (7-17) Clippers have actually found a nice rhythm winning three-straight, traveling to the Windy City after a snowstorm is not a recipe for success for a team w/out a bench. Last night, four players took their warm-ups off after opening tip…and let’s just say their not what you call NBA legends: Mardy Collins, Steve Novak, Paul Davis, & Jason Hart. And with guys like B-Diddy, Zach “Baby-fat” Randolph, and the 34 year old Camby logging heavy minutes in Oklahoma City, those cats are gonna have to play a much bigger role at the United Center.

Thanks to Rose runing the show, T-Time is finally starting to match his athleticism with some passion at both ends!

I know the Bulls also played last night, but they’re young, deep, playing at home, and much more accustomed to winter in Chicago. While Rose’s game wilted in Charlotte, the continuing improved play of T-Time (last two games: 38 pts, 14 reb, 4 blk, & 56-fg%), Joahkim Noah (last two games: 14 pts, 14 reb, 5 ass, 3 blk, & 86-fg%), Luol Deng (last 5 games: 17.4 ppg, 54-fg%) & Ben Gordon (last 5 games: 23.6 ppg, 49-3pt%) is a more important trend for Vinny Del Baio’s Bulls. Especially with the Chicago media all over this guys earlier in the year, look for the youngsters to have plenty of energy and to easily outrun the undermanned Clippers tonight…BULLS BY DOUBLE DIGITS

There's nothing a wrong with a festively-plump booty, and luckily for the Sixers, it looks like Elton's starting to use his!

I know the Sixers have disappointed my wallet and yours just about every time I’ve thrown them up here, but since the coaching change, I see a team like Chicago that’s starting to gain some momentum. In Saturday’s 15-point win against the Artists Formerly known as the Bullets, Elton Brand finally looked like the big-money baller dropping 27 & 9, while Sammy D (17 rebounds) attacked the glass like it was a contract year. Throw-in the recent reemergence of Iggy (last 5 games: 18.2 ppg, 8 rpg, 4.2 apg), Andre Miller (last 5 games: 14.6 ppg, 7.0 apg), Lou Williams (last 5 games: 16.5 ppg), and adding a shooter to the starting line-up to spread the floor for Elton in Willie Green, I expect Philly to make a lil run through the All-Star Break.

Sometimes it looks like Ridnour is wearing these heels when playing D...not a good thing w/ Andre Miller on the docket!

As for the overachieving Bucks, while Scotty Skiles has them competing, they’re 5-11 on the road this season and don’t have a true PF to stop Brand’s low-post game (Luc Richard Mbah a Moute & Charlie V). While Redd & RJ make for a nice combo on the wing, Iggy & Thad Young have the athleticism & length to make them earn their buckets tonight. Throw-in the defensive challenged Luke Ridnour & Ramon Session trying to stop Andre Miller from banging his way to the cup, and I like the 76ers to start-up a nice lil two game win streak…

Canisius should be in for a lil more athleticism facing Cuse!

What can I say, I can’t have a day this week without mentioning the kids in Orange. I know I told you karma screwed them Monday, but the Gambling Gods have too much on their plate to worry about BOOBheim all week. Following the loss to Cleveland St., the coach claimed his players have taken teams lightly of late, which means tonight we’ll see a fiery and disciplined Cuse squad from the opening tip. And who better to take out their frustrations on that the MFin Golden Griffins! In (3-6) Canisus’s last three games they’ve lost to Albany by 28, St. Peter’s by 24, & Manhattan by 18. Considering that’s an average of over 23 points per contest, don’t you think #11 ranked & angry Orange can throw in a couple more buckets…CUSE BY 36-46

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December 18, 2008

Friday Night ATS Picks, Banter, & Luv

NFL 22-17 - NCAA 17-11 - Teasers 19-9 - Lovely Ladies 95-0
NBA 6-4 - NCAA 3-4 - Teasers 2-0 - Church League 69-0
If u missed Thursday Night's Winnas (also w/ a Sunday Pick)

Last night after counting my winnings, I couldn't believe the line at "the Dog of Bo" had Bron getting MFin points!

Just like Keeley, King James gettin' points is picture perfect!

I actually was awarded a point last night for playing King James, but I know you guys won't be as lucky today...but I also know it won't MFin matter! Its on the Eastern Seaboard Programming Network, against his rival young baller (Melo), and your telling me Chauncey & his chompers make that much a difference? BTW, don't worry bout who's injured cause Bron's not! CAVS BY 5-10 POINTS

With that,'s #1 Iowa scout has produced more inside info than Blago's nanny throughout the college pigskin season. And following Gene Shiznit's Noxzema girl from 90210-crazy exit from Ames that same scout (aka my Homeboy Drew Donkulous) needed to vent.

As for Greggy G's opinion, I believe Shiznit knew he was leaving in the fall...that's why ISU sucked more than normal!

Welcome to the inaugural Friday addition of...DREW'S MFin DISH

From Ames to Auburn 12-16-2008

Anyone who thinks Gene Chizik is disloyal and treated Iowa State University badly should just call Dan Mc Carney and ask him about loyalty. Mc Carney who really brought ISU football back into conversations around the the Big 12 and the Midwest (especially Iowa City) was forced to resign by AD Jamie Pollard two years ago. Dan Mc Carney may have had only a 55-84 record in Ames but brought the enthusiasm and energy to ISU football that they had not seen in a very long time. Dan Mc Carney got more out of his players than about any coach I have ever seen. Of course all the enthusisasm in the world won't keep your job in this business.


So now it's time for Mr. Smoke & Mirrors Jamie Pollard to conduct another super secret job search and find his next "prodigal son"...and he better get it right this time! There are only so many smoke machines, inflatable football helmets and crappy music you can put on the football field before you are going to have to put an actual football team on the on the field. Pollard asking for more money from boosters and fans is going to fall on deaf ears if he does not get it right this time. ISU fans deserve better. He better put together an iron clad contract with a hefty buyout to keep his coach in house.

So where does ISU go from here? I suggest they call Tommy Tuberville. Undefeated in 2004 (13-0) and unemployed today. Good luck with that Gene Chizik!

Hungova w/ luv,
Drew Donkulous

I know I used this last week, but...
finally.jpg funny is it that we have the same undies!

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December 25, 2008


From everybody at Insideplays...Be Naughty & Happy Holidays!!!
BTW, How bout yesterday's flawless ATS Prediction...I'm good!

"Robin Hood of the ATS World luvs the Homecats on X-Mas"


December 26, 2008

The Robin Hood of the ATS Wonderland

U've always been a pimp, now ur playing like pimp...oh wait, ur out w/ a bad elbow...too bad ur team sucks w/out ya!

Like I told my beautiful girl...chain me up, but make sure to bet Philly first. Btw, I'm hot boys, I suggest jumpin' on board

Because Robin Hood knows his shiznit Homeboys!

And T-Bone is lookin' to cover a couple things as well. It's very nipple, I mean simple... the Friday after x-mas is the day of the Chippewa and the Hornet(especially after the high school-like performance yesterday!)

Take it light Homeys!

January 6, 2009

Welcome to the ATS Hardwood Wonderland

NFL 23-18 - NCAA 19-15 - Teasers 19-10 - Lovely Ladies 69-0
NBA 12-10 - NCAA 5-5 - Teasers 4-0 - Church League 69-0

You know why he's dazed & confused, he can't believe USC's road-loss to a solid Beaver squad is more damaging than the Gators home-loss to average Ole Miss team!

Before we hit-up today's ATS Docket, I need to forewarn every NFL GM thinking of taking Buckeye RB Beanie Wells. No matter how dominate he looked at times during his brief career or how impressive he'll look at the combine, with his bruising running style and the (possible) inability for him to shake off nagging injuries, I just have a feeling he's gonna make an organization pull out their hair on weekly bases. With that, let's roll up some Aces ova Kings...

*FYI, for tonight's Ball St./Tulsa bowl game, I haven't added a pick because each side has coaches/coordinators leaving...but because I have a problem, I did tease the UNDA to +80 w/ some roundball!

Take about a sign Homeboys...she's wearing a Grizz bikini!

tie%20it%20tight.JPG's another ATS sign to roll with Memphis!

Mark my words Homeboys, O.J. & Rudy will have plenty more ATS wins than losses in 2009. While the vibe to start the year for the Grizz was nonexistent with a lingering hangover from the Gasol giveaway, a few weeks after Memphis was introduced to O.J. Mayo the excitement of the tiny fan-base was back. Throw in the surprisingly agility and quick development of 7-1 rookie Pau Gasol #2 (last 5 games: 15 ppg, 9 rpg, 2 bpg) another year of growth from the quiet-yet lethal Rudy Gay (19.1 ppg, 5.4 rpg), two intriguing choices at the point (Kyle Lowry & Mike Conley), and the sudden emergence of the lanky PF Hakim “Contract Year” Warrick (last 5 games: 17 ppg, 6 rpg), and the Grizz have quietly put together some franchise-worthy building blocks.

Warrick + a contract year = dominance of late!

On the T-Wolves side, I know they’ve actually won two straight (Warriors & Bulls) and beat the Grizz by 10 in Minnesota last Monday, but in my opinion, the roster Kevin McHale has put together just doesn’t mesh well. Especially at the point where McHale entered the season actually believing scoring guard Randy Foye was the answer (which failed miserably). Following Foye’s move to SG and after Sabby Telfair didn’t work out, the Wolves promoted the well-traveled 46-year old Kevin Ollie to the starting line-up. While never a threat to score, Ollie actually provided some stability to a young squad and was actually capable of running an NBA offense. Unfortunately, Ollie separated his shoulder in their last game leaving the dribble-happy Sabby as their only floor general. And tonight, against the strength of Lowry (last 6 games: 9 ppg, 7 apg, 28 FTA) and the speed of Conley, I expect the Grizz to have a very nice plus/minus against the Mini-Me streetballer.

Just like Chung makes it impossible to be gay, Brewer lost for the season makes it impossible for Minny to guard Gay!

In addition, with the injury to SF Corey Brewer, Minnesota has been forced to use combo-forward Ryan Gomes full-time as a starter…which bodes well for Gay at home tonight. Throw-in my opinion that Mayo is already a much better player than Foye, and the Grizzlies should be able to dominate action on the perimeter tonight. While Al Jefferson is a beast down-low and Kevin Love has played better of late, I have a feeling Gasol & Harrick will carry over their impressive performances from this past weekend (played San Antonio tough Friday, blew-out Dallas Sunday), not to mention, the change at PG could cause the T-Wolves some struggles…GRIZZLIES BY 8-12 POINTS

I'm totally shocked this Lottery Pick didn't pan least OK City doesn't have to worry about using him much tonight!

I know it sounds absurd to only get 3 points when your record is 4-30, but the Thunder have played better of late & actually match-up well with the Knicks. After year's of drafted centers in Seattle it's amazing they still suck in the middle, but lucky for them tonight, they face a D’Antoni team that doesn’t even use one. Speaking of NY, while some will believe the undermanned Knicks will by hyped after beating the Defending Champs in Gotham Sunday, I believe we’ll see a letdown from the undermanned squad traveling to fanless-Oklahoma City with a date in Dallas on the horizon. On the flipside, the Thunder have played their last three at home and are starting to gain some confidence. (PHX pulled away late in the 4th, they beat Golden St, and lost a buzzer-beater against Denver).

Durant has the same jaw-dropping ability with his long & skinny limbs...and I don't think NY has an answer!

Back to the match-ups, 6-9 Kevin Durant (24 ppg, 6 rpg, 47 fg%, 44 3pt%) and 6-9 Jeff Green (last 5 games: 20 ppg, 7 rpg, 50 3pt%) have been outstanding offensively this season, but have struggled at the other end when forced to guard opponents on the block. Against the Knicks they won’t have to worry about that as Al Harrington, Wilson Chandler, & Q-Richardson spend the majority of their time roaming the perimeter. At the point, while Duhon has been impressive manning Mike’s magical offense, he’ll have all kinds of trouble with the strength and quickness of rookie PG Russell Westbrook (last 8 games: 17 ppg, 6 apg, 46 3pt%). Especially with a recent victory against the swingmen-happy Warrrios, I expect Oklahoma City to look comfortable running the floor tonight and to relish not worrying about anybody to defend underneath…SUPERTHUNDER BY 4-9 POINTS

I'm breaking out my Redbird Bikini for this one Homeboys!

While naysayers will tell you the (14-0) Redbirds haven’t played anybody...TOUCH ME HERE TO FIND OUT MORE KNOWLEDGE

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January 9, 2009

Friday Night Hoops & Weekend NFL ATS

NFL 23-18 - NCAA 20-15 - Teasers 20-10 - Lovely Ladies 69-0
NBA 15-12 - NCAA 7-7 - Teasers 4-0 - Church League 69-0

Like Bron, I'm undefeated when I do this in my living room before tip-off, and tonight, I'm gonna do it right with him!

I'll admit it...I never thought the talented, oddly-shaped Paulie P had the stamina to will all the way to an Association Diamond Ring. That being said, the superstar seems a lil more oddly-shaped & sweaty than normal...and I'm guessing having a much longer season and a shorter off-season filled with Finals opportunities & free meals.

FYI Paulie, while your allowed a mulligan after winning it all, next season I'd find out what workout plan this Cougar is on!

And in all fairness, most of the Celts look a lil winded, outside of Ray playing like Jesus Shuttlesworth and Rajon Rondo running around like Spud Webb back in the day (and in my opinion, while Rondo is a special youngster, he's been forced to initiate the offense too much which has lead to some erratic & ugly offense). Especially the cats sitting next to Doc, those roll-players look like they partied like a Rock Star this summer.

Reminds me of the Celtic bench...Big Baby, Ed Hizzouse, & Brian "token whitie" Scalabrine just chillin & enjoyin the view

As for the scariest baller every to touch the hardwood and his passionate & talented roll-players tonight, they don't lose at home, everybody is strokin' it, Bron's still chippy and fired-up after the "Crab-Dribble" hate (which got us an ATS victory already this week), and this team knocked them out last year...who is playing like shiznit right now.

As for the NFL Playoff action this weekend, just like I predicted with Timmy T during my 3-0 ATS evening last night...
...Big Brandon Jacobs is gonna wear down those Eagles!

All the emotion and momentum everybody is talking about with Philly will be punched in the mouth front the start by the Giant's punishing run game. Even if they know it's coming, the downhill attack by Jacobs can't be stopped as he'll plow for yardage keeping things short on 3rd down for Eli. Then by the 2nd half, with things softened-up, they won't know what happened when Ward & Bradshaw fly thru the hole.

Don't know how to relate her to the Giant rushing attack, but it's Jamie Chung week...feel free to create your own caption!

The NY GIANTS cover easily as the Eagles run out of gas and Donovan makes a few mistakes...that's it Homeboys, not much more to say. But I do have a message from Tianna Taaaa...

"Make sure to check in all weekend for Teasin T's ATS Magic & more from Greggy G! As for what else he likes tonight..."

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January 12, 2009

Sports Weekend Recap & Daily ATS Picks

NBA 17-12 - NCAA 7-7 - Teasers 4-0 - Church League 69-0
NFL 23-19 - NCAA 20-15 - Teasers 20-10 - Lovely Ladies 69-0

While McNabb & Westbrook get most of the luv, the passionte hard-hitting play of Mr. Dawkins has this team believing!

Well, I definitely learned my lesson by not following the inscription on my ankle bracelet: WWGGD. After predicting the Eagles would win the Super Bowl at the beginning of the year (if you don’t believe me, TOUCH ME HERE and scroll down), I played the Giants on Sunday and basically backstabbed my own handicapper. That being said, I couldn't be happier for Donovan and fully expect them to still be playing in February. And the funny thing, while I usually hate when players use the “we used the criticism as motivation”-card after a victory, for some reason I feel McNabb has every right to throw it on the table.

I suggest Timmy T use the Tila T approach when in front of a large group...don't talk & just tell them stare at your body!

TIM TEBOW IS COMING BACK (and hopefully taking a speech class)
I know Tebow is the definition of a collegiate football god, and in my opinion, will also have a much better career than most people think at the next level, but have you ever seen a lifelong media magnet all of sudden transform into a nervous prop trying too hard to be both humble and Mr. Joe Cool. Honestly, watching the Gator rally as he announced he’s was returning (after an embarrassing attempt to tease the audience), I actually pictured Drama from Entourage playing the role of Tebow and purposefully doing a horrific & uncomfortable performance. Maybe I’m a little harsh, or even jealous of the pigskin superstar, but since the end of last season, I just cringe every time he’s front of a microphone.

While Pacman is a badazz dude, watching his interview w/ Stephen Azz was one of the funniest things I've ever seen!

*TOUCH ME HERE FOR THE INTERVIEW...the first minute just has Stuart Scott’s one crazy eyebrow haunting your dreams, but after that the interview starts, and trust me, it is beyond priceless!

First off, watching this last night, I honestly felt like I was watching a Saturday Night Live skit. Who needs 60 Minutes & Mike Wallace when you have Stephen Azz screaming every other word and pretending he’s solving the strip club mystery with inquires that would be an insult to “Softball Questions” have Pac Man glaring like a man that just doesn’t give a f*ck and a minute away from jacking somebody...and you have the crackerish Lawyer debating whether his client can respond to the investigative brilliance of one Steph Smith,

Stephen Azz: “DID you…or DID YOU NOT say, I’M GONNA KILL EVERBODY in da CLUB?!”

While I'd rather watch these two over any other two, Stephen & Pacman added a fidgety white lawyer for my amusement!

Everything from Sir Pac O Lot asking what he’s supposed to do when he can’t go here, can’t go to da club, can’t drink, can’t make it rain and then try to take the money back, to his rich cracker representation discussing a gangsta named “Slugga” and looking eerily similar to Blago’s photo-challenged lawyer was frickin' hilarious! Not to mention, after years of struggling to figure out whom Stephen Azz Smith reminds me of, I’ve finally figured it out. With his tiny little gyrating head, enormous yapper, and emphatic gestures, what can I say, he reminds me of a Muppet! But I will give the overzelous character one compliment...he got Pacman to say one of the greatess non-answers of all time:

Sir Pac o lot: “I ain’t fuss or fight with nobody man…I might had some words, but that’s it.”

Scott Skiles brilliant coaching style should work for at least two more years...then the players will start tuning him out!

This game comes down to my belief in Coach Scotty Skiles coming off a loss and my belief interim Wiz headmaster Ed Tapscott is in over his head after spending the last 10 years upstairs instead of on the sideline. While the Bucks are smack-dab in the middle of Eastern playoff mediocrity and a few games under .500, for the majority of the year either Michael Redd (last four games: 28 ppg, 42-3pt%) or Andrew Bogut (12 ppg, 11 rpg, 57 fg%) has been sidelined. Even though they lost a heartbreaker against suddenly hot Minnesota 106-104 Saturday, Boget finally returned and looked extremely efficient in 28 minutes of play (7-8 FGs, 7 reb, 2 blks), and I expect him to look even better tonight against the Brendan Haywood-less Bullet frontcourt.

Just like our friend, it's tough for the Wiz to contain someone of Andrew Boget's size with Brandon Haywood out!

While Skiles’s approach eventually fell on deaf-ears in Chicago, initially the team thrived playing the style & demeanor of their headmaster…and the same results can be seen in a redesigned Bucks squad even w/ their injury problems early on. A telling aspect of Milwaukee’s development can be seen in their schedule the past few weeks as they’ve bounced back from a loss with a victory in six straight contests. And as mentioned, they blew a lead late & lost in Minny Saturday so look for the disciplined group to come-out focused tonight.

While I don't know what this means, Stevenson's aggressive defense and passionate on-court antics are sorely missed!

As for the Wiz, they honestly look as though they know the season is already over. Still without Agent Zero, defensive specialists DeShawn Stevenson & Brendan Haywood, and forced to start a shot-happy overmatched vet at the point (Mike James), Washington’s merely a two pony show…and those two ponies aren’t having much fun. Having lost two straight, Jamison & Butler entered the weekend with arguable the best just to muster some kind of momentum with a tilt in Chicago Friday and home game against the undermanned Bobcats the following night. Unfortunately, their fate was sealed as they were killed by Chicago and blew a 4th quarter lead against the Cats O Bob. And I don’t think a date with an energized Skiles squad will liven-up their downtrodden vibe.

Just like she matches well w/ wealthy crotch-rocket bikers, the Bucks match-up well w/ the Bullets big-time scorers!

As for the particular match-ups, Redd & RJ have the scoring ability to match Jamison & Bulter, while Bogut should have a field day against the light-weight Blatche and the Ridenour/Sessions combo will run circles around Mike James. Throw-in the unique defensive abilities of Luc Richard Mbah a Moute on the perimeter-oriented Jamison and the scoring prowess of Charlie V off the bench (last four games: 20 ppg, 47-3pt%), and I expect the Bucks to easily handle the biggest disappointment in the Association. BUCKS BY 7-12 POINTS

I can't wait to see how Vinny Del Scott Baio handles an already crabby backcourt once Capt. Kirk finally returns!

As for the Blazers...
...they have more scoring options than she has clothing options to match those beautiful stockings!

While the Bulls have been the definition of inconsistent...

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January 13, 2009

ATS Hardwood Dominance & Lovely Ladies

NBA 19-12 - NCAA 7-7 - Teasers 4-0 - Church League 69-0
NFL 23-19 - NCAA 20-15 - Teasers 20-10 - Lovely Ladies 69-0
Did you miss my undefeated ATS magic yesterday...TOUCH ME HERE

Rumor has it Curry was angry cause the game went OT and he knew his favorite All-U-Can-Eat restaurant was closed!

If you haven't heard, not only has Eddy "Cheeseburger, Cheesburger" Curry's basketball career become a joke, a former male limo driver is now accusing him of sexual harrasment and revealing some bizarre stories. While I have no idea if this is true, if Big Ed really wanted a cheeseburger bad enough, I could see a proposition similar to what the crack-head offered in Menace to Society.

I'm guessing leaving the Hollywood scene for cold-azz Minneapolis doesn't make for a fun end to a road trip!

Holy Kevin McHale hairy arm pits…the Wolves have won five-straight and have done it with Sabby Telfair running the point! And from my experience, just like the first time you get clearance from the tower to head south and all of a sudden you think you’re a connoisseur of fruit-juice, Minny’s first significate win streak since KG left has these youngsters believing they can play with anybody. As mentioned, the speedy Sabby has surprisingly played under-control since taking over the reigns (last four games: 13 ppg, 8 apg, 3 tpg) and enabled Randy Foye to play his more natural position at Shooting Guard (last 5 games: 21 ppg, 4 apg, 50 fg%, 56-3pt%). Throw-in the finally healthy sharp-shooting Mike Miller to give their backcourt some size and ability to stretch the defense for Al Jefferson down-low (23 ppg, 11 rpg, 50 fg%), and the Wolves should cause some problems for a squad giving big-time minutes to Mario Chalmers & Chris Quinn to run the show.

Since switching w/ Shaq, things haven't been the same for Marion. And being in a contract year, I don't think he's too happy bout it!

While D-Wade is having a MVP season under Pat Riley’s new sideline puppet, the Heat are still trying to fit the pieces in around him. With two rookies garnering late game minutes (Chalmers & the Bease), Shawn Marion not looking anything to close to the Matrix in their half-court sets, 6-9 C Joel Anthony actually starting, and the ghost of Jamal Magloire the only other option with some size, I have a feeling GM LA Looks knows he needs a big-time move at the deadline…unless this year is simply a wash as they wait for Marion to come off the books so they can bring a baller like Boozer to South Beach.

Hopefully Miami packed the proper attire for Minny!

But the biggest reason my ATS Van is parked outside the Target Center, I luv that Miami just played out West and concluded the visit w/ a tough loss in Hollywood Sunday night against the undermanned & uninterested Lakers. I guarantee Mr. Wade was extra psyched for the battle with Kobe on the LA stage, and I’m also guessing his teammates and him enjoyed the posh nightlife atmosphere afterwards. Fast forward two days later, and the Heat are getting off a plane in sub-zero temps to play a T-Wolves squad they subconsciously think they can sleepwalk over…and that just ain’t happening!

With McHale finally moving Foye out of the point, the kid is finally playing w/ the moxy that made him a Lottery Pick!

While Kevin Love still is struggling to find his place in the offense, the former Bruin has been an absolute beast on the glass (last five games: 13 ppg, 11 rpg, 58 fg%) and should pair with Big Al & bruising PF Craig Smith to dominate the Heat’s frontcourt tonight. As for the Wade taking-ova factor, for some reason I feel like a suddenly-confident Randy Foye actually matches-up pretty well…WOLVES BY 5-11 PTS

The Nuggs giving six points without Melo seems fishy!

I’ve already lost a few times this year playing against a Melo-less Nuggets squad, but even in defeat, I stand by my belief that they don’t have the horses to carry this thing for too long. And tonight, while Dallas will be w/out Josh Howard, I just believe the veteran presence and desperation after losing two straight for Dirk, Kidd, & Terry will be too much for Chauncey & his young shooters to handle...MAVS WIN OUTRIGHT

With Amare now playing both ends & Shaq finding the Fountain of Youth, the Horford-less Hawks are in trouble 2night!

As the NBA-gurus have warned us from the onset, one injury to the Hawks, especially in the frontcourt, could spell their playoff demise. While C Al Horford shouldn’t miss much too much time and some may even say his stats look pedestrian, his contributions go beyond the box score as he’s a phenomenal “help” defender and makes-up for the fact ATL is forced to play two SFs (Josh Smith & Marvin Williams) instead of a true PF. As for the proof, in their first game without Mr. Horford, the Hawks lost at home by 15 to sub-.500 Philly, were out-rebounded by 15, and allowed the Sixers to shoot 55% from the field.

Unlike Carmella, the Hawks don't have the booty to compete!

Considering the Hawks frontcourt had major problems stopping an Elton Brand-less 76ers squad, do you think Coach Woodson feels any better game-planning to contain the the rebirth of The Diesel (last 9 games: 21 ppg, 10 rpg, 2 bpg) and the dominance of Black Jesus (22 ppg, 9 rpg, 55 fg%) with Zaza Pachilia & some undersized center named Solomon Jones? Throw-in a decent match-up against Joe Johnson with the defensive abilities of Jason Richardson (Btw, is it me, or is J-Rich playing with even more passion and dedication since his little drinky-drivey incident) and Mike Bibby’s probable reluctance to follow Stevie Nash around 100 screens or chase the Brazilian Barbosa Bandit for more than two minutes, and I expect the Suns to runaway with tonight’s contest…PHOENIX BY DOUBLE DIGITS HOMEBOYS

I hear she's all smiles because she heard I like to tease!

TOUCH ME HERE to find out why Homeboys...TOUCH ME HERE!!!

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January 14, 2009

Daily NBA & NCAA Handicapping Magic

NBA 20-14 - NCAA 7-7 - Teasers 4-1 - Church League 69-0
NFL 23-19 - NCAA 20-15 - Teasers 20-10 - Lovely Ladies 69-0

Considering he never could shoot and can't run anymore, this is the only move CP3 has to worry about tonight!

The only job that might be easier than Chris Paul's is being the Director of Bubble Placement for this photo shoot!

While the German Diggler and his boys gave me a victory on the ATS docket last night, the gut-wrenching two point loss in Denver didn’t do much for their psyche and saw their top two veteran scorers (Dirk & Terry) log nearly 80 minutes. With Josh “getting-high, driving-fast, & hatin-America” Howard out last night, the Mavs offense relied solely on isolation plays for Dirk and transition jumpers for Terry. Unfortunately, with Howard’s replacements shooting 2-14 (Antoine Wright, Jose Juan Barea, & Devean George) and Granpda Kidd injuring his elbow late in the contest after shooting 1-9 from the field, I’m guessing the plane ride from Mile High was nothing like the vibe on Snoop’s Soul Plane.

Just like our tan friend in this white bikini, the Hornets off an embarrassing loss is a wonderful ATS selection!

On the flipside, the (22-12) Hornets had Byron Scott stewing to the media yesterday after the team's shameful home-loss to the Knicks Monday. At times, New Orleans has looked like Jassie James in “Old Geezers, Young Teasers" (flawless compared to her cast mates), but similarly to her lazy performance in “Super Ninja Bikini Babes” a few months later, the Hornets have a tendency to play down to the competition. But tonight, especially after the abysmal performances from Peja & David West against NY (combined 9-32 FGs) and the consistent inability of Joumana’s whipping-boy to hang with CP3, I expect the Hornets to work-ova a tired and undermanned Mavericks squad.

While Dirk & David usually have some fierce battles, the Diggler off 42 minutes last night bodes well for Mr. West!

While Dirk was un-frickin-believable last night (44 pts, 14 reb), I’m guessing his arthritic ankles will have a tough time banging with West or running with Chandler tonight. Throw-in the wing-players for the Hornets desperately trying to prove their spot in Byron’s tight rotation (behind the arc - James Posey 44%, Peja 40%, Rasual Butler 44%, & Mo Pete 37%), and I expect those snipers to have a huge game against the wing-challenged Mavs…especially with all the attention Coach Carlisle will place on stopping the deadliest pick-n-roll baller since Johnny Stockton. HORNETS ROLL EASILY

The Dukes cover-up at home almost as well as Josie Maran covers-up at the beach...and that makes me smile!

Considering most casual fans don’t even know Duquesne resides in the A-10, let alone invest on them because they don’t want to embarrass themselves on a bookie’s voicemail or with the Sportsbook because they can’t pronounce the university, oddsmakers always seem to give the kids from Pittsburgh a favorable line. And once again tonight, the Gambling Gods are proving they have a soft-spot for degenerates risking phonetic embarrassment.

Mr. Jackson might be the best PG you've never heard of!

The (11-4) Dukes are led by one of the most underrated and efficient point guards in the country, 6-4 Sr. Aaron Jackson (18 ppg, 6 rpg, 6 apg, 59 fg%, 42-3pt%). Combined with his unselfishness...

TO KEEP READING this breakdown and more ATS picks, TOUCH ME HERE or lick her tattoo...I promise it'll work!

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January 15, 2009

Thursday Night Hardwood Handicapping

NBA 20-12 - NCAA 7-8 - Teasers 4-1 - Church League 69-0
NFL 23-19 - NCAA 20-15 - Teasers 20-10 - Lovely Ladies 69-0

Every NBA dynasty needs a token lil white shooter just like...

...every B-list hottie needs a strange manager/boyfriend!

Just like the token black guy in every comedy about losing your virginity in the suburbs and the token bikini-clad Asian at are fan favorites, the token little white shooters of a NBA dynasty usually live in infamy for years and years. Amazingly, the Bulls Championship Era produced two cracker snipers that parlayed staying out of His Airness’s way and knocking down wide-open Js into General Managerial gigs. In Chicago, everybody wanted and expected to see Johnny Pax rebuild the post-Jordan mess, but after years of botched drafts and a log-jammed roster of short dudes (most former lil guards fall in luv with other lil guards), the memories of Paxson’s sweet playoff jumpers are being replaced by images of Larry Hughes & Ben Gordon fighting for shots & letting their man cut backdoor.

I'm using this pic cause in the next segment I talk about the "grace" period allotted to Pax and her name is Grace...get it?

Unlike the grace period initially lauded to Pax, Stevie Kerr took over a contending team in Valley of the Sun and was immediately responsible for getting Nash’s rapidly closing window to the Finals. And in arguable the most dramatic transition of an already dominate team in league history, Mr. Kerr displayed his massive cahones and completely changed the dynamics of the Suns. While the initial criticism of the Shaq/Matrix swap was tolerable, after the playoff exit and the fan-adored D’Antoni’s reluctance to move forward with this new plan, Kerr was on an island by his lonesome when it came to believing the Suns where better suited for a championship run.

After his rapid decline in recent years, I'm guessing someone working at the Fountain of Youth has a crush on Shaq-Fu!

Which means we may be lucky enough to see this come playoff time!

While the Matrix is proving he was more a product of D’Antoni’s system, the rebirth of the Diesel after a slow start is the main reason Kerr’s gamble suddenly looks ingenious. But not satisfied and acknowledging another scorer on the wing could open things up even more for Nash, Amare, & Shaq, the Suns stole a legit 20-point scorer with solid defensive abilities for the unusable & expensive Boris Diaw and defensive specialist Raja Bell. While the jury on J-Rich has been mixed over the years, for the most part, the former Spartan has been stuck on some lousy teams and never had the luxury of simply playing to his strengths. Now, with a team full of superstars and a rejuvenated spirit, he’s become one of the most efficient shooting guards in the Association (18 ppg, 5 rpg, 3 apg, 47-3pt%), not to mention, is a much better defender than he’s given credit for.

Just like the Suns adjustment, Alessia changed her philosophy about wearing T-shirts and it's worked out beautifully!

I also liked their decision to get taller thru the draft!

Throw-in a change in defensive philosophy from head Coach Terry Porter that has finally started to mesh with his players once he loosened the reigns offensively, and suddenly, Phoenix is a realistic player to win the NBA Championship…in my drunk, humble opinion. With Shaq looking better than he has in three years (last 7 games: 23 ppg, 11 rpg, 3 bpg, 70 ft%), the scariest aspect for the opponent is they no longer can put all their frontcourt effort on stopping the Black Jesus Amare Stoudemire (22 ppg, 9 rpg, 55 fg%)…easily the most dangerous PF in the game. While Nash doesn’t have the same numbers he had when D’Antoni was around, not to mention he’s been banged-up, the addition of more scorers has enabled Stevie (15 ppg, 9 apg, 49 fg%, 44-3pt%) to conserve some energy & pick-n-choose his spots. And in reality, letting him take more jumpers instead of driving thru the lane might actually improve their overall productivity.

Just like the importance of having a ridiculous figure when stranded on an island with wizards, ghosts, & polar bears...

Richardson1.jpg's important to have natural athletic ability in the NBA, and it doesn't hurt if they can also shoot the rock from deep!

While the Richardson acquisition was similar to a 5-hour energy shot laced with tequila for their offense, many folks have overlooked how valuable & efficient the Grant Hill (51 fg%) Matt Barnes (39-3pt%) combo has been at small forward. With their unselfish play, the Brazilian Sixth-man Bandit too talented not to break out of his slump soon, and the underrated glass-work & energy from PF Louis Amundson off the bench (last 6 games: 20 mpg – 7 rpg), Coach Porter’s stars have the perfect compliment of role-players to keep teams honest. Overall, unless this veteran team is on a back-to-back or nicked-up, I don’t see my handsome self investing against them all year…and I have a real serious sports prediction and investment habit!

Unlike the Nuggets without Carmelo Anthony, if you take her star away she's still MFin flawless!

As for the Nuggets, I know I sound like a broken record, but eventually the reality of playing without Carmelo will send Karl’s Krazy Krew into a tailspin. While Chauncey is a perfect leader to keep everybody believing they can step-up their game, physically, I expect the 33 year-old’s enormous responsibilities to start to wear at his overall game. While they pulled-out a 99-97 victory over the Mavericks on Tuesday at home, Dallas was without Josh Howard and just doesn’t have much of anything down-low to exploit the Nuggets.

While the Brazilian Bandit is extremely fun to watch and overdue for a huge game...

The highlight of tonight will be long stretches of the Birdman once Nene & Kenyon are in foul trouble!

Tonight, I expect Nene to be in foul-trouble by the start of the second quarter because of the Diesel, while Amare should have a field day against the undersized Kenyon “I might have been able to guard the Black Jesus five years ago” Martin. And as a result, the highlight of the evening will be the extraordinary amount of minutes available for the entertaining Chris “Birdman” Anderson.

Don't give than look Lisa Marie...I know what I'm doing!

With the Western Conference absolutely loaded at the top and the Suns currently three victories behind the Nuggets, I’m guessing Stevie Nash & Co. will treat tonight like a must win. Especially if they can jump out early, look for PHX to put their foot on the gas & attempt to demoralize Denver at home. But if you’re scared J.R. Smith might get hot from long range at home (aka Young-Rich. Now that’s a creative nickname. I wonder how his Homeboys came-up with that gem.), be my guest to pass on this lock, but considering Mr. Young-Rich is dealing w/ some legal troubles and doesn’t look too focused of late (last 2 games: 4-27 FGs, 0-6 3pters)…I’m actually using that kid as another incentive to up my play! SUNS WIN BY DOUBLE-DIGITS

As for my pick of the top Bikini in the world...TOUCH ME HERE!

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January 16, 2009

Friday Night ATS Hoops Handicapping

NBA 20-13 - NCAA 7-8 - Teasers 4-1 - Church League 69-0
NFL 23-19 - NCAA 20-15 - Teasers 20-10 - Lovely Ladies 69-0

While most view Jameer Nelson's ole running mate merely as a role-player, now that he's out, those cats will see how important his energy & ability to defend is for their rotation!

As a general rule for gambling gurus and Sportsbook savants, investing on an elite team on a back-to-back after a loss, especially one with a MVP candidate, is usually a no-brainer. But in tonight’s case, against a healthy Hornets squad that always plays to the level of their competition, I expect Bron-Bron to be in for a Ronny Mexico type of battle (aka a dogfight) considering at least 40% of his starting line-up will be in street clothes (Delonte West-out, Big Z-out, Ben Wallace-?).

The signing of James MFin Posey is like the decision to get a back-tat...sometimes it's necessary to get a little nasty!

The Hornets proved last week in a double-digit victory in Lakerland they have the moxy to play anywhere. Especially with the addition of Posey this off-season, Byron Scott has a tough minded wing-defender & clutch shooter to at least make King James work at both ends. On the flip-side, while Mo Williams may be the biggest reason the Cavs have a legitimate chance to host the trophy, he still struggles at times defensively and will get absolutely torched by CP3 tonight.

You believe in fate...because I believe in her Hornet colors!

Throw-in the floor-spacing Peja, the consistent inside-out offensive firepower from David West, and the improved/active play of Tyson Chandler, and I expect Coach Mike Brown to struggle finding the proper match-ups with all his injuries. HORNETS ROLL BABY!!!

Trust me Homeboys, Kevin's gonna light-up the Sactown sky!

The Kings usually act as if the ghost of Mitch Richmond is roaming the halls of Arco Arena and have been shooting light’s-out at home since Kevin Martin (last three home games: 26 ppg, 43-3pt%) finally returned from injury. Along with the Western Carolina kid on the wing, SF John Salmons (last four games: 19 ppg, 7 rpg, 4 apg, 47-3pt%) is quietly having another solid all-around year, while G/F Francisco Garcia (last three games: 17 ppg, 5 rpg, 3 apg, 63-3pt%) has the ability to cover both wing-spots without much of a letdown.

Her confident stance reminds me of Brad Miller at the top of the key...except she has much better posture!

As for the Bucks, unlike the last few years Skiles has them competing on a nightly basis, but tonight, his only decent low-post producer is out (Andrew Bogut: 12 ppg, 11 rpg, 58-fg%)…which means the recently dusted-off Gadzuric will be forced to uncomfortably defend the high-post against the crafty & suddenly dominate Mr. Miller (Last 5 games: 15 ppg, 12 rpg, 4 apg)…which also means the undersized Luc Richard & the unenthused Charlie V will be in charge of cleaning the glass.

BTW, I'm so confident I bet her an IPOD the Kings roll!

In closing...and in the house that Spud Webb built, I expect Martin to weave through over 200 screens and easily outscore Michael Redd, and the red-hot John Salmons to out-duel the suddenly pedestrian offense of Richard Jefferson. After those two match-ups conclude as I predicted, I can’t see where the Bucks buckets come from to mathematically keep this close…KINGS BY 6-12 POINTS

Before I head out and check out my Homeboy Drew Donkulous's Arizona luv, just a little reminder that Teasin' T-Bone and myself will be around all weekend giving you winners and bikinis!

When I was kid, I always wondered why Zona's players looked more like my next door neighbor than pigskin warriors!

D R E W ' S - D I S H
By: Drew MFin's state of Iowa scout!

Why I Have No Choice But To Root For The Cardinals

For years the St. Louis/ Arizona Cardinals have been the last place losers of the NFL never garnering any respect.

This year things may be different. (TOUCH ME HERE to read on)

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January 19, 2009

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!!!

NBA 20-15 - NCAA 7-8 - Teasers 4-1 - Church League 69-0
NFL 23-19 - NCAA 20-15 - Teasers 20-10 - Lovely Ladies 69-0

Welcome to the Afternoon ATS Update!!!
Wishing Halle and everyone else a wonderful MLK Day!

While Luol surely honors MLK, considering his numbers since Kirk returned, I bet he thinks Hirnich deserves a day too!

While the return of Kirk Hinrich is forcing Vinny Del Scott Baio to squeeze even more minutes from his overcrowded backcourt, Capt Kirk provides a stabling influence for the streaky unit and a defensive intensity that’s proven to be contagious. Excluding the first game he played upon his returned, the team has won two of three (victories at Toronto & against Bron-Bron) with their lone defeat coming in a five-point loss to the Spurs. Besides the obvious benefit of Larry “What picture of Danny Ferry do you have to net you 70 million?” Hughes no longer logging actual minutes, Hinrich paired with Rose gives the Bulls a defensive swagger and enables Gordon to be utilized depending on the specific match-up. And unlike in year’s past where Kirk was responsible for point guard duties, with Derrick Rose running the show, the Iowa-native can simplify things and concentrate on directing the team’s defensive sets, improve their overall ball-movement, space the floor, and hopefully knockdown some open jumpers.

What better why to enjoy the holiday than layin' around in ur PJs watching Al Harrington & Timmy T jack-up threes!

On the flipside, while it’s amazing what D’Antoni has done with a laughable roster, I expect opponents to demolish this squad as the season progresses as scouting starts to exploit their limited abilities. The Knicks lost both Friday & Saturday (at Washington and by double-digits to Philly in Gotham) as their short rotation is starting to look worn-down from the nightly track meets. Especially without a single low-post presence to ease the pressure, teams like the Bulls deep with guards & wings can simply outlast the perimeter-oriented squad.

You think Chris "Consistent Alarm Clock Malfunction while in Chicago" Duhon has the skills to slow Mr. Rose?

And while Mr. Lee has been awesome on the glass, NY doesn't have anybody to protect the paint once Rose gets in!

As for the biggest reason why I like Chicago this MLK Day, Derrick Rose is simply too strong & fast for Chris Duhon and once he gets into the paint…GAME OVA as the Knicks don’t have anybody to protect the rim. Throw-in the added hype of playing in NY and the added-drama of D’Antoni’s job search this off-season, and for once, we don’t have to worry about the Bulls coming out ready to play!

Welcome to the Afternoon ATS Update!!!
After grabbing a few wings for lunch...I'm back Homeboys!

Mayo & Conley controlling the rock for most of the shot-clock has turned the sick-talents of Mr. Gay into a jump-shooter!

Both teams are in the midst of five-game losing streak, but while the Pistons are desperately trying to find the right veteran mix to get things turned around, the Grizz have started to self-destruct and seem to be competing against each other. Especially tonight with the game on TNT, I expect Memphis’ youngsters to force some shots and to look more for the highlight reel play than an open teammate. In their last contest, with Conley & Mayo handling the rock for much of the shot-clock of their double-digit home loss to Utah, 19 ppg scorer Rudy Gay sulked on the perimeter as he managed just five shots, making one, with two rebounds and zero assists in 30 minutes….which means tonight, every time he has the pill the Pistons better turn and box out!

Trying to fit in with Iverson can be harder than trying to fit into those bottoms...for anybody but her!

While Detroit is still figuring out “Life after Chauncey” and “Life with A.I.”, Tayshaun, RIP, Rasheed, & McDyess have too much experience and confidence in each other to let this slide continue. Especially with RIP looking better with each passing game since returning from injury, the continuing development of Rodney Stuckey, and Iverson desperate to prove he’s a team player and not the culprit of their demise, I expect the Pistons to roll through the rest of January to get stronger as the season progresses. On the flipside, with the young Grizz simply waiting for their coach to be fired, things are gonna get much worse before they get better!...PISTONS BY 7-12 POINTS

If this doesn't scream: "I LOVE FRICKIN TEASERS!!!", I don't know what else to tell ya Homeboys!

With Zach Randolph, Chris Kaman, Baron Davis, & now Marcus Camby out, do you really think a team starting Brian Skinner, Mardy Collins, & possibly DeAndre Jordan will have a chance against the hottest young team in the league...TOUCH ME HERE FOR THE ANSWER!!!

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January 20, 2009

The Robin Hood of Sports Handicapping "MUCH LUV BARACK...DO US PROUD"

GREG GAMBLE’S 2008-09 HARDWOOD PICKS: 32-25 ats...56%
NBA 21-16 - NCAA 7-8 - Teasers 5-1 - Church League 69-0
GREG GAMBLE’S 2008-09 PIGSKIN PICKS: 63-44 ats...59%
NFL 23-19 - NCAA 20-15 - Teasers 20-10 - Lovely Ladies 69-0

While the shot-happy Ben "No-D" Gordon spent too much time casting and started-off my MLK Day on a sour note...

...a had a bigger smile than our hat-wearing friend as my other two plays brought me some green!

Thanks to a Bulls squad more painful to watch than your doctor putting on a rubber glove, my Holiday started off like shiznit…but luckily, my remaining plays were sweeter than the posture from Alba & Eva. But like Jason Caffey & Travis Henry with a groupie and no hat in sight, I guess I just haven’t learned my lesson. While Coach Vinny Del Scott Baio-or-Ralph Machio’s inconsistent squad lost a heartbreaker in NY yesterday afternoon, their young frontcourt continues to play with more aggression and the return of Kirk Hinrich has greatly improved the team’s overall defense & ball movement.

Just like she's covering-up the goods, I expect the Bulls to cover-up for Gordon's D against the undermanned Hawks!

The only reason the Bullies didn’t pull-off a road victory in Gotham was Ben “shit…they cut backdoor on me again” Gordon went 3-15 from the field. But if you know anything about the former UConn Huskie, while his defense will never ever improve, he usually bounces back from a poor shooting night like Shawn Respert his senior year at Michigan State (BTW, Respert was the deadliest sniper in the clutch I’ve ever seen in college!). While the skeptics will tell you the undisciplined Bulls are a no-no on a back-to-back, unlike the injury-depleted Hawks who played later in the day, the Bulls played at noon and have a ridiculously deep roster to make them look much fresher than their counterparts…especially in-front of desperate and demanding United Center crowd.

With Al out, Busta has to hope Zaza can anchor the middle!

I know Hotlanta has put together an exciting run since late last year, but as every expert mentioned to start this season, their bench is extremely weak and unable to sustain any significant injuries to the starting group. Tonight, Al Horford is out again and Marvin Williams is questionable after missing yesterday’s come from behind victory after suffering a concussion this past Friday.

The Hawks are gonna think HotLanta is a tropical island after experiencing the cold-azz ChiTown weather!

Throw-in the joy of traveling to cold-azz Chicago where the strip-clubs just don’t match-up to NBA standards and a lazy, slow-footed defensive PG (Mike Bibby) dreading the embarrassment D-Rose might cause him, and I’m guessing the high-flying Hawks won’t be too exciting to be hitting the Windy City tonight…BULLS BY 8-12 POINTS

While I have no confidence in his coaching ability, how many NBA headmasters can say the starred opposite Pat Morita in a feature film & played with Nicole Eggert in a sitcom?

BTW, while Coach Vinny will forever be known as Vinny Del Scott Baio at Insideplays, after viewing the rookie coach for almost half a season I no longer see him as Charles in Charge, My Cousin Vinny’s nephew, or a Head-n-Shoulders Shampoo model. With arms folded and a sour-puss scowl (I swear he’s sucking on a lemonhead) his demeanor is identical to every Sophomore High School Basketball Coach in the Suburbs of Chicago that snags-up all the Cougars in the stands...don’t know what that really means, but just thought you should know.

They way Salmons has been shooting lately, he sometimes overreacts when he actually misses a shot!

Since your asking…Yes, I will continue to invest against the Nuggets until my bankroll is destroyed. The adrenaline of proving they can win without Carmelo will eventual catch-up to this undermanned squad…especially tonight on a back-to-back after Chauncey, Nene, Kenyon, & J.R. averaged 40 minutes apiece! And trust me like you trust your bookie Homeboys, the physical battle and emotional drain after a 2-point loss in Houston will keep this team from rolling over a bad, but sharp-shooting Kings squad.

Here's the skinny fellaz, the Nuggs will be tired tonight!

Speaking of Sactown, they haven’t played since Friday and should be dying to hit the court after an embarrassing defensive performance in a 129-122 home-loss to the Bucks. While their defense may be incurable, they are absolutely loaded with shooters on the wing and can bring Nene away from the paint by using the crafty Brad Miller at the top of the key. Especially with the tired-legs for Denver, I simply expect the Kings to put-up too many points for the Coach Karl’s short roster to match. Call me crazy, drunk, & horny, but I’m also thinking of playing the moneyline...KINGS IN AN UPSET

I love Teasers and if you do too...TOUCH ME HERE

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January 23, 2009

Home of the Hot Friday Night ATS Party

GREG GAMBLE’S 2008-09 PIGSKIN Picks: 63-44 ats...59%
NFL 23-19 - NCAA 20-15 - Teasers 20-10 - Lovely Ladies 69-0
GREG GAMBLE’S 2008-09 HARDWOOD Picks: 36-31 ats…54%
NBA 21-21 - NCAA 9-8 - Teasers 6-2 - Church League 69-0

Ok Bojana, sorry. I know my picks have sucked lately, but trust me, I'm the Robin Hood of the Hardwood for a reason!

...and cuz A.I. give me a smile when I asked bout 2night!

BTW...if this makes you feel old, you should be thankful I didn't post a pic of Allen at G-Town...damn was he sweet!

Dallas in the middle of a cold-azz trip lookin' softer than Vinny Del Baio's Bulls, Mo-Town with a healthy RIP, Iverson looking to prove he's still a winner, and too many driven DET veterans looking to roll
Rasheed handles the German Diggler and THE PISTONS WIN EASILEY

Before we hit-up more in the Association, u want Greggy G's early...
* Just scroll past the pic of my Homeboy Latrell lookin' sweet as always

Like with the Pistons, while it many not be sexy to bet on the white guys in the NBA, just like in other industries...

...sometimes they can suprise you!

With Dunleavy healthy for a couple games, look for Indy to mak a passionate push the next few weeks to get back in the race. As for the bits & pieces from Houston still around on this trip, I don't expect too much from Adelman's strange roster...PACERS BY A COUPLE

Before we hit-up more in the Association, u want Greggy G's early...
* Just scroll past the pic of my Homeboy Latrell lookin' sweet as always

I mean this as a compliment Mileth, I luv the Thunder and I luv thighs of that moniker if your involved!

Seriously Mileth, no matter how u stand, they look flawless!

Speaking of da Thunder, I luv how Mr. Durant is making Mr. Green like Mr. "No-Tippin' but sweet at ball" Scottie Pippin!

Trust me on two things Homeboys...KD, Westbrook, Green, & Collison desperately needed Kristic in the middle, and new Coach Scottie Brooks is gonna be there for a long time. As for the Clippers, they don't really care for their headmaster and everybody not from the NBDL is injured. And as my Homeboy Garth Brooks would say (sorry, I went to ISU and the country boys f*cked me up)...and the THUNDER ROLLS

When S-Jax's in the mood, he can be redonkulous!

BTW...also my nickname for Lisa...Lisa Marie Redonkulous!

After the Lakeshow and the young guns in Blazerland, I look for Bron-Bron & Co. to be thinking about enjoying the weekend out West. On the Warriors tilt, Jackson has been filthy of late and Maggette is finally back...GST IN AN UPSET

...speaking of Redonkulous
By ur friend n mine...Drew Donkulous

I hear ya girl, time to get down to business w/ Drew's Dish!

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January 26, 2009


GREG GAMBLE’S 2008-09 PIGSKIN Picks: 65-44 ats...60%
NFL 25-19 - NCAA 20-15 - Teasers 20-10 - Lovely Ladies 69-0
GREG GAMBLE’S 2008-09 HARDWOOD Picks: 39-33 ats…54%
NBA 24-23 - NCAA 9-8 - Teasers 6-2 - Church League 69-0

Before we hit-up my ATS Magic, here's a few quick thoughts:
While I can see dumb-azz hardwood fans falling in luv with T-Time's abilities, I didn't think Pax fell into that catagory!

With more lottery selections the last few years than a white-trash dude at Citgo, it’s un-frickin-believable the Bulls have nobody worth a damn in the frontcourt. Yesterday, the combination of Al Jefferson & Kevin Love dominated the Bullies for 58 points & 24 rebounds in another come from behind loss that was beyond painful to watch. I know the media swirl is gaining for the ousting of Vinny Del Scott Baio, but the real problem is fan-favorite GM Johnny Pax. I hate to say it, but until he’s gone, this thing will never get turned around.

Besides being absolutely breathtaking, the Slumdog hottie was exceptional in my favorite movie since Rad!

The great Greg Gamble had a birthday this past Sunday Funday and as part of the festivities was treated to a phenomenal movie and introduced to the new Bollywood rep for Insideplays Freida Pinto...she's stunningly flawless Homeboys. And trust me, see it soon. It is the absolute shiznit!

While it seemed like an easy decision for Whisenhunt to give the keys to Warner, you'd be suprised how many coaches would've opened the year with this dude!

I’ve desperately tried to jump off the Zona +7 bandwagon (for my initial Super Bowl thought...TOUCH ME HERE and scroll down), but can't get passed how the Cards spread attack and talented WRs have a huge advantage against the extremely pedestrian coverage skills for Pittsburgh’s corners.

Just like these, Warner's Pro Bowl duo is tough to contain!

I know if Kurt Warner gets knocked around early it usually results in a brutal overall performance, but with all the former Steeler coaches on Whisenhunt’s staff and two weeks to prepare, I just don’t see how they allow that to I'm still taking the Cards!

I hear this tall dude is playing against the Knicks tiny frontcourt...and even if he isn't, I still like the Rockets!

Like an adult entertainer after a retirement hiatus, her next few films always seem to be full of passion …even on back-to-back to scenes. Similarly, while the Association and investments on a back-to-back road team is dangerous, Sunday Funday saw the Rockets welcome back Ron-Ron & T-Mac to the floor after an extended absence and the result was an impressive victory in Mo-Town without Yao Ming. Speaking of Ming, considering he was trying to convince the coaches to let him play last night, I have a feeling the trip to the Garden in Gotham will ensure he’s on the floor tonight.

While sporting a sexy style can work in Hollywood, in the Association, eventually the team with genuine talent prevails!

As for the Knicks, while they continue to play well-above their talent level, the undermanned squad will be playing their fifth game in eight days with a PG (Chris Duhon) with a bad-back forced to play over 40 minutes in a loss to Philly Saturday. Especially of Ming plays, the Knicks will be in major trouble as they have nobody with the size to defend the frontcourt. Throw-in the added energy from some superstars fresh off a stint in street clothes, and I expect the Rockets to put-on a show tonight…ROCKETS BY 8-14 POINTS

Considering James led them in scoring as a Freshman, how talented are the Warriors if he's now fourth as a Junior?

BTW, when you check out the Warriors tonight, don't be suprised to see all five starters looking more fit than this!



January 27, 2009


GREG GAMBLE’S 2008-09 PIGSKIN Picks: 65-44 ats...60%
NFL 25-19 - NCAA 20-15 - Teasers 20-10 - Lovely Ladies 69-0
GREG GAMBLE’S 2008-09 HARDWOOD Picks: 40-34 ats…54%
NBA 24-24 - NCAA 10-8 - Teasers 6-2 - Church League 69-0

With Boozer out, Millsap hurting, and AK-47 maybe heading to season ending surgury...I think the devil is in Utah!

Having only played twice since last Wednesday and coming off an embarrassing loss in Hollywood Sunday, I expect Popovich’s trio of superstars to look sharp from the onset tonight. On the Salt Lake City side, all the injuries have started to take a toll on Jerry Sloan’s undermanned roster and forced an already hobbled Deron Williams (back/ankle), Paul Millsap (knee), AK-47 (foot), Okur (aging, tall, white-dude) to play way too many minutes thus far.

This has to be a sign...I don't see any Jazz records playing and I'm guessing she's wearing some Spurs on those boots!

Speaking of AK-47 (questionable), it’s possible he might be headed to season-ending surgery in the next couple days, so don’t be surprised if the atmosphere in Utah is extra dire if he’s sitting in street-clothes. Overall, the Jazz have lost five of their last seven, are currently on the outside looking in at the playoffs, and were absolutely murdered in Denver Sunday by a Melo-less Nuggets squad 117-97.

Let's just say I don't think Okur has much of a chance!

So don't be suprised if she's right and Timmy scores ova 30!

As for a specific match-up tonight, with Boozer out, Millsap undersized, AK-47 running on one foot, and Okur not what you’d call a defensive specialist, how do you think Timmy D is gonna look after only playing 27 minutes against the Lakers? Especially with C Matt Bonner (45-3pt%), SG Roger Mason Jr. (45-3pt%), Bruce Bowen (45-3pt%), & Michael Finley (38-3pt%) to space the floor to prevent the Jazz from doubling, I expect the Demon Deacon to dominate the paint to the tune of 30 & 15. Throw-in the slashing creativity of Manu & Tony Longoria against the injury-ravaged frontcourt, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Spurs won by double-digits tonight…SPURS BY 6-12 POINTS

While the legacy created by Keady is timeless, I actually believe Painter might be more successful in the long-run!

I know during the Bo Ryan Era you rarely collected much dinero if you invested against the Badgers at home, but just like those latest pictures of Jessica “I ate Tony Romo” Simpson, things no longer look as sexy in Madison. Wisconsin has lost four-straight, including two heartbreakers in OT, and just doesn’t have the offensive fire-power to keep-up with the top-tier teams in the Big Ten. Leading scorer Marcus Landry (13 ppg, 4 rpg) would be a roll player on just about every ranked team in the country, while 6-0 Jr. G Trevon Hughes (12 ppg, 42-fg%) is another example of a Ryan-Era overachiever.

While the Boilermakers seemed to relax a lil ova the holidays, they're back on their feet and looking sweet!

On the flipside, after a two game slide just after X-Mas, the Boilermakers have easily looked like the best team in conference and were extremely sharp this past weekend winning at Minnesota 70-62…and yes, that’s the same Gopher squad that won at Wisconsin in OT two weeks ago. And the game prior to that for Coach Painter, Purdue beat the Badgers in West Lafayette by double digits.

As for my theories, Asian blondes are either dancers or hairstylists, and late in the year take the conf. road dogs!

As for a Greggy G Gambling Theory, while early in the year even elite teams struggle in conference road games, as the season progresses, those same teams usually find the right mojo away from home…even though the spread represents all the money Vegas won early in the year on the home-dogs. If that confused you, just trust me, the Boilermakers have too much speed, size, and confidence to let the methodical approach from the Badgers screw with Coach Painter’s relentless attack…BOILERMAKERS BY 5-10 POINTS

The Bears have been performing with confidence at home!

Want to read why and see more ladies...TOUCH ME HERE


January 28, 2009


GREG GAMBLE’S 2008-09 PIGSKIN Picks: 65-44 ats...60%
NFL 25-19 - NCAA 20-15 - Teasers 20-10 - Lovely Ladies 69-0
GREG GAMBLE’S 2008-09 HARDWOOD Picks: 42-35 ats…55%
NBA 25-24 - NCAA 11-9 - Teasers 6-2 - Church League 69-0

While I'm not as confident as when this guy was blowin'-up my cell, I honestly luv what I've played 2night!

And unlike our friend, I'm not faking...these picks are legit!

After some overachieving to start the year, Coach Tiny-Tot Frank’s squad has been one of the worst teams in 2009. Devin Harris's relentless attacks to the cup early-on have now transformed into bruised-ribs and more jumpers, Vinasanity is back to being a malcontent simply waiting for a trade, Bobby Simmons still starts, and they are one of the few teams with a worse record at home.

I honestly put this pic up because she initially had a kick-azz Toronto Rap top on, but now it's stuck on the fridge!

On the Raptors side, since Jose Calderon returned the Raps have won two straight and seem poised to return to the playoff picture. Jermaine O’ften-injured has also returned recently and has been more efficient in limited minutes off the bench and complemented the suddenly active duo of the Boshinator and the sudden emergence of 7-foot sharp-shooter Andrea Bargnani (thru January- 21 ppg, 7 rpg, 50-fg%, 50-3pt%). RAPS KEEP ROLLIN

I'm calling it now Homeboys...Chuck for Bulls GM!!!

If you were anything like me as a youngster, even if you were a regular getting to second base, there was always one that busted your balls and kept you going back for abuse (aka...the Bulls). Not to mention she had a Dad knowing his daughter was a bitch and it was his fault (aka...John Paxson) and a brother that tried to be cool but never realized the only reason he was popular was a slutty sis with a back-tat (aka...Vinny Del Scott Baio because he was in Phoenix).

Doesn't she remind u of the girl I describe in the Bulls intro?

Yes, I currently hate the Bulls and can’t believe how wrong I was to think GM Johnny Pax would be a savior in Chi-town. That being said, they have too much talent to lose to a NBDL-squad like the Clippers…especially on the road without the added pressure of a fan-base ready to trade in the back-tat hottie for a crappy-porn video with repeating scenes. The Clippers are the worst squad in the Association with what they're currently putting on the floor, and I honestly believe their so-called stars are in street-clothes because they want Dunleavy fired.….and I'm investing on it because it’s on TV and I’m staying in tonight. BULLS ACTUALLY LOOK SOLID AND WIN EASY

After winning against Kobe last night, I'm guessing the Bobs are treating today like a vacation...meaning bad news 2night!

Unbelievable MFin double OT win with a short bench in Hollywood against Kobe …and tonight, they feel the repercussions. And ignoring the undersized 7-man rotation with jetlag from the cross-country trip just a day ago, the biggest reason the 12 cents remaining in my 401K is partaking in the Blazers, Coach Grandpa Larry will be thinking about a nap and won’t have the same magic in the locker-room tonight. BLAZERS ARE DEEP, YOUNG, AND WIN EASILY BY DOUBLE DIGITS

I've always been a fan of the Supersexy I'm a fan of the The MFin Thunder Homeboys!


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February 3, 2009

Home of ATS Handicapping Maven

GREG GAMBLE’S 2008-09 PIGSKIN Picks: 68-44 ats...61%
NFL 28-19 - NCAA 20-15 - Teasers 20-10 - Lovely Ladies 69-0
GREG GAMBLE’S 2008-09 HARDWOOD Picks: 50-36 ats…58%
NBA 33-24 - NCAA 11-10 - Teasers 6-2 - Church League 69-0

In Melo's absense, don't look know, but J.R. is actually turning into more than just a showman!

Btw, if you missed my Super Bowl Recap, the Michael Phelps Glaucoma scare, or my undefeated ATS plays yesterday…Touch Me Here

After last night's OT battle in Caly, the road weary Spurs may think the Nuggs are on skates tonight!

While Pop’s vets have been playing like Championship contenders of late, they also have been playing a lot of frickin games on the road of late…including last night’s OT win at the carnival that is Golden MFin St. In somewhat of an unheard of schedule in the Association, the Spurs will be playing their 7th game in the last 12 days, never with more than a day break, and with five of the last six on the road. And tonight’s back-to-back headache comes after a draining performance against Donnie Nelson’s run-n-gun show where the Big Three averaged 40 minutes apiece…not to mention the AARP role-players Michael Finely & Kurt Thomas also totaled 63 minutes of court time.

Just like our friend, Nene has some strength in those legs!

And in what usually is considered a trap-game scenario for an overused squad, after tonight the Spurs head home for a four-day recovery before flying to play the Defending Champs in Beantown. But back to tonight, of all the places to finish a trip, you think Mr. Duncan is looking forward to banging with Nene in Denver’s crazy mile-high air. Speaking of the 26 year-old beastly Brazilian, the artist formerly known as Maybyner Rodney Hilario is finally healthy and putting together a solid season (15 ppg, 8 rpg, 62 fg%), while ferociously attacking the basket and looking even sharper of late (last six games: 18 ppg , 10 rpg, 69 fg%). As for his frontcourt running-mate, K-Mart’s knee is healthier than ever, he’s been extremely active on defense, and has added a nice shooting touch to his game (50 fg%, 50-3pt%). Throw-in the rebirth of the Birdman (last five games: 7 ppg, 5 rpg, 3 bpg), and I have a feeling a tired Timmy D will have all he can handle in the paint tonight.

Chauncey's leadership has been unbelievable for the young Nuggs!

In addition, while the Nuggs surprised everybody with their play in the absence of Carmelo (elbow), the former Orangeman returned to action Friday and looked in better shape than ever (30 min – 19 pts 5 ass) and appears to be playing with a chip on his shoulder after being skipped over for All-Star Weekend. While Billups leadership was he main reason Denver is still in the middle of the playoff picture, the emergence of J.R. Smith (last five games: 18 ppg, 5 rpg, 5 apg) and Linaz Kleiza (last five games: 18 ppg, 6 rpg) during Melo’s stationary bike tour could be a blessing for Coach Karl during the second half of the season.

Just like Ambrosio's job...this will be an easy cover!

Overall, while the Spurs have been unbelievably consistent of late (winners of four straight), sometimes at the end of a road-trip those wins cause a team to have a little less urgency. As for Denver, they’ve won four of five, have an extremely underrated home-court atmosphere (19-6), are well rested, and have Mr. Melo looking to prove he’s more than just marketing gem. While Tony Longoria will have his moments slicing past Chauncey & his massive chompers, the Nuggets will have too much energy for a veteran squad thinking about heading back to the Alamo…NUGGETS BY 8-14 POINTS

February 4, 2009

Daily Sports Handicapping Wizardry

GREG GAMBLE’S 2008-09 PIGSKIN Picks: 68-44 ats...61%
NFL 28-19 - NCAA 20-15 - Teasers 20-10 - Lovely Ladies 69-0
GREG GAMBLE’S 2008-09 HARDWOOD Picks: 51-36 ats…59%
NBA 34-24 - NCAA 11-10 - Teasers 6-2 - Church League 69-0

How much you bet (legally, of course) King James knows what Kobe did in Madison Square Monday Night?

And I guarantee he has that special look tonight!

Just like in 2004 Cinematic Masterpiece Bella Loves Jenna, after the passionate opening scene between Jameson & Belladonna that was Kobe in Gotham-esque, Monica Sweetheart seemed captivated and stepped-up to the bed and delivered a masterful exchange with Anthony Hardwood in scene two…which is exactly what I expect from Bron-Bron tonight in-front of the New York crowd. Especially with the respectable number it opened at because of the automatic back-to-back road shift Vegas gave the Cavs because of last night’s contest against Toronto (W 101-83), jump on this early before the masses get a hold of the Insideplays magic.

The Cavs won't be relaxing like Gabrielle tonight!

In my humble, correct opinion, if CLE played in NJ tonight, maybe I’d be worried about some tired legs, but this at the MFin Garden with Spike Lee sitting front-row fellas. Especially after Mr. “I hold white-girls down sometimes” Bryant erupting for 61 and broke the great Bernard King’s scoring record, you think King James will have some extra incentive tonight to prove he’s the best baller on the planet?

Ever sense Starbury arrived, Q's defense has slipped!

And even better for this investment, who the hell is gonna guard LeBron? On Monday, Kobe was handled by the rapidly declining skills of Q-Richardson, the young Wilson Chandler, a desperation attempt from D’Antoni with Nate “Mighty Mouse” Robinson”, and the uninterested D from Al Harrington & Tim Thomas. Against the freakish size, strength, & quickness of Mr. James, I actually believe they’ll be in more trouble one-on-one, not to mention his passing skills & long-range threats spreading the floor (Mo Williams: 20 for last 40 from downtown – Wally: 41-3pt% for the year – Boobie Gibson 50-3pt% last 9 games). Throw-in the recent return of Big Z (14 ppg, 51 fg%, 48-3pt%) with his deadly jumper from the top to keep the few big-bodes of the Knickerbockers out of the middle, and the greatest 6-8 athlete on the planet will be able to attack the basket without much resistance.

While NY is married to D'Antoni's style, it's only a matter of time before da newlywed luv wears off 4 these overachievers

Finally, I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again, as the season progresses the overachieving Knicks will wear-out and teams will have a better understanding of D’Antoni’s style. Seriously, how long can a backcourt of Duhon, Nate Dogg, & Q continue to be successful? When will Al Jeff & Timmy T resort to their usual bad habits? And do people realize how inflated David Lee’s stats are because New York has nobody else in the frontcourt? As a result of these brilliant questions:
Bron goes for 40 pts & 10 dimes as CLE wins by 10

Considering he's raced past the best, I have a feeling he'll do o.k. against the artist formerly known as Mike James!

For all the casual talk Vinsanity will be traded and this is a rebuilding year for the Nets...TOUCH ME HERE to keep Reading & Drooling!

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GREG GAMBLE’S 2008-09 PIGSKIN Picks: 68-44 ats...61%
NFL 28-19 - NCAA 20-15 - Teasers 20-10 - Lovely Ladies 69-0
GREG GAMBLE’S 2008-09 HARDWOOD Picks: 52-37 ats…59%
NBA 35-25 - NCAA 11-10 - Teasers 6-2 - Church League 69-0
Not to mention my 3-0 brilliance on Super Bowl Sunday

It’s ridiculous people actually think this beastly character was taking anything other than Flaxseed Oil & eatin' right!

I agree girls, I can't frickin' believe it either!

But honestly, I usually don't care what entertainers put in their body...but in this case, I want this cracker to rot!

But overall, I’m all for the "All Natural" look!

Before we hit-up the NBA ATS Docket, while a loss is a loss, I was a hook (aka half a point) away from opening the week 6-0 last night! And did you see how on-point my predictions were for King James & Dartin' Devin's box score numbers...yeah, I'm pretty frickin sweet.

GREG GAMBLE’S 2008-09 HARDWOOD Picks: 52-37 ats…59%

The Lakers are playing their fifth straight on the road in the past seven days and are coming of a back-to-back after crossing the boarder in Toronto last…not to mention Kobe can’t be too fresh after playing 75 minutes, hosting 59 shots, and taking 28 trips to the charity stripe since Monday. Throw-in no Bynum and the natural slow-down approach when two veteran heavy-weights hit the hardwood, and I expect to see LA struggle offensively, while the Zenmaster’s latest needling about “Being Soft” ensures we don’t see a let up on the defensive end.

Trust me fellas, it's gonna be a battle for every bucket!

Similarly on the Celtics side, Shuttlesworth and the festively-plump Paulie Pierce have worked overtime ballin’ without KG the last two and just played a nail-biter in Philly Tuesday. Speaking of Mr. Garnett, he’s been out with the flu, and while I don’t expect to see him saving energy on the defensive end, don’t be surprised to see an average night in the box-score from the 7-footer. And finally, back to Kobe, with Garnett, Kendrick “Suddenly I’m an Enforcer” Perkins, and the overall solid team defense from Doc’s ring-bearers, don’t be surprised to see Mr. Bryant settle for plenty of jumpers tonight.

Both teams have plenty of length to slow things down!

And finally, while the NBA regular season is usually more of a YMCA All-Star game for most in the Association, this is a Championship rematch, and at the very least, I can’t see how these teams don’t have playoff intensity protecting their own basket. Add it all up, and this is gonna be a poor-shooting night for both teams with plenty of “no-calls” from the zebras…TOTAL TONIGHT IN THE 180s

Trust me like u trust ur bookie, D-Will is playing 2night!

Having just participated in the sleep-deprived “Once a year Western team hanging w/ thongs for three days in Florida road-trip”...
...Dirk & Co. played their somewhat minuscule roster big-time minutes in Dallas last night as the young Blazers almost pulled out a 4th quarter win. And tonight, no matter who’s suiting-up for Coach Sloan’s casual-thugs, they shouldn’t be too excited to be heading to Utah.