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December 1, 2006

Teasin' T-Bones Saturday Special

USC –13 @ UCLA

Booty Booty Booty Booty Booty Booty Booty!! Look who is back near the top once again this year, the ‘ol Trojans of Southern California. USC has had two different teams this year….the early season that struggled to win with young new starters, and then the team of late that has not only averaged close to 40 points a game, but also has held the likes of Oregon, Cal, and Notre Dame to only 43 points combined!! This is a mediocre Bruins team at best who would love to be the spoiler, but there will be no doubt left about who is number 2 after this game. I also like the over on this one at 47.

December 13, 2006 2006 College Bowl $400 Spectacular...NO FEES or CATCHES!!!

1. There is absolutely no fee for this promotional tournament and we will not sell your email to anyone else or send you any other promotional/spam emails. The winner will simply receive $400!!!

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December 14, 2006

College Bowl Pick'em PLAYAS


December 15, 2006

College Pick'em...$400's Homeboys!!!

Scroll Down for Rules & Regs...Only 2 more days to enter!

December 20, 2006

Enter The Cougar!!!

You have heard the rumors.....well the rumors are true. dug deep into their pocketbooks this holiday season to give their loyal players an early gift. Subscribers of now have access to a FREE month of football picks from The Cougar. Prowl with the Cougar this bowl season and you will start out 2007 with a bankroll full of cheddar.

Without further delay lets get into The Cougar's first pick which just happens to be the bowl from The Cougar's beloved home town..... The Las Vegas Bowl.

The Las Vegas Bowl features the Oregon Ducks facing off aganist the BYU COUGARS! I think we all know where The Cougar is putting his coin.

Although the line is moving in a favorable direction (From Oregon +6 to +3) it is key to get your bet in with a line of 3 or under.

Not too much analysis on this game. The team name is The Cougars!!! How could The Cougar go aganist a team full of Cougars and Cougar fans. For those of you that need a little reassurance the Cougars are:

8-0 ATS in their last 8 night games
14-3 ATS in their last 17 games on grass (Yes Cougars like grass)

This game is at 8pm on thick grassy turf. The Cougars; like The Cougar, have been covering all year. (9-3 ATS)

The Cougar gives this play 3 out of 5 baby cougars.

Happy Hunting,


December 22, 2006




For those of you that played the Cougars last night it was never in doubt. As a matter a fact, The Cougar couldn't even tell you what the final score was. He knew it was over at half so he turned off his 60 inch plasma and went back to his den so he could rest up for more hunting this weekend.

Now if you are a paying customer of The Cougar you are having a great December. Your bookie has bought the majority of your holiday gifts and holiday meals. If you just found The Cougar on that ok. So far you have been given 2 free winners and NO losses. Since we are knee deep in the holiday season The Cougar can't help but to continue giving FREE gifts for those loyal to

So lets get some plays for this holiday weekend. The Cougar wants to warn the pack not to get greedy. The college games this weekend are pure crap. Just because The Cougar has made you some coin doesn't mean you should go out waste it on coin flips. Lets look to the NFL for a few stocking stuffers.

The following plays are 2 out of 5 cougar paws.

Atlanta -6.5 at home aganist Carolina: True the Panthers have a lot to play for AND the Panther is a cousin of the Cougar but I can't get over the fact that Chris Weinke has lost his last 17 starts.

Titans +5 at Buffalo: Both teams have been covering machines of late. The weather is supposed to be decent. If it is take the points in this historically low scoring matcup

Seattle +5 at home aganist San Deigo: I don't care if Seattle is playing the 85 Bears... when they get points at home you have to take them. They also need a win to win the West.

Thats it. Have fun and have a great holiday.

The Coug.

Bowl Contest Entries

All entries for the Inaugural 2006 Bowl Spectacular have been posted. Visit to see all the picks.

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December 27, 2006

$400 Bowl Spectacular Report

After the first 8 games (not including FLA ST/UCLA), we have 1 player with 7 wins:


Following our leader, we have 9 players with 6 wins:


Oh yeah...and 1 players with 2 wins:


To see all the winners...

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December 29, 2006

End The Year With Classic Cougar Fashion!

Well the end of the year is upon us. If you have been riding with the Cougar then 2006 has been a great year for you. If you just found the Cougar on Insideplays that is ok.... you are still 6-1 with the Cougars football picks.

There are some layup bets left on the Bowl schedule including some Cougar 5 star specials coming up around the BCS games. Let the Cougar help build your bankroll up for those games with the following picks.

With Navy's biggest win this year coming aganist Air Force you gotta go with BC here. I love this game at 6.5 but it won't be here for long. There have been a lot of covers this year in bowls. Boston College is holding teams to 15pts per game. In fact only one team this year has scored more the 21 pts on BC (BYU 23)

Who made this spread? Miami has no quality wins all year, a coach out the door, 5 new injuries, and the game is on New Year's Eve. You really think any of the Miami players care about this game? The whole team will be looking forward to getting out in time to go party and shoot people.

Not trying to take anything away from the Badgers here but they just haven't been tested enough this year. For being in the Big Ten they have had a pretty cush schedule. Arkansas on they other hand has been overacheiving all year.

Any other field and Michigan is favored by at least 4 here. This is one of my favorite games on the schedule. I feel the Wolverines have better skill players at every position on the field. They have more to play for, have more emotion AND are getting points.

That is pretty much it. I am mostly staying away from the NFL this week. Too much like a preseason week. If you have to bet it play only the games that have teams NEEDING to win. Historically those teams cover.

Speaking of... I like Green Bay this week. A win drags out the Favre era. They COugar isn't allowed to bet aganist the Bears but that doesn't mean you can't!!!

Have a happy and safe New Years,


The Coug

January 3, 2007

College Bowl Pick-em Spectacular


After 28 games with 4 are the top playas:

KFUNK3030 19
PEYTON182006 17
TG 15

Oh yeah and in last place is my Homeboy...

To see everybody's winners...

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January 8, 2007

Five Star Special For Fans Of The Cougar

As the good friend of The Coug. Denny Green once said:
"The Cougar was exactly who we thought he was"
"Crown his ass!!!"

That's right The Cougar is a player and you can check his stats.
20-10 ATS for all 2006 bowl games
12-5 ATS for all picks on
6-1 for all NFL picks on

Are any of your surprised that The Coug is leading the bowl contest? Since The Coug. is hanicapping professional he will be donating the winnings to his favorite charity...The Center For Lost and Orphaned Baby Cougars.

Tonight is the night all loyal Cougar fans have been waiting for. The Cougar's first ever FREE five star special. If you have been following the Cougar the past month then you are up quite a bit of coin. Tonight is the night The Coug. wants you to push it. And he wants you to push it in the biggest college game of the year.

Ohio St. -7 over Florida
UNDER 47.5

This line has been bet down after opening at -8.5. The line started to drop after the following stat was found. Ohio St. is 0-7 aganist the SEC in bowl games. Betting on that stat is ridiculious and The Cougar will gladly take the extra point and a half. Here are the things you should be looking at when hanicapping this game.

* OSU has better players at every offense position.... especially the skill positions
* Florida has the worst field goal kicker in the NCAA.... Florida is only 4-13 in field goal atttempts this year. Coach Meyer has already said he won't go for many field goals pas the 20 yeard line. In what looks to be a very defenisvie game this could be a huge advantage.

Expect a defensive game where Florida will stall in the red zone. Ohio St. leads the NCAA in fewest big plays allowed (plays over 25 yards). That means Florida will have to grind their way to the endzone and will miss out on scoring opportunities by not being able to kick field goals.

That is why The Coug also likes the under.

Expect OSU to use it's two headed running attack to slowly wear down a very good Gator rush defense.

A great stat when playing over/under is the "rebounding defense trend". How do defenses respond the game AFTER they let up and OVER. Both of these teams ended the season with an over. Combined OSU and Flordia bounce back from and over and cover the under in their next game 85% of the time since 2004. As a player that is a huge stat. Expect the Coug. to jump all over that.

In conclusion The Cougar advises a bet like this.
30% of your wager on OSU
30% of your wager on the Under
25% teasing OSU and the Total
15% paralying OSU and the Under.

Good Luck and happy hunting!!!!!!!!

The Coug

January 12, 2007

Greg Gamble's Hoops Special: 64-38 ATS

It's always a good day when you see #4 in his Pony's!

Afternoon Homeboys…time to win. NBA Friday couldn’t have started any better…after a wholesome breakfast of Totino’s Party Pizza (Combination…of course) and a crisp Blackberry Merlot (Arbor Mist 2006), I checked out the NBA injury report to find a few teams that will be well short on players…and well short on investments from yours truly. So enough chit-chat…After a long night of Golden Tee at the smoothest bar Chi-Town…The Cly Bar, I feel like someone’s cat took a Najah Davenport in my mouth (If you don’t get the joke…google it BEEATCH!). Time to call your banker fellas…it’s payday! 3 NBA (almost) locks for ya and plenty of banter all weekend long. Take it light, and remember when you stop at Cly Bar for a cold-one…Tell them Greg Gamble sent ya.

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August 30, 2007

Home of Greggy G’s Pigskin Picks: 2-0 ATS

* Greggy G’s MLB Picks: 106–76 ATS

After getting’ my azz handed to me on the diamond worse than Ozzie Guillen, I couldn’t wait to wake-up from my cold-sweats for the 1st day of real football. And speaking of the great sport, I almost dropped my bloody this morning when I read about the arrest of former Trojan/Raider QB Todd Marinovich...let's just say he was skateboarding with a guitar-case that had a spoon, needle, and substance that wasn’t Milk Thistle inside. If that doesn’t say “Good Morning Greg Gamble”, I don’t know what does. To top things off sweeter than a cherry on Chinese masseuse, I have kick-azz seats for the Bears/Browns 3rd stringer special tonight. So with that, I’m heading right to ATS docket and giving you my Thursday Night Pigskin Picks:

In every publication I’ve read, the Bulls are listed in the bottom 5 of the worst teams in all of D-1 football. The abysmal Buffalo program has won 7 games ova the last 5 years, and in their 10 losses last year, the margin of defeat was 24.4 points per game…and the majority of those came against MAC opponents. Moving to the Cinderella of college football last season Rutgers, Head Coach Greg Schiano has spent 6 years added depth, size, speed, and one of the deadliest rushing attacks in football. While FB Brian Leonard was the catalyst of the attack and is now playing on Sundays (St. Louis Rams), Jr. RB Ray Rice returns with Heisman aspirations (1794 yards, 20 TDs in 2006) and 4 staring O-linemen…and they now have room to add sophomore phenom Kordell Young to the mix. Not a good sign for a Buffalo squad that only has 1 starting LBer returning and doesn’t have the size or bodies to even control the Scarlet Nights 2nd team. Even thought Jr. QB Mike Teel was merely average as a signal-caller last year, he’s commanded the offense for a year and a ½ and supposedly has done nothing put work in with his WRs the entire off-season. With the ground game dominating tonight, I expect Teel to look like Joe Montana having all-day to throw and WRs twice the size of the Bulls’ secondary. As for the Buffalo offense, they sucked against the MAC and should be in for a shock when facing the size of Rutgers. While I wouldn’t touch this spread if it was week 3, all the favorites should dominate week 1 because the smaller schools haven’t seen these types of athletes up-close in more than 7 months. And forget about Rutgers overlooking this game, it’s the 1st game of the year and Schiano knows he needs blow-outs against the bottom-feeders now that he’s in the BCS mix.

Final Score: Rutgers 48 Buffalo 6

Want some more…?

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August 31, 2007

Home of Greggy G’s Pigskin Picks: 4-1 ATS For Entertainment Purposes Only!

* Greggy G’s MLB Picks: 107–76 ATS

Watching Da Bears play their 1st & 2nd teams only a series each last night, I struggled to understand how the Solider Field faithful could enjoy the game without a little coin riding on it. With Brady Quinn taking the majority of the snaps, the Browns made sure their prized investment was protected with NFL regulars and made an otherwise boring game watchable knowing Sizzler was going to be paid by my book. As for opening night in the collegiate game, the big-boys rolled (as I told ya) and my Cyclones lost at home to a team that couldn’t even convince Antonio Gates to play football there (Kent St.). But as you know, my loyalties are with the number and I get dizzy just looking at all the options this weekend. Throw-in some baseball games and my guy opening-up Women’s Volleyball lines and I don’t think they have enough St. Ides Special Brews in stock for me this weekend. Finally, before I get to my picks, after the game we rolled to a local watering hole and I was amazed how many fans were ready to build a wing in Canton for former Gator Chris “I’m smaller than Grossman” Leak. Considering he was playing against NFL Europe has-beens and “Little Giants” extras, I’m suggesting you hold off selecting him in your next fantasy league. With that, it’s almost Game Day so let’s put the women and dancers to bed and go looking for frickin’ filet mignon!


While Iowa St. and Flavor Flav’s girls are pretty awful, they’re nuttin’ compared to possibly the worst team in all of Div. I…Temple. The Owls (1-11) lost by an average of 34 points a game last season, and actually played Navy in their ‘06 finale and lost 42-6. Tonight the game’s at Temple, so I’m guessing oddsmakers are giving 16 points for home-field nowadays. While there may be few more students in red, I don’t thing that’ll stop last year’s #1 rushing offense in the nation...especially since the Midshipmen are returning their top-6 RBs from last year. I know Navy graduated the majority of their defense from ‘06, but is that really a concern when the Owls scored 10 points thru the 1st four games last year...I think not!


Want some more…Including the Hawkeyes?

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September 3, 2007

Home of Greggy G’s Pigskin Picks: 7-3 ATS For Entertainment Purposes Only

Greggy G’s MLB Picks: 108-77 ATS

College Football on Monday…I luv this country! Have a great holiday Homeboys

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September 8, 2007

Home of Greggy G’s Pigskin Winners: 8-3 ATS For Entertainment Purposes Only!!!

Sorry to keep ya hangin’ for a few days, but I just rolled back into town. Besides my modified college pIays, I promise to make-up for my lack of effort with some NFL luv tomorrow. With that, let's hit-up Game Day Homeboys!!!

Greggy G’s 2007 College Football Record: 5-2 ATS

While the Cornhuskers lost some skill position players following last season, they’re far from unproven as junior RB Marlon Lucky scampered for ova 200 yards in the opener while Arizona St. transfer QB Sam Keller should get better each week under Callahan. Nebraska won by 42 against a usually solid Nevada squad and proved that their defense and O-Line continues to get faster and stronger with each season. As for Wake, the worst result of last Saturday was not a 10 point loss at BC, but rather, losing that heart-and-soul of the squad QB Riley Skinner to a separated shoulder. I expect the Demon Deacons’s defense to keep them close early, but just don’t see how they match-up with the Cornhuskers fire-power thru 4 quarters…Nebraska by 14-20 points

The Golden Bears and their ridiculous offensive schemes scored 45 points in beating Tennessee by two tuddies. QB Nathan Longshore gets plenty of the hype, but Marshawn Lynch’s replacement RB Justin Forsett may be just as smooth. As for the Rams, they opened with rival Colorodo and lost by 3 in an emotionally charged game. Combine that with the fact that they allowed ova 30 points to an extremely average Buffalo squad, and they should struggle to keep Cal unda 60 today…and I don’t see the Rams droppin more than 30!...California by 20-26 points

Also, depending on how the afternoon games go, I may be back with some LSU luv...The Hokies QB is down-right awful!

Teasin’ T-Bone’s 2007 College Record: 2-0 ATS 0-1 Teasers

With the limp I had this last week everyone I walked by was asking how I hurt myself, I told them a horrible childhood polio story, but we all know the real reason…a man can’t walk straight with a fat roll in his pockets from week 1 winnings!! Early season odds are always fun to pick apart, so here are some more to make your Saturday interesting.


Steve Slaton and Pat White, Pat White and Steve Slaton…it doesn’t matter how you shake it up, this duo is going to get the Mountaineers at least 50 points today. And you say, ‘but T-Bone, that says nothing about covering the spread’. It says everything about the spread my little sapling. You can chant ‘We Are Marshall’ all you want, but the green machine only dropped 50 yds rushing and 3 points against Miami last week, and going into this week head coach Snyder is already saying he doesn’t have confidence in his QB by telling the public that the backup, Brian Anderson, will get significant playing time. This may help in week 6, I’m only worried about today gentlemen….WV by 31


Please repeat after me…Nick Saban is the head coach for Alabama. I won a lot of money last year from the inability for the Tide to score, that will be different this year. Just by having Saban on the sidelines it adds at least 2 wins and 10 points a game to this ball club. On the other side of the field is Vandy, who are bragging because they bring back 10 offensive starters. They forget to add that they were 4-8(1-7) last year. If all you have on your team is the lower 50% of the athletes in the game, it doesn’t matter how many years of experience they have, they still can’t perform in the SEC. Bama is 17-3 when opening SEC play against the Commodores, and did I mention they have Saban now. My southern boys by at least 14

OREGON @ MICHIGAN teased down to -1.5

Stick some more lettuce in your pocket on this one. All the Wolverines have to do is win, and you know they won’t lose two in a row at home. Remember a short week ago when they were #5, all of the preseason work by the umpteen analysts can’t be that wrong. The Ducks only completed 9 passes last week and the leading rusher was their QB Dixon, if he chooses to be the only guy that touches the ball this week he will get beat up and worn down by half. If you’re already a six pack deep by the 3:30 kickoff then bet the spread, if not, go with the guaranteed tease.


This is going to be a free for all on the Tigers side of the ball. Ole Miss gave up 343 yds in the air last week against lowly little Memphis, and Chase Daniels threw for almost that same amount against Illinois. Mizzou is a better team outright and this is a matchup disaster for the Rebels.

And before I part ways, throw some cash on the Buffalo/Temple game. It doesn’t matter who, because even the best of the best can’t pick what the hell will happen in this one. This is strictly something to talk about in your drunken conversation with the boys tonight. Good luck fellas.

September 14, 2007

GREGGY G’S COLLEGE FOOTBALL SPECIAL For Entertainment Purposes Only!

Greggy G’s College Picks: 5-4 ATS
NFL: 5-3 ATS - MLB: 112-85 ATS

Tryin' to fall asleep on Friday Night during football season reminds me of Christmas Eve as a kid. I ignore my regular dreams of Kobe Tai and Punky Brewster wrestling in Jell-O and Greggy G T-shirts, and usually find myself pouring a bloody before the sun comes up. The only downer this weekend could be the Hawkeye/Cyclone rivalry considering ISU looked like a Monkey waxing a Football against Northern Iowa last week. With that, let’s get to the madness…and no, I’m not talking about Stephon Marbury defending Isiah Thomas’s sexual harassment case. I’m sure the former Piston is just thrilled Starbury is his new spokesman…that’s like having Ronny Artest speak-up in defense of Michael Vick or Vince McMahon claiming steroids had nuttin’ to do with the death of an entire family…oh wait. Game on…

Sure the losses to Kent St. & UNI at home were more embarrassing than the time I traded my Upper Deck Ken Griffy Jr. rookie card for seven Junior Felix’s and some jujubes, but...

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September 15, 2007

Home of Greggy G's & Teasin' T-Bone's ATS Magic For Entertainment Purposes Only

Game Day my friends, let's roll! We'll start-off with my Homeboy Teasin' T-Bone's picks and then roll to yours truly...Holla

2007 Results: 3-0-1 ATS; 0-2 Teasers

Football season is now settling in my friends….conference play, chilly mornings, and 7am tailgating sessions, man I love this time of year. Since I already know the outcome of the Hawkeye/Cyclone rivalry, I’ve been able to focus all of my drunken brain cells on ATS play. Week 3 is my teaser turnaround as well so put the bong down and read up.

Virginia @ North Carolina -3

This game stuck out like Greggy G with his Tupac cardboard cutout at the million man march. I normally don’t throw down on ACC matchups, but Virginia friggin’ sucks bad. They didn’t show up at Wyoming and took until the 4th quarter and a freshman QB to get past lowly Duke, who are now riding a successful 22 game losing streak. The Tarheels do one thing well, and that is allowing TJ Yates to throw vertically and score points quick. Add that to playing on their home turf and the baby blue squad walk away in the 3rd quarter. NC by 12

Louisville –6 @ Kentucky

These offenses are just like my bedroom stamina, two minutes at a time and TOUCHDOWN!!! Louisville had its scare last week and their defense will step up to the plate this week. They will still give up 30 against a potent Kentucky ‘O’ led by Andre Woodson, but it still allows the red birds to win by 20 as they surpass 50 points yet again. Brohm and Allen create a great combo that will leave the Wildcats in a neutral defense that will be reeling all day long. If ya don’t like the points on this just look at the over, anything under 75 is a five star. Louisville by 20


Iowa teased down to –11.5 @ Iowa State

The Hawks/Clones matchup this year equates to this…a college senior frater stalkin’ that freshman hottie finishing up her 6th beer, the deal will get sealed, it’s just a matter of when and how interesting it is. Iowa has a year when they can absolutely beat up their rival in Ames, and Ferentz is foaming at his lackluster performance in the past 10 years against the Clones. Iowa starters don’t get a chance to sit cuz Ferentz won’t allow it, Hawks by 17

Fresno State @ Oregon teased down to –10.5

The Ducks are rolling and the Bulldogs just suffered a heartbreaker to Texas A&M last week. I don’t know that Fresno can stop Dixon as he has another week of experience in the spread offense and appears to be two steps ahead of everyone chasing him. If Oregon can stop the Dogs TE Bear Pascoe early, this one could be over by halftime. Ducks by more than two TDs

Greggy G’s College Picks: 5-4 ATS
NFL: 5-3 ATS - MLB: 112-85 ATS

Sure the losses to Kent St. & UNI at home were more embarrassing than the time I traded my Upper Deck Ken Griffy Jr. rookie card for seven Junior Felix’s and some jujubes, but...

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September 20, 2007

Thursday Night College Football Special

* Greggy G’s College Football Picks: 8-4 ATS * NFL Picks: 6-5 ATS

I’m off to Vegas Homeboys…wish me a lil more luck the OJ and make sure to tell your friend about me if I don’t come back. I’ll be posting the goods all weekend, so make sure to check in when you’re short on some cash…HOLLA

No LB wants to see the J-Train running with some steam!

Is this coming out party for Jr. QB Stephen McGee of Texas A&M? After turning some heads during his sophomore season (2,295 pass 666 rush 62% 16 tds 2 ints), McGee and his Crash & Burn RBs (Jorvoskie Lane & Mike Goodson) seem poised to make a run at double digit wins this season. Prior to McGee taking the commands, Coach Franchione’s starters were 3-13 away from home…but last year, the sophomore led squad was 5-1 on the road. This year, the Aggies return the majority of their O-Line, and as mentioned, So. RB Goodson (2006: 847 yard 6.7 avg 4 tds) and Jr. RB Lane (2006: 725 yard, 19 tds), and are starting to develop some playmaking at WRs. While the defense had to replace a handful of starters and hasn’t look dominate early-on, their starting to take form and have much better depth than they’ve had in the past. Moving to the wild Florida boys, they’ve looked solid in their two victories under new coach Randy Shannon (Marshall & FL Int.), but were absolutely crashed at Oklahoma 51-13. While the Sooners are something special, they made Miami look slow and proved that pressure on their QBs would lead to numerous mistakes. Sr. QB Kyle Wright has not had the career he had hoped and just recently regained his starting role with the squad. Obviously, playing at home with all the hooligans should give the Hurricanes a lift early, but I just don’t see how they contain the duel-threat QB of the Aggies and don’t get worn-down by the two-headed monster in the backfield.


September 27, 2007

College Football Thursday Night Special

How about a lil Arkansas St. vs. Memphis Pigskin Pick...

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September 28, 2007

COLLEGE GAMEDAY FELLAZ...LET'S ROLL!!! For News and News Matters Only!

College Picks: 8-6 ATS - NFL Picks: 6-5 ATS - MLB Picks: 113-90 ATS


You can't stop what you can't catch!

I know my nickname around the watering hole is “Greggy Gamble on the Favorite”, but the stars seem aligned for WV tonight like the night in Vegas I partied with Mack from “The Program” and shot-the shit with Jerry West’s hot wife within a 3-hour span (FYI, Jerry West is the dude on the basketball). While the Mountaineers' offense has looked even better than last year, the D's improvement since opening day is what makes me more confident than knowing the next Hometown Hottie in Maxim is not going to be from my Hometown. Every week they’ve given-up fewer points than the week prior (24, 23, 14, 7), and against East Carolina last Saturday they only gave-up a 160 total yards. Throw-in the fact that the Bulls ruined their season last year with a 24-19 win in Morgantown, and I have a feeling Rich Rodriguez will have his boys more fired-up than a Polack in Thailand. Heisman hopefuls QB Pat White & RB Steve Slaton both had the worst games of their career last year against South Florida, so expect them to be extra focused and determined to dominate. Listen, I know the Bulls are legit and it’s impossible not to like the moxy of So. QB Matt Grothe, but for all the hype the received for winning at Auburn the Tigers followed that up by losing at home to an awful Mississippi St. squad. Especially if WV gets up early, I expect them to gain momentum and look to punish like a stripper with the bachelor on stage.


And now for some Saturday action...

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October 2, 2007

Home of Greggy G’s Attempt to Bounce Back!!! For News and News Matters Only!

College Picks: 8-9 ATS - NFL Picks: 7-7 ATS - MLB Picks: 113-90 ATS

As I slipped a game unda .500 for the football season last night, I realized I can no longer address the situation ala Isiah Thomas and simply smile to the camera, cover-up my bad decisions with laughter, and sexual harass women in the workplace. Just like WR Bernard Berrian’s reasoning that he’s dropped more balls than an Amsterdam window-model because of a lack of concentration…I too need to stop reading books, going to church, and spending countless hours as a philanthropist…it’s time to do nuttin’ but study the ATS line and drink with a purpose rather than relaxation. Just like the college days, it’s time to light the candles, crank up the Enya, sip on some Cabernet, and study like Sam “Ace” Rothstein is my boss. As for the baseball playoffs, is it me or do the Rockies have a lil Golden St. Warriors vibe going? The atmosphere in Colorado was something out of Disney sports movie and their roster is loaded with more young stars than a Vegas Pool Party at the Hard Rock. As for the Cubbies, you have to luv the draw of the D-backs since their line-up is scattered with sub .250 batting averages and ugly-azz uniforms. If Big Z can out-duel Mr. Webb tomorrow, this series is ova! Anyway, we have college football everyday this week, as well as October baseball, so let’s make the book nervous by Thursday and ready to pay-out by Tuesday!

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October 4, 2007

Home of Greg's Thursday Night Pigskin Pick For News and News Matters Only!

College Picks: 8-9 ATS - NFL Picks: 7-7 ATS - MLB Picks: 113-91 ATS

A few thoughts on the Cubbies last night:

1. Who in the flying f*ck are these dudes on the D-Backs? I’m a degenerate who knows way too much about the UTEP’s back-up point guard, and I was more clueless than Shawn Kemp after Planned-Parenthood classes when these guys stepped to the dish. If I saw Conner Jackson on the street, I would have guessed he was the guy that got a rusty-trombone from Britany in a Vegas pool before I guessed he was a major leaguer!

2. If Sweet & Salty Lou was gonna take Big Z out an inning later anyway, why not pinch-hit for him with the bases-loaded an inning earlier. I know he was one of the few guys to swing the lumber well against Brandon “Don’t call me Spud” Webb, but with the bags juiced we all know Zambrano is more likely to break his bat ova his knee swinging for the fences than he is to get a hit. Webb gave the Venezuelan some meaty pitches in his early at-bats, but treated him like D-Lee with the bases loaded, as expected. With possibly the best pinch-hitting lefty in the majors available, Daryle “w/ fries” Ward, and Pinella planning to remove him an inning later, I just don’t understand the logic…or why the hell Cinemax doesn’t wait to put on “Stewardesses in Heat” until after the ballgame.

3. In the bottom of the 7th with a Chris Snyder on 3rd and one out, pinch hitter Conner “trombone” Jackson hit a sac-fly to center. While there was no chance for Jacque Jones to actually get the runner at home, did you see his throw…I never saw him throw it to the infield on a fly once during the regular season, and he actually airmailed a halfway decent throw. I’m not here to speculate, but how does that not throw up a red-flag to the senate’s steroid investigation.

With that, let’s breakdown some Thursday Night Football Action and try to win back some luv on the diamond…

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October 6, 2007

Home of Greggy G's Gameday Specials Baby! For News and News matters only

College Picks: 8-10 ATS - NFL Picks: 7-7 ATS - MLB Picks: 113-92 ATS

I’m back you lil degenerates…oh wait, I’m the born-again sinner. Normally, I give you detailed breakdowns and unbridled humor, but after a sub-par week that made Travis Henry look like a guidance counselor…I’m guessing you’re not in the mood for my antics. What can I say, even Kobe Tai had a few days when she didn’t have the same bounce in her hips…but did she quit, hell no, she turned the corner like Troy Davis and made a youngster smile. You know who that reminds me of…ur Homeboy Greggy G!

With the Badgers and Illini tied atop the Medium-sized Ten...

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October 10, 2007

Greggy G’s Wednesday College Pigskin Pick

MLB Picks: 113-91 ATS - College Picks: 8-13 ATS - NFL Picks: 9-9 ATS

After a weekend that felt like the Falcons were not only recouping Ronny Mexico’s bonus money but yours truly, Monday Night’s victory was needed more than a new insurance policy for Trent Green. Considering I just bought a house I can’t afford, my girl’s filling it with stuff purchased on a maxed-out credit card, and fantasy injuries have changed my lay-away plans for the white-tiger, I need to bring the magic back faster than it takes the Cubs to play a postseason series. Speaking of fantasy and my QB Tony Romo, while I’m not hatin’…you can’t tell me he doesn’t have a little too much cockiness on the field and too much happy-go-luckiness in the locker-room for a guy who 6 games ago was fumbling away Bill Parcells’s career. To be honest, this weekend I’d be shocked if the Cowboys stayed within double digits at home against the New England cheap-shottin’ Cheaters. And I’d jump on it early boys cause it’ll be moving-up all week. As for tonight, you know what they say when the Midshipmen and Panthers meet-up on a Wednesday evening…you throw the records out and drink heavily to dull the pain.

Tonight's the night my college picks get back on track...

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October 12, 2007

Home of Greg Gamble's College Picks 10/13/07 For Entertainment Purposes Only

2006-07 NBA Picks: 171-127 - 2007 MLB Picks: 114-91 ATS
2007 NFL Picks: 9-9 ATS - 2007 College Picks: 9-13 ATS

As I stroll into the weekend riding a 3 game ATS win streak, I think it’s time to let the football gods know I’m done being treated like Trent Green. In the last two years I’ve dominated every sport from Women’s Volleyball to cockfighting, only to see my pigskin picks keep me below the .500 mark. Trust me, I was maven on gridiron for years and just fell into a brief slump like Matt Damon in Rounders...Greggy G is back and ready to find something to put in his 3rd garage spot. Finally, before I roll to my picks (including baseball), did you see the shiznit about Texas A&M coach Dennis Franchione. The shaddy-Beeatch was chargin' his boosters for a newsletter he wrote with inside college football information. Forget that it’s basically illegal in the NCAA and the 2-million a year coach is cheaper than Roger Clemens…did he ask permission to create a PDF of Have a great weekend Homeboys and make sure to check-in tomorrow for the picks from the man, the myth, the stoned-drunk…Teasin’ T-Bone!

Watching Lloyd Carr nervously sneak past a 2-4 Eastern Michigan squad at home (33-22) reminded me of the Walsh parents in the final years of 90210…once the kids graduated from High School, what’s the point of having them on the show! With no confidence...

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Teasin' T-Bone's College Gameday Picks

If you don't trust Greggy G (previous blog), then roll with my Homeboy Teasin' T-Bone's Pigskin Picks!

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October 18, 2007

Home of Greggy G's Thursday Night Special! For News and News Matter Only!

ATS Picks - MLB: 115-91 NFL: 12-9 College: 10-15

I’m usually not the kind of guy into teasers…unless it involves her wearing a Chuck Norris outfit and the use of Gold Bond (Wasabi scented), but tonight, I’m feeling frisker than a Lohan at a rehab center and look forward to hoppin’ on T-Bone’s Teaser bandwagon. BTW, if you don’t know what a Teaser is, you shouldn’t be at this website and should take all your sporting advice from Stuart Scott and Skip Bayless. With that, let’s take a peak at some Thursday Night football action and continue to pillage our favorite bookmakers…

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October 19, 2007

GREG GAMBLE'S ATS GAMEDAY SPECIAL!!! For News and News Matters Only!

ATS PICKS - MLB: 116-91 - NFL: 12-9 - College Picks: 10-15


*Teasing the Wildcats from -10 to -4

After looking like Gary Busy in a mug-shot thru the 1st 4 games, the Wildcats have bounced back and won two of three Big Ten contests (Minn., @MST)…and their only loss coming by 12 to Michigan. In his 1st season as the fulltime signal-caller, JR. QB C.J. Bacher struggled with the offense early, but has been done a Tim Hardaway over the last two games (aka a changed man). After throwing 4 Tds, 7 Ints thru the first 5 games, Bacher has bounced back in the Wildcats last two victories with 9 Tds, 0 Int, 990 yards and a 75 comp%...damn! While the defense couldn’t stop the Little Giants from scoring double-digits, Eastern Michigan is not what I call an offensive juggernaut and has only scored more than 22 points once this season…and that was against then (2-4) Ohio...and they still lost. The Wildcats will easily score in the 50s tonight and I’d be shocked if the Eagles can muster 40 against anyone in the Big Ten. II luv it even more when you drop to -4 and pair it with…

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October 20, 2007

Greg Gamble & Teasin' T-Bone's Gamday Picks

Check-out T-Bone's magic on the link below and Greg Gamble's on the prev. post...did I mention he's rollin' with half a teaser from Friday?!

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October 25, 2007

Greggy G's Thursday Night College FB Pick

ATS PICKS - MLB: 116-91 - NFL: 12-11 - College Picks: 13-17

Before I get to my Thursday Night College pick, I need to tell ya about a lil’ something I found during my Wed. Night ATS research. With the candles lit, incense burning, Deep Forest hummin’ in the background, a BeachNut stuck between my teeth, and my Gin Martini drippin’ with luv…and Everclear soaked olives stuffed with caviar of course, I came across an amazing theory that could turn the gambling world up-side-down. Now before you run off like Ronny Mexico’s entourage when I use the word TEASER, let me explain my theory. (Obviously, teasers allow you to add 6 points to two teams, and if they both cover, you win a 1 to 1 payout…if you didn’t know that, I feel sorry for your mother). This weekend, every single game I like, I’ve teased with one team…The Indianapolis M*tha F*ckin Colts!

The Colts (-1) against David Carr or even the legendary Vinny T is more of a lock than K-Fed breaking double-digits in offspring by the age of 30.

And trust me, I looked at the Colts having a letdown after Monday Night, but with the Patriots rolling, you know they’re more focused than ever. I also called Al Roker and found out that the weather in Carolina is supposed to be Sunny and 70, and checked Indy’s infirmary report and it looks identical to last week. While I know just as well as Willie “Steamin’” Beaman that anything can happen on Any Given Sunday, don’t try to tell Peyton will let David “I’ve been on my back more than Pamela” Carr out perform him. Most importantly, the line doesn’t move to -3, or even -1.5, it’s a picture perfect -1. If the Colts win, you win or you push! And a push in a teaser is a push if ur other game wins…if it doesn’t for you, time to get a new phone number to call! So before you decide you like Texas to roll at home against Nebraska -21 or an Ali Larter-hot Utes squad to hammer a (1-6) CST squad by more than 6, doesn’t it sound better if the Horns are -15 and Utah is pushed to even? While I’m no molecular genetics genius like Craig Krenzel, that sounds like an equation that works for me! And finally, if the Colts actually lose to Jake Delhomme’less Panther squad, it’s time for me to get a new website! With that, let’s roll into our Thursday Night College Football action…

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October 26, 2007

Greg Gamble's Saturday Pigskin of ATS LUV For News and News Matters Only!

ATS PICKS - MLB: 116-91 - NFL: 12-11 - College Picks: 13-17

If you missed us yesterday, I’ll give you a quick synopsis of a lil’ game we’re playing this weekend…no not pin the tassel on the single-mom…It’s called tease every game (especially college) with Peyton Manning (-1) facing David “On the Carpet” Carr and Vinny “Old Balls” Testaverde. With the Patriots on fire and stealing more headlines than the Runaway Bride, the Colts are desperate to keep pace and know how important home-field will be this season. No-way they slip-up against a Dellhome’less Panthers squad, and while I fully expect them to cover 7, teased to -1 is more of a lock than finding an Asian video in my CD case wedged behind Too Short and Rappin’ 4-tay. As I told ya last night, I liked BC straight-up (+3), but the extra points (+9) made the final drive irrelevant for yours truly. Just as my favorite T-shirt says: “Trust me, I’m a bookie!”, adding +6 to every one of your plays this weekend will make those Bloodys & Screwdrivers extra special and the Colts game five times as exciting…or in my case 12 times! (If you don’t understand this teaser concept, kick yourself in the nuts and then read the previous blog)

*Longhorns teased to -15 thanks to Mr. Manning

Let me get this straight, Nebraska just lost at home to Texas A&M by 22 and Oklahoma St. by 31, and now travel to face a Longhorn team that’s won on the road against Big 12 teams the last two weeks by an average of 37 ppg (if you count the Cyclones and Bears as the Big 12)…and the line is only 3 TDs in Austin? Oh wait, that’s 21 for everybody not playing The Peyton Game, and 15 for the smart ones. Cornhusker soon-to-be-fired headmaster Bill Callahan has completely lost the squad and rumor has it plenty of his players are already looking at transfer options. As for the Longhorns, after a slow start they realize they need to embarrass teams to regain some momentum with the pollsters, while QB Colt McCoy has the passing game humming like a frat-boy under the covers with a Tri-Delt…hell ya!


Want some more fellaz...

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October 27, 2007

Teasin' T-Bone & Greggy G's Saturday ATS Luv

Nuttin but T-Bone's below, but check the previous blog for Greggy G's!

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November 1, 2007

Greggy G’s Daily NBA Picks: 1-0 ATS

ATS PICKS - MLB: 116-91 - NFL: 14-12 - College Picks: 16-19

Starting off the NBA season with a 14-point 1st quarter lead by Dallas is like staying-up passed your bedtime to watch Erotic Hotel on Cinemax, and you’re rewarded with a shirtless Portuguese hottie 3 seconds after the opening credits. Now maybe she wasn’t Portuguese, but she was able to make a white-boy in Mavs Zubaz smile. And tonight gets even better, a Thursday Night football lock, the NBA on TNT, and my girl’s having one of her hot single friends ova…so don’t send me a frickin’ text, I’ll be busy entertaining! As for the Krabby Kobe rumors, give’em the Afroed-Wonder Ben Wallace (money-matchin’), give’em the undersized no-defense playin’ shooter Ben Gordon, throw-in Tyrus “I’ll never be nearly as good as people think” Thomas, and top-it-off with a draft pick…that’s it, no more, no less (ok, maybe less). The Lake Show doesn’t hold the cards here Homeboys. Sure Bryant is a legit superstar, but his Russell Crow/Tyra Banks ego never plays well with teammates or fans, his preference for holdin’ white-girls down won’t make most Chicago suburban mom’s too happy, and while his window isn’t closing as fast as Britany Spears’s Hanes undergarment ads, I’m convinced he’s knees and psyche are more strained than his age indicates. If the Bulls give-up too much, especially Deng, I don’t see how Pax, Skiles, & Co. are in a better situation. With that, let’s roll into some College Football and NBA picks and pics for tonight…Dollar, Dollar Bill, Beeatches!

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November 2, 2007

Greggy G’s World Famous College Football & NBA Picks...For News Matters Only!

No time for chi-chat (except for the fact I’ve won 4 in-a-row ATS) with College Football and NBA both on the docket. What a great time of year…it’s a like throwing a party and instead of the normal crew and random dudes showing-up, your living room is full of NBA All-Star weekend groupies and drunk Sorority Sisters looking for a place to put their sleepin-bag! And finally, stop shooting me emails that my grammer sucks…I’m hung-over, my hands are greasy, and I don’t believe in proofreading. Have a weekend that would make Michael Irvin proud Homeboys and make sure to tell your ladies I luv them…Holla!

The Hawkeyes (…or as I call them, U lost to the Frickin’ Cyclones!) has actually done a solid job of stopping the run lately. While they’ve only won 2 of their last 7, those two victories have come against the one-dimensional attacks of the Illini and Spartans. In contrast, against the spread offenses in the Big ‘Average’ 10 (Purdue & Illinois), Kirkfairypant’s squad has been dominated like a white girl in Colorado when a certain Laker is in town. The Hoosiers won 38-20 throwing for 322 yards/3 TDs at Kinnick, while the Boilermakers won 31-6 throwing for 316/ 2 TDs just two weeks ago. Not a good sign when traveling to the High School sandlot field in Evanston to face a Wildcat squad that has won 3 of 4, with Jr. QB C.J. Bacher averaging almost 400 ypg and 11 TDs and 4 INTs over that span. Also, star duel-threat RB Tyrell Sutton returned from injury last week and managed 91 yards on only 13 touches, and should look even sharper this week. While I know Iowa will run all over the smart-undersized NW defense, their passing came has been more atrocious than Tonya Harding’s sex-tape and I can’t see how they manage to score enough points to keep pace. Especially with the line at -1 its a gamblers dream…they don’t have to cover, they just have to win baby!


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November 9, 2007

Greggy G's Gameday Pigskin and NBA ATS For Entertainment Purposes Only!

ATS - NBA: 6-6 – College: 21-21 - NFL: 14-15 - MLB: 116-91

After dominatin' the '06-07 NBA season and closing-out MLB 26 games ova .500, I’ll admit I wasn't prepared for a Pigskin or Hardwood start that has me lookin’ more average than Winnie Cooper (...while I understand the infatuation with the Wonder Years girl, I’m rolling with Wanda from Doogie Houser MD…u know she would’ve been into crazier shiznit!). Even though I’ve letdown some of my faithful followers and brilliant sponsors, I’m not gonna act like a team coached by Bill Callahan or Marvin Lews and just quit…I’m gonna right this yacht and turn the deck into party that would make Tommy Lee and Pamela jealous. Full slate on the Professional Ballers Circuit tonight and more college action than I got when I told chicks I was an extra on “Saved by the Bell”. 1 Teaser & 5 straight-up...Game on Homeboys, time to put the Asians and midgets to bed and go lookin’ for frickin' dolphin & caviar!


FLORIDA GATORS (6-3) (teased to -1) @ S. CAROLINA COCKS (6-4)
KST WILDCATS (5-4) (teased to -1.5) @ NEB.CORNSUCKERS (4-6)

And it goes a lil' something like this...

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November 16, 2007


ATS - NBA: 12-11 NFL: 17-16 College: 23-23 MLB: 116-91

Cause it’s Friday, I ain’t got no job, and I ain’t got Najah Davenport squatting in closet to do…well, except for a lil card-game and some sporting investments. Another nice night on the ATS docket for the one they call the “Grammar-Challenged Drunk-Gambler”, which also enabled me to ignore all the Barry/Me-Rod news. Bonds lied to the grand jury…no way! Me-Rod stayed with the Yankees cause no one else wanted to pay his selfish-azz…get the “Jason Caffey with anybody not on the pill” out! Because of this crap, news that New Jersey Net Darrell Armstrong will miss-up to 4 weeks with a thigh contusion is on the that's some BS! Screw that Darrell, I have your back…and I have (note: please hum the “12-days of Xmas” as you read this) three College picks, two hardwood gems, and partridge in a skimpy swimsuit. Enjoy the weekend Homeboys, and remember when you go to bed tonight, I’m still chillin’ with rolled-up Kings ova Aces

Call it a Trap Game (or as we call it: a “Your girl says she’s out of town only to find you having Olympic sawhorse trails in your bedroom with a few stewardesses” Game) all you want with Mizzu playing the undefeated Jayhawks next week, the Widcats were just blown-out by the the Juggernauts known as the Silly Cyclones & the Omaha Cornsuckers! Moral is lower than at Benny the Bull’s late-night watering-hole after NEB scored 45-unanswered with a new QB last week, while the Tigers have watched every team in the nation look past a weak opponent to almost shove them into the National Title hunt...

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November 17, 2007


By the time you read this I will be officially piss drunk in Ann Arbor passing out my jello shots like they were happy brownies to the lovely coeds and getting ready for the biggest friggin’ rivalry game of all time. So on this Saturday I have no choice but to have my money game be the one that I am attending, oh yeah, and it’s for the Rose Bowl also. BTW, I was studying the lines on Tuesday and threw all my money on the Tigers( at -7) just like my Patna’ Greggy G. So if the rivalry is too much juice for ya, rely on Chase Daniel & Mizzou, open that Old English 40 and pour out a little bit cause that touch of malt liquor will be the only thing you’ll be losin’ this fine Saturday...

For Teasin' T-Bone 'Continue Reading' , for Greggy G's Saturday magic...view previous post.


November 23, 2007

Home of Greg Gamble’s Daily ATS Luv

ATS - NBA: 18-15 NFL: 18-18 College: 24-25 MLB: 116-91

I can tell you what I’m not thankful for…no late night NBA action yesterday to play catch-up with! Oh well, another day, another dollar hopefully in my pocket. NBA & College Pigskin for ya today Homeboys…enjoy the leftovers and the family cars finally rolling out of town!

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November 24, 2007


I hope all of you had a great thanksgiving this year, and more importantly I hope you found a way to throw some cabbage down while the family was waddling thru the food line for the third time. I am thankful for many things this year….1) booze(or anything that takes me away from reality Smokey), 2)Greggy G’s ex-girlfriends photos, and 3) Greggy G getting’ in the groove with NBA ATS tilts. If you haven’t learned the secret yet, you simply shut your brain off and place an equal amount of monopoly money on each game that Greggy G picks, this will land you with more lettuce to throw down on your own lame picks and keep the spouse from seeing a bunch of withdrawals from your bank account. So get on the bus, grab your favorite flavored malt liquor and get reading cuz like my homey Ice Cube says ‘Today is a Good Day’!

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December 1, 2007


Every year this weekend is bitter sweet. True fans get some of the best football all season while we all know that this means 3 weeks of college football drought followed by 47 friggin’ bowl games that don’t mean sh*t before the finale that is damn near played in the middle of January. So there is only one way to handle it, be pissed and sober or do it up T-Bone style….wake up hungover, pop enough pills so that Marshall Mathers would cringe, release your demons in the shower and mix up a whiskey that makes you close one of your eyes and tilt your head sideways. And don’t forget to spread your money around so you have a vested interest in everyone wearing a uniform, cuz it’s GAMEDAY F*CKERS!!!

game day, game DAY, GAME DAY, GAME DAY!!! Are U awake now!


December 30, 2007


Have a New Year that would make Travis Henry proud Homeboys! As for what I like...

He may be shorter than Sexy Rexy, but he's actually good

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January 7, 2008

BCS Championship ATS Picks and Pics

ATS - College BB: 10-10 NFL: 22-20 NBA: 45-46 MLB: 116-91

While Tebow won the award, this is the best player in CFB!

The SEC hype versus the BIG 10 mediocrity takes center stage in the BCS Championship game tonight. While the Buckeyes say their better prepared after last season’s long lay-off debacle (give me a L-A-M-E, give me an E-X-C-U-S-E!), the severely banged-up defense of the Tigers should’ve found the extra time more worthwhile and be back to their early season dominance. While the Buckeye Faithful claim to be just as formidable and showcased their talents in a 14-3 gem against Michigan, Ohio St. gave-up an average of 18 ppg the previously four weeks to likes of Michigan St., Penn St., Wisconsin, & Illinois. Sure those teams aren’t pushovers, but do they compare with the class of the SEC…I think not. Especially with this game in New Orleans, hard not to think the Tigers can’t win by a TD…Tigers by 7-13 points

What some more picks...Better "Continue Reading" below

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August 23, 2008



With only 5 days to wait for the beginning of the young kids pigskin season, I'm pretty sure I'm feeling exactly like Mike Tyson(watch this TYSON VIDEO) did when he was 5 days from being released from the pokey, except he was excited to rape and pillage more ladies, I simply want to watch some football. Now on to how the Big 10 will piece together by the end of the year...

I can't believe they all named their lady parts 'Michigan', and I always listen to what women say, or write...
Big 10 Champion: Ohio State Buckeyes
I know I'm not going out on a limb here, and I believe this is the easiest champion prediction in the last dozen years for this conference. Ohio State should be an example to the rest of the nation of what can happen when you allow a good coach the time to build his team. It's not like Tressel needed much time, but the way he has stayed on top is a testament to him getting the right players on his team, building relationships with them, and running the team like a business. The Buckeyes go undefeated this year and get the elusive national trophy.

Badger Red is never a bad thing....
#2 Wisconsin Badgers
I have seen many experts put Illinois in front of their northern foes, but Bielema and his team is too damn good. First, Bielema is showing that he won't allow nonsense on his team by releasing RB Lance Smith from the team. Most teams put the kid on a 3 game suspension, Bielema dumps him, and I love the message that sends to everyone that cares. I also believe they have a darkhorse in Allan Evridge at QB. On paper he looks like a typical 5th year clip board holder, but lets not forget that he set freshman passing records at K-State in 05, and has had a couple years to learn this system. A mature QB can go a long way.

Hey, they are better than staring at men, so just enjoy.
#3 Penn State Nittany Lions
By default of a better home schedule, I put Paterno in front of Zook. PSU needs to pick a QB soon and try to put together a similar LB core that they had last year, and both could be tough tasks, however they bring back enough at all other positions to carry them through, and they get Zook's orange crusaders in Happy Valley.

Without a horse in the backfield like Mendenhall, Juice will struggle....
#4 Illinois Fighting Illini
All the rumors say that Juice is going to be more of a passer this year. He better be since he can't just turn and give the ball to Mendenhall anymore. I agree that Juice creates some plays that many other QB's can't, but I just don't believe yet that Zook is actually good enough to build a program that competes among the elite of the Big 10. Even though I'm not a huge fan, I do feel sorry for them because of where they need to travel this year(#6 Mizzou, #20 Penn St, Michigan, and #13 Wisconsin). They do get the Buckeyes at home, but that doesn't really matter. So I see them w/ 4 conference losses and 5 total, a 7-5 record is more like the Ron Zook team that I am used to seeing.

Mediation and focus may get these teams a bowl bid, but I'd rather pack up the season a month early and take her instead!!
Michigan Wolverines--Rodriquez will have them contending for a bowl bid
Purdue Boilermakers--Top QB in the conference will win a couple more than expected
Iowa Hawkeyes--No returning RB's, a beat up WR crew, and a 53% passing QB

Instead of reading about the cellar dwellers of the Big 10, THIS CLIP of lovely ladies is much more interesting.


SD Padres @ SF Giants +138(-1.5runs)



Teasin' T-Bone here, ready to give some luv to all of our Big 12 friends, or football fanatics in general. Before I begin, if you missed my Big 10 predictions from yesterday, click HERE to read up.

Now on to what looks to be a pretty interesting year for the Big 12. Lets start with the South.

She may be the only thing that looks better than the Sooners this year...

The Oklahoma Sooners are the clear favorite in my mind to take the South. With Sam Bradford at the helm for his Sophmore session, it will be interesting to see what he has done in the off-season. With all 5 lineman, and most of the skill positions returning, the Sooners bring back 58 touchdowns. To add to the firepower, the schedule absolutely lines up in OU's favor. They have a powder puff non-conference schedule, then they get the tough conference games at home(Kansas, Nebraska, Texas Tech). The toughest traveling game is Texas, who won't be the normal Texas this year....

Texas Tech grabs the 2nd spot in the south. We all know that Harrell and Crabtree are only the beginning of the scoring machine, but I don't believe they can make it through the whole year because their defense hasn't been able to last much more than 8 games in years prior. And as I mentioned above, they have to try to take out OU in Soonerville, and it happens to be the 2nd to the last game of the year, when the Tech D will be nice and tired.

3rd--Texas Longhorns
4th--Oklahoma State
6th--Texas A&M

The North looks equally as good this year!


The Missouri Tigers will walk away with the North again this year. Chase Daniels will continue his pinpoint accuracy and Jeremy Maclin will find the ball in more ways than we can possibly imagin. But the Tigers are going to make headlines this year on the other side of the ball as well. With 10 returning starters on D, and an offense that takes the pressure off, they should be able to really utilize their Tampa Two scheme, pin their ears back, and completely throw teams out of their comfort zone.

Kansas is going to be a force to be reckoned with again this year, however I do believe that it is going to take Mangino a couple more years to get the depth of talent that he will need to contend for a Big 12 title. The bad thing for KU is that they will be better than last year, but their record won't show it because they added Texas, Oklahoma, and Texas Tech to their schedule.

4th--Iowa State
6th--Kansas State

And now that I've found someone who likes to be the catcher, on to MLB...

I've got a couple MLB picks for you today, just click below for more picks and pics.

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August 27, 2008

Greg Gamble's ATS Plays Of The Day

With June Jones & Colt Brennan gone & the cupboards bare...

...this dude might be in some trouble in the Swamp Saturday!

* And Greggy G doesn't care how many Gator starters are out!

I know it’s only Wednesday, but I’ve been ATS-eyeballing the Florida/Hawaii match-up since June Jones mysteriously left for SMU. First-off, what the hell was the former Chargers headmaster thinking? He coached with a LEI around his neck on a gorgeous island with no expectations, and decides to leave for a Methodist University with a program that hasn’t made a bowl appearance since 1984 for a couple extra bucks. To-Each-His-Own I guess, but I think that car accident back in 2001 did some damage to June's noggin.

Not since waking-up religiously to watch workout wonder KIANA TOM was there been any reason to follow Hawaiian sports, surfboards aside, until Jones arrived to the island (BTW, watching Kiana's video & OTHERS makes me angry. How the hell does ESPN have 50 channels and no love for the workout girls...those sexist pigs!). Thanks to my man June, my two newts are named “Timmy” & “Chang”. That being said, maybe Jones knew this year was going to be a disaster for the Warriors with only four offensive & five defensive starters returning. Hawaii made a solid hire by signing a former coach under Jones in the well-traveled, well-accomplished defensive coordinator Greg McMackin, but considering the cupboards are bare on the coaching staff as well (June took all the goodies with him)…it’s gonna take some time.

At least in Hawaii you could try to distract the Gators!

And at least with Brennan to direct the offense...oh wait...

Sorry, didn't mean to do that...and u don't look like K-Fed.

So without cult hero Colt Brennan, his four starting WRs from last year, and basically the entire defensive line & starting corners, the Warriors fly across the globe to Gainesville to face an angry group of hopeful '08-09 National Champions. Nobody is stockpiled with more ridiculous size, speed, & strength than the Gators, and ever since Georgia scored a TD & proceeded to have their entire team run on the field for a dance, Urban Meyer looks like a crazy brother ready to kill a dude that stovepiped his sister. Throw-in Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow and the slew of skill-position players that will be three times as explosive as what the Warriors have seen in camp, & I’d be shocked if Florida doesn’t score at least nine touchdowns.

Just like trying to use one hand to cover, the Warriors have no chance to cover using only one QB at a time!

On the offensive side of the ball for the Warriors, let’s just say Coach McMacklin might have some ill-will towards junior college transfer Brent Rausch because he’s the supposed starter. The poor sophomore has absolutely no collegiate experience besides a season at the College of the Desert (no joke, the College of the frickin’ Desert!), and will be opening his D-1 career in the Swamp! Seriously Mr. McMacklin, unless you’re lying about who’s starting, how they hell do you not open the season with one of the two signal-callers with some actual experience? Considering the Gator defense has been blamed for last season’s horrific three-loss campaign, I’m not exaggerating when I say this, but I can not fathom how young Rausch will have time to complete more than 10 passes before he leaves on a stretcher...and down 50!

Considering Timmy T & the boys are used to running through the big boys, the five returning defensive starters for the Warriors might be in a lil trouble!

The line opened at Florida -32 & already moved to 36, but don’t lose much sleep if it moves to 45 by the time u read this. Tebow & Co. will score a TD on every single drive until they're pulled early in the 3rd, while the 2nd string will be even sharper as they look twice as fast & strong with the worn down Warrior squad looking for the exits.

BTW, when you finish reading my Pigskin Pick, don't forget about my MLB ATS PICK & MORE HOTTIES FOR TODAY!!!

They only thing the Warriors can hope for is that she hasn't graduated and looks even hotter outside!

Final Score: FLORIDA 70 HAWAII 10

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August 29, 2008

Home Greg Gamble's Daily ATS Plays

In year's past, Temple's outcome wouldn't have changed much if Huxtable was under center, but now...

...the Owls (or as I call them the Hooters) could actually be looking at 5 or 6 wins...and that ain't no lie cheese-rich!

Before we get to my Friday Night College Pigskin Pick, make sure to check out my ATS–favorite for Saturday’s action!

GREG GAMBLE'S 2008 CFB ATS RECORD: 1-0...aka 100%

Just like the most famous Hooter-girl (remember Kyla...kicked off Southwest for dressing to scantily & turned it into a Playboy gig), they have confidence to make things happen!

Before losing Sr. QB Adam DiMichele to a broken leg in ’07 the Owls were shocking the world (not that shocker Homeboys) with a three game win streak in October. With the heart & soul of their squad out, Temple proceeded to lose three of their final four games.

The best Hooters QB of my lifetime, DIMICHELLE, is back!

BTW...coincidence that the hottest hooters girl of my lifetime is named MICHELLE-click me!...I think not 'O Gamblin Gods!

Despite the poor finish, optimism has never been higher in Philadelphia as the fifth-year signal caller will be taking snaps again along with 21 other returning starters. And what better way to kick-off the potential miracle .500 season than against the Black Knights of Army. After another miserable season (3-9), 2nd-year coach Stan Brooks decided returning to their option-roots, last employed in 2000, might keep him around a little longer. Considering they only have four starters returning on the offensive side of ball, what better time to teach the triple-choice attack. While the option may prevent some of the blow-outs Army has partaken in throughout the 21st century, my guess is it’ll take some time for the correct personal to be in place. As for the defensive, they were near the bottom in almost every statistical category in the nation last year and only return five starters. Tonight, look for Temple to build on a few early tuddies & run away in the 2nd half.

Final Score: TEMPLE 31 ARMY 13


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Aaaahhhhhh, let it begin my friends. Even though the Seminoles aren't on my list, the FSU hotties are...

Teasin' T-Bone here, and giddy is a severe understatement to try to explain the level of excitement that I have going through my body right now. And after going 4 for 5 on Thursday night, I feel like I'm Tiger Woods lining up for an uphill 2 footer to win the Masters by 6 strokes. Okay, okay, I'm a friggin' football degenerate that gets his high from watching the cheerleaders sit on the guys hands when she is up in the air. There is so much action today that will pave the way for how the rest of the year plays out, so lets get to it.

Ain't nuttin' but a Hokie thang, baby!!

Virginia Tech -9.5 @ East Carolina

I fully understand that ECU is gonna walk through Conference USA......


August 31, 2008


Some teams are hot, some are not.....but the ladies are plentiful!

Now that we are through the first big Saturday of the season, I think we all have a much better feel for who is going to the real deal and also who is going to be asking their sister to the prom. Let me recap a bit just so you understand where my head is at....

1. The Ohio State Buckeyes will be in the national championship game. Even if Beanie misses some time, they have a depth chart equivalent to Ron Jeremy. And did you see Terrell Prior? The guy is like silk, he appeared to be walking when everyone else was grabbing for air, he will be lethal by the end of the year. To read up more on the Buckeyes, click HERE!!

I think these ladies will be smiling all season long....
2. The USC Trojans defense is the real deal. I'd go as far as saying that if Sanchez get get 3 tuddies on the board it should be enough in any game. Their D reminded me of Florida State in the early '90's when they had robots that would shuttle in and out of the game with no loss of talent.

Bama will continue to surprise us, much like her ability to still be standing!!
3. Never underestimate the Saban factor. I rode Saban and the Tide like a rented mule last year and banked some pretty good coin. I let the Clemson hype get to my head yesterday, and you see where it got me. Saban will continue to do more with less, I just hope the Vegas gods don't pick up on our little secret for awhile....

The Tigers D need to put down the drinky drink and get serious soon.
4. I was surprised to see Illinois get as many points as they did. I was hoping to see some good stuff from the Tigers D, but I guess I'll have to wait until next week. The Tigers will be in the BIg 12 Championship game against the Sooners, but they better figure out the D in the meantime cause they can't rely on Chase Daniels all year.

On to my pick of the day....

Colorado -11.5 vs. Colorado State

The Buffs are bringing some heat from....


September 6, 2008


Teasin’ T-Bone here, and as we roll into the 2nd weekend of our college football extravaganza, I need to let you know how I fared at the sportsbooks last weekend. *BTW, If your looking for my Homeboy Greg Gamble's ATS Collegiate Pick of the Day...touch me here

How I wonder where the sticks on the pom poms have gone!

In between the "Clubs O Pole" (just for site seeing), here's how I did:
Insideplays picks: 2-2 - Personal picks: 6-4 - Parlays: 0-2

Teasers: 0-2 (I hit 3 of 4 & 6 of 7 on my teasers respectively, still a loss, but always lookin’ for that extra game)

Sing like Cookie Monster you degenerates & say "L" is for ladies (kind of shockerish, right)...that's good enough 4 me

As I have been studying the lines all week (and pickin’ up cabbage on Greg Gamble's Thursday night NFL), one game has stuck out as my 5 star and I have been digging for the last 3 days to find something wrong with it, and I can’t. I also have a couple others that seem to be anomalies, and you can guarantee will tie up my funds for about three hours, but don’t worry homies, it’ll all come back to me after the game.

So w/out further ado, lets treat 2day like ur friends mom when she's wearin' socks like dis & start hammerin' away…

I swear the Deacons are gonna roll...and I promise I didn't cross both tata's on this one Homeboys!

Ole Miss @ Wake Forest -8

Last week, the Demon Deacons proved (CLICK HERE FOR MORE)

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September 11, 2008

Greg Gamble's College Football Teaser Luv


Before I tell u why I’m risking -140 on the Cubs & the filthiest pitcher in a 5 inning span…

...or discuss how 90210 are fools for not bringing back the sexiest cast member of all-time in Gina MFin Kincaid...

BTW, no offense to the sexy Rebecca Gayheart, you're a close 2nd & #1 in facial wash hotness as the original Noxzema Girl, but just look at Vanessa...simply flawless

As for 2night's Pigskin...sorry fellaz, I have no interested in Butch Davis/UNC or Ray Rice-less Rutgers...instead I’m giving u:

(click here 2 check out yesterday's ATS picks 4 the weekend)

I guarantee Knowshon's moves make Spurrier throw his lil visor to the turf more than a few times on Saturday!

In the past, investing against the Ole Ball Coach was idiotic regardless of venue. Now, is it me or does Stevie seem to have lost the fiery cockiness that made him great? With the Gators, his casual approach about the quality of his team was usually a way of playing possum. Now, that smug look seems more like an honest lack of confidence in his own Cocks. Sure they opened with a strong win against a rebuilding NC St. squad (despite 4 INTs from his QBs), but last week's loss to Vanderbilt once again showed how lil confidence the golf-capped wonder has in his QBs…which is probably not a good sign facing the flavor of they year & previously #1 ranked Bulldogs.

Unlike purley whites, Georgia's QB doesn't have to shine!

With a solid leader in 3rd year QB Mathew Stafford (63 comp%, 4 TD, 0 Int), possibly the top collegiate back in Knowshon Moreno (8.7 avg, 6 TDs thus far), a bevy of veteran WRs, & an elite defense returning just about everybody from last year, tough to picture how the Dawgs don't roll by double digits let alone by more than a 2-pt conversion.

BTW, tell me Knowshon does't have little Mase in him?

While the naysayers will tell you Georgia hasn’t played anybody (Georgia Southern & Central Michigan), C. Michigan has a QB twice as solid as the two Spurrier is rotating with ("Duel-Threat" Dan Lefevour), not to mention the Bulldogs should look fresh having the opportunity to play plenty of 2nd & 3rd stringers so far. As for the Cocks of Game, in my opinion, their just not that good Homeboys.

Final Score: DAWGS 27 COCKS OF GAME 17

Penn St. matched with Syracuse is almost this perfect!

The lil Boys of Orange might be the biggest embarrassment so far this season. While expectations have been low since Greg Robinson's been aboard (7 wins in 3 years), they opened the season w/ a 20-point loss at Northwestern & followed it up with a 14-point home loss to a Zips squad many predicted would finish last in the MAC! As for the police-blotter Paternos, nothing seems to fire-up his boys more than controversy & entering this season, they should have more flames burnin' than the former estate of Andre Rison.

JoPa not worrying about character issues has really helped Nittany Lion why not take advantage!

After rolling over Coastal Carolina 66-10, the Nittany Lions absolutely destroyed the OSU Beavers in Happy Valley by 31! While this will be their 1st road trip of the season, with the speed they have on defense, possibly the fastest back in the country (Fr. Stephfon Green...and he's 2nd string to the ridiculous Evan Royster- 8.2 avg, 6 TDs), and a mobile QB who looks confident, this thing could get ugly fast on the quick turf in New York!

Final Score: PATERNOS 45 lil Boys O Orange 10

And with that, let’s say hello to a few more LOVELY LADIES and my MLB Play of the Day!

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September 12, 2008


Greggy G's 2008 ATS PIGSKIN RECORD: CFB: 5-0 NFL:1-2

Before I give you my prediction on how Mr. McKnight will fair versus Laurinaitis and the Buckeyes...


U don't need to part the seas when AP has the rock!

After watching rookie Matt Forte and his shaky line gash the undersized Colts D-line, I don’t care if Webster was unda center, the Vikings are enormously skilled up-front and have a King James type-talent behind them…and will have that annoying home horn terrorizing the Colts virgin offensive line. Manning does what he can, but…
Final Score: COLTS 24 VIKINGS 27

Don't be surprised to see this happy face on Sunday!

While I’m usually not a believer in the extra day advantage for the team playing against a Monday nighter, considering the Packers were waiting months for this opener like a fat lady on Oprah waiting for free shit...I'll take Calvin Johnson on Sunday Funday. Considering the Lions play on their home turf, similar to what they saw in Hotlanta, as Rodgers & Co need to shake-off the night game Super Bowl atmosphere in Lambeau, I'm go w/ Detroit City....and cause I know the great Kitna will throw for 4 TDs!

Rumor has it Del Rio called her boyfriend to help on the OLine...and I told their azz I was busy!

If there’s a sucker for a betting against a team that lost 80% of their offensive line…tell me where John Amechi is. It also doesn't hurt the Bills are balanced on the both sides and better than people think.

It's not even a stretch to say Rivers holds Cutler's jock!

Blah, blah, blah…Cutler has twice the skill of Rivers and is playing at home. Did I mention Norv Turner coaches the Lightning Bolts?

BTW, if U want my NFL/NCAA ATS play o the weekend...CLICK HERE
BTW, if u want my Teaser Special...CLICK HERE

My Homeboy's gonna win it all!

Eagles are my Super Bowl pick and Donovan’s my MVP pick…
I’ll take Andy Reid's squad and a TD!

As for my preview of the thing Travis Henry never wears versus Ohio State!

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September 13, 2008


Fan_Eisschnellauf400_400.jpg -- Where the men are men, and the sheep are nervous!!

Single ATS: 9-5 Parlays: 1-2 Teasers: 0-3

While Teasin’(short 4 teasers dumb ass) hasn’t been my gig so far early in the season, I don’t think ‘Single ATS T-Bone’ really rolls of the tongue, so I’m stickin’ with my name like Jenna Jameson sticks with her profession.(Check Jenna out HERE)

The state of Florida pulls out college hotties like Peter North pulls out inches....

As we roll into the 3rd weekend of college hotness, which also means one week closer to no more bikinis, a song has been ringin’ in my head all week and it goes a little something’ like this…..’I got five on it’. I know the song relates to placing a stake on some cheeba, but I’m double dippin’ for all you sports fanatics out there, cuz you know me homeys…I got five on it!!

Oh to be Yuckmouth from the Luniz, looks like he dumped more than 5 on it!

While I’ve been bringin’ in some coin, my left nut Greggy G has been all over the CFB in the first two weeks, to see his Saturday luv CLICK HERE. And to see his Teaser Luv CLICK HERE. And now that Greggy G has filled your head with sugar plums, let me give you a little more candy to take care of your Saturday sweet tooth.

Walk with me today, I promise the bounty is fruitful!!

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September 17, 2008

Daily ATS College & NFL Pigskin Plays

NCAA: 6-0 (1-0) - NFL: 4-6 (3-4) - Teasers: 4-0 (3-0)

Did you miss Monday Night's on-point prediction...too pretty!

After Percy Harvin missed the opener with an injury & only touched the ball 6 times against Miami, look for the dynamic playmaker to explode giving Tebow his 2nd greatest option since arriving to Gainesville...

...cause we all know LUCY PINDER was Tebow's best option!

The reason I luv the Gators, this game hits 3 of Greggy G rules:

Greg Gamble Rule #54-Mariah: Urban Meyer playin off a bye-week (& still acting more pissed-off than an adult actress after an unexpected hair shot), facing an unranked squad on the road & favored by less than 2 tuddies is almost as wise an investment as Nick Cannon's in Mariah's cougar-azz for a few years before cashing in!

Greg Gamble Rule #69-DD: When a team loses (Vols) to a team (Bruins) that was destroyed the following game (UCLA lost 59-0 to BYU); the worse case scenario for that team (Vols) is to bounce back against last year’s Heisman winner...unless his friend Double D is in the stands, then it's not that bad!

Greg Gamble Rule #69ing with Poprocks: If a Top-5 ranked team is better this year ova last year (Florida), and is playing an opponent they beat by more the 38 the year prior that is actually worse this season (Tennessee), put the midgets & Asians to bed and go looking for your checkbook!

Final Score: GATORS 34 VOLS 17

Will Stoops's veteran squad and Sr. QB save his job?

Under new headmaster Rich “Gambling Pool” Neuheisel, the Bruins secondary was abused like an NBA groupie last week as BYU completed 78% and tossed 7 tuddies! This week, they face a pass-happy Wildcat squad averaging ova 46 pts/gm in their first three contests (2-1) and looking for redemption after an 8-point loss at New Mexico. Led by Sr. QB Willie Tuitama (8 TD, 2 Int, & 66%), his game breaking WRs (Mike Thomas- 302 yrds 3 TD, Delashaun Dean- 220 yrds, 2 TD, & Terrell Turner- 134 yrds, TD), & possibly the most underrated back in the Pac-10 Nic Grigsby (125 ypg, 6.6 avg, 6 TD), I cannot fathom how UCLA’s offense bounces back to keep up.

After getting their face shoved in the dirt & their chest rubbed in the sand, the Bruins should look deflated!

Especially with Zona getting their feet wet on the road last week, the trip to Hollywood should be a much easier adjustment. While Neuheisel will eventually turn the program around, recruitment over the last few years and player movement after the coaching change has left UCLA without much depth. Just like BYU did, look for Mike Stoops to turn this into a track meet early and then pound Grigsy late as the Bruins tire.

Final Score: WILDCATS 37 BRUINS 27

As for tonight's Louisville/Kansas St. tilt and...
...more NCAA ATS Picks & Friendly Faces...PLEASE CLICK HERE
BTW, is it wrong to wonder what her friend is thinkin' w/ those fingers?

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September 19, 2008

Greggy G's Friday NCAA ATS Rebate Buzz

NCAA ATS: 6-0 - NFL ATS: 4-6 - Teasers ATS: 4-1

For my NFL ATS Week 3 Picks and plenty more laides (CLICK HERE)

If you have a few minutes to kill, check out Baylor's FR QB...The track star will be in the Heisman talk by 2010!

I'm telling u friends...couple State Titles, great size, smart kid...kind of remindes me of me!

Also reminds me of the multi-talented Jarah...sometimes she wants to be flawless chillin' at home...

...& sometimes she takes the flawlessness 2 the beach!


Mark my word Homeboys, Baylor's dual-threat Fr. Robert Griffin will be the best QB in the Big 12 by his junior year. Throw-in a new headmaster running a shotgun spread offense, and my guess is the track star/State Champion keeps a suprisingly deep Bears squad in every game. As for getting 19 points...sign my azz up!

Final Score: BEARS 24 UCONN 30

I agree with her...GO GATORS!

(Read why this wins...or just look at the loverly ladies)

September 20, 2008


Saturday brings us some battles in the trenches, I'm talkin' football homeys!!
Single ATS: 10-6 Parlays: 1-2 Teasers: 1-3

Week 4 of college pigskin is upon us and it is becoming obvious that across the nation the competition is starting to tighten up(check out what I mean by tight HERE, try squeezing thru those things), and I see a direct correlation in all the lines I have been staring at all week. But lucky for us, there are still some teams out there that are leading people to believe they may actually be decent when they get into conference play. And without giving away the farm, I will tell you that this is going to lead to my $$$ pick of the year thus far.

FSU ain't on my list 2day, but these hotties are!

Before I get there, have you checked out my homey Double G’s picks yet. The guy has been robot-like in his dominance of the gridiron this year, and I can tell you that if I only listened to him from the beginning, I’d be sippin’ on Alize instead of Mad Dog. U can check out his SEC play of the week amongst some other gems right HERE.
Have I mentioned my fetish for FSU women? Legs how I like 'em...feet on one end, p*ssy on the other.

And now it is time to focus on what Teasin’ T-Bone is gonna feed you today. So sit back, refill that drinky drink, and soak in some pigskin luv….

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September 23, 2008

Home of Daily ATS Banter & Friendly Faces

NCAA: 9-0 - NFL: 4-7 - Teasers: 6-3 Hotties: 69-0


While Jimmy Clausen was phenomenal in Saved by the Bell...

...and won all kinds of jewelry before college,

...simply flashing the pearly whites and living off your past success is much more suited for life in Hollywood Homeboy!

With all the pre-game hype and locker-room banter 2 week ago, you'd have thought the Wolverines & Golden Domers were playing for a National Title instead of bragging rights for 2 football factories fighting to stay above .500. Even though Notre Dame surprised many experts by easily handling Michigan, unlike Charlie Cheeseburger, Rich Rodriguez is using this season as an opportunity to develop his underclassmen...and not to save his job. Against ND, plenty of talented veterans were on the bench as Rodriguez took full advantage of his free pass this season to teach the youngsters his new schemes. As a result, besides an electrifying play from freshmen SAM MCGUFFIE or MARTAVIOUS ODOMS, the Wolverines are what they are…a Big Ten bottom-feeder until late November. If anything, the Irish victory ova is a blessing and gives us a few extra points to play with this weekend.

While some luv TD Jesus...I luv TD Turquoise!

Back on the Touchdown Jesus front, the Irish looked extremely pedestrian following the U of M victory as they traveled to East Lansing last week and contributed only a 4th quarter TD on the scoreboard losing 23-7. While the final score didn’t appear to be a complete blow-out, the Spartans run Javon Ringer off-tackle and up-the-middle 90% of the time (even more than Iowa State legend Troy “Mini Me” Davis) and are geared to control the clock. This week, Notre Dame will be facing the most balanced and offensively-skilled team they’ve seen thus far in the Purdue Boilermakers. Lead by Sr. QB Curtis Painter (Career- 57 passing TDs, 13 rushing TDs, & 9,497 passing yards), Sr. RB Kory Sheets (Career- 3,181 rush/rec yrds, 42 TDs, & 5.2 rush avg), and a bevy of veteran WRs, I can not fathom how the overrated Jimmy Clausen & Co. can keep up.

Call me crazy, but I'll take Coach Tiller ova Weis anyday!

While Coach Tiller will always be criticized for losing against ranked opponents, and lost another close one in West Lafayette to then #16 Oregon 32-26 in OT two weeks ago, the Boilermakers are better team this year than the 8 wins each of the last two years and should surprise some of the big-boys late in the year. Throw-in a couple arrests last weekend for a couple Golden Domers adding to any already circus-type atmosphere and tough to see how Charlie Cheeseburger has this group ready to slowdown Purdue’s spread attack. And if you like it, hit it up now cause I have a feeling we’ll see the Wilford Brimley look-alike giving away a FG by game time.


As for a few more early week ATS thoughts,...
I luv she's wearin' red & white 2 support ARK ST READ WHY

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September 25, 2008

Thursday Night Pigskin Magic - 66% ATS

NCAA: 9-0 - NFL: 4-7 - Teasers: 6-3 - Hotties: 77-0
If u want my NFL ATS winners/hotties for the weekend CLICK HERE

While I luv Beaver & hate Trojans...this isn't about me!

Tonight, I'm riding with my Homeboy Snoop and USC!

If you want my College ATS Picks & Lovely Ladies for the weekend since I'm a perfect 9-0 thus far...CLICK HERE

I know the backfield in Corvallis has as bright a future as Vanessa Hudgens w/ true-Fr. Jacquizz Rodgers (5-6, 180), possibly the most decorated recruit ever to land in Moose Knuckle Country, & the perfect compliment in RS-Fr Ryan McCants (6-1, 240). In addition, after one-year of JUCO & splitting time under center last year for Coach Mike Riley, QB Lyle Moevao (5-11, 230) has defied the odds and become the feisty leader of this exciting bunch (2008- 922 yards, 61 comp%, 6 TD, 4 INT) with plenty of veteran weapons on the outside.

While young RB Jacquizz could have as bright a future as Vanessa, neither are ready to handle the size of USC's D!

That being said, I have a feeling the young backfield & undersized QB might have some trouble with a vicious Trojan D having two weeks to prepare. While their OL has some experience and performed admirable thus far, USC treated the Buckeyes line like amateurs and should cause twice as many problems for the lil guy under center. And considering their one of the few teams to have only played two games thus far, look for Carroll’s boys to be chomping at the bit.

QB Mark Sanchez brings twice the passion...

..that BOOTY (John David) ever did!

On the offensive side of the ball for the Trojans, after two years of mediocrity (for USC standards), they look flawlessly precise, are deep at every position, and have more speed/size than anybody. The ridiculous collection of superstars in the backfield finally seem to understand their roles, the tall NFL-caliber WRs have matured, and JR. QB Mark Sanchez (6-3, 225) has a confident smile to go along with a perfect release to make them virtually unbeatable (68 comp%, 7 TDs, 2 INT) in my years.

Just like Tom's friend, I have a feeling the Oregon St. QB might be wrapped-up pretty tight tonight!


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September 27, 2008


Would you like me to turn up the volume Coach Zook???

T-Bone's College Pigskin Record:
Single ATS: 10-8 Parlays: 1-2 Teasers: 2-3

Teasin’ T-Bone here, ready to crank up the heat on week 5 in the little big guys league, and after the stunner that everyone witnessed on Thursday night(I’m not talkin’ bout the Trojan song girls fellas), my guess is that most degenerates are starting out today with the triple L disease(Little Less Lettuce). But hey, it ain’t nuttin’ a perfect Saturday can’t make up for.

Step aside Cool James, cuz the Ladies Luv Greggy G.....

Even though my homey Greggy G only got half of the Thursday night action right(remember those friggin’ Trojans), it doesn’t even put a dent in his perfect 9-0 ATS record this year. And Double G has 3 more coming for ya, check out his locks that he honed in on early in the week RIGHT HERE.

Is that a Hook 'em Horns, or just some amazing tongue?

Oh yeah, and did you know that there is a TEXAS SCHOOL(click on it fool, u know u want to) that is getting our luv too. As for me, I’ve got some east side magic that’ll make your head spin.

When I say EAST, U say SIDE, EAST..........EAST.......

Maryland @ Clemson -11

After starting the season with a loss to Bama, who happens to be knockin’ the dust off it.....

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October 3, 2008


Hey T-Bone, this is how us southern hotties roll Shocker Style, do ya wanna play!!!

College Pigskin Record:
Single ATS: 10-10 Parlays: 1-2 Teasers: 2-4

Good morning fellas, we are now into what I call ‘the real deal’ as far as college football goes. It is the first weekend in October my friends, when many teams are just beginning conference play, yet others like the ‘Sconsin Badgers have their season on the line. But one thing is for sure, October is perfect tailgating weather.

I luv a lady that can hold her own....

As for me, I’m jumping out of my skin this weekend cuz I’m gonna be one of those tailgaters. On the slate today….East Lansing where I will get to see first hand just how good the Iowa Hawkeye’s rush defense is. And yes, I will have some coin on it just cuz I am the degenerate that you think I am, but I ain’t gonna recommend it to anyone. C’mon Vegas, do you really think 2 teams relying on their backs and with equally stout defenses are both gonna drop 20+?? Ooops, did I say too much….

Wrong ball you say, I think this tailgater will take on any type of ball that comes her way. It brings a whole new meaning to back door!

And since I am watching a Hawk game today, you can be guaranteed that if you patiently read my picks word for word and stare at each sweater kitten for at least 15 seconds, you will get a Hawk Girl sighting as a reward….God I luv Herky pasties!!!

While my homey Greggy G is licking his Chicago playoff wounds, he continues to pound the pigskin with authority, to check out his Buckeye Luv, CLICK HERE.

Dear Auburn, let her light the way!

Auburn -4 @ Vanderbilt

I absolutely drool......

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October 7, 2008

Home of Greggy G's Magical ATS Season

NCAA: 10-2 - NFL: 7-8 - Teasers: 7-4 - Hotties: 442-0
Congrats to me as Monday's victory capped a perfect 4-0 ATS Week!

All I want for Christmas is 2nd baseman Orlando Hudson!

First-off to the suprising Chicago Southsiders, CONGRATS...I never expected you’d make it this far! Not that I've given you some props, as constant pessimist...what the hell is gonna happen with those old softball sluggers for next year. As a fan of little guys on the diamond, watching Konerko, Thome, Griff, & Swish stumble around the bases is getting harder and harder to watch!

GM Kenny Williams needs to make sure we have more cats in the line-up with skinny little legs!

As for who I want, with Cabrera gone, Alexei shifting to SS, the 30-year old Hudson would be an absolutely perfect fit a 2B. Somewhat of a late bloomer, the veteran has seen his average raise in the past six season (107 games due to a wrist injury this year - .305/.367ob%) and won a Gold Glove in '06 & '07. As for CF, call me crazy, but a platoon of Jerry Owens & Brian Anderson reminds me of the cinematograph masterpiece Aurora Snow vs. Gauge...extremely underrated and filled with passion! As for what to do with Swish, while it'll be harder than my azz during scene 2 of Aurora Snow vs Gage to trade Konerko or Thome, one of those cats has got to go!

Greg Gamble's Tuesday Night Sun Belt Pigskin Breakdown

Someone tell me how she's not the Sun Belt Mascot!

In year’s past with only one game on the ATS docket, regardless of how much knowledge I had available my degenerate-azz would be playing this contest no matter what. And I ain’t gonna lie, after some late night research (in-between a little I was already to jump on the Troy St. bandwagon until I ventured to their athletic homepage. For some reason, the fact that the duel-threat So. QB Jamie Hampton is not a brother and is as pale as could be, made me think twice about risking my ridiculous Pigskin Record with more than 60 games to pick from this weekend.

J. Hampton made my list of guys I didn't know were white!

I know they’ve played the likes of Ohio St. & Oklahoma St and I should have noticed this before, but for some reason, the Saturday morning Bloody Marys and imitation-Vicodin have given me a false sense of confidence. It’s not that I’m scared of a white guy under center who likes to run the pill, but the fact that I broke down each of Troy’s games and pictured Mr. Hampton scrambling with a darker shade of pigment means maybe I don’t know everything I should about the Trojans. (BTW, 50/50 chance I change my mind by the time I finish writing this and invest some dollars on this game.)

Just like she seemed like the logical choice to win, Troy seems like the logical favorite. Guess what...she didn't win!?

While on paper this appears to be an easy win for Troy, the fact that Florida Atlantic was the experts pick as the conference champ and has struggled out the gate to a 1-4 record means their due…right? On the flipside, last season Troy’s bowl chances where destroying in their Sun Belt finale at home against FAU, so you have to expect the revenge factor should be off the charts tonight…right? Throw-in the ridiculous schedule thus far and having two weeks to prepare, and I was ready to head to the window last night until that damn picture of Jamie Hampton had me 2nd guessing my pick.

Suprisingly, Rusty Smith hasn't had too many celebrations this season...does that change tonight?

As for Owls optimism this season, with 6-5 Jr. Rusty Smith returning under center after an awesome performance in 2007 (3688 passing yards w/ 32 TDs & 9 INTs), nobody in the country could've predicted the Jacksonville native would be entering the 6th game of the season having completed less than 50% of passes with only 4 TD & 7 INT. All that being said, after playing on road against Texas, Michigan St., Minnesota, and Middle Tennessee St thus far (all losses), the home-cooking might be exactly what the doctor ordered…or maybe not. Do as you please, but this degenerate is taking the night off...even though I want to tease the Owls up to 10 with the unda!

While Greggy G is a self-proclaimed genius, I'll admit I've had my fair share of Fantasy Busts this season!

With that, after plenty of fan mail requesting info on my fantasy results thus far, I feel obliged 2 give u a lil break down of my squads…aka Spud Webb’s Pony & GST Warrior Zubaz

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October 8, 2008

Home of Daily ATS Pigskin Picks & Luv

NCAA: 10-2 - NFL: 7-8 - Teasers: 7-4 - Hotties: 448-0

While some of you would like to talk about the car accident Carlos Marmol was in (he's ok) or how you wish Bob Howry was in the car's frickin Football Season!!!

While u guys try 2 MACK on this, I'm breakin' down the MAC!

*if you'd rather check-out my Georgia/Tennessee Pick CLICK HERE

After traveling to #3 Missouri (L 42-21) and missing a FG as time expired at MAC favorite C. Michigan (L 27-25), Coach Turner Gill and the (2-3) Bulls received a much needed weekend off to regroup. In only his 2nd season at Buffalo, Gill shocked the league as the perennial doormat finished with a 5-3 conference record last season and was named MAC Coach of the Year. This season, Gill returned 18 starters, including Sr. leader Drew Willy (’08: 1299 yards, 64%, 12 TD, 3 INT), arguable the best back in the MAC James Starks (6-2, 215 lbs), and home run threat WR Naaman Roosevelt (34 catches, 15.2 avg, 4 TDs).

James Starks is healthy a due for breakout performance!

While their record hasn’t excited Vegas (which is a good thing), the Bulls haven’t lost at home this season and only lost once last year at home during conference play. And at Missouri three weeks ago playing without RB James Starks (who’s played since then and is healthy this week), Gill’s squad only trailed the Tigers by 6 late in the 3rd before their defense simply wore down...and that won't happen this week!

The Bulls should be well rested after a week off!

As for the (5-1) Broncos who look extremely formable on paper, considering their wins have come at the hands of N. Illinois, Idaho, Tennessee Tech, Temple, & Ohio, let’s not start sucking their Willy just yet (how clever is my azz with “Willy” leading the way for Buffalo…I’m frickin gifted!) Led by gunslinger Tim Hiller (19 TD & 4 INT) and RB Brandon West (574 yards, 5.6 avg), W. Michigan hasn’t had a weekend off since their season opener and the last time they hit the road only managed 7 points against Temple. While Hiller has been great this season, he’s one-dimensional, which bodes well for a Bulls squad that looked great vs. the pass against conference MVP Dan LeFevour…but struggled to contain his legs in a 2-point road loss. Look for the trip to Buffalo to cause some sloppiest early for the beat-up Broncos as the rested and disciplined Bulls treat this game as season changer.

With the game not starting until 3:30, the Buffalo fans should have time to recover from the night before!

And finally, and possibly most importantly, the Buffalo Bulls starting small forward on their basketball squad is named Greg MFin Gamble…no joke. And while yours truly spent his collegiate days telling sorority girls he had three balls in his undercarriage & brought a roulette wheel to keg parties, I have a feeling the Bulls Mr. Gamble will make sure the crowd is riled-up for a victory on Saturday…Game on BEEATCHES!

Final Score: BRONCOS 23 BULLS 30

Want more Loverly Ladies & Georgia/Tennessee ATS Luv?

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October 10, 2008

Home of Daily ATS Madness & Hotties

NCAA: 10-3 - NFL: 7-8 - Teasers: 7-4 - Hotties: 628-0
For my NFL Play Touch Me - For Saturday's plays Touch Me

U frickin' suck! The only thing you've designed well in ur life is named Lauren (Bowden)...I recommend a google search!

As for our friend Ms Campo, she's teasing us and wearing Cardinal colors. I guess that means...

...were teasin' Hunter & L'ville down to minus -1 tonight!

Considering she likes to have fun at night, maybe I should tell her who I'm teasing them with...

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October 11, 2008


Looks like a party is about to break out my friends!!

College Pigskin Record:
Single ATS: 11-12 Parlays: 1-2 Teasers: 3-4

Thanks for tuning in to today, make sure that you grab that cocoa and schnapps before you sit down fellas, cuz there ain’t nuttin’ better than starting a Saturday off with coeds, cocoa, and the dynamic duo of T-Bone & Double G!!

I can provide the coeds, and naughty ones at that, it is up to you to provide the cocoa! Mmmm, spankalicious.

Before we get into why today is gonna be a great day for Teasin’ T-Bone, you have got to check out where my homey Greggy G is spreadin’ his luv today. And much like a short skirt wearing, spagetti strap totin' sexy coed in the corner of the bar, he even provides you a lil tease as well. TOUCH GREGGY RIGHT HERE!

To tease or not to tease, that is the question....

If you didn’t already notice, I’d like you to scroll back up to the top and check out my ATS record….yep, you got it, not quite .500. I point this out cuz I’ve only grabbed one mark in the win column out of my last 7 picks, and I’m a man that believes in trends, with my biggest belief being that trends change. So today is going to be the today that my trend changes, partially cuz the sun shines on a dogs ass some day, but primarily cuz I have done a deep dive into some of the not-so-prominent conferences and found some interesting matchups.

Living proof that good things are bound to happen when you open up doors that you normally wouldn't touch!!

So here we go, and if you need a refill already, just consider yourself a friend of mine….

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October 16, 2008

Greggy G's College & Pro Pigskin Picks

NCAA: 10-4 - NFL: 8-8 - Teasers: 8-6 - Hotties: 702-0

When I heard Florida St. was playing 2night I got excited!

But then I found out she had other plans...what a tease!

Call my a BEEATCH all you want, but if you bet 1 million on each of my teaser plays this year the ATS Fairy would’ve left an extra 1.4 million unda your pillow! As for my crazy decision to roll tonight’s college match-up with the professional pigskin, tell me the bloody won’t taste extra special Sunday morning knowing the lowly Lions are on the road and only getting a FG...Texans roll baby!

If you want my ATS plays for Saturday (Touch Me Here)

Is much easier to catch the pill when you're 6'6"!


Just like Rich “Be Patient” Rodriguez, new headmaster Tom O’Brien inherited a squad last year he wanted to completely revamp. Unfortunately, the incoming recruits did not match those in Ann Arbor and O’Brien had to wait until this year to start the chant of “Here Come The Freshmen!” And unlike the happy faces & willys from fraternity row when the inexperienced sorority kittens are introduced, football in the ACC doesn’t have the same welcoming party for the newbies. After playing QB carousal simply to appease the mojo of the upperclassmen, O’Brien has finally handed the reigns to the 19 year-old playmaker Russell Wilson…and you have to be a playmaker when your only 5-11!

O'Brien might not show his face after another home loss!

While Wilson has made few plays and actually moved the ball two weeks ago against Boston College (maybe that had something to do with O’Brien knowing a lil something about the Boston College defense?), the Seminoles have had two weeks to scheme for the rook and should cause all kinds of problems considering the Wolfpack run the ball as well as Matt Stairs swipes a base (2.5 ypc). As for how this game compares to Megan Fox…

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October 18, 2008


College Pigskin Record:
Single ATS: 12-13 Parlays: 1-2 Teasers: 3-5

To Check out Greg Gamble's 10-4 ATS college picks & thongs
Grab a drink and keep readin', cuz this is just the beginning! U can't beat Bama Poon!

Road dogs, my friends, today is about the road dogs across the nation. And the reason the traveling team is high on my list is because of math. Because today isn’t just about any team that has donned a bus or plane today, today is about the dogs that come into today less than +5. These teams are at the top of my radar cuz on the year, any home team that has been from a pick ‘em to -5 has only covered 28% of the time.

I'm thinkin' she still covers better than homes teams have been throughout the 2008 campaign!

So this weekend brings us 8 games where the home team is even to -5. If the trend continues only 2 of these home teams will cover, not bad odds huh? But let me tell you a secret that only the insideplay cult will know….TCU(at -1.5) already covered on Thursday. That leaves 7 games and now only one team is expected to cover to keep the 28% trend alive. Hell, even go one more and say the trend is going to be 40% this weekend(which has only happened twice so far), that still means that only 2 out of the 7 home teams that are even to -5 are gonna cover today.

Vanessa doesn't like to cover either, the correlation is impeccable. To see more of the dirty girl that goes by Vanessa, gently STROKE HER HERE!

Those 7 games are….UConn/Rutgers(-1), Wisconsin/Iowa(-3.5), Purdue/Northwestern(-4), Southern Miss/Rice(-2), Kansas St/Colorado(-3.5), Virginia Tech/Boston College(-3), and Mizzou/Texas(-5). Out of all of these games, I believe Wisconsin had the best chance of winning today…

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October 21, 2008

Mea Culpa Homeboys, Mea MFin Culpa!

NCAA: 11-5 - NFL: 8-10 - Teasers: 9-6 - Hotties: 735-0
For tonight's Tuesday Night ATS Special...Touch Me Here

What can I say Dicky B, you the man & you played Greggy G like a fiddle...and Mr. Cassell, I'll eat some crow for ya.

While my NCAA play of Memphis was ruined on the first drive Saturday when their stud-QB went down for the game, I won't blame Culter's whacked finger (or the back-to-back opening drive fumbles that completely changed the tempo of the game) for my embarrassing ATS performance last night...Mea Culpa Homeboys, Mea MFin Culpa!

Considering Belichick kicked my azz, if he wants to trade in his grey Hoodie for this, you won't hear a peep from me!

As for the Tuesday Night Ohio/Temple ATS Pigskin battle...

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October 22, 2008

Daily Sports Banter, ATS Luv, & Hotties

NCAA: 12-5 - NFL: 8-10 - Teasers: 9-6 - Hotties: 741-0
Hopefully you didn’t miss yesterday’s Tuesday Night Winner!

For some reason, everytime I see Mike Leach I think of the late-great Chris Penn with dark I wrong?

Around this time every year, Mike Leach's flashy squad loses to a BIG 12 powerhouse. Especially with the Red Raiders coming-off some weak victories against the rebuilding Cornhuskers (OT victory at home) and the suddenly-awful Aggies (down 3 at half before winning 43-25 in College Station), who in their warped & hazy mind would actually take the Red Raiders on the road to face the human-Blueberry this weekend?

Put the women, children, & sour cream to bed folks!

Just like my football, I luv things black, red, & flashy!

Graham Harrell has been an absolute machine completing 78% of his passes with 15 TD & only 2 INT the last 4 weeks. While the prognosticators will tell you last week’s 1st half performance against the downward-spiraling A&M squad should raise cause for concern, I was more impressed with how they came out after halftime on both sides of ball. The defense tightening-up and didn’t allow a point in the 2nd half, while the offense showed an ability to exploit some in-game match-ups with the senior leadership of the 6-3 Harrell.

This must be a sign...she reminds me of a Crabtree!

While WR Michael Crabtree is still the main attraction (51 catches & 12 TD) his numbers are down from last year because of the emergence of So. Detron Lewis (40 catches at 13.4 ypc), 6-3 Fr. Tramain Swindell (last week: 7 catches & 101 yards) and a two-headed rushing attack that actually rushes the pigskin this season adding some much needed balance (So. Baron Batch & Sr. Shannon Woods - 893 yards, 6.3 avg, & 12 TD) well as, 56 catches & 663 yards receiving!

I really hope Big Blue did this as a joke!

I know the Red Raider D is still considered “Oil-Tycoon on the Paris Hilton runway strip”-easy, but their “bend-but-don’t break toooo much” has really played well when the game’s been on the line. Especially with the stamina from a full season of running on-n-off the field all day, look for a much fresher group in the 2nd half as the Jayhawks start to feel the affects of last week’s bruising contest with the Sooners.


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October 23, 2008

Thursday Night ATS Pigskin Prediction

NCAA: 12-5 - NFL: 8-10 - Teasers: 9-6 - Hotties: 744-0
Did you miss Tuesday's Winner? Did you see yesterday's ATS pick?

While I'm sure Coach Stewart (or as I call him Grandpa Stew) is a nice fellow & probably does a mean crossword puzzle, he doesn't resonate with ATS magic the way Richie did!


Thursday Night football might be the best invention since the one-&-only Belly-Button Jewel of Love!

Prior to opening day, many felt this late season non-conference battle could play a major role in the BCS race. Now, another Tommy is on the hot-seat after a disastrous offensive scheme change backfired, while WV looks eerily similar to the ole Mountaineers before Rich Rodriquez arrived. But before jumping on the Tigers for their idiotic expectations that the spread-offense could be installed over the summer and lead them to a title, let’s talk about the coaching change in Morgantown that's making fans nervous.

Only Greggy G can compare the Mountaineers coaching transition with Jenna J's brilliant film career!

The Mountaineers offense under Grandpa Stew reminds me of Jenna Jameson’s performances once she started directing. While most of the pieces are still the same (plastic boobs compared to the starting QB returning), the overall quality lacks the edginess that made it special. Seriously, do remember the cinematic masterpiece “Jenna Loves Rocco” circa 1996…it had a Rich Rodriquez-type flair & passion to it. Then, in 2002 Lady Jameson decides to start producing her movies and the next you know “I Dream of Jenna” turns out to be dirty version of a Cinemax flick. Kinda like watching Pat White run the same scheme but with Grandpa Stewart as headmaster.

Four years of hits for lil Pat White have taken a toll!

In addition, is it me, or does 190-lb Pat White seem like he’s starting to feel the wear-n-tear of 4 years running off tackle. Especially without the safety net of Steve Slaton who could basically carry the squad when needed, the QB now relies on Noel Devine who just doesn’t have the same skill set to grind-out the tough yards. While Devine will be the fastest player on the field tonight & always is a HR-threat, the short yardage inabilities of both he & White have stalled drives all season…and that was against E. Carolina, Syracuse, & Rutgers. Did I mention White missed the Mountaineers last contest at home versus lowly Syracuse (who they narrowly beat) with a concussion?

While not this flawless, the Tiger D still is extremely solid!

And they can wrap-up with the best of 'em!

For all the turmoil in Auburn, the Tiger defense has been absolutely outstanding and will be huge upgrade from what the Mountaineers are used to seeing. Tuberville’s squad has a solid secondary, so look for them to load-up in the box to stop the run and trust their one-on-one coverage on the outside against WV’s unimpressive and undersized WRs. Also, I’m not trying to hate on Grandpa Stewart and I hear he’s a great guy who likes to do Sudoku puzzles and drink Iced Tea on the porch, but have you seen him on the sideline during important moments, drives, or plays? After first displaying a unique combination of nervousness & bewilderment, Stewart then stares up at the sky as if to say, “What Would Richie Do” aka WWRD!

While RB Ben Tate is a beast, don't forget about Brad Lester!
As for the Tigers attempt to reestablish their offense, READ ON!

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October 25, 2008


College Pigskin Record:
NCAA: 12-14 NFL: 6-5 Parlays: 1-3 Teasers: 8-6

To go straight to Teasin’ T-Bone’s college picks, TOUCH ME!

Late October brings out the best in equals no helmet and bitch kicks, are you serious?

Good morning my fellow degenerates! There are plenty of season changing games on the slate today….like Texas Tech/Kansas to kick off the day, Penn State/Ohio State to finish things off, and Georgia/LSU sandwiched in the middle like the cream of an Oreo.

Speaking of being sandwiched between something, anyone got a snorkle and some lube for my ears cuz I'm goin' in!! God luv tha Gators!

If I could provide a performance like that behind closed doors I’d be makin’ some coin in a different industry my friends. The game to watch for me is going to be in Columbus, but unlike your sister, I’m staying away from this one like the plague.

Gotta luv a woman ready for Saturdays!!

My homeboy Greggy G has already been rollin’ deep all week. He started off with a Temple cover, then suffered a Tubberville letdown, only to bring it back last night with a teaser cover by the married Ian Johnson and his blue turf Broncos. To check out Double G’s pigskin play of the day, CLICK HERE!

What can Brown do you for, question answered.

I’ve got two ATS winna’s for ya today, and even a lil’ teaser that’ll bring in the lettuce. All I can say is ride me today fellas, cuz I have one of those feelings that only comes around a couple times a year….everything turns to gold today!!

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October 28, 2008

Home of Daily ATS Picks & Lovely Ladies

NFL: 10-11 - NCAA: 13-6 - Teasers: 10-6 - Hotties: 969-0
Did you miss my flawless picks yesterday…TOUCH ME HERE

You can take the Thundering Herd if you'd like, but I'm not trusting a team coached by David MFin Wooderson!

The Cougars 4-3 record is a blessing as Vegas hasn’t jacked-up the lines on their high-flying offense yet. With a new headmaster in Kevin Sumlin (former Oklahoma offensive coordinator & assistant coach at Texas A&M back when they were good), new schemes implemented by former Texas Tech O-coordinator Dana Holgorsen (left to get out of Mike Leeach’s enlarging shadow) & veteran defensive coordinator John Skladany (10 years as Cyclones D-coordinator before coaching UCF’s kick-azz defense last year), and plenty of young superstars, the Cougars needed some time to find a rhythm. And since their 28-25 loss at Colorado St. on 9/20, the Case Keenum (69%, 23 TD, 6 INT) led Texans have won three straight & averaged over 43 ppg.

Opponents have seen plenty of backside when Case & Co. have the pigskin...too bad for them it doesn't look this good!

Even during the 2nd week of the season, the Cougars proved they could score on anybody with a 56-37 loss at #9 Oklahoma St. Former Head Coach Art Briles (now at Baylor) should be thanked for the plethora of young talent he left behind as Houston can compete with anybody in the country when it comes to playmakers. Sophomore QB Case Keenum was spectacular his freshman campaign, but many feared the offense would take a step back with the departure of new St. Louis Rams fantasy star Donnie Avery & workhouse RB Anthony Alrige (Broncos). Instead, Sumlin & Holgorsen found out they have more options than a white guy with expensive shoes in Thailand.

The Cougars have a fresh young face in their backfield!

True freshman RB Bryce Beall broke the hearts of plenty Big 12 schools when he decided to jump right onto the field at Houston and has been everything they expected…and a little more (557 yards, 6.3 avg, 7 TD and 151 yrds receiving). While Keenum is actually 2nd on the team in rushing (164 yrds, 2 TD), Jr. Andre Kohl is a perfect duel threat when Beall needs a break (rush & rec – 262 yrds, 3 TD) and should find a more action tonight with the colder conditions.

With all the HR-skills on the outside, look for Keenum to burn the Herd for a few big plays with his feet!

As for the passing game, because of his athleticism and sweet hands, Sr. Mark Hafner (6-3, 230) has dominated as a spread-style TE (52 rec. 8 TD) controlling the middle of the field. Perfectly complimenting his possession skills, tiny-tot RS-FR speedsters Patrick Edwards (5-9, 165) & Tyron Carrier (5-7, 150) are a threat to take it to the house every time they touch the pill (87 rec. 9 TD) and have worked themselves into the running game with a few end-arounds and reverses. Throw-in the development of former QB & possibly the most gifted athlete on the squad in 6-2, 210 lb L.J. Castile (15.1 avg, 4 TD), and Holgorsen arguable has more dangerous playmakers than he did back in Lubbock. Especially w/ the extra practice time this week...

No need to give me that look, I have more INSIDE INFO FOR YA

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October 30, 2008

Thursday Night Football & NBA ATS Picks

NFL: 10-11 - NCAA: 13-6 - Teasers: 10-6 – ( NBA: 0-2 )

Talk about a rough opening to the season for Stevie Nash, last night it was Tony Longoria and tonight it's CP3!

While both squads opened the season with wins last night (Hornets by five at GST & Suns by five ova the Spurs), I have a feeling the first back-to-back contest after extended minutes gives an advantage to the young legs from New Orleans. Especially considering the extra emotion from having Timmy D & Tony Longoria in town last night, not to mention how drained Shaq looked while trying to come-up with witty lines for the post game, I expect to see some quick substitutions by newbie Terry Porter and his already shaky bench.

Just like our friend, Paul should look flawless in the desert!

I know the Hornets were far from spectacular running with Nellie’s swingman last night, but for that reason, I expect CP3 to set the tone early for his teammates and to isolate Shaq on the pick-n-roll against West or Chandler (questionable)…and force the far-from-chiseled vet to keep-up w/ them in transition. Since Nash can’t & won’t spent too much time one-on-one with Paul, look for Byron Scott to exploit the Canadian’s match-up with the bruising James Posey sliding over to SG. Unlike against the AARP Spurs where Nash could stand on the perimeter with Bruce Bowen & Roger Mason, with the power of Posey & Peja’s length, they don’t really have a spot to hide him.

Even from his High School days in Caly...
Tyson's always had the emotion you want...but now,
...he pairs that with some solid bball IQ!/strong>
BTW, Byron & CP3 will easily have the best record in the NBA if they stay healthy, but probably need another solid big to win it all...word!

And finally, while Amare's still virtually impossible for anybody to consistently stop, with Shaq probably not himself after last night, West & Chandler should combine to prevent him from completely dominating. After that, with Grant Hill, Raja Bell, Matt Barnes, & Boris Diaw simply trying not to hurt their squad offensively, Bad-azz Byron just needs to worry bout containing the Brazilian Bandid Leandro Barbosa to open the season 2-0 …Hornets by 3-8 points

With Mo Williams running the show, the Cavs still have their business approach, but just added some flair!

BTW, if your looking for a Maids N Heels service - Touch Me Here - BTW2, if ur looking for my Thursday Pigskin Pick - Touch Me Here -

After controlling the Champs in the first half Tuesday, the Bron-Bron’s didn’t come out with the same intensity in second and allowed the Celtics to regain their confident swagger at home. While losing by five to the Three Amigos in the Boston Garden is understandable, Cleveland let the game slip-away and looked awful pissed afterward. Tonight, the new-n-improved Cavs will try to bounce back in front of a riled-up crowd with Championship aspirations against arguable the most screwed-up franchise in the Association.

What are the odds MJ has winked at Kendra at party instead of scanning the Free Agent list...yeah, I'll go 80/20 too!

My favorite aspect of the Cats O Bob is not that His Airness would rather golf, gamble, and bang blondes than be a GM…and it is not that the once great Larry Brown has completely lost his marbles and I can’t wait to see the mutiny that will inevitable arise. What it is, is the crazy fact that everybody new Charlotte was beyond desperate for more big-bodies and at the last minute of the NBA draft Grandpa Brown convinced them to take D.J. Augustin instead of the accomplished 7-footer Brook Lopez. As a result, the Bobcats have been forced to pair the overmatched & somewhat overrated Emeka Okafor with Nazr Mohammed, the artist formerly known as Sean May I Eat, and DePaul’s very own Andre NBDL Brown.

The Cavs frontcourt should look huge next to the Cats!

On to the Cavs frontcourt, while nobody’s making the All-Star team this year, Mike Brown has a solid rotation of bruising bodies (Ben Wallace, Big Z, Side-Show Bob, & my draft sleeper PF J.J. Hickson) to control the glass and protect the basket. Especially, with the extra emotion of a home-opener, look for plenty 2nd chance opportunities created by those guys. As for the perimeter, GM Danny Ferry finally has surrounded the deadliest penetrator since Long Dong Silver with sharpshooters at every corner (Mo Williams, Daniel Gibson, Wally, & sometimes Sasha n Delonte). And finally, while the Bobcats have some talent on the wings with J-Rich & G-Wallace, the methodical style of Larry Brown doesn’t really suit their abilities, and even if it does work, will take some time to develop. Overall, I expect Charlotte to look overwhelmed and to struggle to keep this from being a blow-out all night…King James & Co. by 15-20 points

With that, time to breakdown the Thursday Night College Pigskin!

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November 1, 2008


NCAA: 13-14 NFL: 6-6 Parlays: 1-3 Teasers 9-7

Go straight to Teasin’ T-Bone’s NCAA pick o’ tha day, TOUCH ME!

I've never wanted to lick a football more than right now.

Happy November fellow sports fanatics!!! It is election Saturday in my book, and insideplays is running for office. The current opening is ‘Pimparific Playa that luvs ATS and LADIES’. It just so happens that no one else is running against us this year, and you know why? I have a few thoughts of my own, but I’ll let you be the judge. Did I mention that you get all this entertainment and advice for free? Grab a drink and bring your friends, cuz it ain’t nuttin’ but a gansta party!

But first, as promised...
For Greggy G's Sunday Funday ATS Picks...TOUCH ME HERE

LSU's D is trained to attack SEC foes, so how u think a banged-up & bad Conf. USA squad handles things?

The Wavers adjusted to life without Chicago Bear Matt Forte better than expected as Forte’s understudy Andre Anderson was absolutely Marion Butts-beastworthy. Over a 4 game stretch the Jr. averaged 31 carries & 185 yrds/gm and still ranks 2nd on the team in receptions…and I say still cause the poor guy is out for the year. How about their #1 WR and playmaker Jeremy Willams you ask…poor guy broke his hand and hasn’t played in four weeks. I know it’s wrong to jump on a sorority girl when their sleeping & I know it’s mean to gang-up on a team in despair, but sometimes, I just don’t do the right thing.

The Tigers will FLAWLESSLY SPREAD the wealth today!

Tulane has lost three straight, including last week’s 42-17 home loss to Rice where they rushed for a total of 34 yards, and have decided to start a rotating average-QB situation. And Saturday, they travel to face a livid Tigers squad having lost 2 of 3 and embarrassed for talking trash & not backing it up. I could explain how the Tigers will score, but it will be spread-out to each & every one of them. The LSU Lines will dominate, the skill-position players have too much size & speed, and most importantly, the Wave might have the most Special Teams catastrophes in the entire nation…& that was against Conf. USA squads!

Final Score: GREEN WAVE 6 TIGERS 44

You know how rolls, don't ya???

Greggy G has already got the NBA vibe going in the last couple days, to check out a couple of his winners CLICK HERE! And also check back for both of us tomorrow as we drop some NFL knowledge for ya. But for my college picks, keep reading below and try not to get sidetracked by all the skin.
How many licks does it take to get to the center of this tootsie pop? The world may never know....
I forgot about the football, just click below...

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November 4, 2008

NCAA Pigskin, NBA ATS, & Friendly Faces

NFL: 12-11 - NCAA: 13-8 - Teasers: 11-6 – Hotties 841-0

If J.R. continues to mature as a professional & develop his skills, this deal is more about him than Chauncey!

After a 2-0 ATS evening and an NBA trade with more flavor than Snow Bunnies in bikinis, the cocktails flowed like the Salmon of Capistrano as I perused my late night sources to continue the magical start to the week. And considering we have a lil Tuesday Night College Football action to parlay with our NBA & Presidential ATS, I’m guessing my friends at Eagle Liquors already know to save Greggy G a parking space in the loading zone…btw, what aisle are the 2-liters of Purple Passion available? But briefly on the A.I. for Chauncey swap, let me breakdown some knowledge on why these organizations made the deal:

You know what she has in common with Iverson? Neither of them have the frame to defend the 2-spot.

1. J.R. Smith determines if Denver makes the Playoffs
If most casual fans still see shooting guard J.R. Smith (or as his friends call him “Young-Rich”) as simply an immature “Me-First” streetballer, they haven’t been watching Nugget hoops like they should. While still possessing the ability to be a knucklehead, the 6-6 highflier has the quickness & strength to be threat on the wing even w/out his lethal 3pt stroke. Over the last two seasons, “Young-Rich” has averaged almost 13 ppg in 20 min. of work while shooting 40% from behind the arc & 45% from the floor.

Every time I hear J.R. Smith's nickname "Young-Rich" it reminds me of Monica Hansen's nickname "Young-Sexy"!

As for the former Sixer, after years of punishment, an inability to guard apposing SGs, and not creating enough space for Carmelo to operate, it became apparent Iverson and his persona were more than expendable. Now, J.R. steps into the other wing-spot spacing the floor and providing Melo more room to operate. Oh yeah, and instead of the overachieving 2nd string point Anthony Carter forced to log starter minutes, George Karl has a veteran All-Star floor-general (ala Gary Payton & Sam I Am) getting his shooters the rock and providing another floor-spacer to enable Syracuse’s finest a chance to utilize his talents.

Following this season, DET will be swimming in FA dollars!

2. Money, Money, & Stuckey on the mind of Joe D
On the Motown side, while the immediate impact is not as great, the reasoning is surprisingly similar. Like J.R. Smith, Rodney Stuckey’s rapid-development behind Chauncey facilitated this trade. I guarantee if Joe D knew Stuckey was already this NBA-ready, he would never had signed the slowly-aging Billups to a long-term contract. With Rip & Tayshaun on the wings, the young combo of Jason Maxiel & Amir Johnson at PF, and Stuckey at the point, the Pistons only have to fill the void in the middle…and now, they have the money to do their shopping with A.I. & Sheed coming off the books.

Talk about a lethal tattooed version of The Microwave!

To tell you truth, I actually think Stuckey ova Billups may provide a youthful spark to a somewhat stagnate group the last couple years. And while I struggle to see how Iverson will mesh with Mo-Town’s starters, if the organization has the balls and A.I. is willing to put his ego aside, talk about an upgraded-tattooed version of The Microwave off the bench…never mind, that makes too much sense to actually happen. Overall, I still see the Pistons has top-tier team in the East that will lose in the 2nd round of the Playoffs this year, but because of this move, they’ve become big-time players in the FA sweepstakes and reestablished themselves as a contender for year’s to come.

Trust me like you trust your bookie Homeboys, Drew Willy will lead Buffalo to a double-digit victory tonight!

Buffalo (4-4) has rebounded from a heartbreaking three-game losing streak to win their last two and pull even with Akron for the MAC East lead. Led by one of the hottest young coaches in the country, Turner Gill has the veteran Bulls brimming with confidence and convinced their early season disappointments have made them stronger. Sr. QB Drew Willy may not have David Klingler numbers, but he’s commanded the offense efficiently and limited his mistakes this season (15 TD, 4 INT, 63%). Considering he has a future Sunday Funday RB behind him in 6-2, 215 lbs Jr. James Starks and a playmaker like WR Naaman Roosevelt (51 rec, 695 yrds, 6 TD) on the outside, the balanced attack should have no trouble with the lousy defense of the (2-6) Redhawks…who just allowed Kent State to score 54 points in a 33 point home-loss last week! While Starks has been banged-up at times this season, he looked 100% last week rushing for 185 yards & 2 TDs against a decent Ohio Bobcats squad. Probably the most impressive aspect of the Bulls offense this season was their ability to keep pace at Missouri (losing 21-27 late in the 3rd) without Starks, before wearing down late.

Just like handling a snake, an ESPN Night Game may be a lil nerve-racking for the Redhawks freshman QB!

As for the Redhawks offense, the high-hopes for Jr. QB Daniel Raudabaugh were officially squashed three weeks ago as he was benched for redshirt Fr. Clay Belton (54% 2 TD, 3 INT). While the 6-5 Belton has the tools to become a player in the MAC, last week he threw two costly interceptions in their blow-out to Kent St. so expect him to look tentative on the road tonight, especially with the ESPN Tuesday Night atmosphere. The only playmaker Miami (OH) has sported of late is another freshman who took over just a couple weeks ago in J.R. Taylor. While he’s rushed for 240 yards at 6.5 clip the last two weeks, considering he didn’t touch the pigskin until the six-game of the season, I’m not the least big worried he’ll keep the Redhawks within double-digits tonight.

Final Score: REDHAWKS 17 BULLS 34

Alrighty, enought pigskin, it's time for some NBA ATS Luv

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November 8, 2008


NCAA: 13-16 NFL: 7-6 Parlays: 1-3 Teasers 9-7

Go straight to Teasin’ T-Bone’s NFL pick o’ tha day, TOUCH ME!

Personal foul, it appears the passer likes it rough!

Thanks for joining us today at Insideplays, where words are only used to give your eyes a break from all that friggin’ skin! All kidding aside, you know you get two things when you roll shotgun with Teasin’ T-Bone on a CFB Saturday…college coeds and some form of opinion on where to let your cabbage reside. BTW, Greg Gamble (15-9 NCAA ATS) is all over the BUCKEYES (-11) at Northwestern this morning. The Cats are banged-up at the skill positions and the windy/cold weather probably doesn't bode well for their aerial attack. On Tressel's side, look for some smash-mouth action with their advantage in the trenches, while Pryor will break a few around the corner and special teams will snag at least one score. Sshhhh...Greggy G's Blue Ballz Luv Anacot Steel & Ohio St. -11

Let me introduce coed #1
.....Followed very nicely by coed #2

Let me start by saying that USC isn’t on my list today, but I’ve been impressed recently at their ability to cover a 16, 25, 43, and 46 point spread in four of their last 5 contests. And not only did they cover, they covered by an average of 14 points a game!! Oh, you want to go one step further, they are giving up 22 friggin’ points to Cal, the 2nd placed team in the PAC-10. I don’t have the stones to drop on this one, partially cause I’m still not convinced that the conference is worth a squat this year, but mostly cause I want to be able to put full concentration on the USC ladies(check ‘em out here) for the full 60 minutes.

When you find a girl that likes poles, I always recommend folding your Washington the long way, put the back of your head on the stage, and gently place it on the bridge of your nose. Now close your eyes and hope they aren’t crusted shut in the morning!

Keep on reading if you’re lookin’ for my winners, but let me warn you before you click below, I have a teaser that is so much of a lock in my mind that I’ll be poppin’ the bubbly before kick off.

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November 11, 2008

Tuesday Night ATS Pigskin & Friendly Faces

NFL 14-12 - NCAA 16-9 - Teasers 12-6 - Happiness 69-0
Did you miss my Undefeated Monday Night Picks...TOUCH ME HERE

Before we get to my NBA picks and how Rose is gonna abuse ATL's PGs & love not seeing J-Smith protecting the rim...


Because picking two is always more fun than picking one!

#14 BALL ST. CARDINALS @ MIAMI (OH) REDHAWKS (teased ova 46)

Not only are the undefeated Cardinals relying on the excitement from the uncharted waters of national exposure and their program-altering success. As mentioned last week, the career-ending injury to the heart-n-soul of the squad, SR WR Dante Love, early in the year raised the stakes and aided in their focus in taking advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity (TOUCH ME HERE and scroll down for last week’s scouting report on Ball St). While QB Nate Davis (19 TD, 5 INT, 68-comp%) has received most the hype as he’s basically picked apart every team on the docket this season with a loaded receiving core, the reason Ball State has dominated virtually every opponent is a solid O-Line and diminutive backfield that has yet to be contained.

With teams affraid of Davis lighting'em up, RB MiQuale Lewis is having a field day once he breaks through the line!

5-6 Jr. MiQuale Lewis (1108 yrds, 5.8 avg, 15 TD) has been a nightmare for opponents to find and reminds me of the great ISU Cyclone Troy Davis with more explosion and better hands out of the backfield. And considering Wally Szczerbiak’s alma mater ranks 95th in the nation in rushing yards allowed, I have feeling MiQuale might break the 200 yard barrier by the 3rd quarter. Throw-in the dangerous 5-7 Fr. Corey Sykes (389 yrds, 6.0 avg, 3 TD) for a couple touches a game, the mobility of QB Nate Davis, and eight players with double-digit catches, and the balance for Ball St. might be the best in the country and virtually unstoppable for Miami tonight.

Unfortunetly, Jeri Lee has more stars than Miami of Ohio!
BTW, I hear she also sports an extra frickin' cool is dat?!

Speaking of the (2-7) Redhawks, they lost by 33 at home to (2-7) Kent St. two weeks ago and lost at Buffalo by 20 last Tuesday night (TOUCH ME HERE and scroll down for last week’s scouting report on Miami-OH). With the season spiraling out of control, the coaching staff has turned things over to the youngsters in a desperate attempt to tell the alumni they’re rebuilding and developing the stars of tomorrow…yeah, not buying it. Especially w/ many of the veterans already checked-out on the season & a home-crowd that might be heckling their own squad by the 2nd quarter, and I just don’t see how they’ll have the focus needed to stop the vaunted Ball St. attack.

Just like her legs, the Cards balanced attack can split any D!

Now I know some of you think I’m acting like a BEEATCH by teasing this down, but considering I’ve won 67% of my Pigskin Teasers this year…suck it Homboys & Homegirls! The ova (teased to -46) seems like a given as Ball St. ranks 11th in the nation in scoring (38.3 ppg) and should crack at least 40 against a revamped & youthful Redhawks D. As a result, worse case scenario Miami just needs to score a TD & FG to cover the first half of our teaser, which shouldn’t be too hard with all the possessions Nate Davis & Co. will give them. Also, Miami has scored ova 17 pts the last three weeks & should get an additional boost late when the Cardinals pull their starters to prevent any further injuries with Cent. Michigan (5-0, 7-2) on the horizon. As a result, while I know MiQuale will run wild and break this thing open early, I keep picturing a 40-14 score late in the 4th when Miami grabs a garbage tally to make me thankful the gambling gods invented teasers.


Considering Bibby has struggled with the speed of Ben & Kirk, how you think he'll fare if asked to guard Derrick?

I know Vinny Del Scott Baio looks unbelievably overwhelmed and a 20 year-old has the keys to this thing, but the Bulls are catching a Hawks squad at the perfect time. Having unexpectedly opened 5-0, the Bulls grab a discount at the ATS-window even with ATL playing without their only true defensive presence around the basket in Josh Smith (out 2 to 4 weeks). And tonight, they hit-up snowy Chi-Town after only visiting warm-weather cities thus far, so expect a squad with the moniker Hot-Lanta to need a few quarters to loosen-up those legs to keep up with Derrick Rose (17.7 ppg, 5.1 apg, 46 fg%).

The weather won't be this warm or to the likings of ATL!
For more on the Bulls, other NBA games, & hotties...TOUCH ME HERE

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November 12, 2008

Hump Day ATS Pigskin & Bikini Picks

NFL 14-12 - NCAA 16-9 - Teasers 13-6 - Happiness 70-0

For all the talk that Do-Everything Dan LeFevour might be held out tonight, Greggy G's sources say no MFin way!

Waking-up and expecting to see a line close to even, what is it about gambling-addicted cats like myself that cannot rejoice the unexpected points and would rather loath in the nervousness of how this could possibly be true? That being said, after polishing off a bloody & some Theraflu this morning, my mood changed as I remembered I’m 16 games ova .500 on the gridiron and one handsome MFer!

Just like LeFevour may have a brace on his ankle, Claudia has support on her's as well and she still looks great!

The (7-2) Chippewas are undefeated in the MAC, coming off a Bye Week, and will be getting Jr. QB Dan “Do-Everything” LeFevour back in the mix tonight (’07: passing - 3652 yards, 27 TD, 13 INT – rushing - 1122 yards 19 TD). While LeFevour opened the season in similar fashion and looked solid in road tests against Georgia & Purdue, he’s been slowed by an ankle injury of late missing two of the last three games. On a positive note, many of my insiders told me LeFevour could’ve started on Nov 1st at Indiana, but with a break in the MAC schedule and an off week to follow, Coach Butch Jones decided to save his superstar for their stretch run in conference.

While crafty Antonio Brown makes all the plays underneath, 6-5 Bryan Anderson is the one to watch-out for deep!

In LeFevour's absence, the Chippewas made the trip to Bloomington and left with a victory, confident they could play without their superstar, and proved to have an extremely solid back-up signal caller if needed (Sr. QB Brian Brunner at Indiana: 35-53 485 yards, 4 TD, 1 INT). While Brunner was exceptional, it definitely helps when you have stars on the outside in the sure-handed Antonio Brown (102 catches as a Fr. last year) and 6-5 Jr. Bryan Anderson (career: 209 rec & 20 TD), as well as, three other playmakers totaling 72 catches & 5 TD.

While Sneed has been laid-up at times, he's healthy tonight!

On the ground, while C. Michigan hasn’t put-up big numbers, their spread offense does a wonderful job of setting-up plenty of short-yard opportunities so the majority of attempts have been against a stacked-line. Sr. Ontario Sneed (5-11, 205) seems like he’s been a Chippewa for years, and while his career and parts of this season have been slowed by injuries, the duel-threat should look sharp tonight with the additional rest (Sneed’s 2005 & 2006 stats combined: 1829 rushing yrds & 12 TD – 103 receptions & 10 TD). Throw-in the fact both LeFevour & Sneed have somewhat of a homecoming tonight, and I expect the veteran-leaden offense to come-out fast & focused.

Don't be suprised to see the Chippewas dropping to a knee late against the so-called vaunted Northern D!

As for the Huskies D under new headmaster Jerry Kill, while they were considered one of the best in MAC, last Wednesday Night they were hammered on national TV by Ball St. (45-14). While not the same runner as LeFevour, Cardinal QB Nate Davis easily spread the ball around to his playmakers and was able to open things up even more with his mobility. The Huskies specialty is their pass-rush, but just like the crafty Nate Davis, watch for LeFevour to neutralize their push by rolling-out and dropping the ball off to his RBs.

Now before u head to the bank & close ur savings account...
I have more info on 2night's cold contest with the Huskies!

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November 15, 2008


NCAA: 13-17 NFL: 8-6 Parlays: 1-3 Teasers 10-7

To see Teasin’ T-Bone’s NCAA pick o’ tha day, TOUCH ME!

Did you see the hardcourt winna from Greggy G last night? It didn't involve Kirelinko, but it did involve bending over the competition!

Holy friggin’ Batman!! For our loyal fans, you all know how much cabbage is flowin’ out from under your mattress if you have been riding the train all week. For those that haven’t, let me first recommend that you start, but secondly let me tell ya that we are 6-2 ATS and 3-0 Teasers!

A keg will do, but a bloody and the daily line is my thing. Think she likes a bloody?

The two losses were on the hardcourt, and you know that Teasin’ T-Bone rolls deep with the college hotties on Saturdays, so the only roundballs you’ll be seeing today will come in a package and be nicely placed on a coed. To read up on Greggy G’s mastery on Thursday if you CLICK RIGHT HERE ,for the rest just roll through our November archives on the right side of the page(you’ll notice that we believe in skin to win!!) And my insider connection tells me that Double G is all over is alma mater the IOWA STATE CYCLONES today at +27. With a Mizzou squad that had its mind set on a national title, and Chase having gone thru the hype of his last home game last week, I can't believe that the Tigers are actually pumped to travel to Ames to play a meaningless game. Go Clones!!

While looking forward is my belief, when you look back and reflect you will find things that make you smile!!!

To give you a feel for the diversity that Dr. Gamble and T-Bone can bring for you and your degenerative fancy, those wins were spread across the NFL, NCAA, and NBA in the form of ATS, Over/Under, and Teasers. Now that is what I like to call ‘studying the lines and finding the luv’. When you can combine scantily clad ladies with a plethora of winners, why not grab a bloody and dig in??? What else do you have to do?

With the college season winding down, I was very happy to see a make up non-conference game in the SEC between Troy and LSU.


November 19, 2008

Daily NFL, NCAA, NBA, & Hotness Picks

NFL 15-14 - NCAA 17-10 - Teasers 14-7 - Happiness 77-0
To skip to my NBA ATS & Bikini Picks...PLEASE TOUCH ME HERE

Before we discuss how Chucky's gonna destory BOOBinelli & the Lions Sunday, we have some MAC action to play tonight!

Just like I was amazed the writers from the orginal-90210 decided to kill-off my main Jergens partner Rebeeca Gayheart (aka the Noxema Girl aka I want to hump the sofa after watching her in Urban Legend), even converting a 67% clip on Teasers, I’m amazed how many of my gambling constituents have told me they simply refuse to Tease. Especially in cases like tonight’s contest where the MAC Championship is on the line between C. Michigan & Ball St. (-7), I’m confident I know who will win, but just like most girls, I’m afraid of the back-end cover. Nothing is worse than scouting a game, watching your proclamations come true, but losing on a last second TD as your coach doesn’t understand it’s not about winning…it’s about covering the points.

Just like how much easier it would if they were smaller, it's easier to cover a spread once you tease it down!

For example, let’s say Ball St. is up 13 midway thru the 4th tonight & starts dropping their safeties to prevent a quick score. Next thing you know, Dan “Do-Everything” LeFevour finds the endzone w/ two minutes to go and your left telling your girl X-Mas is canceled this year. In my humble, correct opinion, nothing beats teasing a game down so you can simply pick the winner. And tonight, all I need is Nate Davis (68%, 20 TD, 6 INT), Mighty Mouse RB MiQuale Lewis (1273 ryrds, 5.9 avg, 17 TD), and an undefeated defense ranked 50 spots higher than the turnstile Chippewa D. I know this game is in Mt. Pleasant and the place will be rockin', but I just can’t see how a team so reliant on LeFevour’s legs (who’s missed 2 of his last 4 games because of ankle injuries) can pull-off the upset in these cold-azz conditions.

While they miss Dante Love's playmaking ability, he's been the inspiration that has brought them to another level!

Just look at their last common opponent, N. Illinois. After opening strong, C. Michigan needed OT to beat the pesky Huskies, the week prior, Ball St. put a 31-point pasting on them. And as mentioned at nausea, the unblemished Cards are not just playing for a national ranking & a spot in the record books, their playing for a fallen teammate. Dante Love, who ignored NFL overtures and retuned to school after 100 catches in ’07, had a career-ending spinal injury in the 4th game this year, and has now become the inspiration of a team with a special bond & special dreams. While Love won’t physically aid in tonight’s contest, trust me, he’s one of the main reasons they’ve looked unbelievably focused and have won by an average of 27 ppg since the incident. Not even the gambling gods will f*ck with that…well, if you tease it of course. As a result, I’m teasing Ball St down to -1 with…

TEASERS...preventing backend covers for years!


Trust me…Chucky’s crazy eyes don’t overlook anybody. The Bucs have not clinched shiznit of yet and are only a week removed from a Bye Week that rejuvenated their playoff passion push. Throw-in RB Warrick Dunn looking to prove he can still be a feature back with the season-ending injury to Earnest Graham, and I expect the tough Tampa squad to absolutely pound the worst the team in football. Rod BOOBinelli’s hapless squad ranks dead last in rushing defense (ranked 2nd to last overall) and has actually played worse at home as the fan base openly mocks the squad & treats the afternoon like a comedy show. Considering the players know BOOBinelli is the most lame-duck coach in NFL history, the players are already looking towards the off-season and begging their agents to get them out of Dodge…or Ford for that matter (damn my azz clever).

Would you even be suprsied if BOOBinelli worked the sideline of Sunday with pink polka-dotted panties on his head?

Topping things off, the Lions made one of the most idiotic moves a few weeks ago signing and starting Dante Culpepper…and let’s not even discuss the fact that he’s not any good anymore. Detroit has two young QBs (Drew Stanton & Dan Orlovsky), is playing for nothing, and if they were actually correct in thinking Dante could help them win games, might have screwed-up their draft position. Basically, that just sums-up how stupid this organization is. Not much else to say because I’m probably taking the Lions -8.5 as well, but teasing Tampa to unda a FG seems easier than rounding second base after telling a freshman sorority girl you love her and enables me to watch tonight’s contest without worrying about the points!

With that, let's hit-up some NBA Action & more Hotties!

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November 22, 2008


NCAA: 13-18 NFL: 9-6 Parlays: 1-3 Teasers 11-8

Teasin' T-Bone provides the pearl necklace, and my lovely ladies wear them, sounds good to me!!

With many big games on the slate today, I was itching to get going yesterday so I thought I would press my luck, needless to say that Fresno has provided me with the ability to go all out today AND still upgrade to wine out of a bottle!! I have so many thoughts for you today that I just have to dive right in….and stay tuned for the whole thing cuz there are two surprises today, a special teaser pick from Greggy and our new capper Kool Kash Killmer, and secondly, more nipples than a friggin’ mama pig!

The Hawks are a bit sneaky, but they always get their hands on what they want....excuse me, is that Floyd the Pig or is that your sweater kitten?

Iowa -6 @ Minnesota
Professor Ferentz is on the verge of saving his job by putting the Hawks into a New Years bowl with a win today. But don’t let the fact that they are highly motivated talk you into this one…let Shonn Greene do tha talkin’. The man has rushed for over 100 yds in every game this year, has 15 tuddies, and is giving the Hawks a mere 6.2 yds every time he touches the ball. We all know that Shonn is a great back, but I believe what has made him even better is the mid season development of Ricky Stanzi, proving that Iowa can get the job done offensively when they have a QB that just plays solid. He completes 59% of his passes, but most importantly he doesn’t make the stupid throw. Plus he was born in a town called Mentor, if that town doesn’t breed leaders than I don’t know what does.

Yeah, Yeah, you've seen her before, but really, does it ever get old?

As for the Gophers, I feel like I’m in the middle of my 12th year of groundhog day. Has anyone ever seen Minnesota jump out to a 6 or 7 win start against the cellar of the NCAA only to fall on their face midway through the Big 10 season? Yeah, me to. The Gophers have dropped 3 in a row, and it just so happens that all 3 of them have yielded less than 100 yds on the ground, that ain’t gonna change today against what I believe is gonna be the toughest front 4 they have seen all year. Iowa only gives up 94 yds a game on the ground when they are away from Kinnick Stadium, and I simply don’t think they will let Deleon Eskridge do anything close to that, especially when he only avgs 64 a game. Hawks win by two tuddies today.

This is just the beginning, so click below for 5 more games!!


November 25, 2008

Tuesday Night Pigskin, NBA, & Bikini Picks

NFL 19-14 - NCAA 17-10 - Teasers 16-8 - Ladies 84-0

Will the Huskies be able to stop FB Eric Kettani?

Does our friend look flawless in yellow...Hell MFin yeah!

Just like the definition of a "Confident Adult Star" has a picture of Allie Sin (how do you not luv star tattoos giving directions to someone's happy places?), the definition of a "Trap-Game" is whomever plays Army or Navy the week prior to the final Commander-in-Chief's Trophy clash between the two squads. Throw-in President Bush’s announcement that he’ll be in attendance and the fact Navy is halfway to the Trophy after beating Air Force, and my guess is the Midshipmen have no desire to head to the middle of Illinois to play the Huskies.

Just like our friend, Navy has two perfect options under center, but for some reason, they're going w/ the youngster!

While Navy’s had a solid season (6-4) following the departures of option-guru Paul Johnson (GTech), they have not gone on the road in well over a month & will be trotting-out their 3rd QB of the season. Last year’s star Sr. Kobe-Tai Kaheaku-Enhada has be hampered by a hamstring injury all season, and while his replacement Sr. Jarod Bryant has been solid, w/ the Midshipmen already scheduled to play in the Eagle Bank Bowl, the new staff believes it's more important to prep for ’09 and will turn things over to So. Ricky Dobbs tonight.

What can I say Carolyn, I'm shocked by the move too!

Dobbs is considered to have a much better arm than most that have traveled thru the program recently, but he was only 2 of 8 in their loss to Notre Dame ten days ago & rushed for a measly 27 yards on 13 carries. While Dobbs showed some nice touch a week earlier against Temple, playing under-the-lights in the cold tundra known as DeKalb might be a lil too much to ask…especially considering it seems the Huskies have played every game in this season on a weeknight.

Even though I think the Huskies will handle the Navy attack, that doesn't mean I don't luv lil Shun White!

While both Sr. signal-callers may see time tonight and have a bevy of rushing options behind & circling around them, the Huskies run defense is stout and coming off a dominating performance (W 42-14) against a Kent State team ranked 12th in the nation on the ground. The Midshipmen will rely heavily on lil Shun White (873 yrds, 8.4 avg, 7 TD) & FB Eric Kettani (715 yrds, 5.4 avg) tonight, but both were held in check versus Notre Dame and look pretty beat-up from four years of pounding. While they’ll move the chains tonight, look for Northern to stall plenty of Navy’s drives near midfield.

Just like our friend, Northern's QB looked distraught early...

...but now, he's rolling like Greggy G on Sunday Funday!

As for the Huskies on offense, under new headmaster Jerry Kill the Huskies have gained momentum over the 2nd half of the season and found a nice duel-threat QB in freshman Chandler Harnish. Last week Harnish was 12-19 for 173 yards, 2 TD, 0 INT and rushed for 117 yards & two more scores. And as mentioned, having started the last three weeks on a weeknight, I expect the underclassman to look even more comfortable tonight. While Northern doesn’t have the superstars at the skill positions, they have plenty of depth and should find a few big plays against the undersized Navy secondary and some holes behind an improving offensive line.


Just like her LEGS, it's been a LONG time since Ball St. has played in a bigger game than this!

ATTENTION!!! For Ball St. vs. W. Michigan & my NBA Picks Update

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November 28, 2008


NFL 19-14 - NCAA 17-11 - Teasers 18-8 - Ladies 87-0
How bout my Turkey Day bout being right on!

LeSean McCoy might not cutback to a victory versus the Mountaineers, but he'll cutback enough to cover 9.5!

Like Najah Davenport pooping in a closet (that story never gets old), Hugh Grant stopping for directions from a lady in heels, and Paris Hilton slobbin-on-bob in a hotel room, I'm frickin' madly addicted to teasers right now. Maybe it's my ridiculous success rate (18-8...69% dude!), maybe's it's how the word teaser rolls off your tongue when your calling your guy from the garage, whatever it is, it's enabling me to pay my nanny without using a credit card lately...

This is how WV's LBers will look once LeSean makes his cut!

While T-Bone tried to talk me out of it (Teasin' T-Bone kinda likes W. Virginia and absolutely loves Central Michigan -10 today) and I rarely invest on a Wanny coached squad, considering this is street-fight type of rivalry I'll take the home dog with six extra points from the gambling gods because of the tease. While Pat White & Co. looked awesome last week & paid my water bill, Pitt's 24th in the nation at stopping the run and has one of the best LBers in country in Scott McKillop. On offense, Jr. QB Bill Stull won't be playing on Sundays, but he's smart & has some weapons on the outside to loosen things-up for the freakshow known as McCoy. That's all I got since this thing starts early!


While she doesn't look like my fat friend Damian, they both have a piece of my heart. As for why I mentioned D (aka Da Cougar), he luvs the unda in the WV/PITT match-up and luvs a shout out!

I'll take the one on the left...and I'll take the Miners!

As for the 2nd part of my tease...TOUCH ME HERE

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NCAA: 16-18 NFL: 11-6 Teasers 12-9

Go straight to Teasin’ T-Bone’s NCAA PICK O’THA DAY!

Time to suck it up and dig in, cuz pretty soon Playstation football will be the only way to get our pigskin high!!

It is yet another Saturday in football land today fellas, and although your belly is over filled, calorie intake is off the charts, and the beer fridge is empty, we are very thankful today to say that the pigskin action is only half over for the weekend!! So it is time to pop a pill and start in on your morning bloody, cuz you wouldn’t want to waste a perfectly good Thanksgiving Saturday being hung over, would you?

I know it was a rough day of booze and pigskin yesterday, but my friend Nicole Scherzinger still knows how to look pretty on the outside while churning on the inside, time to follow suit cowboy!!

If you didn’t latch onto my picks last weekend like a newborn/mommy teet combo, then all I can say is that insideplays brought you the nectar all weekend long. Not only did Greggy G go 5-0-1, Teasin’ T-Bone gave you a 4-1 performance(not to mention an undefeated Turkey Day, CLICK HERE to witness the writing on the wall). I think it is time for a repeat performance….
I know our cowgirl Jenn Sterger is partial to the Seminoles, but I think it is obvious that she is open to anything that involves the state of Florida...

Miami -1.5 @ NC State
I knew that this line was going to draw me in today...

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December 6, 2008


NCAA: 16-18 NFL: 11-7 Teasers 12-10

Go straight to T-Bone’s NCAA TEASERS!

Sage is pumped about insideplays showing luv!

While Greggy G was reliving his time spent in Ames Iowa and showing the Cyclones some luv by going with ex-clone Sage Rosenfels on Monday nights, I too was focused on Iowa talent all week. Only the talent I found was about 60 minutes straight west of Ames in a small town called Carroll.

Lois Feldman, innocence in Iowa, dirty drunken bathroom sex in Minnesota! Split personality my friends.

If you haven’t heard of Lois Feldman, just do a little google search and see what pops up. This 38 year old, cougar-esque married mother of 3 decided two weeks ago that the Hawkeyes routing the Golden Gophers wasn’t exciting enough, so she found her way to the mens bathroom, grabbed a 20-something name Ross Walsh, and decided to let him have his way with her in the handicap stall(more room for position maneuvering)!!

Congrats to Mr. Walsh(on the right), but c'mon Lois, there had to have been someone a little better than that in a crowded bathroom.

Apparantly they were having so much fun that a crowd surrounded the stall and started cheering them on, enough cheering that it drew the attention of a security guard that had to do his duty and fight through the crowd to stop the boning escapade. What makes the story great is that both of them put up a fight with the guard because they weren’t done yet!!!

Poor hubby, hot cougar mommy! Winna, winna, chiken dinna!

Mrs. Feldman was released to her husband while Walsh was to his girlfriend. Then Lois decided to run from her husband as they left the Metrodome…must’ve been looking for someone to finish the job that Ross Walsh started. My point with sharing this story is two-fold…I think we may have found some serious competition for a new Hawk girl and you can be confident that Teasin’ T-Bone always finds the talent, even if it isn’t sports related. Now on to my picks that will give everyone a little more cabbage to donate to the ‘Lois Feldman needs a new house’ fund!!

I once got busy in a Burger King bathroom, but the Dome is the shiznit! Damn white girl out done me!

Cincinatti/Hawaii over 49

The Bearcats put up nearly 30 points a game against much better Big East squads, while the Rainbows luv to put up almost 30 themselves while playing on the island. While this game doesn’t have conference implications, it does have bowl implications and you know that this is gonna turn into an all out aerial attack with year end trick-er-ation. I have no idea if the Bows have the stamina to hang with the Cats, but I do know this one will score as often as Jenna Jameson’s ’95 classic Up & Cummers 17!

The D-Backs only wish they were lookin' at this backside all day after getting burned like yesterdays breakfast!

When I took a deeper look at the Bearcats, I found that Tony Pike has completed 63% of his passes and all the while only losing 5 interceptions all year long! In addition to that, he has two backs with over 500 yards rushing, and two receivers that are going to eclipse the 1,000 yard mark tonight. And lets not forget to mention that he has six receivers that average over 10 yards a catch, now that is what I call moving the chains fellas.

If they work together, I am confident that the Cats and Bows can play nice and make it all work out in the end!

For the Bows, the key has been the return of Greg Alexander at QB, he played in the first game of the year, then made his return against Nevada in late October. Since then he has simply thrown for 10 tuddies and only 1 interception, while having a QB rating that has eclipsed 150 every game except for one. He is also mobile and put up nearly 200 yards with his own feet during that time as well. Points, points, points!!!

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December 20, 2008


NCAA: 17-18 NFL: 11-9 Teasers 13-11

NBA: 0-1 NCAA: 0-1 Teasers 1-1

It's hard damn work homeys, but if Santa can do it, I think InsidePlays can step up to the plate. All I want for Christmas is those two front things....

Today is the beginning of Bowl Season at InsidePlays, and although bowl season doesn’t have the same meaning as it did in college(puff, puff, pass Smokey), I’m excited to announce that yours truly, Teasin’ T-Bone, is making the commitment to our fan base to provide my insight(and of course my pick) on who is going to cover ATS for each and every game! I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not particularly fond of all of them, so I’ll let you know when I have a 5-dimer and I’ll also tell ya when I think it reeks of a south Chicago street corner girl that I wouldn’t touch w/ Greggy G’s bent boy toy!

I thought Chizik just had to open his mouth to get the job, but it appears he had to bend over and take one for the team as well!

And if you didn’t read up on Drew Donkulous’ rant on the situation in Ames Iowa, CHECK IT OUT HERE! I couldn’t agree more with his thoughts on Chizik and the programs situation. The way I see it is like this, whether we want to admit it or not, Gene Chizik is a coach on the rise, and in Ames and with the poor history of the program, they are only going to get 2 styles of coaches….an up-and-comer like Chizik that puts a turnstile on the coaches office every 3-5 years, or a mediocre coach that can bring .500 ball and stability to the program. I give my props to AD Jamie Pollard if he can find someone other than this, last time I checked Ames Iowa has the Hawkeyes 2 hours to the East and the Huskers 3 hours to the West, kinda tough to pull in top recruits and coaches Mr. Pollard.

Time to get up and stretch, and trust me, no camel toe today from our pigskin ladies, I already checked!

Refresh your drink and lets get rollin’ on college pigskin.

Navy vs. Wake Forest -3

This is my 5-dimer fellas, You may think I’m crazy for going with the Deacons today, especially after the Midshipmen gave WF their first loss of the season back in September of this year, but I believe that provides a couple advantages today. First, there isn’t anything better to help prepare your team than having played that exact same team before and knowing how your offensive and defensive schemes worked. Secondly, Navy has the triple option, and that is it. That makes it pretty easy for the WF defense, when they have had 3 weeks to prepare for a one dimensional team. Plus their defense only gives up around 110 yards a game on the ground, so you can bet they are looking to change the fact that they gave up 200+ in September.

Riley Skinner is smiling today knowing that his leathal pair(Pendergrass & Adams), are going to be able to let loose and have some fun!

And when Riley Skinner takes the field, I think Navy may want to start back pedaling. The man gets nearly 30 attempts per game and completes 63% of them, and he threw for 270 yards the last time the Navy defense tried to stop him. 116 of those yards went to DJ Boldin, so look for him to continue his dominance at wideout, and I have to believe that the Deacons are going to get a little more creative with Pendergrass and Adams coming out of the backfield. We know they won’t have record days on the ground, but they are 2 highly talented backs that will get the ball in different ways today. Wake Forest wins 24-13.

To mustache, or not to mustache, that is the question.

Fresno State -3 vs. Colorado State

I’d use Greggy G’s money to bet on this one, but that would be about it. My gut tells me that Fresno is gonna roll, but my pocket book has been hurt twice by them this year(how can they be a national contender and only beat Toledo by one friggin’ point?). But I still sit here and think that the talent level on both sidelines are very different, national title talks vs. not even suppose to make a bowl. With the extra weeks off, my hope is that the Bulldogs have been able to re-focus and believe that a bowl win can salvage their season. Fresno wins 35-10.

Many great things come from South Florida....but are they good enough, I'm not convinced.

Memphis +11.5 vs. South Florida

The Memphis Tigers are everything but a perennial pigskin powerhouse, and I have to admit that I haven’t followed them at all this year, but I have followed the South Florida Bulls. I saw a team self-destruct in November and lose 4 of its last 5 games, all with all star Matt Grothe at the helm. The difference maker…defenses figured out Grothe and made him throw 11 interceptions in those 5 games. With a shaky offense and a defense that has lost its swagger since Coach Mac exited to Florida this year, if the Tigers can put up two touchdowns, they will definitely cover and might even win the damn thing. And if you can read between the lines, it means I also love the under at 55 points as well. South Florida wins 21-17.

It's a good thing they allow the football team to score, cuz good talent is already being wasted in that neck of the woods!

BYU +3 vs. Arizona

Imagine a college coed passed out on your bed, bra on but no panties, landing strip down below and smudged lipstick up above. You don’t know how she got there, what do you do? Don’t touch it with a 10 foot pole, much like this game! It’d be okay to crack open a beer and watch(either the game or the chick) for 3 hours or so cause it would be fun, but that’s about it for me. I do believe that BYU is gonna win this outright. They have a stingy defense that has had a couple weeks to rest up, and their offense is downright explosive. But I love the fact that they have a chip on their shoulder and will be trying to prove that a mid-major conference can play with the big boys. BYU outright, 31-21.

Don't forget about my teasers, click below!


December 23, 2008

The Robin Hood of ATS Handicapping

NFL 23-18 - NCAA 17-11 - Teasers 19-10 - Lovely Ladies 98-0
NBA 7-5 - NCAA 3-4 - Teasers 2-0 - Church League 69-0

Patterson has the look of a coach leading the nation's top D!

Similarly, Tianna has the look of the nation's top tour guide!

Poinsettia Bowl – San Diego, CA
For all the offensively wizardry we’ve seen from the Broncos during their unblemished season, looking through their schedule it’s tough to defend Boise St’s BCS-bowl aspirations. Besides an impressive early season victory over Oregon, the Broncos played nobody outside of the conference that finished with a winning record (Idaho St., Bowling Green, So. Miss) and had the luxury of playing a collection of WAC teams that were absolutely abysmal this year!

Boise St. dominating the WAC is like Pebbles getting plenty of sleep without Bam-Bam around!

Nothing highlighted this more than a three week span to start November where Boise St. played (3-9) New Mexico St., (3-9) Utah St., & (2-10) Idaho. Coupled with down years for Nevada, Fresno St, & Hawaii, and the undefeated Broncos had little to stand-on when complaining about their disrespect in the polls.

While the 8th year Sr. has given us some crazy memories...

Finishing his career against TCU could leave him like this!

Tonight, the high-powered Boise attack led by RS-FR QB Kellen Moore (25 TD, 9 INT, 70%) has the opportunity to prove their greatness against the nation’s #2 ranked defense. And in my opinion, the somewhat slow feet of Mr. Moore will be in for a culture shock with the size & speed of the Horny Frogs relentless attack. With the NCAA's leader in sacks & forced fumbles DE Jerry Hughes (14 sacks, 6 forced fumbles, 18.5 tackles for loss), DL Cody Moore (6 sacks), and a bevy of big bruisers controlling the line-of-scrimmage, Coach Gary Patterson will have the luxury of dropping plenty Frogs in coverage to confuse the young signal-caller. While star LB Robert Henson has been ruled academically ineligible for tonight, the kids in purple have plenty of talent to replace him, including SR. LB and team leader Jason Phillips (12 tackles for loss)…the brains behind this lethal defense.

Just like Megan's 100% flawless, TCU's RBs are 100% healthy!

On offense for TCU, while they’ve been inconsistent at times this season with their spread attack, nagging injuries to their top two RBs was the main culprit. In the season finale, both the bruising Jr. Joseph Turner & the shifty Sr. Aaron Brown looked close to 100% as they steamrolled a solid Air Force squad for a 44-10 victory. In addition, with their power running game back in place, 6-3 So. QB Andy Dalton was able to open things-up for the passing game completing 21 of 27 for 321 yards, 2 TD, & zero picks.

Jimmy Young has the look of a Sunday Funday playmaker!

While the Frogs are loaded with plenty of speedy duel options for the spread and a solid possession TE, the real playermaker and future Sunday gridiron contributor is 6-1 So. WR Jimmy Young (1003 yards, 17.1 avg)...and trust me, he'll make one play tonight that reminds you how the bad the Chicago Bears WRs really are!

The Horned Frogs game plan will be solid gold tonight!

While the Broncos D looks solid on the stat sheet, they’ve really played nobody with much size and are extremely undersized up-front. As a result, look for Coach Patterson to hammer the ball early to wear down Boise before opening things-up with some play-action as the game progresses. Turnovers & penalties have been the biggest Achilles heel for TCU this season, but I expect with the added time to prepare you’ll see a much more disciplined group itching to spoil the Broncos dream season. I know I haven’t talked about the Broncos solid rushing attack with eighth-year Sr. Ian Johnson (738 yrds, 5.2 avg) and lil So. Jeremy Avery (613 yrds, 5.6 avg.), but considering the nation’s most dominate ground defense has allowed teams to average only 1.7 yards per carry this season…I’m not worried about that at all.

Final Score: BRONCOS 20 HORNY FROGS 30
*For Teasin' T-Bone's breakdown of this game TOUCH ME HERE

With that, time to hit-up some NBA ATS Action Fellas!

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December 24, 2008

ATS X-Mas Eve in Hawaii w/ Chubby Charlie

NFL 23-18 - NCAA 17-12 - Teasers 19-10 - Lovely Ladies 99-0
NBA 8-5 - NCAA 3-4 - Teasers 2-0 - Church League 69-0

Before we discuss what Creepy Clausen wants for X-Mas...

...or discuss my bag o goodies, how about the nice early X-Mas present 40-point Rodney Stuckey received last night?

A match-up with Benny's unispired & lousy defense!

Hawaii Bowl – Honolulu, Hawaii

Trust me, ND will be too focused to be distracted!

While it pains me more than looking at my 401K or a broken bottle of Boone's Farm, I just cannot fathom how the Golden Douchebags don’t end the season on high note. For all the awful displays from Chubby Charlie’s boys the season, the extra time to prepare coupled with a sizable skill advantage over the artist formerly known as the Rainbows just makes for an unfortunate Irish victory. While Hawaii's bandwagon has gained momentum of late & kept the spread down, as mentioned yesterday, besides Boise St., the WAC is absolutely awful.

Not even a Hawaiian Tropic girl will break their confidence!

I know Hawaii’s regular season finale almost saw them pull-out a victory over an excellent Bearcats squad, but honestly, the kids from Cincy treated the trip as a vacation, only a had a couple days to prepare, and slept walked through the first three quarters before dominating the 4th. Prior to the contest, the Rainbows so-called emergence came at the hands of (2-11) Washington St. & (2-10) Idaho at home, and against arguable the nation’s worst defense in (3-9) New Mexico State. Oh yeah, and the week prior to New Mexico St., the Warriors lost 30-14 to (3-9) Utah State who’s only other wins were against…you guessed it, Idaho & New Mexico St.!

Screw Colt Brennan, all I want for X-Mas is Timmy Chang!

...and maybe a pink Santa hat!

While JUCO QB Greg Alexander (12 TD, 4 INT, 64%) emerged as a solid playmaker after some early struggles, the poor kid's had to run for his life as the Rainbows have given-up a nation leading 49 sacks. Making matters worse, the OL can’t run block either to take the pressure off him as they’ve averaged a mere 3.3 yards per attempt. Surprisingly, after the departure of cult-hero Colt Brennan and his top four receivers, Hawaii still has some nice talent on the outside. Unfortunately, with the improved health of Notre Dame’s D (at least two top tier starters returning) and the size advantage up-front, don’t expect Alexander to find the time to hit-up or see those little WRs.

The Hawaii DBs will have trouble with Floyd's size...

...and the hands & speed of Golden MFin Tate!

As for the so-called offensive genius Chubby Charlie & his boy-toy Jimmy Clausen, while the Warriors can’t handle the dynamic WRing duo of Golden Tate (52 catches, 17.4 avg., 7 TD) and 6-3 Fr. phenom Michael Floyd (9 games: 46 catches, 15.3 avg, 7 TD), I expect Notre Dame to run a balanced attack to wear down the Warriors front before opening things-up. The Irish have three highly-recruited backs desperate to rebound from their performance against USC, so look for a punishing performance from the trio & OL tonight, highlighted by long-distance scamper from So. Armando Allen.

And while I make the selection of ND while hidding my face, what can I say, it's all about ATS money for the homeless!

Listen, just like you, I’d much rather watch a Golden Douchebag embarrassment followed by an uncomfortable press conference from Cocky Chuck, but I honestly believe you’ll see an inspired performance from his kids. Early in the year ND easily handled many of the below-average squads, but once they faltered and TD Jesus’s boosters started to raise hell, everything seemed to crumble around them. But with the vote of confidence for their headmaster, a chance to regroup, game plan, & get healthy, I expect to see a passionate group that exploits an opponent with plenty of glaring weaknesses.


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December 30, 2008

Home of the ATS Magician & Hotties

NFL 23-18 - NCAA 18-12 - Teasers 19-10 - Lovely Ladies 69-0
NBA 11-8 - NCAA 3-4 - Teasers 3-0 - Church League 69-0

To skip my Bowl pick & head to the hardwood...TOUCH ME
My Homeboy Colin Kaepernick runs like a Gisele!

Sorry, I meant "Gazelle", not "Gisele"...won't happen again!

Humanitarian Bowl – Boise, ID
In similar fashion to what I told you yesterday about Missouri having no desire to play in the Alamo Bowl, Maryland probably isn’t too excited about hanging in cold-azz Boise, Idaho for the holidays. While I’m sure we’ll see a few red turtles in the stands, tonight’s crowd will be dominated by Wolfpack & WAC fanatics riled-up to beat a team from the so-called power conferences. Especially with the unique Smurf Turf in Bronco Stadium where Nevada played one of the most exciting games in history last year (L to Boise St. 69-67), I expect the Terrapins to look shell-shocked for at least a quarter and to struggle all-night with the WACky nighttime atmosphere.

While you can say Hello Kitty, I'm saying Hello Colin!

On the football side, if you haven’t met the 6-6 duel threat gazelle, say hello to QB Colin MFin Kaepernick! The sophomore from Cali was spectacular again this season throwing 19 Tuddies, only five picks, and rushing for 1115 yards, 16 TD, and a redonkulous 7.3 average! While he’ll be dealing with a little more speed when facing the Terrapin LBs, the Wolfpack averaged almost 40 ppg this season and actually looked more cohesive as the season progressed. Overall, Nevada has won three of their last four with their only loss coming at the hands of previously undefeated Boise St. 41-34.

The Terps are gonna find it hard to bring down Taua!

And while Kaepernick, the WAC’s 2nd leading rusher, steals the headlines, let’s not forgot who took home the rushing crown in the conference…his tailback and battling-ram Vai Taua (1420 yards, 6.7 avg, 14 TD). Also a sophomore, Taua surprised everybody as his fame came once last year’s superstar RB Luke Lippincott when down with a season-ending injury in Week Two. Also, while Taua wasn’t much of factor in the passing game early in the year, Kaepernick has started to trust his 225-lb partner in crime (last 2 games: 9 rec, 79 yards) opening things up even more on the outside. Throw-in three solid targets at WR, including Sr. playmaker Marko Mitchell (1011 yards, 18.1 avg, 9 TD), and Nevada won’t have any problems putting some points on the board against a slightly above-average Terrapin defense.

While Miranda is always consistent, Maryland is not!

On the flipside of the wild excitement from the WAC darling, Maryland has lost three of four and been the definition of inconsistency in the pigskin world this season. Jr. QB Chris Turner was supposed to turn the corner this year, but his production actually dropped in some areas and he’s only thrown one more TD (11) than pick (10). As for the running game, So. Da’Rel Scott (959 yards, 4.9 avg, 6 TD) has shown glimpses of being a premier back, but seems to be looking of his shoulder aware Fr. Davin Meggett (son of NFL scatback David Meggett) will soon be taking the reigns. While the 5-8 Meggett (422 yards, 5.3 avg, 4 TD) is dangerous every time he touches the pill, the Terrapins have struggled all year to find ways to utilize his abilities.

If you want to invest in this my guest!

In closing, usually with a WAC squad facing an SEC squad, the biggest difference is seen in the trenches…and surprisingly, most experts actually feel the Wolfpack is more dominate in both those areas. Nevada is holding teams to under 75 rushing yards per game, which means Maryland’s inconsistent QB will have to pull off some magic in the crazy nighttime WAC atmosphere on the legendary Smurf Turf. And in my humble, correct opinion that ain’t gonna happen Homeboys!


Just like our favoite girl from the Hills, will the Hawks be too cool for school after all the hype they've received recently?

After an emotional victory against...TOUCH ME HERE FOR MORE

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December 31, 2008

Have a Great New Year's Eve Homeboys!

NFL 23-18 - NCAA 18-13 - Teasers 19-10 - Lovely Ladies 69-0
NBA 11-9 - NCAA 4-4 - Teasers 3-0 - Church League 69-0

Before we get to my Bulls prediction & Bowl pick...


Chick-Fil-A Bowl - Hotlanta, GA
Jump on now Fellas...this man's creating a dynasty!

In the collegiate pigskin world of the spread offense and the Warren Moon run-n-shoot, Paul Johnson’s triple-option is a breath of fresh batcave and makes me smile more than an Asian Hair Dresser wearing a school-girl outfit. Even with limited resources at Navy, Coach Johnson struck fear in the power conferences when they saw the Midshipmen on the schedule. Now with the sick athletes at Georgia Tech, those same coaches look more nervous than a frat-boy heading to Planned Parenthood for the results.

Just like this magical bikini, the triple-option is magnificent!

While everyone thought it would take some time to convert the Yellow Jackets into a wishbone scheme, Johnson proved his magic was already in place during their regular season finale at Georgia. Against their in-state rival and preseason National Title favorite, the triple-option exploded for 409 rushing yards in a 45-42 victory on the Dawgs lawn. Led by future NFL star Jonathan Dwyer (1328 yards, 7.0 avg, 12 TD), the breakout performance from the lightning quick Fr. Roddy Jones (vs Georgia: 13 carries, 214 yrds, 2 TD) and a QB born to run the option (So. Josh Nesbitt- 631 rushing yards, 7 TD), Tech put the nation on notice that there’s a new dynasty in the making.

Mr. Johnson is gonna make life miserable for LSU's Fr. QB!

While the defense gave up plenty of yardage against Georgia, the Dawgs are littered with NFL skill position players, a veteran QB, and plenty of confidence. As for LSU, they finished the season in disarray losing four of their last six, including a blowout home loss to Mississippi, and still have no idea who their QB of the future is. Tonight, after experimenting with Jarrett Lee & Andrew Hatch most of the season, Nick Saban’s water-boy will give Fr. QB Jordan Jefferson (42 comp% - 2.8 rushing avg) his second start of the season trying to prove this was a rebuilding year. As for a prediction, at least two sacks from the small forward playing DE Michael Johnson!

Rumor has it she had a Yellow Jacket on before this!

While the Bubble Bee D has given-up its fair share of yards, the new scheme installed by Dave Wommack should benefit from the additional time to prepare. And speaking of few extra weeks, how do they think the displined triple-option will look after Coach Johnson is finally able to throw-in a few more wrinkles? As for a prediction on one of those wrinkles, Nesbitt is a better passer than his numbers suggest. After pounding the ball all evening, look for the extremely underrated & Andre Johnson-sized WR Demaryius Thomas (6-3, 230 lbs) to pluck a few one-on-one jump-balls for his biggest game of the season. I could go on, but I need to start cracking on my Icehouse sautéed Shrimp for my New Year’s gathering. Take my word for it, Georgia Tech rolls like Kirstie Alley after a runaway donut.

Final Score: TIGERS 17 BUBBLE BEES 34
(BTW, my Homeboy Teasin’ T-Bone loves Boston College today!)

While the Bulls will be trying to proving to the fans their good, Orlando will be thinking about New Year's at the club!

I know the Magic are one of the best teams in the league and coming off a loss...(TOUCH ME HERE FOR MORE LUV!)

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January 1, 2009


I'm hurting today...and not just cause of my picks yesterday!

I'm bouncing back with the most dominate D in the country! And I also believe USC Pete is acting nice for the camera, but will luv nothing more than beating Great Grandpa JoePa like a red-headed step-child!

Final Score: PUSSY CATS 13 TROJANS 31

Take the team with a coach that' s merely a prop if u want...

...but I'm taking these cool kids...HAPPY NEW YEAR!

January 5, 2009

The Robin Hood of the ATS Sports World

NFL 23-18 - NCAA 19-14 - Teasers 19-10 - Lovely Ladies 69-0
NBA 11-10 - NCAA 5-4 - Teasers 4-0 - Church League 69-0

Colt "Roll-out" McCoy always seems to find the open man!

Fiesta Bowl – Glendale, AZ
Miserable bowl performances from the Big Ten (1-5) once again has many questioning if it’s time to renounce their status as a dominate power conference. Especially with the hilarity of the NCAA allowing the Big Ten to avoid a conference championship game and still be allowed to participate in the BCS, if the Buckeyes can’t keep this close tonight the cackles of “Overrated” will turn into a chorus from around the country.

Just like this sink, Texas is overflowing with sweet-azz talent!

While I believe the Buckeyes would be competitive in almost every conference and have plenty of future Sunday Funday stars, they don’t have the depth of playmakers you see from teams atop the Big 12, PAC-10, SEC, and Big East. Making matters even tougher on Ohio State rolling into this bowl season, while the Longhorns played the toughest second half schedule in the country, Jim Tressell’s bowl-prep work was finalized against an undersized Northwestern squad, the (5-7) Illini, and the woeful Wolverines. While Fr. QB Terrelle Pryor & RB Beanie Wells are as dangerous a backfield-duo as you’ll see, tonight they’ll be facing the nation’s 2nd ranked rush defense that’s holding opponents to under 75 yards/game.

Orakpo wears'll find him in the Buckeye backfield!

Even though you’ll see Ohio State commit to running the ball regardless of their success, Texas has the size and speed up-front to put them in plenty of passing situations. While Pryor has shown flashes of his ability thru the air, Tressell’s kept things extremely simple for the youngster (last three games: 20 total completions) and limited his reads to one or two options on every throw. As a result, even with the extra time to prepare, I can’t see how his breakout game comes against a Texas defense that leads the nation in sacks and has a young secondary full of playmakers.

Just like Jamie Chung, Colt stands in the pocket w/ confidence!

On the offensive side of the ball for the Longhorns, watching Jr. QB Colt McCoy dissect a defense is downright silly. Throwing for 3445 yards, 32 TD, and only seven interceptions seems Heisman-worthy in itself, but McCoy’s timely & well-orchestrated scampers for first downs (576 yards & 10 TD) was the main reason Texas kept drives going long enough to rank 4th in the nation in scoring. Throw-in two Sr. WRs that catch everything in sight (Jordan Shipley & Quan Cosby: 157 catches, 1934 yards, 19 TD), and a balanced rushing attack with four RBs with over 55 carries, and I expect Texas to march up-n-down the field just like they have all season.

With a BCS ranking on the line, the Horns will play with passion!

In closing, I just can’t see how a freshman QB-led squad can keep pace with a Texas team still hoping to be a player in the final BCS poll. While Ohio State should look much better than their awful 35-3 at USC, I can’t see how they keep this from a double-digit victory.

Final Score: BUCKEYES 20 TEXAS 34

Watch Manu breakout for a huge game tonight with everybody on the Heat trying to stop Duncan & Parker!

The Miami Wades have been playing better of late, especially at home, but...TOUCH ME HERE TO KEEP READING!

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January 7, 2009

The Robin Hood of the ATS Handicapping

NFL 23-18 - NCAA 19-15 - Teasers 20-10 - Lovely Ladies 69-0
NBA 13-11 - NCAA 5-6 - Teasers 4-0 - Church League 69-0

As the Sooners worry about where Percy Harvin is line-up...

tangled%20feet.jpg as their feet get tangled as...

Jeffery%20Demps.jpg lil Homeboy Jeffery Demps races past them!

Before we get to my three ATS Hardwood selections for today, I think it's time to get you ready for the Thursday Night Pigskin Action...

BCS National Championship Game – Miami, FL
As a graduate of the Big 12, it pains me to admit it, but the conference’s dominance in the polls this season was created with smoke-n-mirrors. Like Tara Reid after we first saw her in the movies and thought: “sexy college hottie”, but then, after candidly seeing her on the beach we now think: “a middle-aged Benjamin Button from the new Brad Pitt movie”. Early in the year, the Big 12’s pass happy spread powerhouses rolled as they played mid-majors not ready to handle their size, speed, or had the depth in the secondary to compete. Following that, they headed to conference play and proceeded to pass the pills like it was ecstasy in a rap video. And besides controlling the bottom-feeders of the conference, did you ever see those powerhouse squads stop each other?

Unlike the bells & whistles on Adriana's outfit that work everywhere, OKL's bells & whistles won't work in the SEC!

And count me in as a pigskin fan that was bamboozled…I never realized these guys were one trick ponies. Fortunately for us, the gambling masses haven’t taken notice as the conference’s 4-2 Bowl record has been camouflaged by three Big Ten victories (Northwestern, Minnesota, & Ohio State). Throw-in a Nebraska victory over a Clemson squad in coaching disarray, Missouri & Texas playing poorly and barely pulling out victories, and Texas Tech’s embarrassing defense against Mississippi, and I honestly believe the Sooners haven’t had the prep-work to properly face a dominate gang like Florida.

For years, Florida has been stockpiling supreme talents!

I could spend time talking about the ridiculous amount of weapons & trackstar speed littering the field for Florida, or how Timmy has a chip on his shoulder after Sam Bradford won the Heisman, or how the Gator D doesn’t have a weakness on either the 1st or 2nd strings, but I’m not…because you’ve already heard it. Florida will win by double-digits because of Coach Urban Meyer. Since the disappointment last season (where Meyer thought his players where just happy being a Gator) and the hiccup against Ole Miss, the brilliant football mind has become psychotically motivated to destroy every team in the country and has convinced his ridiculously talented players they can’t be stopped.

Like Jarah, Sam has nice skin tone and a Hollywood smile. But my guess, Bradford won't look the same after 2night!

While QB Sam Bradford has been nearly flawless this year through the air, the Florida DL and creative blitz packages will force him to check down and enable the Gators speedy linebackers to have a field day. On the other side of the ball, for all the J.J. Redick ridicule Timmy T receives, he’s the most imposing QB in the land (6-3, 240), has a more accurate arm than given credit for (28 TD, 2 INT, 65%), and has little 4-foot scatbacks running around him like Sonic the Hedge Hodge to ease the pressure (Percy Harvin, Jeffery Demps, Chris Rainey, etc). Throw-in the ridiculous speed on the outside with 6-3 Louis Murphy (17.0 avg, 6 TD) and the emergence of TE Aaron Hernandez (last 2 games: 7 rec, 104 yards, 2 TD), and I’m sorry to say it Big Twelvers…but the Gators are gonna dominate all night!


(Too skip to my NBA Hardwood Selections...TOUCH ME HERE)

While this undersized flawless talent is the main reason we luv the college hardwood...

...this undersized flawless talent proved to us during the original 90210 that you can't do it alone!

Yes, I hate Duke and I luv Stephen Curry. But that should give you confidence I’m predicting a 20-point victory from the Krzyzewski Devils. While Curry’s production is still ridiculous (29 ppg, 7 apg), the junior’s shooting percentages are the lowest of his career…and I have three reason why. 1) With the graduation of PG Jason Richards (13 ppg, 8 apg), Curry has played more point and doesn’t get the easy looks the playmaking Richards could get him. 2) While Davidson Cinderella Story has been unbelievable, the past two seasons trying to prove themselves more-n-more against the big-boys has taken a toll. 3) Elite teams are no longer surprised by the darlings from Davidson and have scouted game plans to stop a team with an undersized superstar fleeced with average to above-average roll players.

Just like she refuses to show her face, I'm refusing to acknowledge the players of the team I'm investing on!

As for Duke, while I refuse to mention or support their ridiculously talented, smart, and mostly white ballers, I will admit they look sickly sweet right now Homeboys. As for some easy gambling math… Duke won at Purdue by 16 …Davidson lost at Purdue 18 …which means you don’t have to worry about the 14 unless its doubled. Especially in Dukeville with the rabbit rude-azz rich kids, I’m guessing will see Stephen Curry biting his mouthpiece and looking at the scoreboard in disarray more than a few times...KRZYZEWSKI DEVILS BY 20-26

I can't wait to see J.R. Smith try to stop him tonight!

I know the Nuggs played well without Carmelo for a few games and probably will have some fiery talk how they can win without him, but...TOUCH ME HERE 4 THIS AND MORE NBA PICKS

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October 8, 2009

Home of the Undefeated ATS Pigskin Luv

GREG GAMBLE'S 2009-10 PIGSKIN Picks: 6-0 ats...100%
NFL 6-0 - NCAA 0-0 - Teasers 0-0 - Lovely Ladies: 69-0
GREG GAMBLE’S 2008-09 PIGSKIN Picks: 68-44 ats...61%
NFL 28-19 - NCAA 20-15 - Teasers 20-10 - Lovely Ladies 69-0

Only a few things are bigger then Greggy G's win % this year!

While the number of plays is down from year's past, the Greg Gamble production is absolutely flawless my degenerate time to break out the college luv like a sorority sister on spring break! As for Da Yeker and his Sunday Funday picks, I have a feeling he'll be moving ahead of .500 this weekend and well on his way to stardom.

While I hate to do it...kirky.jpg
...Ricky & Kirky are getting a lil ATS tap from Greggy G!

Coming from a Cyclone grad that would rather watch the Wilson Phillips girl’s gastric bypass surgery Clockwork Orange-style than Hawkeye football, you know things have to be pretty sweet for this ATS maven to be rolling with Kirk FairyPants on Saturday. And just like Chasey Lain rode the purplesaurous rex in Where the Boys Aren’t 9, I’m riding the kids from Iowa City with Grandma's piggybank tomorrow cause this one has 20pt victory written all over it...cause damn Iowa's D is sweet!

While I'll admit the lil guy has a nice smile...

...I prefer lil things on the beach more than the gridiron!

Sure, Tate Forcier is kinda cute for the coeds and temporarily saved Rich Rod’s backside, but the kid is the size of the dude from The Sandlot movie and will be wearing a warm-up suit by November if he keeps taking those monster hits. While he’s been running for his life and somehow succeeded so far, as teams watch more and more of the Wolverines, he’s gonna be in for a long Big Ten season if they can't run the ball. Btw, the "Fire Richie" chants will be circling again next week.

On the flipside, unlike our friend, Iowa has the size on the outside to make things a nightmare for Michigan's DBs!

While the 6-4 Jr. QB Ricky Stanzi has been surprisingly erratic at times this season, look for the 6-4 WR duo of Trey Stross & Marvin “Not my nut, but” McNutt (27 rec, 18 avg, 3 TD) and the TE combo of Tony Moeaki & Allen Reisner (22 rec, 2 TD) to put pressure on an extremely overrated Wolverine secondary. Throw-in the underrated freshmen backfield tandem of Robinson & Wegher (628 yrds 6 TD) behind an improving O-Line to keep Michigan off-balance, not to mention the field position Special Teams speedster Paul Chaney Jr. will give them, and I expect the Hawkeyes to put up almost two scores a quarter Saturday.

Greggy isn't riding the fence (or chair) on this call Homeboys
...Hawkeyes in blowout that would make Kobe Tai proud!


Have a great weekend fools and make sure to check back on Sunday Funday for more luv from Greggy G and Da Yeker!

October 16, 2009


GREG GAMBLE'S 2009-10 PIGSKIN Picks: 6-3 ats...75%
NFL 6-2 - NCAA 0-1 - Teasers 0-0 - Lovely Ladies: 69-0
GREG GAMBLE’S 2008-09 PIGSKIN Picks: 68-44 ats...61%
NFL 28-19 - NCAA 20-15 - Teasers 20-10 - Lovely Ladies 69-0

Feel free to take the kid with a banged-up shoulder trying to get back into the flow, but I'm rolling...

...with a kid named Colt that rolls w/ da chick on the left!

I just luv the fact Colt McCoy has a silky smooth rhythm going with a great O-Line, while Sammy B is trying to get back into the groove with a inexperienced group up-front. Throw-in a solid speed rush from Texas and Bradford’s two favorite weapons hanging in the training room (TE Grisham-out, WR Broyles-questionable), and I can’t see how the Sooners pull-off something they couldn’t do last year.

Just like Insideplays introduced u to Jarah before she was famous...

Buckner.jpg "Hello" to the up-n-comming star of the Longhorns Mr. Bucnker!

I know the Longhorns backfield is banged-up, but just like Urban Meyer didn’t care about Tebow’s bruised-brain and called a half-dozen QB keepers in the second half against LSU, Mack Brown and his pigskin robots will do whatever it takes to get on the gridiron (Jr. Vondrell McGee & Fr. Tre’ Newton – 461 yrds, 5.4 avg, 5 Td). As for the passing game and the sick accuracy of Mr. McCoy, look for the Sooners to overplay Sr. Jordan Shipley (47 rec.) and allow 6-4 So. Dan Buckner (29 rec. 4 Td) and former prized QB-recruit, 6-2 Jr. John Chiles (20 rec.), to burst into the national spotlight.

Final Score: SOONERS 20 LONGHORNS 30

You know Greggy G luvs his Teasers Homeboys!

For the first time in a longtime, the Wolfpack entered the season with expectations higher than Snoop Dogg on purple plane...but unfortunetly, they stumbled out the gate like Britney out of club dropping their first three. But since then, the nation’s deadliest rushing attacks has been virtually unstoppable winning their last two contests by a combined score of 100-42 and averaging 642 yard per contest.

While both Nevada's QB and Britney broke on the scene with flawless style only to struggle down the road...

...Mr. Kaepernick has shown the ability to bounce back!

Nevada has five players that have rushed for more than 200 yards this season, led by 6-6 Jr. signal-caller Colin Kaepernick (920 passing yards, 66 comp% - 384 rushing yards, 6.5 avg). And Saturday, they face the run-challanged and overall awful (1-4) Aggies that have given-up an average of 32.4 ppg. What else you need hear Fellas?

Final Score: WOLFPACK 24 AGGIES 37

While this isn't exactly Buckeye colors, it's definitely a lot closer to the right shade than the Boilermakers!

The (1-5) Boilermakers and their new headmaster are hosting an awful situation…a ridiculously talented defense with an offense littered with NFL-talent embarrassed from their performance last week. Look for Buckeye QB Terrelle Pryor to scamper around for at least 140 yards rushing and to connect on few deep balls to make this a blowout by halftime.


Got luv College Fellas...Have a great MFin Weekend!

October 22, 2009


GREG GAMBLE'S 2009-10 PIGSKIN Picks: 8-5 ats...62%
NFL 8-2 - NCAA 0-2 - Teasers 0-1 - Lovely Ladies: 69-0
GREG GAMBLE’S 2008-09 PIGSKIN Picks: 68-44 ats...61%
NFL 28-19 - NCAA 20-15 - Teasers 20-10 - Lovely Ladies 69-0

While Grandpa Joe's not smiling about Mayra...

...he's a happy cat because the Lions have Mayra's backside type of size to make the lil Wolverines shutter!

I know lil Forcier & Coach Dick Rod spoiled my undefeated ATS season when they covered against the Hawkeyes…but I’m not wavering on my stance that the former Mountaineer headmaster is going to kill his freshman phenom QB before season’s end. And even though that same Iowa team bitch-slapped Granpa Joe in Happy Valley, trust me my fellow degenerates, the Gambling Gods have no sense of rhyme or reason. Penn St. is a powerhouse on both sides of the ball and will destroy one of the worst defenses in the Big Ten. Throw-in the fact that teams know more and more about the Wolverines undermanned spread attack and I can’t see how the Lions don’t win by double digits.

Just like our friend, the Nittany Puddycats will walk away in style from Saturday's contest!

While most think Penn St. is simply a power running attack, I believe they’re more balanced than Aurora Snow in Lollipop Lesbians and don’t make the mistakes in the passing game the way the Hawkeyes did against Michigan. Sr. QB Daryll Clark (last 3 games: 4 TDs, 1 INT, 598 yrds, 67%) has the outside weapons and a massive O-Line to pick apart a Wolverine D that will spend all their energy trying to stop one of the deadliest backs in football (Evan Royster 648 yrds, 5.8 avg).

You'll soon see Evan racing past cats on Sundays soon...

...but till then, he's busting out like MF on College Gameday!

Especially after the shocking loss to an extremely overrated Hawkeye squad, I think the Lions got the wake-up call they needed to shred the remaining Big Ten Beeatches. Throw-in that the Wolverines are coming off a game where they were facing D2 talent (Delaware St.), and I expect Grandpa’s boys to shock the overmatched and undersized kids from Ann Arbor early in this contest…which means they carry a 17-point lead into halftime and casually dominate the entire 2nd half.

Final Score: JOPA 44 DICK ROD 27

Don't stare me down...I'm just trying to beat the man like u!

October 31, 2009


GREG GAMBLE'S 2009-10 PIGSKIN Picks: 9-6 ats...60%
NFL 8-3 - NCAA 1-2 - Teasers 0-1 - Lovely Ladies: 69-0
GREG GAMBLE’S 2008-09 PIGSKIN Picks: 68-44 ats...61%

While this type of hype screwed them early...

...this type of classy lady might screw them last if they continue to roll their crazzy-azz game!

In August, nearly every gridiron guru was calling Ole Miss their sleeper team to watch and 6-3 Jr. QB Jevan Sneed their dark horse for the Heisman. And just like what happened when I awoke with two hotties in my college slumber pad, the Rebels ego soared after a few cupcakes and were brought back to reality when they opened SEC play. In their two losses (Gamecocks & Tide), not only did they look passive, but Mr. Snead was absolutely abysmal (33-comp%, 1 TD, 4 INT).

Just like our friend, I think the Rebels are gamers!

Since then, the Rebels have displayed a swagger that ruined the Gators undefeated season last year and have blowout victories at UAB (48-13) and Arkansas (31-17). As for the former Texas-transfer QB, the NFL draft gurus are starting to see why they had a signal-caller near the top of their draftboards to start the year (67-comp%, 572 yrds, 5 TD, 2 INT). Throw-in the re-emergence of dual-threat speedster Sr. Dexter McCluster (last week: 22 rush, 123 yrds – 11 rec, 137 yrds TD), the power of So. RB Brandon Bolden (426 yrds, 5.5 avg), and plenty of threats on the outside, and Ole Miss has the makings of a strong finish.

So you think you can be horrific at ISU and be better in an inferior conference...yeah, that makes sense, kinda like...

...Mrs. Armit thinking she has a chance at Greggy G...I'm way outta her MFin league!

As for Auburn, f*ck that former Cyclones Head Coach…he got hired after winning about 25% of his games. Yeah, great hire. They’ve lost 3-straight and I guarantee the kids are wondering what the hell he’s doing running the program.

Final Score: REBELS 31 lilTigers 17

As they say, college fun is always fun!

November 6, 2009

College Football ATS Winners & Babes

GREG GAMBLE'S 2009-10 PIGSKIN Picks: 10-7 ats...59%
NFL 9-3 - NCAA 1-3 - Teasers 0-1 - Lovely Ladies: 69-0
GREG GAMBLE’S 2008-09 PIGSKIN Picks: 68-44 ats...61%
NFL 28-19 - NCAA 20-15 - Teasers 20-10 - Lovely Ladies 69-0

How does this not make u luv the Aggies...and miss college!?

Once a proud pigskin program, 10 years of mediocrity and a hellacious recruiting scandal that made my bachelor party seem like a visit to Wally World, led the desperate university to hire Boise Headmaster Dan Hawkins for a quick-fix into football wonderland. Unfortunately, minus the Amsterdam-atmosphere that Gary Barnett produced, in his 4th season Coach Hawkins is farther from contention than ever and the players know he doesn't have an alumnus on his side.

Even though Coach Gym Teacher already benched his son, trust me, the damage is already done with his players!

...and while I'd suggest to just lay back and enjoy the rest of the ride, Hawkins still thinks he is the future in Boulder!
(get it, "lay back" and "boulders"...damn I'm good!)

Seriously, just look at the info...With a record of 15-30 overall (2-6 to open this season), the belief he wasted the last 3 years wrongfully starting his Div II-talented son at QB, and the announcement this week that their prized-recruit will be transferring, Buffalo-nation and many of his youngsters are simply waiting for the season to be over…and obviously in the hope Mr. Hawkins won’t be back next year.

I don't think people realize how big, fast, and accurate Jr. Jerrod Johnson is for Brett Favre's former headmaster!

...and just like our friend here, he has great intangibles!

As for the Aggies, after some mid-season struggles, they’ve looked as deadly as any team in the suddenly woeful Big 12 conference and are building some momentum for some crazy showdowns to end the year (Oklahoma & Texas). After shocking the Red Raiders two weeks ago in Lubbock (W 52-30), A&M made my alma mater (Iowa St) look like a bunch of school girls with a 35-10 victory and have arguably the most underrated QB in the country. Duel-threat giant (6-5, 240 lbs) Jerrod Johnson has tossed for 20 Tuddies, only three interceptions, while rushing for 266 yards & 6 TDs. Throw-in a duo in the backfield that simply wears out the opponent as the game rolls on (Cyrus Gray & Christine Michael – 1036 rushing yards, 10 TD) and a bevy of tall, talented, speedsters on the outside, and I can’t see how the Aggies don’t believe they’re contenders in the conference.

Sorry Colorado, even though ur kids worked as hard as Rachelle this summer, their still small, slow, & not very good!

Back to Buffaloes, after scoring only 6 points against the extremely average kids from Kansas St (L 20-6), the rebuilding Tigers from Mizzu walked into Boulder and snapped their three-game losing streak with a 36-17 azz-kicking of Colorado. And the score didn’t indicate the blow-out as Missouri out gained A&M 400 to 176 in total yards. I could go on, but Videobox is calling my name!

Final Score: TEXAS A&M 31 COLORADO 17


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November 14, 2009

Home of College Pigskin Picks & Hotness

GREG GAMBLE'S 2009-10 PIGSKIN Picks: 12-8 ats...60%
NFL 11-3 - NCAA 1-4 - Teasers 0-1 - Lovely Ladies: 69-0
GREG GAMBLE’S 2008-09 PIGSKIN Picks: 68-44 ats...61%
NFL 28-19 - NCAA 20-15 - Teasers 20-10 - Lovely Ladies 69-0

While we've been accustomed to greatness every time Trojans are under center...

...with a young, developing QB and plenty of injuries at the skill positions, USC must lean on the D for victories!

Jimmy Harbaugh finally has the Cards relevant again in the Pac-10 by playing with the swagger of a High School squad on a state championship ride. That being said, they still don't have the bodies up-front to match a team like the Trojans, so look for Stanford to crowd the box on D, while keeping things short & simple on O to give RS Fr. Andrew Luck' a chance to gain some confidence.

While it's been a dream sr. season for one of the nations top & overused RBs, I expect USC to keep him under wraps!

...cause it's all about containment Homeboys!

Especially with the Trojans D starting to get their confidence back after getting blow-up for a few weeks, look for Pete Carroll to keep the crowd in a frenzy with plenty of pressure to rattle the Trees young QB. As for the Trojan offense, while their banged-up at key spots, the main reason I'm underwhelmed with their attack is I'm still not convinced the frail Fr. QB Matt Barkley (last week @ Az St: 7-22 112 yrds, Td, Int) is ever gonna be the real deal in College Hollywood.

And sometimes fellas, it just comes down to size!

Especially with the size advantage USC has up-front and the injuries on the outside, look for a conservative approach to wear down the overachievers from Palo Alto. As a result, I'm guessing we see a field position battle for most of the day with USC gaining a few more points each quarter...which means I'm rolling with the UNDA Homeboys!

Final Score: STANFORD 17 USC 27..aka THE MFin UNDA!

Have a great Gameday my degenerate amigos...
...and may the sun show you in a great light!

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